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4.MAKALAH BAHASA INGGRIS ABOUT STORY ABOUT ROMAN D I S U S U N OLEH: KELOMPOK 1 1. _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ SMA NEGERI 1 ANDAM DEWI 2014 . 5. 2. 3.

.............1 Regional Distribution by Diocletian (305)............................................................................................................................................................................ 5.....................................................................................................TABLE OF CONTENTS 1............................................................ 6.... 6..................... The division of the Roman Empire (395) ........... Roman Birth of the Empire (30 BC) .......... 4... Battle of Adrianople ........... Last Emperor (395) ... 3................... Crisis In the 3rd century (253-284) .... .............................................3 Theodosius I.......2 Tetrachy (Four Leader) (285-324) ...................................................... 7........................ 2............. The Dissolution of the Roman Republic (50 BC) ....................... ........ ............................................... 6........ 6...................................... Year of four emperors (69 AD) .................................. The spread of Christianity in the Roman ................................................

. he overthrew the republican government ( despite having to do a coup and fought with his comrades in arms .or perhaps all over the world ( with the exception of the Persians under Cyrus and Macedonia under Alexander ) . 2. rebellion military power . even Pompei supporting the Senate against Caesar . The situation is forcing Caesar to commit coup and ignoring the law of the republic 's government . Crassus and Pompei ) as a military leader . Therefore . When the new Caesar began to reign . and the dissatisfaction of the board of the Senate as the center of government .1. He ruled ( 106-48 BC ) . besides getting a lot of resistance from his rivals . it is very regrettable by Caesar ) . Rome was the main ruler in the Mediterranean . the history of Europe . He urged the Roman border to mainland UK ( Brittania ) so that more than half of the European continent under the control of the Roman Republic . Since the defeat of Carthage . who made an official office by his nephew Octavian ( 63 BC . But not only a big office . Caesar with his army attacked and captured the city of Rome from the hands of the Senate . the Republic of Rome was filled with civil war . Birth of the Roman Empire (30 BC) After Julius Caesar died .and of course . However Caesar victory was considered a threat to the republic by some members of the Senate . although Caesar realized that the republican system has been improperly maintained . Pompei Julius Caesar is remembered as the most perfect Roman emperor ( although Rome was still a republic office of the emperor during his lifetime and has not established until he died ) . he was succeeded by his nephew named Octavian . Octavian also must dismantle scandal caesarean murder committed by a syndicate led by Gaius Cassius conspiracy and Mark Yunius Brutus .14 AD ) when he came to power after the death of his uncle . corruption . Pompeius magnus ) and created the office of the fact is that according to an emperor . He continued to rule until killed by a group of people who still support the republic in 44 BC . he agreed to lead a triumvirate ( a governing board consisting of the triad ) together Marcus Lepidus ( ? -13 BC ) and Marcus Antonius ( 83-30 BC ) . With the establishment of the triumvirate . The Dissolution Of The Roman Republic (50 Bc) Julius Caesar owned power acquired while he was serving as a member of the triumvirate ( a governing board consisting of the triad . In Rome itself . In the hands of Julius Caesar the Roman nation began to realize his dream to strike northeast and northern Europe . Rome also became the first government in the European superpower . A chaotic political conditions in a powerful republic in the middle of the sea . It was then that he started a plan to seize vast areas in northern Europe dominated the Gauls with the support of her best friend . At the time of his death . Julius Caesar of Rome changed the course of history . defeating Pompei and chased her to Egypt ( where he got only one remains due to head Pompei committed murder conspiracy in Egypt . when it : Caesar . about a century before Caesar's birth . Make it as a victory of Julius Caesar Roman ruler with absolute power . From the north . some problems can be handled . big issues also helped inherited his uncle .

the official stand . Julius Caesar after the killers were caught and destroyed . a period also known as the Year four Emperor (Year of the four emperors). he became furious and declared war against Anthony . With this declaration . including Imperator and Emperor Augustus ( Augustus Caesar ) . but usually the turmoil did not last long . because he has incurred huge implications on the political and military stability of Rome at that time. a civil war erupted in the Roman Empire (the first civil war since Antony's death in 30 BC). a queen who in the past have also been scandalous romance with Caesar . replaced Vitellius Vespasian. . but at that time Augustus had no children ) . friend of Julius Caesar 's arms start moving party. the Roman Empire experienced a period in which the expansion of the region . 3. Both sides face to face in the Battle of Actium in 31 BC In . This civil war period itself is considered to be the beginning of a black record in the history of the Roman Empire. power will be transferred to the child emperor . In Egypt . as a gift . civil war .But once again . Otho Vitellius replaced. the Roman Empire . We leave first Cleopatra . this triumvirate of government is not quite successful . Year four emperors (69 AD) After Emperor Nero committed suicide in AD 68. peace . Octavian declared himself as a Roman emperor with new titles . the peak of political domination that was built during the 7th century . which almost caused the collapse of the Roman Empire . forces and urged Anthony successfully defeated ( Anthony and Cleopatra then end their lives by suicide in 30 BC ) . and hyperinflation occurs at the same time and continuously . In the battle . When the rumor spread and heard by Octavian . Between June 68 to December 69. first ruler of the Flavian dynasty). Otho replaced Galba. Precisely in 27 BC . 4. giving rise to many problems including Mark Antony's love story with the Egyptian queen Cleopatra in the future . But in the third century . even a rumor arose that he will award the city of Rome ( which is controlled by Octavianus ) to Cleopatra . that's where he met Cleopatra ( 69-30 BC ) which later he married ( although it is probable the two had met when Caesar was alive ) . Slowly but surely . This mess sala only due to the absence of a clear system governing the succession ( succesion) since Augustus died without a successor appointed Empire ( normally . Africa and Lepidus in Antony of Egypt . with Octavian in Europe . He sets his three sons as his successor . Roman Emperor changed up to 3 times in one year (Nero replaced Galba. Cleopatra itself was the last leader of the last dynasty of Egypt ( Ptolemy ) . and often times he presented his wife with expensive objects . triumvirate agreed to share power geographically . This causes chaos at the turn of the empire in the 1st century and 2nd . the Empire faced with a crisis in which the nation attacks bars . Crisis In the 3rd century (253-284) After Augustus declared an end to the civil war in the 1st century BC. Mark Antony began his reign in the cosmopolitan city of Alexandria . and economic kemakmurah felt all over the Empire ( Pax Romana ) .

Emperor Most of these 25 have been killed or been killed in the conflict this century 3 . underground movements remain active Christians proselytize . Nevertheless . Christianity is actively convert those who do not believe . . the arrival of this new religion could be tolerated by the Romans . began to be accepted and even developed . There differences between them resolved . Unlike previous religions. Furthermore . especially disciples of Jesus . which initially opposed the religion . which is passed from generation to generation as cultural characteristics of a nation. either as a result of external or internal strife persecution . the Romans began to worry about the spread of Christianity so quickly . preaching the new religion throughout the Empire and even as far as Rome . or also known as Constantine I At this time . That's because his services . Under his leadership . They were killed . Peter ( ? -67 AD ) . They are worried about this religion will split the unity of the Romans . The Christian missionaries . together Saul of Tarsus ( 5-67 AD ) . Until one day . Periods this is considered expired after Diocletian ruling . in the form of imperial Rome has grown rapidly . they make Rome as the center of their movement . Christianity originated from the Middle East and spread to Greece and Egypt . who embraced Christianity . At first . he had become a mediator in a serious dispute about the doctrine between western and eastern groups in the Church . in power . the religion began to spread even become dominant in the rest of Europe ( because when it was . It also establishes Christianity as the state religion of the Roman Empire across government . the Romans controlled almost the entire continent of Europe ) . 5. the peak of the empire led at least 25 years of Emperor between 235-284 ( commonly called Emperor . Christianity began to grow and flourish in Rome . a period commonly known as the Pax Romana . With a vast territory and invincible military power . the manuscript was made at the conference . Constantine the great .Emperor ) . this situation changed when Constantine ( 280-337 AD ) . But on further development . The Nicene Creed . pioneer of the spread of Christianity . persecuted or be fed lion in a circus ring . He invited the bishops representing both groups to attend a Council of Nicea in 325 AD . the Roman Empire became the largest empire in the known world at that time . The spread of Christianity in the Roman Approximately three centuries after the death of Emperor Augustus ( died in 14 AD ) . Constantine took a number of steps to save Christians from destruction . establish Christian beliefs are fundamental to both groups agreed . now known as Paul . So began the massacre of the people who embraced Christianity .Military ( Soldier . In fact .In the 3rd century . where ever materialized .

become Caesar Galerius and Constantius Chlorus under Dioclotian under Maximian . the system is quite successful in preventing the destruction of the Roman Empire . from the west or east . The decrease in power was held peacefully . Power sharing is done through a series of interconnected events .1. so he divided the empire into two at around the eastern Italian regions ( see ) . Severus and Maxentius ) and a Caesar ( Maximinus ) And in the year 307 . Tetrachy (Four Leader) (285-324) After the Roman Empire divided into two regions . Constantius troops in Eboracum immediately raised area Constantine .6. Regional division by Diocletian (305) When the Roman Emperor . This led Empire has 5 leaders : Four Augustus ( Galerius . Diocletian began experiencing serious difficulties in running the government over a vast area . became Augustus ( eventually he became Augustus on October 28. The division of the Roman Empire (395) Single division of the Roman Empire into two (Western Roman Empire and the Eastern Roman Empire) occurred about 395 years after the death of Thedosius I. Roma faced with a revolution that menginkan Maxentius Maximian child . 6. splitting into the Western Roman Empire and the Eastern Roman Empire occurred during the leadership Theodisius I. raised his nephew Maximinus Galerius . and Constantius Flavius Valerius Severus raised as his Caesar . it took many months for an edict or law of the seat of government samapai to remote areas The area is too wide it also results in lower supervision and custody of another nation attacks such as the Goths . In each of the 293 young emperor Augustus chose called Caesar (distinguishing between Emperor ( Emperor ) with Caesar ) as a maid and as successor administrative affairs of the Empire if they die .2. these difficulties include: The area is too wide resulting in coordination with other regional centers are blocked. But the situation changed when Constantius Chlorus died on July 25. at the time of the Roman Empire remains a single Empire . son of Constantius . and called its leader with the title of Augustus The Western Roman Empire by Diocletian as Augustus for the Western Region Eastern Roman Empire with Maximian . When dissatisfaction is rampant . also decided to appoint Galerius became Augustus Severus . Maximian also proclaimed himself as Augustus . Visigoths . 306 ) . And in August the same year . Every Caesar . replacing each Augustus Caesar and raised New . next door to his . At first . Diocletian 's best friend . as Augustus . 6. Vandals and the Franks . Constantine . the appointment of Maxentius was supported by the Praetorian troops . Diocletian saw that the Roman Empire would not survive if it is led by the government alone . Unlike the others . 306 . as Augustus region East Region However. This constitution is called Tetrachy in the science of modern government .

This power sharing lasted for ten years . The war ended with the defeat of Lucius . Constantine and Severus ) . But it backfired war for himself . . Maxitius . Serverus killed at the hands of Maxentius on September 16. in July 310 . Finally . Constantine and Licinius ) and an illegal Augustus (Maxentius) Galerius . 312 . Maxentius declared war on Constantine . it was held . son Maxentius Maximian well as older sibling . Seeing this development . to tie friendship with Constantine . Galerius . He was killed in a battle against Constantine . the Roman coins . In August 313 . Both (Maximinus and Maxentius ) was trying to lure Constantine to cooperate with how to match with Fausta Constantine . Due to the death of Maxentius . Vicarius ( sort of governor ) of the province of Africa self-proclaimed Augustus in 308 . Maximinus . Maximian . Constantine and Licinius . sister of Constantine . on October 28. Cilicia . which was attended by Congress Carnuntum Diocletian . Augusti ( the plural of Augustus ) only trace 3 . who had killed his father ( Maxentius Maximian is the biological father ) . Followed by Maximian that memproklamairkan himself . and Galerius The Congress resulted in the decision include: Galerius became Augustus in the Eastern Roman Empire Maximinus became Caesar in the Eastern Roman Empire Maximian Fired Maxentius was not recognized . Maximinus . he proclaimed himself back as Augustus on May 1. there are 6 people in the Roman Empire Augustus . as was done by Diocletian . Remaining Augusti ( Licius and Constantine ) finally agreed to split the two regions of the Roman Empire . But he ( Maximian ) was killed by his own law . At the same time . Maximinus was killed in the area of Tarsus . Constantine . giving rise to a civil war in the Italian regions. the Roman Empire is still led by 4 official Augustus ( Galerius . a battle between the two remaining Augusti happen . Until the year 324 . Battle of the Milvian Bridge . but his position became Caesar scaled in the Western Roman Empire Licinius replace Maximian as Augustus in the Roman Empire Western Region But the problem persists . Galerius died in May 311 leaving Maximinus sole ruler of the Roman Empire as the Eastern Conference . Things are complicated when Domitius Alexander . 307 . becoming Augustus. namely : Maximinus . Finally. Licinius later married Constantia . for the third time . At the end of the year 310 . 310 . making Constantine as sole ruler in the entire Roman Empire . and Lucius in the Eastern Roman Empire . Constantine in the Western Roman Empire . Maximian . However this is not approved by Galerius and Severus . Maximinus demanded that his title as Augustus returned. leadership is considered illegal Constantine gained recognition .son Maxentius ( so in total .

and Honorius became ruler in the West. Galla Placidia. Last Emperor (395) In 392. 6. mostly from the tribe of Visigoths and Ostrogoths) led by Fritigern. he got a daughter. ruling the entire Roman Empire. the mother of Valentinian III. This battle resulted in the death of the Emperor Valens. Battle of Adrianople occurred in the area and ended with a crushing defeat of the Roman Empire. Daughter and his first wife later died in the year 385. a person who later became Emperor of the Western Roman Empire. requiring new capital as the center of government . 7. This division is considered as the end of the Roman Empire Single. her power is divided to two Arcadius and Honorius. . Pulcheria.Then Constantine decided that almost destroyed the Empire . Theodosius I. Valentinian died in Vienne. Galla. From his second wife. 378) was a battle between a Roman army led by Emperor Valens and Germanic tribes (Germanic Tribes. 337 . Constantineople continues to be a center of the glorious reign of Constantine until his death on May 22. with its capital Milan. Arcadius became ruler of the Eastern Roman Empire. I Theodosius succeeded him. He decided to move the seat of government to the ancient city of Byzantium and changed its name to Nova Roma ( but later . with its capital of Constantinople. the city of Constantine ) . After his death in 395. Theodosius had two sons (Arcadius and Honorius) and a daughter.3. from his first wife. the city was known as Constantinople . Battle of Adrianople (378) Battle of Adrianople (August 9. Aelia Flacilla.