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Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)

Rule Info Player Info
Adventure Written by D.T. Butchino
Characters Written by: Joe Bardales, D.T. Butchino, C.D.
Ens-Butchino, Andrew Lorenz, Charlie McElvy, Dale Rob-
bins, and Walt Robillard
Art by: Darren Calvert, D.T. Butchino, John Gibbons, Sean
Izaakse, and Dale Robbins,
Editing: C.D. Ens-Butchino
Graphic Design & Layout: D.T. Butchino
Publisher: Charlie McElvy of Xion Studios
Dale Robbins would like to dedicate this to Jennifer, Ga-
briel, Zechariah, and Nathaniel.
Andrew would like to thank Cassandra (my wonderful lady
and partner in all things), Shannon (my editor and personal
butt-kicker) and Christine Steendam (an excellent author
who contributed to Firefys story- as youll be seeing in
New Guard #2).
DT would like to dedicate his work to his wife and editor,
C.D., his daughters, Ana & Talya, his parents, and his Aunt
All characters and their associated images, descriptions,
backgrounds, and related information are declared Product
FCBD Super-Special and all characters within are D.T.
Butchino unless otherwise noted below and used with
permission from their respected copyright owner. All rights
reserved. References to other copyrighted material in no
way constitute a challenge to the respective copyright hold-
ers of that material.
Firefy is September17 Productions.
Frogger is Fainting Goat Games.
Jupiter is Xion Studio.
Quick Burn is Hazard Studios.
Vixen is DWR Game Studios.
Super-Powered by M&M and its associated logo are
Trademarks of Green Ronin Publishing and are used under
the provisions of the Super-Powered by M&M Trademark
License (see
for details).
Free Comic Book Day Super-Special 2014
Volume 1 published May 2014.
This was all Charlie McElvys fault. No really, it is. Last year
we e-published the free zero issue of Acts of Heroism for
FCBD. While talking about things with Charlie a little while
afterwards, the two of us started talking about a crossover
between my Tribute Universe and his WatchGuard Uni-
verse. Ive had the opportunity to write adventures for his
world and the idea sounded like fun. So I kept this in the
back of my mind while moving forward with the AoVs for
the rest of the year.
As C.D. and I were talking about our schedule for 2014
at our Tribute Universe Summit (otherwise known as over
dinner a few months ago), we started talking about FCBD
2014. The idea of the crossover once again hit the table
and I started thinking about what we could do. By then,
however, Id had a chance to work with Walt Robillard, and
my friend, Dale Robbins, had started talking about publish-
ing his own work. Thats when the hamster in my brain
went crazy and I started formulating a big cosmic adven-
ture that involved several worlds, much in the vein of DCs
and Marvels cosmic events. So, again, I spoke with Char-
lie about the idea. He liked it and offered some feedback.
Thats when I started talking to other friends in the industry
and asked Mike Lafferty and Andrew Lorenz to join in. Over
Sketchpad Studio
Visit us on Facebook
the following weeks, weve been
working on what youre now read-
ing. For me, this was an amaz-
ing project. Working with all the
creative minds that helped make
this book possible was a great
time. I really want to thank Andrew, Charlie, Dale, Mike and
Walt for helping out and letting me use their characters in
this book. Id also like to thank C.D. for her work editing the
book and offering an opinion when I needed one. Also, Id
like to thank Steve Kenson, who granted us a license for
Icons and for a few of the games themselves.
Thanks for downloading a copy of the book. I hope you
fnd it as enjoyable as its been putting it together and that
youve enjoyed Free Comic Book Day!
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
elcome to the Multiverse, an ever chang-
ing myriad of worlds that are only one
pane of reality away from one another. While
many exist oblivious to their neighboring uni-
verse, some have seen beyond the pane and
either work to understand its meaning, or fool-
ishly attempt to dominate the vastness beyond.
Such is the case of Abbolysh, an extra-dimen-
sional warlord that sees the Multiverse as his
rightful kingdom and the people within them as
his servants. Though this is true on some of the
worlds, the great warlord has run into opposi-
tion before, causing him to uncover weaker
worlds ripe for the culling. As such, hes cre-
ated a great tournament that determines who
wins and whose universe will fall to his hand.
Now, on the eve of the fourth tournament, a
new band of heroes have been hand-picked to
come forth and battle for their universes, and I
have been summoned to participate as a wit-
ness to these cosmic events. The heroes of the
Multiverse must be ready to stand up for their
worlds. How will these heroes be different from
others? Will they fall or will they fght? Others
may have those answers, but I do not, for I am
just a bystander in these events that have been
set in motion.
While late on patrol, Firefy catches a glimpse
of a raging fre thats engulfed an apartment
building. Please read the following to Firefys
Taking some downtime to patrol Legacy,
you soar through the night sky like a
glowing beacon of heroism. However, just
as youre about to call it a night, you see
billows of smoke rising into the starry night.
Looking closer, you see the eerie glow of
a fre coming from the street level. In the
distance, you hear the sirens of fre trucks,
but they may not reach the building in time.
What do you do?
Tending to the fre herself might become a bit
overwhelming, but, by using her keen senses,
she might be able to fnd some of the people
that are trapped within.
Perception check (DC 15)
If successful, Firefy will discover two children
still trapped near the top of the building. Please
read the following to Firefys player:
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
The most obvious way that she can try to save
the kids is to fy through the window, grab
them, and fy out. However, the fames are
spreading quickly and may block her way out.
Roll a die. On an odd result, the fre overcomes
the exit and another route must be discovered.
Other possibilities could include using her laser
to create a hole in the side of the building or
roof, or attempting to stunt her powers in an
effort to extinguish the fames by blasting some
of the surroundings. Once shes able to rescue
the kids, Firefy will notice the frefghters ar-
riving on the scene right before she vanishes.
Move to the next hero in the adventure or, if
she was the last one, move on to Act Two.
he could provide her with some climbing gear
if that would be easier. If she climbs up the
mountain, shes looking at a moderately diffcult
climb, as the rock face is fairly smooth and
has only a few outcroppings before the area of
the incident. However, if successful (or if she
just gets airlifted), Jupiter will reach the area
and may start digging for the missing climber.
The dig will take ten minutes, with each extra
success cutting the time down by 2 minutes.
Once through, Jupiter will uncover the critically
wounded, but still alive, hiker and may alert the
medical teams to step in to provide him aid.
However, once she secures the area, shell dis-
appear from sight in the blink of an eye. Move
on to any other heroes or, if she was the last
one, move to Act Two.
While the scenario is written with the in-
cluded heroes in mind, it shouldnt be hard
to use your own heroes instead. If all of your
heroes come from the same world, maybe
theyve been chosen for the heroics theyve
performed? Or might perform? Another
possibility is to use this adventure to spring-
board a new team to fght against cosmic
threats like Abbolysh. The idea behind the
adventure is to have fun, so please feel free
to modify the story to maximize the enjoy-
ment for you and your group.
Looking through the fames, you see two
children, a boy around seven years old
and a girl around fve clutching a slightly
singed doll, trapped in a closed off room.
From your vantage point, you see that the
fames in the next room havent reached
the window yet, though youll have to act
fast if you want to use it to gain entry into
the building.
Called in to help state troopers fnd a miss-
ing hiker, Jupiter of Teen Force 5 fnds herself
digging through the aftermath of an avalanche
as she assists in the search. Please read the
following to Jupiters player:
Arriving on the scene, Offcer Andy Phil-
lips approaches you and says, Im glad
you could make it! Seems that we have a
missing hiker named Donny Nash buried
somewhere up here when the avalanche
hit. His friends barely escaped themselves
and believe hes up around the 120 foot
marker where there was an outcropping.
Do you think we can get you to dig through
some of the rubble to fnd him for us?
If there are any questions about getting up to
the site, Phillips will explain that he could have
a helicopter airlift Jupiter up to the point, or
Climbing: Athletics check (DC 20)
Digging: Athletics check (DC 20)
A radical group has decided to plant bombs
around the local hospital. Luckily, Quick Burn
was in the area, but now she must race against
seconds to fnd and disarm the bombs before
the hospital goes up in fames. Please read the
following to Quick Burns player:
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
Having less than 15 minutes to fnd 8 bombs,
Quick Burn will have to live up to her name to
fnd the destructive devices. Running through
the hospital, shell have to make a check to
fnd each of the bombs, which are hidden in
areas where they could do the most dam-
age. Each bomb is a complex timer attached
to homemade plastic explosives, which has
been adhered to a wall or shelf. Disarming the
bombs wont be an easy feat, especially since
they look like something that was made by
amateurs. Fortunately, there isnt a pressure
device attached to them, meaning that they
could easily be moved if need be. Depending
on the time at hand, Quick Burn may be able
to remove the bombs to a remote location or
could attempt to disarm them. If she fails, the
bombs explode, leading to a daring escape
through the building. However, if she succeeds,
shell be the hero of the day, having saved the
hospital and everyone within. In either case,
moments afterward, she vanishes and moves
on to Act Two.
Responding to a 211 call at a local bank, Vixen
arrives right as the assailants are making their
getaway in a souped-up sports car. Please
read the following to Vixens player:
Finding the Bombs: Perception check
(DC 20)
Disarming the Bombs: Technology check
(DC 20)
Defending Against Bullets: Dodge check
(DC 20)
Having stopped by to visit the pediatric
wing in costume, your time with the kids
is cut short as a security guard pulls you
aside to talk to you. Sorry for interrupting
your visit, maam, the guard says, obvi-
ously a bit nervous. We just got a bomb
threat through our customer service line
and the caller claims that theyve hid-
den eight bombs throughout the building.
Normally wed just evacuate the building,
but they said that there are only ffteen
minutes before the bombs go off. Theres
no way that we can clear the people out in
time and, even if we were able to, the sup-
plies in the building would lead to massive
damage. Some of us have seen what you
can do on television and were wondering if
youd help us?
After hearing about a robbery in progress
through the police band, you quickly make
your way to the bank. Unfortunately, upon
your arrival, you fnd several of the police
offcers down and the few who are not
tending to their allies are fring shots at a
feeing sports car. One of the offcers looks
at you and yells, Go! Get those crooks!
Running after the car shouldnt be an issue for
Vixen; however, stopping it while dodging a
furry of bullets might prove to be a bit tough.
As she gains momentum on the car, two of the
crooks in the back seat begin fring automatic
rifes in her general direction, knocking out
the back window with the shower of bullets.
Because theyre spraying wildly, Vixen receives
a bonus to her defenses (which are detailed
below), but has to fgure out how to disarm the
crooks without being hit. Remember to award
Vixens player for creativity with their ac-
tions, but it shouldnt be an easy feat. Several
obstacles could be entered into the equation,
such as pedestrians when the crooks hit the
sidewalk to avoid traffc, or maybe a motorcy-
clist that gets too close. Once the encounter is
fnished, Vixen vanishes to Act Two.
While taking a leisurely fight around his na-
tions capital, American Eagle comes across a
host of missiles rocketing across the sky and
heading towards several national monuments.
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
Please read the following to American Eagles
Both of the crooks on the back of the truck are
using the high-tech weapons, while two others
(the driver and the guy in the passenger seat)
arent packing any weapons. However, as soon
as their buddies in the back start fring, they
realize somethings up and began to speed
up in hopes of losing their tail. While the Leap
Buggy should be able to out-maneuver the
truck, Frogger will have to use every trick in the
book to pass the large truck. Once ahead of it,
however, he can fre his Goop Gun and blind
the driver, allowing Frogger to go hand-to-hand
with the other goons. Once he makes quick
work of them, he vanishes into Act Two, leaving
the Leap Buggy behind.
As you soar around the skies above your
nations capital, you notice objects rocket-
ing toward the city. Looking a bit closer,
they appear to be military grade missiles on
a collision course with the city! At the speed
that theyre approaching, you only have a
few minutes before they impact. What do
you do?
The easiest thing to do would be to destroy
them while theyre still in the air and clustered.
However, that said, hell only have one shot
to do this before they get too close to the city.
After that, the only chance the city might have
is to either reroute the missiles or to disarm
them. However, even after disarming them, the
missiles may still do some harm due to impact.
It should be noted that time is of the essence
in this scenario. American Eagle only has fve
rounds to stop the missiles before they impact
and cause massive amounts of damage to fve
different monuments within the city. In the end,
whether he saves them or not, he vanishes like
the others into Act Two.
Shooting Down the Missiles:
Ranged Attack (DC 25)
Rerouting the Missiles: Strength check
(DC 25)
Disarming the Missiles:
Technology check (DC 20)
Crooks Guns: Ranged Damage 8
(+6 to hit)
Matching Speeds: Vehicle check (DC 20)
Out looking for trouble, Frogger may have
bit off more than he can chew when he runs
across a gang armed with mysterious, high-
tech weapons. Please read the following to
Froggers player:
Out for a leisurely drive in the Leap Buggy,
youre almost sideswiped by a cargo truck
that comes fying out of an alleyway. As it
levels out, you see a few guys in leather
jackets holding on to the slightly opened
door in the back who look at you with some
surprise. Crud! Its that Frog-Guy! yells
one of the men while the other ducks over
the crates that can be half seen. Hes
gainin! Grab me somthin quick! Popping
his head back over the crate, the other
crook hands his buddy a large, high-tech
looking gun, who looks at you with a grin.
Okay, Frog-Guy! Looks like frogs legs are
on the menu!
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
Please read the following to the players:
Abbolysh has several of the mechanical
soldiers on hand to quell any upstart heroes
from causing problems. As he fnishes his
speech, three soldiers for each hero rise from
the foor and move to escort them out. Stats
are provided below in case anyone attempts to
escape. If they resist, more soldiers will appear
from the foor and walls of the arena, each with
The world that you know quickly fades and
is replaced by a large, high-tech arena
flled with the screams and yells of an alien
audience that sits within its seating. Looking
around, you notice that the sand-like foor
is slate-gray in color, while the walls are a
red-brown metal that holds little sheen. The
sky above you is unlike any you may have
seen, as a multitude of color sprays across
a black tapestry, creating odd patterns and
dots that splatter along the murky backdrop.
HEROES! booms a deep, almost gravelly
voice from the speakers all around the large
room. You have been brought to this arena
to fght for your world! I, Lord Abbolysh, will
claim the losers worlds as my own, while
the winner will stay as my personal cham-
pion, knowing that their world will be safe.
With that said, a cage rises from the arenas
foor with a bestial humanoid trapped
within. Like all of your kind, a lesson must
be taught about disobeying the rules. I will
not tolerate rebels in my midst, nor will I
accept stubbornness. As he says this, two
thin, mechanical beings also rise from the
foor, each with a metal staff that sparks
with blue energy at the tip. Marching to the
cage, the man-beast cowers in fear from
the two of them as Abbolysh continues.
The law is my word and no one elses.
To break that law is to offend me, and to
offend me is death! Before you can react,
the two mechanical men jab their staves
into the cage, making contact with the
prisoner. As he howls in pain, the sound
quickly fades to what sounds like elec-
tronic feedback as his body is broken down
into static before your eyes. Remember
this, Heroes. Your time to fght will come,
and fght you will. For to refuse imperils
your world and those you love. Take them
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
the same look and staff. While the staves could
prove deadly, the heroes were brought forth as
sport and will be treated with non-lethal dam-
age unless they get truly out of hand.
Once the heroes are subdued and brought to
their holding cells, theyll fnd theyre not alone.
Two other heroes are also in cells, both of
whom look as though theyve been there for
quite some time. Please read the following to
the players:
Scout isnt exactly personable, but he doesnt
seem to mind talking to the heroes. If asked
questions, hell answer the questions to the
best of his ability. Some possibilities are:
Whats up with the sword? This is my fam-
ilys blade of honor. It was destroyed during the
fght I was in, but helped me win. All thats left
is what you see.
Have you ever tried to break out? Yeah. For
the frst three years, I tried to escape at least
once a week. But there are just too many bots
for one man to beat. After a while, I guess I just
got complacent and gave up.
What do you know about this place? The
holding pen might as well be living accommo-
dations for those of us who win. I get to see the
outside when Im needed and then Im dumped
back in here right afterward. Sure, they feed
me regularly and treat my medical needs, but I
might as well be a pet to them.
Seagulls not really cooperative in the least.
However, if pressed, she might answer a ques-
tion or two.
As you are separated into a personal cell,
complete with a metal bench that looks like
its part of the foor and an energy barrier
that glows around you, youll notice that
there are screens that show the arena and
six mechanical guards that stand a stoic
vigil. The only light within the holding area
is provided by the screens and cells, giving
it a shadowy, dungeon-like feel. In one of
the cells nearest to you is an athletic man
dressed in smoke-gray, slightly billowy
pants with a white stripe down the right
side, matching the tattered headband that
holds back his shaggy, brown hair. He
cradles a broken katana in his hands as
he sits, cross-legged, on the foor in deep
meditation. In another cell across from him
is a woman with short, blonde hair wear-
ing the remains of a bird-themed mask,
a blue and white t-shirt with a seagull on
her chest, a pair of battle-worn pants, and
boots. She seems to be working on some
kind of wing harness made up of thin,
metallic feathers and a piecemeal tether
thats made up of different colored scraps
of clothing.
The heroes may talk to one another, but es-
cape from here will prove nigh-impossible, as
the felds seem to be impervious to anything
they do. That said, they may also talk to the
other heroes that preceded their arrival. If they
attempt to speak to the guards, theyll get no
response, no matter what they may say.
As you speak to the hero closest to you, he
slowly opens his eyes and looks over each
of you. The names Scout. I guess you
could call me the frst of Abbolyshs winners
in his tournament of worlds. Motioning to
the woman across from him, he continues.
Thats Seagull. Shes from another world
as well. Were what you might call trophy
fghters for what happens when you win.
Far as I know, Abbolysh keeps his word and
leaves your world alone. Every so often, I
get to see mine to make sure of it, but its
been over a decade since Ive been there.
Im sure my friends and family all think Im
dead by now.
Talking to Seagull: Persuasion (DC 20)
What do you know about this place? Its a
dungeon where me and Karate Lad over there
have spent far too much time in.
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
Have you ever tried to break out? Of course!
But I cant get help from him and theres a ton
of those robots around. The last time I tried, my
wings got shredded.
Why are you so angry? Ive been stuck here
for fve years! What do you expect me to be?
Suzy Sunshine?
with an unending supply of the soldiers before
theyre either knocked unconscious or forced
to submit to their demands. Alternatively, the
heroes may make a check to discover how the
doors work.
When you speak to the woman working on
the wings, she stops for a moment to glance
at you. What?! Cant you see Im working
on something here? she squawks. My
names Seagull and I was a member of the
Radicals before getting stuck here. Its been,
what, fve years or so I think? At least thats
what it seems like. Look at the bright side,
one of you lucky heroes will get stuck here
too. If Id known Id be stuck in this dungeon,
I think I wouldve thrown my fght. The only
good thing that came from this is that my
world is still there. Or at least thats what it
looks like.
Before the heroes can get settled, two of them
must face each other in the arena! Pick two
heroes and read the following to the players:
An alarm klaxon echoes throughout the
chamber, almost deafening everyone
within. Six of the mechanical soldiers
come forth and drop the barrier around
two of you, motioning for you to get mov-
ing. GOOD LUCK! yells Scout from his
ARENA. He then points to the screen for
the others to watch.
These two heroes are brought to an elevator
and slowly raised into the arena. They have a
few rounds before they are out in the open and
may have time to communicate a plan if they
wish. If, for some reason, they attempt to battle
the guards escorting them, theyll be faced
Checking the Doors: Perception (DC 15)
Faking the Fight: Deceive (DC 20)
Once they reach the top, read the following to
the players:
As you are lifted back up into the strange
arena, the guards leave your side and
you once again hear the booming voice of
Abbolysh echoing throughout the room.
Welcome one and all! A new battle is set
to begin, one with new combatants ready
to fght for your pleasure! Who will win and
who will fall? Place your bets and prepare
for the fght! Remember, heroes, everyone
here expects a battle of epic proportions.
You will fght against one another, or you
will watch as your worlds are crushed
under my heel as a consequence of your
inaction! With that said, the spectators
scream wildly and another klaxon goes off
to mark the beginning of the battle.
The heroes must fght, but theres nothing in
the rules that disallows them from fudging the
battle a bit if they want to, so long as they put
on a good show. This means that they will
have to succeed in tricking their host and the
crowd of onlookers. Luckily, they have the fog
of battle to help them, as they kick up dirt and
dust during their scuffe. Should the two heroes
decide to actually battle each other instead, run
the combat as normal until one of them falls.
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
In either case, once there appears to be a vic-
tor, read the following to the players:
throughout the structure. Finding the room,
they may decide to shut it down or destroy it
before fnding one of the exits in that room.
Once shut down, there are only a few squads
of soldiers left (roughly about 2 for every hero).
The heroes should roll initiative and prepare
themselves for battle against the creature that
abducted them all. Combat should be run as
normal, with Abbolyshs stats appearing at the
end of this book. During the battle, his tactics
are fairly simple: attack the strongest members
and attempt to take them out, while summoning
any remaining guards to help confuse the com-
As one of you falls, again Abbolyshs voice
booms through the room, this time to
congratulate the winner. Well done, Hero!
Youve earned your place in the next wave
of combat. Rest up and be ready, as we
prepare for the next fght. Guards, take
them both back to the cells, while we post
the winnings. With that said, the mechani-
cal soldiers step toward you while the
ground under you begins to glow.
Depending on their plan, the heroes may at-
tempt to make a move now, or they could wait
to make it once back in the holding area. If
they choose to attack while still above ground,
theyll have the problem of facing off against a
multitude of guards. However, if they wait until
theyre down below and if they fgured out how
to turn off the doors, they might stand a chance
at escaping. Alternatively, the players may
think of a plan thats not covered here at all.
If this is the case, remember to be as fexible
as possible and that, if they are working as a
team, they should be able to overcome the op-
position. It should also be noted that Scout and
Seagull will help the heroes once they appear
to be winning. Feel free to use them to help the
PCs with ideas or possibly in how to use some
of their surroundings. Remember, though, that
they shouldnt be used to save the heroes, but
rather the other way around.
Wandering around the underbelly of the Arena,
the heroes should encounter a horde of the
robots. Roll a die every round theyre not in
combat. On an odd result, the heroes are faced
with another wave of the mechanical soldiers
(4 for every hero) while they search through
the structure. Have the players make routine
checks to discover the exit into the Arena. Dur-
ing this sweep, if they roll high on their checks,
they may uncover the Replicator, a machine
that creates the soldiers that Abbolysh uses
Finding the Exit: Perception (DC 15)
Finding the Replicator: Perception
(DC 20)
Shutting Down the Replicator:
Technology (DC 20)
Destroying the Replicator: Toughness 13
As the heroes head into the Arena, the alarm
klaxons around the structure immediately go
off, especially if they managed to shut down
the Replicator. Unfortunately, there is no place
to hide once theyre on the main level, bringing
them full circle. Please read the following to the
Finding your way to the Arena level, you
hear a klaxon of alarms blare around
the structure, alerting everyone of your
escape. Again you hear Abbolyshs voice
boom through the area. FOOLS! I offered
you a chance to save one of your worlds
and this is how you repay me? I WILL
MAKE YOU WATCH! With that said, the
air near you shimmers with a green hue
as a large, monstrous creature appears
before you. With a large polearm-like
weapon in hand, he narrows his eyes and
prepares to attack.
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
As Abbolysh falls before the heroes, read the
following to the players:
Should the heroes lose the battle, read the
following to the players:
As the last of you falls before the dimen-
sional conqueror, Abbolysh lets out a deep
bellow as he looks down upon the heroes
that litter the Arena. Pitiful. I picked each
of you because I believed youd give some
good sport, but I was wrong. Youre nothing
but weak insects that deserve to be mashed
under my heel. Restart the Replicator and
fnd the others! Well make them all regret
their choices, especially Scout and Seagull!
As the soldiers march back into the Arena,
one tosses a wounded Scout to the ground
in front of the dimensional conquerors feet.
I promised that I would spare your world,
Scout, but you had to be stupid and rebel
with the others. Yours will be the frst world
to burn. Prepare to invade and destroy!
Gathering the rest of you up, the soldiers
escort you all back to your cells as Abbolysh
shimmers and returns to his command
With this done, the heroes fnd themselves
permanent fxtures in Abbolyshs games,
occasionally brought out to fght against one
another as he sees ft. For industrious game
masters that would like to continue this
game further, perhaps a full scale rebellion
happens when the dimensional conqueror
attempts to overthrow one of the heroes
worlds, or maybe the heroes escape again
only to end up on a worlds-spanning journey
to save the whole Multiverse from Abbolysh,
starting with Scouts world.
As Abbolysh falls before your feet, he lets
out a weak H-How did this happen? be-
fore slipping into unconsciousness. Panic
erupts through the audience as some
realize theyll fnally feel freedom for the
frst time, while others cower in hopes of
hiding from the crimes theyve committed.
Seagull runs out into the Arena foor with
a smile on her face and says, You did it!
With Abbolysh defeated, his allies will at-
tempt to fee while the others will help tear
the place apart and make sure no one else
can use it for evil. Scout found the trans-
portation device that was used to abduct
us all, along with the dimensional navigator
that located our worlds. We can send you
all back whenever youre ready, but I think
Scout and I are going to hang around for a
bit, to help restore order and maybe let the
other worlds know what happened to their
heroes. Thank you, all of you, for remind-
ing me what a hero is supposed to do.
The heroes have a few moments to say their
goodbyes before being transported home with
an incredible story to tell. Theyve managed to
survive the Arena, win against the dimensional
conqueror known as Abbolysh, and were able
to remind two lost champions what it means to
be a hero.
As the adventure comes to a close, remember
to reward each hero for their accomplishments
during the game. Please use the following as
a guideline for the award given, but feel free to
modify it as needed.
If youre using the Optional Hero Improvement
rules, award each player 1 Determination for
participation and completing the adventure.
batants. There is nothing in the arena to help
either side, other than the mechanical soldiers.
While the heroes are fghting the warlord, both
Seagull and Scout have disappeared from the
scene as they use the distraction to search for
Abbolyshs control room.
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
Real Name: Abbolysh
Occupation: Dimensional Conqueror
Identity: Unknown
Legal Status: Unknown
Former Aliases: None
Place of Birth: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Group Affliations: None
Base of Operations: Midrealm Arena
First Appearance: FCBD Super-Special 2014
History: Born on a primitive world where only the strongest
survived, Abbolysh had taken his role as a warlord long be-
fore a meteor fell from the stars and crashed down upon it,
causing irreparable damage in the process. Surviving the
meteors devastation, he found his way to the crash site
and found a strange weapon that called to him. He chose
to seize it for himself, but as his hands made contact with
the foreign metal, knowledge of the Multiverse fooded into
his mind and transformed him into a cosmically powered
monster that lusted for power. No longer the primitive war-
monger that he once was, he looked down on his people
and, in a move that he considered merciful, obliterated
everyone on the planet. Amassing whatever resources he
could use, he built a ship by using his newfound knowledge
and began his push across the Multiverse in order to feed
his hunger for power.
At frst, his conquests were simple. He dominated those
that would obey him and crushed those that wouldnt.
He took every resource he could and stored them all in a
pocket dimension that was unlike anything hed ever seen.
There, he began working on a kingdom that would suit his
needs and, as more and more worlds fell, he soon had
a workforce that could construct whatever structure he
desired. But then, the heroes came. After subjugating yet
another world, Abbolysh grew overconfdent and began
transferring its resources to his growing kingdom after as-
suming the world had no protectors. As the portal opened
to his pocket dimension and a squad of his enforcers
came out, a group of costumed heroes native to the newly
invaded world arrived to take it back from him. Their valiant
efforts caused his forces to fee back through the doorway.
Enraged, the dimensional conqueror attacked the heroes
on his own, which led to a battle that nearly destroyed his
newest conquest. He left the world in utter shambles and
its heroes broken as he returned, battered and wounded,
to his kingdom to recuperate. During this time, with the
help of some of his subjects, he devised a way to create an
unlimited source of mechanical minions that could serve as
his invasion force and as kingdom guards.
Pondering the faults of his latest battle, Abbolysh decided
that hed need to test the heroes of various worlds to de-
termine which bred the strongest opposition. Restructuring
his kingdom into a massive arena, he flled the seats with
those who followed him and pulled his frst wave of abduct-
ees from a handful of nearby worlds. One after another,
the heroes fell as they battled one another to determine
the fate of their respective worlds and for the amusement
of the dimensional conqueror. Finally, when the last hero,
Scout, remained standing, Abbolysh swore that world off
limits and set off to claim the others as his prize. However,
rather than return the victorious hero to his world, Scout
was put into the dungeon to serve as a trophy for all to
gaze upon.
After spending years gathering his spoils, a new tourna-
ment was arranged, again with heroes stolen from several
different worlds. Like the others, they found themselves
pitted against one another in a battle to save their worlds.
However, unlike before, when the fghting left only two
heroes in the arena, the stronger of the two attempted
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
Cosmic Leap: Leaping 10 (Leap 1 mile at 250 miles/
hour in 12 seconds) 10 points
Cosmic Polyglot: Comprehend 4 (Languages - Read
All, Languages - Speak All, Languages - Understand
All, Languages - Youre Understood) 8 points
Cosmic Regeneration: Immortality 1 (Return after 2
weeks), Regeneration 5 (Every 2 rounds; Persistent)
12 points
Cosmic Senses: Senses 15 (Acute: Hearing, Acute:
Sight, Awareness: Cosmic, Darkvision, Extended:
Hearing 3: x1k, Extended: Sight 3: x1k, Microscopic
Vision 3: molecule-size, Ultra-hearing) 15 points
Cosmic Toughness: Impervious Toughness 8 8
Cosmic Polearm: Removable -8 34 points
Cosmic Power: Array (41 points)
Cosmic Blast: Damage 12 (DC 27; Increased
Range: ranged) 1 point
Cosmic Construct: Create 12 (Volume: 4000
cft., DC 22; Impervious, Tether) 37 points
Cosmic Gate: Movement 3 (Dimensional 3: any
dimension, 50 lbs.; Portal) 1 point
Cosmic Grip: Move Object 12 (100 tons)
1 point
Cosmic Swipe: Strength-based Damage 4 (DC
30, Advantages: Improved Critical 2; Penetrating
15) 1 point
Personal: Feature 1 1 point
Cosmic Blast: Damage 12, +11
(DC 27)
Cosmic Grip: Move Object 12,
+11 (DC 22)
Cosmic Swipe: Strength-based
Damage 4, +11 (DC 30)
Grab, +7 (DC Spec 21)
Throw, +2 (DC 26)
Unarmed, +10 (DC 26)
Dodge 5
Parry 7
Fortitude 11
Toughness 11
Will 4
Abilities 88
Powers 87
Advantages 23
Skills 20 (39 ranks)
Defenses 4
Athletics 2 (+13), Close Combat: Cosmic Swipe 4
(+11), Close Combat: Unarmed 3 (+10), Deception
2 (+6), Expertise: Multiverse 7 (+9), Intimidation 5
(+9), Perception 5 (+9), Persuasion 2 (+6), Ranged
Combat: Cosmic Polearm 9 (+11)
All-out Attack, Beneft 5: Cosmic Overlord of the
Arena, Beneft, Wealth 5 (billionare), Chokehold, Fast
Grab, Favored Environment: Cosmic Arena, Fear-
less, Great Endurance, Improved Critical 2: Cosmic
Swipe, Improved Critical: Unarmed, Improved Grab,
Improved Hold, Improved Initiative, Power Attack,
Startle, Takedown; Languages: Abbolyn
Motivation - Power: Abbolysh wants power over the
Arrogance: Abbolysh is arrogant and often faunts his
power just because he can. Because of this, he often
lets his guard down as he doesnt believe that anyone
could defeat him.
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
to rebel against Abbolysh, leading to a rather gruesome
battle that left the hero broken and, Seagull, the more
passive one, the victor. Like the tournaments previous
winner, Seagulls world was declared safe and she lived
the life of a trophy when not trapped within a cell to rot
away. Since then, the dimensional conqueror has taken
the years needed to assimilate and destroy any vestige of
what the losing worlds might have been, leaving only the
husk of each world behind. The time for a new tournament
is creeping up and Abbolysh is setting his sights on new
worlds and new triumphs.
Height: 78 Weight: 635 lbs.
Eyes: Green Hair: None
Strength Level: Lord Abbolysh has superhuman strength
and can lift (press) 25 tons.
Powers: Abbolysh is a being of cosmic power thats been
transformed beyond the meager primitive he once was.
Stronger, smarter, and more durable than before, he still
retains the war-hardened skills he learned in his youth,
but now combines them with the vast knowledge of the
Multiverse hes been granted. He can shrug off most
conventional damage and can walk out of earth-shaking
bursts with only minor bruising. Because of his incredible
strength, he can make amazing bounds that allow him to
cross vast distances and he can toss large items as though
they were a childs toy. Even his senses have been altered,
as he can see and hear things that are so minuscule that
few pick them up. He can also gain an innate impression
as to what worlds may fght or fall against his might. How-
ever, his most impressive ability is to regenerate from even
the tiniest of speck of his remains within only a few weeks.
Paraphernalia: The polearm-like weapon that Abbolysh
currently uses is actually the weapon that fell from the
sky many years ago and transformed him. Through it, he
can channel devastating blasts of cosmic energy, cleave
through some of the strongest materials in the Multiverse,
open rifts between dimensions, move massive objects with
a mere gesture, and create constructs from nothing. The
weapon is now attuned only to Abbolysh and, while it can
be taken away, it will always fnd its way back to its master
to help him in his conquests. While others have tried to
destroy it in the past, it seems to be indestructible, having
withstood any harm that it has encountered unscathed.
STR 5, STA -, AGL 2, DEX 2, FGT 6, INT -,
AWE 1, PRE -
Powers: Armor Plating 6 (+6 Toughness), Im-
munity to Fortitude Effects, Stun Staff 8 (Easily
Removable, 1st degree: Dazed, 2nd degree:
Stunned, 3rd degree: Incapacitated, Resisted
by: Fortitude, DC 18; Alternate Resistance:
Parry, Feature: Personal). Offense: Init +2,
Grab +6 (DC Spec 15), Stun Staff: Affiction 8
+6 (DC Dog 18), Throw +2 (DC 20), Unarmed
+6 (DC 20). Defense: Dodge 2, Parry 6, Fort
Immune, Tou 6, Will Immune. Totals: Abilities
2 + Powers 47 + Advantages 0 + Skills 0 (0
ranks) + Defenses 0 = 49
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
Real Name: Trent Reece
Occupation: Adventurer, soldier
Identity: Known to the authorities
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States of America with
no criminal record
Former Aliases: None
Place of Birth: New Amsterdam, NY
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Theodore (father)
Group Affliations: Homeguard Reserves, A.C.T.I.O.N.,
former member of the W.A.R.D. Peacekeepers
Base of Operations: Washington, D.C.
First Appearance: FCBD Super-Special 2014
History: From an early age, Trent Reece knew he wanted
to serve his country. An honor roll student, he spent much
of his free time volunteering around his community in
an effort to make the area safer for those who lived in
it. However, there were those that didnt share his pride
and, on more than one occasion, the teen found himself
in confict with gangs and criminals that were looking for
their next score. Although the police knew what Trent was
trying to do, more often than not they would have to break
up the fghts and bring all parties down to the station to get
statements. Luckily for Trent, his father, Theodore, was an
offcer at the local precinct, so the most he ever got was
a slap on his wrist and a lecture from his dad. Unfortu-
nately, that didnt absolve him of the enemies hed made,
particularly with the leader of the Sewer Rats gang, Frankie
Raymond. He didnt like what the teen brought to his terri-
tory and made it his mission to stomp on the optimism that
Trent brought to his community. All that did was motivate
Trent even more to help those that Frankie hoped to lever-
age, forcing the gang leader to take extreme measures.
After he graduated high school, Trent immediately signed
up for the W.A.R.D. Peacekeepers (see W.A.R.D.) and
tested high enough to be placed in their aviation program.
Heading off to boot camp for the next six months, he left
the community he cared about under the watchful eye
of his proud father and the men that served with him.
However, after only two months, he was called back home
after his father got caught in the crossfre between two
gangs. Trent knew in his gut that Raymond had arranged
for this to happen, so he took a weeks leave to check on
his father. Returning home to fnd his father alive, though
bound to a wheelchair for the rest of his days, the soldier-
in-training took to the streets in hopes of fnding his rival so
they could settle their old debt once and for all. After put-
ting word out on the street that he was home, it didnt take
long for Raymond to crawl out of whatever hole he lived in
to confront Trent with a small squad of his men. The gang
leader also wanted to put an end to things and delivered an
ultimatum to the Peacekeeper. If he could best Raymond
in a no holds bar death match, the Sewer Rats would leave
New Amsterdam. Trent agreed to his terms and proceeded
to beat the gang leader to within an inch of his life. Though
barely able to string a sentence together,
Raymond attempted to welch on the deal,
but after seeing how quickly hed been
dispatched, his credibility within his gang
was lost forever. Tossing their wounded
leader at their feet, Trent informed Raymonds men that
they could either quit being Sewer Rats or else leave town.
Most of them quit, right then and there.
Returning to his training, Trent soon found himself behind
the yolk of a fghter jet and battling forces from S.I.N. (see
S.I.N.), H.A.D.E.S. (see H.A.D.E.S.), and any other two-bit
terrorist that could muster troops. But he didnt always
spend time in the air, especially after he trained in air-to-
ground tactics which certifed him in variety of landing and
drop techniques, as well as a host of small arms and melee
weapons. His missions were always pretty clear: protect
the innocents, bring in the bad guys, and restore peace.
These were parameters that hed spent most of his life
living by anyhow and by continuing to uphold them, he was
eventually initiated into the Sky Tiger Squad, a special-
ized group of soldiers that took on extremely dangerous
missions to ensure world peace. It was here that he met
and befriended Paul Belaire, a fellow soldier who hailed
from Canada and specialized in high-tech weaponry. The
two worked well together and covered each others backs
through every mission, no matter where they were. How-
ever, the United States had other plans for Trent and, after
serving with W.A.R.D. for six years, he was recruited into
A.C.T.I.O.N. (see A.C.T.I.O.N.) as part of their Guardian
Program. While he missed doing feld work, he felt he was
still serving his country as he worked as a bodyguard for
VIPs and government offcials that might be targeted by
terrorists on home soil.
During one such mission, he met Simone Belaire, sister
to his friend Paul and secretly the heroine Ladyhawke
(see Ladyhawke), who he was assigned to protect while
she was in town for a conference. Knowing Trent from
her brothers correspondence, she was regaled with tales
from his past, particularly ones centered on his and her
brothers off-duty escapades. As the day of the conference
came, they found themselves under attack by a S.I.N. hit
squad attempting to kill Belaire and steal the research
she was bringing to the meeting. Simone was unable to
change into her costumed persona without sacrifcing her
secret identity, but was astonished when Trent fell back on
his training and managed to safeguard her arrival against
multiple assailants. After getting her safely inside, he then
turned back towards the terrorists and joined forces with
the guard detail to fend them off until an A.C.T.I.O.N. as-
sault team could arrive. Unknown to Trent, Simone was
delivering research for a prototype device like the one
she used as part of a Canadian-U.S. technology trade.
Meeting with members of Herald Labs (see Herald Labs)
and A.C.T.I.O.N., she praised her bodyguards work and
informed them that if anyone were to wear what shed
designed, it should be him.
Months later, as work on the prototype was coming to
a close, Trent was ordered to meet with Major Charles
McElvy, one of A.C.T.I.O.N.s board members and head
of the organizations technology branch. He informed the
bodyguard that the agency had a new role for him and
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
revealed the original American Eagle costume and harness
to the soldier. McElvy went on to explain how the harness
worked and what it would mean for the country, and his
career, if Trent would consent to wear it. Agreeing to test
the armor, the soldier was amazed at what it could do.
Soaring around the test feld in Virginia, he discovered that
it allowed him to fy at amazing speeds, yet still be incred-
ibly maneuverable and agile enough to dodge incoming
attacks. Switching to offense, he found a small arsenal of
hard-light and beam-based weapons at his disposal that al-
lowed him to defeat the test drone and a small compliment
of targets on the ground. He couldnt imagine turning down
such an offer and immediately signed up upon landing.
McElvy returned to the boardroom with the information
and presented the new hero to his colleagues, now calling
Trent American Eagle. Impressed, the board members
wanted him to be seen as one of the U.S.s greatest heroes
and pushed his application through the red tape to audition
for The Homeguard (see Homeguard). Feeling confdent
that he would be an asset to the team, American Eagle
managed to beat every trial and impressed the audience
with his wit and skill. Elected in the same wave as Hunts-
man (see Huntsman), he served with the team throughout
the last term and into the present one. However, while
visiting his father in New Amsterdam shortly after the new
roster was announced, he heard rumors that the leftover
Sewer Rats resurfaced, only this time with some real
power behind them. With regret weighing heavily upon him,
Trent felt duty-bound to resign from active service, drop-
ping down to reserve status in order to focus on ferreting
out the gangs new leadership.
Since then, Trent has acted as a hero for both New Am-
sterdam and Washington, D.C., splitting his time between
the cities while battling any threats that may pop up. Using
the popularity that hes gained from being a member of The
Homeguard, he spends some of his downtime working with
kids or making appearances to raise money for chari-
table organizations. Trent still maintains his status within
A.C.T.I.O.N. as a special agent, often being called upon
to don his American Eagle armor to defend the country
he loves so much, either alongside his teammates in The
Homeguard, or as a solo agent.
Height: 510 Weight: 183 lbs.
Eyes: Gray Hair: Black
Strength Level: American Eagle possesses the normal
human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who
engages in intensive, regular exercise.
Powers: None. American Eagle is a trained soldier and
pilot, and has knowledge of advanced mechanics.
Paraphernalia: American Eagle wears a fight harness that
allows him to fy at incredible speeds, clocking in around
16,000 MPH (Mach 21), and retain his maneuverability
and agility by using solid-energy wings. In addition to fight,
the harness also gives him a small arsenal of attacks that
include a blinding fash, solid-energy projectiles, an energy
blast, and a wing swipe that can slice open solid steel.
Along with these weapons, it also projects a force feld that
protects the wearer from most standard damage (ballistics,
knives, etc.) and from the dangers of moving at break-neck
speeds. As an extension to the harness, American Eagle
wears a pair of gauntlets and greaves to help with his aim
and fight. He also wears a helmet that grants him a full
sensor suite, on-board communications link, and protection
from some sensory attacks. Lastly, built to cover the har-
ness is a mechanical bird called R.O.C. (Robotic Observa-
tion Companion) that he can use to remotely size up an
area or as a communications
up-link. While it has some of-
fensive capabilities, R.O.C. is
more for reconnaissance than
anything else.
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
Helmet: (Removable -3) 14 points
Insulated: Immunity 5 (Sensory Affiction Effects)
5 points
Sensor Link: Remote Sensing 1 (Affects: 2
Types, inc. Visual - Audio & Visual, Range: 60
feet; Simultaneous; Medium: R.O.C.) 3 points
Sensor Suite: Senses 9 (Communication Link:
Radio, Darkvision, Direction Sense, Distance
Sense, Infravision, Radio, Time Sense,
Ultravision) 9 points
Wing Harness: (Removable -17) 69 points
Freedom Field: Immunity 1 (G-Force; Sustained),
Protection 8 (+8 Toughness; Impervious, Subtle:
subtle, Sustained) 18 points
Hard Light Wings: Flight 10 (Speed: 2000 miles/
hour, 4 miles/round) 20 points
R.O.C.: Enhanced Trait 5 (Advantages: Sidekick
5) 5 points
Weapon Systems: Array (43 points)
Feather Fling: Damage 10 (DC 25; Increased
Range: ranged, Multiattack) 1 point
Rockets Red Glare: Cumulative Affiction 10
(1st degree: Dazed, Dazed, 2nd
degree: Disabled, Disabled, 3rd degree:
Unaware, Unaware, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC
20; Cumulative, Extra Condition, Increased
Range: ranged) 40 points
Talon Blast: Damage 10 (DC 25; Increased
Range: ranged) 1 point
Wing Swipe: Strength-based Damage 5 (DC
24; Penetrating 8) 1 point
Feather Fling: Damage 10, +10
(DC 25)
Grab, +5 (DC Spec 14)
Rockets Red Glare: Cumulative
Affiction 10, +10 (DC Fort 20)
Talon Blast: Damage 10, +10
(DC 25)
Throw, +3 (DC 19)
Unarmed, +9 (DC 19)
Wing Swipe: Strength-based
Damage 5, +10 (DC 24)
Dodge 7
Parry 7
Fortitude 6
Toughness 12
Will 6
Abilities 54
Powers 83
Advantages 9
Skills 22 (43 ranks)
Defenses 10
Acrobatics 3 (+7), Athletics 3 (+7), Close Combat:
Unarmed 4 (+9), Close Combat: Wing Swipe 5 (+10),
Expertise: Soldier 5 (+7), Intimidation 2 (+4), Percep-
tion 2 (+5), Persuasion 3 (+5), Ranged Combat:
Weapon Systems 7 (+10), Stealth 2 (+6), Treatment 2
(+4), Vehicles 5 (+8)
Agile Feint, Beneft: Membership (A.C.T.I.O.N.), Ben-
eft: Membership (Homeguard Reserves), Connected,
Favored Environment: Aerial, Improved Initiative, Set-
up 2, Sidekick 5, Teamwork; Languages: English
Motivation - Patriot: American Eagle is a patriot and
strives to be a national icon.
Enemy (H.A.D.E.S.): American Eagle has made an
enemy of terrorists in general, but particularly with the
rogue science group known as H.A.D.E.S.
STR 2, STA 0, AGL 3, DEX 0, FGT 3, INT 4, AWE
2, PRE 0
Powers: Flight 4 (30 MPH; Wings), Senses 2
(Extended Vision, Low-light Vision), Shrinking 8
(Permanent, Innate). Skills: Close Combat: Unarmed
4 (+7), Perception 8 (+10). Offense: Init +3, Unarmed
+7 (Close, Damage 2). Defenses: Dodge 7, Parry 7,
Fortitude 2, Toughness 0, Will 2. Totals: Abilities 8 +
Powers 23 + Advantages 0 + Skills 6 + Defenses 2 =
Total 38 points.
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
Real Name: Sara Jeffries
Occupation: Student, vigilante
Identity: Secret
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States
Former Aliases: None known
Place of Birth: Haven
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Michelle (mother), Aaron (father), Kate
Group Affliations: New Guard
Base of Operations: Legacy
First Appearance: New Guard #1
History: Sara Jeffries lived a fairly normal suburban
existence until her powers suddenly manifested in her frst
year of university. Until then while she had always been
athletically gifted, she showed no sign of superhuman
ability. Convinced to use her newly discovered powers as
a costumed crime-fghter, she began practicing, quickly
becoming extremely profcient thanks to her focus and
When tragedy struck, she began to question whether she
should continue on with her training but a sign came to her
encouraging her to be the hero that the world desperately
After a few months of solo work, her actions drew the
attention of the man known as Cross, who
recruited her to join a team of young
superhumans that he was putting together.
In a world that no longer believed in or
trusted superheroes, they would still fght
the good fght and protect the people of
Earth, no matter the cost.
Sara was originally hesitant to join a
team of strangers but she surprised her-
self in how well she has managed to work
with them, quickly taking to group tactics
and forming a good partnership with fellow New
Guard member, Vanguard. The two have become friends
though Firefy has still yet to reveal her identity to anyone
on the team or even her family as she is still trying to come
to terms with the tragedy she faced early on in her heroing
Height: 55 Weight: 135 lbs
Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown
Strength Level: Firefy possesses enhanced superhuman
strength that allows her to lift (press) approximately 7 tons.
Without her powers Firefy has the normal strength of a
woman who engages in intensive regular exercise.
Powers: Firefy is physically enhanced; refexes, strength
and durability are all low-level superhuman. She is capable
of fight reaching speeds in excess of 100mph.
Firefys offensive powers revolve around her light genera-
tion abilities that can be used for blinding bursts or even
devastating laser blasts.
Recently she found that she is able to heal the wounds of
others with a healing light but it takes great concentration
and effort on her part. Her powers are still evolving as she
practices with them and there may be more abilities that
she has yet to discover.
Paraphernalia: Firefys costume is mainly decorative,
the wings serving no real function, though the goggles do
provide glare protection from any refections as a result of
her power usage.
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
Aura Reading: Senses 2 (Detect: Aura/Sight 2:
ranged) 2 points
Durable: Immunity 1 (Poison; Limited - Half Effect),
Impervious Toughness 8 9 points
Instant Change: Feature 1 1 point
Light Control: Array (31 points)
Laser Blast: Damage 11 (DC 26, Advantages:
Improved Critical; Increased Range: ranged)
1 point
Rejuvenating Light: Healing 9 (Energizing,
Persistent, Restorative, Stabilize; Distracting,
Noticeable: Glowing Light) 28 points
Strobe Burst: Burst Area Affiction 11 (1st degree:
Dazed, 2nd degree: Disabled, 3rd degree:
Unaware, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 21; Burst
Area: 30 feet radius sphere) 1 point
Strobe: Affiction 11 (1st degree: Dazed, 2nd
degree: Disabled, 3rd degree: Unaware, Resisted
by: Fortitude, DC 21; Increased Range: ranged)
1 point
Light Riding: Flight 7 (Speed: 250 miles/hour, 0.5
miles/round) 14 points
Polarized: Immunity 10 (Light Effects) 10 points
Ultra-Sight: Senses 1 (Ultravision) 1 point
Grab, +6 (DC Spec 18)
Laser Blast: Damage 11, +11
(DC 26)
Strobe Burst: Burst Area
Affiction 11 (DC Fort 21)
Strobe: Affiction 11, +11
(DC Fort 21)
Throw, +4 (DC 23)
Unarmed, +8 (DC 23)
Dodge 8
Parry 8
Fortitude 8
Toughness 10*/8
Will 8
*with Defensive Roll
Abilities 74
Powers 68
Advantages 11
Skills 17 (33 ranks)
Defenses 10
Acrobatics 3 (+9), Athletics 1 (+9), Close Combat:
Unarmed 2 (+8), Expertise: Tactics 3 (+4), Insight 4
(+6), Perception 5 (+7), Persuasion 4 (+6), Ranged
Combat: Light Control 7 (+11), Treatment 4 (+5)
Attractive, Defensive Roll 2, Evasion 2, Favored
Environment: Aerial Combat, Improved Critical: Laser
Blast, Inspire, Move-by Action, Redirect, Teamwork,
Uncanny Dodge; Languages: English
Motivation - Responsibility of Power: Firefy uses her
powers to help the weak and battle evil.
Enemy (Master Dark): Firefy has been known to
battle the villain Master Dark, who is obsessed with the
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
Real Name: Liam Loscann
Occupation: Warehouse staff for Maniacal Inc.
Identity: Secret
Legal Status: Juvenile Delinquent turned Vigilante
Former Aliases: NA
Place of Birth: Stark City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Father and Mother (deceased), Aunt
Harriet Loscann
Group Affliations: None
Base of Operations: Stark City
First Appearance: Stark City By Night #1
History: Liam Loscann was a good kid from Stark City who
got mixed up with a bad crowd. His mother died when he
was very young leaving his father Rory, an auto mechanic
and mixed martial arts enthusiast, to raise him alone. Liam
idolized his father and spent hours at his side in the auto
shop and at the dojo. He learned his way around an auto
engine and studied the martial art forms of shooto (mixed
martial arts) and bojustu (profciency with the bo stick). Liv-
ing in Geartown, they were both very happy even though
they didnt have a lot of money. Then one fateful night
everything changed.
For several months, Liams father was being pressured by
the Mafa to start paying them protection fees on his auto
repair shop lest his business suffer some unfortunate ac-
cident. Rory Loscann was a very proud man and certainly
not one to shy away from a fght. His steadfast refusal to
pay one bloody dime to the mob was beginning to inspire
other neighboring businesses to stand up to them as well.
Mafa boss James DeSouza decided this would not do and
decided it was time to make an example out of Rory. It
was young Liam who found his fathers body in the auto
shop crushed beneath a car that somehow managed to slip
from the auto lift.
After the funeral, Liam was sent to live with his fathers
elderly Aunt Harriet, a strict and grim woman and his only
living relative. Emotionally distraught, he began to act out,
defying his aunt at every turn and eventually falling in with
a street gang of Geartown hooligans and hoodlums. He
dropped out of school and spent his days vandalizing pub-
lic property, street fghting, and eventually stealing cars.
It was only a matter of time until Liam found himself
handcuffed in the back seat of a Stark City Police
squad car.
Standing before a judge and facing a
lengthy detention at Juvenile Hall, no
one was more surprised than Liam
when wealthy industrialist and entre-
preneur Reginald Coakley offered to
take custody of the defendant
and provide him with an intern-
ship at his company, Mania-
cal, Inc. Coakley, a reformed
supervillain formerly known as
Mr. Mayhem who did his time and turned his life around,
saw something of himself in the boy and wanted to offer
him an opportunity to avoid making the same mistakes he
had made at the same age. If Liam would promise to return
to school, he would give him a paying job in the warehouse
after class. Liam enthusiastically accepted, grateful for the
chance to get his life back on track.
Liam stayed true to his word like his father had taught him,
returning to school while working for Reginald Coakley and
taking care of his
elderly Aunt Harriet.
He even began
studying the martial
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
arts he so loved again, becoming more agile and acrobatic
through discipline and dedication. Looking at the world
through clear eyes, he began to see how the crime and
corruption that had stolen his father from him was choking
Geartown in its grip. He knew he had to do something
about it.
While working at the Maniacal R&D warehouse, Liam
found an old prototype of high tech goggles that enhanced
and extended vision. He was amused by their resemblance
to a frogs eyes so he slipped them into his pocket and took
them home. That night, he decided to fnally do something
about the crime in his neighborhood. He donned the frog
goggles he earlier borrowed along with a green hand-
kerchief to disguise his face, picked up his bo stick and
headed out his bedroom window. Calling himself Frogger,
every night the young gangster turned urban vigilante
would patrol Geartown, fghting crime and defending the
One night while on patrol in a blind alley off a dead end
street, Frogger discovered an abandoned and boarded up
building on a run down lot that had once been home to his
fathers business, Loscanns Auto and Body Shop. Sneak-
ing inside, he found much of his fathers tools and equip-
ment along with an old dune buggy Rory Loscann had
always intended to one day fx up. Feeling a connection to
the dune buggy, Frogger decided to repair the vehicle for
himself and returned to the abandoned auto shop every
night to work on it. He began to borrow more and more
tech from the warehouse where he worked to incorporate
into the buggy, careful to hide his unauthorized requisi-
tions. He even managed to get all the 55-gallon drums of
a failed (because it was too gloopy) super-adhesive glue
product shipped to the auto shop under the guise of waste
removal for use in a converted water cannon mounted on
the roof of the buggy.
After three months of hard work, the Leap Buggy was f-
nally ready for its nocturnal debut. Armed with hydraulic su-
perlifts and air bounce bags for leaping, a sealed-vacuum
traction system for wall climbing, high-tech optical systems
to see in the dark and through obstacles, powerful food
lamps, and the roof-mounted, bi-directional Frog Cannon
(or Gloop Gun as it affectionately known) capable of fring
a sticky glob of glue in front of or behind the vehicle with
the fip of a switch, the Leap Buggy now conveys Frogger
on his nightly patrols of Geartown.
In the guise of Frogger, Liam has learned that the Stark
City Mafa was responsible for the death of his father, and
he is dedicated to one day bringing those responsible to
justice. He has adopted his fathers abandoned auto shop
as his secret headquarters and keeps the Leap Buggy hid-
den there during the day. Despite his life as a crime fghter,
Liam still manages to have all the experiences and anxiet-
ies of an average teenage boy. He has been particularly
unlucky at love, unable to get the girl both in and out of
costume unlike in the comic books, which frustrates him to
no end. Still, he perseveres on, knowing that somewhere
his father is watching over him with pride.
Height: 6 1 Weight: 180 lbs
Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown
Strength Level: normal human
Powers: None
Paraphernalia: Bo Stick, Frog Goggles, Leap Buggy
STR 4, Def 10, Tou 8, Size Medium
Powers: Gloop Gun: Affiction 10 (1st degree:
Hindered, Vulnerable, 2nd degree: Immobile,
Defenseless, DC 20; Alternate Resistance (Dodge),
Burst Area: 30 feet radius sphere, Extra Condition,
Increased Range: ranged; Limited Degree), High-
tech Optical Systems: Enhanced Trait 2 (Traits:
Perception +4 (+4)), Senses 7 (Extended: Choose
Sense 2: x100, Infravision, Penetrates Concealment:
Sight), Hydrolic Lifts: Leaping 1 (Leap 15 feet at 4
miles/hour), Propulsion System: Speed 4 (Speed:
30 miles/hour, 500 feet/round), Sealed-Vacuum
Traction System: Movement 2 (Wall-crawling 2: full
speed). Features: Navigation System 2. Offense:
Gloop Gun: Burst Area Affiction 10 (DC Dog/Fort/
Will 20). Totals: Abilities 4 + Powers 48 + Advantages
0 + Features 2 + Skills 0 (0 ranks) + Defenses 13 +
Equipment 0 (0 ep) + Weapons & Armor 0 (0 ep) = 67
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
Frog Goggles: (Removable -1) 3 points
Enhanced Vision: Enhanced Trait 2 (Traits:
Perception +4 (+10)) 2 points
Extended Vision: Senses 2 (Extended: Choose
Sense 2: x100) 2 points
Bo Staff: Strength-based Damage 2 (DC 21; Custom:
Double, Reach (melee): 5 ft.), Leap Buggy
Grab, +10 (DC Spec 14)
Bo Staff: Strength-based
Damage 2, +10 (DC 21)
Throw, +5 (DC 19)
Unarmed, +10 (DC 19)
Dodge 8
Parry 8
Fortitude 5
Toughness 9*/4
Will 5
*with Defensive Roll
Abilities 64
Powers 3
Advantages 44
Skills 30 (59 ranks)
Defenses 9
Acrobatics 6 (+11), Athletics 3 (+7), Close Combat:
Bojutsu 5 (+10), Close Combat: Shooto Mixed Martial
Arts 5 (+10), Deception 5 (+8), Expertise: Criminal
5 (+8), Expertise: Streetwise 6 (+9), Perception 3
(+10/+6), Persuasion 2 (+5), Sleight of Hand 3 (+8),
Stealth 3 (+8), Technology 7 (+10), Vehicles 6 (+11)
Accurate Attack, Agile Feint, Connected, Defensive
Attack, Defensive Roll 5, Equipment 15, Improved
Critical 2: Bo Staff, Improved Disarm, Improved Initia-
tive, Improvised Weapon 3, Instant Up, Luck 3, Power
Attack, Redirect, Second Chance: Vehicle Checks
with Leap Buggy, Skill Mastery: Technology, Skill Mas-
tery: Vehicles, Takedown 2, Ultimate Effort: Vehicle
Checks with Leap Buggy, Uncanny Dodge
Motivation - Seeking Justice: Frogger is searching for
his fathers killer.
Enemy (Stark City Mafa): Frogger has had his fair
share of entanglements with the Stark City Mafa.
Kleptomaniac: Frogger has been known to slip the oc-
casional item into his pocket without knowing,
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
Real Name: Jessica Flores-Dixon
Occupation: Model, former Adventurer
Identity: Public (formerly Secret)
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal
Former Aliases: None known
Place of Birth: Moscow, Idaho
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Timothy Dixon (husband, Bluechip),
Rolando (father), Elsie (mother)
Group Affliations: Teen Force 5
Base of Operations: Summit City
First Appearance: WatchGuard Sourcebook
History: Jessica Flores grew up loving sports, enjoying
her dance classes, and spending her down time reading
-- there wasnt a whole lot more to do in Moscow, Idaho,
but she made the most of it. Cute, funny, kind, and outgo-
ing, Jessica had always been well-liked, and her company
much enjoyed, so when the accident occurred most every-
one in town was praying and pulling for her recovery
The night of her eighth grade graduation dance, when
the upper-class middle school kids move up to high school,
Jessica and a group of her friends were run off the road
and crashed into a deep drainage ditch by an asleep-at-
the-wheel truck driver. Because she wasnt wearing a seat
belt, Jessica was thrown from the car breaking her spine in
several places. She was rushed to Gritman Medical Cen-
ter, where they stabilized her and attempted to realign as
much of her busted back as possible. Several days later,
she awoke from her mild coma to realize she was now
paralyzed from the neck down. The local community was
stunned, and rallied around this young girl by holding a vigil
outside of the hospital, as well as having organized prayer
rallies in the faintest hope that she would recover. The
doctors prognosis wasnt as reassuring as was the faith of
the community: Jessica would never be able to walk again,
barring a miracle. So, they all prayed for one.
Several weeks go by with Jessica keeping her usual
cheery, sweet disposition in spite of her condition, and she
was eventually released into the home care of her parents
who would be assisted by a small rotation of volunteer
nurses as the familys insurance did not cover home
nursing care. She had already been removed from the
ventilator, and it was the hopes of the doctors that being in
a comfortable, loving environment would aid in Jessicas
emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. Despite the deep
faith of this northwestern community, no one couldve
expected what would happen in the coming weeks.
While lying in her bed, chatting with her father, a bright light
shone in her window. Jessica asked her father if that was
the Northern Star, but he explained that the bright object
was in fact the planet Jupiter -- the largest celestial body in
our solar system apart from our sun, and the fourth bright-
est object in most night skies. He pulled out his telescope
so that she could get a better glimpse of this heavenly
object. While she gazed on her father told her that Jupiter
reminds him of her because shes the biggest part of their
lives, and certainly one of the brightest, in fact she was the
brightest, but also because of the symbol of strength that
both she and Jupiter were.
The next morning Jessica noticed that she had a degree of
feeling in her toes again. And in her fngers. She made an
effort to move them and found that she was not only feeling
again, but she could stand, walk, an jump again. Her
parents raced up to her room, fearing that
she somehow had fallen out of bed and
they stood astonished at the tall, strong
teenage girl that now stood before them.
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
Jessica appeared to be fully healed. They took her to the
doctors who were just as confused and amazed. They ran
tests, including x-rays, and there was no sign of any dam-
age to her spine at all. They had no choice but to declare
this a miracle from God, and the whole city reveled in this
childs amazing, miraculous recovery.
After the media sensation wore off, life in Moscow went
back to normal for everyone except Jessica. She continued
to go to school, and participate in some sports, and she
even continued to grow -- eventually outpacing some of
the boys in high school with her height. Soon she would
discover that her recovery had less to do with the miracu-
lous, and more to do with her emergent MHx-trait chro-
mosomes -- a fact all too evident during a hiking incident
later that year. When her father moved the family out to
Summit City, because of a reassignment at work, they
decided to visit Summit National Park to go hiking near
their new home. Jessica went off on her own for a bit while
her parents prepared an afternoon meal. A loose boulder
came rolling down the side of the mountain at her, who
reacted by putting her hands up quickly not knowing what
else to do. The boulder shattered on impact, and Jessica
was barely moved.
Surprised at what she had done, Jessica told her parents
who then witnessed their daughter dig into solid rock with
her bare hands. The three agreed that this was a tremen-
dous blessing and that Jessica should use her powers to
help others in need. Together they cobbled up an heroic
costume design and Jessica opted to call herself Jupiter,
recalling the conversation she and her father had that
night, seemingly so long ago.
On her very frst attempt at heroics, Jupiter came across
another new, young hero calling himself Soundwave and
who seemed more interested in hitting on her than ventur-
ing out to stop the bad guys. By happenstance, the well-
known teen hero Bluechip was involved in a chase not far
from where these two were, and so they joined the chase.
After stopping the huge metahuman thug Bulldog, the
three became a media darling with one reporter dubbing
the trio, Teen Force. They would eventually be joined by
Sonja Blackwood and Tempest, changing the group name
to Teen Force 5 -- which would remain active for years to
come, even beyond their teen years. With Bluechip con-
stantly testing the team members limits, he discovered that
Jupiters primary weakness is neutron radiation -- relatively
uncommon, naturally, but a by-product of the Meridian
Enterprises Safe Reactors that were being deployed to
government run operations.
Eventually, Jessica married Timothy Bluechip Dixon and
they went into semi-retirement in their mid-thirties to focus
on preparing for family building; Timothy began teaching
and Jessica took a job as a model for the Summit
City fashion magazine, Pique. Later, while in the process
of adopting a little girl, Jessica would die because of a par-
ticular explosion. At the orphanage they had been visiting,
the Meridian Safe Reactor exploded and took out part of
the buildings support structure. Jessica held up the build-
ing as well as she could while Timothy raced to save the
children. Because the reactor was leaking neutron radia-
tion, obstructive to her powers, Jessica was unable to save
herself when her strength gave way. The building collapsed
and Jessica was crushed underneath. Nearly all of Summit
City seemed to be in attendance to this heros funeral.
Timothy established the Jupiter Foundation, a non-proft
organization designed to help Summit Citys orphanages
and to promote adoption awareness.
Height: 6 3 Weight: 438 lbs
Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown
Strength Level: Jupiter possesses metahuman strength
enabling her to lift/press 100 tons.
Powers: In addition to her metahuman strength, Jupiter
possesses a high degree of resistance to injury, illness,
disease, and other forms of conventional harm. The limits
of her enhanced durability are unknown, but she has been
observed sustaining only minor bruising when attacked by
a tank cannon hurtling a 155mm shell directly at her.
Jupiters ability to feel sensation and to effectively utilize
her sense of touch do not appear to be obfuscated by her
enhanced durability. It is unclear whether this is an innate,
subconscious ability or if she must make a conscious effort
to feel these sensations naturally. Apparently, however this
operates it grants her not only a high degree of immunity to
harm, but a high degree of immunity to pain as well.
All of Jupiters enhanced metahuman abilities can be re-
duced, and eventually negated, by volumes of neutron ra-
diation such as output from the Meridian Enterprises Safe
Reactors that operate many of Summit Citys government
facilities. After exposure to such a form of radiation she
requires a period of time congruent with the volume of
exposure to recover her strength and durability.
Paraphernalia: None.
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
Density: Enhanced Strength 10; Protection 10, Im-
pervious 40 points
Groundstrike: Alternate Effect of Strength Damage;
Burst Area Affiction 10 (Resisted by Dodge; Hindered
and Vulnerable, Prone and Defenseless), Limited
to Two Degrees, Limited to targets touching same sur-
face as Jupiter 1 point
Immovable: Damage 10, Reaction (when hit by close
attack), Limited: damage equal to rank of attack 30
Groundstrike: Burst Area, Close,
Affiction 10 (Dodge DC 20)
Immovable: Close (DC 25)
Throw +6 (DC 17)
Unarmed +8 (DC 27)
Dodge 6
Parry 6
Fortitude 10
Toughness 14*/4
Will 6
*with Density
Abilities 44
Powers 71
Advantages 8
Skills 13 (26 ranks)
Defenses 14
Athletics 4 (+16), Expertise: Popular Culture 4 (+5),
Insight 4 (+6), Perception 4 (+6), Persuasion 6 (+9),
Ranged Combat: Throwing 4 (+6)
Accurate Attack, Attractive, Close Attack 2, Fast Grab,
Interpose, Power Attack; Languages: English, Span-
Relationships: Jupiter is married to Bluechip.
Power Loss: Exposure to neutron radiation causes
Jupiter to gradually lose her powers, leaving them
impaired, disabled, then debilitated over a matter of
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
Real Name: Anya Kitson
Occupation: Reporter / Blogger
Identity: Secret
Legal Status: US Citizen
Former Aliases: NA
Place of Birth: Ocean City Maryland
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother, Father, Brother
Group Affliations: None
Base of Operations: Raleigh, North Carolina
First Appearance: SUPERS! The RPG
History: While on assignment for the Tech Website, M-
Power, Anya was doing a story on a super collider being
built in North Carolina. The machine was being funded
by the Conroy Coalition, an industrial group that had an
unseemly amount of industrial accidents that had been
kept from the public. While covering the story, the site was
taken over by extremists looking for attention for safe tech-
nology handling. The situation escalated when the Conroy
Coalition sent in private military contractors to secure the
site. The shootout between Tech-4, the police, and the
contractors ruptured a control tower and trapped Anya on
the wrong side of the shielding. As technicians struggled
to free her, the collider misfred, causing the control feld to
engage and react with chemicals released. Anya blacked
Waking in rural Nevada, she managed to make her
way back to North Carolina to the mystifed members of
M-Power. As the weeks went on she began to exhibit
movement powers that when pushed, could cause her to
run at top speeds, igniting a plasma feld around her and
setting things on fre. She decided to use her science
contacts to construct a suit which would allow her to run at
top speed and not burn through her clothing. Taking on the
name of Quick Burn, she uses her speed powers to battle
members of the Conroy Coalition and work toward a world
where technology is handled safely.
Height:59 Weight: 145 Lbs
Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde
Strength Level: Athletic
Powers: Superhuman speed generated by a hyper-veloci-
ty plasma feld
Paraphernalia: State of the art Cell Phone and the groovi-
est running shoes.
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
Instant Change: Feature 1 1 point
Super-Speed: Enhanced Trait 28 (Traits: Dodge
+5 (+13), Parry +5 (+13), Advantages: Agile Feint,
Defensive Roll 5, Evasion 2, Improved Initiative 5,
Instant Up, Interpose, Move-by Action, Takedown
2), Quickness 10 (Perform routine tasks in -10 time
ranks), Speed 10 (Speed: 2000 miles/hour, 4 miles/
round) 48 points
Super-Speed Tricks: Array (34 points)
Air Cannon: Line Area Move Object 10 (25 tons;
Line Area: 5 feet wide by 30 feet long) 30 points
Mach 5 Punch: Strength-based Damage 7 (DC
25, Advantages: Improved Critical 3) 1 point
Out of Sync: Insubstantial 4 (Incorporeal)
1 point
Thousand Handed Slap: Strength-based
Damage 7 (DC 25; Multiattack) 1 point
Top Spin: Affiction 10 (1st degree: Dazed,
Fatigued, 2nd degree: Stunned, Exhausted, 3rd
degree: Incapacitated, Incapacitated, Resisted
by: Fortitude, DC 20; Extra Condition) 1 point
Wall Run: Movement 2 (Wall-crawling 2: full speed;
Limited: Only While Moving) 2 points
AE: Water Run: Movement 2 (Water Walking 2;
Limited: Only While Moving) 1 point
Air Cannon: Line Area Move
Object 10 (DC 20)
Grab, +5 (DC Spec 13)
Mach 5 Punch: Strength-based
Damage 7, +11 (DC 25)
Thousand Handed Slap:
Strength-based Damage 7, +11
(DC 25)
Throw, +3 (DC 18)
Top Spin: Affiction 10, +11
(DC Fort 20)
Unarmed, +8 (DC 18)
Dodge 13*/8
Parry 13*/8
Fortitude 8
Toughness 9**/4
Will 3
*with Super-Speed **with Defensive Roll
Abilities 56
Powers 86
Advantages 9
Skills 19 (37\ ranks)
Defenses 10
Acrobatics 2 (+7), Athletics 4 (+7), Close Combat:
Super-Speed Tricks 6 (+11), Close Combat: Unarmed
3 (+8), Expertise: Reporter 5 (+8), Insight 3 (+6),
Investigation 5 (+8), Perception 3 (+6), Persuasion 4
(+6), Stealth 2 (+7)
Agile Feint, All-out Attack, Beneft: Press Pass, Con-
nected, Contacts, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 5,
Evasion 2, Fascinate (Expertise), Improved Critical 3:
Mach 5 Punch, Improved Initiative 5, Instant Up, Inter-
pose, Move-by Action, Set-up, Takedown 2, Uncanny
Dodge, Well-informed; Languages: English
Motivation - Responsibility of Power: Quick Burn uses
her powers to help against the tide of villainy.
Enemy - Conroy Coalition: On multiple occasions,
Quick Burn has found herself up against the Conroy
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
Real Name: Trina Sullivan
Occupation: Adventurer
Identity: Public
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal
record (special)
Former Aliases: None
Place of Birth: Meriquai Falls
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Jackson Sullivan (father, Ven-
geance); Lyssa Kellerman-Sullivan (mother,
Group Affliations: The Omega Legion
Base of Operations: Meriquai Falls
First Appearance: Meriquai Falls: Vixen
History: Trina Sullivan is not from the here-
and-now. In fact, she wont be born for another
fve years.
Trina was born in 2020 to Jackson Sullivan
(Vengeance) and Lyssa Kellerman-Sullivan
(Amethyst). Both parents were very
active members and leaders of the
extended Omega Legion franchise,
so Trina grew up knowing that
her parents were heroes of the
frst degree. When she hit eight
years old and her latent powers
manifested, she even joined the
Omega Legion as something of a
junior member.
In 2032, disaster struck. Galvakar had
found the Heart of the Grandmother Spi-
der and had begun a ritual to siphon her
essence into himself and his minions.
Crimson-Hawk had attempted to stop
the ritual, but had died as a sacrifce
for the ritual instead. So Vengeance,
who was feld commander of the
team at the time, knew the team had
to strike quickly to end the threat
for good.
Sadly, the Omega Legion
struck too late. The Grand-
mother Spiders essence had al-
ready been channeled into Galvakar and the
rest of the Imperions. Not only had the vil-
lains become quite powerful, like unto gods,
but that power had also made them quite
insane. The slaughter that ensued defed all
humane description. It was all Trina could
do to fee for her life in abject terror as the
others suffered horrifying deaths.
Just as the power-maddened Cougar
was about to catch up to Trina and
slaughter her, something happened.
Time itself seemed to warp around Trina. Trina got dizzy
and fell to her knees. When she regained her senses, there
was no Cougar, no Imperions, not even any Omega Le-
gion. She was alone in the caves below the Meriquai Falls
Grandmother Spider
spoke to Trina at that
point, telling her that it
was now the year
2000 and she was to
escort Darren Dav-
enport to the Heart of
the Grandmother Spider
to accept his role as the
Champion of the Red
Hawk. A few short days later, Count Dredmaus
attack on the R.E.V.E.R.B. demonstration threw
Darren over the Falls and right into Trinas
proverbial lap. Trina helped Darren to the Heart,
where he accepted the powers and responsibili-
ties of the Champion of the Red Hawk. Then the
two of them tracked down and found the rest of
the heroes who would eventually become the
Omega Legion.
Trina served faithfully with the team until
the Fall From Grace. Even then, Trina held
onto hope that the team would reform
soon and things would return to the way
they were. But they didnt. For years,
Vixen protected the city as a solo
hero, even though she had effectively
formed an ad hoc team with Back-
draft, Gracelynn Willow, Nastarius,
Thunderbird, and Cricket.
After the Battle Against the Myste,
power within Impulses Unlimited passed on to
former CFO Katherine King, who authorized a
revitalized Omega Legion team headquartered in
Legion Plaza. Trina was fattered and apprehen-
sive all at once when the rest of the group unani-
mously nominated her as the new team leader.
Those were Crimson-Hawks shoes and Trina
wasnt certain she was ready to fll them. But she
was going to do her best.
Height: 58 Weight: 132 lbs.
Eyes: Green Hair: Red with Platinum Highlights
Strength Level: Trina possesses strength typical of a
normal human female who engages in regular, intensive
gymnastic exercise.
Powers: Heightened dexterity and refexes, heightened
hand-eye coordination, heightened run speed and leaping
distance, gymnastic martial arts
Paraphernalia: None
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
Agile Defenses: Enhanced Trait 10 (Traits: Dodge
+5 (+13), Parry +5 (+13); Check Required: DC 11 -
Acrobatics) 9 points
Agile Movement: Speed 6 (Speed: 120 miles/hour,
1800 feet/round) 6 points
AE: Agile Leaping: Leaping 6 (Leap 500 feet at
120 miles/hour) 1 point
Freerunning: Movement 5 (Environmental Adapta-
tion: Urban, Safe Fall, Sure-footed 2, Wall-crawling
1: -1 speed rank; Limited: Urban Environments) 5
Reversal: Affiction 10 (1st degree: Hindered, 2nd de-
gree: Immobile, 3rd degree: Incapacitated, Resisted
by: Fortitude, DC 20; Alternate Resistance: Parry,
Reaction 3: reaction; Check Required: DC 11 - Grab
Check, Distracting) 39 points
AE: Backfip Kick: Strength-based Damage 8
(DC 25) 1 point
AE: Rebound Kick: Strength-based Damage 8
(DC 25; Ricochet: 1 bounce) 1 point
Backfip Kick: Strength-based
Damage 8, +8 (DC 25)
Grab, +8 (DC Spec 14)
Rebound Kick: Strength-based
Damage 8, +8 (DC 25)
Reversal: Affiction 10, +8
(DC Dog 20)
Throw, +4 (DC 17)
Unarmed, +8 (DC 17)
Dodge 13*/8
Parry 13*/8
Fortitude 5
Toughness 9**/4
Will 5
*with Agile Defense **with Defensive Roll
Abilities 68
Powers 62
Advantages 23
Skills 18 (36 ranks)
Defenses 4
Acrobatics 4 (+11), Athletics 9 (+11), Expertise:
Dancer 9 (+11), Expertise: Tactics 4 (+6), Perception
3 (+6), Persuasion 3 (+7), Stealth 4 (+11)
Agile Feint, Attractive, Beneft: Membership (Omega
Legion), Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll 5, Evasion
2, Fascinate (Expertise), Fast Grab, Grabbing Fi-
nesse, Improved Grab, Improved Initiative, Instant Up,
Leadership, Power Attack, Prone Fighting, Takedown
2, Uncanny Dodge; Languages: English
Motivation - Responsibility of Power: Vixen uses her
powers to help battle evil.
Enemy - Flipside: Vixen has made an enemy of the
villain Flipside.
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
Years Playing RPGs: Playing? More like MONTHS
in TOTAL than years. Buying RPG source books and
reading them? 15ish. I think. Wait, my math was off.
25. Yikes. Im old.
Favorite RPG: Toss-up between M&M 2e (still
havent grasped all of 3e) and DC Heroes - a nice
simple system to play/understand but that still gives
you a bit of room for details. Also I greatly enjoy
the story aspects/ideas behind a lot of White Wolf
Games (especially Aberrant/Trinity).
Favorite RPG Character: Divis Mal from White
Wolfs Aberrant game.
Years Reading Comics: 30.
Favorite Comic Book: New Warriors. Hands-down
volume 1 by Fabian Nicieza is my favorite book. Dig-
gin the new one by Christopher Yost and Marcus To
too. I highly suggest you check it out. Runner-up is
Geoff Johns run on Green Lantern.
Favorite Comic Book Issue: Whoof. Dont ask
anything TOO hard, eh? How do you single it down
to a solitary book? Ok Im going to go with Legion of
Super-Heroes #38 Vol.4, entitled Requiem. Written
by Mary Bierbaum, Tom Bierbaum, Keith Giffen, and
Jason Pearson.
Favorite Comic Book Character: Who can pick
just one? No seriously why are you making me
choose? Ugh. Ok if I have to pick one I cant. I
CAN limit it to one from DC and one from Marvel,
hows that?
From DC, its easily Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern.
I love all the Lanterns (Kyle is my #2 GL) but Hal
is my guy (GL-related pun there) because of his
refusal to give in to fear. I can relate to his overly
stubborn attitude at times - and his refusal to give up
and walk away even when he should.
Marvels pick is Justice from New Warriors. A guy
who just tries to do the right thing and live up to
his ideals and, though he suffers a lot of set-backs
along the way, he keeps going. I like that he holds
himself to a standard and tries to help even when
it costs him. Plus telekinesis is an awesome power
and hes friends with The Thing.
1. Please take a moment to tell the readers who
you are and what your company produces.
I write and publish comic books through my compa-
ny September17 Productions, recently we released
our 4th book since July of 2013 and we have an-
other two on the way (July/Aug. and Oct./Nov). The
frst two titles to debut from S17 are LEGACY and
New Guard.
LEGACY is a story of a once great city that has
fallen on hard times - crimes rates have soared and
hope has been lost; a city in need of a savior of both
its streets and its soul. One may have fnally arrived
in the form of a masked vigilante who sports the
symbol of the city on his chest. If he can survive long
New Guard features a group of young superhumans
who seek to protect a world that no longer trusts its
heroes in the wake of a global incident. Despite the
public's misgivings, their help is going to be needed
more than ever as dark forces are gathering and evil
unlike anything before is close to being unleashed.
S17 features artists from all over the world and an
expanding array of titles with a new book being
added every year that will delve into the different
aspects of the S17verse.
2. How did you get into gaming? Into comics?
A friend of mine introduced me to TSRs Marvel book
and I thought it was really cool. After that I became
addicted to buying pretty much every superhero
RPG book (and a few others) that I came across.
Comics I got into through the old Spider-Man car-
toon and then Web of Spider-Man #4 was the frst
comic book I ever bought. Hooked from the start.
3. What prompted you to go into creating your
comic/gaming world?
Ive always had ideas - though Im sure any comic
fan has - but what really made me decide to do it
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
were a couple of extremely supportive co-workers
and the work of two people; A.P Fuchs and Charlie
McElvy. In those two I saw, in action, that if you have
an idea that you believe in and a story that you really
want to tell, youll fnd a way, even if it means going
at it on your own.
4. If you could pick three creators from comics
or games that inspire you, who would they be?
Other than the two guys I mentioned in the previous
answer, Id have to list Geoff Johns (Green Lantern,
Superman, JSA), Fabian Nicieza (New Warriors,
Thunderbolts, Red Robin) and Ron Marz (Green
Lantern, Silver Surfer, Witchblade). All great story-
5. Would you say that games and/or comics
helped guide you in life?
Without a doubt. Superman, Spider-Man, Batman,
all of them had an impact on me growing up. I have
a Green Lantern tattoo on my right hand middle
fnger - and its not there just because it looks cool.
The ideals behind a lot of these characters - of doing
the right thing, of standing up for people when you
have the power to do so - all of it comes from com-
ics. On my Facebook profle under religion it reads:
Comic Books.
6. DC or Marvel? Classic or Current?
Both. I love the high concept stuff that DC has
always had and the character and humor of Marvel.
Im having trouble staying in to a lot of stuff that both
companies are doing for a variety of reasons - bring-
ing things more in line with their cinematic stories/
characterizations, killing off of characters to only
bring them back a few months later, the standard fan
boy complaints these days.
7. You picked Legion of Superheroes # 38 as
your favorite comic issue. Why?
Its a really good story that has a ton of great
character moments and despite there not being any
punches thrown or larger than life superhero battles,
it still manages to entertain and evoke emotion. Its a
story that shows no matter how powerful the heroes
are sometimes even they cant save the day. Or in
this case the Earth. The Legion has turned back
countless invasions and attacks but at the end of
the day its the harm that people have caused to the
environment that really brings about the planets de-
struction. Though it is a sad story, hope and heroism
do shine through, and to me, thats what the Legion,
and superheroes in general are all about, providing
that glimpse of hope in the darkest of times.
8. You picked Divis Mal as your favorite RPG
character. Why?
I like that from a power standpoint Mal is so much
above any of the player characters and hes got
the whole Magneto-esque motivation of protecting
his people and if you pick up the prelude book
Adventure! you get to see his whole backstory and
see that hes a pretty interesting character. Not
to mention one of his abilities is to shut down the
powers of nearly any other Nova (their name for
superhuman) which just makes him very unique as a
villain. Hes so powerful that if hes encountered the
heroes HAVE to fnd a way OTHER than violence to
stop him.
9. Digital comics and gaming books have
become more popular in recent years. Where
do you see the trend going? Do you think that
theyll eventually overcome print?
Its not going away and a lot of art these days looks
AMAZING on a screen but despite the changeover
to digital, I think that the gaming and comic com-
munity is one of the diehard need to have it in print
sort of people that youll fnd. Even if its just to have
another pretty book on the shelf.
10. Being a gamer in some form or another, how
many dice do you own? Do you have a favorite
that you use?
I have a bunch of D10 dice kicking around from the
little I played DC Heroes.
11. We all are working on various superhero
projects. Why superheroes?
ously, Ill leave all the deep stuff for Grant Morrison
and Warren Ellis but the long and short of it is super-
heroes are awesome. Cool outfts and powers, what
else could you ask for?
12. Anything that youd like to say in closing?
Support indie/small press/self-publishers! Every-
one Ive gotten to know so far has not only been
extremely talented but an incredibly nice person as
well. They have great products and you have no
idea the amount of hours of hard work they put into
them. Throwm a couple of your hard earned dollars-
theyll appreciate them much more than some ac-
countant in a suit working for some giant company.
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
Years Playing RPGs: 30 years
Favorite RPG: HERO System (Champions, Fantasy
Hero, et al.)
Favorite RPG Character: Seeker (from 4th Edition
Years Reading Comics: 35 years (give or take)
Favorite Comic Book: Excalibur (Classic)
Favorite Comic Book Issues: The original Power
Pack miniseries (issues #1-#4)
Favorite Comic Book Character: Kitty Pryde (aka
1. Please take a moment to tell the readers who
you are and what your company produces.
I am a fantasy, science fction, and superheroic
author and game designer from southern Missouri.
I found my love of writing during my Junior year
of high school and I haven't looked back since. I
founded DWR Game Studio in order to self-publish
my stories and games, including the upcoming Meri-
quai Falls: Primer To The City Of Spirits superheroic
setting for Champions and the 6th Edition HERO
System ruleset. Other settings and stories are
planned, as well.
2. How did you get into gaming? Into comics?
I got into gaming because I suffer from ADHD and
an anxiety disorder. As a child, my mind would often
retreat into its own little fantasy world where I didnt
have to interact with anybody and thereby get hurt.
My parents wrestled with various solutions until a
family friend, Brenda Elliot, offered to introduce me
to Dungeons & Dragons. This was a major turning
point in my life, as roleplaying games gave me a
creative outlet for my imagination and encouraged
me to become more open and social. I got into com-
ics much earlier than that. My mother worked for a
bookstore/coffee shop at the time. After school, My
brother and I would spend hours in the storage vault
of the bookstore, staying out of the way and reading
all of the comic books that hadnt yet been cleared
for the shelf.
3. What prompted you to go into creating your
comic/gaming world?
My imagination prompted me into it. Well, that and
necessity. Ive always wanted to make my mark
on the creative world. Originally, Meriquai Falls
was supposed to be a new city for the Champions
Universe setting. But Hero Games Line Editor,
Steve Long, asked me to make Meriquai Falls its
own setting for the Hero Plus game line. That did
not change even after the entire Hero Plus line was
canceled and rights to Meriquai Falls eventually
reverted back to me.
4. If you could pick three creators from comics
or games that inspire you, who would they be?
I would have to say Chris Claremont, for the im-
mense impact he has had on the comic book indus-
try, Steve Long, for the professionalism and dedica-
tion hes shown to not only the HERO System but
also to the roleplaying industry in general, and Keith
Baker, for not being afraid of rejection and coming
out on top when the competition was beyond ferce.
5. Would you say that games and/or comics
helped guide you in life?
They have. They have both given me an outlet
through which to express my creativity. They have
inspired me to write my own material. Creating that
material is something I have really grown to love.
6. DC or Marvel? Classic or Current?
Believe it or not, I have no preference. Every comic
book company brings something different to the ta-
ble. Thats the beauty of the industry. DC is all about
larger-than-life heroes and the larger-than-life chal-
lenges they have to face. Marvel is all about heroes
more like you and me and the everyday challenges
they have to face and rise above in order to become
true heroes. There are strengths and weaknesses
to both types of stories. That being said, I do have a
special fondness for when the stories are cleaned up
and reimagined for television. I fell in love with these
cartoon series: Wolverine and the X-Men, Avengers:
Earths Mightiest Heroes, and Young Justice.
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
7. You picked the original Power Pack miniseries
as your favorite comic issues. Why?
I was about Mass Masters age when I read those
issues. There was something magical about children
my age suddenly having the freedom, the power,
and the responsibility to save their parents and the
whole world both in one adventure. Plus I kinda had
a crush on Lightspeed.
8. You picked Seeker as your favorite RPG char-
acter. Why?
He encompassed everything that was the late 80s in
comics. A good-looking bloke with no superpowers,
sculpted from a tragic childhood, who grew up to not
only be a heros hero but to also do so with a wry
sense of humor and a love for what he does. And
hes Australian.
9. Digital comics and gaming books have
become more popular in recent years. Where
do you see the trend going? Do you think that
theyll eventually overcome print?
I believe in many ways they already have over-
taken print. Nothing will ever replace the visceral
feel of having a good gaming book in ones hands.
However, until the economy improves signifcantly,
digital publication will be the way to go, especially
for independent publishers working within a niche
market like comics and gaming. Print-On-Demand
makes digital publishing even more viable, as those
who wish to have that visceral feel of a physical
book may choose to have it.
10. Being a gamer in some form or another, how
many dice do you own? Do you have a favorite
that you use?
In the constant relocating I have done in the last de-
cade, I have lost more dice than you will ever own.
I do still have a cube of six-sided dice (36 total) that
are red with white pips. I hope I never lose those.
11. We all are working on various superhero
projects. Why superheroes?
Until recently, superheroic gaming was a rather
untapped market. Aside from various licenses of the
DC and Marvel properties, there have been very
few roleplaying games featuring superheroes
fewer still have featured original, cohesive, creator-
owned material. Those that have existed have been
of very high quality and very memorable, though,
espousing everything that makes tabletop gaming
so great. I wanted to make my mark, however small,
on that genre. I have ideas and they demand to be
12. Anything that youd like to say in closing?
Do not ever stop dreaming or stop imagining. The
moment we let go of our imaginations is the moment
we let go of ourselves. Do not be afraid to express
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
Years Playing RPGs: 28
Favorite RPG: SUPERS! The Comic Book RPG
Favorite RPG Character: Spider Fridge from
Fainting Goat Games
Years Reading Comics: 33
Favorite Comic Book: I like them all
Favorite Comic Book Issue: Can you pick just
Favorite Comic Book Character: Depends on my
1. Please take a moment to tell the readers who
you are and what your company produces.
I am a former soldier and current kung fu homeboy.
Using skills in art, writing and digital media produc-
tion, we produce games and supplements for role
playing games.
2. How did you get into gaming?
A friend was reading a DnD book in my Jr High
home room and I asked what he was doing.
Into comics?
My grandfather gave me a HUGE book with all of
the origin stories of the DC heroes in it.
3. What prompted you to go into creating your
comic/gaming world?
I wanted to tell my own stories. And then I found it
more rewarding to give people the tools to tell their
4. If you could pick three creators from comics
or games that inspire you, who would they be?
WOW! Just three Jim Valentino, Todd MacFar-
land, and Mark Sylvestri.
5. How did you start gaming?
Weekly DnD game with friends.
Reading comics?
Grandpas DC Book.
6. DC or Marvel?
Marvel. DC comics weird me out, except for Bat-
Classic or Current?
A bit of both.
7. You picked Spider Fridge as your favorite RPG
character. Why?
Cause its a refrigerator with SPIDER POWERS!
8. Digital comics and gaming books have be-
come more popular in recent years. Where do
you see the trend going?
I think that digital initiatives in comics and games
will continue to grow and take advantage of tech.
Marvel is already doing this with the Altered Reality
apps and integrated soundtracks.
Do you think that theyll eventually overcome
Dead tree will continue to be popular until it be-
comes too expensive.
9. Being a gamer in some form or another, how
many dice do you own? Do you have a favorite
that you use?
I own 7 sets of dice. I did own an eighth but I gave
that one to a friend.
10. We all are working on various superhero
projects. Why superheroes?
Superheroes are Americas mythology. It is also a
medium where you can tackle the issues of the day
by punching it in the face. We are in a very danger-
ous time in America. Our federal government is
reaching dangerous levels of power over a populace
that is sedate, drunk and falling asleep on too much
media. Wars are bursting on every front. If ever
there was a time where we needed heroes, its now.
11. Anything that youd like to say in closing?
I think that Free Comic Book Day is a great way
to introduce this media to new fans. Comics are a
fantastic way to escape into colored pages of epic
adventure. After you read your comics, put them
down and take a cue from the heroes we all love
and cherish. Go out and make your own adventure.
Kick a ball, climb an obstacle, conquer a fear, and
above all else, try and leave our Earth a better place
than we found it.
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
Years Playing RPGs: 5 (-ish)
Favorite RPG: Mutants & Masterminds
Favorite RPG Character: Bluechip!
Years Reading Comics: 30+
Favorite Comic Book: Yeesh there re too many
to name. I guess my current favorite is Guardians
of the Galaxy
Favorite Comic Book Issue: Crap. I dunno. Itd be
easy to just say Giant-Size X-Men #1, or some-
thing, but I think its probably one of the Wolfman/
Perz New Teen Titans issues. Which one, I cannot
say for certain.
Favorite Comic Book Character: Nightwing
1. Please take a moment to tell the readers who
you are and what your company produces.
Im Charlie McElvy, creator of the entire Watch-
Guard Universe, which includes Les Suprieurs,
Teen Force 5, and the Rise of Regent products. Im
also called daddy by seven of the most amazing
kids ever, and hubby to a smokin hot wife. Ive
been dabbling with the creation of comics for as
long as I can remember, and fnally started working
on one in 1998 with artist Andy Smith, until he was
hired by a new kid on the block called CrossGen
Comics. The book went on hiatus, but I never did.
In fact, I released my frst-ever gaming product for
MnM1e shortly thereafter using Asa, the books lead
After that failed launch, I kept working on stuff until,
eventually, I began the creation of the WGU, start-
ing with Sentinel. I folded in some of my previous
characters (including Asa, who received a costume
upgrade and updated history), and launched the
WatchGuard Sourcebook to critical acclaim and a
solid fan-following. That led to my launching a Kick-
starter for the WatchGuard and Teen Force 5 comic
books, a project still underway (and, thankfully, get-
ting closer to completion).
On my weekends, I run in OCRs (obstacle course
races), and travel the country competing in as many
as I can afford to do so. If youre interested in what
those are, exactly, check out Spartan Race, Bushido
Challenge, Savage Race, or others on Google (no,
Tough Mudder does not count its non-competitive,
except for the Worlds Toughest Mudder). I live a
superhero life.
2. How did you get into gaming? Into comics?
Heh, I think I just answered that.
3. What prompted you to go into creating your
comic/gaming world?
Oh, accidentally answered that one, too!
4. If you could pick three creators from comics
or games that inspire you, who would they be?
1-Wolfman/Perz (that counts as one)
2-Chris Claremont
3-Geoff Johns
5. How did you start gaming? Reading comics?
Gaming came about because I just stumbled into
a local gaming shop that sold comics. Wandering
around I saw the MnM1e handbook, bought it cuz it
looked cool, and picked up some HeroClix. I actually
created custom HeroClix maps for a while (anyone
remember ClixMaps?), but then canned that in favor
of producing more MnM projects. Comics started
with DC Comics Whos Who at the local 7-11, then
New Teen Titans, and the rest is history.
6. DC or Marvel? Classic or Current?
Yeesh. Im historically a DC guy, but Ive always
read both. Lately, DC has crushed me and Im
actually buying a lot more Marvel books today. Of
those, my regulars, and favorites, include: All-new
X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova, New War-
riors, Superior Spider-man, All-new X-Factor, and
Thunderbolts. I pick up the odd book here & there
that interests me. I also grab Bloodshot from Valiant,
and every Valiant hardcover that is released from
the new lineup. I cant wait for the release of Rai!!
Finally, Im buying everything from the Gold Key/Dy-
namite relaunch and really enjoying them!
7. You picked New Teen Titans as your favorite
comic issue. Why?
I wasnt specifc, but the Wolfman/Perz issues of
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
NTT were so pivotal for me, personally and other-
wise. My family life as a kid was disheveled at best,
and being a kid of divorced parents kinda does that
(a point to which many of you can probably attest),
so they were a critical escape for me. If I had to
narrow it down to a series or particular issue, itd be
the Judas Contract event, just because that was the
height of the NTT stories to which all books aspire.
8. You picked Bluechip as your favorite RPG
character. Why?
Hes mine! And, in some ways, hes me! I dont
mean that in a narcissistic way at all, but theres a
defnite connection with this character, and hes got
a lot of me poured into him, plus some things that I
wish I had/could have.
9. Digital comics and gaming books have
become more popular in recent years. Where
do you see the trend going? Do you think that
theyll eventually overcome print?
Im not sure. I download plenty of stuff from ComiX-
ology, but I prefer to buy the print books. I know
a lot of folks are the same way. If anything, I think
the two will coexist as long as the fnancial support
it I think print comics has grown in publication size
since the advent of digital. Same with traditional
books. Well see. For now, Im a hybrid reader who
leans more heavily toward physical/print.
10. Being a gamer in some form or another, how
many dice do you own? Do you have a favorite
that you use?
I have a few pairs of d6, and one favorite d20. Ive
owned that d20 since my frst-ever MnM adventure,
and it has a history now. Hes an old friend.
11. We all are working on various superhero
projects. Why superheroes?
Why not?? These are the modern-day myths! These
are the moral aspirations of many of us! These are
the physical characteristics many of us want (I hope
to have really big, gravity-defying boobs one day,
yknowLOL)! These are the things we can pour
ourselves into for escape, freedom, adventure, and
fghting for some higher purpose than ourselves,
without risking our own lives! Or, something like that.
I guess I just love superheroes. Nuff Said.
12. Anything that youd like to say in closing?
I didnt say enough already...?
Jorden Taylor (order #5977851)
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