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incumbent upon us to screen information and encourage thorough
investigation in the process of singling out for attention those cases
that establish UFOs as a real mystery.

Extraterrestrial Life

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1965 HUMANOID CASES (News) 14
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(Mindalore, Continued) indeed have been narrower. : , ' ( sounded rather sing-song, but we
embankment as they could, towards' I asked Meagan what her couldn't actually hear the words, just
the light and the new road which sloped impressions were at the time. the sound of it."
down away from the embankment. "As "I was very confused. I didn't know Andre interrupted, "I saw one of
we came closer," Meagari said, "I could what it was." ^ the men on the far side bend down and
see it wasn't a plane of an ordinary kind. Was she^afraid? "\ pick up some sand from the sandy bit
We approached it from the side "No, I wasn't afraid, because I ^ off the edge of the tarmac. They were
actually, and we were rather worried as thought it was some sort of aircraft, •;, talking and l)saw this man lifting the
we got closer and I didn't know what perhaps some experimental aircraft. It \ sand in his hand and he let it trickle
was going on. It looked so odd! But I am was unusual, but then you^get all sorts through his fingers."
a nurse.and I felt-thaTH there was any of unusual things nowadays^ She Meagan .added, "I actually saw i
trouble at all, perhaps I could be of help. laughed loudly, "I certainly didn't think them bend downand-tojach the tarmac ,
xAt least, I could call for an ambulance or _it was something from outer space. I but.Ldidn't see them do anythihg-with .
something like^ that, \ or give therrT^ don't really believe in those things, you .the sand:"- ^
assistance on the^spot." . know. I haven't read anything about it I asked Meagan-if_she thought she
Ad they drew nearer fcf the object, either so it wouldn't have^entered-my--= — could identify the language:^' '
Meagan could see that whatever it was, mind anyway." ^ ' " ' ^
it was encased by this pink light; a very I asked Andre what,he had seen. put it down to is Chinese. But it wasn't
bright, absolutely pink light. Both she "It looked like this," he-.:said, doing a Chinese. I can't imitate it because I've
and Andre were adamant about the quick drawing on the back of a cigarette got a deep voice and his was very high-
colour of the light. It completely box^" There was no^doubt abqutjhe^ pitched. It was -broken up~ahd quick;.
surrounded the craft ,• although Meagan egg-shape. The rest was"also sirnilar to that's whatmade me think of Chinese."
could see no light which might 'have what his.mother had[described! '."" Could either of them see the men's
caused the glow. There were two~lights~"~ Meagan >aidj- "Frank Norton faces? "-^
on either side of an opening they could (UFO investigator in South Africa) said "We couldn't see them too clearly.
see in the side of the craft, and one on- that I was fabricating the story. I)fold They were all covered up
top of it. The same pink glow seemed to him, 'Oh no, if I was going to lie about overalls with~only their faces showing,,
.. emanate from within-the^opening. "^^ something, I wouldn't Jnyplve my- 12- except"forTwcfof them: the one nearest
"As we-walked up towards^ the year^old_son. What mothef^wotild lie to me=and one on the far side. Their
edge of the road, I could seethe crafF^ • - with her, child unless she was a bit round- heads were uncovered."
and as far as I am conggrned( ft was a thg bend>"6pecially when the child is Of the; two meii approaching
craft of some soft_was standing very s~ehsitiveand getting ready to go to Meagan and: Andre, the one with' his
straight on the road, although the road High School."' - head uncovered had thick dark^hair_
itself is at a sfefit away from the edge Meagan went back to the story. which was 'curlish,' and a beard. "And
^^ where Wg-were. The object was also "As we stood there, we spoke together then~suddenly," Meagan said, "the one
^s^JggiShaped from the top down. At the quietly, wondering what it could be. It whojyas doing all the talking obviously
bottom, where it appeared the egg-part don't know why we were so quiet, it was ^realized" trTatjveiwere^tandjng^there,
had been-cut^straight across, it was almost as-thoughrweLdidn't want "to be for he^said something to rtiscorhpanion.
supported'by four legs. They .were overheard." And 'then^.as -they came At trie same time, he took .a step back
- -spider'.legs—not very thick; about even "*the^cfaftr5 of 6 men, ^as thoughjianding overjp the bearded
10,16 cms and a=sucker pad fixed each stepped out of the openincftmto-the man." "-—~-~~=^,^- ' ^ ----
leg onto'ihe road. The legs were about ground. ;' "We were standingat the top of the
1,22 meters high." I asked if they had seen anyone embankment on a level with the
' What height was the craft above near the object before the men ' - -
the legs? appeared. "No," AndreX said. "They slightly down at "them. They weren't
- "Well, I'm not very good at only came out as we got there." Meagan tiny. I'm 1,7 meters tali and they came
estimating heights, but it must have added, "One or two.of-them went to the up to my chin. I would say~fhey were
been about that height altogether" — left hand side of the craft, away.fromus.- .abo_ut_ 1,58 "meters. They were very
indicating about 3,66 meters — "When Andre and I have.discussed this, but we slenderlrrbuiidvthough."
it was on the ground." are not absolutely sure if there was one ( Meagan__said -the suits covered
How wide was the craft? man or two." x x^ ^\ them completelylso could not
"It fitted nicely into the yellow lines Two of the men remained near the see any muscles or anything like that.
on the road." center of the craft and the other two Except for the two mentioned, the suit
When measured on site, I came to the side where vwe were went over their feet and right up to their
estimated this to be about 4,88 meters, standing. One of the two near to us.was heads, leaving only the face^visible. The
but I feel there might be some doubt as talking quite a lot and the other^one was hands -were clear, as far as she could
to this. It was dark and the light answering in monosyllables. The one recall, and they appeared^to bejquite
distortive. There' seems to be some who was doing all the talking had a normal. ~~~~^
uncertainty about the width; it might high-pitched voice, and the words "^ What was the colour of the^suits?
/ By Cynthia Hind
f' (Copyright Cynthia Hind, 1979)

Mindalore is a /r "~suburb of gained a certain amount of trust from Tindall Road, which actually has no.
Krugersdorp, a town some 26 kms frorfv the family. .' -'connection with it at all. This is a newly-
Johannesburg, South Africa. The Meagan told me that late on made road, a connecting (ink between
h'ouses are not big, but modern and , Wednesday' evening, January 3, 1979, the factory' area of Chamdor and
attractive, placeo1 on wide tarmac roads she was sitting in the loungefinishingoff Luipaardsvlei Industrial Area, and used
and^surrounded'by large open spaces a book she had been reading. She mainly by heavy traffic during the day.
and sweeping hills. In the area, a remembers booking at the clock and Very little traffic passed that way during
considerable variety of minerals are noting that '(it was 10 minutes to the night.
^mined, such as high grade manganese, midnight. Just then her elder son Andre When they neared Tindall Road,
iron, and asbestos. ^There_are three came into the living room saying that he Meagan saw Cheeky still barking
uranium plants within tKe^muriicipal had*been unable to sleep and could he frantically, together with most of the
"area of Krugersdorp. make a cup of tea for both of them? neighborhood dogs. At the same time,
-The Mindalore case was brought Meagan readily^agreed. She'said, "I" she became ~aware'of a bright pink light
to, my attention by a local newspaper think Andreiwas getting.bored with the on the top road. She said to Andre,
report in The Herald, ~a leading school hSlidays"—in South Africa the "Look, .they've got lights on that road
RHcfdesian newspaper, and I managed long, summejr hojidays occur during ;up"thereT" -~^>^^^
to contact the witness, Mrs. Quezet, Declhiber/January^'and he was also "No, there -aren!t- any lights up
who ;agreed for me to int,ery.iew,her-ii I ^anxious to"start"HighxSchool." .^feifMorti;" he replied. "
flew down to SoutrTAffica. This I It was then she fieafcbtheir part-,- "Well tHS". what's that very odd
managed to do on the afternoon of bred Daksie dog, Cheeky; ''barking looking thing trief6?" Meagan queried,
Friday, January 12, 1979. I arrived at outside, pheeky had recently been pointing to the pinTTgJow she could see
about 4:30 PM on^ a ^darkening knocked down by a passing motor-car above the road. F^ immediate
afternoon with driving rain and was met and his back had been, badly damaged. reaction was that it was^liaht aircraft
in Johannesburg by my daughter He had only recently been nursedjback come down on the
Lindsay and her husband, Richard. to health/and Meagan didn't want mentioned this to Andre, quite~
They had arranged to drive me to-Mrs. anything else to happen to him. Meagan convinced that she was right-
Quezet'sj, house immediately^ after went outside and called to Cheeky but Worried by this possible,
eating supper and we actually arrived she soon realized that he had managed eventuality, they moved quickly 'up
there shortly after 8:15 PM. tg^get outside/thVgates'and she knew towards the top road.,-The" access is
Meagan Quezet, a housewife in that if she left him, he would bark and through some _ ditches -and- uneven-
r her thirties, lives with her French-born^ bark and disturb jthe neighbors.
husband Paul and her two sons, Gary She went to their front gate calling
groundr overgrown with grass and
small bush, and steeply slanting to the
(8) and Andre(12): at 14, Saul^JScobs- to the dog, but by that time Cheeky had top road. This embankment has not yet
Street, Mindalore. >AIth6ughrMe"agan ^gone up, the road. Realizing that been cleared and it provides an
trained as a nurse^sKe did not complete Cheeky; wouldsopner come to Andre excellent place for children and their
her training, but is^obviously an than to her.'Meagan shouted for him to dogs to play.
intelligent and questioning wqmarLAt come and help.her get Cheeky back Meagan counldn't think of any
our first meeting, J_had a feeling of slight, into the garage., "I was*1 also worried other explanation for the very bright
antagonism frorn~her,- but I was-'not about the area," Meagan said. "There pink light. She said it.might have been a
surprised whervl heard how she-had are always people wandering about police car with its light on the roof, but
been inundated by telephone,- -^after dark and Kwanted Andre to come she couldn't hear anything and
reporters, and some "crank" callers./ with me up the road to find Cheeky." normally the police car light had a sort
"However, as the evening wore on "and No 14, Saul Jacobs Street is about of 'whoo-whoo' sound to it. Also she
she became-aware, of my ,genuine micTway up" the street. At the top there realized that the light was quite high up
interest in -UFOs and my extensive is a T-junction, and the road crossing on the road, as though topping a plane
knowledge of-^previous cases, the v .A there is called TindalJ Road. However, of some sort.
feejing improved and I think when we v-beyond that, about,12. meters further They moved as quickly up the
finally left the Quezet home, I had up, there is a road running parallel to (continued on next page)
something was not quite right!
Somefh/ng was not quite normal.
Andre was standing slightly behind her
and to her left.
She said to him, "Andre, go and get
Daddy, and run, please run." Meagan
said, "I think I shouted at Andre,
loudly." Andre said, "I ran straight
away. I was frightened. I didn't expect
to see anything like this."
I asked if they thought the men
appeared to be threatening. Meagan
said, "Well, he spoke to me and I just
stared at him. Then he said something
to the other man and that one in turn
said something to the others. They
weren't having any lengthy
conversation, just sort of mono-
syllables." But the next thing she knew,
they had jumped back into the craft.
I asked if they had climbed in
through the doorway, and if so, were
-there any steps? "No, there were;no'
'steps, but the.opening was about 1,22
meters off the ground. The door was in
the middle of the far side from us. But
Andre and Meagan in their back garden. they just stepped in."
- (Copyright: Cynthia Hind, 1979) "Did they jump up?" I asked.JYes,.
but I "didn't get any impression of any
"White .T." Meagan said hesitantly. All the time, his eyes never left hers. effort going into it; they didn't heave
"Andre thought they were pink, but I Andre said, "The man said themselves up. They just stepped up.
think that was the effect of the glow off something with three syllables in it. I And then one moment the door was
the light. They were definitely white .. heard it quite clearly." open and the next moment it was
they had this pinkish effect from the Sheepishly, Meagan said "Hello" closed. I didn't see the door close." :
light" and laughed nervously. She said, "The Within seconds of the door
Was there a sheen to'the suits? one with the beard, whom I presumed shutting, Meagan heard a buzzing
"No, just absolutely white." was in charge, had ordinary black hair. noise. She described it as sounding
Did they notice the colour of the But his skin was dark, like the Middle "like bees in a hive" — that was the
craft? Eastern people, a sort of olive. But he closest she could get to the sound. And
"It was a metallic-lead colour. That wasn't black." Meagan felt herself then suddenly, the legs elongated to
was the impression I got," Meagan said. drawn to the man with the beard. She about three times their length.
"It had no contours to it, no fins or laughed, "I have always liked men with "The legs came from the bottom
anything like that, just smooth." beards." end of the craft and they elongated to
Andre added, "The colour was like She couldn't see the colour of their the size of the craft itself when it stood
a fishing weight — like the ones we use eyes, but the bearded man's eyes were on the gound."
when we go fishing." quite normal, like an ordinary person's "So that the overall height would
Meagan said, "The body of the eyes. I asked if they were slanted, or now have been about 6,1 meters high?"
craft was quite smooth. I could see large and round. Meagan said, "No, but I asked.
nothing on the sides at all. There might I must tell you something. I don't know "Yes, I would think so."
have been something on the other side, if this means anything or not. I had the In the meantime, Andre who had
but I didn't get to see that. I would have impression that the bearded man's eyes been going down the embankment as
loved to have gone round and inspected were quite translucent, as though I fast as he could in the dark, stopped
the other side, but you know, you only could look through his eyes. I kpow it when he heard the buzzing noise.
think of these things afterwards." sounds a silly thing, and maybe it was a Meagan herself stepped back. She was
Meagan noticed that the bearded reflection of the pink light in his eyes." afraid; she didn't know what was going
man was looking at her all the time. Still While the man greeted her and to happen next.
looking at her, he bowed low to the bowed, Meagan just stared at him. And She said, "I was a bit frightened. I
waist and said something. Meagan then suddenly, for the first time since didn't know whether to run or what.
thought it was a greeting of some sort. the sighting, she had a feeling that (continued on next page)
(Mindalore, Continued)
And then suddenly the object seemed
to right itself; it went slightly to the left
from where it was. Then the legs started
telescoping into the craft. I must tell you
I hadn't thought of that word
'telescoping' — the legs just started to
withdraw into the craft, but one of-the
reporters who came to interview us,
suggested that the legs 'telescoped' into
the craft, and it is a much better word.
The legs went straight up into the craft.
It hovered for about a second or two
and then it shot off into the sky, very
quickly. The clouds were very low that
night. The whole thing looked just like a
pink light and it went straight up into the
clouds and disappeared in about 30
seconds. But the clouds were coloured
that pink colour for quite a while after it
had gone."
I asked how long it was from the
_ time they first saw the object until jt
tOOk Off. r

"I think it was about 10 minutes,"

Meagan said. "It's difficult to time time
when you don't have a watch." She
laughed. "I can tell you it seemed much Top road showing width of object, Andre in background.
longer. I mouth going dry
rribly dry, when I shouted to Andre. jtheir_house.^Meagan's intention was to was 10 minutes to one, so.ljhought the
to go and call his-Dad. I was scared stiff wake her husband up immediately, but best thing we could do was to go to
then. I am an outgoing person, so I was as they, walked home she realized that bed."
very interested in what was going on all there was nothing he could do. After all, In the morning, Andre decided to
the time but just the same, I was the craft had gone! Paul was manager of test out the story on his younger
frightened! I can't explain it to you; it is a workshop and his hours were long brother Gary. Andre said, "Would you
the most unusual thing I have ever seen and hard. He was always tired and believe me if I told you " When Andre
in my life." Meagan mentioned that he was afraid had outlined the story of the night
When the craft took off, what did that the stress and strain of his work before, Gary said "No," very firmly.
she do? would lead to a heart attack. He went to Then Andre phoned his father who had
"I watched it for some time and work early and came home late. gone to work before they were awake.
Andre had come back to the top of the Meagan felt she would not be justified in Paul was a bit skeptical at first, but then
embankment again by this time. He'd waking him now to tell him the story. Andre told him "that Meagan had also
stopped running when he heard the The morning would do just as well. seen the craft with him.
buzzing noise. And then as he came to Andre however, wanted to wake Meagan says, "I spoke to my
stand beside me, I said to him. "You see, his father right away and tell him the husband and told him the story. I asked
it's gone up.' He was watching and he story. "No," Meagan said. "We won't him what he thought it could be and he
just said, 'Yes, I can see.'" wake Daddy because he is so tired and said. 'It must be a UFO. It sounds like a
I asked if they had any impression what could he do about it now UFO.' He asked me if it was really true,
of power when the craft moved off? anyway?" She said she had thought did it really happen? And then he said I
"No. It was a slightly windy night about it and decided against it. "He must phone the newspapers."
but I didn't get any impression of jets or doesn't get enough sleep as it is." Meagan had noted recently, while
flame or anything like that, or even any Meagan and Andre sat in the lounge for driving in town, a sign which had said
extra wind. It was quite chilly and a little while discussing the event. "Associated Newspapers." So she
windy, but no different from how it had I asked if they had thought of decided to phone them, although she
been before." phoning the police. was almost certain they would think she
What did they do next? "No," Meagan said. "It didn't occur was crazy. "But Andre saw- the same
"We just stood there for a moment to me. I thought it was something thing as I did; we can't have made it up
or two, quite flabberghasted." Then unusual but I really didn't know what to or sucked it out of our thumbs," she
they walked quickly down the hill to do about it. In any case, by this time it said emphatically.
' When she phoned the news- reliability of regressive hypnosis, I did
papers, a man there said, "Just a not feel it would harm her. At the time
moment. I want you to talk to one of my however, Meagan would not change
colleagues about this. I'll phone you her mind.
back." On Thursday, January 4, Meagan
"This he did," Meagan said. "And and Andre went back to the spot where
they asked Andre if he had seen Star the craft had stood. They could see
Wars or Close Encounters of the Third nothing.unusual. There were no marks
Kind and Andre said 'No.' He was- on the tarmac and although the sand on
feeling so embarrassed about the whole the side of the road where the men had
thing."" " stood was a bit disturbed, there was Electric power lines within few
- Since then, Meagan and Andre also a ditch nearby where men were meters of landing site.
and the Quezet family have been working to place a pipe in position.
inundated with phone calls and callers, "There were sections of the ditch note that there had been some heavy
some from newspapers, some from which had not yet been filled in, so it rains in the area since the night of
private people. There have been could have been something to do with January 3/4 w h i c h ' might have
hoaxes, cruel ones, for no rhyme nor that," Meagan said. destroyed any ground evidence.
reason, but naturally one has to accept 'I asked if they had noticed any There were no signs of burn marks
that there are mentally ill people all over physical after-effects, but Meagan said on the tarmac, and as there was no
the world. One of the calls was from a "No." An interesting: point of note is foliage in the immediate .vicinity, I could
man who purported to be from the that Meagan had started her menstrual look for no evidence there. I examined
Dai7y Mirror in London. period a week earlier than expected, the ground;closely on either side of the
He gave a name and an address and immediately after the incident. This road to a depth of about 2-3 meters, but
and told Meagan in return for exclusive was not normal for her and she was could detect nothing untoward. Where
rights to,the-story, his paper would fly surprised that I asked, but said she felt the men had been' working, the ditch
her. ;and* her.; family to - England and herself that it might have been due to was not filled in, so any evidence of the
France for two weeks holiday, all the stress and excitement of the sifting of the sand would have 'been
expenses paid. She did not expect to incident: destroyed by now.
make any money from her story, but it On Sunday, January 14, Lindsay I was subsequently in contact with
was a wonderful offer and she was (my daughter) drove :me back to Dr. Wim Ahlers of the University of
delighted to accept. They arranged to Mindalore. Meagan, Andre, and Witwatersrand Planetarium. He told
call on her at '2- PM on 'Saturday, Cheeky (the dog) led us to the spot on me he had no reason to doubt that Mrs.
January 13. The Quezet family were the road where the craft had stood. 1 Quezet and Andre were telling the
terribly excited about the prospect of timed our walk from the house, which truth. Frank Morton, of whose
the trip; Paul had not been home to was quite leisurely, to the embankment credentials 1 am unaware, but who
France for • many years. But on the at the top, and it took less than 5 styles himself as UFO consultant to the
Saturday, no one turned up. Nor did minutes to reach. Beyond the top road Planetarium, informed me later that
anyone phone. The basis of such a hoax (we cannot at the moment trace the when questioning the neighbors, it had
seems completely sick to me. name of this highway) and on the side been learnt that Meagan Quezet was a
- Meagan also had genuine calls away from the houses, there is a large highly imaginative woman. Morton has
from England and America. The stretch of open ground. To the left and subsequently labelled the whole
National Enquirer wanted to put her far in the background — certainly a few incident "a hoax" although I am still
under hypnosis, but she was wary of hundred meters away — there is an old waiting to hear on what reasons he has
this: 'She said, "Andre is a 12 year old mine dump. Meagan told me that we based his assumption. My impressions
and going through a difficult age.11 don't were standing on the site of an old gold on the telephone of Mr. Morton were
like hypnosis. I told them I would mine. ' ' • '''••' good, although 1 must admit he referred
undergo a lie detector test anytime they I noticed immediately that where to a well-known UFO case in relation to
'wanted me to, but hypnosis, that is Meagan and Andre indicated the craft Meagan Quezet's report, and his
something quite different." She stood, was almost directly under some reference was inaccurate!
laughed. "Perhaps if they arrange to electrical power lines (see picture). This On the Sunday, I had occasion to
insure me while I am undergoing the was the only part of the road where the talk to Paul Quezet alone. He said, "My
hypnosis, I might do it. Because things power lines crossed: There were no wife is a highly strung person, but she
happen under hypnosis. The hypnotist other power lines in the vicinity. would not lie." '
might say, 'What-happened when'.you : As I stood on the spot where the What has worried me most about
went into the craft?' and they could-be craft had been, I called to Cheeky and this case is the time factor: Meagan had
suggesting things to me which I know I he came to me readily, so he showed no noted the time Andre first came into the
didn't do." fear of the area, and there was lounge which was 10 minutes to
I explained to Meagan that whilst I Obviously no scent which he could be midnight. She had looked at the clock
felt one could not accept the total afraid of. However, it is important, to (continued on next page)

By Raymond E. Fowler

On January 6, 1979 at 0035, I reports they had received on the

received a telephone call from the evening of 5 January 1979 and shortly
Massachusetts State Police after midnight, in the early morning
Headquarters, Boston. At 0022, they hours of 6 January 1979. The Charlton
had received a teletype message from Police Department reported to the
the Sturbridge State Police Barracks, Sturbridge State Police that they had
concerning several UFO sighting received a "Big-Foot" creature sighting
on the evening of 5 January 1979. (They
(Mindalore, Continued) also had a similar report on 28
again shortly before she and Andre December 1978). One caller had
went to bed, and it was then 5 minutes reported a "diamond-shaped object"
ito one in the morning. It took them 5 which hovered 100 feet over her car.
minutes walk (maximum estimate) to Another called on the morning of 6
the top of the embankment, either way. January and .said that UFOs had Massachusetts UFO,
Assuming it was about 5 minutes before caused a traffic jam along Route 49 January 5,1979
they left the house to look for the dog, during the early evening hours of 5
and 10 minutes watching the craft on January 1979. One caller did identify driver's window to listen for an aircraft
the ground (I think this time factor is himself — Tom Emery, who lives with engine sound but could not hear
questionable, I would say much less his parents in Springfield. anything. The objects glowed all red
time was involved) would account for Tom Emery had called on behalf of and had red-blinking lights to their rear.
25 minutes of time. his sister who had experienced a close (See sketches). At one point, she
. Assuming they spent about 10 encounter with 3 UFOs while travelling thought she saw four but realized that it
minutes discussing the event after they along Route 90 to visit her parents. I f was just a flashing red beacon atop the
returned to the house (again, I think this called his sister Anmarie Emery, and Massachusetts Turnpike Maintenance
is over-estimated) this would bring the taped a telephone interview with her on Depot radio tower. She had slowed to
total time accounted for, up to 35 the morning of 6 January. 1979 and on view them through the open window
minutes. And yet, Meagan looked at the the evening of 7 January 1979, while she just about 100 yards beyond this tower.
clpck at 10 minutes to midnight and 5 visited her parents. I visited her Anmarie was driving a 1970 Ford
minutes to one, a total time of 65 personally on the evening of 12 January Maverick. Her radio (AM) was playing
minutes. 1979, at her apartment in Boston. and tuned to WHYN. Her CB radio was
Personally, I think there is a Anmarie departed her place of on but with the volume turned down.
discrepancy of about 30 minutes plus or employment (a hotel in Cambridge) at There was moderate traffic.
minus! about 1820, 5 January 1979 to visit her When she reached the Route
On January 25, after I had been parents' home at Springfield. She had 90/86 interchange, all other traffic
back in Rhodesia for a week, Lindsay hoped to leave earlier but had to catch exited to Route 86 (Sturbridge/Conn-
phoned to say that Meagan had now up some work first so got a later-than- ecticut/New York) and she found
agreed to undergo hypnosis, but only if I planned start. She proceeded with no herself travelling alone. About a mile
was present at the same time. I phoned stops other than about a 5-minute delay after this interchange, she climbed a hill
through to her immediately pointing out at two toll-booths. and turned a corner. There was no
that it was too expensive for me to fly She first noticed 3 red-glowing, traffic in her west-bound lane and the
down again, but that I could arrange for triangular-appearing objects flying over east-bound lane was blocked from view
a reliable psychiatrist to do the woods to her left (South) shortly after by a hill. When she rounded the corner,
regression, and she had agreed. I am She passed through the Auburn area at she sighted 3 glowing red craft hovering
hot sure when this will be done, but I am the junction of Route 90/290. They over the road directly in front of her car.
hoping to have a full report of that were flying in precise formation about 54 Simultaneously, her radio stopped
available in the near future. mile from the road. She noticed several playing, the CB radio light blinked out
In the meantime, I present the case cars that had slowed and assumed they and its indicator needle dropped, and
of Meagan and Andre Quezet as it were watching the objects. They looked the car slowed smoothly to a full stop.
stands. strange so she slowed, put down her Please note that the car has standard
transmission and was in 3rd gear and | Mark R. Herbstritt
the engine continued to run! Anmarie
1978 MUFON
became totally paralyzed and could not
move except her hands shook a bit as
strofiomy SYMPOSIUM
she gripped the steering wheel. Her foot
remained on the accelerator pedal Notes PROCEEDINGS
(131 Pages)
which remained depressed but the car
would not move. The red light from the
closest object was so bright [hat she felt A SURVEY OF CEIII REPORTS
the heat on her face. A strong pungent THE SKY FOR MARCH 1979 FOR 1 9 7 7 by Ted Bloecher,
odor filled the car which she described New York NY Co-Chairman of
as a "sweet skunk smell." Mercury — On the 7th, it is at greatest Humanoid Study Group and
The objects were in the same type elongation east (18 degrees) and the MUFON S t a t e Section
formation that she had noted earlier planet stands about 15 degrees above Director
when they were flying in the distance. the horizon at sunset.
The closest was only 20 feet away and Venus — It rises 1J£ hours before the 1 967: THE OVERLOOKED UFO
10 feet above the road. The second sun and is very low in the southeast at WAVE AND THE COLORADO
hovered to its right, at the same height, sunrise. PROJECT by Richard H. Halt,
but about 40 feet away. The third Mars — Though technically a morning Brentwood, MD Editor of THE
hovered to the first's left, at the same "star," it is too low in the sky to be seen. MUFON UFO JOURNAL and
height, but about 60 feet away. Jupiter — In Cancer, it is high in the former International Coordina-
The objects appeared to be shaped southeast at sunset and sets before tor
like 4-sided pyramids with their apexes sunrise.
facing her. They appeared to be made Saturn — In Leo, it rises at about RETRIEVALS OF THE THIRD
of a smooth glass-like substance. The sunset and sets at about sunrise, being KIND by Leonard H. Stringfield,
red light seemed to be emanating from at opposition on the 1st. C i n c i n n a t i , O H . MUFON
withtin the objects but had no Director of Public Relations
noticeable point source as the glow was and State Section Director.
uniform all over. Four brighter red,
blinking portions protruded along UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJEC-
either side of the back of the objects as (like a mild sunburn or high fever) and TS by Illobrand von Ludwiger.
if there were four red bars located at the the dazed look in her eyes and West Germany. Director of
rear of each that were protruding. They immediately asked Anmarie what was Mutual UFO Network Central
blinked slowly, once every 2 seconds. the matter with her. Anmarie retorted European Section/MUFON-
Anmarie felt totally mesmerized and that her mother would not believe her if CES.
although the face-off seemed to last a she told her. In any event, she told them
long time, she estimates the close what had happened. She did not want UFOs AS A SPACE-TIME
encounter was only 2-3 minutes in to call the police because she felt that SINGULARITY by Dr. J Allen
duration. they would not believe her so her Hynek, Evanston, IL. Director of
Her face felt hot and flushed and brother Tom phoned the Sturbridge the Center for UFO Studies
her eyes watered. Then, a distant State Police barracks. They in turn (CUFOS) and former Astro-
headlight could be seen in her rear-view teletyped the data to Boston State nomical Consultant to the
mirror. Concurrently, the objects Police Headquarters who phoned me. USAF
accelerated straight up, one at a time. The flushed appearance/feeling of
The nearest one left first followed in her face disappeared. There was a bit of BEHIND THE UFO SECRECY by
succession by the next nearest and the rash or peeling of skin around her eyes Major Donald E. Keyhoe,
farthest craft. They all moved away at and above her nose on the following day USMC, Ret., Luray, VA. Author
an altitude of about 300 feet. Each had which healed quickly. Her automobile is and former Director of National
swung around at "about like a 2-o'clock operating fine. The paint on the hood Investigations Committee on
position" and they all moved away and shows no sign of blistering or peeling. Aerial Phenomena (NICAP).
disappeared behind a distant hill toward An interesting feature about the
the northwest. The objects were out of objects was the way they turned. The Price: $6.00 in U.S'.A. and
sight in about 30 seconds. As soon as nose would drop about 45 degrees in a $7.00 m all other countries
they left, Anmarie's AM radio began turn. The nose also dipped while they Post Paid from —
playing, the CB radio light blinked on were in the hovering mode in front of
and the needle swung up and her car the car. Unfortunately, Anmarie never MUFON
began to move. She could now move. saw the full back of the objects so we do 103 Oldtowne Road
She arrived home sometime after not have a detailed description of the Segum, Texas 7 8 1 5 5 U.S.A.
2000. Her mother saw her flushed face blinking red lights/bars(?)
By Willard D. Nelson

(This report illustrates problems of

investigation and evaluation in
borderline UFO reports that contain
some "typical" UFO-like features, but
in which witness psychology and
subjective impressions play an
important role. The lighting conditions
and the generally "low" performance of
the objects might suggest aircraft, but <A
some details — if accurate — would
contradict this explanation. —Editor)

On Wednesday evening,
September 27, 1978, at 9:20 PM, Earl
<o u
Goff, 20 was sitting in his upstairs /
apartment bedroom in Orange, r -_.&*•«•'»
California, watching TV when a flash of _
light out the window caught his eye. He ka4e.Ua
saw a lighted object which at first
looked triangular, or boomerang-
shaped, because of the arrangement of Apparent course of UFO, September 27, Orange, California.
lights. It hovered at an estimated 200 to
300 feet above the ground and he could
see it straight in the east approximately underestimate. 350 feet wide. Whatever its size, Pat
Yt mile away above the apartments and The object then moved south for a said Katella Avenue, a four-lane
beyond some trees. Because it looked half block, coming directly over Katella boulevard, "was like a runway for it — it
so odd, he raced downstairs and across Avenue. It began heading west toward seemed to overhang the street's edges.
the street, and banged on the door of them, right above the busy street. Earl It made no noise at all. No type of
his young married friends, Pat (21) and cried out for anyone to get a camera, combustion noise." Earl was waving his
Sue Campbell (19), yelling for them to but no camera was available. Two other arms and screaming at traffic to stop
come out and see what he saw. They neighbors came out to watch, Margaret and look up. Some may have pulled to,
came into the street and all claim Murphy (43) and her daughter, Shelly. the curb, he didn't know. They may
amazement. "It's a UFO, isn't it?" Earl Earl and Pat ran down Shaffer Street to have thought him a madman.
asked. Pat Campbell admitted that was the corner at Katella and watched the At the intersection the object
a direct suggestion, but he was hard object slowly approach, seemingly just stopped to hover for 30 seconds. All
pressed to think what else it might be. It above the 50-60 foot telephone poles other lights turned off again, and the
hovered in that spot perhaps 1% along the street. It moved precisely and "strange white light shone bright on the
minutes. They saw a number of very silently, "as though by mind control." ground around us." This scanning light
bright steady white lights in two rows, Cars under it were passing it since they made a complete 360-degree sweep
with a blinking red light centrally were going approximately 40 mph while around them at about 75 feet distance.
located among them. All the lights went it rolled along at 15-20 mph. As it It didn't shine directly on them. It was
off and another light beamed down to neared, they could see it really was a odd, bluish, shadowless. "There were
scan the ground, a vacant field, Earl lens-shaped object. The top half above no reflections." They felt as though they
thought. Its size at that time was the lights appeared darker, "a faded were being watched. Pat even had the
claimed to be a hand width at arm's brown." It seemed huge. Pat said it irrational thought, he admitted ruefully:
length (or almost 340 feet wide at 1300 must have been 8 hands across as it "Take me." Earl admitted fear in the
feet away); however the boys later reached the intersection at a 60-degree midst of his excitement.
guessed its size at 150 feet wide, while angle above them. At the estimated The spotlight went out, the other
wondering if that weren't an 200-300 foot elevation, it would be 300- lights went on, and the object began

moving again, emitting a small sound Police Centrex Operator, Res. Off.
like the wind as it started. It angled Collins, are interesting. Officer Collins
across the neighborhood, going stated he received a call that night
northwest toward Glassell Street, then which he still remembered 10 days
changed to northeast toward Trenton later. "The person said she saw a large
Avenue, then eastward back toward its black object. It appeared as if the sides
original position, always at the same were bending downward. Like a disk."
elevation. Each change of direction was Pressed for the time or the identity of General configuration of UFO,
sudden. "The next moment it was just the caller, he said it had to be close to September 2 7 - 2 9 , 1978,
moving in a new direction. Beautiful 9:00 PM, but he couldn't add any more Orange, California
control. Very steady and smooth." At detail. He volunteered, "I hope you can
this point Pat was on a garage roof, Earl resolve something on that," indicating a astronomers.
in the street below. It had far outpaced frank interest in the events that evening
their running efforts to keep up. After on the part of the police. Sue Campbell Second Sighting
transiting the neighborhood, it hovered had also called the police at 9:30, and On Friday evening, September 29,
about 10-15 seconds in its original Earl Goff says a police cruiser came 1978, the group of friends were sitting
position while the scanning light around the intersection of Shaffer and on the lawn in front of Earl Goff's
searched the ground once more. It then Katella 10 minutes after the call. It is apartment "as they usually do." Earl,
moved directly south, going out of their tempting to speculate that the Pat, and Sue Campbell, Vila and
view over the trees and housetops. The overhead "black object" was the same Charlie were five of the group. Also
behavior was "as though it was looking object that later attracted Earl Goffs present were several "older people" —
for something" and the observation attention as it lit up with a flash. Linda T. (an independent witness of the
time had lasted a total of 5-6 minutes. Al Lawson, another investigator in previous Wednesday event) and Doug
this case, talked to Orange police the W. (29) her friend, also an instructor at
..Helicopter? day after the sighting. Mike Leintz, the Truck Driver's School. Earl's
At this point the question naturally dispatch officer, stated to Al that "two mother, Marge, who lives in the city
arises whether this was a police people sighted some dark black object" nearby, was also reported to be
helicopter. Orange police do not have a on the call that Officer Collins had present, but because of her business
helicopter and they said that they did taken. "When the second person connections she apparently does not
not request helicopter assistance from called" (probably Sue Campbell) "they wish to be contacted as a witness. She
any other agency that evening. were told another person had already did say, "It's all very interesting. The
Anaheim, the nearest city with a police reported the same thing." witnesses all seem to agree," about
helicopter, has a Hughes 300 "with a Lynda T. (35), an instructor at what happened next.
quiet kit," according to Helicopter Federal Truck Drivers' School in Vila was saying: "It'll never come
Sergeant Webb. It has a 1.3 million Orange, independently saw the back to the same place twice!" It was
candle power searchlight and when it is Wednesday evening event. She lives in 8:55 PM. Suddenly a Hash of light drew
on, the other lights probably would not the same apartment complex as, Pat the attention of the group to the east
be visible because of contrast. For and Sue Campbell, and knows them. and Earl and Pat were certain that
September 27 the Anaheim police log Says Lynda, "I just stepped out in back Wednesday's UFO had come back
shows that it was north of the city of of my apartment and saw it. I thought it again! And in the same spot as before.
Orange at 8:55 PM, and at the corner of was my imagination, or that my eyes The others were in various states of
Katella and Tustin Avenues at 9:02 or were playing tricks on me. It must have uncertaintly as to what they were
9:03. This latter location is only Y2 mile been about 9:30 PM. Yes, it cast a light seeing.
farther east and in line with the line of down. It was moving west along Let's start with Sue Campbell's
sight of Earl Goffs first noting the Katella." testimony. "I'm not sure of their shape
object. However, the police record Mrs. Margaret Murphy and but they were gigantic lights, not points,
shows the helicopter logged in at the daughter Shelly were neighbors who 3 maybe 4 in a row. It was like
west end of Anaheim, 9.33 miles away, came out to view the object after Earl's Wednesday when I was just amazed at
at 9:16 PM. It would have averaged 43 initial call for witnesses. Reportedly the brightness of the lights, but this time
mph (not 15-20) to cover the distance in they were willing to be interviewed by they were in a different pattern." Color?
that time, and the police logs appear me, but before I was able to talk to them "I saw no red, like Wednesday. Others
accurate within a minute or two. Also, there was a near-tragedy in their family, did. Just the white." Shape? "So dark.
the UFO departed in a southerly, not a so it became inappropriate to pursue an Couldn't be sure of any shape. Maybe a
westerly, direction. The matter of time interview at this time. dark shape. Same problem as
becomes crucial here. Earl, Pat, and For whatever it is or isn't worth, it Wednesday with the strong lights —
Sue claim the time of the sighting to might be noted that these days of getting the eyes adjusted to anything
have been between 18 and 20 minutes September 27-29 encompassed a large behind them. Except it was a more
after 9:00 PM. solar magnetic storm which affected definite shape Wednesday." How did
Further comments by the Orange communications on earth, according to (continued on nexf page)
(Orange, Calif., Continued) Pat and Earl jumped into their car and forth to cover 7 or 8 miles. I do not know
you know about it? "The flash, and followed it south along Shaffer Street at of any ad plane that carries such bright
there it was. Sort of like it appeared 40-50 mph. This time the UFO did not lights. A large aircraft's landing lights
from nowhere. Like a light bulb that move serenely: "It was making abrupt seen head-on are very bright like
burns out when you turn it on, you movements like I've never seen spotlights in the sky, but a large plane
know?" Location, movements? "More anything make before," said Pat. would have covered the distance to
to the south than Wednesday, but During the chase, they claim they lost Orange County Airport Oust south of
maybe even closer and lower." sight of the UFO and resighted it downtown Santa Ana) in a minute or
Linda T. and Doug. W. said they approximately three times. From two.
both saw "the second one" on this Shaffer they reached Collins and Earl was emphatic: "It wasn't an
Friday night. Said Doug, "It was very turned east toward Tustin Avenue. It airplane!" Pat couldn't say what they
slow at first. Three giant big lights. Like seemed to be hovering "like it was were seeing but rather wanted it
great big white spotlights. No shape to waiting for us to take footage." They explained to him. Doug's testimony-
lights. Made out a shape to the craft like shot some footage while it was over a appears to support the "it wasn't an
an inverted saucer. I never paid any large open space (schoolyard). Then it airplane" theory. The unfortunate part
attention to UFOs and I sure don't go took off again, moving in many different of all this is that the movie film had run
out looking for the things but, like they directions but generally in a southerly out of the camera before Friday night
say on TV, it was like two saucers, one direction. They said it was a bumpy ride and the boys didn't know it. Since the
inverted on the other, with big lights and the film would show the UFO motor was running on their borrowed
where they joined. It accelerated fast, bouncing. They were going south on Ricoh Super 8, they thought it was
then, to the south. It had one blinking Tustin, a four-lane street, making all of getting pictures. I've seen the
red and green light, one port and one the green lights. They entered the developed film and it shows airplane
starboard Blinked about one time per Garden Grove Freeway, westbound, landing lights they filmed the evening
second " He insisted he'd seen a lot of because the UFO then seemed to be before from the garage roof. . ."for
aircraft and helicopters when he was in heading westward by south. They comparison if we get a real UFO on
the Navy and knew what they looked stopped along the freeway shoulder film." But there it ends. We are left with
like. When I suggested it might have and filmed since it was now hovering only the credibility of all the witnesses,
been a large aircraft with landing lights south of the freeway. It moved, they which I'd judge as average. The level of
on, first pointed at them, then banking followed. They had the feeling that "it excitement seems to rule out fraud, to
to the south, he rejected that. "It was seemed to try to stay away from us". It this investigator, but I cannot rule out a
too erratic to be an airplane, it moved now was moving southeast, lower than "folie a deux" phenomenon. Earl and
back and forth. It was hard to see a the tops of buildings in downtown Santa pat were excited and dominant
shape behind the lights, but it moved so Ana. They got off the freeway to double witnesses, but even so they were
fast when it did move that I couldn't back, but it had vanished when they acting somewhat dubious about what
connect it with an airplane." Doug sent looked for it again. It had only been a they were chasing Friday night,
me-a sketch of what he thought he saw. minute and they had not actually seen it insisting that: "There was no question
He strikes me as a forthright, depart. Their descriptions were poetic. about Wednesday night, that was for
responsible person. Among other "Like it went into time travel or like sure!"
things, he talked about wanting to there was a door in the sky and it just So I am left with only a question at
institute a much-needed class in driving went into it.-" (Earl). "Like it opened up a this point. Did the UFO come back
safety at the truck drivers' school. cloud and just stepped into it. It was another night because of all the mental
Meanwhile, Earl Goff was ready very strange." (Pat). energy and interest directed toward it?
this time. He'd borrowed a movie Earl's drawing showed three lights Effort beyond the ability of this
camera the day before, hoping that the on the same lens shape he drew for investigator would be required to run
Wednesday UFO would return so he Wednesday night. Doug's drawing was down all the various ad planes and
could get some record of it. He and,Pat vsry similar, except for proportions and light configurations on aircraft today.
had spent nearly the whole previous the red and green lights at the But that something strange may have
night on a garage roof, waiting. He ran extremities of the shape. Earl said he been going on in the Los Angeles basin
into his apartment to get the camera. saw the green at some time during the is evidenced by the story of two ladies
He said when it reappeared it seemed chase. who saw something early Thursday
that it would repeat the same pattern of morning, on the 28th, just nine hours
movements as on Wednesday, but Analysis after the first Orange sighting, but 38
when he started filming "it just faded This could have been a chase after miles away. "Like big diamonds, jewels,
back quickly, like it didn't want to be a slow moving airplane with funny lights in the sky. Like two big eyes watching
filmed." Pat reiterated this. "At first it (an ad plane?). I estimate the thing us. It was so still and quiet. Like time
came down close in front, but it got covered about 5 miles as the crow flies was standing still." So described Freda
away fast when we started filming. Like in the 10 minutes they chased it, from Kerswill who, with her sister, had just
it knew." Katella in Orange to downtown Santa gotten out of their car at the Queen of
Next began the great UFO chase. Ana. That's 30 mph average, too slow Angels Hospital, where they work. It
for an ad plane unless it cut back and was 6:25'AM.
The French Way


By Ted Bloecher of the village, as well as to those of the

neighboring village.
(Co-Chairman of Humanoid Study Group)
The witness was not present but we
questioned the mayor and several of the
residents. The incident took place on June 6,
Readers of the British weekly, for turning "three trips around the field" 1977, a helicopter from the National
News of the World, may have been in the buff into something a bit more Geographic Institute having landed in a field
titillated by an item in its edition of provocative! (The word used in the near the village of Dolcourt, where there was
a young lady sunning herself in a bathing surt.
September 25,1977, in which this CEIII French account is fours; of course that
Her father, who was working in an adjacent
with a special Gallic flavor was briefly does rhyme with amours, where in may field on his tractor, took notice and drove
described: lie Mr. Edwards' error). And it seems to closer for a better look.
have been convenient for Mr. Edwards At no time did the witness speak of UFOs,
IT'S A FUNNY OLD WORLD to omit any mention of a helicopter. nor of Martians.
By George Edwards The farmer, M. Flauss, complained to the
Ah, but wait, mes amis, there is
A farmer couldn't believe his eyes when he Gendarmes of Toul simply because of the
more! The Paris newspaper's account landing of the machine in his field. The hoax
saw a flying saucer land in broad daylight.
"A man and a woman-both naked-jumped
may be traced back to an even more was thus one by the local press, and it is truly
out of the machine," he told the police at local representation from the Gironde a sorry business to have to mix the UFO
Tout (sic), France. "They made love in the newspaper, Sud-Quest. In its edition for phenomenon into this incident. . .
field three times then climbed back on the July 4, 1977, once again with my
machine and took off. 11 ried to get nearer but
translation libre, we find the following As the GESAG correspondent,
a blast threw me off my feet." Jean-Luc Proust, so aptly concludes in
Grinning gendarmes filed the report under
"Unsolved UFO sightings."
the UFO-INFO account, "Here's a fine
TROUBLED BY MARTIANS example of journalistic irresponsibility."
It's not every day that one can see Martians But the first prize for this special award
This bit of alleged alien hanky- got up like Adam and Eve. Last Wednesday goes, of course, to News of the World
panky al fresco was immediately (sic) a farmer from Dolcourt (Meurthe-et- and, especially, George Edwards, who
passed on by the Humanoid Study Moselle), who was napping underneath a
have turned this cunelard de presse
Group to its ace French humanoid tree, suddenly heard a commotion from a
herd of cattle that were stampeding to the far into a canard d'esfime.
specialist, Jean-Luc Rivera, to whom
end of the field. We must doff our chapeaux to
we are indebted for having assembled Getting up to check, he was "struck to the Mssrs. Robe and Proust for having set
the following information. ground by a powerful wind from an engi'n" the matter straight. And fast but not
Zut alors! Something seems to that descended and landed in the alfalfa field.
least, to M. Rivera, for having brought it
have happened to the translation of the From it emerged a completely nude pair who
very shortly got back into the machine. to our attention.
story in its journey across the Channel.
Convinced that he had seen a UFO, the
Mr. Rivera has provided the probable farmer went off to the local gendarmes to
source for Mr. Edwards' tantalizing report his strange experience. NOTE TO AUTHORS
little tale. In my own free translation
from the French, we find the following Now, for the denouement of this Articles for MUFON UFO Journal should be
story in France Soir, from its edition of reported romp in the alfalfa, we are typed, double-spaced, using paragraph indents.
July 7, 1977: Photographs (glossy), sketches, and other
indebted to the Groupe Prive
artwork are welcome. Please use India Ink or
Ufolo'gique Nanceien, in Nancy. In a other comparable dark ink for sketches and
TWO MARTIAN NUDISTS letter dated August 15, 1977, from diagrams. The maximum length is about 4,000
A native of Dolcourt, near Toul (Meurthe-et-
GPUN's secretary, M. Robe, to the words or about 12-13 manuscript (double-
Moselle) had his afternoon nap cut short by spaced) pages. Multi-part articles are not
the appearance of two Martians.
Groupe d'Etudes des Sciences
encouraged unless the content is of extraordinary
Flabbergasted, he saw a helicopter land in his d'Avant-Garde, of Bruges, Belgium, we
importance. Shorter articles are always needed.
alfalfa field. A couple got out, dressed in the are finally able to discover what rea//y For case reports, please begin with a
altogether. was going on in that field of alfalafa. The summary in narrative style. A formal report
"Adam and Eve" made three trips around the
letter was reprinted in GESAG's UFO- outline is not appropriate for the Journal.
field and got back into the helicopter, which
INFO #49 (September 1977) on page Technical matter and documentation can be
took off into the air.
presented in tables, charts, or graphs; footnotes
Convinced that what he had seen was a 28. rny own translation of which follows:
and references may be used. Above all, the article
UFO, the farmer went to the local
should be readable. Summarize what you are
gendarmes to report his sighting. We have since been able to conduct an reporting in one or two concise paragraphs, then
inquiry at the scene. The description of a elaborate the details in subsequent paragraphs.
So, we have Mr. Edwards to thank UFO was complete news to the inhabitants Use short paragraphs.
UFO ABDUCTION HOAX drivers in Coatepec state that they saw
an extraterrestrial being on Avenida
Campillo. " '", •"'.. ','.
By T. Scott Grain, Jr. Enrique Vega, Adolfo Ramirez,
(Pennsylvania State Section Director Arturo Almanza, and Antonio Nieto
for MUFON) say that they saw an individual dressed
. in black, with shining hands, who
seemed to have "cat eyes", and who
The recent disappearance of atomic radialion. Authorities are unable lo was carrying in his hand a metal or
Frederick Valentich over Bass Strait, ofter an explanation. crystal rod which shed an intense light.
Australia last October, has generated a Looking at the article and news Later on, the four went away, and when
renewed interest in another UFO dispatch at face value, it appears they came back to the place, they could
abduction case that purportedly took something very mysterious may have not find him anywhere. - - <
place in July 1952. As reported in the erupted here. However, in October
Spring 1979 issue 13 of TRUE FLYING 1972, UFO researcher Kurt Giemser From El Universal { C a r a c a s ,
SAUCERS & UFOs our protagonist, .wrote to the Georgia Department of Venezuela), Aug. 14, 1965 (HumCat
Fred Reagan, flew his Piper Cub Public Health requesting a copy of the #645)
towards a shining lozenge-shaped death certificate for Fred Reagan and
object and was involved in a mid-air the fasts surrounding his death. In A MAN FROM ANOTHER PLANET
collision. Reagan's plane crashed but he response, Miss Martha Pattillo, LANDED FROM A FLYING SAUCER
was suspended in the clouds and Assistant Director of the Vital Records IN SAO PAULO . i. .
teleported up into the UFO. After being Unit, wrote back, "We checked all the
placed in a dimly-lit room, Reagan was spellings of Reagan we could find but The-Strange Being-according to the
approached by creatures looking like were unsuccessful, in locating any cable-Visited A Workingman And
"huge stalks of metallic asparagus," and record of the death of the person in Gave Him a Piece of Rare Metal
was told they were sorry their vehicle whom you are interested." The alleged
accidently collided with his, and they newspaper clipping reprinted above Rio ,de Janeiro^ Aug. 13, <AFP.)--"A
were here only to observe our primitive appeared in the original article in crewman from a flying saucer landed in
civilization. ACTION, but could not be traced to Sao Paulo and, in order to dispel the
In reparation for the loss of any newspaper I could find. doubts of the incredulous, gave the
Reagan's plane, the creatures told him In conclusion, the story seems to railway employee, before going away, a
they cured him of cancer, a disease he have no substance at all. In view of the piece of metal,that, does-not exist on
unknowingly had. The occupants fact there is no death certificate, no earth."
returned Reagan to earth near his C.A.B. aircraft accident report could be . This is the statement on the first
crashed plane, warning him not to found, and no positive proof the page of the reliable and influential
reveal this experience, for no one would incident even occurred, what we have "Jornal do Brasil", explaining that a
believe him. left appears to be the ramblings of a railroad worker from the village of
Normally reports such as this ghost writer's vivid imagination. Cruzeiros, in the state of Sao Paulo,
might be considered pure fiction, but had a visit from a strange visitor from
because of the recent publicity this 1965 HUMANOID CASES another planet, while he was quietly
incident received in True's spring UFO (In summer and fall of 1965, a major fishing on the bank of the Paraiba River.
issue, this researcher felt compelled to wave of UFO sightings occurred in the According to the statements
set the record straight. To my United States, South America, gathered by this daily paper, his name
knowledge, the original article Antarctica, and elsewhere. The was given as Joao de Rio, the railroad
appeared in ACTION magazine, May MUFON Humanoid Study Group has worker in question. He talked in
1953. It was later reprinted in FLYING located these newspaper references to Portuguese with a strange little man,
SAUCER NEWS June 1963, and finally South American humanoid reports about 70 cm tall and with shining eyes,
again in TRUE'S UFO quarterly in during that period. Translations by Lex who authorized him to report the
1979. Mebane.) fantastic dialogue.
What makes this UFO-abduction It was a little before getting back
case so tantalizing, is a news report From Excelsior (Mexico City), Sept. 10, into his saucer that the midget gave him
which appears to have originated out of 1965 (HumCat #666) the piece of metal, which is now being
Atlanta, Georgia, in May 1953: analyzed in the laboratories of the
Atlanta—May 16. Fred Reagan, who made
THEY SAW AN "EXTRATERRESTI- purpose of finding out the composition
headlines lasl year when he claimed he had
been a visitor aboard a flying saucer, died AL BEING" IN COATEPEC of the strange "calling card."
today in the State Asylum for the Insane. People living in the place assert
Cause of death was determined to be Xalapa (Vera Cruz), Sept. 9.--A that Joao de Rio has always been a
degeneration of brain tissue due to extreme journalist, a herdsman, and two taxi reliable and trustworthy man.
By John Schuessler

Project VISIT (Vehicle Internal Vehicle i n f o r m a t i o n should Recognizing that medical examinations
Systems Investigative Team) members contain the classic eyewitness type are expensive VISIT suggests having
are seeking consistent, correlative data data, including perceived size, shape, the witnesses' physician consult with a
from abduction cases. Working from color, and movement. Equally VISIT expert on what would be most
the baseline of not trying to prove that a important is the description of vehicle beneficial in the given situation.
given abduction actually occurred, internal information. The witness can Because Project VISIT is a specialty
rather seeking clues from a number of be helpful in this area by calmly group and not a popular membership
cases, VISIT analysts are busy explaining what was seen in familiar organization all cases should be
constructing a technological model of terms. As an example, a farmer would handled through one of the major UFO
what is happening. compare things to farm machinery, an organizations. This can be done by
An in any scientific endeavor one actor to stage settings, and so on. The calling headquarters of MUFON (512)
must be able to replicate the investigator needs to note and allow for 379-9216, CUFOS (312) 491-6666, or
experiment and then seek answers by this background and VISIT analysts will APRO (602) 793-1825, who will in turn
carefully manipulating variables. To put factor the conditions into the results. contact the appropriate VISIT expert
abduction cases in this context it is Additional data is needed at this time to assess the situation and relate what is
necessary to consider a basic set of on l i g h t i n g , air flow, surface needed. On the long term the witness
elements that can be repeatedly temperatures and textures, and gravity should make sure any skin irritation is
addressed. For VISIT purposes, five orientations of fixtures. photographed for the record. Any
elements are considered to be Humanoid descriptions are unusual physiological or psychological
important: (1) Baseline data, (2) the important because they too can give developments should be closely
witness, (3) the vehicle, (4) humanoids, clues as to the working of the machine. monitored and reported. If hypnotic
and (5) post-incident follow-up. Our own space vehicles are designed to regression, voice stress analysis, or
Baseline data establishes the basis be compatible with astronaut other assistance is needed it should be
for comparison of the cases. The VISIT physiology. Along this line the human coordinated t h r o u g h the host
format not only seeks the usual time, factors experts have standardized investigative group. Project VISIT may
place, and weather information, it looks many factors that affect systems be contacted by mail at P.O. Box 877,
for more subtle elements as well; such design. Utilizing data on humanoid size, Friendswood, TX 77546.
as what the witness considers a shape, strength, and dexterity, a
comfortable environment (i.e., home comparison with the human design DAILY EXPRESS, London, England
thermostat setting, humidity level, standards can lead to knowledge about Jan. 3, 1979
motor, clock and animal sounds, etc.)- the systems operated by the
Once a thorough baseline is established humanoids. Other factors, such as U.F.O.
other elements can be readily
compared from case to case.
mouth and nostril size, apparent skin
temperature, and body coverings leads
over Lillvhall
[3 the Llllyhall area i I 5 a i onary af a 1 - ard
Witness information covers a to knowledge about humanoid Workmgton a largei fcr ihen i jusr vanished I
U n k n o w n F l y i n p <n pt 1 m> cai 10 -• t J
broad spectrum, ranging from personal metabolism and what types of life Objects' II \\h.r- 11 w( nl , |: n I
A man on his wa> to fcn.* I nai-e r.ti--. "n
comfort (discomfort), health state, and support they require. Unfortunately, work ar C N Print Ltd
on the LJIIuhall iiiiie ~ji
attitudes, to sensory data and the humanoid element is the most fear- fji 10 -.ork other col-
physiological status during the incident. provoking to the witness and is morning lo ft u mang luifurj riad ssen some-
obj«.f I 'JH • «• *l-y in -!, no They [eel It
Of particular interest are sounds, therefore least accessible to the [i wdi abuu * JO i m iuifj MU have been a
r-»i*, if • «-ause of its
odors, paralysis effects, and skin conscious mind. j ' e n i e r j 10 b e o ^ » On •.->!. Y e a r ' s Eve nu-
sensations like burning and tingling. The post-incident period for the Llllynall Mlai An;e|
D^Alr.son. a pai-*»npe
merous phone tails were
made to Worklngton
Care should be taken during this phase witness is extremely important to In my car. sa^ 11 tj
s a i d Mr P e l e
Pa\if s i d l i in about
jiranje tljc'iiings in the
of the investigation so as not to pass Project VISIT. It is during this part of ""•••sw—ih. of Ff.,.a
Sir*si worklngton
e»,ly « i . m r g
a b o v - the Llllynall

over seemingly insignificant facts. the case that "proofs" can be gained. H « d e s c r i b e d th
objiri as "a big stive
1nc re vtr« o i h e r
Bodily reactions can ultimately be VISIT experts advise that the witness diin in the shy It wa
i r j i i o n a r y and the
slghtliici r. p-.r pri in the
same ar a a re* veara
utilized to determine the characteristics seek immediate medical assistance ni,.i-,j and then wa ago

of a variety of vehicle systems. from his/her personal physician.


By Ann Druffcl


The greatest frustration of UFO caused the mysterious exploding lights

The color changed from the original yellow-
research is our inability to haul the golden color to a very bright white light. I in the San Fernando Valley. Since the
phenomenon into a laboratory or didn't believe my eyes; then a second yellow- lights had not appeared in our area for a
produce it at will. We must wait until it golden light appeared, to the left and down couple of years, I assumed our hoaxer
decides to appear, and for the most part from the first light, and it also changed in size had changed his residence to Orange
and intensity of brightness as the first one. County, and for that we were grateful.
its performances are sporadic, short- Just as the second one completed its change,
lived and unpredictable. Therefore, in a third yellow-golden light appeared to the We were also glad that the nocturnal
studying UFOs we must do the next right and down of the first and went through "exploding lights" had been taken out
best thing — attempt to correlate those the same changes as the first and second. As , of the "unknown" class.
repetitive, similar sightings which seem number three completed its change the first Now, in recent weeks, the San
one shrank in size and changed its color to Fernando Valley has a brand-new type
able to be classified as "UFO-types." the original size and color. It then
Sometimes classification is disappeared. No movement, it just of UFO, as represented by the following
possible after distressingly long waiting • disappeared. The second and third cases:
periods. But the result is often worth disappeared in the same fashion.1
the wait, for at times the "result" is About 9:00 PM on January 21. 1979, Mrs.
The entire episode lasted about Gail Z. and her three children were driving
identification of a "UFO-type" as a west on the Ventura Freeway near Sherman
conventional, earth object. one minute, leaving the witnesses awed Oaks. They viewed a big round ball of light,
Take, for example, the "exploding and puzzled. They were not alone. flashing on and off, bouncing up and down,
lights" which puzzled Los Angeles During succeeding months many other back and forth, and skipping around the sky.
researchers during 1974 and 1975. San Fernando residents witnessed The object was white in color, and
identical "exploding" lights. MUFON approximately twenty times the brightness
Several cases filtered through of a headlight on a plane or about % degree
SKYNET in which reliable witnesses, investigator Rick Zimmerman and angular diameter. As the witnesses watched
often in groups, reported bright yellow myself made attempts to find a plausible for six or seven minutes, the object
lights flying over the San Fernando explanation of the phenomenon but repeatedly blinked out, then reappeared in a
Valley. While the witnesses watched, met with no success. The objects were different part of the sky, each time traveling
certainly not ordinary candle balloons 20-30 times its own diameter in about one
the lights "exploded" or expanded into
great white fireballs which then or any similar hoax-type known to us.
disappeared without a trace. The Then, almost 4 years to the date of
the Benson-Sawczak sighting, a small I made attempts to identify the
following case was typical; it occurred object for the frightened woman, but
December 20, 1974. article appeared in the local
newspaper.2 It told of efforts of law could not label it as searchlights on
Patricia Benson and Eleanor clouds, reflections on her windshield, or
Sawczak were driving west toward enforcement officials to apprehend a
hoaxer who had launched two any other conventional phenomenon. It
Sunland, which is the northern section remained on my charts as an unknown.
of the Los Angeles Basin. The time was homemade balloons, each about 10 feet
Then on February 9,1979 at about
11:15 PM. They saw a yellowish-gold, high and each trailing a bag containing
6:15 PM another woman witness,
unblinking bright light, approximately some type of explosive mixture,
traveling west on Ventura Freeway,
five times as bright as a bright star. directly into the flight path of Orange
County Airport, which is situated viewed what seemed to be the same
They temporarily lost sight of it, but at phenomenon.
about 11:29 PM while approaching the southeast of Los Angeles. In both
Benson home caught sight of it, or a cases, when the hoax balloons reached
It first appeared as a clump of bright white
similar one, again. It was seen over an altitude of 850 feet, the mixture lights, each many times larger than a bright
Mount Wilson, to the north. As they within the bags detonated, causing a star. The clump separated into three or four
watched, the light suddenly expanded fireball 25 to 40 feet in diameter. distinct lights, which blinked on and off,
to the approximate size of a full moon. It seemed probable that this was moved up and down jiggled sideways, and
the same type balloon which had then back and forlh m reference to the
Quoting Mrs. Benson,
witness' position. They then began to move •not be surprised, if the January 21 and looking like a "vast swarm of bees." If it
almost instantaneously across the sky in February 9 sightings described here was bees, or insects, it must have been
great leaps. These leaps were invariably
heralded by a blinking off. then a had come over a Project Blue Book at a great distance, as no sound was
reappearance in another quadrant of the desk, to have them identified as heard. Considering the apparent
sky. First seen in the north, they leaped to "(possible) birds carrying flashlights"! diameter of the Rambo sighting (J£
the east, then to the south, then back to the The explanation I am going to put degree or the diameter of the full
west in front of the witness. The awe forward may sound equally as odd. moon), it must have been far away to
experienced by the woman seemed to
preclude a simple explanation, such as in the
However, it fits most of the facts of both present such a near-solid appearance.
Z. case above. The duration of the sighting, the daytime and nighttime sightings Dr. Callahan gives us the information
as in the Z. case, was seven minutes. 4 described above. that some insects fly in swarms over 60
In a recent DPI newstory6 Dr. miles wide and over 15 miles long.
Is this type of report destined to sit Phillip S. Callahan of the U.S. Another vital question: did the
in SKYNET report charts and fed into Agriculture Department suggeted that January and February nocturnal
UFOCAT as an unknown? Or will it, some nocturnal UFOs could be swarms sightings occur in unstable weafher,
too, be eventually identified? of glowing insects darting about since an electrical field such as
Before I suggest a possible, but erratically in a natural electric field. Dr. occurring in a storm front would be
most tenuous explanation of our Callahan reported that insects could necessary to make insects glow? On
dancing Alights, we should mention a trigger electric discharges when flying February 9, 1979, the skies in the San
daytime sighting which correlates in a beneath a storm front. A vast swarm of Fernando Valley were partly cloudy.
surprising manner with the wild such insects could set off a highly visible The wind was northerly, heralding the
nocturnal lights. The report was filtered display. The electric field beneath the approach of a cold front which was
through SKYNET by police referral to storm front pulls away electrons from c o m i n g down f r o m N o r t h e r n
MUFON investigator Morrey Allen. pointed exposed surfaces, such as California. On January 21, 1979, a cold
insect legs and antennae. An avalanche front was actually moving through
On November 15, 1978, just two months of these electrons would ionize gases in Southern California.
before our nocturnal lights above, Charles the atmosphere, emitting light. Were these meteorological
and Helen Rambo were walking in a park in The effect had been created with conditions right for ionization of insect
Van Nuys, adjacent to Sherman Oaks where
Mrs. Z's sighting occurred and also in the insects at the Insect Attractants, swarms? Not being an expert on these
same general area as the February 9th B e h a v i o r and Basic B i o l o g y matters, I cannot say. I leave this
occurrence. The wind was 20 knots from the Laboratory. The glowing effects question to those scientists who might
north-northwest, the sky clear and smogless, resembled a " the sky," be interested. However, it is rather
with a temperature of 62 degrees. The time giving off various colors — blue, red, remarkable that so many of the factual
was 9:35 a.m. Suddenly a dark gray, elliptical
object, seemingly solid, 'popped up' and green. As the insect swarm tries to details of the November, January, and
suddenly in the east at about 45 degrees get out of electric fields they dart February sightings fit the very peculiar,
elevation. The object faded, then reappeared around, making a humming sound and but possible, explanation — insect
nearer and to the right of the witnesses, now suddenly disappear from sight because swarms.
presenting a round appearance. It vanished
the swarm would leave the voltage field So we play the waiting game again,
again, reappeared farther to the southeast
and slightly lower, vanished and appeared
and the glow would vanish. as regards our new Los Angeles
again farther to the right. (See Figure A.) All All of the data reported by our "darting UFO." Hopefully, the sightings
four appearances took place within 1 ^ three case witnesses above do not fit will continue to repeat until an answer is
minutes. The witnesses stated that as it Dr. Callahan's theory. The color of the found.
approached nearer it lost its solid San Fernando Valley darting lights was
appearance and became hazy. The Rambos
likened it to a'distant, huge mass of bees or a bright white. However, according to REFERENCES
huge Brillo pad'!5 Dr. Callahan, the glowing phenomenon 1. Report in MUFON files, "The Sawczak-Benson
on insects is similar to St. Elmo's fire, Sighting, Sunland, California, December 20.
which is bluish in hue. Bright bluish 1974."
The manner in which this daytime 2. Los Angeles Times, December 15, 1978;
object repeatedly vanished, then light, when seen from a distance, tends '"Fireball Balloonist' Hunted Near Airport."
reappeared in a different part of the sky- to look white. 3. Report in SKYNET (Druffel) files.
seems to correlate with the January 21 Moreover, the darting, the 4. Report in SKYNET files.
and . February 9 sightings of the vanishing and reappearing quality of 5. Report by Morrey Allen in MUFON files
both the November daytime sighting 6 Evening Outlook, Thurs.. November 2, 1978;
bouncing, nighttime lights. But how can "UFO Sightings Linked to Insects."
we correlate the strange "dark, hazy" and the January and February
appearance with the bright white nighttime sightings does fit in splendidly
nocturnal objects? with Dr. Callahan's theory. Also, the
There is a possible answer which I hazy appearance which would be
hesitate to suggest. It is reminiscent of presented by a distant swarm of insects
the Air Force's former penchant for fits in exactly with the appearance of
identifying UFOs in all manner of the darting November daytime object.
strange ways. For instance, we would Indeed, the witnesses did describe it as
(Director's Message, Continued) the UFO enigma. They are Geoffrey L. to the MUFON UFO Journal, Tom
through June 1978, using five access Nicoletti, 200 East Grovers Lane, Clark's "Peak to Peak Strangeness"
points. This is indicative of his work, Philadelphia, PA 19118 in theology and and an interview with David Perkins,
since he has a Masters Degree in John A. Holly, 734 Chimalus Drive, Cari Seawell, and Bill Mclntyre aptly
Library Science. Palo Alto, CA 94306 in propulsion title "On the Trail of the Mutes". A copy
Since MUFON is a worldwide systems. .Geoffrey is a graduate of may be secured for $1.50 by writing to
cooperative group of investigators and Villanova University in theology and Boulder Monthly Magazine, Inc., 1200
researchers, it is imperative that our John has a B.S.E.E. degree. One ofour Pearl Street, Boulder, CO 80302.
members know who the officers are in Consultants'in Internal Medicine has David, Cari, and Bill attended the 1978
their immediate area or neighboring now relocated his practice to a MUFON Symposium in Dayton, Ohio.
states. Louis Winkler, Ph.D., 2149 permanent locality and is ready to Tom Clark, Senior Writer for the
North Oak Lane, State College, PA accept additional responsibilities in a Boulder Monthly, is to be congratulated
16801 has joined MFUON as a leadership role. Gus D. Berryhill, Jr., for his objective interviews and articles
Consultant in A s t r o n o m y . A M.D., 1712 Riverside, Clarksdale, MS on the cattle mutilation problem. David
professional astronomer at 38614; telephones - Home (601) 627- Perkins of Farisita, Colorado, plans to
Pennsylvania State University, he has 2030 and Business (601) 624-4316 has write a book on the "Mute-Nuke-UFO
concentrated his research to sightings been appointed State Section Director Connection."
prior to 1947. Another new legal adviser for the following Mississippi Counties:
to MUFON is Leroy L. Bradwish, M.A. Coahoma, Tunica, Quitman, Bolivar,
and J.D., Apt. 2801B, 1455 No. Clark Sunflower, and Tallahatchie. As a
St., Chicago, IL 60610; telephone (312) specialist in Nephrology (disease of the
266-8217. Mr. Bradwish is a kidney), his prime interest as a CLOSE ENCOUNTER
government attorney and regards the consultant concerns the physical OF A DIFFERENT KIND
UFO phenomenon as the major effects of witnesses/abductees.
mystery of his lifetime since it appears The February 1979 issue of East
to defy solution. West Journal Volume 9, Number 2
Paul Cemy has recognized the featured UFO articles of interest to (Reprinted from Lawtalk, December
fine work that has been performed by readers of the MUFON Journal. 1978, published by the Lawyers
Marvin E. Taylor over the past 10 years, MUFON is listed in the resource Cooperative Publishing Co./Bancroft-
by selecting him as the Assistant State section of their magazine. A copy may Whitney Co. Submitted by William E.
Director for Northern California. be secured by writing to East West Jones.)
Marvin is the State Section Director for Journal, P.O. Box 505, Whitinsville,
Toulumne, Calaveras, and Amador MA 01588 for U.S. $1.50 and Canada Upon learning that UFO's were
Counties, residing at 20811 Briarwood $1.75. A new independent publication reported nearby, the plaintiff-to-be
Drive, Sonora, CA 95370. Mrs. Jean titled "Kor's Kosmos — Exploring the reached for his binoculars and went out
Fuller, 1327 Hawthorne, Tyler, TX Borderlands of Knowlege" Issue looking for you-know-what. As he was
75702; telephone (214) 593-1933; has Number One for .January 1979 (16 crossing the road in a dark, deserted
been appointed State Section Director pages) by Peter Kor of 1207 Cordova area, he was hit by a police car. (The
for Smith County. Jean attended the Road, Mayfield Heights, Ohio 44124 officer inside was driving slowly and
1978 MUFON UFO Symposium in has been received. The feature article quietly, without lights, because he was
Dayton, Ohio, and has been for the first edition is "Getting to the looking for suspected rabbit hunters.)
investigating UFO cases in the Tyler Bottom of the Saucer Problem" and In the litigation that followed, the novel
area for several years. She has a B.A. Peter pulls no punches in doing so. It is question of whether a UFO watcher's
degree. Donald B. Roberts, 607 Saluda recommended for people that have an conduct constituted contributory
Ave., Columbia, SC 29205; telephone open mind and are willing to think and negligence was decided. The Louisiana
(803) 256-4005 has volunteered his reason logically. Only a limited number Supreme Court held that there was no
services and that of a small group of of copies will be printed of this no such negligence. Dupas v New Orleans
UFO investigators in the Columbia, charge publication. (1978, La) 354 So 2d 1311
S.C. area. Don has been apointed State For those readers having an
Section Director for the following interest in both UFOs and the
South Carolina counties contingent to c o n t i n u i n g problem of c a t t l e
Columbia: Richland, Lexington, mutilations, the January 1979 edition of
Calhoun, Sumter, Fairfield, and Boulder Monthly features articles by
Kershaw. His group attended one of David Perkins, MUFON State Section MUFON
George Fawcett's lectures as a means Director for the Colorado counties of
of meeting MUFON's State Director Huerfano, Costilla, Las Animas, and 103 OLDTOWNE RD.
for North Carolina. Alamosa titled "The Phantom Cattle SEGUIN,TX 78155
Two newResearch Specialists have Surgeons of the Plains"; Richard
volunteered their talent to resolution of Sigismond, UFOlogist and subscriber
Lucius Farish

In Others' Words

The J a n u a r y 23 issue of article by Rocky Wood on the material of interest to researchers.

NATIONAL ENQUIRER reported on disappearance of Australian pilot Copies may be obtained from: Green
UFO activity and power blackouts Frederick Valentich over the Bass Oak Press, 9339 Spicer Road, Brighton,
which occurred in Honduras during Strait on October 21, 1978. MI 48116.
October 1978. The first of a series of BEYOND REALITY for March/
UFO articles appeared in the April has articles on Dr. Leopoldo Diaz,
ENQUIRER'S January 30 issue. This a Mexican physician who claims to have TIMES, Seattla, WA - Jan. 18, 1979
was a roundup of reports from all parts examined an extraterrestrial being, and
of the world, including abductions, UFO sightings at Chula Vista,
films, photographs, "hardware,"
injuries from UFOs, reports of UFO
California, which allegedly involved
paranormal healings of two persons.
occupants, landings, etc. Beginning The latest SAGA UFO ANNUAL
with the February 6 issue, weekly is almost total rehash from past issues crew sow U.F.O.
reports will present detailed accounts of UFO REPORT, with Jerome Clark's
of the more startling UFO cases. The column the only new contribution. A document signed by (our crewmen aboard
the vanship President Johnson describes an uniden-
first article deals with an Italian case of a The #13 issue of TRUE FLYING tified gluwmg object seen ir. ihe Pacific as the ship
security guard who claims to have been SAUCERS & UFOs is also largely wus en route from Yokohama to Seattle.
The time of sighting coincided generally with
taken aboard a landed spaceship on rehash and material not relating directly reports of U P.O. sightings off New Zealand.
two occasions The second report, in to UFOs. Four men on the Johnson's bridge, including
Third Mate Btllie D. Norton, said the object ap-
the February 13 issue, tells of sightings Martin H. Sable's Exobiology: A peared as a light which Norton considered to be
Research Guide is the latest attempt to from a vessel, but nothing appeared on the John-
by Coast Guard personnel in the Lake son's two radars.
Michigan area, as well as sightings over provide a comprehensive bibliography Ni-rion fixed the sighting at Latitude 36 de-
grees, 18 rmnu i = North and Longitude H7 degrees,
southern England on October 24,1978. of literature on UFOs, extraterrestrial 28minnie<; HaM
Another article in the same issue life, and related subjects. While I admire The ujtclt was changing jusi before 8 p m .
ship's tim-* December 30.
reports on the recenlty-released CIA Sable's courage in tackling what I On December 31. news services reported uni-
denMied living objects popping up again over New
documents pertaining to UFOs. consider to be an impossible task, I Zealdfid jud accc-uni-; of an Australian television
THE STAR for January 23 has an must report that his book is by no crew (ilnvnkelusnc- plowing spheres
Nonon <aiiJ ir-e t.rst appejrance was only a
article summarizing the December and means thorough and comprehensive. glow Ar 6 12 p m ih» hphi appeared on the hori-
zon, ver> brithi and round hlte a white, frosied
January UFO reports and films from The bibliography section is broken electric liphi bulb It appeared about hall ihe sue of
New Zealand. Another article on the down into sixteen sub-sections a full moon if one had been on ihe horizon
The Minsjns r Apia in. n-"vn R Coppocfc
December 30 UFO film from New (Astronomy and Origin of Life and of was calletl 10 lh-. hn<J^»
Zealand appears in the January 30 issue Planets, Flying Saucer Sightings, At tl:/r, ihe-iighi was on ihe Johnson's Star-
board beam, appearing to be 3 to 5 miles off, still
of THE STAR. Humanoid Contact on Earth, Intelligent not showing on (he ship's radars
The February issue of EAST Life on Other Planets, Religious and "Our vessel was in force-8 seas and winds up to
35 knots. The ship was rolling 15 degrees, but the
WEST JOURNAL is a special UFO Philosophical Aspects, Teleportations, light was showing no motion in any manner. It
issue, containing articles by editor Alex etc.). The most recent entries in all seemed to be a fixed object such as a rock or a land
mass, or hovering clo-.e lo or almve the water,"
Jack, Michael Persinger and Gyslaine these categories are from 1975, so the Norton said
"Our navigain-nal charts showed no land with-
Lafreniere, Brad Steiger, and Michio book is not up-to-date. The directory in hundreds of mil^ from our position."
Kushi, plus excerpts from Jacques section provides listings of international Norton said men in the wheelnouse watched
Vallee's new book, Messengers o/ organizations and periodicals, but the light through binoculars, and it appeared t o w
suspended and "nitached to nothing.*'
Deception. Interviews with John Philip several of these are also outdated, with The document, dated January 1 at sea, was
Cohane (author of Paradox: the Case incorrect addresses given. The Guide is signed by Norton and able-seamen Alfred Kroll,
George Williams and Howard Bethel), who was at
for the Extraterrestrial Origin of Man) indexed by author and by subject, as the helm
and Zecharia Sitchin (author of The well as having an index to the directory Norton said ihe Johnson';. Captain Cvppock
also curved ihe nhjert
12th Planet) are also included, along section. Material from foreign books The Johnson was at s«a yesterday and none of
tht- men was available for further comment
with details of recent sightings, book and periodicals is included in the 3,832 An official ai American President Lines offices
reviews, a directory of UFO entries. Although I consider the Guide here said he had speni runtidcrable time with the
captain and other of the ship <; crew, DUI nobody
organizations/publications, etc. to be over-priced ($17.95; hardcover) mentioned Ihe incident to him
The March issue of FATE has an and incomplete, it still contains much

Considerable work was expended appropriate people to obtain the facts. Each of us has the dual responsibility of
late in 1978 exploring the possibility of The high percentage of "IFO" reports submitting our investigation report to
establishing a nationwide UFO (90% of those received on the hotline CUFOS and MUFON simultaneously,
coalition to represent the major UFO number) has certainly justified the since this is one of the major features of
organizations, such as APRO, CUFOS, preliminary interviews via the our cooperative program. Frequently,
CAUS, GSW, MUFON, and NICAP. telephone to screen these reports, thus investigators are filing a report with the
This was to occur in conjunction with leaving the remaining 10% to be Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS)
the attempt to resurrect NICAP, investigated in detail. Your Director only, when they have received a
however, the negotiations have been heartily cncurs with the recent decision request to investigate a report by either
discontinued pending positive action by by CUFOS and IUFOR (The Dr. Hynek or Allan Hendry. This is not
the NICAP Board of Governors to form International UFO Reporter) that they in compliance with our MUFON Field
a viable organization. have spent more than sufficient time on Investigator's Manual. On page 132 you
A good e x a m p l e of the the IFOs to establish a confirmed will note the following paragraph:
cooperation that may be achieved with pattern and should devote the majority "When a call received through UFO
such a coalition has been demonstrated of their effort to the 10% that could yield Central (CUFOS) merits investigation,
during the past 5 years; MUFON positive information. a State Director or State Section
volunteered to support Dr. J. Allen MUFON has always screened the Director will be notified. All reports
Hynek when he organized the Center IFOs at the time and scene of the resulting from investigations should be
for UFO studies (CUFOS) in October investigation, to remove the obvious first sent to MUFON, with a copy going
1973. Since CUFOS started as a small reports so we will not have filing to the Center for UFO Studies
group of scientists, engineers, and cabmeis 90%filledwith reports that do (CUFOS)." The Center for UFO
related professions to UFOlogy, not help to resolve the UFO Studies also uses the MUFON Field
MUFON immediately became the phenomenon. This obviously requires Investigator's Manual as their
nationwide UFO investigative network trained and competent investigators. If investigative guide. Allan Hendry has
for UFO sighting reports received on the investigator is unable to identify the proposed a UFO Investigator's Guide
the CUFOS "hotline" number from reported object after a thorough Book which will be published soon to
police agencies. investigation, the completed report will supplement our F.I.M. for those
In order to provide CUFOS with be submitted to MUFON for our file so desiring additional material and
the names, addresses, and telephone that our Consultants may have this techniques where applicable.
numbers of all MUFON State information for further study where With the gracious help of Bill and
Directors, State Section Directors, and warranted. This does not mean that Carol Armstrong, several of the early
Consultants for their active file, a copy every effort in our files is a bonafide editions of SKYLOOK have been
of each processed membership UFO. If there is any question in the provided to complete the MUFON file.
application is submitted to CUFOS. Dr. mind of the investigator as to whether We have been reproducing copies of
Hynek, Mimi Hynek, or Allan Hendry, the sighting is an IFO or UFO, the SKYLOOK starting with the first issue
upon receipt of a "hotline" telephone report should be filed. Other sighting in September 1967, and forwarding
call on a UFO sighting, would refer to reports of possibly the same object these to George M. Eberhart, MUFON
their map of MUFON and CUFOS when correlated could substantiate the Staff Librarian, at 1615 East 18th St.,
investigators and call the nearest one questionable report as either UFO or Lawrence, KS 66044, for his file and to
on their WATTS line. IFO. prepare a cross-reference filing index
Allan Hendry has been utilizing W i t h so many new state for each year by specific categories. A
their WATTS line very extensively to directors, state section directors, decision has not been reached on how
call the witnesses and also to perform and consultants joining MUFON and this reference index will be published
peripheral interviews to substantiate automatically becoming sources for for researchers. Watch the Journal for
the reliability of the report in order to investigations by CUFOS, it is future announcements in this regard.
determine if they warrant dispatching imperative that we remind everyone of George is to be commended for the
an investigator to the scene. Many of the reporting procedures for UFO professional manner in which he cross-
the cases may be resolved on the investigations originated by CUFOS indexed the Journal's for January
telephone by placing calls to and assigned to MUFON personnel. (continued on page 18)