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Level of Women Voters Maturity in the 1
District of Paraaque

Agdipa, Sharmaine
Bolante, Glady
Quijada, Twiggy
Soberano, Maricar
Tria, Andrea Des
year AB Political Science

Statement of the Problem
The study focuses on determining the level of womens voter maturity in the Philippines as perceived by
the respondents.
The researcher seeks to answer the following questions:
1. What is the profile of the respondents in terms of:
a. Age
b. Educational Background
c. Occupation
d. Residence
2. What is the level of women voters maturity in the Philippines in terms of:
a. Basis for Choosing of Candidates
b. Nature of Electoral Participation
3. Is there a significant difference in the level of women voters maturity if the respondents are grouped
according to profile?
4. What are the problems encountered by the respondents in attaining voters maturity?
5. What are the recommendations of the respondents in order to solve the problems that they encountered?

Adamson University
College of Liberal Arts
Department of Social Science
900 San Marcelino St., Ermita, Manila

Thesis Title: Level of Women Voters Maturity in the 1
District of Paranaque

General Instructions: This questionnaire is designed to measure the level of women voters maturity in the 1

District of Paraaque. Read the instructions first for each of the different sections. Kindly fill up the blanks by
completing the statement or by shading the circle which corresponds to your answer.
Part I. Personal Information
Name (Optional): ______________________________
o Below 21 years old
o 21-30 years old
o 31-40 years old
o 41-50 years old
o 51-60 years old
o 61 years old and above

Note: Please indicate the highest level of education completed.

O Elementary Level
O Elementary Graduate
O High School Level
O High School Graduate
O Vocational/ Technical School Level
O College Level
O College Graduate
O Post Graduate Studies

OCCUPATION: _____________________________
RESIDENCE: _____________________________

Part II.
Directions: Read each of the following statements and decide how you feel about it. Put a check
() to the column that best describe your reaction to the following.

Basis for Choosing Candidates 4 3 2 1
1. I choose candidate based on their physical appearance.
2. I choose the candidate because he gives money or any incentives.
3. It really matters to me if the candidate I am voting for has a good moral

4. I consider a candidate whom I have a debt of gratitude.
5. I choose a candidate coming from a family who has great power and influence
in the country.

6. I consider a candidate with a good performance based from his/her past terms.
7. I choose a candidate even without any political experience/background.
8. It is important for me to study his experience in public service.
9. I choose a candidate because we have the same religious affiliation.
10. It is important that a candidate has any professional career before engaging in
his/her political career.

11. I choose candidate with strong leadership qualities.
12. I consider a candidate endorsed by my religious leader.
13. I consider voting a rich candidate will avoid any form of corruption.
14. I choose a candidate who has celebrity status.
15. I consider a candidate with decency.
16. I consider a candidate with compassion for the poor.
17. I consider the political party of a candidate in voting.
18. I vote a candidate because that is what my family, friends,relatives and parents
told me.

4 Strongly Agree 3 Agree 2 Strongly Disagree 1 Disagree

Part III.
Directions: Please read each of the following statements below and put a check () on the problems that
you have encountered in attaining voters maturity. (SELECT ONLY 3)
____ Campaigning is more focus on personalities rather than issues.
____ Unavailability and inaccuracy of information about candidates.
____ Lack of voters choices during election.
____ Inaccessibility of opportunities to exercise political participation for women.
____ Biases of media practitioners towards some candidates.
____ Poor information dissemination about political activities.
____ Gender discrimination in politics.
____ Lack of political education.
____ Others please specify.
Manifestation of Political Participation 4 3 2 1
1. I verify my registration before the election.
2. I prepare a list of candidates whom I will vote before going to the precinct.
3. I compare the platforms of the candidates before voting.
4. I attend and participate in public forums about elections.
5. I attend and participate in political rallies of candidates.
6. I exert effort reading campaign materials to know the candidates better.
7. I watch attentively debates between candidates.
8. I exercise my right to vote regularly.
9. I update myself with any changes in the electoral process.
10. I evaluate the qualities of the candidates.
11. I help the candidates whom I will vote by campaigning for them.
12. I vote for other candidates just to fill the other slots.
13. I contribute financially to candidates for campaigning purposes.
14. I offer voluntary services to candidates for campaigning purposes.
15. I act as a poll watcher for candidates during election.

Part IV.
Directions: Please read each of the following statements below and put a check () on the
recommendations in order to solve problems in attaining voters maturity. (SELECT ONLY 3)
____ Provision of opportunities to political education to uplift women voters maturity.
____ Women empowerment in politics.
____ Effective and reliable information/ dissemination on political activities.
____ Conduct of forum and other campaign activities allowing discussion of issues affecting constituents.
____ Available and accurate information about candidates.
____ Observance of objectivity and fairness of media practitioners in relation to candidates.
____Provision of adequate opportunities for political participation for women.
____Establish mechanisms that will expand the voters choices of candidates.
____ Educate the public that survey results do not reflect general public opinion
____Others please specify.