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English Translation

Subject: Infringement of copyright using the Bittorrent Network We have been hired by the [US STATE] registered company [COMPANY] to work on violations of companies' copyrights in Finland. The company produces and publishes as [PornCo Full Name)]. We refer to the company, hereinafter as [PORNCo]. [PORNCo] takes property right infringement seriously and will pursue every legal opportunity to prevent and limit the infringing distribution of their works. Copyright Violation [PORNCo] is aware of the unauthorized dissemination of films it produces via peer-to-peer file-sharing networks and monitors the unauthorized distribution in order to detect and limit it. Investigations are carried out automatically by collecting usage information from peer to peer networks and identifying those files being distributed in violation of [PornCO's] copyright. Rights violations are automatically identified by downloading an excerpt from each file, which is then verified in software to represent unlawful sharing of [PornCO's] work. A computer program then stores an identifying IP address and a timestamp of the identified infringement. [PornCO] has in carrying out the monitoring found that the IP address of [IP ADDY] was utilised to share [STUFF] produced by [PC] on the BitTorrent peer to peer network, in violation of Finnish copyright law at [TIME&DATE] Finnish time. DNA has provided information to the Market Court, on accordance to our application (Docket No. [REDACTED]) on the basis that the IP address specified therein was at your disposal at the time mentioned. Thus, a connection registered in your name has been used to violate [PORNCo's] copyright through peer to peer networking. Infringement of copyright in this way can be regarded as a criminal offense according to the Criminal Code section 49, paragraph 1, if it is committed intentionally or with gross negligence. The police may use any measures necessary to solve the case. According to Copyright Act section 57, paragraph 2, an unauthorized distributor is obliged to pay compensation to the author and to pay damages for all losses and injuries. According to the law, the compensation must be paid, even if the infringement has been carried out without prior knowledge of the illegal nature of said deed. [PORNCo] has the right to ask for compensation and reimbursement of any criminal investigation or in a separate trial. The possibility of a settlement [PORNCo] is ready to settle the infringement of copyright on the film [PornoName] in such a way that there is no further action need be taken. The settlement requires the reimbursement of damages and losses, and expenses. Expenses were incurred for technical and legal work, the Market court application fee and DNA Ltd's fees and expenses. We will not take further action in the matter , lf you choose to pay a compensation of EUR600 to Hedman Partners Attorneys Ltd. Customer fund account [AcctNumber]. For the avoidance of doubt, there is reason to use the reference [REF]. The payment has to be made by [paydate] 2014

I kindly request to contact the undersigned confirm receipt of your payment, in which case we will send you a written confirmation agreeing on an issue. We will not share you with the discussions or any information to public authorities or to third parties, provided there is a successful reconciliation. I ask for a first contact by e-mail or directly to the below mentioned numbers Yours sincerely,

By Andrew Norton With translation help from rehanna, vhautaka and mikachu