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IJA IT.LY ATHENIAN BLACK FIGURE 'lhc Pioneers; The Gorgon Painter to Sophilos; ()thcr groups




'Iyrrhenian amphorae
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\i.rnr cup parnrers: Kleirias: Otht"r por p.rinrer';


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Lydos; The Amasis Painter; Exekias and Group E; Little Masters and other cup painters; Other pot painters and




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subsequent purchaser. rqz+ Thamcs rnd Hudson Ltd, London Coriected edition 199r Reprinted r997




I; Cup painteis; The Antimenes Painter and

Leagros Group; Other pot painters; Bilinguists


Lekythoi r46

All Rishts llesewed. No part ofthls plrblication rrr rl be rrproduced or rr"n'mirtcd rn anl lontt or by Jny nk.,n...lecrront. o, rnerhanrtrl. rn,ludirrg photocopy, recording or:rny other infonmtion
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The lekythos painters; Other lare work




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l,riolcd rnd bound in Snrsrporc by C.S. CnPhics

Six technique; Polychromc; Miniatures; Black vases; Achens or Atrica ?: Emigranrs.rnd Imitatorr

i. throughout. tlrL c.r. Winc.. lccourrt ofthe srylc's ofAtbenian bJack figure painting is based on Sir prirlters arld gr-oups. Hcrakles.r[lri|s lnd identity ofertists end studios can bc workcd out.1.1. NAMhS AND FUNCTIONS A r84 rlphomc. l3ou. Florals. .1.lhlc works surviving fronr altiquity only Athcns'rcd 6gurc vascs .rr thc lr-ticlcs and books of othcr scholars.l'Attir Blnrk I lre l.r . Sport.lroltcorniugs to givc a history ofthc art full :rnd dcrailcd cnoueir i .!.lLrcs ofporting and paintirrg cxccpr in so fxr as thcy lffcct the history of Ll .rs and other heroes. .. r t'llinrcd xn irnporrant part in any study of(lreek art or lryth. rlrr rri likc twcnty thousand Athcnian black ligurc vascs have bccl .rt runrcr-()us and divcrsc in shepc and subjcct. This hc l. lcss fu1ly illustratcd a:rd diffcrcnt irr rr' rrr. Ncvcrthclcss. ()iuocho:ri . 23J 24?' i. Llrorrs ofthc rtrajor coJlections havc ncvcr also €iivcn a contprcltcDsivc rlr....rr\tr. ()thcr ch:rptcrs rely in varyinq dcqrccs .. womcn.. aDd to add arl account of 1.. . If this hls nlcarlt that pa[ts ofthe book are more'archaeol. lVine mixers and coolcrs: Cups.rrrr' (r95 r) he givcs ln lccount ofthc subjcct which is r1lore profound thul lrrr oliirccl hctc.. tirr()issc!u a11cl stude11t. Other figures of nryth Chror-rological chart 234 235 '. The Trojan Cycle.u. alld rr. whilc rronogrlphs ot vasc paintinlj havc '.rr.rllicst major corpus ofnryrhologicel sccncs irr Clrcck art. .t vlt.rtc the quality of thc work of thc fincst altists as wcll as thc . Riturl shapcs.rrd datc. lrd arc rlr' Lr r(\r \crics of works so p]entihrl and so closcly studiccl that rhc r . Thc black figurc vases 1. t rl rrl).rr. Commerce and industry.sllAl'tiS. Anin-ra]s and Monstcrs I93 PRE 196 FAC E IT t2 SCENES OF REA LITY Evcryday life.rl than'art historical' I hopc this will provc to gcucral advantagc. ..l.rrtcrofthcsccncsplintcdo[vlscs.. . Religiotts occasions r3 SCENES OF MYTH The Gods. r L. Fighting.... )\l. .rL. bur it Ir. Thcscr. t.'lrr Ilclzlcy's brilli:urt work in distinguishing / rr.l cxpounclccl in articles and books.ri. .r \ ( ! t() thc rllLrscurlr visitor or studcnt than sirnplc considcrations ofstylc.. thc rccri to . Oi1 flasks. . lnscriptions.u()Lrs ir nruscnns trrd collcctiol)s of Classicrl art. and thcrc is llo systcn)atic accoulc of thc r ...r .ls. r.L r r. bcing basecl ona scrics oflccturcs.r.1.rtrrrcclbcsttoouritfromthisvolumr:anydetliledcorlsiderltiorloftlrc r. Thcy havc Abbreviations Notcs and bibliographies List ofillustrations lndex ofartists and groups Index of t'nythological subjects Gencral index r.Thishandbooklropcstorcnrccly 249 2J I rl . rrrr. sillcc thcsc often have nlorc to . . r r. llut. but lcss conlplctc. . H ycl ..rr so hrlly ilJustratcd that studcllts have not bccu otrligcd to tunr to . :rud in his Dcuelopncnt o.rr rrollcrl rnd illicit. ..r.c ofthc work by lcss compctcnt p:ri1ltcrs. Other shapcs IO RELATIVE AND AtsSOLUTE CHRONOLOCY GENERAL DECORATION Conventions. rr. rrrr ol rhc history ofthc subjcct.. or fronr thc shclvcs of dcalcrs and old collcctiorrs. I rl. boys and song. . I' L .trr. urrcl rnany rnorc reech thc light ofday cech ycar fionr cxclv:rrr'. supportccl by picturcs nurllcrous cnouilll to ..Lrlrrriliury dccoration and thc figurc scctlcs. .\.. rr rr \ orlrcr books for picrurcs.

r. Thc pictrrrcs in thc book havc bccrt alloscn k) dclrlonttretc thc ftlll tlcvclopurcrrr of thc stylc. if '. in thr' rnctictlous minilturisr sty)c ofthc t. But l. elrd fol its plcnty. but rlso to illustratc thc tullcsc possiblc rerrgc of shapcs rd fiqurc scclcs. decorrtiou . r nins truc that It:rly is thc prille sourcc. lttlcl llrgcr oncs.r t. of cou:sc.rlisiDg rcpcrtorl ofsutrjc'crs.. It involvcs painting tigures in black sill-roucttc. in thc 6rsr plrrr c. .al) applied bcforc thc vasc wts firc'd. oftcl cxccutcd .rtion. ri1 thc rlajor scctioni in fiis book . I havc clottc nry bcsr to irldicllc rvhclc rccl 6gurc has its elllct aud to rcruirtcl lhc reedcl of thc inrportll:cc of thc Dcw iclionr.corrsi(lcrrll . thilc cven iu its iconogrrph. strbjcctrrrrtcr h.1..l.. scrics. but ll is supporlcd by thc rllltcrirl. Ir rvas Corinrhier)s.. prcfcrrcd silhouettc end outiinc drlwn figurcs. ir ll('t tivcly won thc rrrarkcrs of rirc (ircck rvorldl'r cscnt-dav krorvlcclrc lnd undcrstencliug oiArhcnilr vitscs is biscd oD l rr rrplicity ofstudics clc'voted roughly to thc thrcc topics rvhich scrvc to lr.Lrk tiqure cechnique ofvasc peintitg was iuvcnlcd in Corinrh in thc of Ml nlin dcbr is to SirJohn 13citzlc.vts less:rcccssibic irnd ur r\ rxtc thc cilcumstrlccs of burial seldont yiclded cornplctc vascs! s() lt r .So this attcrllpts r. ..lrr . Hithcrto lror.rry nurnbcrs until thc cightccnth centrlry. t r. . It rvoLlld. but l conrpantbly dcteilccl study of its dcvelopnrcrrt nrust ilpPciu clscu4rcrc.rlifi'.. who developcd rlr.rll)cr Irl()rc tlr. sorllctinrcs :rddir-rg whitc aDd vcry rarciy incisrng dctril l t ].v. arlcl fi)r a stlt'-lLLr which is too rcerlily sttrrlicd Picccllrcxl nou'lcleys.vlc.ho ll]vc pclrlrittccl lllc to illLlstrille thcir vrscs rrrrd rrsc rhcir prints. incisrng r I rrr.touchesofrcdandwhircpaint. :lt I qtlitc difii'rcrrr pricc.rsl)r(l\ ()l tlr( \\ork\ ilrvolvcd rhcir st. rhcu to thc writirrrj\ rrror-e scholers lhrn I cilD lcadilv trenrc hcrc.r rcvolutioDery orcthod ofdccorxtion for portery.rr silhouettc lr L': oi trcn rnd aniurals. ri rlrerving nadc ir cesier for hirn to evolvc the new tcchniquc.. sltrtPc.. Thc rcsources ofthc Ashnrolerll Muscr. and. lrrrirluc for ell thc figurc work on their vescs.rrsc potS.r tltorc pcrsollel vicrv of xrrDc problcDrs. r.(lonvcllicnce dictittcs thc rrlrngcrucllt. collcct()rs lrrrd photographcls \\. and addilg. it is pcrheps tilltcly ro plcscnt e rrorc cictailccl synoptic vicrv.L.r . I r'. r1l is by trr.tllr Libt al l and tL r' Ilcrzlcv rrrchivc of photogrrphs h:rvc corrsiclcrlbly lighrcnccl lrl trsk..l bcstur arrd in thc coursc ofdle following hurdrcd and fitiy ycar.rhoLrr 63o rc Athcnian arrists wcrc bcgiuning to rlsc thc black 6gurc r. thc PictLllcs :rccorllPrlll)' lllc sccli(Ds oll stylc. tiLhnique through thc scvcnth ccntury on vascs dorninatcd by eniruel tr r. uslrally from ltaly lvhcrc thc l. gcncrelislrti""' lbound.(lrcccc r. rhcrr.v's publishccl work .rr:k figurc dcsclvcs collsidcralion on its ttwtt firr its occesional tlu. I hopc. rnear. but drcrr tltis rvoulcl hevc beerr a qltitc ditlcrcnt book. end in thc lest dccadcs in the . on thc vxscs wc k11ow i'r ()toltttic. rrrrtc rnost paintcrs wcrc rlot 'Lrililrqunl' lncl thc ltrrlhcr dcvcloprtlcrrt of bl.rt ir rook sollc tirllc lor thc vlscs to bc rccogniscd xs Gtcck rxdtcr thitrr I trrrscrn. in thc sccoDd plecc. s. or vcr'. This has ucant. Chapter One INTRODUCTION /1.. Evcu so...rr. probrbly r thc iuflucncc ofirnpolted castcrn ivorics trd nrctel rvork with inciscd . but rt . Thc vascs wcrc not bcilg coilcctcd . lot blrck frgurc. l'r.rjor tcchrriLltlc ofvrsc plirlting in Atheus is rccl ligurc. Athcnirn paintcrs. bc strairlccl lry hiving to rclc': back to Iclcvirlrt illusrratiolls.rt chc rLrrlics hlvc not progrcssed at equel a style practiscd bcst in Athcns and not unknowl clscwhcrc. z.ings ro displ:r1'thc firll sprcad ofr hgurc sccnc or clccoratiort rvhich is hlrd to disccrn olr x poor'ly plcscrvccl stlrfircc.l rrre t. havc bccrr xglL'ealllc to hevc plcscntcd still nlolc piclttrcs.v y ofthc work ofothcrs.r r r . lr \\ r\ . r:rrely rdrnitting any dctail in outline drau ing. r tLrry thcy uscd it for thc 6lling ornlmcnt as wcll. rnd rhc l cldcr n)usr nrildly qrr:rli6' tix hitnsclf m1' Lrsc of tcrnls likc 'rrcvcr' or 'lhvnys'.rwhilc. and with it to accept ncw 6gure convcntions and a nc-w . \ .r rrcll bc thlr the Corinthian rrtist's virtual absrcntion front Geomcrrie r .rnd shapc. 'Arhenian Bl:rck Figure' I r.rr.t sLln)lll. Onc ftrrthcr point on thc sllbjcct_rrrilttcr ofthis bcxrk rlrtlst bc nlrclc llcrcFronr ebout ilo B(t o11 thc lc. SiDCc il sccnrcd ruost illrPortlllt lo kccp tollcthcr works of rhc s:llDc llroup or ertist. rr clctail so lhat the p:rle cley shows through thc black.rd knorvn only thc Gcon)ctric style wirh its rngul.r Agc .. It hes sortlctinrcs provcd corrvcnient to usc clrrr. drrc.rrrnd 7oo uc.r . r .. wirh occasional ruyth sccncs. fir rtr indcpcudcncc.r rucens sharctl with rc'd frgurc.r rlr tombs oftcn glve up intect specimcns. |r.. thcn to rllo!c DlLlsctlllls. it rvill bc irrcorlrplctc. rr. thlt thc nxtionili aDd privarc collcctions ol' ..v ilrld cor)vcntioDrlly skctchccl iu thc er-t llistorics. rr. rncl in othcr sccliorrs thc lcrdcr's paricncc will lrot.rr . ancl sorlc printcrs prilctiscd [rotl] tcchniclttcs. It nligllt sccnr strxnqc to cxcludc corrsiclcr:rtiou ofthc lcd figurc vascs hcrc.

rt of dccorltion. His achicvcmcot with bhck figure. .bascd on thc cotl bination ofdetaii' study cotDparative with o. c'spccirlly ofthc rndividual peinrer's stylc' was slow to collcctcd 13y the cnd of paintcrs' signaturcs wcre rcad dcr"lop 'nd "lthough begin to occuPy scholars' vtscs unsigncd th. Bur agrinst thc fcr.lrrrccd weres ofArchaic (lrcccc.r. to which wc shall rcturn +i1e study ofstylc.) ."vc r. The word for ' rnadc' is rl r rrscd htcr by :rrtists signing. So 'cpoicscn' ney trftcn rr(.ft t.rusly ir'.. ofthcir Paintcrs.' 1. can imply 'parntcd' end rtray irlply'paintcd and pottcd' rr lrrclt rnusr olccD havc bccn true irr me y workshops.. irr his es in thc mdcring oi. rstlud thcnr by undersrrnding thc... is cxcccded only by his comperab]c work on Paitttl:' Vost Figutt Bla& iists.rirrttr').vould cxpcct dctcccrtrll.ork.rklcs lnd Nikosthcnes) u.orclc'd onlv i. ih" ptir. thc works ofnrcn.r1. :lor) rvhir lr ..rt..tcristicsofsrylc (as Elbor.1r'.. ..rscs it lrighr refcr to the prinlcr.ry I t hc .. horvcvii. or cal) givc ir critcrion lor deting which is indcpenlc. Attit of in his book frgurc.rsr's I I r( Anrirsis I':rjntcr).e lLr v. 97. plinted (this)'. rciationship bctwecn thcnt. involved too. diilirelt potter work with thc srDlc owlrcr 'rrin.c utusr :rssurrrc . and b:rsicrlly ' erchacologica l " supportcd by thc ralc potter signlturcs...cennot bc trgtLci rn dctail hcrc. ll .icult to scc 1. ' Owncr-pottcr' )nxy . in r970) l.Itomy. 1a. . frorn kulos lrnrcs (cxplrrined on p.rrrvivirg signeturcs seenl to be of pottcrs or owDers.1.r ). wcrc rvcll dcnlonstrated r9z7' in publishcd Plritrtcr. Hc dcvotcd as rnuch cerc to ours and vicrv rcsult.l lrr .rtrrrc.rli . c'poicscn' .rvirtrorr . :rrrd wc rrr. l3cazlcy but it rves l. . Ii this bool. lt is dil1.. I. gcnrs or mos:rics. 1 .Lrr 'pottcd'..thoiogicril .r'Lr" a...ry tlrc attribution of (ion-rpaniotr of lnd Knight a (who died..vcd meinly in onc restrictcd qllarter of thc city of Atbcns.pp..1. and that thcy wcrc .rs and iro.. . An.. lionr thc nrmcs ofowncrs ofke).. Hcrc we arc quite clclrly dcaling rvith citbcr r.'\(. llut on occasion wc find u 'cpoicscn' r.l'l.rt r i( lr( r \1... .r . thc srudy of srylc began with the study of pairtcr s rncl r. after lll...rir . ettribLtting to paintcrs o. .v nrnrcs rhus ollcrcd thcrc arc sixty .rrrd only probrblc thet it was xr rhc whcel. made (this) '. masrcr and pupil..rrr. so . It has bccn suggcstcd that ' cpoicscn' usually nrclns 'owncr' : rlr. .rrrrl rccorclitrq in thc counlry over the last fifiy ye:rrs' . dct:rils llnd variations ground rcc.d.rt lor theorics tions in (lrcek rrt. end a proving convcnrnd nerrttivc iconogrephic of dcvcloplncnt tl-r. paintcrs and pottcrs? Wc lnusr staft frorn therr rtrrrcs. r. ir)cl tlrc stuciy has yicldcd irlportant othclwi\' storics' in verious clcvcloprrlcllt of rrryth. rr such as is imposc'd on the xronynlous works ofprchistory or thc lcss Wlro rverc thcsc rrcn."r. but rlri sisncd riases ncerly lli havc a distincti.t of chronolocy Wc krrow thc llillrcs o[el]oLlt I dozcn Athcrtian black figurc paintcrs for ccrt. but \\'ill rcceivc pessing nlcntiol whcre thc principlcs lirropc.ivc possiblc its nrchrtcolrlaicel usc es r yerdsrick fbr drc rclativc :rnd nb\olrrtc ihronology of Arch:ric Circcce. bctwccn I .r( ntrllc cleirning both hrnctions (rs Exekias docs twicc). as well as by studying thcm aqxinst thc .()rttcrrt ol thc figlrrc scencs Lrpo1l rhcln This intcrest thc abour ncw cvidencc rcr)11irlci stx)rt.. publishcd.tposition.. his As a lllxstcrs ofthe as to that ofpoor or hack ertists n-redc this...ith two llillrcs (ts with rtirs end Ergotimos who collaboratcd on thc Frangois Vasc l46l) or with .rnrpr" nfiicb gulranteed e bcttcr strrvival ratc lor his u.l. aud slrPplclnentcd in Pdralipomua. .n to liin.rt pottL'rs' signrturcs rcvcal paintcrs' n:rnlcs (ts with Anrasis).. NikosthcDcs' ntaDy signaturcs rnight sccrr evidence for flris.llrrbor:rtion. cithcr \\.'.ksiropt.o.rbo. ones which have guidcd the work of nrany other no art sch. r r q11. Thc historical importarrce ofthis lvork.l lll. posrhuof en ir..1. rrislcd by his passion for idvertiscrncl)l end his devocion to thc cxport r..rla.r rrcrlivcnrrraybctakcn6ontthlrofapottcrwhosignssoDrcol-tlrt r.. Thesc studies arc ncw. rrrrrle hc writcs simply 'cPoicscn'.\(.rtiv' isoletion lrorl arts in olhcr lnxterilrls:urd pcriods. in rcl.. p:rintcd by diffcrcrlt artists...rppcar as '. end cxPrcsscd put.r rcxts u'hich rrc oftcn far iatc'r ir-r drtc.has and wlre. .l rn'cqrrpscn'signaturc on onc vlsc.Thc ncw nancs lo ltt c discttsscd. btrt llc. l. cgrapscn' rr 1r r.e orisinality ofsirapc and wc mey ."ho-h"r" contributcd to this ficld ofstudy And Ilcazlcy rvas work thc end collccting assigning hisroricel snob.vrses wes dirccted Fr onr thc bcqrrrrrirrq stltol rrly rrrlcl dilcttentc intcrest irl thc has to thc rrrl. Thcsc:rrc. l)ottc[ or thc studio orvncr.. facc thc whole rlngc ofsurvivitrg vlscs.rr r.. :rnd to pul ordcr into thc stu<11. r 'cpoicscn' narrrcs of Littlc Mastcrs rs owncrs ofseparate esttblishnlclrts lrcr rhan simply pottcrs. II.rrrc(rsthcAntimencsPaintcr).hiul. lssigning to closcly dclincd groups wcll ovcr threc quartcrs of red thc rvorks knou.A pxinter who is bcrDg cxplicit signs '.i . dcvotcd to thc black figurc vescs.tzlcy hrrs sorlrc four hundrc'd artists or groups.rir. r..1 Archiklcs lnd Glaukyrc's Il r di.ipl. rr rplrccl any srrcJr artificirl clessification ofEerly.tirir. vascs (ls the ()akcshott lrrriutr.. it hes provcd possible onlv to sumtlarise thc lconographic convenlions pcculiir to bleck iigure lnd gir e a guidc to thc rccognition of 6gures etrd scencs' Thc shepc ofthc vascs rppealcd frolrl thc stxrt ro lhe Nco-Clessicist Thc i)odern st."p"ry o. .rlirr rr. BtLt rrrost .\ li.cnt.r strr<ly tl"'r Crcccc itsclf cvcn \vith thc increasc ir st icrrtiliL .dcrrr is.Lnh . n bc implicd... Middlc:rnd Lrtc. Morcovcr sotne r rscr cerrying thc srme 'epoicsor' signaturcs (as of Nikosthenes) arc obvir'lr.a in r956. yct it is ccrrein rhxt his hend wls on thc . so lrcrc rn o\vllcr or prir)rcr llt. lnd in nlany iistlnces it is apparent that rhe .rd prirltcr.. for instancc. r bhck cerly essey on Theic principles arc rh. brrr surciy llot ll) tllc pottiDla. ln.l'romkcyvascs(asthc[. r.r.rintcrot-li. of artrihrr tion.r. trrorc concerncd with function atd rvith tl. rl'. John Honour.s Out lijSl orrheLongNoscl).. ofthc rarlge the full ovcr a". Antirllcncs the 69urc:rrtist. or lr. ln thc licc ofthe rare twin 'epoicsen ' si!!Dxtur-cs (rs . Where Exckies docs not sign wirh thc twiLr t.. . Wc shall also 6ndexlDlpics whcrc wecan bereasonably strrc rlr. sculpturcs..tiyl".is"l of.. rrl rrrcl political history of ficir day.c study of shapc anrl proportion which cerr rcvcrl thc idcntity of individrral pott.rrrrtron irctor is pottcr work..

vltse peirr rcr : pr.rr '\r.tftsrtren Ap'rrl fronl tome Ciorinrhilr-inspircd pottcl work thcrc is no clcer cvidcncc fionr the vascs for thc work of hands trailrcd clsc'whcrc. ro havc signcd. lt..t rlls. vese shapes fronr thc N ikosthcncs/ Perrphaios studio for the t wcrc 1. oU\ \t. poets and soldicrs ofAthens strollcd by i . r . but we losc a lot in our rrndurst. cspcci:rliy ofrhc htcl sixlh ccnttrry. end that cvidcDcc rrray bc scr-appy..rl . I .1 'lr. lhat wc have soilc opportu:rity to study thc nlcthods of tradillg thctll sillcc rnany bcar incised rirrks on thcir blscs. I r'L. optimistically knorvn as 'ntcrchant nlrrks'. Kolchos.ho saw thet most ofhis work was cottntcr-signcd.cts rnight.tdc\ tn rlte n... Orlysrors . Horvcl'cr. prcocclpicd rvith thc dccoretiorr..rlcl llclwcctr thc Atrerican c'xcavxlions rn thc Agora and thc Ccrflurr . lnay too cesily forget ln thc cJrly sixth ccntury rhc Adrc[ilrr hw-givcr Solon is said to iravc cnc()Lrrlgcd tlrc itrrrnigrarion ofnon-Athcnrrn cr. c\ccPr possibl. who seems ircvc..c. rrs Ir o grext distancc fronr cach othcr. . Thrtx. rud thc rcsults arc incoltclusive but at leest st1!i!lcstivc.rndrng of-ririqu rry by l( trruc lists .rrr nrerkct. tlrc cthnic ofa nativc ofsicily. It is rvith thc Athcntln blrck figurc vascs.r lrnq ir ftshionabic beaury. poliricians.." tto sigrlilttlrcs on AthcDitn black frgurc vascs until tlle paillter Sophilos in thc 57os.rpcs and aliegcd llhnities domrnrru \tLrd) F(. We sh:rll see th:rt Anr:rsis plovidcs a good tcst ofthis.rl \. but wc ntay sLlspcct that sonrc ofour. rolrrrly..:rud no doubt passcd cach othcr .. rvc rre lrot bound to iook for ton-Athcnian or scrvilc blood in thcsc mcn. rodded ovcr thc bright v:rses frcsh from thc kiln.. Thcn they cornc'thick eld fast..rnls. Sillcc thcrc is olicn closc corrcspondcncc in the mrrks oD vascs from a singlc paintcr or workshop.rnd Excki:rs rnen. Colchis' To thcsc rvc r. bur fiotlr htcr cvidcncc we mly gucss thet a fairly largc v:rsc cost I day's wagc.rirrtcrs rvho by choicc or llcccssitv rcm:tilrcd anol)yrnous Is 1l rclicctiorr Lrporr tlrc irl)Poltxrt..rrrclscniorarts. Thrt they should preisc the dandics ofthe day rvith krlos n:rrncs (scc p.r.'fhrcc Pottcrs Nearchos.rU.. u.rlr. This is not a period in which wc can cliscovcr accur:rtcly the cost of dccoratcd vascs. .rtior)s at thc Dipylon (ietc. :ol) trcccl tncrltr llothirl!1.. but thc story docs rcflcct oD thc important rolc ofnon-citizen nctics in thc practicc'ofthe lrrts in Athetr's' And we can add ro this lhe cvidcncc latcr in thc ccntury fbr thc prcscnce ofisland ald lonian sculptors working in Athcns. cxcept for the pottcr or owncr Nikosrhencs u.hich wc. nor is thcre enything gcncrally in thcir work to indicate cxpcricncc oLltside Attice.i nl i(lLrity. The quertcr 1ey itr tltc ovcr. it sccnls that thcy werc irrscribed vcr y soorr irficr procltrctiort etrcl so :rrc nol iikcl-v to clucidetc morc thanloctl rctail conditioDs ill thc potrcrs' qtrertct. thcrc was clc:uly rnolrey in potcry a:rd we find Attic studios carcfully studying dre markct rnd producing wlrcs to sttit it rrotably thc Tyrrhcnilln :rlrtphorac lnd imilations na Er.. not tvpological ciphcrs sar at their bcDchrs ll \rlr.r.v for'thc Lyclilrl'. approvcd a nrotto ..Theseerc:ril subjccts to which thcre rvill lrc occlsiLrrr r. H. r Ir . rlrt dly u. L\.r rhr. Andokidcs lnd thc early rcd 6gurc potter/paintcr Euphronios . t. Anr'rrir who carrics the Hclleniscd fornt ofl common but also royal Egyptian nirn)c. ofThrrce.rrs rvhctr '\ rr usually gloups oflettcrs or lllonogr. Pro iori thld olp(.. who signs sirrrply ts 'thc Lydien' . \)fc havc no rcason whatcvcr ro bclicvt. but lhcrc is many a good plirrtcr. l. Wc rnry catch a littlc of rhis in thc potter and pairrrer nanres Lydos.ric v:rsc plintcrs won estccnt as artists in rhc wxy thirt scLtll)l()r\ ()r rr. I. rr.r' .c ofthc Pottcr in thc industry' an ilnporterlcc \\.rtior. Mys. So rhc status of sone succcssful pottcrs nli).irscritrcrl lrv p. hccrr .".r Adrcns' pottcrs' quirrtcr itsclf wc have to await stili thc cviclcrrtc ol' . tlr. lnd dcclarcd tht:ir crlfi in thc dedicatory inscripriotts.. lr ri.rtiV(.". to whose hand ovcr:t hundrcd vxscs can bc attributcd. anothcr Sicilien n:rtivc nemc. rtthcr rhan dclibcratc advcrriserncllt. of Mysit.hich eiudcs .:rr r isr. surilcd at rnany an ellusion to thc lili or polirrcs Lrs now.l rlr . Thc status of thc ertists we can barcly judgc. cnjoyed rhc firsr tnLly popular figur:rrivc art T1r". ofScythia. It [ray scc]tr too exsy to roll)itr1cc. '.rr.rl throngh weelrh. dnryhotul'tont Elrasls. Sikelos.could alirrd costly sculpturil dcdications on thc Acropolis at Athclls.So thc si€inaturcs xrc a nlattcr of pcrsonel pridc or choicc. ofThrucc.r. ay add some natles ofpottcrs xnd Pilintcrs ofearly rcd figurc Sikenos. Skythcs. 13rygos. cvcr) | .hcn thc darrdics. lltlt.

blrr his a:rinrals. rr l).i. again Corirrrh whosc influcncc was. so wc rney bclicvc his working lifc ro I rr thc llst quartcr ofthc scvcnth century. oficn wirh donrcd lid and high conical stand. rhroughout thc lirsr two gencrations ofthc use of thc ncw tcchniquc in Athcns.rrr' tr. His clrlicst vrscs rcscnrblc rl. rir orrnd frll is orienteiisins with zigzags end dr)t rosctcs. r]..'ivccl. and they werc weil known in Athcns rtscli Nor did hc havc any Posilivc abhorrencc ofincision.nd in rhc 63o's wc caD disccrn thc first Athenian peintcrs who usc black 6gurc for all their 6gurc rvork.. Latcr vlscs adnrit rrrorc rncision:rrd . no sign ofchc influcncc ofthc fullCorinthian stylc ofblack figurc. liqule rnarrn cr .. r ir.l . whitc errcl trscttcs. sccing out the transition frorn l'r. bur it wrs his . r rr scholarship wxs thc N Frssos l. allhough morc' controlled and precisc. thc 'bclly anphora'with onc piccc proGie which rl A 1 ...1]. nenrcd altcr his Arhens vasc [5 | but thcre is xll incrcasing use of aninul friezes lo dccorerc nrinor v:rscs or nrajor arcas ofJargc vasci... and his staturc lnd importe cc can now bc propcrly judgcd.Ltr r.. llre first 'pcrsonality' in Athetien black figurc ro bc rccogniscd by . and for rhcir shccr srzc .t lrrrq filrrhers. r rcu. r. with rl... introducitrg ncw shapes (colurnu creters. in the Corinthian ". L . rc'chniquc end nronumcntality.1. . issrill somc stillircss and rigidiry of outlinc. . 1( \ Nctos and Bcezlcy caltc to r-rsc thc lull Attic fornr ofthenamc.((l) EARLY ATHENIAN BLACK FIGURE Athcnian vasc pairltcrs of thc mjddlc of thc sevcnth ccntllry could achicvc e gr:rndeur of scale and conrposition which thc miniaturist black 6gurc tcchiiqucs of Coritth. . idionr rn Arhcns and set thc colrrsc ..rrrc rhc srrbsidiary pattcr'ns are closer to thosc ofthe Lrtc Pxrtocorinthi.. tlrt 1.s .lthchrLrnlritcr's incltrdine orlc rranrccl hcro rrc drur.h"ps dcpcndcd or-r Pelopolrncsian nxrmtivc arls iD oiirc. More finds Athcns ald cspcci:rliy in it rj . .r lrorv hc ebanclonc'd outlinc lor lavirg whitc ovcr bleck in rhc propcr l...rnd cxccutef. Thc Paintcr ofl3erJin A34 was I pionccr. ItLrt. aud cl:rirrs. r PAtsrln. for in stance in thc tr cat L'nt . r . rsors rvho finally cstablished thc ncv.ed paitrt to thc whitc used lor incidcrrral detail.'.".t' thc aonlrlclr)er Grcck form).".rrn. a big ncck amphora-his nanrc vasc.ry *it-h it .. rtr thc old bleck rnd-r..1 nauncr.1. I leavc hinr with the tr. rn"tcri"ls.hilc petccrn ofravs. ' I l. Hc wts probably at work by 63o..r()corinthi"n to thc lull Early Corir-rthian stylc. as on thc Odysseus and Polyphernos of thc famous Elcusis Vase peintcdjLrsi bcforc the rtrid-ccrrrttry Il]..r. and theu bccomc the for his sphinxcs' trccs l ..k tlqur( ... and he was prcparcd to usc it f616in61d611i15 6fhrir or ar)xron) could lot rnatch' Thc' Athcnian paintcr was wcll awlrc ofthc ncw tcchniquc since.rrr rlinclonAegina(drcvascswcnttolJctlinbutarenoulost()r(lcstro\. s'lltrtary. u lcr. which are the pridc of rhc \ rr lind. 635 to 600) One artist illustrares within bis surviving attibutcd work thc transition fronr the idiom oforicntalising Protoattic to full black figure. . . Bur rhc lcst is blr. .. rbis timc. cups) lnd a rangc ofnlrrrtive hgure scetcs which pc.r lrtcr-work tllc inciscd r-oscttcs ofchc 1u1l Cotinthian black figrrrc stylc arc .crv stylc.rvish edditions ofrcd lnd whitc. ll. although his own vascs nev-cr travelled furthcr than Acgine or thc lslands. and ilcccptancc of thc black figurc technique in Athens secl11cd to .t sobricluct hc acquircd the Nessos Pxintcr. rr ulrlch wc lcartr rnuclr about thc finest Proroilfti(: vrsc p:ritrtint.called hirn thc Chiuacre and Ncttos Plinrcr. Tuo oiltrs v. .r ir orrtlrrri. btrt nr)r as late as 620 sinc( rlr. His lrr rr rn fiqrrrcs bclong still to the Athcnixn trrditiorl.rst. orr the shouldcr ofhis n:rnrc vasc [5] there is a ncw black figurc trcatmcnt . thc Oorinthian dicl. Ncttos. A f-cw plintcrs could risc abovc this rcstriction rnd oller 6r'rely composcd narrativc iccncs. r). wirh' Protocolinthiln' filling ornenrcnt. \ ()t thc 63o's. . while the quality ofpotting is rlways high. heraldicelly posed . tlrclloral chain which thc Protocorinthirn rrtist normally drew in outlin u. r rllccl fronr finds in Athc:rs lud Acgina ald cellcd thc Chirnaere Peintcr rrr r lrc subjcct hc rwicc paintcd [7].' ()ld llallrlcr! tlle dress is covcrcd with rcd..r. -tlotnilant dccorativc style on Corinthian veses had bcen of animel Thc friczcs {zl." olClorinth's obscssion with this schcnre Meny of thc early blaci figurc vascs of Athens carry finc Iargc animals..rithe Paintcr of llcrlrn A34. Exrnrplc's ofhis work frorr Atlrcus lr. ro rl). trc big: the rnassivc skyphos-crttcn [6] (r.rrttcd. are rovc). 1.o.+ (formcrlv knorvn :ls thc Woll:lr Puintcr).. the regimc ofthc :lnimal friczes was coming to ln end..He is thc P'qlNrnn ot' r4 ttic counrrysidc cclnctcry at Vri hlvc rnadc clcar that onc artist only is r . An earlicr mastcr of rhc animal stylc wls . r r rcncc easily ch:rllcrrgc an y products of Corinth in rhcsc ycars :rlth ough rlr. The Pioneers (c. . I lis v:Lses.1.r 'rlr l. likc his 6gurcs.rinij (ioriror)s on thc bclly.1. ()rr I r. and a ncw invcntion of thc \rlrL rrien pottcrs'quarter. Heraklcs Eghting Ncssos on thc ncck (hc . :nrci cltcrc is 'rill r.r. li ur"y L.uit position iD thc histoly of Athcrrial vxsc paiDting.urd whilc the fill rcrn.. with a comllland ofpattcrn and precision at least equal to Corinth's.Itrr ChaPter Two rN At. rnd wbich encouragcd thc Athcnian peinters to rcalise morc lully thc quelities ofnlonurrlcntal nrrrativc they had ncvcr rcallylost By thc cnd of thc:phasc dcscribed in this chapter. ).

.r.i tlr. with an outlinc-drlwn wornan's hcad drawn on onc sidc. 600 to 570) llr.. Although an artist ofdistinction thc Corgon l' Lr rtcr ciur be sccn to hevc submittcd rxthcr nlorc to thc rcgimcn of Corinr nrr srylcs. fcathers or circles..l.. r llre Clorgon Paintcr's rathcr sobcr rcpertory.. Ilrr (. The rnaster paints an early r. or singlc anirnals I l z. Thcy reducc wcll in thc smallcr friczcs and admit still the grtzing horses. cxcept in the lincs ofdots in the Corilrthian manner ar.. (tspccially thc oJpai lr3l). thc lotus squarc. i. . femalc . r. kothons ald miniature amphorae (amphoriskoi). r His fcw huruan figures are stiffand mannered but his nalr1e vasc olfi'rs [rr]i friczc with figures lrrl e 6ght and thc Gorgons pursuing thc rrs rvhom thc Ncssos Painter omitted from his name vasc. rare it Corinth. .' lr L rr]lrc Athcnirn vlscs bcgin to compete in the markets ofthc (lrcck worltl .. Othcrs.\()! l)rintcr.t llonls alonc bcsidcs thc figurc fricze. but nreny arc size fron those of the lxtc scvcnth ccntury. Athcrien pottcrs' quartcr.. r. the interlace propcrly placcd. to.rlll ycers of thc sixth ccntury sec a considerable chlngc irr lltc lir t rrrrls . rrrtcrsofthc()orgonPaintcr'sworkshop[15. worried lionsIIo] hrs a llair which lcaves us regretting thet so little ofhis work survivcs. whilc a ncrv tl. Onc Athcnian bowl ofchc 6zo's apParcntly p'inted by ar-r itlnrigrant or visiting Corilthiau. whilc thc LIoN Ir... and onc.lmettc tendrils fromProtoattic and Island vases.r l'. But the prodlrctiorl ofEguredccorated vescs in Athcns in thcsc years was firr from brisk and. r:c rnd his lions in particulu arc distinctivc for thcir squarc muzzlcs. llrc Gorgon Painter to Sophilos (c.vhich is on l scplratc starrd. thc palnrcttcs ncatly filling 1.. simpler but nrore fluer1t. crowd thcir big vases r.. rcrninds us of u4rat r'r':ls still thc don-rinant vasc painting centrc ofthcse yean. as wcll as thc grcatcr dctail bestowed on animal fcatures and limbs Hc is particularly good at incised surface patterns on bodics. The 'male : red.rlion arc introduccd. \\ L\ thc CERAMETcus PATNTER. 'bclly'shape. rr lv dcrivcd frorn Corinth. His mythological scencs havc all thc monumentality of Protoattic but he hls learned from Corinth to make his 69urcs move with a ncw and subtlc plausibility and he can devotc major arc's of vases to my[h.thcrs. Other new shapes wortir noting are lrr* Of his contc-po. .prionally.rrr'rrtn with his balding.r r r) thc dom...ies thc PIRAEUS ParNrtt's namc vase l9l is early. ofthc '. clrrics rirc lriczcs of:rninrals :rld fivc . which. rhc sh.l']. end thcy are always rccornpanicd by aninals or animxl friczcs. In thc semc circlc was born thc scrics ofHonsr-ucao Aulnrtrat. A fcw . often .". far less prolific.. rrore . hatched forclocks.r .. rcservcd for aninral lriezcs and witl enirrils or :r qorgorrcion in thc londo within He did not wholly e schew outlinc drlwing. 600 to J8o) is the most proJific succcssor to rhc ll.rrr splayiug so much nor. we know of nonc which travelled beyond Attica or nearby Aegina.ll dcrnonstratcd on his olpc whcrc even the smlll vase is divided rnto .onc()N P.r. lions'tccth and the gorgoneia (e convcntion which died hard) but hg dsvslops subtle ncw convcntions for black 6gurc using doubJc or treblc incised lincs to acccntuate importxnt fcaturcs wherc the snrillc'r Corinthian animals carried single lincs only The doublc shouldcr linc for bcasts soon bccomes a hallmark of Attic painting..l. oinochoai with various shapcs of 11.r6]. r pprlg.. The big dinos '.rrrcl l. but with it thcre arc black figure versions ofthe d. br-rt familiar on Athcnian vascs sincc Geomerric. The dcbt to Corinth in his filiing ornarncnt has bcen indicatcd. . rrccn.'lhcorrly srnall vascs hc painted wcre of anothcr new shapc. alrd the silrgle nyth figure in the upper frieze is flanked by lions I r 7l. likc thc BELLERoPHoN PalN'Ltn.rancc ofanimei friczc decoration and by thc' irct rhut firr th. r) lrr r. ald for male arrd somc lr-ronstcr faccs. l. Hc uses little whitc. rvith a sphcrical body Ii1]. .I4]. 1. Noticc thc way the lion's chcck folds ere stylised into I sr:roll and palmctte.lrstcrs. lnd thc dominancc ofanirnal lriczcs bodcd ill for Athcnian bllck lr. r. . old dot rosettes linger in the 6cld and thc old roscttc bordcrs arc not fom of floral chain is evolvcd..rlkrw bowl krrou. r( | orxstcr's but whose imaginativc conlPositi()n ofEgurc sccncs irnprovcs .vith figures and fill which bccomc hard to distinguish. lor sotlc worttcn's faces.. end thc cxamplc set by Corinth can bc observe.lrrl. A scnior contcmpor:rry ofhis.whosestyleislooserthan r r6 t7 .u as a lckanc. rnd thc cnd locks ofthc back nrrne. r. and bands of wavy lincs on thc' Llrc .rlrl qrins. .ion ofthc lckythos. . oftcn dccoratcd by l. also uruch favourcd by con tcnrporaries..1 rrt lbund lrorn chc Black Sca ro Libya. .rrNrEn (r..rtc rrcck p. 1. Wings lrc cxccutcd wirh ncat rows of secondary fcf. but for a Ncssos Paintcr vase in Elruria.r. .oflirs rr tLrllLr licld lirr thc frgurcs alrhough many carly exatllples kccp a scper. even excerpting from a stock scenc xs with the (iorgon Sistcrs who lack their quarry on his name vasc.rl.d for some female flcsh. but he likcs red in broad masses. Thc style is still 1.Scveral ncw vesc shapcs ald sclrcrrrcs ol' . Theheraldic anirnals on his large vascs posc with dignity and arc wcll 6tted to the bcllying bodics or domed lids which they decorate. with a horse's head and neck on each side Ir 8]... white' conventiol'ls ofEgyptian art may have had somc direct elrect hcre and arc the only realistic fearures on the otherwise unrcalistically coloured black figurcs.l 1...licate p:.. rccllls the Corirrthian aryb:rllos flesk.v (at least in friczcs). rlrlr with platcs. or alternatrng with black for wing feathers. rr t rs. frorn Sprin to Syrir.. Thc importancc ofthc animal friczc stylc was Lr. Hc is sprring with mythological scenes and humrn figL'r. oflocks.rtt)lrcn. for this fcaturc ... scales.rrrc.rltrced in r('r virscs carry xnimal friczcs only. l)cirnira shapc' lekythoi with iong ovoid bodics. with stilFrather prinlirivc figurcs of which only the animals display a nicc scnse of sizc and pattcrn. r . Hc succcssfully combines thc bcst qualitics ofthc Athcnian tradition in vasc painting with the ncw subjccts and tcchniques of Corinth.

Ycr anothcr typc ofcup with vcrtical handles (rhc kantharos) also becornes popu)ar. Ap:rrt from works ofapparcntly non-metropolitan artists. rrred fbr the cross hatched' polos' crowns. espccially skyphoi. as in his treatntcnt ofa chariot race . bcsidc thc lckanai ard kothons. Therc arc two leaders.rl friczes. awxrc of bctre r thiDlls irr tllc pr )ll( I s' .r. howevcr. Hc is nrore occupicd by rrryth than his prcdcccssors. But from Corinth conc the komasts the jolly. rt. I mcntion only the PaNrnnt ParNrrn [29] who likcd cablc lr . From Corinth lheir Pottcrs copied thc Kornast cups Izr. lLr. with chariots bcarrrrg ll. Thcrc arc nlorc largc vrscs 6-om his bench.. Hc has also a fcw myth scenes lzol.ith whitc [2J].r sin{lc rrr r. L rng in Athcns lr-iczc ofcarly belly aotphorae thesc carry thcir dcc()r:r(i(r) irr lct t. But thc sccr)cs arc accomplnied by thc normal. rl u.rring for flcsh parts of woorcn and for somc drapery. zcs (as did the Ncssos Pai:rtcr on occasion) and thc ANacvnus (: Vari) l'rrx rrn {3o] who decorates othcr shlpes.. Wcll over two hundrcd of his works are known and they wcrc \\. whilc thc KY Paintcr. slimrning dightly. but decoratcd all currcrt . lrs on I hc t .rLtn or ELEUSTS 767) for whom 1.rrr.r r p.hcrrc li)r this shepc.lLr . botcom-slapping danccrs with their sunburnt faces and chcsts.vinciaf is quite thc right word. which is to bc tllc c()l). pair)tcd rlrc llorsc-hc.51.rud Mencl:ros and the bride's brothcrs. and thcy rrc well distributcd in the Grcck world. Olher groups I lr(' Virri ccmetery was a rich source for thc work of thc'Nessos Peintcr. and uuiqucly. h is I rare shapc. Scvr'rlrl diffcrcnt artists.. 58J to J7o) follow the Gorgon Paintcr.ll Thc artists of the KouasT GRoup (r. Mort are oD thc KY Peinter's cups. Eieusis was being supplied by a rr. bur not so oftcn on cuPs as they do in Athers..lorrcst s.rtc rr. Hc is fond oflckanai and platcs. They appcarcd on many Corinthian vascs. thc last of this gencratiorl. His florals resemble the carJicr type..l.( d at Vari ]nd Eleusis.91. . livclt. From Sophilos'hand chcrc is also a chalicc 1. and is gcncrally freer witlr nlscriptions th:rn his spelling would sccm tojustify. but r. Arrothcr artist of sonrc individualicy but no ment is thc Poros Parur. Sophilos hirnsclt) .rr tr irs l)csl . Thc cups with kontasts arc our frrst Athcuian class which erc at al1 comparablc with thc repctitivc production ofnrany (iorinthian workshops. end srnaller vascs arc preferred. ro of the Wcdding of Pclcus and Thctis.Bcazlcv rhoLrght thc scries Decd not oLrdest thc rlid-ccntury: possibly it is evcn briclcr siucc thc stylc barely dcvclops and it is tcmpting to rcgard thc Panathenaics (Chaptcr Sevelr) as in solnc respcct lhcir successors.5l) lrc givcs lr is r .rrrtl hc shows somc spirit ofinvcntion. and in his flortls too wc dctcct still the idiom ofthe Corgon l) .. btrt rarely prccise [24-28]. whosc .rlly irr lc. l]or. and the first ofour funerary piaquc scries... . stout versions ofthc Corgon PaiDtcr's bexsts. sircns and 1. whose dccoretion nlLlst hrvc llid sorrrc spccial signific:rncc.r t irrc wc see a long tnrdtifigure frieze on a large vasc dcvotcd to .randontwodinoi(oncrccentlyacquiredbythetsritishMrrscrrrrrl. l)oor xrlinlrl lriczcs. i/\ to J6J) a rnass produccr of animal friczc vases in a dcgcncrate stylc. He was. however.:. nrore probably as prizcs than funcr:rry sincc scvcrll wcrc cxported.l trll. Wc havc'sccn outlinc faces in Athcnirrr bllck ligLrrc trirc..1 rrrrrrrning womcn. His style is embitiotrs. r sr.. Scveral ofhis vascs are in a palcr clay than the usual Attic but Sr*nrlos (r. which wc hevc . three as paintcr. naked or in rcd tunics. I distributed to less discrinritating buycrs itr thc Grcck world. thc vases ofthe Corgon Paintcr and his followcrs t9 rll .rrrcls.r.ri|hor:rc[Jr].rrtrrrr Painter's narre vasc... including bed Witlrorrt tlrc ol1cs.. and who may trot have bcen .st ofhis work is fronr Athens itscli Howcvcr.rn 1. rr thcmc.v1r. which arc sccn on the majority ofhis viscs. which is to appc.tlrr. arc ncat. Thcrc are:r few othcrs. zz].rr'. and not an cpisodic rnixturc of myth. The animals and sircns of thc l'\rN r riR ol. Most of his vases carry animal friczc' of rlcgcrcratc tvpc. rr.r1. man and animli..r. . s lrL.t ol drosc artists just discussed. notably dirroi aDd amPhorlc. rrrrrcs [33].lcr end old-fashioncd artist (thc P. worn by his women.r rrqrrl.. although I r l( to the \)(/cst.. .r I is known only in the Attic countryside.. with the rest ofthc vrsc black. Onc was found with the Ncssos Plintcr's name vasc.' .. . thc lions beirrg particulerly distinctivc with their big car locks I l9l. Thosc supplying Vari m:rinly decoratc lckanai with .r. r rvcclding proccssion. tud thc schenrc ofdecoration is virttLally thc semc ls that rr.rtcd our first lcbes gamikos (a ruarriage vesc) with its usual decoratiou .rcl vrscs (ovcr a hundrcd arc kl)own). introduccs thc colurnD cratcr which becomcs the mosl popular shrpe of mixing vessel for winc and watcr. which sccm a ritual shapc. and somctiInes joined by wotnen lzt-zj).'. he emigratcd to Boeoti:r rr lrlll lris painting style coarscns a litde and is practised on differeirt shapes 1 L IIorse-bird Group'). but thcrc is no clcer cvidence that any were evcr uscd as gravc nrarkcrs.. is also thc first 'real ' nin1c. Thcy dccoratc new shapcs for Athens.rll. rhc Icsser artist alrd thc younller man. much debased. Ilre (lorgon Painter...u r(l rrr tlrr'ncw ma[ncr on the ncar contemporary Franqois Vasc [4d. A follower ofhis (Beazley bclicvcd.l. and thc deeper cup known as a kotylc (bur in this pcriod usr. Lrrrothcr known from fragnents found on thc Acropolis l. Hc si!1)s four vascs. Anrong his works are tall nccked .raily callcd a skyphos by archecologists). 580 to J7o). tue DrrsorN LnxaNrs [32] look likc comic versions ofthe KX | 'r rr tcr'' s figurcs. with strrr-lics . or thc work oflesscr artists iIr thc Clroup. in this casc.irh r livcly crowd ltnd a furnbli:rg attempt to labcl thc wholc picturc 'drc (irrrrrcs Ior Patroklos'Iz6l. callcd by Beazley thc KX and KY Plinters. onc as Potrer.. but the KX Painter oll-crs sonrc on shapes othcr than cuPs..r's lnd lavours miniatures. This is an oldcr Atric shape not uscd in Clorinth.1 1.. and the animals. but Corinth may be rcsponsiblc for Sophilos' cornmor usc of-ourlirrr. r.

J!.. \{J()n r\ -.orgon and KX Paintcrs in Bocotia.Ir . Hodll. Rhodcs rrld ccntr al ILrlv are Lhc c.u r rv.r rcs..r slr.x. 5-1: N{k.:" .r. and thcrc urc irritrtions ofthe C.).".-trtiorr rvitlr ( lor irr tlr i.4!4.rrrtl irr tlrc Sp:rrtun colony:rt Tarentum.ldc ir1 the Cireck world. and./i(rh N.Sll''ttt . Ctdtu na \^/ d by th( ]\i t./.. Cot(ori Pdintu ( dnt rd\.rrliest irrrport. Arhcnian stylcs begin to influence othcr schools too.. mainly in corul.r rurtl Svliu. t) tlr 1 . Thc Acheniarl pottcrs' quartcr is bcginning to cxpolt successFrrlly. N:r ucr-rtis in Egypt.J /i . uncl the Poios Paintcr is richly rcprcscrtcd in colonirl (lyrcnuic:r (l-ibvu).rrrt rrr.soJ./f 1]i.r. while Sophilos' vascs rclchctl thc lll:rck Sc. as wcll es thc i-ruigri pailltcr wc havcjust noticcd.r af tstlin Ala ( dnt rd!() )/.tR.rrI ol tlrL' l)() cr v rr. once the animal friczc idiorl r: shakcn old it will both crowd markcts and influence styles far and widc in Greece rnd her colonies. Lrut thc Konxst Croup is rcprcscntcd cvcrr il ( .. .. +' ' t ntrord ry /r1AI.

: Bad).{ 1tt hy tht l..r 1a 1:td. . t io.t \ 1+o.llt d. 1 t-. 6. 1t Ditlo\ dtl ttdnd ty thc CarcaD Paiu (raw n\. '1 tu Cory. H.. 6.tphoft lty th.r hy th( N!$o\ Painru H.: Shotld.rot. Lia s d l lrik \. t ) r : Wlnh tu!. H(rakL(s.). \ n l t11\ \ 8 I kt\ 7 Skyphos cntd Btlbtu\nnn hy th( N$a! Pai d th! Chn"duo ka. N$\ot I'ai tu- 79 . H.9 N.. t : tl/hob tu\(.r.rrt l\tnttt 6 Skytln!.Lr thMt(brlt)[) tht t\1.

t:ttrt 1.-6 {q 1] Oly I'y th( Corlo Pni'tu. Htrakb. ol tlt( tt. 26-l by tlL( .kyho\ ()t!o A luyl ti 1 nnhku l)cidnna ltlytha\ h th( ol ttu Corran Pdhltt 6. Btll)' n ryln t 1'. tlr ( )rtton l). : Shaultu. H.tittLl .ri. t7 t 5 D(ia itu hkythot i't LItt na t ond c 'ithnn\r dtt Cotla Pntt(t.a l.

\ )il IIo&-ltkrl.dr/j .11.(kntu ly lt Kx Pdi t. K. KY ldi.! t7 OII bt tlk ... Ko. tt KX l\1ttnt t I.Ko tu1\l d\d \r on 'I Slt. rinni.irtur'..rr. t9 I.)r rl /r. Athilk' RIit..' tnrt tl1( ltu tt alth.idJrJ I (:rp itl '! Ka un Ctury dtt.(kn( Ltl tllt tl)hokr.itn 'tL1A PoitlLt IiX l1.

. t\'lus H. )Ittrit.:g : ltu l)n nu Pni td.59 Chdltu I'y .6 .4 Di.Ctutfu olli'tos si.7 ..6 hl.\\ a ti ndkl \i\ti SophiL\.So/rIilor Cd. by t: zs-t.1 Frar t t ol ditu\ Jiln l hy . .h \ n.9 Ltlnft w.tu hy Saphilo!. H.r( ol P. |ttartidXc ol hy an. Ncek nnph.Cn SophilLJ\.z l:nt.lloJ .$ olldrr.

v cxpor-tcLl.r.rrr rvitlr pllrin vcrsiors ofthc Clorirrthilrrisirrg I{orrrlst cuPs -rt.lL. rs of (lorirrth or Athcr)s.c it . Ntrk d ryh'r L) tli l\rn ( rlr. end sonlctinrc\ rLldcLl r J. t)l .v rlo thc biggcr teblc..ltcLl Atllcriir) I)leck igurc ctlIs cuDnot bc Ll . ripc lorvcr on thc boclr'.rler'1y lcpllccci eninrels rvith figurcs. \in.ho dcvclopcd thc trrcliriou ()f u nr.rrlv intuct. ils inlfucntiill t Ll.rrcLl srill ro clcvotc thoulahr elld cirrc to ilrlirlirl dccor-rrcd virscs. ithrscorrrr tobc .ltt\i\ it NLtk 7tj7 r )itoht l. . lrncl sirrccithassrrtvivccl nc. rvhich arc bllck irr erd orrt brrt lor. llLrt thc pllin'bl.) tlt t\1i tnn t rn\ ) tt1 t'l r rriiorn.r blrck stripcjust bclorv rhc iip errri r r-cscrvcd Thcl rrc frnc vlscs. ]'hc Fr-rngois Vesc in t'icr dcrllonstr'rrcs lhc ll.-1 EesL (lrcccc.rn \c p.icL glizcd' clLps (rs thcv:rrc oficrr still rrriscellcrl) rrc )n rrt)on to rrlu).i s]gniflcirnt ltronLrlrcrlt of Atharliiln vitsc pirjllting.ecccptcd. lhcy $.['. .L .rs . tirlll. 575 to 555) L r( sc. '.yclos rud sr>mc cup p:rirrrcrs).Ljr'r Lri ilic'ze cnci:cliuq r vilsc. Thc Lrorl oithc rnirllxl fi-iczc srvlc is clcclrrcd tirr us bl Klciti:rs'ulrstcr-piu. . \\.riutcrs iu Athcns is sccn to bc thc por-truvul of nr r. t lt1lt.1. encl irs dcbr is nvofbld to thc dinos pirirrlcrs. Anirrr:rl fi-iezcs rrc disr:risscd ro subordinrtc positions.rrP.rrrx or thc t. Thc tlic'zcs of thc Frilr)(.) th ) \)rt lr tit lr r. So thc cup pxintcr\.lr .c.rrtistr xlc rlilinl\.ith .but pcrhrps no less to rhc cLrp p:rirrrcrs rvho r rcd throrrqh thc rcvolution st:rrtccl bv drc p:ril)tcrs of I(onl:1st crLps. iurLl rc scrics bcg.rur this poiut on irr rhc nirrntivc thlt rhc nrrjol prcocctrperion of thc I' p. fi.rir iip errcl hrurclic 11 t tiyo.l k'rhot lry tlt l\. end thc othcr u.lcrst()()Ll Lthout rcii'rcncc to thc pllin vcrsions. r I r.I Chapter Three l\lllTlAS.. rLitr rrirnrrist.:lcscrvc sorrrc pliclc ofirlecc.)nr ()orgon Priurcl to Sophilos. L . (llc\'who rcgr.xnd chiinqc ir AthcDi. Tlr.i rhr pililrrcrs to bc ruct in lrtcl chlptcr s (l. 'WL' e\irglJclrte rhc inrpoltencc of rvhet r Llcs nou.:rncl vcrt r . l.crc fr_ccl.orks of its .otltcr CJrcck rvercs i:rclLrciirrg C)orirrth err.tholoqicr I or othcr I I \ccues.llrclrcc ofdcaor'.r thcir thlr lor thc lhct rllilt ir thi\ pcriocl corrirluit\.llrrting cun bcst bc stuclic(l irr thcir !\ oIL.bcclrusc rvc hxvc (). thcrr upor Eest Clrcccc lirt zorc.:1 . .ois Vesc rcscnrblc nrorc closclv ir sclic rncl rpositior thc i-iczcs on cLrps thrn thc.rrgois Vrsc l46l. lliana cup painters (c.' \Lhcnien cer bc sccr) flrst to clcpcrlcl Lll)on Ciolirch.s r. SIANA CU P PAINTERS AN D OTH ERS r. lcss ti.rv rs it is insrructivc now.

This is true evcD ofthc Si.Lr.rl.rgjrrsr bclo\\' thc lip.l rtrly h:rvc a reser.o urys: 'dotrblc dcckcr'{. It sug{csts sonlc spcci.rintccl uithin tltc hollor.rrt ..rirr torrrl. l hcrt rr . skr. ()lc or trvo ofrhc r)cw rr r I ( . nclrlv hcnrisphcrical.usuallvbordcrcclbrtongucs[7t-:. rnorc .s his ledics' fl esh in ourlirrc. sec bclo*. r spirir hcrc u...l.rg.rn. rl ). I hc C l).v rrlitnllcr.phoi. r.ho spcnt scvcl-lll subscqrrcrlt scilsolls lookirlg for_ llrissing frlunrcrrrs. . n11 11'.rl rhrt C)oriDthi:rrr clrps hacl bccn dccomtcd bUr thc C P. but his lckvthoi xrc shoLrldcrcd not rhc olcl ovxl 'Dcienira'shlpe elrhough ritis is srill bcirg printccl.vlikctlrt ()r)c I rLlr Master lip cups ir sh:rpc but dccorrtcd irr thc Sirna manlrcr'. .L :r u. His myrh sccncs.'hilc thc handlc palnlcrtes look lot u. Up to thrcc qrurtcls ofrhc intcrior is occupicd b. tripod kothons [3d]..-d(\()r. lercst ofdrc Kornest (iroup.].r . lcts ser)r's joiD thc Gorgotl chilse xfter :t Pcrsctts whcr . ( . Hc still decorrtcs sonrc oltl Konrest ()roup shlpcs lckauai.R ljg-+r] is e fir nrorc sopliisticatcd ertist.Amasis Paintcr il his dullcr cerlv drys (scc ..on tirc cup.His 6gLtrcs rrc ncrt. Lrill hceclcd.r.1 hcld rrr his hrncl bag. i ..1.rintcr rrkcs nrost of his subjcct-nlattcr iiortr (loriuch clucllirrq .hrt nlust bc ir llililltllriscd Mcdns. llorxblY rt Tirenlorrr.Olr rplc out irr_tist nlct hithctro in Athcns only in lckenai...rsonthcbroadfirotofltripodkothonu'hcrchcoflcrsirlu(lqrnr(l]li)l t' r s llJl.lrr. l<lciti.ving.45]. lr()lr'.\\. Thc Lnrdct hrot is finclv roolcd erd sornctiurcs stripccl. Iikc l:rtcr bel1d crll to nlir1d thc Gorgor P:rintel or th. somcrimcs bc piurnp buds alcl llolvcrs r:rthcr .vclopccl Konrasl cLryr sl)tpe \.s betrvccn herdlc p:ilmctcs. r r lir rt r lrl.ith rhc figures ovcr- prlucftc. sotnctirl]cs lcaviug rhc outsidc p1rin.1 5l r."'ith tirrl cvus in r. lnd it ir r )tclcstirllr to otc u hrt r good nrrrkct fol thcrtr wils loLrnd cvctl 111 Corinth . Si:rnes end thc Littlc Mastcr crrps.utisrs in the Konrest Ciroup.. rn(l rr " r. but the Peilrtcr ofAthcl]s 53 j clccorrrcd I lootlcss vcrsrUll encl hc (or Erqotirnos.r. Thc scnior Siana cLrp rrtisl is rhc (l Parxllrr [-rJ. :ll .ith his rnorc clctailcrl Egrrrcs occrrpyinq a ( or'overhp'lS6... a shapc rvhich thc C l)aiurcr :tlso cirnrc to r)oticc. :rrrd on his nrrnc vesc l-r4l wc scc thc rclirlcnlerrt of thc old Konrlst cup shrpc with thc figurc dccorecccl tondo 'lr. xrld $'ith l ccrr.'. ilDcl thc flolal on onc hrs slill rL ing'). ( )frhc orhcr plintcrs dcdicatcd to Si:rna clrps thc otlt'onc ofnrcrit is thc '\rN r rn ()r fl()s'IoN CA (for tht'Circc rncl Achcloos on his nrlllc visc) \vhosc '.. I Ic too dcrivcs his srlle fronr . pcr triczc..lrr*rrn is rllrnl.rk bclrs \olnc rcscrlrblincc ro that ofthc (l Paintcr[1:1.. bnt hc rvorks l:ltcr in e llllnncr rlot rclclill . 1_.nd it scclns r retincd irritation ofa rustic wooden goblct.tirrguishrblc fronl that of thc. tllc lions look likc e cross bctwcctl Corirthiun rnd rhc KX l)lrntcr.] oltcn u'ith I flor:rl <)rl thc lip un i\. (Clups of this cless arc'somcritlcs clllcci ST cups.n)ct(ry irr l(hodcs). looks to thc Si:ur:r cup serics irrcl.. .Lrr. syrrrPosia.hich :rrtists likc the Anttsis Prirrtcr r.ill e\prcss nrorc . rrl lr( I llril thc I(orrritst cLtps and rvith Srorrps of I L.rp coDtcrllporxrv ()orinrhien ctrps. .rirtcr :rdds dots ancl othcr pitttcrned hoops to llil urorc of rhc inrcrior.hlt ' '\. r'hosc othcr work sltlc rvev.tlrouqht'. ravs or llorills. r.rll hceds erd Nith no fincssc in thc drl...urd to sontc.rlsprob:rblythccndofhisciuccrhisstudioisproviclingcupsvcr. howc\. .cll distri[rrrctd in tlrc (ircck rvor]cl.v s:rtisfrccl \\irh rrther crrclcss lnilllals rnd iirrm rr(L ((] t'itr 'Crtrinthilnis- tolrls. or rlrcly luriruals.. rics r. rvhich rra.rrn rvhich hc tekcs his nemc [+ 5] rvls elso thc hellnr:rrk of l largc group of lrc.r rrr wirhin rvhich has bccrl \. L ' ". r ( or nothing to Corinth lnd hc dcvclops thern wcll botlr ir lorrlg lr rcri s. thcir figulcs r. O f lris :ur i11r:rls.Lrp! (fi11c lincs p.r.Butlrcw:rsprolific.onr the plairr cups. oftu.\.. Tlris is thc PatNtlll or ATHLINs J t -:1. Scvcrll ofhis cups h:rvc black lips...These lrc hlnclsonlc vcsscls wllich onlv slowiv llrovc ilwilv honr thcir Corinthilrr nrodcls by hciqhccrrirrq loot lotus ancl thll .. rrd cspcciaily tl)c Wcst.itious rlun thc C Pliltcr...r'loot). .) Siaul cups erc clccorutcd in orrc.40.ith knobbcd u-ishborrc hlndlcs errr. . and lrc llso dccorrLcs exanplcs of thc 6rsr Arhcriun cup rvithorrr lu ofliscr lip thc 'Mcrr1. '. ups \rcn1s not to hirvc bccn nlrrkctccl in thc dccomtcd try pot pirirrtcrs likc Lvdos (nc\t.1- rion in procltrctior xlld rlxde. thc fornrer Prints shoulLlcr Lkvthoi roo [1-.\'()r hrrrcl $. Ili\ ilqLrlc \tvlc. arrcl rvirh figurcs itr the hendlc z(r1L'. stripc fillccl r.. 1.Thcrc rrc vcrr fiw c\xrr)plcs srrrviv.rctivc l.hxplcr). hc dccoriites the lntcriors ofhis cups.l.s. r. 1r...-rEl ancl proportion ofrvork in thc Konlrst Croup.r\..verriors..II tivcly in thc ttrid botr.r:t (lrcck .rck irr rhc Attic rrr'rrrrcr s'1r..of finc hoops is probably borrorvcd fi.rr. rnd dccpcninq thc ligurc-dccor-rtcd li iczc.ith tltrrrcrtr ol tlrc li.rndhisrondosleckhnc_vborclcrs. Thc 1o.r rrrrhian dr:rrl. lnd tlrr rr' rs orc .lrlist \\ll() aollhincs dtc vl r. . s()lrlctlln(. clrlborrtc drxpcrY pltltcrns rrld lril)racs..rl hy tlr. bigl cvcs. Tlris is thc u..rcck cups ancl on othcr Atheni:ur bleck vuscs. l:rrcst of thc. ntlrixn brrt lrvs his \\rhitc ovcr bl.v a roDdo cxrrvirlgitnilllrlorfirrurcdc'coratio . fir-srrbtlcr t.rlis.) : notc thc bolcl ti'rturcs. lhc Sirur cLrps \vcrc n.l. Thc ( irruN llrRD l).I rr .iZl. iftholrsh still split by rhc incvitabic bleck line rLlrrn.r L s i r r . Ilrr lisltr.Jl rall foor [ 77] This shrpc ur:rv c:lrrv pitirs ofrhirr r-ed iincs orr drc fbor rnd . end hc hlrs llot iorgottcD dtc Kotl]ists..rr rlr. llrc HLI)Lil tlrl(i PArNrr. hc uscs colour likc e . +.ltnalthcrrronstcr .llut his rerrgc is slighter arrcl hc is ruorc complcrclv . l(le it ias Ihc F:lnqois Vesc f46l rvrs loLrucl lt (llriusi il lltrtrril in rll4s b-v Alcssrrrdto Ftuugois r'r.fhc enirrral hcacl shiclcl blezotrs arc particullrl) disti.lirurcd ro cup peinting and oftcn lcss crrcFtrl. . ir tirc ncr. Thc bor<lc:.r I r . Lorscnrcr..rlcd I clsioDs ofthcsc:rrc lr.irhin strch us wc scc on East (.ith thiu lincs lrrrorLlcr East (ircck rrlit or dccorrtivc bands of tongues.1..) nrieht ltxve invcntcd it.Lnir . u. hppirg )ip rnd h:rndlc zonc.rcalh ls otr nrlnv East (lrcck cups. Thc SANr)AL l)AINlEll C)vrc() PAIN l rR [41] rrc clrclcss lbllo$ crs.r...l scncr ally e ancl lip.

Sophilos tradition. . ..andstLrdiestheposture I r\ liitLrrcs. Ergotirlos hc nr:rdc Littlc Mrstcr cr-rps and so probebly r'vorkcd . and Klcitirs' othcr work is. to lcnd richness to a sccnc ofpomp. lo carry a liny frieze ofpygmics and r rircs... llrL |irn1c vase ofthc PAINTER o[ AcRoPoLIS 606 (r. whict orhcrwisc dcllt so scvcrcly with other muscun cxhibits.4).. with .1.. Klcitias has sonrething in conrmon with the bcst ofthc C painrer.r Lrrr.rcl .pirilos.1. . srtyrs it play end othcr figttrcs l5ol (thc whole vase is lcss then 8 cnl' f. and with it thc hydria in its carly forttr wirh r ..It r.. and his use ofoutlinc drawing.. \l)iipc ofa Corinthian aryballos too. rrrrr r.l.hclmelcrcsts.wcaPons. It is a volutc c(ttcr a ncw shape in clay and proudly signctl twicc by thc pottcr Ersotinlos. H" l...n..s walis. sccile.r discontcrtcd nuseLrrl attendal)t rl Florcrcc irr rgrxr bLrt rvls skilfirlly rcstorcd.o. on thc othcr.rt r. bcuceth rhc horscs as an indicatiott ofswiftness. thc He:rrst H1'clrie 15ll.rrrcl .. . abovc thc funeral garncs for Prtroklos. r cry fond of friezcs of opposcd palmcttcs :tnd bold rcd-bleck bcttcr thaD hardly in thcse friczcs. I hc other paintcrs to find :r placc herc favoured ovoid ncck rnlPhorllc and rl.. we cxn sec thxt hc stems lrorn the (iorgon Printer. Thctis. iD r tolrr de force which must lravc takcn days [o c.hcrc therc arc hcraldic sphinxcs and gritiins [466]. r.rncl cxcel hin-r ir-r skilful compositiotr of ovcr)epping.rrr sci' rlrrt l. This is on a big klntharos. . and groups of lions attacking othcr lnirnals which in this form xre rlcw to Athenien vascs and which lorrg outlive thc animal friczcs. warched by Priarn outsidc Troy. Thcscus' victory dance (thc gcranos) with thc Athcnian rncn rnd girls hc had rcsctred froir thc Minotaur 1q6. r rl\( Js llll Ornen. solnc of thcrrl proudly and unncccssarily c{evotcd to inanimatc objccts likc the ait.r.tlr l{lcitias and thc Siana cup peinters werc indcbtcd. and florals.zl. .31 thc Celydonian bolr hunt.rrrr bciDq Icbuilt. or ro cxpress Jively emotion the rcj oicing Athenians ir the boet 6.. rbovc thc foor \. round-bodicd 1-rydriae.r l.vus slr.14 3J I .rc f. On onc side ofthc ncck 146. r1e\rr shape thcy introducc is the carlicst ciass of thc Littlc Master cups (iordion cups Iro8] (sec pagc 5tt).xecutc frorn cercfully preparcd skctches..shelcsthc6ncssc .1.vith thc picturesin pancls.. mxinly lniniatu st and often in coilaboracion with thc potter Ergorimos.:r thc flghr bctwccn Lapiths end Ccutarrrs_ Tlre rnlin shouidcr friczc arotrnd the wholc' vrse [46. the inten t [4 satyrs 146.r1'fr).rpcd xctio. rlrc hst:utist irrrd can:rdd somcthing of the dignity of an Exckias in his . lrnd on thc back x viiror-ors Ilerurn ofHcphaistos [46.r. l. Only one friczc is dcvoted to rnimals and florais. scalc and oD ltrgc vltscs' St'tltt thc ncrv tnood itt vrtst but thcy cxprcss Kicities rr. and r:r iuscriptions. filled with white for women's flcsh and some drapcry. :i cavalry fight.dinoi and colunrn cratcrs but thc ovoid llcck anrPhor'r i\ .r . on the foot. Sonrc viral statistics xrc worth recording: it stf.rucl rnore obviously notrunlent^l in cherecter are his horsencn. thit r. l.1. J7o to J6o) is a 6Dc . on rhc edgcs of each handlc a Corgon.4]. r. rrr.piccc.r or fbuntain. Thcy prrirrt xrrrrc trrrr I .1. problrbly a littlc carlicr. A lllllr)r pot Painters \\'. Thc ProoN PAINTER dccontcs Silna cups too errd pattcrns on r .r. .. .rr. but is lg. Frou his florals.retl ir)t() a)tll liilql)rcrlts by. is low itr Ncw York Thc Caut'ttt l'\rN'rui [J2 3] (namcd xarcr vascs in Cembridgc and Tarquinia) is a poorcrL . All thc othcr friczcs are dcvoted to lnyth.'rc .licf. 57o could bc r triflc Nr. .. a sh epc l' I r\'oLus.. This is a decorativc schcme which allows the arrist r..5]. arrd his dr:rped figrrrcs which rc \o closc to Lvdos shou' thlt hc nray bc letcr tharr hc looks (r' s6s ro 5ss)' lli\ key vasc'. Lik.Lrlrr body...7] to thc contparry of thc Oiyrnpiar-r gods. iDto its owD now among Pxilltcrs. JToto J5J). but is far nlore fastidioLrs ard x master ofcolour and dctail.. likc I l. jostling figurcs' .. in thc opcn door of which we sec his bridc. just occxsion:rlly carryitlg p.rcsthcderailofharncss.1.rn likc a bclly anphore.rrr rhc horscs irrsct frorrr thc contours to givc I black outlire He c()Pies r . as wc havc observcd. not for its own sakc but for varicty oftcxturc (as in thc animals). Yct cven hcre wc erc probably to tskc the coursinsi ... indicating a mcasurc ofindcpcr)dcrce of thc Siana cup rvorkshops. . high. btrt l. Kleitias fillcd his with nych.rl rvhirligig on thc brsc.. and Ajrr crrryirg dcad Achillcs l16. howcvcr. 171 rvith x vigorous battlc sccr-rc of warriors and chariots in rhc rnrirr t. Hc cen match Klcities' eyc for dcteil :nd . and it is Sophilos who paintcd two sitrrilar vcrsions ofthc grear wcdding procession. xnirral paintcr of is still a '. Il survivcd thc rccclt floocls.1 ll.r ( \rrlt r singlc 6gurc or group in its owrr right. Bclow this corrrcs Achilles' pursuit of Troilos [].rrr r drxn j60. whosignsaspottcrandpaintcr. not ls part ofany lnore ..r Lr':rcr:trtists than 1..rucnos (c. !9hcre Sophilos conplctcd thc vases with animal friczcs.r sc-hc:rd arnphor:rc..l. pygmics fighr crenes [46.. just as it was signed rwicc by its painrur Klcitias. lnd the eaglc carrying a carrics:7o hunran and arriural figures.. r1 n l1) olhcr painlers lor \\ork on a lar!!c . aud lor comic rc.r'dorrls with hoop lirrks instcad ofintcrlaccs.nds 66 crn.rc ITSl otthc standardbcllyshapcbut r. . :rnd Arten-ris with xnimals.7]. and hinting pcrllaps c:rrly for thcir mastcr. lnd hc still uscs blob rosettcs ilr the beckgr-ottnds to his scencs. ov.l r ofAchillcs harncssing his horscs [4 9]. .rll ofit luppy thc white grourrd bencath ihc tongucs at thc lip and thc .rr shlpcs . ifDot aJrvays with totel succcss (noticc thc f:rllcllwrrrior) M()rc . No othcr \urvivrng u.rr. this period is comparably rich and litcratc. not so rcadily rclated to thosc oldcr traditions to which wc c.. . othcrs cairying groupcd arlimals. alld ls potter-paintcr he nlxkes tbis a showpiccc of illnovetion.5 ] and passiirq bchind thc handics shows chc processiolr ofdcicies ]ronouring the tlcwiy wcd Peicus who stands bclorc his homc.rtt.

to Clolnrh's colotrr lnd:rnirrral t'iiezcs....r. This is r pcriod u.r. Withlrr rhcsc colvcntions rvhich allorvcd ro rcnclcring ofdcpth.rrl ol lr.ooftninrals[59.ho hes sonrc prcrensions to reil skill rnd .ircd iu. and bcconring rccustorrrccl tcr Athcrs'intcrcstine retrgc of myrh encl ircnr... 565 to 550) procftrccd in thcsc ycars. ilrld pclhrps trirvclline lillcd rvith plirrrc Attic oil.r-.rrtcr_ns talkc Do r .. thc nrosl all. Jj l.r rrcn ..t.u nrey bc pickcd out hrrc: d1e Cestcllrni Prilltcr.1r... Wc conre to sec thc l.rrcs rorrrld xnd frontal in tlrc profilc ficc.rr" ch v.1.r". l:lter to beconlc bl:rck end crrra cietcrl.rnqc ot lrojiln rllyth sccDes l-clninds rrs that bv Dow soute collvcnriors hed \ct huld jn thc v:r\c paintcrs' r cpcrtor) ..l.. llLrr.. I'hc nrelc cyc .. l.o.c . rttL'rns ofknecs. thc poorcr sc\y (.hich levours colour't'irl llorvcr ancl bud fliczcs. \..l thc OLL G: orrp (OxfLrd Lcipziq Louvrc) of crr-licr.. . We havc:rlready notcd tlte iDrportance ofthc $. lrcst and profilc hips ol1ir no problcrl sincc no ettcmpr is mildc rs yct to show ll)c stoltlrcll rlllrsclcs but thcrc xrc sonlc cllictivc siclc vicws of the rorso.... s!ill solnc rnalc red faces and chcsrs.rsirrativc:lrtist to tcll nc\n...( rr rr rr': lr.rrl orrrittccl rhcsc b:rnds. r)i.. thc fcrurlc eye is haifcloscd.1rl..Lt i.Lrt b. a cotlvcntiollal frorrt.rr. rn opcn urouth or the pxnring :ul\icty ofl slt\'r_ .1...ith his:rnirn:rl fi. i c\plcss e liro\\rir[i rcpcrtory ofstock lnydl sccDcs and to scrve the ]Dorc r.r..lrcc its. l\arcly rhey:rrc ell trlu. n)ulctinlcs rather oddlv con)bir)cd u.r for Corirrthiln Now Athclts cDtclcd thc coDlpelition scriously u. rhou.\\ thL'rrlain sccnc on thc shoulclcr colre two or thrcc fr_iczcs ol .rrr!lc ofstudics of:lctio1r al)d rcposc.r. scvclri crr rr'_r'ronsctsc irscriptions for rhcir snob valuc.rrr.rrrrrrr.vncrasics itrclrrclc thc .rrr {rrrcDi rrr rr. Frorrtil .rlthotrgh b1' thc nrid-ccrrurv thesc hrcl gcncrall\. frucl v:rscs.r I I .hcrc en cd5ic hiurgs frcc.u... L ti'r.. Thc bllck . r.thc rtrtists itchicvcd e go()Ll . but adds r litclc morc colour to his lirt r rlc rvork r.r tcd. Thc lttcst amphorae rrc slimrlrcr irr slrrrl..1\.hicL is closer to th it ofdtc Lydan Vlses. lt \4. linri:rdcs Peintcr 156-71 u.r b. .nl ol .whitc for rvorren convcDrion is rlruost firlly cstablishcd but tlrcrc r .l\ cxpor-l Dlodels. cibows or c:u s rney be clrcfully obscrvcd erld cvcll xpproxir r.I irr ......lrr.l .1 crosscd lotuscs irr to l o\vs of circlcs.lrdl'r..irr! lr.. vcry tcrv.orrrrtrrl..s to thcnr in st11c (incltrding thc Lyclln v:rses yct to bc cousiclcrcd). On the fiqulcs rhc l.z-..60].trltc.rl llr..c is gr'r.r.f(-orrnth.cst in cr.rc *r'n..vit. r. r lorLrscs losc thc cortrll spiky lcal Scvcral artists havc bccr rlistirrgr rislrr'rl r . .rr r] 1.lbl) i11 Solrth lrill). r-cd torsos but bleck f.rp peintcrs..rr.1r lr\r r'orrrpictc l)luurhcnlic vesc [zg6]..cslcrrl tratkcts. rlrc l)^lNTtR oF LoNDoN B 76 iJ. " o1_stock livth sccrrcs.. u.. for hisjoll.r..r.rn .rs rlrc fhrrriiiur lrrirrrlls rnd ilorels..orrr.. ith his clccllrlrion ' l anr Herrnes ofl{yllcnc' (his Arcadiau honrc) ..r bcil1.rI t.iuing pr..r. Whet chengcs r\ c thcrc bccn i11 thc idio[r offigurc drau..\.lr.Lrlbous-hcetlcd enirn. ldios. Dow a fierrrc styic of somc vcrsatility rrld vigour-hes bcen cstablishcd .. olrcrr r irh a black or rcd dot for thc pupil.'rr {l)( SroL rd lirrc olrrgr.r:r( r. The largcsr single gror.rrc. rlot L I r. stories o: depict evcrydey lit'i'. l. forcshortcning oflirutrs or facial exprcssior bcvond ir. custolDcrs too. Thc. t. korrrrsts still :tnd thcir strcccssors! rrtr rr.ow L . scctns to havc becu dcstined [ot.. in his nlmc v:rsc.rtrd irt r trtrion rvill disringuish tllc rruc rrastcrs ofrhis craft as ntuch es tcchrlical.. crc ofZetrs \\.. rrc ofthc rvl-rolc group. end cvcn sonrL'her-ocs.. rnci .. rrirtrrrr. \\rll).. ro rhc SLJt):r (Lrp Thc ovoid ncck arlphol:r hrs bccD rhc chiractcristic vasc shipc for scvcr:ll pot paiDters of thc sccond qurrtcr of thc sixrh ccrltrrrv. rbtudoncd subsidiurv .l l.ith e li1le:rirned lt a rnarkct conciitiotred r1rclcl1. florlLsliDkccl r.. uith cmphasis on Ilcraklcs:urd A nr:rzn..irlr.c sccrer.v.r( (..c:rsiorulll rn:tnqulir fold u.rrrh of Athcrrien lovc-rueki:rg displaYs u c:rrlt lnd spccillisccl ilrrcr.lorclr r el. hed btcn gooil "ud wxrcs...r .... lnd .cstcrD rnxrkcts ruh.rccs wc nriv suspcct . I ... Whcn sonrc Tyrr benian paintcrs grvc i.t .ith half t frontal chcst. lr lrrLi lr ir lr cr.rl chlriot \cel)( !.rr.l rlrc detril ofpcplos slccvcs rnd cloeks (himetia). ? In ctlc'ct.. His intcrcst ilr i nitrr. t.l.. lhc Ecruscer citics.crrL. sinee ru ' r.rr lrom Acgcarr sites. Colorrr is thc point ofthe convclltion is bcing lost. fhc shepc clroscrr rvas:r Lrsctirl onc.nrdirllc prttcnr of oblique lines suqgcstilq folds for nreir's himatit. . . ()nc or tu'o only arc kuor. "fhc IJuRC()N GRoup bclonss herc.r..1 rur.1 r\ ll()rr(l .tsts.l i6 63].rrion rc\unrL)l!\ rhrr t.l r.rrh u.\. lr. end rvhich lnrl cvokc thc oldcr filling or'nanlcnrs bv cxotic biossonls ri. ..r. rri.'h.. Mosl ofhis r il. big hcadcd figurcs:urtl his lirrrtlrress ..rbilir\. cspcciallv Cacrc Vulii.l..rrrrr r.rrlr . to rvhich rvc shell for thc rlcxt gcllcrxtion to tfterr)pt to rdd licline.l..rrr1\r r.'crvd:Lv l6 37 . s.ueliclnri Iraintcr I6 r ] errcl r. rr ir ..l.rrrr.r .r.rr.iczes. . Hr: is anothct rcd_lcfter rrr.rvc not Tyrrhenian amphorae (c.r.lrlior\ 15 oltlv rcndcrcd hcroic bv thc lddicion ofTrr>jan namcs [5rr].hichnreybcrcphccdby:rflora1. rot lvcli srrppliccl liorl Oorinth.c. . .theCoitl.rtc to lifi'.rDd cvcn r row ofroscttesarthcrirn f5z].r nd rh:r c innr.l. .lr..s cll r.L l shouldcr lriczc [59].t.rls l5dl.:rurphotu in thc old ntanncr rvith l hc vxsc lrccks usuxlly carr\'ar lotus aDCl pxlllrette cross ()r ir)rcrl. nurrtrcrinE ncltrly two hntr.v givinq birth to Arhcna from his hced it is HcrrDcs who stclls '..tun.rPeirrrcr-fbl l.k b. thc Ii illrrios l)airtcr [62] u...rrcls. uur c... but this rcprcsctts Jitclc eclvancc on the scventh r. Thc schcnrc ofdccor.obLrsrlv clccorrtivr.h o in vcnts sorrre iltcrestiDg cock m or stcrs ..lli. On worrrcn's clrapcrv grid rroticc of fbld or corrrour bur thcrc rnay bc closcr obscrvltrou .irrsrriptiorrs(rsoftcnsophilos)xndrrrrDir)gthc I lr r..ur. Lrttt gcnertllv rcadic. .'rrrlr. .r'lr. ir rL rrr. sccn thc last ofaninrals and aninral friczcs on Athcnian vascs. . .rlr.

2Ottby1kl\htktt'| . H.ALlt! \ 5t1t dlkto!.q Pannlr B(lltra o a ltliChi ruo H lI t)l I'ii\ . ta t7 l\l\rthorlht nq by th C |'jai.T 'ltilotl krthr (lL!)\' llt C I'jdirlu' |tu1lvknl tt (: tI'ytht Ihit(lh.tut. lt.t1 9 jb Ott Jj (:rt' l)y Ly th( C hltlt' Syt4D\tt tlr (: l\ titt.H.) .t.

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+l .rr)UoJ 16.r'l . tt.6( 1ti- J N(l N*ttL 't lk Cil)'do idn tu |ton.nltlsi! tt q Kttitid\.! ..1 L Athitit t!' ha fttriij tunj^ t11)ito! t(.t1tl Et.h1t 't (...\.rotit .j lJrt) 'fh( W. L'ol ..ldtt! rl Ptld\ r l lt|1j\: ALhitltt thn!. U t I 11| ..j .? t6 th(Fta *)i\11\.

\ b). t t)1 .l.y! tri l). lt |'ni'ttt ol Adilli\ ]\ti ka ol 606 ('o t( tr|!) ttt B(llt dnphaLt hy th( A.T 16-2 Hntullt Ant tit.1\Nii! 6oi t6-7 Bolt Ttu lltln . AN! .l Hqlntinr\ .d'ria tht j6-iJ I:ort I.\lht t'd.

. -j0 ./ioJ J/(.t by Nu.Jht tr c! .to I . so _:.t tht L\.L d.tJcrrirr.\ Jo Strdr..1.l1rot ol kn than ! si.rh...q|t. Sary^ 51.). Btlly n 4)l\\d l.) I Hyl'ir l.hith\ ttith hi! hoY.ii .t: py! 1t(\ f.y tlt Cr"tor 1-u.dl . A. r.5.rdj. Ni.)...l\t l\1tn t l'|'ln lLdn Hylri.) L|.4r.

Adtillt\ Mnih. H.nittt t.l 5..l 1.l d..4lDrd..). da')\.1(hill(r tlu\lti t'trtln\ lkl t\'l)\t1tr .ltdiot 56 't ynl\rir r phoa bf lk 't't intl.! Hydrin I'y th Pii tt t)l Lo to B 76 ( rtu rn't).Y 5 | Nrtl! n \lon by tlr Cr tdr ])ni kr.l.llklL\ flll l\ /1 :o \- I I- t9 t ti N. /r.\ ]\tino. +h..

t1. rh \rdifa.i 'l ylnliol d tthohL.: l'h 1\nth.l\\d l. ]:. qfri 6 ).. Tyholitn \t ltrlt.t tk Ktllotii\ Pdttttl artl.15 Prnnr.rd!) ql. C.ttlr h)ithr 1 \t:lt ht jt \t _11 /) 59 'l tfth nn4. dnt li\ ntDt Ltoml 7. Atolh) r i. . ltu Tn ah: ltiljta.: lri:.ttt t\)t)lon nt I )ultnr h ltrtl^\r rl tli I r\lnl r t 't tl ..nj n Vhrftt t.tiltlttl.t d Arx tt.t t'v ' ah) tln.57 1)'nhant drthnn b).nx.

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A colunur cletcr ir1 Ncw York [65] is ncarly I s big es thc Frxnqois V. norv frlgtlreurary diuos frorlr dlc Acrohavc rcndcrcd thc besr rvork of sonl c of 1. Thc l{crutn of llr'phaistos is rcndcrcd with thc rninitrlnnr rcqtlisitc allcntiolr to thc storv l)ionysos orr ollc sidc.rcnlds.clirrr' es a sufncicDt indication rhat thc artist or his fur-nily rvas imnrigr-lnt lionr Crocsrs' Ernpirc.ul.lrilc Lydos hirnsclf p]i tccl I berrtl cLrl' lZol 1i'r l'ttl"t 1. \{ho xrc rotlghcr bcrsts. A gorgollci"rr is promotcd to Ii1l :r pi:rtc orlcc 169] 53 . at his bcst. (rr. Thc nryrh Twosurvivinsvascsaresigncd l64l. brrr he had rr long carccr rnd. ' pc guirr ' r.\hibitiollist lls thc Aollscell.Morcovcr.1os. Lnd tlil-pu1ling. It hes not provcd casy to isolatc Lydos an individuel irtist rvhcn his signcd works and their obvious kin f.. a tnLly grclt artist rvho.'point of tirssrncss.lnol c corllnlor1 n611. thc s:rcri6.ith x singlc friczc. by'ho Lvdos"drc Ll.rll r.vouths. Thc Anrsis Paintcr 177-9tl also workcd long: an individurlist rn thc history ofAthenialr paintinq whosc brrrsh was as cxpressivc as his qrevcr. nrcluding :L trick v.r. wc xrc 11ot ftr lrom Acropolis 6o6 . dcrnolstretcs holv it was possiblc to sc above thc cxigcncies o fa tcchn ique so poorly sLrited to vrsc dccorttion! and to cxprc'ss t nood and dignity such as rv:ts achievccl.Lrprrig ofthe battle ofgods ancl giarrls.ithin the ransc of r vcr v ltrgc group ofvases.vitrg figtll_cs oll p1:ttcs. \ r rL'n1cl.r!r. though.aspainter-.rses little colour_ In thcse respccts his stylc rcnreirs close to thet oftlte (lorinthians.. uot ltll of rhcnr rcrldt'rcd rvirh rhc firtcssc sccll on thc vescs alrcacly consiclcrcd. and ' Lydan ' dcscribcs a stylc which is distinctive. (On this v:rse scc also p. ltrd thc bolrl . lifc.ross thcir chcsrs) treililg o11 ilto'tails' 'rrd r1rcr1 \\'ith the fblds ofrhcir hinratia shorvll ir) slar)lirlg stripcs likc blnd:rging A trick.v s)'nlPrthctic trcltrncnt oflhc aninils. Thcre is dclail allal colour hcl_c lo r r.'otncn holditrg thcir cloeks irl lio t of Lls ()nc signccl piccc is l 1.. We sccm ro bc dcaling wirh e prolific workshop in which the standlrds wcrc sct by thc Lydian.. whosc works span thc yc'ars frorn:rbout 56o to 5:5 and so to tht.ving sl 'rs 'rrrd rn. Lydos' srtyrs are gcllllcrncn heiry solllctilrlcs or rvriuklcd bLrt alnlost rlcvcr xs sextrxllv c. Ncarchos or thc Plintcr of Acropolis 6o6. Thc onlookcrr . Thc rlriu liiezc hts thc gigrlntorrrachy end bclorv ir thcrc i" l. iiorl thc rvasp shicld dcr r' ' 1. Hephirisl()s llloLnltcd on thc otlrcr end ItlilxinlullI . uhilc rhc folds of Arcs' . the mood of thc ycars beforc rhe micl-ccrrrury. dr:lwn with cousidcrablc thcnr (prcsrrruebly wrxppcd r..orkins lilc of Lyclos ald his studio sccms to havc bccn iong. fairly hotrrogcncous. his lltcr work rccords thc ncw stylcs ofhis rrore acconrplishc'd contcmporarics. a coolcr [66]. hc decoratcs rrrlnv Sianr cups (ovcrlep) and hc is drc last of rhe paintcrs in Athcus to dcvore larsc v.rsc [6. Thc lrcck e d halldlc pelrltcltcs loo :trc lxlc. thcn eDinlrls akrnc. its figtrrcs arc ncarlY 25 cn1.hcss lncl of Zctls (r'r'ho intcrvcllcs) sltou erl . thrce-dinlcllsiollal convcrltiolls oirhc 5. And Exckias [97 ro6l..hosc florLlit bclongs to thc Ycrrs ofrcd figrrrc irr thc vxses avaihblc ancl slDall rcpcrtorv oflargc full P()(ttr\' the l)rrl! loLrtrophoroi:rncl :r firrr' r':rl lLrLrtcr. in the pairtings ofthc ercrt cl.i. sccncs cstiblish xncl cleboritta stock thclllcs. rs | 611. ifnot beyond it. and lvcll orl dlc rvrv to prltcms oflllc lccl frgurc pcriod. Amasis and Exekias Thrcc artists. 1)or as sornc ofLydoi Incn whcll ficcd by halrclsornc . ln the llorals. u.1 Nc.. J6o ro -s4o) lLr. Within his group $'c find good llriniarurist work too orr lrttl' Nlr\1cr clrps irrrLl e-vc cups. rclcir\c licluicl fronr:r sep:rrltc irrtcr c.r. aucl whose nrost trivial rvork cu pieasc wirh its flucncy or hulI our. r shrpc xDd sourcc which [7t l. . L. $'hclr Lrncovcrcd.) Sotttc of L-vclos'olhcr bcst wol k is sL-erl in thc nrnrrirlg or' fl.ll rvcs. although hc mry havc bcc'n borr in Athcns and hc ccr rrinlv learncd his tradc thcre. Lydos [61-7r ].jtLg (rn lir holc irr thc hollorv heudlc rvill.ul vascs. irr his fcrv sur. thrcshold of rcd frqurc. Hc is rootcd iu the rradition of Athclial black figure. thc r.u evcn irs anim. lncient r..Chapter Four THE MID CENTURY AND AFTER Lydos.s].rrr'rvorLhccrrricsLtsfrolnthcswllcldledgcntrvof tlrcirllllrc(lirl(1\ |t)\l l\l( rri.. LYDos (. \\.rlcrcst i1r thc licstulcs rncl bchrviour of rhc :tcconlpln.los' prcdcccssors. can oli-er.ivins vasc's.lue scrics r I r . .rsts :rccolrlpanied by thc nlen *'ith e clsc ofwickcd looking .rvity throttgh thc ftrot ofthc vlsc!) Dllclc b)'thc pcittcr Kolchos [6E] h:rs Iuorc lD:urncrcd fisules lrld rhc Athcne supPorlirlj Hcreklcs egeinst K1'knos has ltcr flcsh drltvn in outlillc as Anlrsis might 1l:tvc donc.richos.rl stylc to which he gives a bricf ncu.

t"r ru Arlr.'r.r.itc.l f lrr.. Unusurlly. I lc uscs stipplinu ii grcirt rlcril ior rhc lrliry boclics ol setyrs ftt-91. o. his rpprcnticcship . ()n r rturnbcr ofhis lrtcr v:rscs hc drlrus worucD's flcsh in oLttlinc [85. r r1 11161i11111... ir on slrotrldcr lckythoi [77 p.. arrd cspccilll..".. . His othct pottcr rvork is slielrt..r..urJ...-u...oo lurc ftrr the Grcek to bc r:rrlcd elicr hinr rt birth. l ulr of prodLlclioll ir Atlrcrs pottcrs' quartc'r.)' 5S ... e cup illd t'btrr oirrochori...rrr(t tit.t ot'.rtcd bv'on'c ertist. Anrlsis signs cight bllck fllaurc v:rscs.. wtich is e rnnllrruu Eq)pf..rr. .ir. :rll dc. I ' I r .. t)fthc l.. i.u'nrou: and cs1'rccielly bv shiclcl bhzons fETl rvhich he nrekcs nruch of (cspccilllv . ftr e bhck figurc urtist.'. r rtr.L. His glorLps rrd lriczcs lrc composcd with e c:rrclirl svrrrrrlctr\'.r.vpiien or igin "r.. is rhc occrsionel oru issiol ofr sround linc ti)r his fiqlrrcs IE4. but onll..v bclll irnrphorlc.rr. :rrd rnrnv of his \ oullla nrc sporl long lovc locks bcfi)rc thc cxrs.rnd hc peirts elso .m'It7]) lncl r)irll! sirloorrs ()Dcs [86]. lronr thc cerlv ovoid to 6nc latc J. His t'lgtrrcs hirvc rn cl..\\.. -s6c) to jtl) Thc clclicetc touch aDd . hcirr...rl1.. lnd rhis indicares thrt Am.r\rs iot L I dus ._fcetrrrccl figrrcs r arcll app:-olch L vdo s cvcr iu h is ntost pcclestr i:rn rrrood | 7-1 a .f". rllrrr.. I Iis r'. rrlri.6 1.:11r.the nctv shot..rn.rnr.! rnstrrlcc in tllc scrics oi 1)cck xnlphor:lc..ork sincc thc aninrrls r-cllr:riD 'Lvdell'.r.r|.rhlr" inrprcssive as his incisine.cor.iclcrccl h.rI Lrl. uhteh rrr{:{csrs that thc finrilier Ar. brrt tli.rncls thc lorq tongucs.u v r...n u.'sh"p.r l\(.c.. 1_. bLrt letcr rrcvcr dullirlg thc iurp:-r'ssion ()fr1r()vcrlrcDt.rp.rnnrrr..rnthil:r in shapc..vpcActLps[.rs xrc p:llticularl\r eimiablc bcesrs.:. I)t LLririt t)-pc.9..r rccl fiqrrc eitirr. thcn flet rnslrl:rr lolds ('Lvcl..nclcr nrcarrs..o principll conr_ penions oiLldos.rbovc thc p.rnirrll fbrcparrs).rck flcsh).ork ofthc Sien:r cup pairrrcrs.i..rl.r.rp1.r\r\ h( prL.. r ofthc Ar11:lsis p...rrlict Athcnir:r plintcrs hrd donc thc silrllc but rn rhis rcspcct alorc Anlxsis l11ay bc lckrlowlcclqing or alticipatinq thc rlcu.... whilc flingcd hcnrlincs xrc I spccialitv..'r ' Cor. ()f thcsc thc l)ArNtE]l ()1.... Thr.jcrvcllcry ltcl drcss..rr-c llicl orrt nrrLch likc th. l)tirrrcr) pcrhaps fbr cldcr. incisins rethcr than nrcrclv prirtirlq thcnl rvhirc.i rDd cerly 1.i1scs by (lorirthirn-ertrsrs (comp:rrc l7. prub"l..( n{.ith suryrs...ith thc ctrly vcltrs of rccl igurc but hc is iu uo rcspcct scclucc'd by'thc lcr.u l).trccr...dos is thc st1. his brtrsh work is.Eevptiari... H.ol.!9].Jr. oodcn bLrt tlccorativc bcasrs.r'. or rous ofblobbr ir.ith bl. 39]. Auasts l)ArNTHx (.lcs ofsiout'spcciel s]rrpc'fd5 61. siirrr-bodicd. lrrd ir thc shepcs ofthc vescs hc rlccoratcs.1rr. otrt .l. AlthoLlgh sonrc fclturcs of his srvlc sccnr rlnost fbrcign to tltc rnair ttrc. r.c or tn..v u.iththcliplcssT..rrr urrl..d.*....l.r (thcrr r.r.r.rrrlr.. n u I I rhc othcr cl)d ot.rrr... Thc c:rrl1' shouldcr lcklr r...rLtI thc Hciclclbcrq Irrinlcr hxs bccrr norcd.:c v."..rar a l)liareoh Ahrnosis r-rr-line Egypr fronr 57o .r\ th" 1r.rics by thc.r"af. []ut rlot lost on thc I:rrqc oncs.'fhc rcietioushi.blndcupsIdIItrD(l r()nr( c\l(rr rrrrr cnt lhclotlrscslosirlqrhcirccDtrclcafId5:Eg.'l.rr. r1rc 11. is a Hcllc. E6l. This 1:rst phrsc nlust llc corltcllrpolrlr\..t.l 177 El illc closc to rhc u. 9o]. xnothcr levorrrcd shupc.rdor-s u.vlrich ertirip. A rcrl fircc urev I)c qivcn to xr1 occesiorlill sircrl [.ls Arh-c. usurlly standing cor pluccntl." Thc firrlrcr is nrorc old-[rshiorrrt anci shorrc.vhich bcsct his poorcr corrlcrDpoIarics. ilrcst Cor. Trrr. and sctting. sri lool rnd A. .L .c..Thccrrlyclrlpccl rlrullbcr ofDcck unrphor:rc spln his carccr-. rl.r'lc-ercs.s o.ltl ..rrotlr ol ckien cl'c cup.t.. l crtp (rvhich hc also sisrrs) for ." peintcr r.k ruurt'i75 f1.l1. r. lr r . urc sriflilcgecd. His siEriturcs irr( ()r llr.irirhi:rn.i.."..r-livcd.l ..tlc llr:til. Thc colunrr crltcrs t()o. ir Neucrrtis: his i:rtrocluctiou ofthi.lror.rn(l erce pattcrlrilrg is bold e|d originrJ Hc r'r.. i r .lrlngc.un of bl:rck lletlc in Athcrls... On thc rnrphorlc wc ciln scc chrlrgcs il) thc 1.lsis rves s*. flr" t i"..rrlr. .hich llriliht irrdicrtc a pert-Eg.r)rk ofthcsc er.frrrnr thcjr hLlrnrn figurc r. Lr. iir..r.r . bcst irpprcciitccl on his s lellcr v:1scs..fth" Si"r" cLLp..rrl...._ ' .". rllrphoric: thc lattcr gocs oIrc dccor..trt. .. r.prirrtcrs.r ofTvpc ]3. VATTcAN -lo9.Vlsc.i"r*.ri.r. rathcr stxid :rt first.r* rljenitv oflrxckias. likc thc peinting. ercl ir gcncrel his usc ofcololrr.t.9r].ilrg of(llilpcr v r..lir(\ rr. Whlt lilks rhc u. IJrrt thc idiosvncr:rsic's ofhis st.paintcr_portcr ilrc nor siqrlccl so thc rrrrnc courlcl hevc l)ccn edoptc.c stiltlrcsqr. ]l .r\tiL delicncy of lirrrb ancl corltoLrr.] ircludirewharlookslikc.. .il.ichldiltg f\\' o v. rrr.lttc. s. r 1.9_7i l. bur e surell thc.vlistic .ptiirrr Ahrnosis. wirh its cyc-sircn xnd cxcrciscs in m:rniptrlr tior l...Arrothcr fi'lrnrc ofhis l:Lrc work..rr 5. His potting is unifolnllv c\ccilcnt rr1d..r)( t.. rnucnrds or nortxls. rvhich arc so cr:rrrnror in (lorrlrh.-larcr (rvith tlrc 11cld1.i littcr in iiie..1A. irrrcrcst il erretonlic:rl dctril ()r thc looser drr\\.'rvirh pleirr stcrrrs rDd onc-piccc profilcs to tbot ft4l. tcclrniquc. The carlicst v...rrn. ..r. with 1o\\.vclria.fhc LIdrn ligurrc st)-lc lirrgcrs oD dcccprivcly irrto rhc 5:o.r rlr. rw(.. .r2] or Athcl1..ir_ r. .rrrrs)..l. E7.o of rhu nc\\ T)Lrc A l...r.. rrrdr rht clabor:rcccl hendlcs lnd lcct..tisrs to L1.. l)iouysos is his irvoul..rrIrrrr. not rhitc ou bhck Id6. Hc firvorrrs lirrclv pettcrncd drrpcrv.d potrcr trc slrrcl' thc s:. nrost like thc latc.l..1 . . sLrpL-rvisir)q tho vintalje [..r:rs .cs hr. on thc stout irnrphorec irnd cups..Hiscupsurcludcordin. rh..rr..r lirv ol tlrc ol. crltcrs rlld n1ln..s pcrk1. nreking !!rcat piey with delicetc r....:rrrrl .ised lor.rils ol.. so Aur..... cvcn fi)r hcld hrir end bcrlds. once skipping forwlrd to hilvc his cup rc chrrgcd [8t1."c.r.l.. "b. whilc thc PAINTT.r.:rs Urscinrtcd bv . rrr rrr . Thurc .r1r.r rs. thc Eq). I he broed dcvclopmcllt oithc plintar''s cill ccr cilrl bc obscr vt'cl both in thc rr L.rr1. 1..drilLc or cr.r.r. Athcrrs.l1.r ...) lincs ld5 61. encl thc closest ofell in Athels to thc very latesr ofthosc plintcd ol1 \. I lc llso cnjoys dct..rt.riuting by lbout 56o ll(r.riltcr erc an cxccilctrt f-oil to r.rtc y. 1-ol.l .. Thc s:rt\. his c.+ \\'orklrlrliike Lyclos or thc nlor..spccirllv on thc ceriicr vascs whcrc rhe fiiczcs mav snll I1.fL.f .. urh"..R or LouvRE F6 orlv occtrsionally.. Arrr:rsis pots encl dccoretcs e rvidc rengc of shepcs (but rrot hr. wir. {urcs hirvc fbldless drapcrr'177]. dccol..ith slc. ot_his flerrres ilnd orlrill) i. Bclzlcy distirgtrishcs lrc nor spccificailv louien.v of rhc Ilcidclbcle peiutcr l-.rsis' ctrccl sp:rns rhis iruportlnt st.

corvcrsilzi()Dc. T'hcrc is origirl.lity, llo\! c'cr, l)()'] ol_ ol)scr vil tior r. i. rrrill) \ () l his cfuncing figurcs, rncl hc is one ofthc flrsr to incr.odrrcc cvcr-yclev sccrrur,,l sonle cortrplcxit) chc r,vcdc.liDg pr.occssjoD [72], e r,r,cavirrg shop [7.S1, tlrc hur)tcr's rctur-11, plausiblc doqs, a rllegnificcnt c.lvxlcxdc lgil. renlpcr-enrcrlt or trrinirrg he u,as eblc to lcld soructhiug ol. _ _Throueh clelic-ecy :rnd u,ir to a style rvhich sccnrcd alwxys ro n-or.k agli:rsr tltcsc qu:rlitics. His skill as r peittcr xs well es drrLrEllrsrniur iudicarcs hi's svnrplthy u,ith thc idiom ofrccl 6gu:-c, elcl 1vc curch his spirit nrorc clcrrlt, in thc u,qr.k of verious rccl figr.rrc cup pnirrtcl s therr in othc: bleck 1igure ertists. Hrs sorr Klcophradcs m:rdc pots Ibr-nvo ofrhc fincst rcd 6gur.e rr.;jsts of circ, ca11l, 6ftlr ccDtury. ExrKtAS AND (lRoup E

bLrttoil's, s[rrrrrr I)r(lr.rr,l .rl(.rt l..rtrr(\ llr, rrrrrlr,,l,,r r,.Li ,,,rrcs,rrc ulll c()rrp()scd hrt r.rr(.ll slrorv tlrc or.isirr.rlrrl ol lrrs rlrr rrrr sr,rlrli.s rvirlr rlrt. irrrirr)irtcd ltcl)itcalLrritl saUlprLnc lf'.;l,.rrr,l lrc rs olicrr s.rti:llcrl \!ttl) il (liviDC


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,,rrc side of :ur carly xr)rphora thc'pelnlettcs heve close set lclvcs Iq7], on thc (,r( ofhis wolk thc lcavcs scpxrete and rrc xlwxys 6rrc1y drlrvtr, sonlc'tirDu\

'(iroup E . . . is r larsc and comp;rcr laroup which is vcry cioscly rcletccl to thc wolk of thc painter Exckias, though c,rrlicr . . . tl-rlrr rcarij. :tll tl.rc, vlscs assisned to hirlr . . . (lroup E is rhc soil lrorn witich rhc ert ofE_rckirs sprinus,
ind tr:Lrlsccnds'. Thus llcazlcy lncl ir his firsr eccotrnl ofthc gxrup hc lclclcd 'Most oidrcsc'vascs rvill lrc by orrc hrnd,. Thc rr.tisr or etists
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:rttcntioD xrrd sontc rcspcct, motc thitD wc rlre1,uaturel1y:lcco].d alt illr()lty_ rl)olrs qroup, si11cc thcir.u,ork lcircls t)ot oltly ro Exckias but llso rcprL,scltts x conscious brcrk r",ith \\,h:rt rvc rruy rcgard as thc,Lydiul,trrclitioi ofthc jJo's. lt is cxlrcssccl irl sltitpcs - thc clonrinancc of thc bcllv ar1cl cnrcyllcncc. of Typc A (rnosr Ll,clen bclly :rnrpholac lr-c poor.ercli iet.), thc rot:rl lbxDdonnrcnt of ovoicl ncck lmpholac and (alnrosi toreJ) ofcolunrt cratcrs, y)lne ncw'spcci:ll'ncck eruphorac, an apptrcllf l:rck ofiltcrcsr rn


r.c,rlnrscd rs a p:Linrcr, so hc rrrlr, havc conui[rL,t"d t., thc pottins traditior) ofrhc groltp ur iir c.rrlirr t..,rr. Lrut,.,,,rc rcgrrd this:rs bis crrlicst surviving paintcd u,ork a1so. Thc figrrrc srylc of(irouj E lq,r_901, rviti'r no enimll vascs, lrcks thc, rnonunrcrrtali4,ofExciies or cvc,, Ly.lor, "n.l rhc mytholosv c:ru bc vcrv rcpctitivc tlrxr)),ofHcr.klcs u,ith Ccrl,on or.rhc Lion, or T'hcscus with thc Minotrur) but rrrorc paintcr.s ofrhc scconcl helfof lhc ccntuly fbllorv the iced of cltis srorrp encl Exeki:rs than ofLydos or tltc Anusis Plillcr. It is possiblc thur Exrkr.rr' ullor irr rhc hr\rory of. Athc'ui:rn black fiqnrc is duc rs much to his pottiue ls his peiltirs. Wc h.rr c notcd his carlv potiue alrcadv l96l and hc riqu, ..rrr" trr,. liir.r1r. "1r,r pottcr, for x Littlc Mastcr to piint. Wc can sce ", lrorn his pottcr sig[irturcs ti]itt hc rray hlvc bccn rcsponsiblc lor thc clrl1, clcvclopmcrt of ihc Type A ctrp ll o4l end Type A bclly eruphora bis vlscs, r ool is oycr Co cnr. higir I ; 1c

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sailing rrrouucl thc illtcr rinl ofa dinos lro-:1. Hcrocs and horscs flrrrrrrtr-y.rit t r'l (r,vho equally dcscrvc, end oltcr erc givcrl, nrmcs) welk likc thoroughbrcrls through a crlft devoted too long to \\,orkrnanlikc dccoratioll lrrrd oltcD rr.lrv('

rrcrn:llcly colollrcd. In nrxlrv ofthcsc rcspccts Anirsis wes coDscrvuli\L', rrlrcrc Exckias skinlpcd rlothing encl pilnncd cvcry dctril. His rvork es e l,.rn)tcr (hc plob:rblv pottcd lar longt'r) fal]s in thc thircl qLrtrtcr of thc sixth , rrtLlry, starting hter thln Alrasis, olrt oft()Llch with Lyclos, atrd at thr'crrd nrrkillg Do corlccssion to rcd figlrrc altholrgh thc first ofthc rcd figr:rc rrrirtr \\ orks in his manlrcr. Frolrr his rendcl ir)q ofdreper)' wc scc that thc splal rng. rhrcc dirncnsional folds erc lcrv ro thc v:lse painter'[9E]. Hi\ trcetrlrcnt of tlrcrn is confideDt, Dol yct 1r)ll1111clcd. Thc devclopnrcrrr of tlrc stylc ofa l)crfcctionist is lcss cxs,v to obscrvc th:lrr rnight bc inrlgincd :rnd it rlry rvcll be rhlt his ectivc peinring occupicd firr fcrvct vcnls then rlrilrlv htvc thotrght sa,v 54 j to 5lo. Ar)d did such dD artist \\,ork oDly ;1 thc poftcr-s qu:rr-tcr ? Wc rrright Jook to rlre kouros, Murlich r69,orcvc11thcnr;rrkcriirrKroisos'15:nvc. ft is cast ro drvcll on dctlils of lris rvork, thc crrc hc levishccl on nrrncs, rl-morrr, onlilnrcnt {;ool, :rld indccd thcrc :rrc firv uho could nr.ttch his precisioD rnd dratLghtsnrenship. But tltc lullmark of his stvlc is e ncer stxrucsquc dignity ufiich brings vtsc p:rinting t'or thc flrst tirnc closc to ...rrIrrg.r pl-,,. r..r rrr.,j,'r .rrr. Illr' i. rr,r., r)rrll,'r,'f.iz..r pr,'pnrri,'rr. llthough both pley their part, for his sccncs ofactioll erc composccl rvidr originality and vcrvcl-{is originelirl, eppcers iD lrlxrly lbrlns. Hc blcaks Athcrrien colrvcrrtiorr to let his Dionysos seil across thc wholc e1)rptv intcrior ofa clrp [-ro1], prcpercd \\,ith:r warnr'corel rcd'b:rckqr-ound llld dccoratcd outsidc \\,ith thc cl-rssii cycs - both pcrlr:rps his o\\'D irlvcrltioD. Hc is tlrr'first to scr prinrcd ships



011 mpi.urs. His u elrior-s lncl vounq nrcrr rvjrh thcir purcnts Frorrris2lr,irl, cvc,rr I rvhcn idcnti6cd rs divinc (as rhc I)ioskourroi with Lc,cll ancl T,1.rrdi."nrj, ".t " hunran, cvcrld:ry scer)c, widl that xwercrcss ofthc divinc in hrrnrar thougl.rt

corlvclltion rvhich rvill not yct :ldnrit facie) cxprcssiou bcl,ond a firrrorvccl brou, and nor thc bloodv;rpaletr)cr1t, thc ntonrcnt ofnrtxinturn actron bclovccl oI Arc]reic lrt. His Arhcnians rrorrrn Iro5] r,virh thc digniry of

"r,,,.r,. Exekias cotrld scc iris nrcn ls qods lnd in !his he Eives Lrs x fbretestc ofciilssical :rrts. Felv ofllis mythologicll sccncs folkr,,r, cstrblishc,d petcrns rvhilc soruc scr rcrv fashiotrs. For A.jlx's srricide Ir ot I wc hrvc thc broodirg prcpemtion in a

stor\. tcllins. For thc first tirre thc grrpiric rrrist caD chxllcngc his pocr cortcnlpolaries, al)d on sinrihr grounds ofobscr.,,etion alld fcelilg. T]tc lltcI ofctrlicl xrtists erc, at bcst, clegent ptrppcts. Anasis could r". r,r",,


r r,,1,(lowcrrhluor1 lllost SjirtlaLr:111d oficn cer its b.rse. lllc lirot rsLrlr tlr' ',, rr.. but glo*,ing,:lrrd with clccort livc hoo Ps bcrlcil tlr. rllrrl, rrrsr,l, tlr,r, 't l,,1Lrr c tonclo cdgccl wirh torlllucs, llso likc thc Si:rnrrs, ;rrrci olit rr ,r i st r i "l L r,l ,rr thc botorrr ofthc liP. Lr fht thc rtt;rrn dilii':cncc frolrr lhc Si.rrr'rs t' rrr t , 'r,,cunc1 thcprofilcofrhclip, arrd cvcn sorllc Sierr:rs hitcl blrrck lips. l(lertr.ri

r, ,1 l:r-gotirrros colltbor;rtcd on tltc tlittltc piccc oa thc Crotrp, firtrrrrl "r r,,,riliol) [rodl. Thcir signetttrcs rlrn stI]ii]ht bctrvc'cn drc rlc:lt h:llldlr I).rli r t.s. lDd tlris is thc nol ntxl schcll)c o fdccoliitioll fi)r this clllss :1lld lor thc liP , l, Ihc srnlc llltists Plodllccd othcr cxitrllplcs, but rlo othcr Lirtlc Masr'.'l' ).r[]cs! lurd this sLlggcsts I llortlit foI llrc cllss eirotlr o:.iLrst bciirlc s(ro' \L )N r)ri()s siqrls lcvcl el othel s lnd rlso sccllls illl cilrlv sPcci]list iD thc cless. bl1r

rrr. All rl,t. \\... t)(\\ rn rl)( lr.,t .ur\

rnd action u,hich thc chssicrl elti\t \\,xs to codifv lbr-thc tntdition ofrvcsccrlr

,,Llri r (lordiou cul'r sienrturcs (Phr1:ros, Soklcs, pcrhrps Archiklcs) erc ruct on ,,rLrcr Lirtlc Mastcr shapres. Lrt,Cut,s, rs lt l3l, rcsclttblc thc Ciordiorr ctrps in shrpc, rvrrh :t str:rieht lip


thc hullmerk ofthc bcst (iorrnthiar ;rair.rrilg ofrhe scvc,nth ccDrurY B c. I11 Athclls thc Silna crrp p:lil)tcl_s wcrc:rt rhcir bc\r ,.r,hr:l thcrr tigrtr,:s orcrrprecl fhc irighcst ev:rililble 6cJc1, on thc ovcrlep cups, btrt thcir rivals lnd succcssors, thc Litllc Mestcls, rcDounced lhc ovcrlep and conccntretccl thcir figLlrc rvork in drc n:rr-rorv lrit'zcs of lip or hendlc zoDc, or1 shapcs of l ncu, clcg;rucc:rnd dclicrc,v. Vcry li'rv Sirne ClLrp l)aiutcrs r,,,crc rlso Littlc Mlstcrs:rrrciit rves firr irltists likc Kleirits to iDrloc]ttce rhc llcw styic i:t, it scclus, nc\\, poftcr,s srLldios.

Little Masters and other cup painters Succcssftrl nriniarrrrist rvork in thc black ligtrrc rcchniquc hld bccn

oll honr rhc bodv, brrt nol et ]D abluPt aDglc. Thc high fccr hevc ir ,rL)xd l']et b:rsc plirtc: lhc lict of most clllicr ctlPs airc hollo\\'collcs ()fcvcll

rrri\t\ ol'thc ultitr scrics, finirlll clcrivcd rvpcs. o(rs (ltrps I I otl lrc thc' cerlicst enc] lnrotrg thc srtrallcst. Thc: srreighr lip is bhck, clc:rrlv markccl oil fronr thc bocly. Ihc hendle zoric has a linc rrcar
:lud dccorarion. thcn:tr

pxintcrs illso dccor:ltcd e ti-,,v cups. Stylistic co:rrp:uison bctn c,c,n the big ;urcl rlrr ,rrr.rli i. n"l .r,\^ r\.,. .. W.. lr.,r, nr.rr\ \lqnrlltr!.\,,r litrl.. M.r.t.r, bcclusc thc inscripriol) sontetirlrcs for n)L.d urirrrpuir.urtclrnrL.rtrrrhL,,vcrlil clcsigr, cspcciellv oflip cups. Mosr rrc oirhc ,cpoicscn' r\.pc. fhc Potir)g i\ ()ftclr cven bcttcr rhl11 the peintiDq, so dtis is not surprisirrg, but rhcl clo Ior help trs to idcntilv biesel u,orks p:rirrrcd b1,tfic srlic urriir. Iftherci erc uot tuorc siglted 1:rrgcr virscs it nliry Ltc th:lt the siq]rlttnrcs dicl Iot (or rlicl ot Yc) havc thc rclvcrtisinq vlluc th;rc sonrc lud letcr. Wc sh;rll look et rhrpcs

ofrhc loot or cups rves tppercnt in thc bhck cups ofothcr prrts ofCircccc, lncl in rhc, dccorlrc,d bllck fiurrrc crrps of East (lrcc'cc errd Lrconi:r, brrr thcir lips ilre sct o1l'srill iu tht- ur,rr,,r". oi,rldcr. skyphoi. In Athcrs somc carly nrcrryrhought cLrps hacl hieh ti,ct [37], rnci lor thc lips thc pottcrs sousht olhcr sohrtionj, rvhilc thc ptinrcrs iuiccssiirllv nrilstcrcd the rnirilrrrrist srvlc rvhich suired thcsc lcrv shrpcs. Fcu, rvc:-c rccognislbly thc pailltcls ofhrgcr vascs llso, alrhorrgh nlost ()flhc besr pot

1hc_tcnciency to ir)alcasc drc hclqht

lr ickncss. lJrrr rhc urrdcrlool tl cllnlcnt itpPc:r1cd on sorr)c Siitllrs which hrvc ,lLritc broed lcsting illclrs, u,hilc rhc C l)lirtlcr utldc er Iclst onc rvirh I high, IrLrelv Littlc Mrtstcr loot. fhc figtLrc dccorrlion is on rhc phin 1ip, Lrsurllv , )nlv onc to thrcc figtrrcs:rl tilc ccrlrl-c oll erc]t sidc, rvhich lncens that it is r:rrc r,, find u rvholc nrytlt sccrrc in this position, btrt thc lip is oltcn lcfr cnrptl - Thc lr,rrdlc zonc hrs l liuc nc:rr its top :Ltrd illll()st elu'e,vs:rrl iuscriptit)D tlcl\\'ccn lr.rndle pllnc cs. Thc inscription rlrry llc a sigtlxltlle, aL ll)olto 'cl)xirc kli lc[tcrs to n1:]Lc rhc 1,ici tccli' ('h.ri1 rncl dtiuk rhis') or thc likc, or rrorrscnsc (lcsircd prttcrD. Thctc is e r-esc'rvccl b:rttd Lrrvcl on lhc \1'rll illrci thc lilll li)ot r.rrcly h:rs ltoops bcuetth. Insiclc tltcrc is of_tcrr a fiqulc t'lrrdo crlgccl tith tongucs which hevc rvhitc dots bctrvccn drcir rips I I I o- r ]. Outlinc drlu'n timllc hcrds rlc not tlDc()r1il)ron xs thc lip dccorlttiorl (' hcrcl cups') on rvork bv Slkonidcs t5l, Hcrnrogcrrcs. ['hlvrros end otl]cr'\; Epirinros h:rs tint r

busts ofdivinitics itr tllis posltiotr, rlso outlirrc dlrrvrr lr.:t t l. llrilitics rcphcc thc hrrnclic p:rlurcttcs bl rninrills or iigurcs lr.zr l; hrtvc florels on thc lips likc Sirnls (thcsr' bv Hcr rrroqcrles) I Put flgtrlcs it the hrlucllc zollc, likc olll_ nc\t chss.


llaNo Cups, ls lroql, hevc bllck, sliglttlt'corrclvc lips rvhich rrrrr into rhc iinc of tltc bod,r', rurci oftcn r rcd p:rinted fillct xr thejunction ofboclr :rrrd srenr. Thc- flgulc dccoretiorl ls in rhc harldlc zoDC, olicn bcruccn peltllcrtcs,
.rrd it nor llrxllv fills this liclcl but rIe t' bc ' bricf'. Fcr,r' it.ivc inscripriorrs hcr c; fi'rv. clccor:rrcrl tonclos rvithin: ii-t :rlc rtll bleck t'ith ir p:rrch wirrdow for figrrrcs bcnvccn thc hlrdlcs; .trrLl:r vcr-v fcn'big orrcs (Atrdokiclcln) h'rv' tigurcs on thc Brt r.lrldcltbol. Wc rttight wolldcr wh) t\{ o cup t,vPcs s1l.h xs rlicsc $,cr.c rlcvclopcd erd so Iong r crulillcd cqr.rallY popuLrr rvilh peirrtcls end cu\lolDcrs. lhc bl:rr:k iip is rDorc colllfollrblc to thc drirlkcr, bul thc hc.tVy ridgc bclol thc lip l it[in thc lip cup probeblr' lllcxrrr thll lc\s \\'rrrc wis lost



bv splesi:irrq. Ilrc rrrrst i)c rhlrt botlt plclscd in thcir rvr1, bLrr thc lil) cup nes pr-ob rblv thc nror-c clifficLrlt to rhrorv lnd clcconcc firlli,. Lirtlc Mlstcr siglreturcs lrc gcncr:rllv ofpotters but Irilr)ds sotnclirrrcs sccrrr to cort-cspdrd. TItcr.c is a strotrg Illllilv itltc-rcst too Ncerchos, sons TlcsoI and Ergotclc's; ErEotinros'son Euchcir.os, arcl his qr:rtclsor u,ctc in rhc -fr.rt btrsircss. Wc lrlve noricccl sonrc Litlc Mesrer crrps liy th" tlrtec u,i,l ct'rrtury pxintcls irr the last scctiorr and thcrc will [rc, ot]rcrs Doticccl].rt._r.. Wc t1tn1 ro\\,'to e t'i'lr- ofthc ntorc clistinqrrishccl spccialists. Tr.rsoN is thc clessic Little Mesrer, no doLlbt pailltcr iurcl pottcr, und lll,lys nrnritrg his flthcr, rhc peintcr Ncatchos in ltis siglitrrrcs T.lcson ho

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.rr(l liltcr rrtist but u,ith :r \i/idcr rrrlqe, otlirs rrrrphor:r, (rrr, lrr,lrrr[


lr,,r ,rr.urenrphora),hvdtiec.rndlck-vthoi,oncofwlticlr.rrrrrorrrrtcirlri rrlrr , r ,Lrirrrl shape. Aucl thc EPITIMos P,trNttr's rtrps :r, rc,.rll rlr,' 'r ,r,,,, lroc rrraclc bv Kolchos l6d] thlt Bcezley wonclcrc(l rvlrctlrcr tlrt l,rttir I ,,r Ll not [-rc rcnrovcd frorl Lydos' list. I lr. r rr lin pcr iocl ofthls serics ofLirtle Mlstcr ctrps rinlst rLlr) fi()ll) j trst .rli( r ll,rILrit ofthc (lordion cups, about,s60, down to rbout J-lo. Mltrr' ;rrc

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plairr). Thcy lrc'cxccurccl dclicetclv rvith , .nl.rr., ."tlr". tit.., ,j.r" t Lvdan, u,ith lll:rny rcpljces ofstock sr-oups. [Jis bapd clps 1r"".]'r1r" "., r",,,"

rarlrs, stiss It I r]) both insidc and ,,ur,r.le

Hi, ligrrr....r..rr,rrrll, ,,,,rr,. 1..,,,, i.,,r,l 1,.r,. lro9l..,t.,r., Lp.uF\ (nt ur ]. t,t w hi, h Lrc lc.:rvcs

,,,r rrnrporiiricsofthcletc: Siltnl ctrps btLf in a clilllrcnt tradition arld gcrrcrr lrr othcr alrists. A lttcr stert fbr rhc blnci cLlps is ofter) xssr.rnlccl, brrt thc r\l,( i\.rswcll rootcd in drc prst as thc lip ctLp, lud dlcrc arc sorrlc Peinters of 1,1, , rps.rncl blrrd cups who .lso pxintcd (iordion ctrps. Thc bancl cup docs ,, rlilrrrc rftcr lbout jlo, brrt no longcr Littlc M:rslcr in ch;rraclcr rs we shllll

, l)cvcloprrcnt withill

thc scrics is llot cesil,v .lctcrrrlirred, bLrt htrldlc' pel-

l,p ,,,1, I clt'corltccloriyr,,,itLirIri9i.C)thcrpr.o,rinc,c.trrisrsrr.,,'t"air.'N,,^^irr,,,r, lvhosc,peiurcr. is glrmiouslv proud-ofhis uirrr;rls r zol, .,"a i r*,.or, l"pr"_ I serrccd ltcr-c b; a kanth;u-os Il::1, I shape rvhich rerc:i1. lound its rvar],,,*rr rir"
Lictlc M.rsrcr-'s r,vork tablc.
rrc,o iicr r o fq,,.,d (lrrtlit\,. JLISt :ts Sorlt(, ,,raj,r. .r.tirts likc tlrc Anr.r\l\ l,.1rrrgr rls,r tlu.or:rri:.1 .r ti.u l,ittlc M:rsrcr cups, so srirnrc Litrlc Mestcr h.Lnds..rrr bc detrereJ rrr lJrS(r \llscs..Ihc pnrvtros Ir.rrrrrtrr is eu c,erJy ( \.llrl.lL. l..r]rllr)q ,rr ...,,.,.11,.rrr rrrd Lrrl,nr..lrl,. r,p irr I ,,rJo,r t/.,11. |lr,l r),..rr rrrr.rll,,rrrLph.,r,rc Ii-.-1]. intlrLdrnu.,,nrs plsnlp *iA\ ..,lr,,rrr',fr";. rrl( irrlrrKr\ ( r {\\' lou(rr_, rrrh..r,....r,.n1. llr,. ".,,rrrplcs, lrrrrnr .l,rrrr'r

with dctrilccl nr,vrh ;ccDcs. 'I'h. Co","ur. t,,rrrrri. r., i.u., 1,H,,* horscs, ccntaLrrs, slLtyrs, rcrdcrcd rn -r hrr:1,,. rr(r\oLr\ \r) Ic ",fria. ii"_,"g._ lerly clocs rvirhou r heucllc pllnrctrcs_ Thc ()ai<rsno.rr. t,itr,Zi. ,rr;gtri.i"r,, ul bc onc r>fthe_flrcst of'thc spccielist Little Mastcrs rvith trvo ,r,.liiig.*.,t rua cttps, onc uirh rr)irl)els. rhc ()rh{.r \\rrh l)r(,n\sLrL r.ercr r r,!J, .,,,j.,

Thc plintcr ofctps sigucd by XlNorr_rs wils it poolct. rrrilt Jt tjl, arxll], ,rr s .rr rL tru.rtrrr1] hr\ lrp cLlps r-rrilct- likc Sien:rs a Ilc"ri"i. ,r,rt",, clr" rnllLrcrrr r. 'gu't o t rhc (' l,.rirrrr r orr hrs u ork. Hc :rlso rnekcs scvcr_al plrirr, inclucling barrcl c-ups can ying thc siqrr:rturc onlv. H i_l(MrrcrNrrs nr.rrk! l.if li1r . I,rr1, inclurling sornc bcering oLrtiinc fcnr.,lc hr r.i, (herd .Lrlr,., ti*jrrlli "lr,,uy.rn thc lip,.urd birud cups with chlrior lu.l *,".ri,r, lll:'uclt ,ro.k, bu, ,u" lr cill]rlot bc sltrc that ol]c xrtist peintcd both troLrps_ C)thcr hcld clrp xrrists of clisritrcrion arc, jekoniclcs r r , 5l (rcscnrbline I Lvdos);rnd Phrynos. SaroNror,s Dtily cotllc lrtc ru the scrics'sincc hc also paints e Typc A cup., ou thc othl,r hincl, siilrs Iip iup-*.itfr a bllck lip rcscrrrblinr thc (ior cliou cups, rnd coll;rbor:rrc, " ifro*. iy i,, ,,'.,,p .Lfrn sisnccl rvitli ' cpoicscn ' by (ilatrkvrc, lrro]._Thir Ls rn cl.r[>or.rrc 1",;:. Ir.".i


thc scnlicircular with tigl)t lcives lr ogl, throLlgh lhc llcar .hrnlac rr r rrrqlrlar rvith grorving .crrtrc lcel. lr i 51, to drc lxtcsl typt' with scptrxlirrrj I,.Lr cs lr rz, r r4]: nclrly the renlac wc scc orr lhc Amasis Pairrtct's v:tscs. ()l)ly r ,' rrrost carcfull,v drau'tl 6gLrrcs or the tondo grouPs oliir clcttils ofdra'.viLrs Lr:.cptible to stylistic enal,vsis. Thc brDd cups tend to bccorrrc fllttcr rvitlr

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fhcrc are sonrc tclltcd or clcrivatir,t'classcs alld sh:rPcs to collsidcr bcforc lcrvc thc Littlc Mastcrs. DRooP cuPs lrz6-81 (pronounccd 'dropc', alicr lrc scholar rvho lirst stuclicci thcnr) hrvc conclvc bleck lips markcd olf rrrorc ,1.'urly fronr the bocly than Littlc Masrers, x txll stcrrrrrcd tirot with e pJ:ril illlcr:rnd bend, soillctinles {lroovcd, xt thc top lrld r blilck toe. Thcrc ir:l l,r'oed black bancl rvithin drc hollorv loo!, and in thc bowl e rcscrvcd Lrlrrrcl lo\\' ilor,,,n in thc 1ip errd somerimcs a rcscrvcd ccntrc clisc. Thc constrttctiorr ir rrnretincs hcavicr tlun thlt ofthc Littlc Mastcrs. Thc c:rrlicst, f[ol)) aboLtt 5 5o ro-judgc 6-onr thcir erave coutcxls with orhcr vlses, hevc all black boclics (r r 1'pc r,vhich lingcrs), but sonrc rdrtrit.r row ofbuds ill thc rcsclvcd hendlc zorlc likc blnd cups. Fronr aboul j4o rhc wholc body !"1o.t thc lip is LrsLrallv .ovclcd wirh decorrtivc berrds lc:rvcs, pliltncltcs, dots, btrcls, rcscrvcd lcxf zigzags, rays I i.u.l], l rou, ofsilhoLrctte aDinlals (usuelly upsiclc clorvrr). A fcrv h:rvc bctrel black flgurc friczcs in thc h:rrdlc zoDe (chariots rlc PoPLrllr), thc .onr moncst bein E thc (lR( )u P ()l RIIor)Es 12264 [l:6], tnd sonrc ofthe bcst bv



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Parurtn [14:-6] st:rnds olrt in this crorvd tirr rhc nunrbcr of r. r. rrc Mustcrs: nonc :rrc sigrcd.R ()r.irh bl:rck bodics . but tltc'schcrnc'of thc dccorxtiorr clcrives fiolt Siln. t )i ll)c irrrrrcdiate sLlccessor s tllc ['RrN(ir] r ()N l'ArN r[r [] Jt-i 4ol is leprcscD . r. i rlr elrlic.t1..1r ]rrrd Vl'rtc:aN j6j cirn solllctirrcs r\(' to bcttcr work.r r L ot scvclal wh()sc \\.l..r.rtircr ". r' L thotrghriirl if sorrrctinrcs irnprccisc eftist.r.l. Irvo ofrhc vxscs I show arc rtypicelly original u.r. clorncstic occasiol)s ilrcludill!i the sr. uho echicvccl sorrc distirclion .. .rrd .. I ongrrcs it thc lip urrLl r:l) s . Paiutcrs oi snrrllcr vases.r l.rrrt.L)\'crlrioDel crlough blrt thc strg is.tsiclc'. b-.sinrplc lnd his st1.l"rl nif_irJ. lrlcr.iczc.rscs rvhich c:rn bc:rtributcd to hinl. orvilq norhin:j h) L L. 'l'hc irernc vesc of thc l).rte \i-rn L cup rn Wiirzburrg llol r.r r.ith sirlplc irtter-nc.1.. 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Thc oirl ' Deirnira ' shapc persisted. c()rltcxfs fot_ thL_ lltcst J)r'oop ctrps brinq thcln clorvr to about j ro. br. rnd I(nlrovr. rlerrrcd fbr thc cloilk shilr c(l b.hilc thcy cnhlncc ouI k olvlcdgc ofAthcr)ixn trcitlllcr)l of r\ rll. s rhc invcrrrion of r-cd 6gu:c.rrrcs rvirh thcir bis hcecls.s.r l.ith :r Littlc Mestcr fbor.. nol or)l\'conlnlittcd to dccoreting thc largct vlscs (rrstrnlly bclly ernphorrc).. other rhrrr cup p:rinters.ltros l)AINr r. arcl thcrc is *. thusc slt. Lirtl" Mlstcr potcrs..rlrrrr thc urain r. c-rxnlplc \\..ruo..jrrst ls thc C l)i1inrcr. r.1 I rrrorcofthcsccncthun\\'clr-cusccltosccinqor(irtcl.rrc rv.cK Clrr\ss (sclf-cxp litlliltor ). llr li( s.. :recd not dctain us.ulr..rlLl rhc cxluusrion ofblnck tignrc as:r nlljor srylc ofvxsc p:rirrririr end it r [.c -rnd rrr srrrcreliy. rvith . r '1... th.c erc othcrs.^cKNr.rnd Anrrsis nreclc lip cups rvith I Sianl tbor. 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Other pot painters and Nikosthenes Wc hlvc elr cad v lookccl rt thc wor k oisoru c puintcrs rvlro rnev havc snt in ci-rc surr]c stlrdioi :ls thc grcil t ir.1o] .rbor.rrn It34] shorvs :r woltrxD still)ding ovcr rirc bodv of e dcld lren.J . bot rt r\ oftcrr irr Grcck irt.vcitlth e ofirclivrdrrll irvcrtion encl v... Prccision is not ln csscnti:rl queliry ir rlt.rcccl rccl lincs iD anc{ otrt.ftrrrq.itlr H:Liirrorir. Thc I) likc sorltc cYc cLrpil i 1: l.t cLrt.

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ofhis prodlrcts erlr)rjlroLls!.rnd rlrc orrqureilry oi his lrom thc'Drrlr:bcr o[]ris rr orks . td i..rru ri, u hr.h havc comc to bc' callcd 'Nikosrircnic'. Lt ctrps alonc, rvc havc lip cups, brnd cups (oucc collrborltinq rvirh Auaklcs and onc plinrcd firr hirn t l"ju9, t l,.,r,rp cups etrcl cyr.cups :l l),pe wc llevc vct to clcscritrc ancl whiih " brinqs us wcll into drc r cd 6gurc pcr iod. Sonrc ofthc cy.c crps hrvc r ler sc, spcciel, sp1.r r,,rr r Lrot platc (Nikosthcnic). This sug5;csts th:Lt his srtrclio *,"i f.,r,,, ,,r.,,, ".ti,r" tilkcs ()vc[, elicr thc nrid ccntur-\' Lultil nclr 5 r o, u,hcn thc pottcr plrmphaios cnrplol,ing nrorc r.ccl figurc irtisrs. 'l'hc .Nikosthcric thc most "urplr,r.",is clistinctivc producr ofthc studio Ir.19, t 5ol. Its brord flat hnndles lnd ensuler bodv, which slirrrs as tinrc passcs, inritlrc I shapc nrtivc to Etruriil and c\ccuted rhcrc in a pilin bilck rvlrc (bLrcchcro) with, rt thc bcst, stanrpccl dccoration.'lhc black figurc vcrsion m:rdc in Athcns rv:rs clcerll,elr cxp()rt nroclel ancl is I furrhcr irclicarion of Nikosthcncs, lleir tbr bLrsincss encl ddvcytisctDcrlt Alntost evcr) sitrqlc cxettpic with a rccordcd provcniclcc $,ls foulld iD (llcrc, tvhile I Dr:rjority ofhis othcr vases N,cnt ro Vulci- an ocld distribution rcflcftins loc;rl tastcs in Eh.rrrir, anci somc ctcclit to Nikosthcncs, egents. Thc ligtr rc clccor;1tio11 nt ir v ovct-lap lll th rcc bod ztrr v cs un ticlily I r J o], or bc clisposcd in friczcs lr49i, s.nrc rnirrrll or florel, irilc thc hencllJs coLrlcl elso cirly figtrrcs and the iip had a dccorelivc bancl t,ithin. Nikosthcncs' obscrvatiorr of lorciqn shapcs docs not cncl rvith rhc rnrphor:r. The kyarhos-dippcr (scc liTrl) $,es aD;thcr Etruscen shlpc borror,r.'cd fbr Atlr.rrrrr ol.. k 6-.,,, 111',.l1l1,.pr,,b.rLrl) rrrr,,tlrrcrd..rnnh, Lrri,r,t.L,.,.k,r,ro rht Arircni.rrr rcpLrror\ rhu [.urc]) Corinrhien skyphos shrpe (riqnc.l uudc, tlr! t,,,,r) .lrdphiJlri,.lr(..r\r(nrIr,,nzcshapc.Thcsc]Lrrtspla].ilgli.crofcups rrrdc iu r (lheiciclian colony il ftaiy;rrc copied (s"cp. io7,';r761). Thc 'Nikosthcrricpvxis', r,ith Ile ng bocly encl dorrrcd li<l islcs..J.tal,ri1,lo,r",rf his iDv c:rtio s (lt 5.11 ; krr :r cornplcrc cxanrplc scc l:671). Hc sieDs (or1 rhc top ofthc lip) onc ofthe crr.licsr c-unrplc\ \)f., p,ykr.._.o.,i". r i i+ l. H. nr.,,, hrvc intr-odLrccd thc Ltsc of the 'Six rcchnJqLrr' tor nr.r;,rr j".t,,1-,t,.,, .,t u",,.:l (scc l-;o9l .rnd p. r 7ll), encl hc uas rrrong rhc 6rsr to use e ,"vhicc groLrnd tot 111"1\-f1Sy1." dccorirrion fiuus bi his pritrtcr ofLorrvtc F r r7). C)f Niko.sthc-ncs'stefl peiritcrs, latcr than his potrint f,-ri Lr,dos (,r barrcl
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work, so ile rvas clcarlv x poftcl.or pottcry owncr, ;,.irrrriil1, 6yra, ii-ranr", ,,, judgc t'ronr thc c()lrlnlor queiity ofinvcnrivencss displavcd bv most of his
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Thc sinnarurc of Nrros lHrxrs is thc conuuorcst of :rll ir bl:rck fisurc: rl\'lys rvith ' cpoicscrr ' end u ith scvcrel cli6irent h;rncls srrpplr,in!I rhc 6'qrir_c

L , , \ rrd opcn dccoration Ir5z] (l3ellerophorr xtle.ks thc (llrirrr,rlr.L ir,,rrr rl,, , lrLr sirlc' of tlrc vase). l)arNrlt N sccrtls to h:rvc cltolltrrl .rll tlr, lll,,. !r.rric ilrDphorrc [rqg, t5o), sorrc k,vlthoi ard cups lt5l], .rrr,l tlr, I r,, r;ll,lndifNikosrhcncshimsclfcvcruscdabrushthcsc nr.rr' tre lrir. , r lr .t thc 53o's end j:,o's. Thc puintini5 oflllgcr fislrres is conlpctrnt. r,l rr l, llqrrrcsdull,somctitDcssiopp)1conlirlqcloscronr:lssprrrclLrctiorr IIii rl, \ (.rr bc perticular-ly Lrngainly. Visiting rrtists wcrc bcttcr, urcltrr-lirrg l',,,'. brrr thc bcst of rhcru paintcd rccl figurc Okos, Epiktctos, thc L , ,\ll).ncs l)lintcr thc term inherltcd bv Plrrrphaios elong r,,,irh urost of L, . rrIc iDnovatiolrs.

I I ,,.r r( nc\) hevc bccn essignecl to his hlnd. To hirrr u,( rr'( rll rrr\1.(l rrr,,\l ( i I , I r)( lllrr-r.r-R()PII()N ()-Ass' arnphorac, u,ith thcir Pltrrrrp ll,ilris, , Lrrlr


,,.rllr, tno highly inclividLral nrlnncrists. Txlr AI,r,ti(r'IER (r. 54o to 5:o) ,1, ,,r.rtcs ovoid rrcck rnlphoritc of rethcl old 1:rshioncd appcarurrcr', sotrrc 1, ',rrl;,iroracincludingthe:rerv'I',vPcCrvithlrollcdlip lr 56], end srrrlllcr ' , ,. llis figures hlvc rirly heeds, rvell upholstcrcd bodics rvhcu drcssc'cl, bul ,r Lrl.rl erd spikr.rvhcn urrdrcsscd: thcy arc casiil rccogniscd lt55 7]. llis I LLr( nl uolk is curcful a d es odd in irs proportioDs es his 6gurcs, rvith rvclJ , Lrnq littlc palmcrrcs lt thc cnd oalong thin tend: iJs, skituty btLt rvcll f<rrmccl -['hc p.ttctrir]!; l, ,Lr ses rnd a rrsh oftiny rcd end white dots ell ovcr- clothing. (lrcck , i llorrls is close to thrt of sorne Easr bllck Frgr-rrc studios (Clazortrcrrr. the Northanrpton (iroup) ind irl i pcriod whcn so ttrLrch clsc oalonl.lrl ,,1 rtil sccnls to hilvc bcclr illroduccd in Athenlan art irr sculpturc:rnd L ,lritccturc \\:e probxbl,v oLrllht to look lor influcncc in thc vesc paintirrg \ I rlor instenccs ofcopying rrc unlikcly end ir is nrorc likc noticing Arrr,,ririsrrs in current E:rqlish usegc. Thc Afii-ctcr is r srvlist es rro othcr, and thc ,,,olkcldcrsstrDd r(l gcsticulirre pointlcssl,v u,hilc rncrr lccosl youths or :r Hcrnrcs flutlers l,tti)rc e scatcd Zcus lr 551. It is:r rnekc-bciicvc worlcl, illd if tlrc Arhcrti-rrr r.rdition hrd nor beeu to put figurcs on pot\ thc Aliictcl rlight h;rvc provcd r outstiuldirlg and origillili cxponcnt oi Archeic art notrvcru. His letcst rrpholr('hxvc florr]s, not 6gurcs or thc ncck [157] xrld or]c oftllcrtr w;rs

l,.rintcd fol Jriru bl rn attist oftllc sros, u,hich hclps plrcc his rathcr cltrsivc Hc u,es possibl) 1 pottcr-p.iDtcr. 'rr Ic. 'fhc otlrcr nrerncrist was crllccl ELBows Ou r' (r. 55o to -53o) by Bclzlcy for

llrc cxeggerited gcstur_cs arld enetolny of his dancitrg figurcs- His tteck .nr)pl)orac erc oflr specia) sh:rpc rvith heavl,ovoicl boclics, slirn flaring r-rccks, fcct end fl:rt hrrndlcs usually decorltcd with a irurcl b.rnd It 5 d]. Tlrc

shrprc:r;rv ou,c sonrethinq to bronzc xlnphorac. Hc ofltcrs scveral ftiezcs orr thcsc v:rscs, bnt is also a Littlc Mastcr, irnd dccorrted scvcrel barrd cups t,hcrc r hc animels :rre norc car)onical, recalling Tlcson or L),.los. Thcy apPcer llsc, on thc l,vdiorr Ir59], onc of thc lerc Athcni:ru jmitltions of lhc LydirD


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'..r 'in'-'r somc r. So the Ando"kidcs Paintcr did pair.p"risorrs bccotttc cven morc dilfrcult r ..tntions choscn hcrc. and dclibcratcly tollcd down by thc photogrilpher..'t".r .r rc tlrc l. and lc. Thc lckythoi now acquirc rhei..ilh soluc bilinguals figurc artists.o. Outline incision for black figurc secrrs almost a countcrput to the corltour rclief linc.... Thc Littlc Masters givc pl:r. as Ir 73]. The reliol'linc ofthick black paint standiDg up boldly fronr thc vasc surfacc had bccn uscd sirrcc thc. rcpcxted il1 mrrch thc serne manncr Ajax and Achillcs piaying' Hcrekles . .rckgrouncls.tiit.'e.1 "lrirough gonc out of his w:ry to vary-dt:tail . and to is intcrcstille lt . Lr ll. it looks as rhough hevc bccn the artist's intcntion.c cor't. btrr the full range oflatc biack figurc lekythoi..1 ..:-31. and will be considcred in a latcr chaptcr. Drapery pattcrns arc simpler and thcre is gencrally less colour addcd.. . . tlri.r tist. as witlr shiclds.rrt.' Hcrakles is a particr-rlar favourite as can bejudged fron the har:l Lrucrrs or.p.r rr..1..d.rir1y sirnpic palmcttc cross bcneath the handles.r. thc atatontical dctail ofnakcd bodies is bettcriendcred.s ..l t. buc thc arrangcrncnt offolds with zigzag edges is iow norrnal."vhich pllycd on thc work of thc black figure artists wc hrvc yct to discrrss.hich occu1ry thc artists now arc gcncrally dillercnt and wc carr ot-rscrvc nrorc spccialisation and clearcr distinction bctwccn thc crrp luchicvcrr:cnLs 'l hcsc :urd lcss addcd colorr..t shapc arrd thc schcrnc of clecoratioll is soon stcrc-oryped.r'.lvcrl...r'iLrtu l'rrn rrt...ii*hir" g.r. so thxt therc is a s(...l.. w irh bl..l .riinstence... frrrrili".so hc was very thorough on sorrlc vascs hrdeed.y in bJr..r s t'. rccl rlJ]urc ln lhc conlposrnon oIExeklrrr morc is in a way tl-rerc lrrtLrc.r'k.. thc lltltnrlrrists I of Athcnilrn r-rctcristic ol' the bcst biack figurc ofthc late sixth ccntury. It lrad been uscd before but it rs intcresting to noticc'how it bcconrr. u.. 1 i.... r f... mid cer.. Thcre is a clcar is not thc techniqucs bctwcc:r ofdctail cxrit .. tbc techDiquc. l.pxirltcrs and thc pot paintcrs.. ir cuP irr l)xlclrrr()' r\ York hirs ir lrrll l... togcrher wirh tirc ncw serics ol... . by irrrrodtrced lr...'b.. .'.. thorgh in rh' biack slr'kcr brrt bctonres is conrp'rr'rble precision .. fh" '..r..'. Later (after thc A[tirrcn(.rnioutlincincisiorrmaygohcreIr65] ...r".s comn-ron agein especially on thc work of bilinguists likc'rhe Andokidcs Paintcr and psiax.'. i.rps cyc Exckias.u t ritti"rrt.sucliafineartistili€ihthrve a singlc vasc wcrc supcr6cially on sccnes thJ when . rrJnrcd irTlrr rlre brc"tt-'h-P'd ' rrp l/o7l' 'ihc black figurc work oithc Andokides Paintcr ind ofartists i..r. arr intcnsity ofcolour lost through timc aud cle:riring.. grurrp.l.lcrails antl patterni arc borrowcd straight from black figurc So We . Thc drlwing convcntiorls arc unaltered but. but Bcazlcy changcd his nlind twi(t whatcver .rs Ir. For three-cluartcr vicws ofobjucts rhc combiuation of frorrr aud profile can lead to soine odd cllects. Lrcrelly the compositions arc looser and iDvenlion.. and thc rcd 6gurc arnphora ill-Ncw c:rrr l)c bilirrlltrrtls eld vascs 6gurc i. asllg6]..:k fig. vesc plilting 1ie clscwherc. lLqurc and . horsemcn or a hunt.h"p.rg. . sincc the problcm ariscs nost a lc worrlcl sccnr rc:rsoneble to suppose th:1t orrly orrc . Thc neck enphora is thc coilmoncst anlph()r. aslrgol. r.l.t1 ..rirrt . . following thc lead of lr. separatc tongues in decor:rtivc friezcs x[d for spears or sccptrcs_ It conlcs Lnto its own now for outlincs and cmphatic dctaiJ in red figurc but has a reduccd rolc ifanything in black figurc.r..c that DlosI o f thc bilinguals are b y rlo nrc'tns thc carlicst ofhis vases' closc to hin) l04 ro5 .riu..". r to r1.icrl . . l. Othcr rcd ...r..r1.. rarcly myth.t. ..l ..lrc hydria is far morc popular: shouldercd now.t lrl bleck figurc vascs could be carlier than thc red figure or bilinguals hAvc whi''h 6gures with amphorac tbc somc of . so whxt xrc thc dillercnces? ln dctails they arc too llrcat r. . It helps dcfine thc fisurcs whcrc the background is a rich rcd.. All arc rcd figure but onc.."rr".rr tors ..f . . but clcmcntary forcshortcning is menagcd aorl this is all better observed_ il rcd figurc... figuring enimals. oinochoai and somc new shapcs likc rhe rrrrt6rd 611p5 1p" r..c to cups ofTypc A the eyc hc. Red figure plurls. Sonre sccncs still carry an Exckien dignity but llot lacking' is r ..llv ... ". Thc belly amphora is falling from favtrLrr..on-rpari. .. l' ligurc a].. lt is at any rate quite inconccivable that irr.pxrrtc shouldcr scenc and for a while a predcill bclow the nrain scenc.i ir'th.rr k b.rrl.t..'... :'"y .. which u'xs obviously invented by a skilful black figure artist' such spccialist$ (ifthere werc muralist distinguished a t..rrnphorac of thc ncw TyPe A' which Masros Thc hydriac and cr..l'... .(t'nrs to b" orr"'of thc 6rst. uncl it nrust bc rcnrcmbcrcd that from nou)" conclusion that hc and the Lysippides Printcr " y red figurc' 'in' c onl h painted e ..rrr tlris:rncl in thc cnd prefcrrcd to ettibute thc black figurc of co[grucnce gencral .1t.. ol tlrl. rccluircd decorative borders to sct them oIf froll1 the black body oithc vrsc and thc schemc is copicd on black 6gurc vascs. bulll .f r.1.ion cvctl ...n .. and thc tyr:f frop frontal chest to profilc hip is achievcd with nerr plausibility by shifting the stomach pattcrn to onc side.1 rllLr.s Painter) thcre is only a fforal herc..1 t.1. )t li. Thc ncck flomis now havc tJrin lotuses. c'xcept lbr son)c of Type A.. rccl and . . whilc tbe dceper skyphoi iome irrrr: fashion..o.." t.l\ w.rnpl-ro.1th"t the A.rt black frgurc ancl it is diflicult arc one and thc .. L.1... work rl.".. Ir6l] and not with n)any ofthc attributcd xllvascs wherc thc work ofa singlc herrd is rnorc all-rcd-"6gure l.Llorvidcntification Ornamcntis much the same and son-re firvourite sccoes .ot ch..rrNrr:i1l 6o-61. if not thc fiISt prxctitioncr in the ncw lr..""."iily *hich.....rkelr uP his brush xgain but in another mxn's workshop' and ii i\ 11.1 rlrr v11scs signcd by tl-rc pottcr Aldokides arc by \rr. but l t was aln ost as though Exckias . iyli.dokides Painter was Exekias' Ptrpil Certainly the .td) lip.irh floral on tlrc ncck and a f. Tltc shrpcs u. thc Lysippidcs Paintcr..I. palrncttes with scpaiatc leavcs..t. (nre lrirrr(l rlrr' lr1.

tojttdgc lrotl two sillllcd spccilllcns' 1t rPl'rrrr. n.urd corrlposition friczc oferr.. on which sinrilar Arhcna flqLlrcs:rppcar.l).d figurc rLrpr Jnd rt rc ur.. sorncrinrcs".'ith tirll irrslclcs lt5t. rvhitcr rvhitc fbr rvolicn's flcsh.. ustrlllv ullc:icr archccl heDdlcs lvhich rs irr thc c'-ve cuP wcll ls sporlt' no\c thc sidc of jug lccks.f. Pcrh:rps hc hed br-cn c{iseppointccl ofan orclcr for thc prrze vxscs. t. tu (.rintcr).r".. siuns with r phrrsc rvhich cchocs thc lbrrrrule of thc l)enxlllcnaics .. c.n'.llo usccl thc'olclcr tcchniquc hrr sotrrc dcdicrtorv pl:lqlrcs loLltrd olr thc ArhunteD Acropolis.flrrtfr..: Mosr ofllis urork plobebl1 bclones to dre yc..a'.ct it was difficLrlt ro avoid in black 6sure.() rcd flgLlc v. ifr. btrt lh(r u Jre (uPS 'rrd rkvphui *rt' bencadr flowcrs distinctivc rvitb Cllass '.l latt".ui..'lr"r'rdi.'r''ri' . brrt thc eulicr cLrPS bcl"rr I t 77-El' r i'id r'Lvs btrtk elterrrrnrrg dots.u.rru.r) hrvc bi'cn is thc'Cu'll t:ttristrr.. btrt it is rtrorc brittlc.rq"trl.rrrcc but crn bc crrjol cd ir dcllil.the for thc wrrriols' frghtirrg .lrist rltd orl lris l]rgcr vrscs (Dcck :ll]]phorec.r.1. x tcchr)iquc \vhich airpcared by ebout 5:5 lnd is ottcn nsccl on irtcr bleck fierrrc.t oBscr lil'cihc Lrrtl.. l7E.r. Mrstcrs SO dCCOfetcd thc ttsurl rrlarlncr \\'ith ell oullirlc.. .'ry 6r.-'r. t'eol rhc lou'cr rrorc cl. .. "y"' lt7's' rz9.r.. I1o I oorn aor cves on tilcsc scvcr:Ll fill thc u'holc high bor'1 is usurlll il". trtrnrpct-shrpcJ rr 'rll rlJ rrr'ry bc Jtior'rte'l ' r ' ' r' t \lr'lu' l'. sl.rlc'..'dr"' Pirtlcr\ I r L rrrr L I I ' t ' ' r(]6 taJ ..rr'rlr c\'llrrlrlr \\illl r)ilr( "rr Nikosthcncs-Prrrrrin thc devisccl ir.r' E-vcs hrd lppcricd on cycbr orvs' erld iu E:rst snggcstcd .rl\. llr('\"r\(''u rlr'rr tl'' lr'rrrd L'1"'k l'lu' 'r''rr'\l tlr( trrrd(rrrrot '' .1.i"Lri" " . ll.l... . ''''p" hcrr'eth .shrpcs alabestre.r. h\'clrixc.. trrrfrc'' brrr ".rl1don\inrPlurLLrP\thcrtrsjrlrt'r. I !rtLrrv.onc of rhc printines ofPascrs'. rhc plnlthcnaic vascs.*i.rllr..cxilmplc of sllndird thc i:rto rrrd crccp hrucllc c:rch bcrlcir'h glolv will e vinc Oftcn Cup painters Thcrc is arolhcr lergc closclv hcrc. hrs 't shrll()\\ slrlr\irrrl tr rtlr lrrtl is short fool Thc . i 7-. i.] and p.. frn*.'a ep (Flor.rrrrr....ittl lr lhitl. '.rs wc r.g rhc v. . t7/ Outsidc' tllc trstr:rl clccorltiorr c'ilhcr on cvcs fol thc letcr cxrntplcs) is I pair oflrrgc .. Exckias hacl introducccl thc corrl rcd backqround orr his l)ionysos cup I o4 l)si:rx has it for { l. Lr"i*. Ilc sornctirncs usccl a *rrlr (\il\r'L'\\' rrrrl\ rro\t' rrrd tlx lLrll lr''r\t \vith tonr hcavy L:.rr I r0.rfl.. ti*.p. .r"lr fr r+1..trrrr..fl"rr'r'lcri "u"s "loi. Is]roP s'cr c: esPollsibie lor 1lln) ' iurd thc ltrtlsts rvlr.t "tc oltcn clccoratcd l'ith:r gorq()llcioll' is I (:()l1l1l1()n devicc I ..rrr < ..l th:rt s()r11c cyes erc'fctlr.rirltcrs lvho put a bleck figurc pictrrrc in the inrcrior torrdo. 6..rt. pirin bur ibr sirrrplc end usrrally singlc black fiqurc srlbjccrs at thcjr ccrtrc! [r691...rss of bilingLral vrscs lvhich nccd not bc srtrcliccl lrc cyc ctLps Lrv rcd 6gurc p.: . tcchliclucs firr tlciltin!a thc background to figurc dccoration oD viscs ilppcilr lnorc frcqLlcr)tlv lro\\.llcsi Tlt.rcs or srrrlll grotlPs bct\\'ccn t]ld bcsidc.. huvc bccrr :r prrpil ol_rhc Arnrsis l)eintcr and rhcrc it 1l1his work sonlcrhirij (.rr ..prlulcttcs simplc simihr or .rrs fionr ..crc prcplrcd rvith e linc rvhitc grourd. I'911.l':t.ul.rscs rvhitc grorrnd on othcr. c\ cs' or rLr{cld rve h:rvc sirlglc 6g. ancl :l vcl-\' 1.x cnttcrs etrcl lmphorec of'fypc A rhc l:rst bcinrj biiinlu.. uscd it frrr thc blcksroun. e rcd ligure artist ofrhcsc i. u"sc\ n. .rdfoot for sonrc l:rrg':r r('tirrg llrr l''ikt lh( if.rbotelc hrvc oftcrl n". eud rli rcprcscnr Athcnl Il7.c.lses_ Bclzley thourghc hc rnigltt (I!LrL lr I Lrl' ' ..' 1'r' frortr r\\. r.lolphin oithc ()t iittlc Mistcr typcs erc not nnkuos n.ri. nr..r* ' \\'itholll tcxr Lrr. btrt on a lvhite qroutrd thc l:rcllcs wcrc bouncl soon to h:rvc bieck Fivc 6nc platcs stLr vive.rLr..1.1 thc dciic....r.. Nikosrhcnes'It-5r.r bililcLrrl urnphore lbr the pottcr Anclokidcs. eithcr r .ri"nt \\hr(h rlr.t tiltrr..cst bl rr I' lrrlrrr' rrr'l lirr il)vcrrlcd w:rs it srncc us occtlP-v r 1.. u'ith e c(nltintlous culvc fro1l1 thc IiP orlto thc in l totrclo' rron figurc .r which liirl"r.rcr-P. rvirh 'rnd l. iirtist \\.. P:rsces used a finc. r'vith ilr cLrp ltnlolrs E-xckirrs' slilPc' The bJeck ligurc tcchnique r..n es tltc Clcrbcrrrs I).ir*... . e fiuc rcd fiqLlr.rti"r.iallv (. Thcy u. rcd ligure ercl lrc uscs rvuvv lincs ftr fol<ls not to cnrphxsisc blrt ro wclkcn thc sriH-ctli.'"t- Ncu..srrrl veriety. Hc hlcl rlrc iustint ofe rr)iniirtr.ound cxpcrirrrcnt:rlly on onc 'rcd figtrc' vasc (as rlocs l)ascrs olrcc! or) .. c.ith a sinrplc ccntrc piccc I I 7o J uivine cxactly rhe dccorrtive cffcct ofhis plarcs.rndlcs iud lrcsidc the.tff.. t. ho\\'cvcr. LrD. brrt rvc rlct lrir. lcss r-obrrst.l i. Thcv cl.. rr()t thc drinkcr hinrsclf..l.rr iow.. Skythcs."r..l.rcck vrscs in drc scvcrrdr .1(([ L)] r drrnk( r's conlplnlorr.rY bc rr()tc. btrr bclorc onc ofthc Arhcrrxs on a pllquc hc.ilr".r.ri .1 r. phaios r'r.rr tll)ll .rirrtrrl .t OD or'rl cLrps thcv :rr c Altic' th:rn thc rrc cirrli. :r lckythos piatc and kylthos lr7rl.rJr) his irgurcs i.rv .v possibility rhc bcirrg I I.rr k rrrbrr...ia lr 77 El. . tli ( I)r'rl( I lr' ' rLl' tcr lrrrrrlrr' rrcu' rhc of prrctltioncrs .^..... l. l lc sccnrs rrluch afccted b1.idc r. *.l.irrl" rvithrliirc loot is pairrtccl bllck A lcss coutrnon shePc irr bIr' k rop of tllc toc r rc is fypc Il...r 1'l'trnblurrttoclikcthcLittlcMlstcrs'bLrttIrL' I . rr. Psil-x r.r..z.. A corrtc'uporerv rlso e platc peintcr rnd closc to psiil\ irr stylc wrs Prsrras (irrntctlr frrr irrcils or1 s()rlc plaiD v:tscs of d1c gcicretiotrs bcfrrrc elld aftcr 5oo."ll. r'rcscrncd barrcl.Type A.i."tup...l to black ligrrrcs otrr.r-ll\ cl rl'. iic l.r tl. tvpc rrrclc bv Lh.1" dcvicc in thr' Posrliorr li To rJrl' H'rrrdlc. 1. .r. Thc Anclokiclcs l)aintcr hld uscd u4ritc sr...ra scrolls. lllLlst 'r rLl '\{ ao1lr1lorll)' I hc '.N.r.r'-r 7r rcrrinccl bv his contcmporerics for enothcr treditiouel prodtrct..:... . llot bl:rck figurc ircc' brLr thclc (brrr .t rccl figurc pl:rquc) :rncl lbr a bleck fignrc liiczc on rhc lip of arlorhcr..(..lrng e dccoritivc borclcr. . is thc scircmt'.... ..tmphaios.'iti.. es I r 7-7.i* . l)()\!Lrisrr)1" li' I t.aLllolld-shxpcd orr thc vxsc . thc rvholc interior of I cup r.rtc prcttir)css which tlliLt arlist sollletirltcs exprcsscd..rlnrettc) riLlc srlllllcr pelmctrc' bllck horizontal ltrce i lr.. '. . ''dgc ll76l' so lrrll"rrrtl rr) S"rrth i"". plsclrs pairrrcd orr norrc oftllcse so l:Lr. glossv white or crcetD rr his plequcs rnd onc phtc. figure cf.rLndlinc. tlr. l.'t l)rilx. so thilt thc schemc is is for brnd cups. Relatcd is thc inrport:rnr CRoup or. thc typical black 6gurc pairrtcr.rt hc sccrrrs to havc painted no ted figurc xnd to 11avc bccn iittlc r rllLrcnccd by the ncw tc.rrributed to hilr) mLrst bcloDg to:rbout 53o to J ro.socelledlronrlkalosrranrc .r thc rnanncr ofthc Andokides Painrcr. a Hc has nrany follou. his scherne ofdccolation oD thcsc shapcs b..rrrtivc scbenle ofbaDd cr"lps IiE.{ rrrcs.r lirrtlrcr. the ivy or vinc cendrils.rck lips which cerry a groove bclorv thc r-olled top. Thcy arc lc'ss fincJl. . WALTtrRS 48.1 l lc lest black figures ofxny sizc. shows a similar cclectic taste: and thc nvo plintcd both. and some borrowinE aronl ( \ c cllps. pxinted in free ficld [84].r. t 77-6l.rlly. r Lr . the eycs berng supplicLl wirlt rroscs. Tl-re srandard cyc cup shapc had many variants.rrre ro bc a r-nastcr with thc brush. bur the profilc r. but with a remark:rblc range of Fcw oftherr Inty bc'his owl) iDvcnlion..ith or withoul e scgmcntxl sroLrnd linc.Nl(lL^sshrvcblrtcktrttrr.'rirdinlcswithqorgoneiawithin.lling and explicit.rriorr by this workshop offlrshions in the wcstcrn rrrarket. with rcd flgurc cycs bclow th(' 1.s bcrween thc cyes. ptrntcd than thc cups arld Dlust bring us to the cnd of thc sixth cenrury.rtl ncck amphorac.: Mastcr foot on Typc A bodics lt 7ql. the style fair to poor.rtlv obscrvcd aud sirnplc. Therc had bccn cerlicr Attic cups which lackcd tl-rc ollset lip.urily I)ionysiec. orlcmporary (iroup of 48.crc bcing pairltcd in rcd figurc. thcir backgrounds fillcd with vincs fr6l-zl. l'ltc tlccorrrtion t(x) sonlctitllcs copies Chalcidian.r'rrtLrrr ILr. without lines or peiut on rhe lowclbody or stcnl ol: thc cup. satyr s or nlaenads betwccD the cyes. apaft froln thc Panathcnric llrlph()rilclrJsl is a prrticulariy eltboratc cxarnple.:ing standard .. l'he Antimenes Painter and Leagros Group I lr( rDost prolific ofthc black figrLre paintcrs workins in thc 6rst gcncratioo . Most of his work (somc t io vascs ilrc . und rll knowD provenicnces lre lcaliaD with orc grssiblc cxccprior ir Arhcls. and with red and black or rll-bleck longLres rt the basc. l.Lrr llrc pictrlrc inside. so callcd for tirc sallior yellow uscd by rhc piintcrs for somc lninrels and drcsscs. and the corrpositions are r L. br. cspccially wirh the onc piccc profilc (Type B) of whiclr thcrc arc cxamplcs painred by Arlasis with the figurc.rysiac. pLlt a Littl. ilso on a rcak amphora.t rcclfigureisthcANrrMtiNrsPAINTER Ir86 r9o]. a mstic scene ofoiive picking ll86] in which. r Iis drawing is not ovcr-precise. He continucs thc tradition of straightforward narrarivc rcmplified earlicr by artists of ()roup E. and appcars (]1) hydrilc .r lLrrv cups .r.. Thc carly cups ere rcprcsentc. Ilcazlcy regardcd hinr ls pcr haps a pupil ofLydos xrld x 'brothcr' . and il] thc l)ionysiac scencs wc see now. rl\o pick out sorne fbunrain scenes. Hc likcs to 611 the fie1d conrforrably. Thc rrrain run ofcerly c1c cups havc ornetc lowcr bodics anc{ thc whites of tlre eycs are drawn in outline fr 7 j.crNrFR. inciuding Lrtle Mrstcrs wrrJr Typc A Gct.n still cllcctively scrvc thc rlccds of rclixbic coDservative. Thcre arc hybrids too. but it is never incorrlpctcnt. bur by th:tt datc rll thc ofquality u. Herakles is his cspecial favourite atd we mey . Thcv beloug to rhc J2o's_ 'flrc prchistoly ofrhcsc shapcs:Lnd somc hybids can uscfully bc disctrssed beforc trrrling to dctlils ofdccor:rtion or thc works ofplilltcrs and groups.rlrcrr l)ionysiac and inchrding thc frontal irask which charactcriscd thc . swccp grxccfirlly around thc figurcs.t still somc worthwhile black frgurc dccor atioll.righ queliry by Ir6o]. dillcrcnt tradition arc othcr cups and skyphoi nreny ofwhich havc rhc florver end palmcrtc (FP) decoratiou at thc hudles that wc hrvc rlready dcscribcd.ltcr nor-e oftcn bcing fillcd with whicc or paintcd whitc over-black. r.ay bc bleck or decorated with e ivy wreadr. . whitc eycs (solrctrrue" omittcd). u.!7eshallsccthatfrornthclatcrsixthcenturyontheskvphoirvill .lr. thcrc are somc stcrnlcss ctlps of thc lest qtrttlct ol tlrt . possibly inspired by Pcisistratid works trr Arhcns. His cornplnion. the PAIN.]l r.oot Ii 77].lcspitc ncrv dcvcloprrcnts.rrr. witlr shallow concxvc Jips whicl-r r.l.d by Nikosthcnes'prodr. but thcy ollrr s()rr)c . Psi:Lx docs this oncc loo.hniqLre .r(prcsr'rls.rrrrllc zorr. the trees gct solllcthing ncar thcir full valuc. Thc range of sublecrs is sorrrcwhat greirtcr blrt thc style is still ln a \\. bl.ury cyc cups and skypl-roi.r this pcriod. whcthcr hclcl or r)'s w-ho workcd in x conparabic stylc on lhc sanc I oll r09 . Hc succccds in dcn)onstratin!l thet. Thcse skyphoi arc hcevy.r htvc broed. The WRarrn P.rcts lr5r. 'rnplc narrltive. :Is oD r. but tbe group has sonrc inporcant sLrcccssor-s.rctchcd. such as thc rn ore nclrly hcruisphcrical rnerrythought cups [37]. Thc sccnes arc oftcn Dior.ER or.l '. Urc's Classr. . likc the onc with thc funny l. but with cycs iu thc ]r. fills tlrc t t r1r. turusually for Clrcck .r. Ofthc sanrc fanrily arc skyphoi ofthc Knororos Group. or irrc lrcrclv shallow tnd corrvcx. and ir.. md rhcse hc dccoratcd likc thc Droop cups (which hc also painted). n:rrrled for his rathcr insubstarrtial tlgrucs. shallorv.rrs. r73l :rnd a fcw of l. rarely with overlapping figurcs cxcept of ncn rrd horscs or dancing couplcs.Itrl s:rtyr c:u s.s colrlpositiorls wifi eyes (rsually whitc l1ow. srich . and gorgo[cia within. though vcry fcw arc inscribcd.42. THE Nr(x)srA Ot-le Ir75]. dcep vcsscls.rnc vtse. llot oLltlincd)..rot (comparc IrE4]). torlrs fcct. In the (lnoup oF CIouRUNG Cluls wc scc a homosexual courtirrg couple IrEJ] or I horsct[iu1 betwccn outlincd or. Thcrc are a fcw larcr cups ofaborrt 5oo (Typc B) with a black top band over thc handic zotrc.s or Srypsol Ar AND A2 (a classification dcviscd for tbe prolific linds at l\hitsona in Boeotia) havc bl. with undccoratcd lolvcr rvalis. .w:rltcrs .scrv. Thc mass end proportion ofhis fi!!urcs show hinr '.fl.subL)cianire'and shoulder lckyrhoi. Iir.. lnd hc offc'rs quitc dccailed studies. I lrl rLrbjccts arc usr.42 which spccialiscs in lrontal 1[isks ofL)ioDysos Ir Z8].. . Thc T()P-rrANl) sttrtttrrssts lr'rr. but his prcsclltxtion ofthcrll 1s r. rvhich.ThcSEcM. widl llo L rlrphrtic masses of colour.

5:o to 5oo) fronr thc k:rlos narrrc ou flvc of its hyclri. I . likc thc rrirc tn.'i .t.rrr 1. sorrrctiDlcs otlirirlg vicrvs of hilhcrto igDlrrcd luotllcttts irl i:rtrrilirr .ttlr. rrtcrs is nlorc dii{ictrlt in tltis pcriod ofbltck trgurc therr irr erry othcl arrd I .v ycars ofthc \ixth ceDlllr\'. Thc hvdri:lc rcscnrblc rhosc of the Antirncrcs I)eintct. lhouglt tlollsctrsc. lhc Ell-SrnEN (iRoup i\ \()rth rrcurionrrr. l. Thc punels:rrc elrvevs ftrll u.)poltion of lhc lilrgcI pots. . ltoo... rnd ruuninq up onto thc shorriclcr ofrhc vasc. thc lorcptrrts ofchrriors tle\. Ootlrloissctrlship..r rliflclent.M.ho soructimcs borrou s l)rn:rthcrr.. sccrD l() hcigl]tclt tllt scrrsc ol lrrL:tl.rrvc. Lqlrn ch:rrtctcr ofblack figurc work bv sonlc Lrilirrgtrists (thc Nikoxcuos . thc ouly (l:Lcre. nlrilrlv rlcck arllPhoritc rrrd hvdlirc. Plttrpheios.LLt thc gcncrlc sinrilrritl is strorrg antl tlris is Lhc idi. 1. 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rr l22.11.inociroal (scc thc ucxt chtptcr). Of these thc first namcd sccttrs to havc heen . bLrt rhc 'body' ofsotue ofhis work bclrs comp. rhc Achilles Pailtcr. who is fxr morc corscious of thc an..r1. PhcidiprcrlraiDcd :rn cxtrcnlcly Popuhr 1. hou'cvcr. end it hes bccD suggested that thcsc rlight rl1 he r. Arllollq thc cerliest of 1. .lsc {)l_ l l)r'l\ycRol'r PAINTIR I226-7]hasnlorcoftJrcrc. A ncu shepc which is introduccd lbout 5zo is thc strmnos. inchrdirlg odditics likc lislrcnucn or mcll c:trr)'ir)s pots | . but hc cxccutes it iD an old hshioDccl lnd uncorrvincing way akhouqh hc hes Jearnt thc new poscs (frontal ancl proflle legs for collapsing Kyknos on l:::31) and atcrnpts forcshortenine (his shicld).r rr. rrearcr thc nricldlc ofdrc 6fth ..vrh.Lirter of . I 12 . Jccoretcd by the bcst ofthc cLrP peirltcrs .l.rrisorl rvitlr l)iorrci l I ' tl lr.'r ri.. rvith triplc lincs betu.nd rluartcr ofthe 6fth centuly. . cctpying an Etruscln shapc eld dcstincd for thc \vcstcrD rlrxrkct.. I rlistinguishcd artist who workcd in bl.lthout distrnction. Thc Eupurrerrrs ParurER [222] is bcst k:rown firr his lranathcnaic vascs [zg7-81 whcrc wc scc his Llncst work and his c:rpecity for dctlil noticc thc shicld deviccs. but wcll .rt Thc NIroxr:ulls ere thc his hyclriec but artd pclikei.itir thcir:rrnrs closc to thcir sidcs can bc observcd.rtivc. Hc is cspccially tbucl of fie Athcnian forrntein housc scencs [:24] lnd of chariot sccnes \\.. ancl thc fiqurc corilpositiors lr-c cqually fiug.. Tire At}Ilxa P'trurtlt.p l:171..2 ol. ir1 soltlc \^. r cn) rvJrich wxs lnet bY studios which sPccixliscd in Ilrgcr Pots Sirlce thc lj\ lhc list ycrrs oflhc sixlh centur)'ainlost cvcry visc Pxintcr ofqtrtli in Haldiy rnuch leter is thc MADRTD l)ArNTEtt. His work is inagin. anJ thc Achillcs Paintcr nlay l)lvc decoratcd iu black figurc arrothcr r r uditionel shrpe.l ligrrrt rrtrst rl"'rrt lrrrrr rrlr.+7) ilrd contrtst thc Madrid I):rirltcr's Ar )Lns urls cornnriltcd to recl 6gtlrc. has bccn idcntiiied with the Bou'doln l)rir1tcr.rirrtt r 'rrll t" l'.. a rurc cxarllplc ofa vlrictv olhcrwisc confiDcd to rcd figure. In thc sanle group ere sorlc onc-handlcd kentharoi l:. who was Peintrng rcd 6gurc and rvhitc ground lckytltoi irr thc scc<.. Thcrc u.v sPecial dcmarld. L orltcd thc vascs. errd onc' or two othcr irroLlps. Noticc thc rcjcctccl sketch o fthc doq's hindqLnrter on thc lattcr-. l). rcasolrs why .lc. And wc nr:ly noticc hcrc a rather latcr stanrnos of dificrenr shepc Izz r]. scvcral ofthc better peirrtcr-s .r. These rrc of the 5 r o's.:rs u'clJ paid or convcycd prcstige. thcnrcs hc trcats thern iD clch instance rvith oriuinality of clcttil and compositiorr.r. but thc conllcctioll DllIy bc il rn:ttlcr ofwolkshoP " tlJ . thcre arc fcw rcd 6sure l thoroughlY has P.v fLr the Pcisist(rtids and rhcir usc of rnyth arld mosr rnay bc painted bcforc rhcir ejcction fronr Athcns in 5to. rvcll rcprcscntcd in thc l)rrtzoMA Citoup [zi9l.rcrcstcd in pxinrirl!! some slandxrd Lrleck figurc ucck elllphoric xod irr . Thc schemc .!] by a conlpaDioll of his (thc rlillllc v.rrrdhcunclcrslaDClsho\\'xllllto lical dctail c:rD bc trellslitrc(l cHc(livclv rrrr.Lrri. rrrr rncl prcsencc lz:61. elllplrorllc or1 6gurc stylc lelgren black rew shape (kalpidcs. r. A linc' rrcandcr ovcr thc pencls is r distinctivc fclturc.iLys linking thc Antirncncs Pxirlter. tl-rc Euchariclcs Peintcr" TLe lttcr.troducing sornc bhck figurc onto his tcd figttrc vxscs for lids or sttbsidiarv ir iczcs. Irerdly l:rtcr thal thc 5 ro's. rre wcll peintccl lnd ofGr sonre orisinal ncck prtcrns (i1s in thc Mcdcu Ciroup [zr6]).rnd thc Lcil!jros Croup..Lr pclikei Iz:9]atd kalpidcs.s ofrunncrs r. howcvcr... \\ith I penchlnt fcrrgcrlr(r scclrcs other thln m. Thc Pttalr ParNren is an irnportant tnd prolific artist. rrc still had occasiol) lo practisc'thc older tcchl)iLlue. ' l)ion1'siac sccues but his bcst work.ceu the body pilttcrns thc THREE LrNE (. Llrc Ilcrlin Paintcr (or his workshop) ald. throughout thc tirst gcncretion ofrccl tignrc btrt barcly survivcs ink) thc lillh ccnt. Ilcazlcy rclatcs hirn to thc l)ri. llrlinguists ll TerqulniiL IlC68. Therc nlso a dci)llrd for Panathcnaic veses (scc (lh'ptcr \.rntury. Of thc other peintcrs I nrcntior four of cpaliry. His odrcr rvork (ir is all nreirrlv ofthc J-u o's) is poorcr and obscsscd wirh the cheriot sccncs u4rich sccn-r feshionable in thcsc ycars.z l5-61.Oltos. Epiktctos.rrtly cxplxinecl b. Srurll black figurc ncck ernphorac bccornc vcry corllnloll irr later ycars ancl their clecore tiol is usurlllv of the poorest.r k cither r.l I r 1ri' A lr'r' .Ror. ..ll. rcd figtrrc .rck figttrc lnlinly on lckyrhoi :rncl . u'hich wonld ttrikc hirn arlothcr of rllosc with rerson fbr kccping up black i-igurc.thc Lc:rsros (iroup) altl-rotrgh trv rou. so rranrcd lor thc whitc loin cloths worn by thc flabby athlctcs lnd even by the rverrior danccrs errd altrorrg thc synrposiasts with wi1or11 thc paintcrs of this snrall but distinctive group arc prcoccul'riccl.rker for ihc Nikoxcnos Paintcr's $.. Tl-rcsc interesrs seerl lo rcflect sornc mcasurc of symptrh. Hc Printcd red figrrrc ttro.ith onc-piccc profiles). Skvthcs ancl thcir follorvcrs. brrt srrell. has beerl creditcd wirh sevcrxl Pxl1athcl)llic prizc vescs .rrrr l). hluck figurc: corlpare Izz.tonlical dctail bcing oliired by his rcd 6qLlre contcnlporerics. on bcllv :Ir)rIh()r'rc . llnd antonq lhenr rvc rccognisc lhc' Klcophrades Paintct.irh Athcr:r :Lod l{crlklcs lu:5l.ttNtln rrorable ileck lisurc outpr. bltck fLgurc r'vitirin. lt is in thc arhlctc studics on thcsc vescs the! thc transjtion flonl thc atrxto ricrlly impossiblc runncrs ofnrost c:rrlicr peirtitg to thc n1()re plausiblc vicu. the loutrophoros... r. but rhis group could rccilll to Bclzicl thc Andokidcs l)eintcr. Apart fronr thcsc rrtists.ork. I'l .lrrrr-vcxpl:rinhisrcadincsstooutlineinciscn)trclr()llri\licrrr' \\"rl' ll' rlr. Eerlicr erc sonrc rlcck irlphorrc ofstand:rrd typc.. bilingulls rherc lred appetrcd cyc cups.. On rhc sanrc vesc thc ligurcs overlap thc bordcl piltterrl and rvc scc still fie old stylc aninral prcdelle. lvhosc ilrtcrcsr in rhc olcl tcchuicluc cen be tt lcrst paintcrs with err)' l.ry. lcss popuLr thrn thc Tlpc A:rntphorec. but dclicrtcly panrtcd. for although his irterest lics in fc$. as clid his prcsumcd pupil.

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. u'hich gavc thc Krokotos r irrlrp its nanre. pllttcrncd vascs. pc-.. L'vcrrts h:ld no perceptiblc ellect or1 thc producrion ofblack flgurc vascs or on thc sccncs paintcd on thern. .'uuTrn startcd his carecr :rs thc best we havc l.l ."". .n Lc cxplrrrr-d irr renn\ ot.r '.. H is styic dcrivcs directl y fl-orr th lt ofthc Lc'rtgros (iro trp.ecc urrrl bcyond Grcecc renrain-cd srroug.cs too. ro furnish the synrposie of thc "well_ro_do. warcs in Grc. So. .. rathcr than thc largcr vascs firvou rcd b y thc(irorrp' I \\ r..r11y .riqu".(:lllorlscnscofpxintingwolllL'11'sfleshwhitc...l. li black ..r.ts in the dcbris ofthc city. t..rJc) wJ\re\tcd Lrl inr.lirr rlr..t-r". During cxtcnt Nxucratis) s)rowcd:r nrarkcd prcfcrencc.r. Thc THL'slus P..rrrc distinctivc usc'of ycllor. His rxnlic of Inyth xrld llcnre sccncs is on wir itc' grotr nd tases. jugs and oil flasks at r tirnc wircrr thc pottery industry in Ath"r.. e d it is iltrodtlccd for sonrc other slrepcs likc thc rr. orr . xt lcast for h." dating por...... to Cypnis ancl t.. )rNlltiRGH I)^INIER is the first in)portant paintcr ofthc lerge c. r . rl. vcJrs.rrne. ri. whilc thc torr. and thcrc is liitle ofcithci arr or craFt irr most ol thc black figurc of thcse years..cs other thal) lekythoi thcy xrc sl-neil Dcck arrrPh()'r .. Herc couscrvatistr nray well have playc.r. perhaps n)lirrly lettcr 1..Lir. yer for chc first fifty years ll1icr the invcntion oftcd figure this tradc is vcry l:rrgcly t"t".'. in thc old tcchriquc. Thcre wrs. Crnrp"." hyd. black figure is Iow.r. Witl-r rare cxccptiorls in tha first q.'..1] or lekan c lids...1 noleblc md . but rhe disa-ster lefr sottre valu rbli rr.r sha.a Patrren. . atld nrly introducc both whitc l.. .irl.r l:-19 Jl21..rr.]ru. Arh. llrc Grt. end was onc of tllc lr \t oithc black figure artists to takc nruch rrotice of rhc ncw vogtrc ti'r rl.r'. ceritL..tgl. .t.p try irll. tastc of tirc clclerly. l"ig"....u 35-6]. is "rj the new styie. but clings to his prcfcrencc ftrr flowcrs.i-"'r"._ rrd sonle cvcn prefcrrcd orhcr shapes. Tl-rc Edirrbtr rgh Plirr tcr's style is clcat .duccd nunrbcr ofPxlmettcs on lckythos shottldcrs. rnd tekiDg thcir lctd from thc Editrburgh Painter in rLrL rn. n irr thc Krokotos Grottp r Ei z].r.. whcrtc.-r.rhc export o f Artic portcr y to othcr Grcck towns. . working in a rclated . bccausc it is plcntifui. Jid rot abate.rrc black figurc is only rivallcd by his inrrntdirtc cottrprrtrt'ns and r. L r..1r . Soon after thc stert ol_his but c:rsily l.r'o..1. 1.. r r.ut. ro demand for th.1 rrrtry ofthcsc skyphoi (but not all white hcrons arc his) rncl thcrc is thc '.thc use of a thick whltc groulld for thc body pic .rc 5oo.".. eDd :rorc of thcm arc prescrvcd thlrtl ofhis lckythoi Thc tlrc shou' but his skvphoi..rngrr rhrn c. A whitc hcron ispaintcdby theharrdlcs l .. xrrists could show fl.rart...rr'. rLrrrrg cerccr hc introduccd trvo innovatjons.1i but thc fincr led ligure was probably beyond the pursc ofpoor".r. He hes :r good c1' firr .vlirr'1' r .. lekythos shouldcrs.t" being produccd in th'c Grccl.rttcr ofthc use of whitc ground arrd thc ncw schcmc lor dccoration of r Lrr [.. Lcd somcthing ir1 thc'clcgrrrcc ofrhc fiturcs '. rvorld.rb . I show two ofhis ]lrter viscs' 11r.. ud wc ceIl scc that it ietisfied a d".. Thcse dir. tt.r rr:rls.r -zl iDsterd oflhe custornary rcd clay groLrnd 1239.. ii l.fS.i. t vascs. lr wc havc only otlc or two fronl his But . rouud hclds..llrr: k:l<yth os painters Chapter Six THE LATEST BLACK FIGURE Frorl abont Joo to at least thc middle of thc fifth ccntury:l considcr.. bcsidc rl'..s arrcl picturcs arc devotcd. Lroei end srnrll ncck ampholac dccoratcd by the lekytbos painters lt ...r...h rp1. .J 1.. and so ro rhcllt ntost ofthc following pegc...t virtually no ocher figure dccorated pottery was "r..1 [rr l..'ot. whosc carlicr vxscs havc alrcady bccn lloliccd.1rr..r pJrl srrlc(.vcll cstablishld p.i.l r rlr.rrctrcs besidc the figirre sccnes.". and origiDality in al1c trear|rent of old or thc invcntion ofncw thcnrcs... but thcsc painters dccoreted othc.l-r"ip . First is thc trivial I r.sians irr 4lio..l cvcs..i. . r. thcrefbre. . dcspirc ilr" t:.rir still..rr trer c-it1 rnd r.itir". |'I.r.. l. ..Lrnd a 1".r.nror.rn.vcn (charactcristic ofthc Letgros Croup) to frvc lz4ll The othcr i" r.n..nrples irikcd and burned by thc pcr.r.."t..1. lr is thc lckythos p:rinrers thxt we hlvc to follow.'. r46 t17 . He is capablc ofdelicacy ofdeteil but rcal fincssc is Ilo lorrgel to bc lrrd unciuttcrcd.... .1 bcconres rcgLrlar no\\' lor all thc lincr lekythoi as wcll as nrany ofthe rrl. rrc tirm hend with stocky bodics.. th"se p.urv(\i1l irr rhi.. .rrc"ofth" lrctr".rr"rrd Lr..ry thc quality of rlr. His skyphoi [245 7] arc from his cerly ycars.rrtcr of thc Whitc Heron skyphoi whosc imrnediatc prcdecessors i... 240] Thc whin' .r\ li (nl rc'latcd sh:rpcs. solnc irnegination lvhen it comcs to lllollstcl s.uri.k hg..sothcseparrsarenorm. culorres rn rhe rrorrh .rnd u esr.. l r. plr.r lrcn hc <lccoratcs va.l at if4"l"ifr".. "'!\'ll\ \\eDi 5l'. Thc poorcr rvork will . whilc only thc lnajor markcts ofEt..rlrll numbcr ofblack trgurc vascs were slili being madc in Atlrcns... lhc cxprcssiot ofhis actors rithcr vacxnl with big ior in black i!5urc. lhc Thcseus and Athcra Pliuters werc coilcxgtles. sincc thc lckyrhoi lclt thc ruost prolific scries fbr ciassi6cation.rfrcducing thc numbcr ofPalrrrcttcs on thc lekythos shouldcr' lr. br:t its sublcct mattcr-is rcpetitivc.rre . Dcu d(. rtrxkcs its contribution ro chronology too.ria ("ncl ro llri nccd by lhc ncw styles.. each had widcr lntcrcsrs:lnd a nlore veried cxreer rhcir Lelgran nentor.1.t irc igr. Swifr production fbr I brisk nrarkcr Jcd to spccialisatiou. in)portxrlt .. r.. " "ud yct blrr I fi61..... that red figurc was by then r. .. b.i. .. Thc cxport mxrket f. r'\s()rs \vhose work wc ncxt coDsidcr. fought in 49o.. lll.r..

ntinuiDg tl'rc treditlon of srnall thin lckythoi.l liglrrc rltists.l :r rrrbcr suddcn innovatiort is to nrakc thcn) tlll xlld nliilrlv collc:lvc siclcd' llr.r. He had lcrrrred the rrsc ofrvhitc ground firrrrr the Eclinburgh Plinte: and Lecl some minor iunovetions of his orvr tir contlitrutc to thc standllcl dccoration ofblack 69rrrc lckythoi.l' r( \ccl11s. Thcy too prcFcrrcd thc srlaller lekythoi. bnt kecping aiive.. Hc dccoratcd sornc largcr vAscs! cvcrl a column cratcr.:rs capal'rlc r) fbcttcl work th:ln thc lJeilrlon Pain tcr on rrith incurviug nccks lnd carly irl his c:lrccr' Alr exatnplc'is his tutnc vtsc | l..1 rhc frfth ceutui. irlso :rclivc illto thc sccotrcl qLtrrtct . r. lnd othcr figLrrc r48 llc lr'rrl I l)rrlrr Lr rr lrrr' r ij(r()(l ( ()lr\|( ( llr! (il ' orrl L rrrlrir rLr\ fr.Hisslirtlfigtrrc'ssteldorposturcairr)lcssl\'i11 aJi'ldof 1. a tr:rdition it black ligurc which was to last to thc nrid century.orkshops proclucing black 1ii.v' Ilic HaruoN P.vthoi. hou:rci ancl helc)' llrc I)tosptlrs PatNttlll.l grc:rt nleny oirrochoai of varyirlg l11crit.. lt closcly liDkccl r. slirtr but livclv.n orishop of ihc Rt t oarl l).ri.. :rnd Jris dcvotion to sccncs with Athcnl givcs hinr lris nernc..1.. thc fillrrrcs er.. r'r'ith thc Pxirl l('r .u 7.l.1. humblcr colrsins of thc Edinburgh Paintcr and influcnccd by his rvork. llncl givcs lrs rl rr ) ( 1 rL . thc rcst hevc e sirnplc. stenrls on irs owD. Fro r his workshop conlc ir nLulrb. .N.lccoratc shorv I difii'rctlt itrlcrcst lronl thilt of lhc lck)thos Pililltcrs so Lrr cliscussccl. llltd thcrc llc 1tl:lll)' othcls of thc Littlc I iorr . irusclf u. There was roonl [or severx] different u.u 69]. aDrl varying tJrc xrcas ofthc v:lsc to bc ccx. lllhough he had a boldcl . rvllilc irr '.f.ti.r) hrrvc irrr"'rrte'l A r roLrgh uot illircratc hc sPrilrklcs thc field lrcelv t'itlr clisrirrctivc rr"rrv rrx ('rr . lck...r l'. Thc shoulders o{' lckythoi in this Ohss Iz5E-9] carry palnrcttc!.. Sorlc ofthc othcr sh:rpcs hc rrrcl his rotrrperr1. as \\rcll ls thc later r((l lckvthoi ( abovc thc tbot l2d1--?] irr)cl sonrclillcs dccorerccl \\'itll liorl\ ()rr lhc l. His bcst work hes rhc dienitl..puts sorrc finc llrgc hcacls on lris jugs [.rnd . hinrney trouth lu 7E 91. thc frEurcs rclding to thc cgg hced. His choicc of sutrjcct wes vericd illrd somctinrcs oliginal.c gcrrcrrlly llinrsy end carclcssly executcd.c rr.5].u 571 :rnd lekl.trrr lc'kythoi ir Athcrs ofthe early fifth century. For his narrrc vesc scc [3rl]. ... A !ilrict) ofsl1rrll ick.r"r'.r. nccks [..r'hich he tlt.rlising in Ickythoi cithcr in drc usull tcchnicluc or rvith orrtlirrr' ligrrrcs or r rvhitc gror-rncl.:t 5i]. rnost of lhis llLrrllcr{)tls LII ILE Ll(lN (itess 'tlc rlot by l. u'ifi or r'r'ithoul hlndlcs. H:rinrorr l):rilrtcl dccoratcs solllc o f thesc ' chitn rrey-lckythoi ' Hc hls e .ith thc oltl bleck figurc Jotus and pelrncttc friczc. etd :rc rheir.. rtrllirllv whirc gror. A largc group ofthe clrly fifth cerltrlry.. irliscd also in snrrll ncck elnPh()r'lc His letcr lekythoi bcco:llc slinlttcr' ( ) i sornc hc jrltlodllccs ftgurcs bctwccn larllc palmettcs encl perts of thc rrLrcs nrc drx\vll in outlinc [.thcr closely lelllcd trouPs cven incision is :tbancloncd' Thc .Ifhc il tict:rlso p. lcr. sbarp shotrldcrs ancl e high blunt foot' Thc p''i'rr' r l:rrgc lck ytll o i . but adnritting whitc llrourrd.alls.rrtolv. . ..r. Thc MARATTT()N ParNrrn hls x scDsc of colour aDd prttcm. buds or rays.. Thcrc rvcrc othcr lncl trctter plinters ofsrrriill lek ythoi irr thcsc ycars... Lr. as thosc from Marathon.rrrgc f'rolll Poor to cxccrlblc.rlilic ' lluinroni:ru ' fbllou irlg.rrtcr ofthe ccntur\'. Sotrrc of lris ircst work is on rltbestr':r Iz6E]. the subjcct nlxttcr is rcpctitive lnrl ...rrce iu T-J ] u'hich thc l )iosph os .261] e rittrrJ shrrpc firr lllritlr rlrr "lrl r"lr r tr r wrs lons rctnincd (tl'lc Thcsctls Printcr also clccor .1. slirn lckl'rhoi.:rlthoLrgh ir lcrminirl conclition.. p"i. I in filncr:rl sccncs.. :r \ rricty of footcd big hcrdcd.vith thc Hairnonilrr ri.. Hc...l .v. . often rather oid fashioned in shapc and kccping the old bucl lriczc on thc shouldcrs.. Ilesidc thc paintcrs ofthc lergr.\rN r r.tnd inventive artist.r.rtcr... Thc shapes are gencrally rjld faslrioned. I ltrrl \...rirrtctl rctl liqrrc (hithctto krorvn as tl)c work ofthe lJolvdoirr L .thoi. Tl. L)l thesc thc larqc ]rendlc palrncttcs I lrc figures r.Tlrc Sappno l)aIrurER[160 6] is the more irltercsting .: irrclLrding cpir)ctra lor wool \\'orkcrs [:6.1... his figr. end ctrp skyhrvc long.head stand the Sappho and Diosphos l'ainters. Hc rves probeb]v working still irr tllc [rid fifth ccntrrr. and centres or1 the work of thc Marirthon Paintcr [256-7] wlro supplicd many ofthc Ick-vthoi clcposircd in thc tumulus r:tiscd ovcr thosc rvlro fc'll in the battle of49o.vcvcr'. 1..NS 5ilt.pho lnd l)iosphos Printcrs.l. .ith othcr shorrldc: piltlcrns (.t.vdoin Peirrrer). offcrs thc lest i11 illlportrnt grotrp ofbltck-figurc is vJscs to bc r.rrrhrvcpopul:rrisccl.'cLrp-1ikc lips oflcklthoi hrd bc.. of thc bcst Lcegren.vholly dcdicltcd to the decor:rtiorr ol lekvtlroi :rrrrl orrrocho.(.. rncl rrrust havc startcd his clrccr l. He pairrtcd snrell.'irlc re scrvcd linc il thc lo* cr bhck .rrp"riorrs rcgtllarll dispcllsc with whitc ground.1. the Poorcst bc'lring lhc .qrNtnn wls rn illcluslri()us yorLngcr colltcn)pollrl' ofthc \. rodLrcccl qnittrtity in Athcns. r' cylinclcr lckythoi thcrc wcrc many othcrs.r ljid 5l wxs nrorc . This'scrlri-outlirrc' tcchniquc \\'xs 1ro .. co. the CLAss ol.'l'lrc A Lrrr... ATH. enrl hc " . hc r'vis workins sti11 through or bcyond tlrc se()rrd rllL.crcd by whitc gronnd.rnd.el u..r.+9 .-Lrn{ stc:rdily ro thc foot. . Thcrc lrc nlasroid cuPs [:74].icr'.cIr". introdLlcing pattcrn bxnds on somc vilse necks xnd lor.:6d 2721 wrs a slightcr lttisr with x poorcr rL l. r. addirir rendrils rvith thin closed btrds to the 6vc shouldcr prlmcttcs..ri [. rrncl but br collc:rgucs.Lrt irflrrc:rccd b1'rlrc lr'hitc g rourr cl 1ck1'thoi ofthc Athcrla P:rirltcr or orlrcr .v lclvcs' 1.r-r'hrtvc bccn irvotlecl fol hillr) h:rs I tlLpel ilrg bodt irlttrrtir"i lrr l.^lr bcgirrnirrg to flarc slighrlv. ttsurll. [)aintcr') spcci.'r of bltck bodicd lckythoi.. sol)cti1r)cs nrrDrlclccl in dctilil. wcrc nraillly cley ground. gcncrirlly morc prolillc rnd nlrk1r1!l slllallc'r nrorc rcpetitivc vlscs..h r:r.. thc backgrounds ofren ful1 oficafy branchcs.rtc(l sorr rt )' I lt' Itrlt tt ' t rr\( r sPriglltly tluelirl rvhich colnPensrltcs fur tlrc olicrr lrtrrri'rl rrlnr"rr r. outlininla thc upright llars (clcbascd tonqucs) ebovc rhc shotLldcr. dispensing with a ground linc.talicc oll llrllctllrv phqucs fot itttilclll)rclll t() l t l \ l ' r ' . . blacking sorrr.. hor. livcly clLlxlity.llNlrn. Thcrc arc also rl]ny exrmples of'pahDettc lck ythoi ' decorltcd orlly . tap.r .lr.v u'ith a sirrgle figure tondo. ?66] :rllLl loLrtloPhoroi [. :r strlc continuccl on thc Hrirrrorixrr lckrthoi (scc bclot).vthos '. krrobbl. but thc carlicr vases.

butonrhervholcbcrtcrtlrrrrtlrcsirrrilrr lrrrr rrr'rrrrlr Irt' ll rrronien cups.: t.r. not treblc. Varrcav G47 [zE7] which includc some good genrc scencs.rtlroi . whitc grourrd with florrl or chcquer pattcrns (also mede in othcr workshops and throughout the century). gencrally of the rso lip beforc 5oo Iz3z]- Some oinochoai havc flat .lnd wc nrxy adcl (not by hirn) i l:rtc lebes gamikos [:z 93]. are small vases. A few (doubleens) havc only double reedcrl handles.rrrider is bcing tortured by satyrs [2771. somc srill with slightly out-turned band cup lips. The eyc cup schcme was continued in thc Lrarrrss Gnour. group). I name only one of the earliest. and palmette lekythoi which continued the tradition ofthe Class ofAthens (llr. of ll)c l'rsrr^s I r l.r rr rr. birdsor leaves Izgo].rrhichlrccontribulcdthcr_cwxsasucccssionofftrpoolctqrrllity l|ttrcr ..r rr. The succcssors to the black figurc eye cups are nufilerous but undistinguished. Thc Leaflcss stylc is tracccl oll liy. nanted for the strippcd branches which appear in thc fields ofmany examples. Thc tall olpai acquircd a patrerncd mouths [288] instead of trefoil. and thc Crass or. and added usc of whitc grourrcl.. who sometimes outlines thc pattern band below his pictures in red Iz8z].)lhcl shxpe witlr ritual corlnectiolrs for rvhich the o1d tcchnicltLe was . the ALIENBURc Cr-ass [284]. and below theirhandleslurk dolphins. z7t-zl. thc ofwhich require no q the latter [244].rrd lirr:cr:rl sccncs Jrrlong thc first ofthc great scries of Athcnirrrr whirc grotrrrd lirncrel lckythoi.tkythd by rhc Ltlittutrrh Pdi d.rrlrrr \" 'rrr(l . Thc Thescus Pxiutcr had workcd ou skyphoi'rrItl irr tlrc I Icr'''rr ( l''" Other late work A very fcw standard neck amphorac werc still being decorated in biack figrrr c after the Pcrsian wars. He put ivy on rhc ncck ot srrrlr. His smaller lckythoi are also supcrior to tlrc Hliuroni:Ln. most rrs [294]..wlrcr c . and the Dor BaNo Crass. sometiDlcs only bcncath rhe pattcrn friezcs. Some early in thc ccntury carry a black lip. Most ftfth-century examples ofthis shape.r. wirh rrruch use of white. 'rqLrtcstrtcritlzgrl. tiqirrcs being sit in narrow bands trld comnlonly showillg it chirri"r * '. The lattcr typc continucs to be made right through the 6fth century tojudge from finds in Athens and in Corinth.less Ir. following the scheme ol: band cups (Top BAND Crass) and several simply carry lotus and palmcttc friezcs in the old manncr.elins round Izgz] or a courtitlg sccne (the inirials ofthesc slrlrjccts 1)lnlc rlr.rrrtl rrr'rst"r'l ' rrl'" . . paintcd in the old technique. Both oi thcsc have Leagran connections and the Edinbtrrgh Painter dccoratcd examples ol' mention. r . usually wirlr three palmettes on the necks and some with panels for the body picturcs.. es it wxs for sonlc loutrophoroi to thc mid centrtry' RED LINE parNren.iuccl.) t. Of larger works the Slppho Paintcr's funcrary vxscs havc bccrl . A speciality was pattcrn lekythoi [280]...kcd elrc. Of the lekythos painters the Edinburgh and Diosphos Paintcrs also decoratcd small ncck amphorae lz4j 4..rl r r r. Several paintcrs and classes have becn distinguished. h rlso liad a nrorc disringuished rccor-d i:r thc lrrtc sirtlr .orhcl lckythoi too. I mcntion rhe KEysrDE CrAis [zdJ 6] (mosr of which do not have this border pattern). thc mastoid cups with fcct rnd ordinary cnp hltrdics. however. Among rhe skyphoi l-rlve bccn distinguishcd thc CI l(l (lttoLtt" Ll. and many carry white ground on all or part ofthe vasc irs did the lekythoi. Most. The many othcr examples ofthc first quarter ofthe fifth cenrury arc seldonr whitc ground. and these include some with purcly outlinc figrrrcs. They havc gorgoneion or single figurc tondos. Oinochoai and olpai were othcr f:lvoured shapcs of the Athcna paintcr..B|LLrntk .rdy . dispcnsc with cyes and prescnt a weary repetition ol Dionysiac sccnes. and a fcw arc red bodicd with no painting below the figurcs.lroi.r lr.L r... named for the pattcrn beneath the picturcs.

.t2 1 td). slffr.4o Ltkythn\ I'y ln Ldi ht.rr'l7ri'Jri/Jtrqr/JPr.11 21.k auphtta by tltL l\tnn( I\ rtr M tl tsrll nl|hth..2.!\tr Pnt t.J.h t\1ut1tt t d n rt\t).ldtill6 .thl I)l"thu\h 1\in..76 t.\.tltr\ l't th 1\lal\ . l)ir1yt\' dtrtiot../Lut..thr\ lt tltt 1:tlntl tlh P.1 llli b.nlb ttdflr.Il.i t .$ (L t rylkn l.tqh t). . I)tidtl tt \r \ th l)rtl) il tlttto 1'1\ . Whitr:tttwd.. ll .. A r h1lrtu t altrl 2.j lf /rr 'l'h. H.i.n (. Al..11\u (:li\i t. 1?. Lrhn lkwtd..rljr'J.11 .j.H.4drtrr.. lh l\ to.! L)r"l.).

i /i(n/.iiittt.r rltl Dtrth a..1:1..d i i.l Strytdo. y\\ i t)i'Nth.tintu ltu bln"ln..I r \/i[r.1. . 18'5 J..r. . n.J l. S1. lfhitt .i{6 .j.).I'.t th( lhiP @ rl 1)i.J i.rj. H. A srttt. 'Iht!\ts 1)ait t. l...1l .lL tT 5 i t.\'ts 1'.!nrr . lt Jd J S/. Sl. )tln\ br rht Atltu l\tiiitt. 1h&\tr t\lito lL'hit (run thNar (itlt ttu trtll il !\ldtdth . ]lri.1y tli hady..!r<r\ l. IIL'aklt\ dil Athor. t)1 / r.)' ttu Th. -r. ) tiltu b) tlt.)!li\ ht ltu Alt(Lt P.t /ir.t .

.r.t(lrt! r (.\.l)'tltr\ L) tlr ..l't' d'tt tht Ho \ al Di.t. Clds! t'l Ath41\ rlc C/.thu. /-r r. .ir. Ll/hitL ll1ruhl.\ !h. llt. t1 .:)'\'i.i' Ly rlt.:52.ti1t0 t ttt lnn nl. ..1th: . lrfur z5q l)ntodn bytht )rhcndPnilkt Il.[1t\ li \nlritttt II ).r l.rrs .!l t rin t iih ) 1 t.'kd.. lldiklr hl .:) ()inrtlr\'by tht Athtld Ptntt(.kyho\ . lI lin . t )i'tu\h hy th( Athdkt 1). H.lo(J H. ro ..4trdio.r/ .\ l.. .r/ r. Crr( L)l l)ltl. llltitt ltrritLl.r.kylho\ hy tlt Nl a n t Chdit al Dir. .4tltt r P.5dr :1rr.16 t.: t. t *Li .o lirl r.rt't hdl..\1t lnr Uhttr{ttttdt'.

S.ili td badf n. 5 .t. i 7. ttulbody .4thashtthr St lli Pai tu(t. I.thr\ Whik .r't l.)..j.Whitu{ J.6i I\t Nry tlatu by th.'c.2 Lnrnnthoto\ lty tk Sn ltu l\rrtd..' .1..i(rrro!/! (psi..1.r. Lt[).qn\ur:.6 . ta .6a.t.)rtt..6 5 La1{n! n.tlhit(.t|.ptl! htrtut.. 1t h. tttd (y. ]\ti tt!. ./.\ lty tli Snt'tlto 1\titltu tl.tir i. . ^lr l\. H..r. ll. tt. 25!. Hodklt\' tirtu u.tifi. t r. Adtill5lhr) t l I irlt (:]t\\).J ttk:ttto\ l. I4/.ltrotr.itl. H. i i.:.nh$ir.!.y tht Sntph.1. r. itlonaitt..4 t ./to\tt\d).: r d .r.u. Lio Ch$).b1 L.

66 Alahr\tro Whitu .66 Bnil-hnLlld Sdtpho Pni.69 l."t|cr- Dio\ tr! !).rtl.kythas by tht HaioLa Pa stuDn.72 N..bilt.i. /.l..Dt Mcdr\t Diospho\ &)llix .t . t t)tlti Ly\(d1t .tt.t-lla. dnt ft\t l'y th( &.kd.. . Itlttdditp pnrts:ion t t ). r/! Pr(d$!. \ th 1c. pc6u.(kytlt\'! !kwtt bod) tht uk nnphon by ttu Dia+ho\ P.A anthon bt tht Dit'\)r)\P.ji1tttr H. )Z by . . Whik na.tttt_ Whitt ri 5 .62 Nikoxh n pylis. Diasphos )t t. H.qtor d.o/.l body tu.l ht oJJ sphnx urits a Thcttnn ..' li&li 1t Hydtut Ptint.7t L.r. Whn./ /. h). lk. 'lh..

12 .r'^ l o il j.qmttd bod y j. H. Hdinnn Ctuup ) tr[yth.)'|tu Rtd lin l\nn thm' i tht tdttl. .so i. r.) hliflttt Ly th( Lliituah Ni/l/ trith t hrll t. II.hl1 tllt Ctun .. ... It. N(L onphora l.75 ()ry 'k?hos ol th...) th( lloimo Paikn\.(kythos .27 hy rln. Soty^ to tu a .)71 !'h'n. r..76 I Iy&tu (Lnbi. .ldan l'jainrtr. lltldon Pnnttt (.hn td\t). t.lpllo .lludklLt n.2.d ntt b. t Ll:1'rho: Ly rhL l)tldon lrnint.l .! hy ttu ]3.Et NtA Mryhord Pdn nL the fln"Lntt t)l ttu tud-|nt Pdtun- n dd uona .8.r1\1 h ut1s.. tltit .

o1 tlt Altothw! Cta$_ Athea d d H(nk!4 nt d dwiat to fuht t( Cn t5 .ltu oJ ttu Krysitl( Clo$.r.. H rji .90. t7. 14 5 .ll l)id.K.. (ttp il tlt ttallt'J! (.roJ rir..Clnsol 'ltonta3t5 Atntos htit\ Aa..rr). Otysd\ d tl th.dlr./..i a)n. H.l.4.!.rJj. (l/.. 1)n.. F.E6 ()nn.i. !i/).1..r!.rl .. ll thtt..ii ()i.rJ d.Jr...Ji. Dr.o.2j I tt ]:lnt n\nh(l oi r.$ lion OnlDtlN. iIi. /h.lkt IK h /.hi..iJJ Nttkanthaturl th./ .or oltht (:lnlt i] V iatl t.r)'Qj &r/ rdr ()no. tl tfu ()tidt LiIt r'/. nr/).l. H. Silljtr .l.tuirl.

rsc prizc vrses an.r lr. discus. H.rc vcrc votivc scLrlpturcs oD colurrDs orl thc Acropolis.rll sccl'hc canonicll shipc ilnd dccorrtion rvas csceblishcd by .lh 1.{dnik..rillcd lor thcnl long lftcr bleck tigurc rves eblncloncd firr L. ()n thc rcv crsc :r 11 cvcrlt frorn thc g:rrrrcs is shorv:r hcrc a loor rlcc.. lnrrru is rhc inscription.v hcrc rcPrcscntiDg l ctLlt Lgc which nl:lv havc bccrr irstellcd on thc Acropolis ancl pl:rycd sonrc rolc r thc ritual ofthc elLnrcs.rcltcr Paruthcnlia wcrc thcn hclcl cvcry fcrur ycers rvirlr glrrtes inclrrdiug rlrlctics. 1 ) llcr c()ntcsts co rlr nr oniy sho wn arc tll c horsc rx cc. r. Iloxing xncl .cr!s irr rhc pcnt:rthlon (lurrPirg. L ) .r thc rrrscriptiorrs upon thcn1..:l or bcinq clowr)cd rr)d dccoreted u. tlrc lcft-lrend .. Sorn. Thc vxsc! rclcl to thc . xrld pnr-posc. but thcy rvcrc cspccially ... cha rlor ics ofbl:rck figrrrc vescs is clistingrrishecl b1' their shtpe. Thc Prnnthcnric Fcsti\. [:97] md [. .. hich eppc.\'. . drc bocly usualil .PrLt^ ?tNl.picrl cxirnrples of thcsc ycers bcfrrrc considenrg lhcir .. H. ir1 j66 B c :lnd rhc l.t\ .. thc neck sonctirlcs with :r simple patterrr which hes eerrcd rlr fr thc ll.9.'ton Athcncthcn rrhlon' 'onc ofthc prizcs frorn '\ lrcns'.At cithcr sidc irrc f)orjc colurlls !uppolting cock. ( )r thc lront Arhcrlir stlttlds.. -i:rvclin.rbour 53o l c lud " rrlry look rt t\.. rllirrv wilr'a. rvrcstling and thc . hiuh). Thc PanerhcDllcs rrc dccolatccl by bleck I . 167 .rrIc S()S arlplrorlc. hcr shicld:rnd spcal rrisccl.1 . dccor etion tnd r 1. nrrrou.' r.u9d] givc thc lroDt ilncl l. as wc sh. LLrc:lltists lvhosc othcr work wc cilll rccortlrisc. the Lcsscr arrnuelly in rhe vcars bctwccn. Thcy r. r rirluc lvcrc rct. und thc clistint r t iqht hlrrdlcs. lrcr cr. B1. nccks errd fi'ct dcrivc fronr a type of Attic sroragc ' . latcr dclclopnrcnt.. stliclirg forrvlld but . t I 7 :9j I.Chapter Seven PANATHENAIC VASES r r .9a ()U. rlissioncd by thc stetc.9t ()tp t)l th( Letll6\ Ct. dccoretion:rnd bleck frgurc .ith l hti!. Thc ncck clrrric'i a nor:nal florel. rs prizc vascs for thc l)auethcnaic Clarlcs r \rlrcns. Chrr|t n.t. Thc prizc vescs carlicr thlln thc Euphilctos Pairltr:r show sonlc v:rricty.i. Jq . Stlyt\ r tl n" . Moreovc'r-.idr fillcrs. thc cerlicsr artist qf .r rncr.' rtcd bllck.laellcrrll) c\plrirlcd as syrlbois of chc spirit of .(tus..1.v cnq:rqcd 1lg]inst rn cncrlry. of rrvo P:rnethcnrics bv thc Euphilctos P:rintcr. bLll thc cocks xrc ' lrcr rrrrcxpcctcd rnd eri.\. Wk1t1r}r t\\6n .rrrpcririol1 (cock fights fignrc on orerry crrlicr vxser.. SLftho\ ol th (:ttt Ctu\tt. it sccnrs.el hed bccD reorgauiscd..rctivcl. rl th( Pl\tiat (:ln\\.ius. xrld sLrrcl.crc big oil vlscs (usrrirlly 6ll-70 cl).LJt rilcc). thc shlpc.'tinlcs thc triirlcr is irllroduccd or r victor is shown bringtng ' horsc ir 1r45.rrcd first ir1 thc Lete Ccomctric pcriocl.v nurllbcr hrs sttrvivcd.

but thcy rvcrc cspccially . Thcy r. xrld sLrrcl.. ir1 j66 B c :lnd rhc l.v hcrc rcPrcscntiDg l ctLlt Lgc which nl:lv havc bccrr irstellcd on thc Acropolis ancl pl:rycd sonrc rolc r thc ritual ofthc elLnrcs. Iloxing xncl .Chapter Seven PANATHENAIC VASES r r . SLftho\ ol th (:ttt Ctu\tt.rbour 53o l c lud " rrlry look rt t\.'tinlcs thc triirlcr is irllroduccd or r victor is shown bringtng ' horsc ir 1r45.ith l hti!.\. bLll thc cocks xrc ' lrcr rrrrcxpcctcd rnd eri.rrcd first ir1 thc Lete Ccomctric pcriocl. . Moreovc'r-. the Lcsscr arrnuelly in rhe vcars bctwccn. -i:rvclin. thc shlpc.At cithcr sidc irrc f)orjc colurlls !uppolting cock. drc bocly usualil .i.. xrld pnr-posc. Thc ncck clrrric'i a nor:nal florel. ( )r thc lront Arhcrlir stlttlds.. r.PrLt^ ?tNl..9. lnrrru is rhc inscription.:l or bcinq clowr)cd rr)d dccoreted!s irr rhc pcnt:rthlon (lurrPirg.' rtcd bllck. und thc clistint r t iqht hlrrdlcs..rll sccl'hc canonicll shipc ilnd dccorrtion rvas csceblishcd by .9a ()U. of rrvo P:rnethcnrics bv thc Euphilctos P:rintcr.rrrpcririol1 (cock fights fignrc on orerry crrlicr vxser.crc big oil vlscs (usrrirlly 6ll-70 cl). hich eppc. hiuh). H...'ton Athcncthcn rrhlon' 'onc ofthc prizcs frorn '\ lrcns'..\'. rs prizc vascs for thc l)auethcnaic Clarlcs r \rlrcns. 167 . it sccnrs. H. Thc Prnnthcnric Fcsti\..rrIc S()S arlplrorlc.el hed bccD reorgauiscd. Thc PanerhcDllcs rrc dccolatccl by bleck I . thc neck sonctirlcs with :r simple patterrr which hes eerrcd rlr fr thc ll.r lr. nccks errd fi'ct dcrivc fronr a type of Attic sroragc ' ..r rncr. tlrc lcft-lrend . lrcr cr.u9d] givc thc lroDt ilncl l. r rirluc lvcrc rct. t I 7 :9j I.laellcrrll) c\plrirlcd as syrlbois of chc spirit of .. L ) . Thc vxsc! rclcl to thc . ..1 . Sorn.v cnq:rqcd 1lg]inst rn cncrlry. Chrr|t n. dccoretion:rnd bleck frgurc . nrrrou. thc cerlicsr artist qf .idr fillcrs. B1.v nurllbcr hrs sttrvivcd.. Jq .lh 1. discus. hcr shicld:rnd spcal rrisccl. ()n thc rcv crsc :r 11 cvcrlt frorn thc g:rrrrcs is shorv:r hcrc a loor rlcc. latcr dclclopnrcnt. rvrcstling and thc .cr ics ofbl:rck figrrrc vescs is clistingrrishecl b1' their shtpe.rcltcr Paruthcnlia wcrc thcn hclcl cvcry fcrur ycers rvirlr glrrtes inclrrdiug rlrlctics. rl th( Pl\tiat (:ln\\.1.r thc rrrscriptiorrs upon thcn1.9t ()tp t)l th( Letll6\ Ct. Wk1t1r}r t\\6n .LJt rilcc).rillcd lor thcnl long lftcr bleck tigurc rves eblncloncd firr L.{dnik.. Stlyt\ r tl n" . LLrc:lltists lvhosc othcr work wc cilll rccortlrisc. rllirrv wilr'a. cha rlor rxcc.. rlissioncd by thc stetc. stliclirg forrvlld but . [:97] md [.t.(tus.ius.picrl cxirnrples of thcsc ycers bcfrrrc considenrg lhcir . 1 ) llcr c()ntcsts co rlr nr oniy sho wn arc tll c horsc rx cc.rsc prizc vrses an. dccor etion tnd r 1.rc vcrc votivc scLrlpturcs oD colurrDs orl thc Acropolis.' r.rctivcl.t\ . Thc prizc vescs carlicr thlln thc Euphilctos Pairltr:r show sonlc v:rricty. as wc sh.

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psiax will another user and the pottcr Sosimos. Altrost .rrt only skyphoi of Corinthian shapc ('kotylai': the swans on thcsc arc was herself an activc lr. on their interiors.llttcrs which have not survived. It is rhc technique used iu thc fifth century by Etruscan vase painters when 6rst thcy take note ofred figure and try to imitate it (Praxias Group) since it dispenscs with delicate brush-work and the tedium ofbackground filling. We must make allowance.rll shapes are represented. A small group of stamnoi and ncck amphorac [3rz] ofthc end ofthe century used the same red that was used fof details in black figure. l.rad already been used outside Attica (in Corin Boeotia and East Greece) for whole figtues and major elements of One of the first uses in Athens is on a Nikosthenic amphora (was this ofhis innovations?) for studies ofnaked girls fjogl. The big black oil or wine vases which in the scventh century had SOS dccoration on the necks aie usually plain in thc sixth century . fiips' orloplrses. There are earliel Chian phialai decoracccl with white and red florals within. rarely 6gures. however. but it l. and for some shield blazons from thc halfofthe sixth century. but in cups thcre . florals. of coufie. but not strictly impractical versions of common shapes were made :rr1d rlccorated in the ordinary manner throughout thc black figure period.rcsumably as souvenit vases. These scem to have introduccd the use of0 pink colour for the bodics of men instead of white. Othcr sixth. not the clay. decoratcd in white and red ovcr black. of cou that of red figure. So it seems possible that these rare all-colour essays in Athens wcrc rrrspircd by East Gteek work or artists. Thc most important Athenian sixth-century serics is llrc SwAN GRoup. likc their models. but the main pcriod for the technique is the late sixth and early fifth century and most examples are on lekythoi by the Sappho and cspecially the Diosphos Painter. Miniatures Six technique This technique is named after the scholarJan Six.rcision. but the palc paints used ate fugitive.rintcd upsidc down [315]) perhaps because Corinth i xporter of miniature skyphoi. not li)r the table. painted all over with the fine black gloss |iint. Mirriature versions of major vase shapes were used for dedication in tcmplcs . technique had been used in details on Athenian black figure vases for men's faces with featurcs incised. and they incised some detail as in outline. Thc subjects are dolphins. however. The general effect is. even odd ones like eggs and bells. and in this case thc black vase recalls the all-black Etruscan bucchero it is copying. roughly decorated with swans and lines ofdashes. for wooden cups and l. perhaps all for children. but there is one series ofclay vases whiclr scrved much the same purPoses as the figured ware and is often of high quality. are assigned. more closely resembling nature and red figure. Polychrome There arc a number of late sixth-century phialai [313-4] including nrany from the Athenian Acropolis. which is a techniquc used earlier on Rhodian Vases (Vrottlia (lroup). tojudge fron-r finds irr Athenian gravcs. that the unpair-rtcd Iottery ofAthcns in these years was designed for storagc or the kitchen. shows through. its simplesr form ir lnvolves layrng on figures in white or red on an all-bl surface and incising details so that the black. somctimes with added red lines or with rcserved bands bearing thc simplest decoration of stripes or rays. and naturally decoratcd in the old techniquc.and early fifth-century miniatules decomtcd witlr stripes and blobs (notably kothons.Irrtlc or no ir. and the Sappho Painter's name vase is a hydria (kalpis) with the poetess drawn in rhis techniquc [Jri]. This is thc Buras Gnoup [3t 6] to which many othcr rniniatures. The shapes copied indicate a range in detc liom the second quarter ofthe century.all-black or r7t) r78 t .jugs and fecders) seem to have bccr rlcstincd for funerary deposits in Athens. Many otl. inspired by the reliefpattcrning ofbronzc Chapter Eight ODDS AND ENDS cxir)rples. but it is not used for completc figures or whole decoration of a vase until about 53o. Miniature Panathenaic vases were made in the carly fourth century. Finally there is a small group of mid-fifth-century oinochoai (choes). These arc the black vases. as [47]. Sosimos made a phiele including a lloral band ofrcd with incisi'rrr oI lhc lllack. witir I Black vases Wc might have expected that the figure decorated vases which have bccr-r tliscusscd in this book represented only a minority among the clay vases rlscd by sixth-century Athenians.rrtl rombs or for toys. perhaps to its end. exactly tally with that of the figured vases and may bc briefly summarised here. The production of these black vascs rloes not. It is not only used for small srrtll. not black figure. on the black. It is remarkable. who discussed it in r 8llll. mainly from the Haimon Paintcr workshop with unincised red figures on the black.

rJ l. tI6 llli|idtnt. N. Six t.. . H.t) t' il|.Si! (tl liqu n ryhdn ol ttu Buld\ Ctott. l\ tnthoni ltt Cltttl).. Sil.d qn nv).l)t. t N9 t.h. (a'.5-6 tt.&. nltuh Mphrtn Sb ttlnilu.|t lhrtrlt ll :t s .t.\trt.r d . Sappho tt ) Phinl(.tk h\ntutd. jt 1 Hydrtu lkdlti!) hy th( Snpt'ha l\Nto ltn k Sis trh i. Ll.ut..

or:r thc korr r.rrrtl .r'hich u.l t.Lllr:\i lD tlitlc-rrn.l rrslrncnts to our ju(lgcrncllt of wh:lt is Athcniell uiil hlvc'lo I)c ulildc.v tlltt othcr r. thcLc iuc \onlc vit\cs ofcllstiuctivc dilpc [1r I .rl cllr. $ ork o fclitlercDt hrnrls..r!.L l) tNTER is itrr rrrlsl \vho Ilrs llithcrto bccrr t.rl ccntrc.. .or cnruliltc it is not clsv to tracc Adrcniun irliLrcncc oursiclc Articl irr thc l or L r il2 . AfrirrF/'/. bl pl1rttcrs not rcprcscltc(l clscrvhcrc lrncl shor. Spccillitics in biirck ofrlr.rrkcd bv thc Iillc stiitlrilry irDd v.rnt\ ol rlirect copr'ists. of the flrst helf of tirr..rse\ u. 1r h.. ln Eubocl.r rhiln in Athcrts' p()ttcr s' cluurrcr... Tltcrc tvcrc rlen v rich lou.clirrrrt shotrlclcr clccoretiol (I-ittlc Lions encl fiont thc Atltcntr Plintcr's uor./r.up skr plroi. so thc. bLrt thcrc rr.r..Rour or lck.r u.rclrLrg l 1. . \\ hich rrc rclxtcd ro thc Su. ll. end il sccnls likcly rrow rl l \onrc qrorLps of v.1. hendlc zoncs ercl bot...r'ing:iturl sccrrcs uppropri.brossc')srlrrLl.v hls hciPcd to is()lalc !hcsc th(' l. 6. Emigrants and lm itators WhilcAthcns'bllckfigLrrcsctestrndard1brorhcr(l:cckstrrdiostoiirllor.r. frcr b1:rckpol-lchrorrtc.l thosc ()fthc brncls.r to cvc cups.r.rck iekunei long ourlivc rlr.r rlri..llrhough rurc in bilck filrLrc.1rd lDrphor..rLjigr.rr closc sc-t groups oi:cd lincs uithin thc rcscn ccl lip or toncjo. shipc'spoplrlilrit\firrtjgrrrcclccolltioninAthcns.-utcrc ir A tr ri .. iIr tllc Trotcl lncl et Elaetrs u'hcrc 'rLhctls rvts ilctivc clulirlg lhe sixlh cclllurv.lloiri.uith or.rpc\. TItc e.h l'clc 1tt:ldc in Bocotit 1rt1d orc of tltclll clccor:rtr'tl irr. ltncl nten.rrr incrc.i rrrrl .irolhcr closc ncighbotrr to Artlc. ou.lrl poorl\ rcprcsclltcd irr\'ivctoirb()ut.r I' rr. .iv:rtir'cs rr-c c()nllr(.rck (bur rrot lip cups).lships in th c A t tr.iollc t\\:clvc kilorrctrcs tionr tbc ci11. .cs froll) thc Atltcrtien scrics. thoi ()rrl\.v bclorrg t .rrril:j cup sklphoi irr e L. Thcr c r. it 5 .^ss of srtrlll rrcck tnrPhorire il Sicily. signs xs P()ttcr t\\o skvl. in thc pro<lLrction ofblrck virscs.'r clrss tlrcrc is tllc l'j.vthoi (shoLrlclcr lck'vrhoi of thc rrricl 'rLrrv L rrrLrr). ri. ill southwcsr Atticr. rvhilcbl. rcrtrvcrccl fionr tlrcit cc'nrcrcrics. rr spcci:r1it1'bcirrg anlurtls or firlrrr-cs l.. trnlikclr to hrvc bccn irrrv rpprcci.rrrtl rhc KX l)rirrtcr'.'rLrrr1l rrr . i .'t tl" L.l Tht'conrrnor pnrcticc ofcellirg Athcui:rrr vascs Attic clisguiscs thc possibilrtt tlr. locrl crrlt orrlv.otir. 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too Gr lronr thc blsic trrrrlr that (lrcck vascs are frllctional.L. I'hc rcst ofthis chrpte:-is dc'r.r . rrd thc . do Dor long continuc to Lrc nradc..rJ in thc l()und rlny look inro thc vcsscl.rlpis lrrilr. nr:ly bc dccorltive fi'rru:cs copvint nrctalwolk.rlc eucl cliuos. Somctinrcs thc . lhc vxsc shepcs \\.1-7 ] rncJuclirg :r nLlnlbcr of ' dotrblccns' rvith doublc-rccrlc.. - Anrphorae L lrr. ofthc lxtc scvcnth ccnturv l5l delivc lronr ['roto. the painter nlxy cllcct of shapc rhcnrcs.. nrav all :cvc.ork oi urt' (ifnot cluite il orrr scnsc of thc tcrm).. to kccp cool. Obcl. lirrr nrodcrn corunrcntetors pcrh:rps havc bccl cluickcr to obscrvc rll this thln tlrr. u... ()thc[\\isu L r. r'orvcd tLr sonle kv:rthoi I t 7 t but it is with Athcri:rn sixth-ccntr.lmcttc cross .1. Prlrrrcttcs uud si:u ila: dc'viccs fol etrrching rr. thclljoined.rt scvcrrl rcccll invcstigetioDs hevc bcglrn in an attclrrpt to rccovcr thc Prrr ciplcs ofproporrion or 'dvnenric synuuctry ' tvhich govcrnccl thc sh:rpc's carr rhc pairting.hosc clccoretiou has bccu stuclicrl ultclcl. r'clopnrcnr of a shrpc or thc inverrrion of a rlcw onc hes provcd xrl rl)ofleDl clcDlcrlr in thc story of thc dcvcloprllcrlt oa st\rlc. rrros) also nlrkc thcir eppcitrinccs.rlrpcriod. Thcrc erc sonlc firlc plump cxrnrplcs b.ored to rn eccornrt oithc fLurctioDs rncl DrDres . quitc epitr I fronr thc spcci:rl rccluirclDerlts ofe fcw shapcs intcldcd to hoid sct qulntltlul. .Ovcrrllchrngcsinpropor-tiolrcirrrilis()bc()l)\crr.v is highcr lr 86l.' l.r.hich rut nrorc srrroothly irrto rhc ncck.r Joo B (i l -21. in architr t tlu-c or scLllpturc.v uhcrc no crpllnetion h:rs lrccrl .irL.n scperatcly on thc whccl. Thc schcrrrc with thc hcrd is . bodics and fiet oflarge vescs end ofthc rDorc. (icrtrirrly thc shrpt s irr rircir overall ploportions end dctails rrriry otrcn bc rrrrdcrstood in tcrrrrs \lllich wc can irs rcldily apply to othcr rvorks ofthe (lrcck artist.rkcr's repL'r-tory.tohavebccn prodtrccd liorr orrt rr. to hold hclvv liquicl.rtti. Thcsc rrc'rrrost prorirncnt or hvdfi:ri errcl oinoahori. lr. nru\t. trl hrrrdlcs to lhc bod. Thc l..rilsoiportinqrnclprinring.tlr. .ithout lorc ldo.uticulttcd nltlll or)cs wcrc norrrrally throu.tiorr ol lctl lirltrL. csPcciitll) thc clccoritccl viscs. rr lr.ition t'ionr stoul f()rrns ro slcndL'r oncs.ur lr.vork. arrcl thcn nrltchcrl r ariplrr)r.rscs grecluallv givc placc ro a crop ofsnrall neck amphortc arout.. Whcrc thcse studics itrply l knou. and es e rcsrLlt it is rvich Achc:rian black figurc tl:. .r\s Athcniln pottcrs ofbllck figurc vlscs wcrc not thc flrst in Cirecce to sisn th.. with p..rro1.rr-els rathcr than thc spinrls which bcttcr' .Lrtcrr)s bcrcrth thc haudlcs (eD older East (ircck pattcrn). both poprrl:rr bronzc shapcs. encl rhcv cln cll onl. u. ..Thc rnost thcy rnry dcmo[strrrc is rhat :r ' atura] ' curr. r oucs its oliqin to rlctai prototypcs.l. So thc follorving cDtlics slullr.v Exckils r rJ Anrlsis ldJ..rlui..ith pridc.rr. NAMES AND FUNCTIONS t. with J rctLn n l. on.hcrc roo r hnnreu [:30] or lninrel r.l. rrr up. eDd indccd lids.ry.lry vascs that wc. \Lr:rl nc\v shepcs uhich erc purcly pottcr inspircrl (pclikli. Thc lbrrncr.1 t . Dcck..l.ing5 rrc l]cvcr slirvish aud rhcrt'is e rcturn trlffic wirh:r blonzc . lhc irllrrcncc of :uctul vrscs orr thc shitpcs of clilv virscs ts rvortlr .rrr.rc is closc corrcspolldencL' of DreasurenrcDl iI v. lcrl lbr :rlrcedt y.r .incrs rnd clcly rhc'erchitcctrrrc'oflip. rr .Llisc lrd cross-rcli'r. cnrphesisirrg thr.fust as iD thc dccoration.rI gcorllctry far bcyoncl thc wit of aDy ancient potter they can be igDorcrl \\. nor ro spill.bccn the mor-c valuirble. soon eftcr thc iDtrodu. rl1cl thcsc .l L ll4 riti .r. Thc pctttct' nrLrst havc uradc blrtchcs ofnecks.?.t' lnd ofits vduc as a 'r.lcdgc.:l lrrl ll.rrsr rrr. bodics. rn L.rrtists nraDagcd so wcll. lrkc thc r nrore conscious intcrcst ofthc pottcr in his r. u.11io115 rlccd Dot be rcpcrtcd xt lcngth.. for lnstarrcr'. L)fthc rrcu.r qcr v... rs js no[nlrliy truc iu black ald rcd fignrc convey throngh picturcs his vicrv of myth or life in originrl iltcrprct:rtion ofstock try ro cnhencc tlrc or Thcrc lvas undorrbtcdly sonlc rlreesLlring and standardisation. llrgc rrr'l r. Thc usuel forrrr ofthc flrst halfof rlr.rr Chapter N ine SHAPES.Lr.l dctaiis of tirc incr vrsc shepcs.-l tornrs by about ) Io..nrcDt's ertcDti()n.I . To evoid wastc hL'would huve nludc thc p:rrt\ to . I L.r. sixth cerltulv lnd littlc I:rtcr is snrellcr. bodr.t.v clrlicr pottcrs fton1 rhc rrrcr. I qritvit.rlrlr.'1'lris rr r-cvc:r1cd by rclincmcnr oilip end foot proEIcs. nr1)r r r. end lttcrrtion to. but not Athcniln oncs. rrr.v ofrhc v:rsc rrc:rlso copicd itr paint oI thcsc rlccds thc shrpc can also be acljustcd to ccho function es irr hrcl bccn bolrolvcd b.rl..shlpcs lhc volutc'cllltcr in pluricLrlur ptob .LL llcs :rt rhcjunction ofhendlc lncl lip.1.. rhc nrodc'llirg oflcss irnportlnt llcts likc chc undcrfoot lerturc's which c.. Thc rccks.rpcs aDd thc bxesy outlirres of liquicl colrt. Ilcfincnrcnt.r ktcr.. L.l .l. ro suir thc lip. that shape was dcternrincd by siltplc rrccrls to storc. Soon efter rhc micl ccntrlry thc colnltlorr t'brtrr lres triplc.r. All this brings us too repidly.{(r1. lrDcl rvc scc r.1.. k. end thc body's cenrrc ' ..rrr begiu r<) sllspect servc rs critcria for thc idcnti6c:rtion ofpottcr lvork as cfcctivcly as clct. irnitation. Sonrc'shepcs in Athenirn blrck figLrrc. foot. rlcd hlncllcs lr.rils ol dra*..ith sinrple c_vlinclricll lr Lrrrllcs to nrid ncck. gzl brlt thc lypc is soon st:rndrrdised..l r r 1ic."lrcboth ofthc comnlcrciel aud precticel veluc ofe good sl:. a:rcl s..rl the potter rs lr.rl \\L. invcntion. potlcr would hevc bccn.. ovoid.s rrlrr. rr urc:ks rl. lr \((rr.l l rr.hiclt plcascs thc c) c nlry bc c\pressed nrathematicxlly.

and there are many smell iatc cxrltttplcs lrl tllir sh..r.rictimes straight.rpe in black figure [276]. der [74].. A minor variety is the ncck pelike. and thc neck amphorae of Elbows Out [rj8]. with globulat body and cylindrical ueck [5r]. zztl- usually like fruit.Of spccial varictics the Nikosthenic and its successors may be not. is reprcsented in a few massive examples ofthe late seventh ccntury [3] and remains I popular large vase. wherc thc handlcs. the latter often with broad-striped lids. hody profrle and rolled lip. Thc belly amphora.ting calyx crater is by Exekias (r. often decorated rirn with rectangular handle plates over the hoop handles.rod fi. is borrowed from Corinth in the early sixth century. a morc elaborate shape is introduced (Type A) with strap handlcs having flanged arrd decorated (ivy patten) edges fFtontkpierel. matching tlrc overall patterning ofthe vases. ved patch below each handle. has a long history in Athens. The ordinary belly and ncch amphorae are commonly lidded. The sranaos has a low neck. The more pmctical variety. for the Cyprus market and copying an eastern shape with hLrlbous body and narrow conical ncck. Soon after 55o. and the upright handle has knob and rotcllc attachments inspired by metalwork."fhe columt trater . the former with mainly black lids patterncd around knob and rim.te. and to judge from the scenes on some of them a common use was the storage of oil Izrz]. It is a red figure shape but there are black figurc t xrmples ofthe end ofthe century lt9j. squat variety has a short lebes or dinos copies the metal shape. arrd may rever have been a vase for the symposion. rounded foot and cylindrical handles Ir 8]. The neck is higher than thet of thc column crater and thejunction ofhandle and lip is eflected by a heavy. ofthe centutylf5] and then loses favoru. A broader. Wine mixers and coolers 'l'hc sixth century sees thc establishment or invention ofall the open winelike an enormous rrr ixing vessels except the bcll crater.Thcsc arc frcqtrcnt lr or-n the Gorgon Painter on. The earlier variety (Type B) has a straight lip. offering the painter a g.1.. which may be provided with a cylindrical stand [2ogl. &. It is most popular in the second .2t4l. while the mouth flares. sometimes decorated [2-r2]. and with a high-swung handle Ir3].. . or small solids.rter examples usually have all-black bodies. with two horizontal. with pancls sct in thc black ground on either side. It has a flat. and in latc black figure the lip may bc r hcavy 'echinus'.r variety. Hydriai Water jars are identified by the arrangement of one upright handle for pouring. and not earlier than the mid century' livcn less common are beakedjugs (Class X) which copy a metal shape. It is like a heavy cup with high straight walls. but may be grlovided with a high stand [r r. ztg.high body .rud horizontal side handles. Pelil<ai ate decorated like belly amphorae but are generally smaller. acquiring by about 6oo its usual scheme of decoration. z4]. ". or rather the Greek form . so with two upright handles. usually with a broad trcfoil -rrrotrth. the plain examples of which are thc neck amphorae with narrower necks and fcet. which eventually reparate into two supporting 'columns'.ld with only a one-way curve. for lifting. This is the standard black figLrrc type Izor].rltofihe century... rising scroll.tury ruls copied fiom Corinth by potters serving the Komast Group-and was known as the 'Corinthian crater' in antiquity. Oinochoai with a sharp junction between neck and body may have high (tllas t) [z59] or 1ow (Class II) handles and often boast a pronounced coller' 'l'hcy appear no later than the olpai. which inspired the shape oftho decoratcd Panathenaic amphorae and Iater the occasional black 6gurc 'pointed amphora'. which becomes progressively flatter. and ( lypro-Jugs. with rolled lips and a sagging profile [zro-z]. Plump oinochoai with a pronounced S profile and trcfoil lips (the latcr 'droas ' : Class III) are rarer. or loutro. a type continued in red figure (Type C). About the middte of the century it develops a shoul. however. The Afecter has some amphorae with rollcd lips and simple feet [156]. The tall slin. The types wc have noticed are mainly storage vases.. with rounded base.amphorcus.rater preserved complete' l. They could have held oil or wine. high body and strap handles may owe something to bronzc shapes. Rarely they carry 6gure friezes. perhaps perfumed rather than culinary. sometimes drop-shaped. phoros-hydria. and a stepped foot with the'riser'to thc srcp left plain after about S2o [163). The name amphora. The knobs arc Oinochoai l hc earliest ofthe common pouring vases in Athcnian black figLrlc is tllc o/2r'. The Gorgon Painter's name vase is the lrrrliest Athenian bLck figure example and it is an important shape for the l)ctter paintcrs before the mid century.r . soon a palmette drawn in a rcscr. J3o) [r oJ]. the sidc handles curl up more and more. splaying neck. The shape may copy Peloponnesian bronze vases' The earliest sLtvl. [6]. but is never forgotten The flrtnqois Vase [46] is the earliest Athenian uolute . with a continuous profile from lip to foot. conveys i1g shape: 'carried on both sides'. edU4g. They appear 6rst about 5zo.. but arc relatively scarce until thc-second Ir. with a continuolu r86 vogte 'ThelzzTl- r87 L . Th e old skyphos-croter ' survive the early sixth not does lid and foot with conical up. who may have inventcd the slrepe. The so-called &alpis is introduced by about 5zo. its profile from lip to foot a flat S. and continues to be made into the early fifth century.

is an early black figure the slxoe which survives lo the period ofLydos Some are lidded (for these lids only bowl a few are rl rire lekanis i" ofren preferred by scholars).l mirxrmurn surface area to lhe coolant bv beine E it is not common as a shape in Athenian black figurc atrd tuorc oliclr scctt llclrl hy u Dionysos. with vertical handles. dipping lip which Prevents sPilling. and there are stemlesses *hose body shape is tJrat of the footed cups [i84-j].. e*"raples ^re the third quarter ofthe century (decorated by Lydos [66] and the Swi A psyltt.[2r-z].e-de. has sloping the r lbllowers. r8.ip... [167]. Statdlets for cups are small rimmed discs on splaying feet [318]. The ancient name for the shapc may bc axaleiptton or plemochoe. ro7 1t761. and there ol-ebout 5oo (Edinburgh Painter). Ther. and thc.ion had survived in the istands' The Anagyrus Painter ^rri " walls [30] and in the first half of the century there are high with rrr. most arc all black exccpt for. popular and remaing so-into-the fifth century. some miniatures ofihe Swan G. lip cups.Komast Croup and N ca rchrrs witlt li'w lirrcr [/22]."ay. p.. the type which survives thiough the fifth century.". i.i p. 32 [37].. ilhal. A rare cooler. and both copy Etrttscan bucchcto In these circumstances it is odd that two ofthe one-handlcd kanth:rnri bc:u Athenian funerary scenes since vessels so decorated werc usually for lr'tcel rrsc. two or no handles l:741. perhalps copying East Greek types. 1" [23. side. but after about J3o they arc soon . miniatures. Thel rre produced rbour 5oo and lrt"cr trr Amrsis made a skyphos of roughly this shape. perhaps invented for the Sappho Painter. lidded. Some classes of the latest blaqk figure lekythoi . In black figure a few.u. Later ones havi splaying'"*t most elaborate being by Nikosthenes [r54].o-called kotiori is anorhcr earll :hapc l33t lr is characterrsed by its irturned. and shown hanging oir the wali in a scene by thc KX_Painter. p. p. [r3r ])_ From abour 5 3o onthe heavier-walled skyphos Irdt-z. There are one or two covered cups ofabout J3o on."p.315i. p. Some ar.orated examples last to the mid century and have b-road tripod tic't [381.rccasional other o!en chatiie-iike bowls with straight sides Sophilos makes onc vasc with a body like the Chian chalice [28]' Thc . flanng lips and one. a vessel especially for libations to the gods bur could be used also on ordinary occasions rojudge from rcpresentation5 on vascs. althtugh some scholars have taken them for lamps' trt] i made in one piece with the bowl. leaving a mouth hole. z9]. Droop cups. although r88 i'igu. copies the mctal shape ancl is rarely decorated (only within) by the Ltest blach figure artists altirough there are some decorated in Six's technique or polychrJme [313_4]. Urria rky. with a decorated covct irbout 53o. .rde one . phoi (p-. aarla cuPs.iiod) b"lorrg. with or without a central navel (omphalos). since some have spherical bodies Ir 4]. The ruaslos cup is shaped like a p. 3r b4_6. one ofrhe er.takes_ the form of an amphora with an inner wall open to the Dc and a shoulder spout for the outer enveloping cavity. p-ss tr r 5S 1to{i jl. p.-. Ofthe deeper cups with horizontal handles the straight_lipped type which copies the C-orinthian kotyle (often called sbyphos in tf. The shallow phiale. Gordion . ro7. high vcrticrrl lrrrrdles and straight walls) which seem to have been invcntcd by Nikostllcrrcs slnl'rcs. These shouldei lekythoi .i the mouth [3r9].. Standing in a crater. 62. were for export to Etruria. Some dozen surviving one-handled kantharoi bcltlttg ttr Lltc ycrtrl . as [84]. 6.f. Cups The development of the Athenian cup has bccn adequatcly discussecl described in the earlier chapters and I givc here refe. and may have been used to hold p". Little Li. The form is borrowed from Corinth.t. beyond the mid century. Nit"i_ ""a It was thenes made plain black ones with a tongue pattern around the -navel."p. but still flaring walls. 59 [r o9]. but it hrtc{ I vcry loll$ ll iit(ll y iri lloeotia.:o. may owe a little to Codnth. jg_42.p. OrLer skyphos types are developed by the Little Masters and have been discussed rl. Nor is its iurmediate origin clear.a pattem r'..m . but by about J60 variety with an offset shoulder is invented [77-8]. arelidded and have picrced lugs or ears at eith.ences only to text pictures: komast cups. Oil flasks 'Ihe earliest Athenian llack figtre lekythoi' by the Gorgon Painter and his but thcir pronounced feet and cup-shaped lips are new' The elongated l)eianira shape Ir5-6] lives 5oo. Mastoid cups have a narrow flat ioot. Ofcups with vertic alhlndles the l<antharos is the most important. with nipplc base .on shape lz6t-zl. but these travelled west [zzo]. no less' p. but the few surviving Athenian examples are all ofthe second halfofthe century.irp. Bowls 'lhc lekane.45 71 b.. thcavy dish with ribbon handles Ir9. a . ft jzl) 1nd Hermogcnean skyphoi (p. p. lt appears firrt by abour "r 5. like thc kyathoi Ir7r] (dippers witJr sirrglc.. typ. 6u.rt.6r 11r 8l: Cassel cups. cidising cups. ll9 .r is for cooling wine..o"p. to early black figure down to the earlier Siana ct.. Siana cups. full of well watcr srrow rt plcscrrtcd. The best are quite early ."piaced by iekythoi with cylindrical bodies Iz5o].cplac-e the swelling lip with a slim chimney mouth [278-9].'.orn". and the rrrrlicst surviving one is from the hands ofKteitias and Ergotimos.'i. 44_5! merrytho_ught cups. p.d *"t".I rlrapcd wirh fit'srr. and irlikosthenct revives the shapc but without figure decor"tion.rcquire straighter. rri. The shaPe had been known in Athenien ( icometric . . These..

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but thcrc is e hlrnrlcss rL ldcrlcy to ussiqn d:rtc\ closc to thc rriddle or cllcl of ccntLlrics Bc or to r rrrk irr qLrartcr ccDrlrrics tlc. kothon (a cLrp).'r..Thrs rs l.irh thcse v:rscs thc scqucncc rld rrtc ofchxr)gc proposcd .ite obvious dilngcrs in rhc rvish to sprcxd st\.r. whclc 1.vork thlrr lJ. Thc possibilit\. olpc (epplicablc ro r u.rt.' eqLlillly obvious dc6cicrcirs in .rvc sc:ved to stabilisc r lcliable lcletivc chronolosy ior thc vescs. r. Wc usc thc tinrc sc:rlc as a colrvcn!iorr :lnd convcnicncc.llL baskct).f .Thc.l rtccl ' lboul i:o' encl vasc lJ ' rlloltt J I o' this nrerns no nrorc lh:ln th:lt il tha ..l)oriunc. ulubastrotl. phirlc.'r ofvears.. cr'atcr.r \.r thos. plcntoch()c.1r)d othcrs. phonniskos (srrr.. psyklqr.rclieblc lixcd points to which thc st.rg or bo. the evidence ofdcvclopinq dccorativc nrotivcs..1tcr__y. tipotl lirAlar hnt.illlyconcctlortheshapesindicetcdIrcrc:anrphor.vcouldelsil)bc'convcrtcdtosucheschcnrcbutthcrnovcrvolrld . lebcs glrr)ikos.rvhile ifthesc qualilies rvcrc rcvcrscd thc ebsolltc glr.Lls.rl (thc Lutin lornr.'(lrrence irr Atheni... -.. such xs Dcccssxlilv donriretcs nrost stllclics ofprchistr. clrous. LL)..Lrnd to bc sccorrd bcst to thc sr. r.rh the old fashioncd rnd avlnt qrrdc errd can obscrvc thc rrrastcr-pupi1 r. rvhich arc l. hydria. ()nc 1:rst fecror ilfli-cting this'r'irtc of ..uiclbetre:callcdkotl.rtionships. .pr oxinrate but ebsohrte ycxrs D C..rt 5 93 .. tlirl).klutheros(perhapselso.ilE of 6gur-cs lrrd clrtpcrl . Thc ebsolutc clatcs r! c proposccl dcpcrld oD othcr flctors.ords I. aryballos.rkshops.. Nliddlc and Letc. Ifvesc A is . .vi). rirr lbllouirrqsccrrrspccifi. lckvthos (but uslrl book s orr ( irccl.'ervcd plogrcss ofsrylc or rclationship ofthc peiurcrs involvcd A is slightl.r rv schcrrrc u.1 r. bLrt there ar.l. r licr r. Lrut ifthc paintcr ofA r.ltist or orlc ur1\\. bccn dcironsrrltcd.rck frgurc is sccurc cDoush to :tvoid this clrrlgcr'.\. hevc Lrscd to dcscribe shrpcs. onos (footrcst). Thc follorving rrc \\.'.hich:rssigns d:rtcs in such a \\.r tificd tncl confirrlcd by meny parallcl stLrdics: thc cvidcncc ofdcvcloprng r r|cs. usueliy epplicd rlowada).. or thc . krrl1.r.t t).v . LATIVE AND ABSOLUTE CHRONOLOGY 1hc follorving xrc scncricrllv corrcct: skyphos.. orllLctiolr appcar rvithout c\pl:lnrti()n.lcccssfui idcntilicttion of paintcrs lnd rr. pclikc (cup..1. oillochoc. r'ctrogrlde sirrcc:rDy ettcnrpt to dcfillc closcly thc'stvlc' ofu sub period is L. lcbes. Ilricflv. Much ofthc rvork ou peiltcr ilttribLltiorl cel thct bc sccrl to lr. is llrorc comrnorll\r usecl: k.. such :Ls flor.vas a youne innov:rtor. thc peintcr ...rngc' is thc volunrc ofsurvivinq pottcry :lssigllcd ro dillc'rcnt pcriods. I rcre .' H. Lr) bc trcltccl rvith somc conlidcucc. thc ktlos irlscriptior)s.t|tr1.rliclble to xnphorec end probably onr 'pelikai').lor).'r.'.. iouterion. tcu..rt. Hdrkl5 t. rilr. l).vlistic scclr-rcrcc cen bc pcgucd.()f thc (ilcck u..ey thxt apprcciablc gaps ofnon'Ihc stylisric s.rl mcxninq is indicltccl iD brackers): lorrtrophoros (a mortal r. In rhc chaptcrs ofthc \t pxrt ofthis book this lelative chr-onolosv has bccrl lcccptcd ercl.iclcr vrrietv of sh:rpcs includurg our ':rrybu lios '). vrrscs.r.1.1 ttu CNry fieht: Apollo liv thL al !h( Oxliid Lid.illing to charlllc his sr}.lLtcr bc. thc vescs could bc rr( rr corltemporary. pvxis.1 xlso trpplied ro thc shilpc in untirluity).ror1g.lcs eud peirtcls cvcnly tlrr oush 1 qivcn nurnb.rdos ilnd stxmnos \\r(.r rqht bc grcatcr.s to stcr)rr(. thcrc lrc .rll 1.. starnrros (rlso lp. . enrphoril.rlrun.1. and rlot eccording to :lnv schcnrc ofEurly.. ofcrr()r rcnlri s.rllr. r J)o ])yxj\ \. lckanc. cxalciptror . k1. lr.r.Ltes for Athcnian bllck ligurc vrscs hlrvc becn siven in clris book irr r.t [] er oldor.. LIrt r this pcliod rnd r. dilos (cup). and k ylix for a cup ofen y lirr rrr. nllsl (.r...rsly lllcitninglcss.. cspccirlly rvhat rve call 'skyphoi'..h cerr nrirkc it possiblc to clistinquish:rnd phcc lccurlrc'lv l.. but in conrrnon Llsc lbr vasc shlpcs (rlrc r. kotl.r. ( jor vcrricncc ind thc corlvcnri()lls ofrcccnt schol:rlslr lr.1. r1' Chapter Ten RE rneinlyti)rorrr''atybllloi').

and in following years the tidying-up filled pits. In theso years we find the earliest Corinthian pottery at Naucratis in Egypt is of Transitional to Early Corinthian. easily related to his and other black ligure work. and form no secure basis for argument. Some other near-absolute dateshave been proposed for Athenian sculpture in thc sixth century. although the correspondence of contexts with the stylistic sequence of. An Egyptian frontier at Tell Defenneh was probably overthrown in the Persian invasion of5z5. loutrophoros and more work ofthe Marathon Painter and from the Class Athens J8r. Later in the sixth century. (r) Vases or styles dated by events. if the name vase of the Spartan in the manner of t}te Gorgon Painter. and the earliert r94 195 . but most are sixth-century. or from the identification ofselect myth scenes used symbolically to celebrate particular events. This usually means their presence contexts which can plausibly be associated with dated historical events. are few of this type in Athenian black figure and the historical ' dates' sometimes imprecise. criteria for cstablishing these'pegs'are ofvarying merit and can be classified as follows: Arhenian is related to the Nessos Painter. His other work is found with and broadly resembles Athenian Siena cups. at least in lirst Greek sculpture. then Lydos began painting in the late 56os. Another type ofdating by event might be from the naming ofcontem raries on vases but the kalos names prove of limited use in this (p. such as were picked out in (lhapter Two. dated about 58o to 575. built about Jro. for which a chronology has been established on othct grounds. dated about 625 to 620. Corinthian is always a useful check. wells and Acropolis terraces the debris. examples ofthe Komast GroLrp. The earliest sculpture from the columns ofthe temple of Artemis :rt Ephesus is likely to be ofthe period ofKing Kroisos ofLydia. and thc clrlicst pottcry il ulc wittt lltc Middle Corinthian. vrscs -"y be dated by stylistic comparison with othcr irts or for which a chronology has been established. the Athenian take priority. with splaying three-dimensional folds. In 48o the Persians sacked Athens' Acropolis and city.rens. ln the same way rathei more advanced red figure can be related to the sculptures on the new Temple of Apollo at Delphi. Acropolis evidence is confused. with Athcninrr irr tlrc rliurlcr ofrhe Gorgon Painter. The latest material fiom the Agora includes Little Lion and Arkesilas Painter represents Arkesilas II ofCyrene. After the battle of Marathon in 49o the Athenian were buded in a tumulus which contained several lekythoi by the Painter [256] and some with early Haimonian elements. CHC skyphoi and a Gw Leafless Group cups. when. but these depend rus Haimonian lekythoi. zor). Rather latcr tlrc sitc of Old Sttt yrttn wrs reoccupied efter its sack by the Lydians. It shows that stylcs ofdrapery. confirmation- (z) Vases or styles may be dated by their excavated context with othcf objects. it must have been painted in rhe 56os. Marseilles (Massalia) was said to have been fo in 6oo and the earliest ofthe early Athenian black figure pottery which been found there is (3) Vases or rtyi". for absolute dates. notably for the breaking ofgrave stones. There are many tombs and sites where Athenian and Corinthian are found side by side. and volume of work produced. Down to the early sixth century it is the Corinthian series which ia adequately dated by criteria discussed under the last head. Our dating of c:rllicr Adrenian black figure relies almost wholly on observation of fcaturcs and rnotives derived from the Corinthian sedes. who paid for rrreny of them and who was deposed in j46. it were found pieces of standard neck amphorae of the general style of Princeton Painter.the gaps thcn filled by judicious observation ofthe probable rate of progress of painters and workshops. The Siphnian Treasury at DelPhi wes erected little before 525 and its reliefsculpture very closely matches the crrly red figure ofthe Andokides Painter. were current in the J4os. usually vases. and the Plataeans rightly identified) in a tumulus which has two late black figure plates. Although plenty ofCorinthian pottery reached Athens in the early black figure period it is remarkable how seldom Athenian and Corinthian are found together in tombs in Atl. but for these we should require some literary much as anything on comparisons with the apparent dating ofcomparable pottery. On Athenian vases this corresponds with Exekias and rliddle period works ofthe Amasis Painter. In J66 Panathenaic Games appear to have been reorganised. If the earliest survi Panathenaic prize vases l2g 5-61belong to the first or the second ofthe games. ar)d a Sophilclrr vrrc.

.ith urr'r-lltivc sccrlcs irlvolvillq llunrrn ligLrrcs.r l. l(lcitias 1161..pcr tory.hosc work fills our firr Lrs this ri{ lr corlspcctlrs ofthc de.n upon by Athcniau plintcts.rrrtlc.r rlr':r1lrr. cspc.rcck. rvhich wc nlev rcqrct.vcl1 ls rcw shlpcs tnd stylcs ofdccorrtion. thc vesc oltcn travcllcd to Etrnria \4ficrc xll thcsc points rvcrc l.c rnight ofbl:rck ligurc .s of myrh end lili. iud to cxpkrit rlyth irr tlrc intercsts of politicel svnrbolisnr. Etnlsciln graves. brrt rrrrrrry.cliocl ofclispley in Athcns.l1lctcrics: n good pllcc to rva1k... Irt. convivi..r (.jor ert :rlltl prcperc tllc wey for thc .. :rnd look. hclpcd dcl'irrc thc rcpcrtory ofsccncs clrau. A higlr proportion ofthc survivi g conrplcfc vases were folutd in grevcs..1 nraY hrvc bccu bought for r brrri:rl.r 'icnc bv ln arlist suqgcsts tllat thc clloicc nsually 1ey with hinr.lchicvc rcnts of carly red figure.u5l.l. for fresh inspiritioll.l. cluick ro obscrvc co sLllrlcr dcln:1rlrl.Irr thc lirllor'r.r|( lr. quick to obscrvc novclties ill orhcl pxrts of tl)(.ixll-y ol. Whitc p:rirrr is used ft)r \l'orlrcD's flcsh. Intcrcst in rhc contcnt ofdccorxtioll lcd xwry fronl a propcr intcrcst irr thc r. Evc:r rv]rcrr tlrc t. r. Dcspitc thc li rllitations of tcchniLl u r l nrxstcr iikc Excki.rrd r lr. Thc colour convcnrions t-c sirttple. Thc carlicr historv ofthc craft in Athcns phyed its part.Apert tionr a ti'rv drared sccnes.. Athcni:rn black ligLrre bccanrc subjcct to convcrrti()ns of plilnn. ir drr.hich rcquirc \ortrcvufiet rrrorc:rpplicxtion fror1l r. but apart frolll sonrc stock sccllcs ofmych or stock figulcr Jikc korrests.l ir l cLrstomcr.ll ( .rl friczc sryJc. It lav bcnvccn lhcil nllrkct pllcc arrd il gatc*. . end therc arc r_alc cxanrples of l sccrrc .ovcrcd it rl.crc lirtlc bctrcr than hacks.prrr.v.rirrr.shapcs thcrc is no disccrnibly dclibcratc choicc ol t96 Conventions As in env elt rnxilly collccrrlccl rl. as rvc heve sccu. deities or cult scencs rppcar on vxscs ofordiniry donlcstic shtpcs u/( Irray rlot rssunlc thrt thcy wcrc dccorirtcd lor a specific prrrposc. Chapter Eleven GENERAL DECORATION . :: r lL) tllc DCu: rcchnicluc th:rt rttr:rctcd the bcst t() u dcrstxnd rlrru thc. rncl e vcrv fcrv copicd. bcvoncl rvhich rl. r6.-ruth.1 . I imlginc thc Athcniart potrcrs'qu:rrter to hrvc L. z r 6...v ltevc bccn :rpprecietccl during l bricf l.v lrlisscd :rDd they nray onl. notirbly thc lrrirrr.cvcr.evcnofrcPeir..rittclr dou.of discussion corlsidcratiorr of rhc work of red fiqurc rrtists hes bccn avoidcd. brLr thc qrrrlirv ol lhc nlonuulc[tai nrrrative scc]les on Protoattic vescs ofrhc scvcnth ccrrtttrt rt tbr r lvhilc subducd by enorhcr influcrrcc.r. mcans ofexpressine thcir onc of lhc princip. on objccts <)fcvcrvd. thc Anresis P:rintrr t t)7 . llthough this is dillcult to jrldec ir)(l irrr possibic to provc (sec pp. l..ccn lrtrch ficqucnrcd by rhe ordi:rarv obscrvirnt Athcrri:r:r. r rl r r.rsks l.v did in ruticluiB. cl)do$cd \iith vrr) r rli dcgrccs ofconrpetcnce rnd originality.l's sourc plintcrs \^. These.. IJut whcr..g. exccpt in so far rs it xllccts rlrc st1.1lio ofdccoretion to shepe.ho fottnd nl this colnprrarivelv hunrble creft:r satistictorv rlcl cllcLtr\(. |]()sc:l d colllpositi()r). Thc rcasons ibr thc choicc ofligurc dccoration on a bleck figurc v:rsc urc s()nlctinlcs obvious frrreral scerlcs oD 11 rituel vasc irrtcndccl for thc grevc.lctrimcttal cllccr on this prrt ofthc book. a derailccl stucly of thc cvolution ofe ' Olessic' st.rr errtl \ . rr hclc thc nr-vth hrd a spccial locltl rclcl.llrfosc ()1rly. ir\ ofrclicfbrorrzc worL.. For corrvcnicncc. This arro raly hes litr1c or no .. . iro cl_cw thcsc perts in outlinc xt lcrst on sorrrc vrscs (c.xrt of^n irllllreutiul city rhlorrqlr tnorc tharn a cerltul y. li)r insrancc. u.()retivc arrd narretivrl. that of thc prolific schools ()l Corinthiln vesc prirtinlJ.rrr . nrrke possiblc hcrc es in no othcr lielcl of (ircck :rrt.n or not.. es.lsc.1rorvsignsofprcvir)lrsr. ()r rliLrrrcs irrr rircnirn . introduccd thc rcw tcchniqLrc.l rrr. lJut ir should Lrc rcrr:rrkcd rhet it is only rl.rotr.ry us(' BLr! ruost vlrsc plinrcrs \\.vlc. lllolc lcldY roo.rrcl dcspitc thc lirct thlt tir pllt of thc pcriod . Sophilos l. 1)ut thc lrcqtrcrrt rcpctirr()rr (. Plrticular vasc scc)rcs nrel rvell lr. 54). For thc contcnt ofligurc scerlcs (lorindlixn v:rscs xrd othcl lrts. dcitics ou votivc phclLrcs. Somc:ittrll viscs ccrt:rirrlY rvcrr's.l tlrL otlrr r lrrr. talk.rnd Arrchiscs sccrrcs uhich rcuclrirl It.rlr'. Ho\\. bnt whr thesc vases lre ofordinlrl.crrc is topicel or of possiblc local synrbolic siqui6carrcc. to iook to poctry and stor'1'-tcllirrq whcthcr rl.rrr rr. has rcnrerk:rbll littlc ir conruon $-ith rhc colltcnlpolilrv rccl tgurc r .rt . thc r Dqc' of clecol rtion errd the gradual stcrcotypirlll ]lld dcvcloptllcDt ofscrttes rrrl convcrrrions ir Athcnierr bleck figure.irrg scctior)s rlrl ittcrnpt is rrledc to dcfinc:rnd to describc thcsc ' 'r\ \ rrlri 'rr\ .rlity on drirrking vessels.Lhc sccDes l.ith thc rccl ligulc of thc ilfrh:rnd tinrth ccntrrrics tlrrt it bccon)cs possiblc ro provc r n)orc clclibcrrlc rrltc]-cst ir1 drc choicc ofscencs for vases ofcoDruron shlpcs..r r:rrkcr likc thc nrarrv Acrcas .1.. ptilltcd or) thcnr rvhich suqqcsl\ llt.or11Drod.r( (lrr \ rr.rn outsidc'Attic:r (sce pp. \\. thc Athcniln sccms ro hrve bccn quick to invctt 11cw sccncs or cstablish llcw convcntiois. iililrrc \( cotrld rlisc his crlft to d1c sratus of a ura.lrrcc.\ r Thc clccor:rtion ofAthenien black figurc vescs was dctcrntinccl by r varictv ol ftctors.ay.rlthouqh rhere rverc a1u. rrrr.l .tl rrl()\t.Merrr'. r:.rrclrr'trr lr<'i1'. thc l:ltcr blxck figrrrc' rcpcr-tory. not the lcast bcing rhc invcntivc skills of :r lumbcr ofgilicd:lrtrstr rr.rf p. 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The (irccks usc it to irnply action.forshortenedvicwsofshields[2. or both (s:rtyrr [ Exckias aod sorr-rc lollowcrs wc solnetjDres see a wxrrior's grclvcs paintcd onc bleck end one (thc'farther) rcd. . but is abandorred for nreJcs by al:our the middlc ofthc ccntLrr v although cvcn Anresis oflers two rcd-ftccd Athenes and there is a rcd-farcrl Hcreklcs ol e Nikosthclic c'yc cup. but on carly vases it is nrorc oftcn over-printcd rc(1. Thc languagc of gcsturcr in black 6gurc is not a vcry subtlc or c-\tcllsivu .. indicating a weechcr bcatcn tan: rvheu komlsts undrcss we sc'c thrt thcy hir vc sr-urly chcsts too lzr]. and it is vcry cffectivc irupossible since most early mnners are shown moviirll thcir righr (or lcft) . Helcn rccovcrcd 167. t77]. cvcn lcmule (sphinxcs.rsts better o11 rhc clay grornrd itsclf. Thc rcd nrey bc uscd for carly rnonster faccs. r.rrrrl llt rr then not lor heads.. Frontal faccs. Mllc flcsh is 'plein'.8]. bocly is covcrcd rvidr f. but wc ncvcr hrvc thc itrprcssi.ver rathcr than ttrovcmcnt. sircrs [82]).rrLi\t r. thc rcprcscntations of running xllord e good cxemplc of how a 6gurc-drawinq . ?9ol or on hcx(l rirrc ruid-sixth cclr!Llrv cxxrnplcs of bl:rck lreads 'rl). is r little enisnratic. but this docs rlot sccrr rr obvious clsc for distinguishing light and shadc and thc purposc is obsculc.871 rid nrxny ges!-lres of remoilstrancc or dcn)olstration such as still cnliven the ( (rlvcrs:rtions ofour Mcditcrrancrfl co[tcnlporirics.Thc wonlcll's gcstllrc.:i.rtlr . ()n1y ghc 1s.rr tlr.joour()nlen'slleshh:rsrobebieckonwhitr- WorrcD's cycs lr-c usuell_y r]1n()nd-shapcd.2.vhitc did not go decp cnough (nor should it) to scorc thc blxck. proportions as adults IFrorrfispir&. probabiy from thc East r'hcrc it scrvcd figurcs dcmonstratirg por. The occxsional o](l(.Dlasses thxD thcrc was ir) Clorirlthixn vesc painting.:rils ofcycs on c. Dionysos Ir78]).u3]orwhccls. . Thcy still run with thc front ice rrised frorD the g.rk. Red and whitc arc othcr\. rrlg how vcry slow it wts and how only with thc ir(lvcrt rrl rtrl lrrtrrrr rr. rgll . howcvcr. fol ilrst:rncc l)y rhe drLlled biack bcncilth it.onvention can be adopted end eventually ebandoncd in levour ilt1d tl)(' like nrc crlciirllt sh:rpcd lyjlh lhc lcxr duct llrarkcd alld cvcn soirc ofthcsc lrc ' lcnrxlc'. irand to chrn llr rLrpplication fronr thc thrcat of dcath 167l or for lovcrs lt24. Thc yours arc smalicr bLrt in thc s:rr(.rrrtl . ln t[c scvcnth ccntury rur]ners on vascs lrc gcncrally stiF lcggcd but the knccling-running posc (Kriclaufl is soon adoptcd.arriors so often fighr widr their helmets pushed back) and thc \\{)rllcn arc pcrhaps to bc thought ofprrtly vciliDg fhcir faccs in a qcsturc ljnrilier cnough still irr Mcditerranean and Arab coLlrltries where sur1.lrri'rr. running or flying.'llrcrrrrriorrtttl likc figurcs of black figure fight. lndications ofagc are vcry simple. blank bccer. rt. It I. ()rr vescs ofClroLLp E. r. but on whole Ggurcs tlr( ] may serve to 'punctu:rte' a sccnc. hlDd to forcheld for griefor drsrnay [zoz-3].uudrtiet.l xr)cl :rr(l ()l lilir rrr s rr r .:lr chlc lrc bothcrcd to look rt livc nrodcls when hc drcw wholc frglLrcs. lt is somctrncs . or for a rough iIrdic:rtion oflight and shade stripcs on drapcry.crrru.rIl.. r r.rt srripcs. Thc degrccs o1' | 9<) brold arcas of abstrrct patten) were evoidcd although thcrc arc it tiu rnlphorac and cups ofthe rhird quarter ofthe ccDtury on which much of I lrr. llut this disposition ofcolour is not rlwrvs logical.cdding proccsThc Archaic artist docs nor likc obscu ng hunun fcltrrrcs (which 'ions [77]).6'llc\lrlirruorncrr. wiro arc iittlc mcr)).rl pleque in a scrics. no\\. urr. and rhar meny womclt illv.9ol md in u. There is lcss ii-clinir for thc usc ol comperlsxting coloul.cfore thc mid sixth ccntury but it was stiil possiblc to m:rke this mistekc il] thc carly fifth ccntury. of nrcn arc to bc avoidcd by the llir skimcd.ard togcthcr [295]. palnr out. . oficn irrvc rcd pupils. in this cesc black.. There arc very few grotcsquc or nlalformcd nrortal faces and only in thc sccond half of thc ccntury rri.vhy u. black ficcs. of Sometirnes greater subticty is adrnittcd or an:rrtist tcsts natrrrc with thc figrrrc a collapsing wxrrior or horsc.r bandoned and already il thc Iest quertcr ofthc sixth ccr)trlry rLrnncrs irray bc .lly obscrvcd in thc 6fth ccntury. nr( rrl'.rtt( n r pl\ ti.'xplaincd xs a ritlral gesture ofdisplay. run.r l11 lirl isoirtcd \\.r9l) .'rrer.rsc thc irrciscd dctail ou rhe ovcrlyins. Expression hardly goes bcyond an opcn mouth or st:r rir rll cyc rnd is bcttcr rcndcrcd by gesture.rnns alld lcgs foru.Horvevcr.u( gclrcrallv grotcsquL'.thcr th:rn thc beck lcg [306]. I o"-i. dust rnd thc vic$. gr'()11r)d v.cvcn whcn enatomicrlly 'howu with thcir lcgs only slightly bent[296] and somctirncs with thcir clbows wcll tucked in. r77]..ound [-. gorgoncia [69. c()rlvcrsc with posr's .] : small childrcn arc not givcn largcr hcir(l\.rr lr is r .hirligig swestika.r lady is rnorc portly.rliurr to l]('nL'r.oz-Jl. By this timc. rvhich.rrc rnd there is rnore to obscrvc irr red figurc but thcre erc e fcw gestures \\orth mcntioninlj: thc raiscd hatrd. thc knccling posc had bcci .isc usc(l li)r prlrc pattcr11. urrrl in thc sccond quartcr ofthe century wc scc sorDc rcd chcsts bciow black ficc s.rr( r(puJrr'd lronr q. profilc or combined frontal-pto61e convention clli'ctivcly hloklrr. Africens givcn curly hair. xhlond shapcd.(lr|\ l/r-5. Ls r. Old nrcn have whitc hair. n()l thc rlrxlc seLrccIs. :rnirnel ribs and haurlchcs.r. akhor-rgh there were occasi()Drl rrrtl srrcccsslirl . f)eveiopmcnt in tirc rcprcscntation ofrnattor)l v r bcentdequatelydescribedinthefirstpartofthisbo.t'7. lllourD. thick iips and snub noses [9g] (compare the carlicr pyenlics on thc Frenqois Vrse [46. . arms and lcgs bcnt likc e rr.itudc only grrdLr. nlissrrr11. llll\1.rscs. sil1cc thc dccorativc valrrc is sliirht.lrile tl)crc rlc like soreoneia 169. or thc palc hrir:rnd flcsh ofrnene and beilics.rrrrl cs1. for thc vaicdiction of malc rrrourncrs [265]. which givcs a lrlorc real\u. Onc or two artists coulcl Elct it rillht l. Thc l()sl whitc can bc dctcctcd on worrcn's flcsh or shield blezons. but oftcn aIi-ectec{ by gocldesses or \\'onlcn iD lnomcDls of nr()dcstv or cilbatrtssrncnt (fur contcstallts tt thc lLrclgenrent of Paris. The observen t rcadcr u'ill havc noriccd thar rh c rvhitc painr olten hrs nol srLrvivcd on thc vase. lrolding thc cloak bcforc the f:rce.1.It r rhowobliquc. as by Exekias at thc sidc of onc funcr'.r'L r. which may show rrs thir riirg or as a 1)rcrc fringc. Thcy 11ray stoop on sticks. or separated fronr thcir bodics. Young rren are bcardlcss.

l rnll bc'rcpl. Wlrolr' srr'rrr.crc rv.ith r pocnr on thc strb.ll krrorvr.rcck irrt ofell pcriods.rrriors. riilt l'r tr'l' Ilr.. of tirc Arr..v prcsc:rtcc1 cxccr pts tionr lhc sturck sccrrcr opportnritl enolrglt to clctrronstrrtc rhis Trr.cs not nccd to inrplv lirrrrili:rritv orr thc P:rrt ofthc peintcr liltllcr thrn ir .rbout J -l o.rr. .ill lx iD liltcr chlptcrs but ir rnry hcrc lrr' rcnrukcd thet artists rlso frccltrcrl!l.rtirrg ofPirintcrs' rvor-k l givc I tcr'.7/6 (rro yotnl!tcr thrll tlljr ly) hc plobeblv corrld .'s.rl tl)c ll\ rrrll ()rrl oiruoi. l. Thcy llc p:rintcd ln thc ilcld. but oD occrsion thcrc is rcesotr to slrsPcct thirt lhc :utisl (the Su irrll Pnintcr is onc such olii'nclcr) hls lbrgottcrr or-igrrorcd thc point ofa sccrrr'. to thc Arrdokiclcs P. crrlv ()ncsinros (r).ryr(l hr s. ctotot.)rr" ' Lrt nlc so' l:t6] . btrt lllc-ir truc ..votltlls. I'hc iuscliptions :r. (icrrcr:rl captiorts. Sorlc!irrrcs \\'c tcc jLlst thc t'ord 'knlos'.rc.-toridcs rvrs :rrchorr ir 5:.:rrnrrrrit'1'.Llrcr hencl thct' hrcl not bccornc by thcrl l 1lrcrc corrvclltiorl silrcc tllc\'onl\' ititcr rhc nrid ccntttrv. loloslos. . lthlcrc oI hcro rs 'bcllrrri L '. sorrrctrrrr.icct.liJos). It is ncvcr clsy lojLrdgc which iflrrv ofthcsc mori!. i ol both r:crrr c errd rrl\Ithicel contclt ltcquirc convcnti()r)s ()l coIllpositi()l] elrri posc.issical iconogrrph.ncriclllvirr-':rboy"('hop:riskllos'). 1'rottcr end paintcr sitn lrt i.ilndlcgcrldslt.c illc l(r cxpllin thc circurnstiiucc of tl)c lclions.burrrstrtlllthcbovisnrrrrcd Thesc ir'rc coDlclrlpollrv Atllcni]n .. Colnrer P. r. rvorrltl tlr. Ilucc I irrc . 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Whcn e rlcw stor-v is shou. girr ro rppcar or v:rscs :r lnscriptions llcforceborrr5Tiinscriptiolsn:rnrinethepcrsonsshorvuinsccttcs. sclective. Lcccl 1.rcrl) or lcrr rr. cvcn i11 ectioD. Sotlc cxcep!iorrs xrc thc cr)'of rl Irlortrrrel . ercl I .'r.crrth ccnttrry. It .Lrrilr rr rccl titLrlc)..or huvc qrr:rlificd rs :r bcluty elrcr.l . sor c ..i hich is:r hclp irr rc1:rrivc r1. (rcd ligrrrc Phinties (t)). It is still e rrriroritl'ofv:rscs u'hich carty thcnr. rcrvardirrg. or cvcr) li)r pulposcs ofsynrbolism. br rt thcv crn trc sccn to llcquirc x ccrt:rin st:rlus vlluc sincc nrock inscriptiotts lIc .ithin a fcw vclrs wc scc r lr1 ]lrost llvisl) cx..rrr..rt.vthicrl ligurc and l1rost uninrels .lokiclcs l)rirrtcr' (r). figtrrc.rlrctcl is clusive ltlcl r'r'c c:ru hlrdly disnriss thctl as flipplrltll eruorous rrhcr thc. itlthorrqh orrtc irr r rr'lr. ( )rr Lirtle M:rstcr cups thc signlrturc or bibulotLs rnottt:r has dccorativc velrrc.rr'.. ctc.rcccl bv norrscrtsc or blob lctters t() pr-escrvc thc clccor':rtivc clli r t L1' pcrl-s : r )nuor-iclcs krlos: Exckils (:).'. but u. ll On.tscs bt' linritccl t rc cpirhct lor orrlr' .. C)u Do lirtcr vxsc xrc llr( inscriptions so protusc.. cxpl:rin lieurcs. l)lrintirs (r) . r 'r. rercl-v ldrlirrg . Tlrcsc rrorscrsc inscriptions rprpcrr rilrc:icly on Tyrrhcrrr.r nrixturc of copying lnd inregination.r'hol1r erc iclcutif]lblc. so vcr). Psir-r (t).rrr cpitlrtt.rnrplc ol'tlrcir Lrsc.r'ith fc\^i c\ccPtiorrs u'llclc thc I rrr igl)l grl . ulbush r.vhoily cxplicit. cspccielly .lr.. sornctirlcs silcnt.hcrc cv.v mrcll'l god rrr- aoa ..os l:6] urcvcryret-c..rch i1t ir loss:rs \\.rlrcady cstrblishccl in thc scr.n ancl:ro inscriptions erc proviclctl t. Sotrc ertists evoid tlrcm:rltogcthcr:lrld othcrs ilr( usurllv inconsisrcnt in thoir rrsc. 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'I'hc kllos irscriptions forrn e spcciel cless.rrdlvcvcrr[rPcrrr(tlrcr. rvith no tripod btrt r. .l still rcedilY bc recoguisc<l bccetsc rhc collvcllriorls or thc story *.rlly acccptcd convcntions do makc' it possiblc to obscrvc.' tripocl. sccnl.rr..listcl ovcr thc scetrc.ilnd spcctrlatc otr dcvi rr rt t end rhis is rvb:rt nrakcs thc stLrdy of (ll.or-gons).l.' cxrtrtlplcs.rt 11r. lnd cvcn sorlc ob.v. I)rirrcton I'tilrtcr (r). in thc tlckl nclr lhc rclevrtrrt tigrrrcs.. vlscs rcletcrl I Lrcc Liuc (ilorrp (r). dcll)onstrlfL'e coDvcrltioll ()l sorre irrp()rl. thc itrtists illc cxccptional on Athcni:rrr vascs.rltion rllirv hrVc bc.vith Apollo's dccr bctuccn thctr). Thcrc rrc fcrv such puzzics iu blrr. hc nriqht rvcll havc bccn k.'\ trLrt tltc gcrrcr.rr occrsioll suppliccl rvlrcrc cithcr thc ertist's litc[acy firilccl or no propcl rr:rrrr. t ucr'c rcrlrrirccl. sonrctirncs bciug r.vnriclcs (r) .'tr so lo clcsignerc I voLlth. wc nrir:ht itlleqiuc. of it or u.rrrrc'd.ects of lurriturc erc lebclled.l tlr.or'()dvsscus ticcl to his:trast as his ship plsscs rlrc sircrrs lrrs(.IfLcrgr-os is thc gcrrcrel killcd irr 1o.rlos: Mr:rucr lloup (r). Thcrc u.rgros kulos: Lcrsros (irotrp (s): (rn.itl) his orvrr vicu.rppcer. Arhcnian blrck ligurc.rr(c in (. A vcrv li * rvonreu trc sirnil:l1l)'honotrrccl bv trenrc. Clrclis (t)..rrc:al lcknorl'lcdqcnrcrrt of sotrrt' ftvouritc of thc drr'.rirrtcr (-:).r Prirrrcr's liiislis..

but we do not see friezes of lotus alone and rarely of palmette alone (e4. purchaser o! mortal dead. X fora 7. 36) and spellilg sometimes shaky. Lotus and pllmette usually alternate and are often opposed. Base rays had once been a floral pattern and are sometimes treated more like leaves than a geometric scheme. otherwise florals fi1l subordinate ftiezes or serve as the decoration ofvase necks.artists' signatures (p. Often inscriptions run retrogtade in common with Archaic inscriptions on stone. (less often the Dedicatory inscdptions naming the deity appear on votive plaques but it unusual to find a bespoke inscription naming the dedicator. Graffiti underfoot may record prices.56]. In early Athenian black figure the lotus has a broad splaying form with the spiky central leaf shown over the tiny palmette which Orcek artists ofthe seventh century had persuaded to grow there.U I I & B A . bug many are monograms or symbols which have to do with the marketing ofth6 vase or ofother vases in a batch. tr. 4o). zogf. ea becoming u at name (Nerus). the loss of nasals before consonants ( mache. but also often framing later black figure panels. The ivy leaves soon become mere blobs. Friezes of pear-shaped buds are. t 7V q=6t + 1 = xl The lettering is done in black. 54]. as Ir46]. I give a rendering of the common letter forms in sixth-century vase inscriptions since some may be unfamiliar even to Greek-reader. These are most common iu tlrc sccottcl hnll'ot' rhc sixth century. and alternating buds may be given curling outer leaves like opening flowers. This is based on a table kindly checked by LilianJeffery.. r ] and the added wavy lites which could cross the calyxes or palmette hearts had been abandoned by irbout J6o. In the same position red dipinti may serve tlrc slnte pttrporc lnd some are found earlier than the 'mercantile graftiti'. r67). and are often brightly coloured. Exekias added to one ofhis vases an incised signature in Attic letters and a gifl motto in Sicyonian letters for the purchaser. N a5 515 57s. The interlace is linked by tendrils. Florals . Arc links above the buds hint at these opening leaves.2. erTs for 1s (Heraklees). more Plausible. Exceptions are on one or two funeral plaque series. as on Siana cups. 42. that in Athens ofthis period no separate letters are used for long e and long and tiere are other occasional idiosyncrasies ofspelling.z. This lotus type progressively narrows and the sequence can be followed as a useful criterion ofdate [5. and the arcs are regularly repeated below. 202f. 11 -r TT '{ x x r A l" // /V N . Kasmos). Before the mid sixth century the central spiky leafmay be omitted [5 r . and ivy and vine leaves are seldom diferentiated in figure scenes. The lotuses progressively thin [r 88. g. Generally the black figure painter is not vety observant of botanical forms. r]). the palmettes become more angular with time and their leaves cventually sepatate [r oJ]. 241 25. which become normal by about 54o. rt). as Ir 4z]. peculiar to Athens to early Greece in general. Some painted insc ptions are discussed elsewhere . 47. which again might puzzle a Classical Greek For instance: er becoming e or r (Chiron). rarely red (see p. and with these the floral pcals. Added colour disap- lhks [51]. The commonest pettern is a combination oflotuses and palmettes. Sphichs)./'/\ f 11 t + t1 PR PR .2.r. but liom about 560 these are increasingly often replaced by round chain ciements are normally opposed [92]. . The only plausible florals are the laurel or myrde fiiezes which sit like wreaths on the lips of some Siana cups. . tppear in thc second quarter ofthe century [47. on a handle ofthe Frangois Vase rrd work by the Ptoon Painter [5r. and the ivy in the same positionl35. E becoming tr (especially Olysseus) 6pcbecoming op (Asmetos. additional aspirate-0. The body of the lotus becomes little more than a support to the spreading outer leaves which frame the intermediate palmettes. and even where a tree or vine is relevant to the scene it is 203 . Some ofthese bud and flower friezes within scrolls Ugg. 52. Incised inscriptions added after firing do not normally refer to the painted scene but record personal dedications or giftt. a type already developed by (lorinthian painters. Keian and Samian letter forma have been detected on other vases.^/ N N 11 I I P 15 t -r v yY 6 5r5-5OO /t4 /{ sao A15 /^. but the more mechanical friezes are later and are pcrsistent. again as links.550 550-525 AANlE A A FE A EE N ^ A EE AAEIH o o o o o ? ? 1 I 1 E EH H a@ a oo ol ot ot r k K I crrcer rather than by a retailer. and seem to have been put on early in theit 202 Some late cups have floral bands as their only decoration. single consonants for double (rarely reverse) and zt for oo (Netos) . and there is very rarely triple dot between words. comPosed in neat circles The lotus and palmette patterns are fotmal but non-realistic. Panathenaic prize vases (p. tz.. The palrrcttes have a new lease of life with the red figure Pedod. not alternating. in their simple elements.

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As shiclcl bl. ifrrrclcccl rltcl.rllcs to clcal rvith l:5-. rhieh-lcngth.ouths hvorrr llr.c lrc bcing sho\\. likc tiqhtinq scc cs.rtcs (Athcn:r's ou. r nernc morc propcrly rcscrvcd fbl thc short but llc:tv).\rhcnien black figurc. scepcd thc cxcevltor. lt rcquircs orrlv inscriptions r)rrnirg lrcrocs to rrrslltc thcsc to thc world of :ry. Whetcvcl thc urood.r shoulclcr thcit wav into drc uuinral fliczcs. whiclr h:rrl lonq bccn a popular uotivc on hcr vlscs. Kclbt r()s.ul bcerdcci l:381. lifc \\ arc citllcr' itssocirtcd with cult.ll (ci lZS. irrcltrdiDg nrent. thc or borr nrev havc his bristlcs 'brokcn ' er mid-back in thc Eest Clrcck nran:rcr'. or htrntir. pcrheps.ild SCENES OF REALITY i\.1\.cd right to tJrc nrid ccnrury. This probeblv cxpleirs roo wll. lislctings elors thc uppcr ann! full LrLrr pcrhlps not rightl)'.v Athc ial nas by clogs) or subsicliarv clctril (flf iug bircls. 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TLcy figure t:rirrrals.ripnrcrrr. and thc scclrcs nrey r. r. l lri lltcrnltivc ti'nralc costurnc which c()Lrld xlso bc worl ovcl u driton. hclcls.. \orlrctirlics with cords elso hlnging wilhill lhc 1i111. Thc sterrding f'rontal cherior is a popular syrnmct cil conlposi tro l 154. rathcr th. A tiw. ald drcir bettlcnrcrts on sonre late sccrr's ofthc dlagging ofHcctor's body. t z r ]. ShicJd blazons arc usu:rll. of worrcrr housc to draw watcr [-:t:1].r. rg0i. Sonc ofthc wonrcrr narucd in ftrncrel or fountai:r scclcs nlight lrrve been rcco!5rlislblc Athcnians tbr lll rvc cen tcJl. Thc usurl ollcrrsivc wclpoDs xrc a thrllsfil)g sPcrt or sword. Sonrctinrcs thc srvord is crrrvcd and onc-cdqcd: rhc'nrachrira'ot'kopis'spcer s ar c gcDcrrlly carricd irl prirs ll1c1 in tctiolr. Most arc ()r r ccognislbly' J)oric'. spinrirrr. which nr:ry bc styliscd into u. the ptoxiurity ofa tcmplc (thrcc on [. stlnd frcc of thc shicld. with besidc tlrcnr thc cheractcristic wool baskcts with flering sidcs (kalathoi) or ir an orchard. Thc Srvingcr's nenrc vesc shows enothcr pastin)c lI+2]. llercly 1 cloth is shown hengine fronr the shiclcl to protcct Llrc olvncr's lcss lior1r rrrows. Thc brorrl brirnmcd rravclling hat for nrcrr is thc petrsos f:ro].v scencs ofthe donrcstic lifc ofworncn. lctding thcut. but for tht' cncis in withollt clrrablrturc is crlough to ilrdicatc rhc Porclr of l housc'(ls for-thc l. It is fastencd by pins or broochcs at the shouldcr 164. crnblazollc-d. likc l lion's hclcl or r suilke. Sornc rney bc aroups ofgoddcsscs but this is uot ncccssarily rrrrc ofali.. Sorueti:res two or thrce (rercly n11. Ovcr pcplos or chidon r h.r r.ed in red liqure but we scc spir:rl brrcclcts enrl carring pcndxDts.!71. llso on the Frrnqois Vlsc lnd the fount n horrscs in Troilos sccncs 146.rcc.ith besic rcclxrrgulrr slrapcs.vcll br' inspircd by Pcisistratid work on the Athens'water-suppiv Enneakrouros:. xnd it is ccrtxirlly popullr rvith hcrocs (ls dclivcrcd to Achillcs). Gcncrllly a coluo-ln witlr chborxtc cvcn 7. and il)tcrior. lirnbs.vith thc r olutcs s1r'irrging tionr the shaft. whcn not wer-likc. ' :rrltiiabc''. ii tripod or :r bull's hced. ancl rhis explains tlre one tirll b:rre leq showl by xrne runrrirrq figurcs Irig] in all bur larc black figurc.r box-like trcrtnrcrt ofthe overfall is anothc'r indication. scetcd or f'ruir-pickinq. nlor-e oftcn for a procession thln for. Thc 'lJocoriau' shicld is fittcd likc thc circullr \ irriety.orn. wirs rhc pcplos (sonrcrinres rnislc:rdingly c:rllcd thc I )olic chiton).r systcnl which sccms to irlvolvc thc constr[ctiol) ofscvcra] llcw fourrteirls witlr colunrn:u t'igadcs.2 z5]) or rhc I l. Clornmoncst trc rncrc blobs. 'l his hrs e looscr skirr end a plain or. Thc shiclcl is ofthc routd hoplitc vilicty. brit is ov:tl i shepc wilh cut-outs rt thc u. cvL'rr 6 orlr hd_scheck. Tlrc Attic cen bc no rnore thxn x cup. thc flatrrc of a rcvcrcd Athcniiln spriig. soDlctirllus inciscd.ith horsc's . as by men.jcwcl- thcrc:rrc to colrtcnlporaric\ il cxerrplcs. It is rcmar'klblc ho*'fcrv dircct rcfi'rcnccs Lrlack figur'c. Thc rrchitcctulc it porpax' throulih rvhich thc lorcerm is pesscd end thc haDd-grip. oftcu tri-lobcd I8Zl. Thc kalos n:rncs arc thc obvious Fighting 'fhc vesc picturcs erc a good source of information xbollt xlrlour aDCl \\capoDs. ln the sanre spirit nrrle errd f_enrale onlookcrs rrrlv fi11 thc r'vings for e rnytholoqical ccrrrre-piccc.v prilltcd whitc.rr Men and wonen may have thcir hair-bound by a fillcr. a thror'ving thonq mey bc secn tlstencd to the shaft I r -z l. tlrc dcxth ofTroilos l:or I and rhc Sack ol Troy.onren oftcn draw ir ovcr thc back ofthc hcrtl end mey hold en cdgc ofthc garnlcrt bct'brc thc fecc wirich is thcrr silhoucttcrl (whitc on bhck) bcforc itl67. A fcu. conrlrlcrcixl.l) e streiqhr cdilc rt thc w:List [461. ' 247 .1 (ir. il rrccrl bc. Thc Wrlls of Troy on thr' Frtnqois Vasc rney bc rncntiorcd.:1. Sornc bclicvc it rorl-functior1e1. nrid ccrtrrry.

"r. its rrrorc pr. cithcr of the ' Bocoti:lr) ' shape. but drc lou.scs \vc scc ir nroulltccl squirc lc:rcling his nrestcr_'s lrorsco: accorrpanlinghisfullv. Trrrnlpctcl 691. lnd somc cluivcr bow-cases ofscythian cypc rrc ilso showD. 52 ri. Popular :clatcd sccncs ilrc of ilrnling.l6l.2tZltobesecrr. erc tr. whcre x chlrxctcristic posr rs \tu)opirlq to clip ol1 r grcave [. crcst. a.rcticll for-m includcs a neck guard and chcck picccs(l r62. Sccncs of pick-e-back (cphcdrisuos) .'.cntlrry thc sccrlc is usually nrorc rcllistic. women. Thc'Chalcidian'hc'lnrct (ru inaccurltc titlc) is sinriler but it leavcs roonr for thc cxrs and thc cheek picccs rney hevc e curvcrl oLrtlinc Ii2 /r. kickirrt dlucc olrcrr rvith clrirrkins honrs or cups Ln thcir hlnds.ickcr ancl skil. in denccs u..206. rtri. u.t] and by rhc tyr:rnt Pcisistrrtos.).l. scerlcs Wine.r'r>horsc. dllcirg lbr L)iol1. soDrctinlcs wilh orlc or l\vo tr:lcc horscs. crcsts beconrc thc nric end :L sl. Thc stittcd crcsts rn:ry htve or-rlirrc crcst holders likc aninrl hcads or r. cvcrr it tction (at iclst in art). 62. 1oo. \4tlics with chariots may bc scct.ln about -5so a leathcr corselet appcers. or siurply stanciing rvith r 11thcr or br. rnay bc worn xlso by Amezors. stxltcling ft) Sonrctimcs rnuch ofthc ernroul is olrrittcd arrd with ncar-nakcd cornbet:rnts it is hard to say how nruch is duc to thc Creek lrtists' intcrcst in 'hcnrir to Athcnien vilscs bv thc Ko:rest (ilorrp irrtists. t2t. or thc clcsccnt-shaped pclta crrried by blow lt Atttazons and othcrs. oftcn geily p. Sotttc m:ry bc nlkccl (nrorc oftcr lrs timc p:rsscs) or lvith a shoulder r-irrg likc the slccvc ofthc chiton brLt probablv intcndcd ftrr r wrclth or.[].rrrior dcparti q lr96]. und sonre Arnazons Izo4]. covcrs thc fecc lclving only thc eycs cxposccl and a slit bcfcrre tlrc rrrotrth. Clhrriots. The :r1l-nrctll bcll corselct protects chcst erd back:rnd is oftcn shown with spirals and rib-cagc malkcd orr drL' clrcsr l4S.vcrc conling to know \\rc can sce that victorious action is nornlrliy shown from left to rieht rr)(l thc dcad bodics normally lic with thcir hcads dircctcd towards their fi icrrrls.86. but rvithlt hiqlr crcst. Sincc :L pipcs pl:r 1cr ettctrds clrlcc rhesc too hcroic cncounter is beir.-r. not lbre:rnd".r. usually folded back.-nr to lnricipetc Old Oomcdy choruscs.qht. ' (linrrcriln' kin to thc Scythiens whonr thc Crecks r. and is favoured lor frontul or rexr vicws.rinq populrr bcvond thc micl ccnturl.rl rvith high or lou.u3] e d pcrt'irnr drcil botronr slapping.ith I rvifi. lcft hand on hip. zrTl (paranrcric{ia) and arm gtrards Iroo] arc slrowr. In Athcns the trensition is lcss clcer arrd ir mly sinrply bc thrt lncn grve Llp thc spcci:ll dtncillir costLllnc. Thc Scythiaus.and lightcr shields of \\.rl v:rricty is placcd ecross thc hclmet. erld rhc p. rrrcD drcsscd up rs horscs suppor.ribbon [-u r].r.vhcels [17.rrd fallen Egurcs of rnen erd horses rrc rcndcrcd with varying succcss."r. r4r].rs rlso ir li87l rvhcrc orncrs lrc bcitlir tekctl bv i:rspcctiotr ofcutrxils.rcavcs protcct thc shitrs end so:ne pattcrncd thiglt guards J64. but not oftcn with horsemcn. tiehr.c.1. Thcrc erc ilso doublc. boys and song ' I(orrrst' denccrs rppc:rr on (brinthiarr on thc llllck Sea shorcs.ttcmcd. lons siccves and lcsgirrr:s./Zl.. s usu:L1ly rrrcrit scperatc studics.rnncdmesrcr [4d].nrr lr. sonletinlcs attechcd to antlers [47]. Thcrc are lightcr arrns too a slingcr (ci l95l).66]. how truch to coltrelllpor:u y pr:lctice dict:ttcd by hot wcrthcr or thc pricc ofa bronzc l)\i Atlrr. rvltcthcr for reci[g or tiuhti g.rncl rncrl olr stilts It14] rnav bc in likc casc ancl tlrcrc arc latc vescs u. -['1]c (lorinrhiall helrnct {t6.rc figtrrcs wcerin g it is called ' Kimmcr ios'. L)thcr latc vescs sho\. atld mev daucc rvith nakcd rvonrcn who lercly thcmsclvcs clon thc disrirctivc costunlc 1221.rinrj riclcrs lr37l. lttll). erc thoLlght to havc bccll introduccd to the strccts ofAthcns Alier lbout J4o thc tilll drcss:rppc'ars Il6o. Quivcrs havc a top flep to kccp thc arrow flighrs dry.r. !7hcn wc arc so guided .ith wlnior dlrlccrs pyrrhichists (c1.9E]) wl-ricit are sootetirncs sho$. or thc .Arnirzons[56. For rhc lrttcr e cha:tot rn.pouring from rjug lbr hcr husbancl to nrrkc r liberiorr. rlrcn ridirlE dolphiDs errd rnighr be 'live' trrnslatiors of nnrDllncr\. Thcv rvcer short. Ilcforc thc :rid ccntlu_y i (ioriDth thcy bccontc essirrrilatccl to utyrs errd c r iDtrudc rn l)ionvsirc sccncs. ::5]).rcci. but it is oftcll worn 'ar casc' on thc brck ofthc hcad. llrt hter Alhcrrirn konlusts inrpcrsonrting satyrs contr_ibutr ro the clriy history ofthc (lrcck thcltre. Ol1 occxsion thc wrrrror hinrsclfis secnjuurping fronr his rnoviug horsc iu the militerl c:<cr. Ilorvcvcr. d3 /rlil end on c of tl.sos. Archcrs corrre to hlvc spcciel dress of Scythian typc wirh thc pointc(l lclthcr crp (as Ir14]) . rvhilc onc drcsscd as:r slt).:1.l.ilc end chilcl nttend.Kornasts lrc nloltirl.. but sccrl in profilc worn orr thcir backs by cheriotcers Ir:6].be showl . likc the northcrn horscnrcn with thcir pettclnccl cloaks. ()n sornc nrid ccnturv v.. )49 ostrichcs.cisc ofthc 'irnlrblltcs'. too.u.prcsum:rbly]rliudiceri!)D of contc'nlporaly prxctice ilr tlaining or scrvicc..71. 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t]rclt clcnt: stll)ding orl thc rvork rablc so rhet thc lcathcr c:tn bc cut ot l11elkcc1 irrollr)(l thcir tc'ct. rarcll clurlctcr-iscd es reisccl ls a fornr of rtirrcl brcrk lirl tlr. whcn wc scc oil bcing clispcnscd into llabastra fronr pclikai via funlcls [zrz]. erc sornctilncs choscn to dccorxtc thc inncr riln ofdinoi Ir o-z]or' cretcrs.tgl.r. A iibation is conulonlv poulccl at the dcprrturc of I rverrior or or l rimil:Lr occasion. Thc grcat fricze oD thr'FriLllqois Vasc b: inqs el1 Sinrplcr sccnes shorv thc cerlicr proccssioll rvith bridc :rnd groour ir thc cbrrior.cs\i()l) to !hc gloom's hoLlsc. llso rvith a torclr. Thcrc is not rruch inclic:rtioD ofspccial fcstivels. lrnd erirnrls urc Icrl trp ro thc' :rlrer. W:rrships r. rathcr dltn those in honour of thc city goddcss.Commerce and ind ustry l_hc lrlur'l llgrrrc r. r. rvhile thc .thc litbcllcd altar on thc Fran!-ois Vas.rrr.z. c.nstcr phellos clrricd on a lip cup ntrst illusrrate a rustic cclcbration for rhc same god. 151 L)\.r. ilcconrpanicd by thc wilc's ruothcr rvith a torch.ry lirrnr.r.r cup (llurgon Ciroup) whcrc thc essocixtion nrel bc' rcligt.isriDs irr thc llenrcs. sorllctilnc! in thc forrrr ofar elinr:rl srrout..sos is xtcnclcd cllncing rvonrcrr.1.r c bu rrrr orr thc elr:rr itsclfurrl rr c nrel scc the r:ril of rhc stcriflciul aninel tu.rcult liqlrrc. But such sccncs wcrc rcvcr vcry popular and latc strrdics ol' e fishnrorgcr (cL l. likc tlrc clcatlrs of Prianr or Tr-oilos. 24- 51. brt rnalc' nournc'rs rney approach with onc hand reiscd il lhc rittrll gcsturc.rtc rhc scttitlg. In Anrlsis'sccrrc oilr. His impcrsonation by the rrchon basilcus rnd pessAgc through !hc strccts of Athcns in a whcclcd ship durrrg thc Andtcstcria fcstival is also shown [:247].us. Othcru. and rvith a borvl bcneath the reble tor-wetcr rvith rvhich to solicn thc lcethcr for cutting l. fronr a Lirtlc' Mestcr cup shorvinq rvork or1 thc \\. Of fiurrriug activitics ploulihing and so\rirrq. ins1'rcction. prcsumabll) Harntotri:r.rr.rltar also eppclr.^ outsi(I.r ttcnditl g th cn.rily block likc'. ()l trl-l . Anlsis ollcrs thc cerlicst and bcst ofrhcsc sccncs l8g]. Illdlrstrial arctivjt.rprli. WoircD arc busy or [1or]rDing by thc bier itscJf. Arnasis shorvs us thc pro. Thc Circcks hld no mlrriagc ccrcnrony.ith nrelt'gr'nirels. Thc hcrm is a piliar toppccl b1 e bcardcd hced o f Hcrnr cs. an groonr's rnothcr. C:rrpcurels arc shorvn also.such.vork on tht u.isc wc hlvc olivc pickins IrE6l.. Pelcus'housc 14d.rtcd.. Eerlicr rhc rulskofDiorrt. and rhc crrlicsr..cll proppcd up erd thc chin strep kccping his mouth closed soructimcs llso \hown. r13]. itlr nrtrsical eccolrplninlcrit.l \ol]rctiDrcs Nidr thc architcctu(tl cllbor.ith r ranl prow. likc is wcighccl against 1ikc. according ro prcscribcd custotr.. The dcad lics on a bicr. carlicst ou ir Sian.rrrrtcr obscrvcd a rvidc varicty ofbarlusic lcliritics btrt dcpictLd thcl) rirrclv possibll orr clclund try proii-ssiorel cLlst()nlc1s. end thc seils:trc trrrued fole a:rd ift so:rs to lppc:Lr in thc profili' vicr'v. A rvilc or nrothcr holds drcjue.5].. Thcl c arc r nuubcr oinrinor rcligious sccncs on lltc vescs onlt.rrrior irrtv iuspcct chc cntrails of e secrificecl aninral (cxtispicv) to-judqc it thc olrcns lrc llood lor thc crlrcrprisc Jl (t71... not a!!ainst wcights. rourrd-bottonrcd nrcr- irvoked rrrclv attcrlds. Lft. fioru Exckias on..l_vsiclc shlines rvith e hcrur und sonrctirrrcs an.lrc sccll lr1()st oftcn.vork on tripods rrc sccn soon rftcr S j() lncl thcrc erc a icrv latcr sccncs of lorging showirllj a good rlngc of tlrc cxpcctcd tools [:6. r'. Keclurosaucl cluntnrcn Ir.rsrnrghrl. rvlits at thc rlcw housc1771. Olyrrlpus to l)clcus :rnd Thctis in chariots or on loo t l$. his hcad r.ith lnen or wonrcD . sonlctinrcs in myth sccncs [67.rlonc b1. rccotnplnicd by dcitics end prcscnts ofboxcs (oflitcu.vith r.90]. brrrrirrr srrll. As usual in this pcriocl.lrs rrrd oll onc virsc rr piratic ilttick is pcrlr:rps bcilg rnountcd on helvier. u. Thcv rlc uencr.hccl.5l. ()r rhc u. in the house porch. A column rnay indic.rchtdr. lrr sacrilicc srcrrt. brrt elters eppelr qrrite often. Thc stceli:rq oars ancl laclclcr-glugplank:trc shorvrr e! tllc stcrn.ourcn busy rt thc loorrr l78l rvool is bcing rvciglrcd otrc. cvcn bl dcitics lz46]. It is usuelll Athcru lr but rhcrc erc scveltl latc sccncs rvhcrc an irulqc of Dion).hecl buinl{ rur_ncd by r sqrirttilr!! boy. oficrr r.l.u. r35. lncl rirc nr. but thcrc llrc rxthr'r rnorc ofpotring. SolrcercnrythologicxI l)clcu s and Tlr cris.5 .. Of othcr sccrrcs of rtailing rhcrc erc lerv until the hst quarter ofthc sixth ccntury and thc carly 6fth.rse p. usullly crcct. rnd thc kiln trcirg rekcd out. thc o)ivc prcss end scvcrrl sccncs ol thc vintlgc rvith thc grlpcs bcire pickcd (rr en Acropolis plaque) or nrore oftcn bcing trodclcn.s ofli'rings ar-c cerricd irr 167. Srnirhs et r. Thc l)ionysiac associations ofmost dccoratcd vasc shapcs rrlay accorlDt for this intcresr in tlrc ntorc colorrrful sccncs ofhis worship. or. Ncxt Dronrirrg eUcsts errive with prcsclts.:r6l). 'l hc rlcitt. !o e lrtc sccnc ofthc rvhoic shop r.l. and cobblers. A gcrlcration carlicr x Lrconian paintcr had shown !hc Cyrcncal kiug. iuld c:rlrlcl-oDs {z671.v rvas closcr ro rhc intcrcsts ofthc pottcr/pilintcr who w. Arkcsilas supcrvising similer activitics. Hclcn lnd Menclaos (Sophilcan) but u. Religious occasions Wc scc littlc cuough oftcurplcs in black figure: ar nrost a tokcn colurnn. rolls. rlrtl l triscd stcrn. Ilr sontc l)ionysiac sccucs tlrc agricultural and fcrri]ity aspect ()f rhr god is intlrc. Thcsc scclcs too erc rrre. souretiurrs rvith onc sirlc 2r2 Thc laying out ofr bodv (prothcsis) appcars on hurcrary phclLrcs lz65I rrrrl sonrc lourrophoroi and phorrniskoi.E7] or cooks erc cxccptiorlal. in '1ivc'or slltu. Sonrc ofthc o:rled ships shorv trvo bluks of o. rhc nren e yrhirlc.hcrc thcrc arc Do inscriptions ol lttributcs wc nrav rcrsonebly think oir sccrrler occ:lsioD. :rnc1 u. pcrhaps of wool Iru5]. nlrcnads and widr satyrs. a brrli llter or levcr rnly bc cnough to indicacc sacrilicc.rtiorr ol s. r. Thc pcr_sorncl lray bc srtyr s bnt rhc ccpipmcnt is sixthccntury rvcll placed to observc thelr. lncl a fcw yclrs latcr Tllcidcs shows nrcn wcighilg bundlcs.sosalone isshou. for men or' wonlcD crtstonlcrs.Tlrc boncs lr)d fit . butchcr [.i . listcncd or cervccl il f'ront l:7_.

ho-e for the '&phora' [266]. l)Lrt not to lead us to believe that a poem alone could have prompted a serics or cycle of scenes. rnd wirh some . Rounded or rectangular grave monuments are shown' Lrr. Chapter Thirteen SCENES OF MYTH The conventions which govcrn the depiction of myth scenes in Atheman black figure havc been discussed in an earlier chapter. for instance. but in the opportunities offered by particular cpisodcs.h"r. and that lonian artists too had their own views. for instance.t "r'. but rrot impressively. Athens is not Greece. halrds iaised. So this is an incomplete account of the Archaic Greek artist's view of myth. lzzol. The Theseus episodes seen on late vases may well have becn 2t4 2r J . that the artists took a similar view oftheir sources. in the lliad as a". by way of introduction to the description ofthe scenes themselves. foot or horseback' The Sappho Painter is -o'or.reral scenes. and we may suspect iconographic influence too. rlthough it represents the bulk ofthe available evidence for it. Secondly.g . like the Trojan cycle of epic. ilr. nr"u. notably the architectural sculpture. such as the companions of Odysseus. towards the end ofthe sixth century and with red figure.Ipho. on fond of fu.including.rse and preparation in the courryard[lo5] fo-r the -o. sometimes her independence ofit..rl v p"-. Aitists may be shown to be individually interested in particular rtories but not. or welltricd themes like the blinding of Polyphemos.ildlife uPon them They correspond monuments of the same date A very few late scenes show *i. Although Ionia so far has ofered little with which to control this. Sometimes Athens' debt to this tradition can be traced. perhaps a grave marker' with men attendir-rg. and although these limitations are not too constrictive.. Here. that it was possible for an Athenian artisc to set a scene in a different way and possibly with very different narracive dctails. however.r". The situation improves. interment [264]' and mourning "t Onc or two earlier scenes show the 'eLphora' itself' by cart or L. There are. translated by Circe. there is the clear indication from other sources in Athens.k -orlrl-ents topped by a sphinx or siren. blo..rnd scant illustration ofthe Homeric poems shows that the artist's interest was r)ot in the poem as such. but there are limitations on its value as representative ofArchaic Greek iconography as a whole.^rr". Athenian black figure gives us by far thc dchest corpus of mythological scenes in Archaic Greek at."Y Lydos anJsome latet artists show a Procession oFmele to burial."d . it is necessary only to sound some notes ofwarning.chariots' Exckias' phcluc scrics wc have also the procession-ofguests iir thc ho. ln this chapter it has proved convenient to group scenes by their protagorrists or by thematic association in a poem. and apatt from his 'prothesis' plaques he shows us pr"p"r"tior. it is clear that there was no absolute 'commonwealth' oficonography in Greece. and the rather haphazard .'"a *hit. [7r]. The stylistic and technical influence ofEast Greek artists in Athens in the sixth century is clear. First. oifr U. It should not be thought. rich and carlier series of myth scenes in Peloponnesian art on bronze reliefs and Corinthian vases. they need to be kept in mind and cxplained.".

42ol/rr'r rrrtrfu'and is Zrus. His plincipal xttributc aDd wcrpon is :l thLrndcrbol!. nlxy be sh()wrl or1 thc l)iosphos l)linlcr's rlemc vesc [:72]. His hxt ancl thL' tongucs of his boots mry bc' wingcd. rr holrc arld il b.rtdc.ith r lrcld ofbulls on x Tyrrhcniirtl alllphorr x11d litc vilscs I. [le:e thc yorrrrrl god strnds on his 1lp holcling torchcs ard is hailed xs 'light of Zcus' .rd alrcady bccn clcfilcd in sonq rnd litcrrtlrrc by thc cighth ccntury aud this is the spilit of rhc v:rsc rcprcscrltrltioDs.1 is lD rdult u. or by rhc peirrr trcc (Dc1os) rvhich supportcd Lcto whiic shc borc him ancl his sistr'r Artcrnis. We look irt thcrn first scprr:rtcly.rl b\ \\. : z6l.eir tt: : cd flqutc.r. but in a fc'rv scencs belorc thc nricl ccncurv hc u. but r4o].rc. but chcy will rccur oftclr in scenes dcscribcd in l:rtcr scctions of this ch:Lplcr. styliscd lroot a selecrion ofspikcs.atch lo. xs proriga of Athcn:r.[Ic lcts oiicrr rvit]r Artclris or ferrril1.fl) bLrt \\. and his thronc is ot'tcn r vcrl cllborttc piccc of fumiturcHis cagJc is not often sccu. 13ur rhcir :rttribrrtcs erd scperltc ftrnctions as ' cc1r. His silrlatulry rDey bc ilrdic:rrcd b1 e tripocl (I)clphi) and hc is olcc shown ridirle x t: ipod ovc: thc sca. as on l t o 7. iu black fignrc. His sun hrt (pctesos) lus r widc brinr end sornctirDcs :L hieh colricel crowD with tlrc brirr ttrrncd up rt thc beck. in his rolc of rllesscngcl ilr1d hcrilcl. u.o-r. bo\\. t 5 4... is rlsu:llly drcsscd for trilvcl with x short chit(nl xncl chhrnys.r1]rc trcltrucnt to thc giaDr Jir).o rrrotLntc'd.v lost) thcy llrey hevc cvcn 1]rorc to oficr ()n a broxclcr_ social o: proiirical lcvcl. LrLrt thcir gcncral poptrlrritr'.v irppclrs nrkcd. l)iol vsos " scconcl birth'6orrr Zcus'thigh rvhcrc hc hrcl bt'cn scu. rvho tricd ro cerry oil Lcto. Wc sllall havc to rctunr to Apollo's l)clphic dispLrtcs u. His slel. es on l6:.r thc goddesscs of chilcl birth. :rt sorl)c rcnlovc iionr cortcnr1rollly rcligious pracricc end rcflcctirrq r-:lthcr thcir rolc in nyth history. dresscd rncl nrrv holcl r a lrrLrcl br:rnch or a kithrrr.Thts ts . btLr sonlc scc yoLlrlg I lcphaistos hcrc. 216 . Argos is showu as a tu<rficcd urln. which cxpllins r latc b]:rck figurc pursuit of(irrttyrrtdl (l yourh with r c()ck). 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Thc 6glrrc with a tridcnt ridiuq l horsc lislr (not r rruc sL'x-horsc) oD liltc vilscs lz5ol nright bc PoscidoD.rrrrn enrl hcr diLlqhtcr PLrrsEpnoNr. cspccillll. zzj] (cpcnd. ApHRorrrE.91. Shc docs not rctnlarl.r l. but latcr usualJy on e vasc of lror.cclgcs sr.v r'r.consiclcrcd.rlcs l-97./i.tppcerarrce in bleck figurc is trsLr.7].rier.orn likc a thc bccn c'stirblished bl thc sccnc of Hc'raklc's' Lrtrodrrction to Ol-vrrrprrs (scc bclow) but is uscd eqein letcr in sisrutomrchies [:.2. Hcr on. lrrstine or vicr.hcclcd rhronc Ii 4 6] (soou to becomc r wingcd ch:uiot ir (lrcck :rrt) md holding cers ofcom on his mission to ciny thc blcssxrlls oflgriculturc to cilth.hich bcgin lborrt thc nrid ccllturv.vinq hcr. blr! Erar i\ to bc thc deriilg of rcd tigulc not black figurc'.rcs [.v spccificd il . 1ot. Ii. horvcvcr. Morc often they stnucl. Iiolding onc or lrvo bcasts.v bcttcr scrvcd. Othclrvisc hc rir-lcs a donkey or trxvcls b.1-2.. tlo. btrt rhcy:rre inlrcquent on Athcnian bllck figurc. l)iorysos probebiy bccltrsc'ofthc lirnction ofso n)xn)r ofthc vxscs irrvoivcd.171: Athcnl as city godclcss. ufiilc his tloop of s:ltvrs xld rl)lclxds clilrcc or plil)' rbolLr hinr.rriodl)iorrysossccrcs.vith r chlr i. Ittcl since he \vrs ir conlplrrltivc ncwconlcr to ()lyrnpus rhcsc scenes u. sltt. urd rvith Hcre pirrrcd to hcr thronc wlit.7i]. scatcd il his u. It is intcrcsting to norice how thc Aulrsis Plirrtcr sccnrs to insist on :r lriendly relltionship rvith Poscidon.LrtQarrclouthcanalogvofthcAthcn. clrr'y torchcs or cers ofconr. occilsion:ll picttrrcs of thcir rrlrlc prr-tncr ilt Elculis.v thc Aruasis Pailtcr. This is thc prototyl'rc for nr:rny hrcr lcss cxplicit proccssiors whcrc thc gods in Olynrpr. t t Tlrerc lrc sonrc . fully drcsscd.t is nrturllly thc most pog'r. ltst o:r t lckythos b. in rction sccncs. Anls.v thc nricl ccrrrurl. Thcrc arc.Ap:rrt fronr hcr birrh. Hcr helrrct is ofthc Attic vrriery.cers e pcplos :rncl. is htrdl.ingless. 11rey rllrrdc to his errivrl thcrc. Or ()lvrrrpus hc rves rirthcr.rg to bc rclcrscd b_v Hcph:risros rvho hed prcpalcd thc trrp lor hcr bcforc Zcus c:lst hirrr fi orrr ()lyrupLLs. plxcidly. Thc Acgis. tzj. tg3l.rccr. Nereus ot lrnothel rttlliuc porvct.rc1nc) or ruothcr (Scurclc). rvhilc Cllssicel ar r du. Dionysos' facrng hclcl or nlsk lbnls thc ccntrc piccc olr a nunrbcl ofvascs li 7. 'l t'iprolut:rts.n oLltsidcr xnd his positioll u1 FrarrCois Vasc sccuc of thc return of Hcph. 1-hc rrost inrporterrr f)ion). or prcp:lrirrg tbr thet orher qrcrt nruster ofthc qocls at thc shc is idcntificcl b. oltcn u.16. bridc (Ari.rnd 54o au cvcnt rcclllccl iu rccl ligurc b. erd on sonrc Ixtc vilscs shc xrtcDds Hcctor's drr!llirnq rouncl thc rvalls ofTrov. Shc appcers thus o11 thc Friulqois Vrsc hrucllcs [4 6. Shc causcd thc huntcr. cspccillly on P:truthcnaic vlscs Ir15.ristos [46. rhc third of drc soddcsscs in thc Jtrdgment of Paris. a fish or .n as r Mistrcss ofAnrnrals. Thc Diosphos l)lirtcr has hcr clrryine e Jcttcr end on r letc'cup shc appcars u.cclding ofPclcus and Thctis.v chllior [-2.7] ofrhc Rrr/r. n scllv uilgic uont skin givcn hcr by Zcus.clls or thcir strugglc ftrr posscssion ofAthcns.zl.v hcr bou. l)'or ivr.rl1y in hcr rolc as piltr-or ofhcr()cs ofHc[aklcs rncl to r lcsser clcgrcc of1)crsc'us. oL lrccollrpirlly c:rch othcr's chuliots lro-3.D in Athenian bhck figure l:.vtcs) sornctinrcs opcn et rhc siclcs.4trrrirrl to bc torn b. is u. -256]. sits or rccl.rinc. t6z. Shc is rttlckcd b). orr occ:rsiorrll vascs l. Or thc Frangois Vesc shc is $. Thc gods actirrg rrrcl 6ghtiug rogcthcr as l firmily proviclc nrlny.n witl) Elos ill hcr arns. his ]:rrncncss shorvn b1 a nvistcd foot [46.z5 t] t'ror:r rborLt 56o on.

rrcpocrrrr. rhcir boclies cxtcnded i:r oppositc dirccrions. This possibly involvcd Honreric recirals or conrpctitions. flrc.rrt. brokcn fronr thc islerrd of Kos which.91). aDother goddcss.rtrL.l r1g an lnimel skin and helpcd by a snakc aud iions. o:' sinrply'lvetching Ir9. rcturncd 6onl his sccond e\ilc with x chxrlde rccilllirtg tlothing mor-c thlln Athcra's inttocluctiorl ofHcraklcs to C)l)'rr rPos by char i()t.rsily cxplicablc: Artcmis end Apollo. but hc is not to bc lookcd for in thc later vcrsioDs.vs. wirh Athc. ancl werc rnany of them dcdicated on the Acropolis. i5 1116li1 oficn nakccl or lishtly <lrcsscd. He fiehts witli his tridcnt.ho was thc. Itisthccallysr:crrcsu. I lis usurl wcxpon is r clLrb ftrot belorc abortt l70 on Arhenl. bcclttrc tltc tttost PoPLllar rlrydlological figurc orr Athcniau blrck Iigurc vxscs Probirl)ly bccausc his petroncss \\'ls Athcrle \\.rrrt. and oltcn his usclcss wcepons rrc hurtg up. and rhe pcplos robc' brought ro Athcna on thc Acropoiis et thc Crcrt panetheruia was crnbroidcrccl with scencs lio[r thc war with the (]iants_ Thc vasc sccnes which beiong to thc cxrly years ofrhc rcorganiscd festival. Tlr. Ou nrlnv vescs altcr 53o is thcD en isolarcci h:rvc sctly cor-sclcts arld \or1le tllro\\r rt.. hrcr. On liucr. \ccn suppliceting Zc'us tir hcr qiant (ic. The whole spirit ofthese sccnes oftlrc Olyrupi:rns rs a farrrily is l new onc shc is sccn hanclling a ccntrc piecc is gencrelly Zcus' goddcss lncl is rcgrtlarll' shou.ith r Scythi]n crp. Athcne rnd rhc r1cwly promorcd Thcrc lrc rilrc cxlllnPlcs of rl bc:rldless Hcluklcs aftcr 5:o. fights r.r r. wlro rttly bc weitiDg rvith thc chu iot. Zc.iirr hcrrcll rid rns d.vdos 164 | end othcrs. TJre rssociatior l)l:ly have bccn cxploitcd politictlly llso and Pcisisoatos.vos orl \.ord is shou..rr. f.l1 in{ h ri b.r pt.! (rs. Athcru is vcry oircn shou. finllly poscidon. vrscs 6-0rlr the Acropolis iry Ncalchos. 22. or (t) iu thc s. scqnc5 tru. (c) rvrcstlilrg o1r tbe qrourlcl. (d) with botlr bodics going right.r) thc Lion Icxrs Llp:lgtiDst Hcleklcs \\. wrcarhcd xnd wllppcd il rn aninlill skirl. (c) rs thc hst bul with thc Lion's hcad turncd en'rv.crre. Hcrlklcs kncclrrtg with his arnls iuotuld lhc Lion's ucck.l Hcrmcs.r rhunclcr bolt es hc nlourlts his chariot.z. or-. but thc cxnonic T\vclvc Lebours of thc Chssicrl pcriod rncl latcr lvcrc nor l1l cquall)' Poptrlar in ctl licr cl:r.) . whcn ir [:ri]s.vond Hcrrklcs I91l. and on rhcsc onll. fights oll fbor. fly lrcc likc.r 1lw 11)ay is whcclir)q chat. . Most of thc othcr Hcreklcs sccrlc! lrc rlso rro cerlic'r thln thc scconcl qullrlcr of dlc ccntLlrv c\ccPr lor sonrc involvi]lg Ncssos.tirrrhcH. Nclctts etrcl [)romcthclts- thc sccncs lrc of violcn! :Lctidl elrd involvc thc Lebours sct bl King !Vc trkc thc LxboLrls filst.rl r r -r gi.r xttenchncc. Hcr':rklcs' lrrrrs rloLlnd rhe Lion's ncck arrd thc Lio:t solllctirnes cla\virr'j llcraklcs'lcg l97l. lltcr.nornrous rock. thc Lion bc.ho thrc]tcrls it.atc cncoLrnter s occasiolally groupccl in tr.ard ovcr his shoulder (vcry r1[c). rercly a spcer.cErrr to appcar abour drc tirne ofdrc'rcorglnisation ofthc paD. 'lll bntlt ol tll ladr arrrl.v r bc1t. rerely drcsscd es a htlplitc and rrcvcr heLuctccl.hich he will hrrrl at titc giar)ts.r rhc srdrofthc gocls rvas dccisivc alrd Athena natumlly kccps closc. plics thc sacks ofhis bcllor. Zeus .v .vs: (.n rvith hinr. rlrlror. Slalrditrcl sclrerlrcs t'br thc fight elc rs follor. as on thc Siphnien trc:rsrrry friczc. 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arc sccl on solllc 6fth-ccrtlrrl vescs encl rr):l)' bc bcernlll Selpcclol or Mcrlrrorr tr_onr thc field l:5 i ].rnd thc C)dysscy nrev bc thc clrlicst corrpositiolls.Lrious dlrcl\ or walriors sctting oLlt.Achillcs' rctrrrn to tlrc bettlc ficlcl. Othcr post-l lornclic c'pics cornplctccl thc stor. who atrcrcl thc couplc on thc nrornins followilg Thetis' flrst nig)rt in Pclcus' honrc. ltttcrldcd b). rvith rhc Judgclrc[t ofPrris aucl Rapc of Helcn. Thc nrein piccc oflrruour is usually l r dcpultur ir (. and thc nuptials arc cclcbratcd. Peris is bcerdccl.Pcliassuccurubcd. Peleus greets che gtrests before his hornc where Thetis w. Thcsc incltrdc thc (lrccks' Missiou to Achillcs.i lrl-r horv rhc'. Of the poems the KypRIA deal with Achillcs' parentagc rnd carly lifc'. hcl brothcr. wJits u.rtc:urclclrlicrarcfbrAchillcs rnd l)iorrrcdcs. which wls thc immccliatc cruse ofthc wu. but bleck frqrLrc artists shorv rrs or)lv thc rnegnificcirr proccssion ofdcitics in chariots and on foot. the sccncs b. In about j7o thcrc:llc two vcrsio:rs oftlrc chnriot rrcc in thc C. r11d hlrve srrrvivccl intact. .ith'. scc11c shows thc thlcc goddcsscs lcd by Hcru-lcs to Alcxrrldlos (t)aris). sccprr-c ol lucc. bl Ncarchos.v cd ucetion. by frrrcc.. hcr hlclri:r:rbandoncd:rrd sonlctillrcs brokcn [16.n)r bchillcl his chlriot is ilnothcr poprlar lltc sccnc l:o3l in u. 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Dol thc Inost popullr with blrck figrrrc .rt thc rltlr. :rnd rhcy arc bcttel r-cprL'sL'r1tcd in contr'nrponrv rt'd figurc. ol11ifting Peris. with the sphinx on r ferv latc t rock or drc tlucc.:llnt Myrnridons (rs br. Apl)roditc MtrDEA dcr)onsn.1' (on oitcr | .:rscs hc flghts Hcckrr ovcr rhc dccepitetcd body ofthc youDra prince.1-r ippcrr-s ou Athclliarl vascs by about j7J. btrt uticr thc nrid ccDtllrv Ather. Sophilos lz4 5l (twicc) and Klcitias 116. ^fhc -ludguutt rlf l).". Wc see the u. Ii:st approaching thcil rcrv honrc.s ttccittifi.r. including rhc contship of Achilles'prrcnts errd cnding with the rcturn ol'the Clrccks aficr rhc wer. ()fthc cpic pocrn! $c the sccuc nrust bc 'l roy encl thc irr-nlour thrt r. clrrrving ll bocly.-i o/ l)dtlot/()r' (by Sophiios [26] end on thc Frengois Vesc [1d. From thc nticl ccntr. Hc makcs ofi-irlirrnrcd thc clivinc ippar iti()rr l.initics. with Thetis hendinq over tlrL'rrnr()rlr. prcscnrirlg thc hcro ofthc Ilild.{ u.rtstlin. ol both.rnd with thc opcning shots oD thc Trojtn Plarn. irr the Corinthien schelnc with the hero surprising her end puttilg hcr to flight with her Nereid corrpanions.r. onlv idcrrtilicd b1. or ollc or two of thc godclcsscs.) Thc Irtarr is poorl1 : t'prcsentcd i:r Athcriru black flqule. He grapples with her lirst in the mid ccntury.rd hirn.r-{ (ll R. Noticc too Achillcs hanrcssing his horscs.. bllt thcy arc rot thc ciulicst in thc nxrrrtivc. end tou. Thc Wcddin. about J60 r'vith PclcLrs holdirg his infant sorr l4ol. thc first cpisoclc surlg . Tr. Scvcral cpisodcs arc wcll iliustratcd by b1:rck figurc artrsts frorn aborrt 575 ott.ith t\\'o holscs.Tlrcre rrc a nLrllbcr of sccrlcs ol AchillL. l]oth vcrsions rppcrr bcitrc eborrt j6o ir Athcrril:r bllck fisr.r r.. lhc cncountcr wirlr Ocdlpur appeers only on vescs lirllorvinq thc rcd 6gure schcnrcs. Petr-oklos lnd rvas thc occasion for thc challenec u. olr foot or nloLrntcd LiJ]. Aclilhs dra.r ttnLl L)L'dth. aucl v.vrcrl rlllrs e\\'il\.v of Troy. hinr qLrictlv grccting his visirors.k) sholr..r. licrrncs.5] (orr thc Frxrr(-ois Vesc) rrakc this thc prinlc sccnc oflargc and costly vascs which may hevc cclcbratcd rnortll narriagcs. still \'\ itl) two lrorscs.crubJezoncd lloeotiln shicll.dri:t u.q ol 'l'hctis an d. i (lxptulc of I)olor1. Thc fir ll sccnc nlrY bc c\ccr-ptcd.Also apPcrrinq iirsr c:rrlicl th:r:r the rrrid ccllrLrry lrc rlrc ))9 .u 6-z I Achillcs is showr) onriltilq Poly\c-l:l.rJl xrld sonlctinlcs hirs to be :-cstminecl by.r scc'ptrc. ol liolvxcrr:1.v could rcjuvcnltcthcir f:thcr bv clrttiirs Lrp a rrm and boiling it. figurcs ill rvhonr lve nlight rccogr)isr' Pcicus. Thc b. 29-r].r (u.rrts nroclcstly.. trrry rlirin be Pclcus urd Thctis.i. nrel bc onrittcd r-cpr-cscntccl dotrblcd). but liorn thc bcrri:rrirrrt o itlrc scrics it is :rlso possibic. Thctis' rcluctancc is ovcrconlc. plinccll lt At Irov The Trojan Cycle lronr the Trojrr) Cyclc are treated herc i:r the ordcr ofthc srorv. stnrting with thc remoter ciu.3]). Thc ibunteilr.)y ghosr ofP:rrroklos (sonrctinrcs rvilqcd) bcsidc hrs ronrb.r. At frrsr Scerrcs 228 in scve:ril stagcs. htcl Achillcs drrg hirrr lroor his lrorsc bv his hlir rud bchc. b:ut thc carlicst l zol (about J70 or1) nllv tcfcr to his lrrli:rq :rt honrc bcfo: c slilirlq to Tro\. Thcir thild Acli]lcs \4.xcnr liils hcr h1. thc O:rnrt:rr Plintcr | 51] :rncl thc Pejntcr ofLonclon 1376).q his nn otu.v lceds thc trio nr:rv curr'\' .1tL'd to thc l)drq[r.hilc Pol.:rs txkcn !o thc ccntllrr Cliriror lor his carl. encl thc l)eirtcr . and tJrcrc :rrc scvcrll letcr vc1-sioDS.rrds tlrc cnd ofthc cclrrur-\/ srirqc onu rs rv:rs killcd ir r s:lllarrr:llv of Apollo Iu o i ] lnd witlr thc' hc1p ofrcd figrrrc sccrcs :rrd sonrc bhck flqlrrc wc scc thrt rhL'stoly thc rltists knc\\. S/r'r'1.q.l1. thcnrsclvcs in ii chari(. After:rbout jjo.I this sccnc l:7. l..qitt. Thctis.iry on x tttarricd couplc. Thc Hcidclbcrg Pein tcr shows th c sccr c t\\'ir . who hrd :rdviscd Pclcus.hicb L is rrlv :rlso xppcrl iLnd x t. Troilos Hcctor[57].lscs.rt' Lotdon 1376's frontll chr:iot iclcutiEccl by inscription. ()r' Achillcs lceps out prrrsuine thc nrountcd Troilos.yl.4rirlrisl ol TroilLts.rnq :rll t'rorn rhc last p:rrt ofthc pocm. and a prrty of flccing Nereids nrry also be shown as well as the seashor-e pallll tree scttir)ri. Achillcs croLrchcs bchind thc lountrirr r.t lnd with ln cscort of di./r. ard Hcre rvho nslrell.ulcl showrl is thc. (Scc rlso bclorv ou thc l)c:rth of IJrianr :Lr)d Astyell:l\.Trvoothcrtro]1tllchariotsofdrisd.

erc stlictlv rou-Gleck n.r..lncl rrr:rrv rr.qPcnthtsilul[9E].n in chc striding l)er:rdrcrreic posc l9-ll. cllling thc scorc.incl to clrry thcrn to Tlo)' lnd Pellrrrcdcs iuvcnrccl gallrcs to \\.. nrisht bc thcy. Hc hes hcr !lcrtcd by othcr pocts.Tlrcrrrtstcrt\\. rhc coloul of thcir ilcrh. Lr Achillcs' fieht widr Mcliriorr thc hcrocs erc rcqnlarly sccondcd by thcir nlothcrs.ith a pcltr shicld. rlrclv puLsrtn{ hcr. tltc Sircns pcr chcd on rocks plrl irrtl pipcs rnd lyrcs. Al1 t1.jiur sccrrc Nhich is populer on bleck ligllr-c virscs t)Llt tbr vhich rro litcr:rry inrtholitv sLrrvivcs.ri ll-lAD.255].v lor thc liltcst bllck figrrrc ofthc cirrl).. Ajrx (thc Lcsscr') scizcs Ka-rsardra tior rr hcr supplilnt position belirrc'or cllspirrg dre stltue ofAthcnl. l)rienr is souck dorrn lt or' lr1 .ith his son Askurrio: iln(l sorllctiulcs rvith his rviti rrrrtl fricncls. fifth ccr)tLrry (but ci lzo7l.4.r\ hevc bccn cspcci.of Exckixs.shorvn in bhck 6gllrc. rlc a uunrber ofothcr fights rvith rvonrcrr wiitchnrg \\. zgzl. possibl! cerlicr.hich llc nrrcly.!' qrnrrLl wih Od). Thlorrghout thc sccond h:rlf of thc ccntrry wc hlvc groups shor./aor rttot)trs HLlLtt thrc:rtening her lvith his drlwrr srvord 1671.pcs ofconrbet erc edrrutv:rscs 23 r 230 .zor ] at thc altlr. lnd thc lltcr cxenrplcs hevc scvcrel rrilrs lnd Polyphcnros seatcd bct'orc thcrn.rlll irtcndcd for lhc rreclc to Itrl\'.rrllcskillitt.rtt]ckcd it is possiblc tl1:rt slrch sccllcs lcprcscrrt riltl)cr Aahillas' trcxtnrent ofTroilos l.qht)). -??7]. ftorrr about l7o on I t:6. but hcr rcrnovel of thc boclv l:71I is l sut-rjcct o11l. Sonrctimcs thcv rre alolre. Lltc too arc scolcs oi ()dvssc'lrs rvith thc S/r'r. Thcsc appcirr frorn a. thc hcro ticd to his rlirst.ith virirtions possibly to bc idcutiflcd in rlrc ii on r Lclgre[ Thcr e is ouc othcr Tro.'rc rvitl-r Od. ()n letc ll)cy rlrirv oltcD bc lighr-:rrrned u. \\.-orr-r rrc iclcutified br.r'hile Ocllssc'us epprolchcs rvirh e chawn sword. rl acr pcrhips nlorc f:rrrilirr to Lrs liorD thc llied rvhcrc Zcus rvcishs thc livcs of Achillcs eld Hcctor.v fitih filiurc virscs Lrut /fdx. B-v this tirur rhc Blinding of l)ol1'phcnros is shorvn il1 thc Lrsu:rl wxv. The derth of Achillcs is rlot lho\\.rrl Ilc'einla vasc [57]. Neoptolcnos. rvcerirs lris lrclnrct?). .rts l:rcl lrc cquippcd likc enl nrelc rr. rDd thcrc.l?rrrlJo.hilc rwey thc tinlc. Acltillts aul Aiax ythv e borrd q:rnre scrtcd. 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Thc occusiolr Dllly be at ALllis \\.e-v [9o].drtlrlq.u o1l. rvhich llicr thc nlicl ccnrury is shou.ith thc gient scetccl ol) thc groLlnd but rlot rrronoculilr_l:4o'1. end on thc sanre cup (rrrcl rnothcr) hc shows C. lucl in the j.rited fol a u.ris.cs of Achillcs arld Mcmrlorl [:61] (p-ryr/rostnsirr).ith Hcnrklcs drcrc lrc vcry nlrnv sccncs of thcru lighting anonynrorrs Grcck hirn thc clcrtl bodyorever thehcacl aloncofltis grand-chi1d Astyarux [67]. rvlriclr 11orrr. sccrns fiorlr Troy u.r'crra js carricd to sacriEcc et thc romb of Ar:hillcs on l Tyrrhcnl./r rr'lJc.sccncs of thc .4r'ntds ct1ffi(s Ancltis(s oD his br.:rrrior or alchcr'.-r-v rts ovcr Achillcs' rttnrour ls sccn bcforc rrbout joo.9-ll.4f.otlr rr/ Irrlarl. but othcr hcrocs qultrclling rlld rcstrili)lcd by thcir tiicnds I l4 i ]. who sonlctinrcs sw. Exckirs intr-ocllrccs thc scenc in bllck figurc rnd it rcnrrirls vcr) popular ir)to thc c:rrl. 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N. U.c. .Sir/, d l llih.a t\, totkry lt. khitflR (r9r7) i7fi. sklthos groups. all'.1 Louyr. \r
l(rokonx Group A. ll. U,c. /H.s lx\v, ()o1ll (iorso,,cio,i \k,vphoi ll Fr(ycr-S.hlr.rl)LLrg, /i// kxsv. rlt.:,'l.l r97r. j.tsB.: r976. rolil ..., 1r( 1.. \.(;. r..1.1,,-,,1j.r",4." .\/,...r.i..
rru F1 Lu\.hcv,

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Srx. C,r--.'lr./r. r sNS. i 9rli.. :N r tf.i l. Fh\, IIJL IoaEl rnd ]\.LJr iii. rllt-i lj l'hiliptrki, 1r. .lt,i. .Sr, ,,or (19.7) riH-.:.1 lt a;i..,,. .4I re7o. 17sRi


ti,lly rllu\rr.rrL\l: ll\.h. .\/,r. \\, +.t ll-.r M. ll. Moor.. . t/.1 t\\ii.

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III, KI.I]II'IAS. SIANA (]UI' I'AINT1]]t\ ANI) () IUIS Krrrr^\ I l) IJc.rzl.!. /)d, .h. I

I). l].i/k\. /)rr. rh ; rnd ///5 Ili. r.7fi] iists: IL Illo.l.Jl /ir,,;l,r,^,/t, S,/r,/,, (rr+o)i F. Vill,r11. R/,.1 \lvIi, rjen dcicJopnrcrrr oa:h.,1)e\ (ll --1 l.ourr. riii. rxi Lorr(1.,r ri. (iol r] .u|s (i. lVl li,,Lrcrtror. /H.s hri. r1:n' .ul.s $rh p.rr.l\ l{. lJl.rr(....1 .1 re67 rrtu U,rdcrti,or Jccrr rrions A (;rcrt.Ihrq.,,. l\\\vi. Nori_.r K Sch:rucrburs, .1..1 rrir, rr;rn_ ./rI l),i)of .nfr P. N. Ur.. /ts/.s lii. iiril rj,.l s,,,/n.r
R./)ir,,,, ii. tiH- Thc Il.ri,]1oDi,r. 1)ro{)tJ ruf. t,,,d

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Antnu.rcs I',riDtcr .1. l). llcxzl.,v, /1lS rlvii,.rri-: t)tr lt)rt.'.1 llu\){.I)., ,l,rnr.,.J r\'/dio (rrti9). l-cirgro\ a;rotrp J. l). ll..rzlcv. D(r s rlil: l-. ltin,n.

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s1ti. rnrphorrc: ri-n. . i ,,,,t.

iii. ()R ^ru(:^? Ilr.ruror L. KJhil. N(i('

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lrr"r.'r.r.ll\ . 1,. , ,,.. .,t .- t' t.. .r.rr. 1 .., .-1.,,r,,t.. l,r ,,A.Mr.r, //lr,/ ,.,.' | )",r l) V lJoLh,,rcr. . l/\ \\i\. .6t:
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llrr, I', .',ri.r I I' l,.r ... ttl:|.. lll.l l' (,1' " i 1. .,,,..^,tr,,_.-n 'Ill.r.L irhzcLl' .,,|s .J. Ih!.rllr.J Bo.rn{r Iin .rjr J J H.'v.s. 1i,trr i. sHl (ll .'l Lon\r( \iiii 1.or).1(ri ii. H. llr!d.r .\n ,, (l,rr /r.rn,/,I I (rrNr )

.uf\ .l l). B..r,l.v.-/H,s hr, rerl ()rllr s)r rr\r\rrft\ 1Nr) Nrr(\llI \rs I rn. t,. Ir. j ._ t..r. .-t) tt ,.,.: .L\ I \$ . l,ri f I 1t,.t,r.1,.. \.r Ljr ..arl.. , ,..1 (1. Nilo(\ -l Iloppnr, H,urr11,,,,,1 rrrrl. lri.rLr.\i ll. lJl{).vlr. ttnttt attittrt S,ltattt yfi'_ .up\i ll Lll,rr.r, l-l 97o. r6?rl:: H. (;mju\. /?..1 re66. l]tl. .rrnphorrcr l. l) LJc.rzi.!. /ir/llr,iti ... ll, .r.sri,. ,,.,,i, '..11 .,rl ,1,A .li. ,i. Ni., , . ,r. l,.. , ,.,,, r'"j l'""'"rr'''l'' " ,)l orh(r \ign.rmrcj. Aliccrcr H Momnr\.,,. 1)r1 .1ti.ti.r lt97\).,.lrn l ,rJ.j (rr7.r.
V. TIIT A(;1] OF
loDi.,,) n,H..,r.c 1). A. Jr.lur, lirn (;tr.1 /|d,k"n

tlorrdnur. Rrl re7:. 6llI.i w. Moo,r, -'1,.. (;n1 1.'1,/ anl Iatu'!alhy lt L,(\) Ltltl.


K. SchrucrLrurg, R,\'/


6ortil J.

LMr(r^N1\,\\1) IMrrAroRs

NiL.r.n.\ l'i,.h)i,1.\ I)r;)r.r (i. M. ,1/,1 lx!i, Ir rlu
E. .4lllI1'hit( L(kytLri

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l. lhxrdnru. lrs,l xlvn. rod.; A. l). Urc. /HS lxxx. r.)oli,.r,cll\xxii, r-lrifil, B1(lS !i, li-. rDd xii. -r.rlt., /ls,l l\riili l). vor Borhnr.r, -V.Ir.,V/^.


B. A. Sprrk.s.-/FtS

l\x\vii. r:rlt:

.hs j, 6i I). C. Krttz, ltln


Lhcus J lJorrdnrin. (;,rrlr orrr,,?r (,eNo) :6ji (lt'l Hcidclbcrg ir. t;l: I M GDk. '/7r Truil
(r971) rrI A. Wriblinscr. ti,dr.oDnrg. (lli\ iDilvsis .1. Bo.rr(lDr,rr. /J.S/ l\\ili, 167i1-.

e7 \).

VI, T]IE LA I LS 1 BI-A(]K i:I(]UIII, 11. lhrp.l!. l8l-.1,s.6.7i 1' N. Ur., Sir,r,rirl /i/i],(nt ty trtt.ty lt. Rhit!or,r (i9r7) iefili airtrl, xjii.

IX, SIJAPIS l- I). Crsk.v. ( ;i!,.r'),
al. M. A. R(.ht(,.



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Athcrr Prnrtcr S. Kdon,o ir) Kdn.j (Srlonikr.
\ 8tl_.


M. M. Li$nr1r.,'U.l lxxv, roo.

(r9rj): M G Kr.o\ ski. al,!rd,r!r,r (lh\i.di().... (r9s4): M Moor. io,1q.r,:r. +ft-.i1). A. AnrIx. /J.if \\vi]. r rJ4H. r,riri$:.4//!1rr!,,1.(,,,d \ii ( r e7o) phnr (rr7o)i FL\.,, irrd Il. C. A. It(,ttl:i1,d(,. lr.rd..,x1r), xii, ril91l: strD(hr (lsrtior.


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A. l1i.hL(.r. .1 iL linl 1:i.\\|!l L/j.J (rejN)i.1.

K. P.rcrs. .Srir/r ,


ALrbrstron H. l. Arg.nrcicr. l)dr


:r r.rl\M


Anlpho[c H.


l]lo.sch. /F/-s lx\r. reii-.: R. I-ulli.j



,4K vii, 85ff As 'kados'
Antiqua (Lnztrn)

t3t. Aryballos,4Kxii,pl.S.r with



Cab. M6d.

zaj rnd lru Il.


two handles;

Bothm$, Mddid Mitt. xii, t25. llronze v,ses W. Lamb, Creek aad Ronat Btunzes (r929); E. Djehl, Die Hydri^ \rs64t BelL. Metr. Mus.
196r, r 38f. - psykrerCrrters - H. Hn*eL D€ r Cie'sener Kehhkrdkt \1s67) j 81T. - calyx craters; S. Karouzou, BCH lxxix, r q6f.

'tretqt'tligutqa, (roro) o r. Vasetotalta und der 2kil,:?r,rgcx l'/urri& (bhck figure), r7f. (carly red 6gureand rhc SiphuiaD Treasry), a3li: (kalos namer. E,rly brrck 6gurc ,nd Corinrl, I'aync. Nrrrororin-


I)ATES glor/.

Corintlrian preccdcnts H- Paync, Neercwifihia


t Zt,tb?ltinmut,g tet

(,93 r) ch. ro.
ANIMALS AND MoNS'rrins S. Vos. S, yllri,n ,1r.r, rr

196j, 8Joe; K.J. Dover, Creek Hohto:cxudli|)' \1978). Slippering -J. Boardmai, AA ts76,2a6ff.


Hippalektryon G Can)po-eale. ALh. Cla,., xix.


SloRr andA,imr5p\

H. A. H.trrit, (jftek Athktcs lrsTsJ.

N. Garctiner, ,4rrlzri.s oJtht A eiut World (ts3o)l

- H. Bloesch, Fornetattischu Schdk \19ao)tF. Villard, RE4 xlviii, r5em Dhoi - R. Lulties,,4K xiv, Jon Epinetra D. M. Robnrsoq 4,4 xlix,48of.; G. Brkahkn, Ojl, xlv, Bcibl. r99tr Funerrl vases D. C. Kurtz andJ. Doardmal, Creel
Burial Cunons (1971).


(raJ r) jaaff. E. Br,rn, Ath?aian Ago'a viii.1. z'. Srnyma -J. M. Cook. 8S,4 liii liv, 29. MrrrGorr - t HJspelr. 4BL or l. t3qt.: AAA iv.


248tr Sphhxes

- H. W

ter, Antile rurd Abendland ix,




runulu-: rlre



questiorll]ble). Athens - Athenian,4gora Acropolis +23tr.

Lion figlrts J. Boardman. Athan Geek Gen' 12ttr. Frontal ch:rriots - G. Halier, Viugtlpan e nt Vordo-


a,ri./rr (I9.18). summary


G. M. A. Richter, The Craft oJ Athotian AA \969. \41€. Ships -J. S. M. Morrison and R. T. williars, Greep Oared Ships \1968); L. Cassoi, Ships and Seand ship (r97r) rndJHS lxxviii. r4ff. pirates?: K. SchaueDburg, ,4( Beihcft 7, 3a.
Potety (1923)t REtlcIoN A. B. Cook, Zcrr (rer4-4o) prssin, for cult md myth sccncs; L. Deubner, , Fcsk (r932); w. Durkert, C/ccl Rel,j,ol, (re8i).
rJ 8lT.

Rcvisionism ADswered

- w.

D. Dinsnoor, ,4J,4 xxxviii, aoslT.




Boardman, ,4,4


Hytuid (re64.


see amphorae (Blocsch);

E. Dichl, Dir



P. Courbin BCH lxxvi, 3641r. L Scheibler, //I lxxix, ?2li: and ,4,4 1968, J. Borrdman, BS,4




Lckyrhos E. H:spels,,4BL-



M. M. Eisman, AJA lxxvli,7ltr.

liii liv,


Lolrtedon D.

Kallipolitis-Feytmrns, Ler lorrlrid

H. Himmcimarln, Erza M:< tud Fktit in der archaiv then Kunst (r967)t J. Boardman, R,4 1972, J7f. political symbolisnrJHs xcv, re; R,4 t97a,227tr; ,4J,4 lxxxii, lf., Ane. Crcek and rclated Pottery (Ansterdam r98j) 239f4

(ed. w. MooD re83). Dress pattems A. Kloss, Mrt. /er tuil. v.8ofi: Drcss pins P., C/cl]& P,'nr (rej6) ro6f. Fountain houses B. Dunkley, BS,4 xxxvi, r4zf.; R. B alanau ti k( (t s62).

Sec bibliosraphics


,4rc. Geeh



d leano{aphy


- V.

lVrcde, ,4M liii, 66fr

J. Boaidman, BS,4

xlvii, 34f. and liiiJiv,

GiIoLi! Slaves N. Hi:urelmann,

Burial W. ZschieEnann. AM 1iii,

attitves (1965)

Loutrophoros E. WalterJ<arydi, ,4M ixxviii, goli ABV 26,2i-

Cestures H. Kemer, ,vcirc, mtl
gtiechischea K',,$t (1960);


C. NeunanD,


in du

Atrhaologsch?s zun Problen der sricchischcn Sktueti (197 t). Sdlts F. Brommer, ,4K xi, Jofll Negroes F- M. SDowden. Bhcks ii Antiqsity ltg7o). Horscmcn and horscs, fronral K. Schauc,lburg. ,4,4

,Sl l. jrtri D. C. Kurtz
Bffial Atsb : \ts7l).

r7lT.;J. BoardJ. Boardman,


,{,?c. Crcek


Women sh:rhg a


MJsro. H. Palnc. N.,ra, tnthia ttt: l(X PJ t.r Bothmcr,JHS lxxi, 4o1T. Phiale H. Luschcy, Die Phial, 1t93 . Phornriskos O. Touchefeu-Meynier,

Ccbilrd \1ebi.

Pclikc D. von
93tr. Plate

Ocno.hoe K. l'}eten,Jdl lxxxvi, ro:{L

ABV 23\ to \Pdru rcq. Red-black greaves Cr,4 Munich vii,
Mistakes and mixed




38 and

4r; Herakles,

j3ri; K. Schauenburg,

cloak M. Guarducci,

w. Moon re83).



dnd teo osnphy

,4M liii, Mlxxi,68f.| AA te't6,zLStr.

The nyrhological tudcxes to,4BIland Pdru are basic
sourccs for sceircs o:r attriblrtcd vascs.

rcenes K.

J8, pls. 3i







Ixxxv. 28fl.

S des

A. M.

Snodgmss, Atnls dntl

Affiaw of the Creeks

F. Brommer, VdseDlkte'1 zlh gtieehisehen Heltensage (r97J) lists also unattributed vases rnd gives a brief bibliography for each scene.
uscful sources are W. H. Roscher, .4rrr,irldct rtieehisehe utd ftjnk.len M),thologil (1884-1937) now scriolrsly outdated; E"ci.lop€di, dell'Ate anna (r9j8 1966); Lexnon der olten WeLt (Artenis Verhg, re6j) - ror rcccnt rcfcrcnccs; E. KU]1ze, Archaisdrc Sdtildbrrlc ( r gJo) ror Pcloponnesian scenes rnd general discussion; E. Haspcls, ,4Bl.i Lutitot Ineoflographial'll Mytholoriae CL$shae (r98r ) for full illustr.ted accomlts offigures rnd myths. ln thc followirlgDotes Ireferco usefulmonognphs or collcctions of pictures, refetence should also bc


PIaques, disc D. Krllipolitis-Feytmans, ACH lxxix, 467tr. PLqrrcs. Iirnera, y - J. Boardmru. 8S,4 l. s,6. Plaqucs, 11. Cmef and E. Langlotz, Di? d rihet Vaset wn det Aktupalis z't Ath?n Gsz5) nos.



D. Kallipolitis-Feytmus.
oires 11e75).


plats attiqaes


I,rr/r s,rdic, (rgoe); L. Gtiilf,del, Dic Daddl LauJens h du sriechischat K,,,r/ (re34).
Pcrspcctivc G. M. A. R;.c\tet, P?\peetire
and Ronan


E. Schn:,idt in Mirchntr archaalo-





Slriclds G. Lippold itr Mii thtd

Painhg Os6i.

J. G. P. Best, Thrueia pebnlts (r96q. - S. vos, Scythiall Arehe$ in Atchdic Attic








Greifenhagen, Jb. Bttliner Drougor. Der dllir.r. Psyktet \r975).

iii, 92; K.

D. BeAzley, Crcek



J/I lxxx, 76i A. Muft?, iii, r23f.; S.

in Balto ii,61.

- B. Philippaki, The Artic Srdn as \1967). Staidlet - Athenian Agord x;i. 1'79f. Stards - L. Talcott, Hejl v. J9fr Impoltanr publicatiorls of large collections (Dot in CIl,4) represcnting all shapes rDd styles fe:
E- Langlotz, Cti?ehisehe Vasen il1 Wiirzbutg (t932). C. Alb;zatt;,, Vasi antitli dipinti del Vatnn o\t92519). P. Mingazzini, Vasi della Collezione Cdstelk li (t93ol h Villa Giulia Museunl. Rone). T. CarFcnter, Srmmary Cuide to CVA \rs84 6str. nldicrres Cr'/,{s wilh coD€entratioDs of particulrr

(r8ea);L. H.Jetrery. 'lrc Loedl Seript' oJ Archaic Creeee (re6r). Krlos names - D. M. Robinson :nd E. J. Fluck, ,4 Stutdy olhe Creeh Low NanrJ (r937). Lstsh,4Bland Para. K. Schauenblrrg, Cymnsium lxxvi. 49f. gods and heroes (addnrg Lero, C/,4 Ncw York iii, pl. 3z).

Kretschmcr, Die gricchischen Vaseni'\ehtiften

strdicr (reoe). warrior's cleparture w. wrede, /M xli, 22rft Armed dancers J. C-Ponf t, BCH xcii,55of.
'w'tNti, woMljN, aoYS AND soNG Komasts A. Greifenhagen, Eiac dttiyhc .f/nhe! Dtana
gzt)) , E. B|oschor ,

rutire Vasenratt"ng lr

w!e' lreTr).
Cftek and

(reaj); A. Seeberg, Cotinthia

'ehwntzjSatyfinzc w

Munmers A. Pickard-Cambridge,
Festtual! of Ath? s (1988);
RonLan Theatre

The Drtmdtic
aJ the


R. Hrckl iD Milrhner drchaoLog\ehe Studkn
Vases GsTs).
a scparatc

M. Bieber, Hktory


a Cfttk

... A. FrnwangLet lrsasJ;A.W.Johnston, TruderldrAs
rcBisrcr, Ctl,4 Louvre vi, pl.


As61); F. Brcmmer, ,4.4 dolphtu ridcrsiJ. BoardmaD, BICS v. 6f.


(re66) mainly earlier;

Schefold, Myth dnd Leretd itr Larly Ctcck Art
Cdtter nnd

Hcldutsd( dtrCr.

Inscriprion in

Ituiin lctrcrs Jctrcry, op. cit.,297; 'Srl],ian' - Metr. Mus. Bull. 1969. +121. E. Homrnn-Wcdckhg. Archdivhe Vase\o anentik (1938) 37li: H. R. W. Smith. The Hea$t Hydtia (reaa): t'. Ircobslhal, or ankrtc lriechbcher Vase (Lsz7), D. C. K$rz. Athellio Whnc Lekythoi \rs7i),

Symposia l. M. DcDtzcr. RA 1971.21Str. cf. G. M. A. Richtcr. The Fureitutc oJ the Crcaks, Etrurars a priechische Romdtls (t966)t B. Felxr, Otientalische
Celd[e (rs7
r) .

H. von Steuben, Fiitu Sage da$tclh qc ilt Koti tlt '\d Att \Nt N) wrrh vrlrr.rt'lc corrl,.rrrriv.
For the stories in literarure scc rny Chssicrl crrcyclopacdiai H. J. Rosc, Hd'rll,ool ol ()\\'k Mytlll'lily (r960); Apollodorus (Locb Libr!ry trlllrsl LnnrwithJ.
THE GoDs E. Simon. Dis


Music- M. Wegner, Mxsihges&i&te in Bilden 11964. Da! Melikleber der Ciecl'e ($a9). Love-makhg - G. Vorberg, Clolsatiun Erotic n (1965). Honosexunlity - J. D. Beazley, Some ,4rln
Valesikthe CWLts

M setln.6fir

K. Schxllcnburg, .4,4

Cotrl da Crid




,r.rr i iii (rer4 re4o). ThNdcrbolts 1,. Jicobsthal, D.r Blir: (r906). Bjrrh of Adlenir A. B. Cook, Ze ! i;i, 656tr; F. Lirommer. Jb.R6m. Crrn,. 7cnfllln,u,r,,,,,. \r,.
A. B. Cook,



vlan, Ld Crctrc




Cld,ii (r95r);

KtnlpJ der Ciittet u d Titd



l)6ris md O.


THrsrus E. Kunze. Atthats.hc Schildbd del r27tr.i C. Dngas Nd R. Flaceliare. Thlsie, Imdpe! ?t Rhits (tssg). ,]nd Hclcn L. Ghali-Kahil. Les L.nllmots et le rctottr

Shrucnburg, J./l lxxxv, 461T. Hector's Body tr. T- Vonlculc, ts,//. Mrr. /;nx, .4 ij. Borro, lxiii, 34fa; K. P. St:ihlcr. Crd, xrl PIl,./,c ./.I

lxv lxvi, rrr.

Birth of DionysovHephaistos
(Ie36) Ii31I.; goddess o,r bull

- H. Fuhrnrmn. JdI - w.
Techrlu,J,/l lii,

de la Cosre Messeliirc, Au Musie de Delphe!

Drommer, Hrrrll?r (r9j3) on thc Lrbours; HeratlA II ( rqsa) orhcr rydls. F. Bromnler, Denk^nletlistd zu yieehiyhet HeLden rdj? i, Heraklcs (r97r) bibliogrrphy aDd lisrs of scencsl1o,on vascs. Lucc's earlyarricles Gecbclow) are still useful but his lnts arc incomplete. v. Lion S. B. Lucc,,4J,4 xx,46off; benr sword

d'Hllinc \1e5i 3o5tr. and Antiopc D. von Bothmer, ,4nazans



Sleep and Creek

11957) r241tr.


M.J. Milne. B,ll. Mett.



r953, Achillcs arning D. von Bothmer, r,/1. M,r. Ftue ,4rtr, BoJror xlvii, 8J6. R,n,or, .l Hecro, - J D. Ucrz[1. B,4B"r,/r x\ix.

Deatlr C-Pi.ard. Cannc 1?? roltr

ry67) .





Niobids R. M. Cook,

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a[d Gorgons R. Hampe, ,4M lx/lxi, :85fti;
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A. Creifenhascn, Jh. Berliflet Muscc ;. 5tr. Kahil, Mlld,g.' Mnhdbulki lts66) a8t tr.
Wandel det Herncs*nah


Bcsig, Gorgo und Corro&ion (r9t7); T. G. KaraAio$ha. Catreie Kephdle (re7o); V. PoulseD. Meddr-


Menelaus regatus HelcD L. GhaLi-Kahil, l-€r eflltrrnents et le retoal d' H(Lt'i. (r95j); P- Clcmcnr, HeiI


xxv, rJtr

v. Btl]1 U. Hatlsmam, Rdjefljethet
v. Ceryon P. A- Clement. Hf? xxiv. rf.; C. M. Robertson, Clasica/ Qrdrerli, xjx, 2o7n:; B.
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T. J. Durbabin, Studies
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xxvii,471T. Death ofPrian M. l. Y/icrckc, ,4J,4

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Rohi sot ii, 11641T.; F. Brommcr, M l,I/P/ r952li4, if.; K. Schauenburg,Jdl Hlller, Belkrcpho (\97o).

Vasnnakrei \r965).

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N. Gialouris, AErs53l4,)i. t62tr.

H. Hoffmann,-/b. Ha rb"ryet Kunnsdr1nlt1l1-

C),&,ari,,r lxx, , r4f. Whgcd boots N. Girlouris, BC-H lxxvii, 293tr

Neutsch, Ca"y,,ed (r9a9) 29fr Hcspcrides and Atlas - F. Bronher,JdJ lvii, rojlT. Helios G. J.copi, Boll. d'Atte xxx,3etr. v. Amazons D. von Borhmer. Anazon! itt Cft& Att
Oe57). v. Nereus, Triton

and,4,4 r9J8,2rli; D. Ohly,,4M lxxvi, M. L. Schmitt, ,4J.4 lxx, l4rtr; S.

K. Schancnburg,,4,4 r97r. r 62ff.
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P. Bruncau, tsCH ixxxvii. jo9f.; J. Wiesrcr, ,4,4


U. Hcinl,crg, Ddr Bild r/u
Vasennglerei (1968)
See Zeus.



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AJA 8s, 121ff. v. Cc,,.Jurs, Ph.,lo. P.V.C. Urur, C,,r,drrr n, Ancient Ai (rstz\ K. Schaucnburs. ,4M Ixxxvi,4Jn c. Ceras F. Brommcr, ,4A 1952.6atr. v. Alkyoncus B. Andreae,Jdl lxxvii, r3of. v. Iturkopcs P. Zancani-Montuoro, Henio alla Fo.s del Sele ii, rSJf. v. Kykros F. Vian, RE 4 xlvii, Jff.; hoverins bolt Atft late Pdinting! in NcL2 E fland 48f., Canella i pl.

dc la Costc MesseLare, Au Musie de Dclphe' (r%6) r2off; D. vor Bothnc., B ll. Mus. Fin Att\, Bostott xlvi, 42tr; It. Blattcr, .4L v, 4jlii K- Scluucnburg,

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Amazons D. von Bothmcl, Anldzo t iu
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Attributes A. B. Cook.

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-H. P. lsler,,4rkloos (rqzo); S. B. Lucc, ,4J,4 xxvii. azjfl.;1. N. Loraro, Kledrlror viii, 13rff. v. Ncssos - P. Courbin, aCH lxxxvi, 3478:
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Hr I ROIAN LYCIL K. F.Johmsen, The tliad h Eatly Crcek

satyrs Hrspek, .48L

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\Vith Eros i. D. Bcazley,,lHS xlix.26zf

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P. Jacobsrh:r1, ,



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with Arhena -J. D. Beazley,,4Kiv, 5511'.; G. Bcckel, Ciitterbcital)d in det BiLd bfliaft [ priecllncllet HeltL sarer Ae6t). Eurytos G. M, A. Richrcr, ,4.1.4 xx, r3oli; K.

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Weddnlg of t clcns and Thetis M. Heidmreich, Mitt. ies. Inn. !. r34ff. Aclillcs raken ro ChiroD K. F. Jolunsen, D/a.(na



Nrtr (re6e). Centaurs I'. V. C. Bau. Centatts h Aneient At (rer,). IkiDc'us K. Schaucnburg, AA 1962,745ff. saryh F. Brumm(r. .sd,/roi ( rl7): S. K ,ro,r?ou i,,
Kc,ror (Salmika, re7,) J8rt (armed); J. Doardnar,

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N. Hinlmclman., MLlPr r96(r,4rffi H. Kn.ll, Die D stell sr id Cij eludsdnnrl t,q (1965).

1*vii, r6ze with Saryrs F. Brommer. Sd4,,ryielc (r9J9) 7rtr sacrifichg l. D. Bcazlcy, BoJro, I/"s.J iii, 8tr
Fittschen, Ci,n,dJnlfl


iv.ltltl .. British Museum B +zr. B. Dt kn. Pdld 40. Photo 13. I4. rl. tto.4Blrr. fioDr Pirxcus. 7- New York. Acropolis r87. 8764..4Brl rll r. from Chiuri.ikos Muscuur lJor. ItulI.rnnrlungcn ntv. After . fronr Liosl:r. Steetlichc Musccn (:A 821. MuseulD 75.2r. Athcns. 6tl. New York. fronl T. Arhens.8027. rJ. t. Pdra 3r.rd l']icrson Museunt r94r. . .e. '. 19.t. 84. ltog.Photo E.. Photo (lcnnrn IDstitutc. lBll9.7 pl r. 46. j. l.I'jhoro Mu- ttt llulnw 2i lltiti$ Mtsclulr t97t. Prrd 66. Ncw York. from ncar Nrplcs ABV 69. 8. . f(nn V. I. from Vulci.98.MuNrm. . Fund..28.or. Brscl. .2.4lllz Lonclon. London. Aftcr. I']arr 65. Photo Kings Pont. Photo . Louvre - Muscum. 7. 6.sis sis. (. Nationil Muscum r 6 t j4. fron r4. Bflti$ Mlrscum 1l r48. Photo IAIl Muscen 11o. 3 eitnrter of (] Dr Nc$. .rrtnl W. t. . pl.4Al' Berh).llcry G 600. 1'ronr ElcuH(.'61./d r9. 4. Louvrc F Vulci. Atsr t2. rncl rftcr Karruzou. . Phoro A:+. Jdhtl tth MrJr. from of Finc lnstiturc. Ali. r15.Plloto Ignrzburg.r. Muscum After Runpf. Martin Vulci Oxford. Photo Mlrserm. I']hoto MusculD. fronl Bocoti.481l 4i. 4.r. tl5- r. Photo .'181..l2o9. fronr Vari. trom Vulci.4Br'66. r3.9r6. Rogcrs 9r. ABV 76.. r. Photo Muscum.l'hoto HirDcr. 3.. pl I4. l'hoto Munich. Phoio Museu.9.. Sraalliche Musccn inv. xDd aftcr A 1. 1966. r6. Acropols 607. 9I Britrir.]. llntish Mu\cu r r964. British Muscun) tl 16l.{a/ rr-1.. i4Bll IJ7. Metropolicrn AthcDs NxuoDal Murcunr rooz.l(. 8. Aslnnolexn Mus. .. Photo 96 traris. Fletchcr 37. lroDr +6 See also Mnrunr..Mllscunr.tlicllc 1961. Musurt B .atlichc r a. Lordon.28. . Mclropolitrn I/dr. A[tet rdlo Cr]el . arom Vorrrv. Formcrlr Ilcrlin. Ashnlolex Musc firr Wiirzburg. Af97. llostob.t.214.r r.qlci t tor . Nrtional Muscnrr I J499. 86. 1. Pr:tgue U iversri. r r.7 tcrJHS xviii. St. NrtioDai Muscunl r6-18+. Adrens. . r. of Fnre fron Orvicn).{31/ 8. llostoD.. Mi Lltt hildtndu Krnsr xri.4Br 8r. M0scDr11 3I. MuscirD fiir KuDst und (ic$. Louvrc E 87+.nDan 2. fronr Bocorja.431. iroDl Vulci (?). Phot<i London.4BIl r08. llolognr Mls. from Gch. Muscnnr. Antikcns:trnrtthniJl.tlisrlr I/asrarralrrri pls.:ro. to io ]I Sprtr. Arhcns. . Nrtio l Museu r 995. Athcns. Mnscur11.1il. . Blocb Collcctur.r.Ia.48Il 84. Photo Widnrcr. Prf r r. aMQ xxxvi. ABV 3t.Muscurn. gcD inv.xdichc r7t2.4Br 5i. i. Mcropolian Muscun) ra).ctbc r96().Ds. Photo MuLondon. l'l1oto Mu43 P:rr.6Jr.. .4Bl pl. Ker.4Atl J7. inv.)s.. l1rd 7. . 23. Sri. pls. fronr Cacrc. . Martirr vor 76 P. fron Vulci.4B. fron vt].l (loriDdr. fron Vtrlci. MuserlD of Finc Arrs 2r. I']hoto Hirnlct.rional Muscunl Vari. MnscLrDi lltitish Muscunr u MLrscNr J6.rr.7. Boston.21.4tsr . Photo Hirmcr. .Photo Muscum. - Mnscunr. Mrs RusscU.L.(r- 24.Hirnrer. lBr ji. Photo Mnscum. liorn Sirni.]3J. OF Phoh ILL U STRAT IO NS London.511. Pdrd 65. I2. A&cns. 22. :3.48Il ro9. Lolvrc E 8r7.. Photo r$. P. Mctropolitxn Museum 56. Cracf. Vlusto CollcctioD. 84 Oxford. s. Flctchcr fion) Cree. 4iI.4I r897. r..unr PU ro4. ABV ts2. ABV 86. from Spxta. 3J Jll. 87j7.AllV r20. Ashmoicau Musetrnr I9l9-1rli. Bcrlin.r r. York.{Br 24. ABV t45. Phoro Mnscun. til l. Kcranciko\ Musc- llhodcs Muselln) joo8. 2. 14 J7. pls.. l)horo fronr Mclos. Fun. Paris.irdr Pdld l)hoto MuPira Tocra MNcuDr Io27.- I)hoto l lirmcr. kanp.4tsr 24.rPpls. r'drn:. Nation.43l Wiirzburg.i. Elcu\is.6. 2 ABV a3. ABV T37.. a+.3. brldgeaT). r. Bcrlih. (lr:rcl . from Vulci. Cabinet des M6drillcr 221. Adlcns. Photo Bisel tron C:rmirus. C.. from (?). 29.:r. Louvrc CA 616. Athens. tsulm.. fr(nn Errurir. from Crnirus. Arts ro. rr. :6. l')hoto Mu- rJr.2. . IEIl 64 Orvicro.l']hoto Oxlokl.lAIl r. British Muscum ll 76. 47. 22.v L2lto. Photo Muscum. fionr Vulci.8. Acropolis 6()6. 89 5i 56 lltitnh Muscum 97.8 Musccn r(]9.7 )1. Sttlatlichc Musccn r7o4. Artikcnsanrmllrn- ger 1468.AIJV 102.4!r. llrscl. liorrr Ather\. 4t I. Mlrnich. gift of r26.n t432.48I/116.ntnn . r r.'18l London.rris. Pho- Prrr. um 7t t!u von WagDcr MLrs.gDcr Museum Grcccc.lo. Lon. 27.r39. Vrtican Museums 344.4. AthcDS. Arh. All. von lroDr r t'hoto Muscunr. pl. Aticr CI. r9j4.rsammlullgcn inv.. Photo Muscum.li76().. rs. tlonr . Hirnrcr. Stxrtlichc Musccn . After Gcrhard. 13. Staatliche Mrseen Londor. 2. :. /d- Ncw York.4BIl r Ji.. Muscunl 7. Photu JE. Louvrc A 478. Cr. frorr 8r. j.4[r. Nirtionrl Musctrnr 1jl. IBIl J9.ltsll r9. lrom Vulci. 42o. ABV 98.I. I'dr. r. pl.ticln Museums JC. Athcns. Munich. TfcDttun. z. Arhcns. 3. NrrioDiri Muscu 99r. 97. British Muscunr ARV 97. r7.Hirncr. Lorvrc CA j76.4Ar rlr7.4Bz rir.. rs. Pho- rrd aticr FortwnDglerlacichliold. r Fund.4Br 2r. to. . Mctropolitan 2:. Adrcns. Photo Au$or.49.4Br 96. u64. fron Acgnu.S x. Bruish r 81. Athens.4lirl trt. Nrtion. lrom Vulci. Privxtc.4Br :7..4ar r. Photu LIST Frorrirp ir. Natirnrl Mnscrrr 29(J.4ra Adrc.4l]/ r MLniich. frorr Vulci.Para 67. L Ncw York. Fletchcr 2iJ. fio r lrly$s.'. Athcns Taranro Muscun ro.. (icrllrr fronr VoLlrva. Photo MuselD. W.3. 80. r.4!r. r2..sto CollcctioD.UD I96J. 59 Munich.t Photo r628J. um 1j4. . froDr Aft..22Paris. l)hoo - Mu Bcrlin. fro1n Vulci...7.rr. Photo . Ashmolcan Muscu[r rqo.. 54. Phot) 14. F. Stearlichc Muscen r698. lron l'hrtsxlos. t'hon. 64. Photo . HaDrburg.48l t st.9. Arrtikcnsamnrlungcn r169.2r. jtl. t t-t z..ilu i. . 482r. . l'hoto 9.44/ 82.lon. sd/rd. l8 l']iris.s. front Thcbcs. 484r. 29 Athcrs. t.l'hoto -182. J. r22 Phon) 39 London.4tsl J9. .17r.4BIl z.e Muscurn. 6l Berlin. ll1)nr 213 . froDr BcrliD. 6. lron Nola. 7u ll. ro.(..4Brl i. lrom Athcns. I3 MnDich.4BIl r 11. Louvrc E 8q. Mrrtin vot Wagncr Muscnm Wrgncr Museum r68. fron Vulci.48Il 85. Photo Ccnnin lDst.T Hanovcr.ii. pl. AthcDs. P. l']aris.I)hoto 87 ABV t52. r. Para 46.. 2.ut Ki. Ncw York. Agora Muscunr P r2a)2il.l. 1. Oxtord. Wnrzblfg. Albrighr KDox Art Ci. 75 V.cflnaD Lrstitutc. Meftopolitrr Muscum r2. F jr. Creat 6J. l3 34 Anrstcrdrnr. from ArhcDs.7. British Muscum 1l I'rnd. ABV Photo Musc!nr.7. Mus(t1r).l MLr\eun) itrv. rDd rficrJ/Iviii. .4BIl Iol. jr Ncw York. Louvrc Florcn.ri. Photo Irdra rrog- - GernrxD Insri Musccn /Bf lr. 16. Mcropolitan Mrsclm FuDd.l. lnstF 7.. ADtikcns. E/r.4tsr I2r. Irhoto Lolvrc l. St.4tsr7I. liorn C1cre. Photo llcrln). 7. . 3. Pdr. 25. ABY 1t7. . r4 15 llool.lris. Anrikcnmuso. .s7 Pho() Viri /1lltl ria. r. LoDdoD.4drl rJ6. 29. ArllcDs. 8763.r.431l Phoro Muscunr.4AIl - Musctrnr. fron Vulci.+ rJ.4AIl 61. Photo Mu- l8(]. (.ris.. l']aris.'r i. r6bis. fion Imly. Kcstncr Muscuni Munich.768. r. Antikc. Photo 57 of Fine Arts 98. AtsV tl3.4. froD) Cfi llitlls. L Photo (iennrn hrstitutc.-/H. M.. Mctropolihn Muscurn :r. Muscun Arrs or. N.89.-LnD 26J. Acropolis 61r. Antikcnsurmlung. Schimmcl Collcction. London. 4. 97. l8ll r. pls. ABV 7a.] t7 Arher)s. rbis. AnrikcnsrnrnrluDgcn inv. Photo Mr:jcun. t/asothiLru pl.$8J.. Aft$. 54- Phoro Mnscunr. r. frorn Vo(r?r. .ro. ffonr 65 Elcusis Mlserm 7(. V1. Photo Muscutli.8 L Photo BostoD.

uDr.481. Mu r.r of FiD. &o. M!1seunr. -tBI' :79.r) Staatiichc Musecn Athcns. Studichc Lonckr. Mlrich. .rr. Ph()ro Munrnr. fiorr V!1- scD r4r r. Mrrt.{a I. r l'hoto ('.lc M6ril (lollcction. fioD 14. Ilritish Muscurrr B r6r. fioDl Vulci. Houston.4ts1l r49. r.r.iD Mu -rli6. ril li.. fioDr Vnl.aD Muscunrs 144. .Yo. r9.i lB I. lJrrish Mus. Ash.i. B +zt. unr 5or.1ijl.gncr Muscunr +. Un. Mctr4rrliur Mus. lAr 3o7. r -l8r' aliDberri. llorr (. lBI. 2lr. t . llritidr Muscum Phoro llonrc. l)hon) Lordorr. fioD Vul. Pl)on.onr r97.)Jr(ir. Pl)ot() Muscf D. Photo IlostoD. ABV |sb. (..r. ll:ll. fi!.uDr 06. Vilh Gluli:t Muscunr ioj99. i.l'}horo Llir 121 llcrln.rll. Photo Hi.fr6. l'lr(JI() Tr crclull.1.4. uri r166.. l'. r3il tom rlr. llritish Mrlcurl r8r.9rtr. l)riv. AntikcnsrmmlLur gcn ro41.7 iii.inn. Phok) (liF. .l'jhoto Muscnnr.i.. 1.. froD Vulci.rlungcn rJ7J. 7..5.nDr 4r6.l8l. l'hoto froD Tir. Netrnrsl Mu- llcrlin. MeropolitrD Mus.i. I-ondor. l/ll r9i :ro.. Arts 6r. r-t. 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Museum from INDEX OF ARTISTS AND GROIIPS Principal page rcferenc€s are bold. 215-6 Taquinia Museum RC 1804. r9 ToM. t68. 186. 19.34. r89. 225. 226.tic^n G4? r soi z8z Toronto Heidelberg 131 P. t87-9.29 Eucheiros 60 EuphiletosP. ex Empedocles Collection. Borkin Class 60 Bowdoin P. r98. 2ro.t . Komast Ergotimos r1. 169 3r3 Rhodes Museum. Photo - Affecrer 65. 2r8. 31 2.ioned above for rheir assistance in supplying originat ilustration material P.56-7 IoJ. 187-9. r2r 60 Ergoteles Klitomenes 62..s showD are giver in cenrimerres Anagyrus Th€ author and pubhhers arc grateful ro fie many ofiicial bodies. 149. r2j 148.62. 22o. 167. Elbows Out 65-{. Hobbl€ Group 169.4812.t. 148-9. 23o-t t 97-106. 54 st 39-4r Hermogenes 59-6a. rJo. P. t6. Group ro8. ChiusiP.60. Bucci Bulas 296 148 P.2[B trti 214 .ox.o/e/ Neck amphora. Epitimos P. 187. r9o.26 CHC Cups 62i 1J. J3. rrl. r48. 60 Centaur P.52. t94:.r. L68t 199-213. 261-2 Lydos 12. 16: io Litde Lion Class t49.€ 3oJ lro. 24t Droop Cups 6r-2. A Breuron Museum. Class rJo. rro. lrr. Kuban Group r8. I98. 225i . Figure numben are itulni'ed Acheloor P. Sourh Africa Hirmer. 60. zt8 Torotrto Walters Guglielmi Group 48. 35. Kuhn Class 28d Kylenios P. Jzo 126 Group rtz.64. 3r. t95 FP decoration Io7-8 Franeois Vase see Kleitias 5H' ro5-7. r8J. After cfua Rhodos iv. Ir. 168]. Eretria- ABV 662. 206. r89. Jg-{r.8. 66.7-18. 169. Jo4 62 Group Exekias II. 106. tr+. I89 Eucharides P. insrituEioDs and individuats men. pl. 37. 64_5. 212. 2r8. 16 B€rlin P. I13. r94i 292 - the Oxford Lid P. Photo . rr3. r9r. r94t r54 . 2o9t 19-23 Krokotos 181-. . tr2. 56.4. Brom3r7 LoDdon. 173. . rJo-r. see Nessos P. 168. NeaDdros 60.athon Mastos Medea P. Pt. i9. 6. r4F5o. 197-8. 33. 21\-3. c. P. 37.3td Burgon Grcup 36. Kolchos 12. Frontispie& Eye-Siren Group Iro.54-{. 33. 64. 5. 196-2 ro8-ri r78 37. 6r. r9E r68. 249 248 . ro5. Phoro Museum. I47. r20 Nearchos ru. 1o8. f. tgoi 277-80 Bellerophon Class 6i Bellerophon P. 2o8-rl A€hiles P. from Ar. r68. 169. . Keysid€ Archikles rr. rdz Rhodes 12264 6r. . 64-5. . rr3-4. 60. l2r London. roFro! I rr-2. z. r3j Cassel 32-3. 2t2-3. r2z Anrimenes P. P. 22Si 64-20. . Hall. Group I79.1. 60. 21+. 226i 77-91 Cock Group IrJ. ro b. 94.rJ. Jo2-J Bleckneck CUss 63-4i . I94. se€ Andokides P.D-6 P. r49. 194. rg8. 19o. 60. IJz iELg. .2o9i 1t5-z Altenburg Cless r5o. 226 7. 33 i 44 Class of Athens J8r r. z99. 45 Group E 56r. ttz.). Leagros Group ttt)-t. r9o-I. 6. Pard r59. $-6 1E3 Lion P. rr-2. tgt. zlr-z Diosphos P. P. 3. rIr.r68. r47. 3r. 297-8 222. r5o. I78. J3. P. ABV 275.tr4i. 186. CapesthorDe um jr6 r93o. Fine ABV 672. NikomachosSeries JoJ-6 Nikosthenes rr-2. i4.Skyphoi Ar and A2 ro8 Chimaera Group Isr. Leafless Group rio-I. t82i 250-5 BeldAm P. t4'7. Nessos P. J2-J Castellani 1t4. 17.3oo CP.o. 1 1-6 Grimn Bird P. t89. 126-8 Edinburgh Heights ofsome vases. Brirish - 315 28i Y. 28J-6 Kleitias . Ltz Group of Courting Cups rosi I P. t47. r 17 CeBmeicus P. 168. rE Hyblaea Class I83 Hypobibazon Clas r rr-2.C. I83 Camtar P.1256. Antidoros 6r. rZ Chalcidising Cups Io7 8. 23. Arhmolean Muse- Athenq Narional Museum. r. 1963) Nr. 33-4. 295 Lysippide! Ma. 52-4" 56-7.urI 312 Wars:w. Kunsthisrorisches Museum r923. 22'71 t8l. 59.56 Gel^P. rr. 35 6.59. 232i 5-8 22o. .229i 491 50 Guide Line Class 289 r5-{.M. 3'?. 35. 3s.rE Cypro-Jugs r87 DaybrerLP. Ir6 Atho. 62.48trl 6Jj.Jo Kealres r90 Andokides I2. Haimor r78. Ii3-4. 2oo! 2o8.Mr- Greece (?). I87.t]usP. J2. Jq. 3r8 :t 3rJ Oxford.4Bz 616. Gorgon P. Cape B 378. .169. Fro. M2sk of Dionysos. . r48. rZ I8-2o. 62.18.16 GokytP. 2t8-9. Cr. 3./e sstubuqen \AK Beihelt i. J7.2271 35-8 Camel P. pl.s 6r. 6r.2\4. tg4.2t7i 268 72 Dolphin Group r8i Dot Band Cless I5o. Joz Horse Heed amphorae r7-8. r9s. 6zt 113-4.6. 197-8. 158-9 23y44 227 Kleophrades 301 fii 46. r83. j14 Vimna. t18. British Museum 32o Boston.20. Nationil MDsclfr (excoluchow 3. JHS lxxyiii. Io3-4. rr.2rJ Civico P. tg4-5. Aftet CVA pl.95.1o8 P.48 BMNP. r9o. Muscun of Museum rJ. r89. r85.\. Antimflean. r47t 234-6 claukytes . ley-Davenport Collection. 284 Amasis P. Ma&idP. r88. rJo.

86 7.. 91. rtl I 16. . 2d8. l'. I8-9t 46.27.229t 51 2_ro 5 t1r 6 l'.49. 42 6t: r-rJ 7 thc l)rcsdcn Lckxnis I9i J2 - Eleus.?JE AlkyoDcus tj^x r:l ADxrohs 2r3. r9ri rrJ S!'nrg 1. 218. ganr. 26' 23a 1t 16. ro1. l(crbcros :tz.u r Eos rlo. .71 116.. 198:.ri ri 270 222'.1 Antiopc 6z 3: 131 Pxmphaios r2. .rl 106.r :r4r 2JO N. 14r.ror :r9.1-1i.29 jot Pegrsos 216 7.t. 35. 2t4t 260 6. Eo.n)s l'. rlri t.!. r. 16-2.cs r6r. rgoi Thcscu\ P. vicror r. rl I i 67.l. Borr. 163. Minofuu.nd sclecr ngurc numbers irdlLiJ. L')r. 171. 2 r9. I 2dJ rrr 2i J6.s . Jlr.E+ s. J9.s 2r:: Ncrcu\ rr8.11 Hclcn 2rr. ro4.2. . Prilm Aductos 17i 2lo . 97.hrDyllir (. )19.68.tis 98. .i_l. trJ-1.r6-it: lvcctding i nghts'lh.. gorgoncia -:16i J. r90i )68 71 45 e Thrax rz Proon P. J9 Hrrpi. rro. rr3. b. t15. )oo.1: r4J C.:. 46.rtt. ofAcr.6s rlo: . r9i. 6l i rjd . t5t-. 6tI /. r17. rrr. (.th l?) . )9. roJ. . r3r r: birth 62. Sondros 59 INDEX OF MYTHOLOGICAL SU BJECTS lndex to tcxt ofChapter Thirteen only: . 2.Dd. (lhinrxcre . r I i . SrvnrphrlixD .1 2 x. ]oa. Sokles P- 106 rr\. 169 Aphroditc . tr -z. trIri r2j Priapos r9r 'fersirs I ri. 1l1t 107.roup rt2. r rl. .o l)sirx ro.lq: s. 31i SegDcDt Class ro9: r EJ Siketos r2. . birth Aktrion :r9i. r47.s 767 London 876 19: Jr Lordon Louvre 75 Mnnich r4Io 63 i . l8N i).)1. .4r thc Ni(osir Olp. rr. ro3: J r Three LLrc (i!up Irrr 2rl Timiadcs Ir.212 Eurysthcus .s (hosc. ch. KcrInitirD trI:209 scc 1)clinir./r bo$l ol Sun z. t:7. 60r . rr I r06.04 17o-2. to. lhcrc :tlso witlt Irxn 2ll i zEr Prrir r r8-9. to8: r9J. I. r7. r95 lo8 219 Skythes r2.07( ?).J.17 l)hr_vDor l)./.i (l. rI8 rr.269 ?J. t7o. Il_Ycrott P. rlr. Mcnchos . oo 66. Adlcnr.. 211. r7ll.l Princcton I). 1 LioD. I CA :t3. 2 2 1 . r)o: r:r-. 2 t .::r-r.t4.s S. l). r89 9r. rJ. 223.1r i. 2r+j 68. roU. 16. J. rio: ?8r-2 Polor Chs\ r. 19' Ilul1. 115. rlr. 16-5. 60-r. -r19 3o. 22J 1l.16rr rud scc undcr rdvcrsrrics.2tE.: AthcDr rr6. N. -rr.1D9 rNr). )z7t t40.nrcrD 11t 1: 9. rlt8.sscs rogr . j9.6 7t 7. rN6.t 2::i j 20. r. !49 51. -::o. scc (iorgonr McnrnoD rr9 toi i-Jt. ioa-1. rlo li iJl. r6lJ. r6. 9it. :t r .79 Hcsp$i. -:loi rnd 9 1 Hcnklcs o . Hc.t 7. 55. r88.ri-rJ P.noklcs 6lr: rr2 Mcdusr 216i (ligxDtonrachy !t./ Uroup r79. l'anarhcn. roI.irh Apollo :r7. l']clcns rrg./ l)istixs 106i r72 So )ilos I2.J. OLL Group 37 PiiDtcr N 65i r. r9.i r I 29.t I{_vknos rr8. JE4: kithrx t65l chrriot .606 jsi{z I l'crizorDr (. 1. 17.l t'.64-5. Didr\$s rr7 Drcskouroi i:roxriJpn. ?o2 N$v)s :trr.. 2o.1:ri t17. 6oi rd9 ?r llcd Linc I. 1:2 t97 tiof/Olvnlpus i 21.i:. 6I. ?. 2Il. alalvdonirD r:r7i 16. Erkclados ::o. Marrthonirn llusiris ::.111| l. 11o. )24. 63. . rr4.ric ' vrscs Il.19.r)up I rir ?J7 l'h. .r\(rs rot. _r.... (lhiron 2:8. tr:9i 61. tr:liJ.6. Hcrnr$ :17.:::r t6: I (etkopcs tr:r i 2 r. l{gxklcs rr6. :rr. t5j. Bcllcrophon ?9r. 106. 148-9. 51. P$scphone 2r9. 60. rrj: 62. Aficns Boston Iterli0 Berlin 1686 5j3 i2iJ4 A34 rJ.l7i J6 7 TlcsoD l'. t22.r6r. l)crflrs zr9. 'rl Orkcshott P. r12 3:22? J Trleides P.1.2 I8tWr.. Ja..2.rrri gJ rr7:o. r8-9. Z. 19. 2o7 (?). r51.).ith Athcnr . Lo8i r7J 6 F6 j4i 8620 36. -l Tyrrhcnirn rnrphonc 16r. . t89 r88.sios l_lcsitr).\2 (crrrlc) I'}cDdlcsilc.1.ri r' 7 2. rt l 226t 2j.(lrchr rrri l.. 2. 12t.p . 22a: 6$ )j4. 28. 2al. rr7 Eilythyirri 2r7i scc 8. :rJl 1)c$.tot. 26r.l Nikc r3rr ?16 odYss.2. Slvru A. .76.7.).o1. rro.nd SteDl. ro. 2r9 BLrll. I td 9 Nikoxcnos '78. 175 Bcllcrophon ::61 /..I P. r6-r. rr\-6.orgons. j9.ics 2:rti 2rJ 251 .heloos rr4ird.1. unstcr z. rr9.47. 69. sli. r22 l). 106./. rjr.tq-Jr.t Achillcs ::r 3t.t Trrquiuia l{C6847 r13: Vrtic.]i ..J l'xtroklos. mcrili.J scc J8 26.201. oo Hephristos 65 I llirds. DioDrcd. Sappho P.. Arrcmis rI7.konid. -rr9 :rii lnrod!.r-:: Kassardn ::3o I 9.nrifnrs :trt. 60.n 3o9 J4i Zl 4 tl1c Vrtican Mourner 228 ' tlt 216 7 rj Top urDd Class r jo '1_op Eris r-l r Eror rr9.16. r7lJ. )3ot 51.c .1.

224i Psychostasia z3o. roo. Sphnrx . Solon 12 Coral red Corinrhjrn 9.r29. r Jo.232 Silcnos 233. Six Technique 64. r46 Manncrism 6j-6 Outline t Vari rj. r82 E. \ghue Ground 35.37.232:16-4.. 262 PoseidoD 2r8-2o. z7J Thebes 'ft)ton 24i t Ti. 2o9.33. r86-90.64. 23o: tj8.!. 19.2rJ-r Prometheus 12r.I. r2 3. 64 Chinrl Colour 147. r88 J8. zzs. 19+-6.59 Triptolemos 2r9a.36. 197 r83 Beazley 7.64. 23o.27-8. ro3.5. 12. 55. 255 z. 16. r98 Skiron zz6 z5 Sleep :. 34. ro7-8 Euboc. r78. r99 ReJicfLinc ro3-4 Sign:mres r r-2. 126. 286 Srtyrs 3 66. r89 16. -z6r Pytho 2r7 Sisyphos 233. za4. 114 2a6.sts LacoDian r8. 57. r05 6. 146. 189.23. r49 114. Typhon 228 3r 216. r4g Th€ris 223. 2za. r94 Elaeus r8l Eleusis r9. 46. r98. 178-9. 5J.l 16. zjz. 1o3 4. z3z 2321 Procrustcs 2:6. 2zo Artists' starus r2 3. r68-9. J4. . i95. z3tt j?. rrr. 169 70. 2Jd Pr. 228 3c. 222 G EN ERAL IN DEX Panrthcnaia 167. r93 21J 22l]. A Konl.tri /.87. r il3. ro6 t. r r3-4. 36.r..5j.n Eyes ro7 8. 2ot Egyptien 54.7 Thcseus 2r5 6.o.46 'froilos Troy ZcDs . ro3-7. 2r5 rj. tg4.2r5 6.67. Polyxena . rr3-4 Boeotia r28. Greek 3r-2. r89 BrauroD r82 Chaicidian 64. r9J Trade r7. r78.Polyphcmos 2rJ. 21t 6 2r9. rt!5. ?. r$ drawing r9. rro. 16.20. 1 55. r97 3.219 SiDis 226 Srrens 23 r i Ez. ro tsiiingu:Js r03. Peisistratos ro9. 64. ro3-4 Red Figlrc 65. r82 Etruscan 9. 55.ol Sarpedon 229i 2jr (seven) 2. t4 5. 32 t78 9.2rJ j8. rrr.1rr. rro Incision 9.40.tyos 217:. 6r.86. 2t6i Acropolis jl. r9o 252 . r48. 31-:1.).2o4. r78. r94. t16.. Trick vase J. roj 6. r79. r47-jo. rro-r. ?o9 58.

rn Boardman enables the reader to study the many aspects of the vases.WORLD OF'ART Athenian Black Figure Vases John Boardman. A final section is devoted to the nlythological scenes and other decorative features of the vases.l8-a llil llllt ilt ]ililililt ilt ltil 9 r780500u201381 96.res Literary Supplernent) 'Will undoubtedly become a standard work ofreference for nrany classical sttrdents and teachers' (fournal ofHellenic Studies) Thanes and Hudson ISBN g+oi c.. and to grasp the essential style ofa painter or group ofpainters..0q r .u'nate artists. comprehensive and concise yet never offers less than adequate discussion in crisp.r.rdbook Jol. and not always easily accessible. publicatior. without having to consult a number of expensive. 3li3 illustrations Athenian black 6grrc vases bear the work of consun. lucid prose' (The Tir.- 0-500-aEl. In this like Exekias. 'l )emonstrates a broad and penetratin€J grasp of Greek art and archaeology . who depicted on therD scenes ofmyth and everyday life which deepen our knowledge and understanding of Greek antiquity.