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Role Of Geo Synthetic In The Improvement Of Strength Of Soil

2. Compressive Strength Characteristics Of Stacked Stabilized Soil Cement Blocks
3. Study Of Sand witched Panel Elements As A Partitioning Wall Material
4. Pollution Studies In Silk Industries
5. Experimental Investigations On Replacement Of Sand By Quarry Dust In Concrete
6. Load Bearing Capacity Of Un-reinforced Brick Masonry Vault
7. Experimental Investigation On Recycled Aggregate Concrete
8. Studies On Shallow Infiltration Tubewells -Iii Phase
9. Studies On Infiltration Tube Well System
10. Enhancement Of Characteristic Strength And Durability Of Brick Masonry
11. To Find The Influence Of The Size Of The Aggregate Of The Compressive Streng
th Of Concrete
12. Study Of Brick And Brick Masonry Strength For Belgaum Region
13. Hydrological Aspects Of Drought In Gulbarga District
14. Performance Studies Of Oxidation Ponds
15. Ferro Cement Composite With No-Fines Concrete
16. Conservation By Waste Water Reclamation
17. A Study On Performance Of Existing Treatment Plant Of Diary Waste And Improv
ement Of Treatments Units
18. Lime -Flyash - Soil Blocks
19. A Study On Effects Of Light Weight Aggregates On Compressive And Flexural St
rength Of Concrete
20. Size Effect Of Masonry Joint On Compressive Strength Of Stablised Mud Blocks
21. Case Study On Building Cracks And Causes And Its Prevention
22. Treatment And Reuse Of Automobile Service Station Wastewater For Vegetation
23. Laboratory Study Of Migration Of Contaminants Through Soil Column
24. Some Studies On The Use Of Strength Booster Low Cost Additives In Burnt Bric
k Manufacture
25. Studies On Ground Water Qualities In Hoskote Tlauk
26. Studies On Surface Water Quality Conservation In Anekal Taluk
27. Experimental Investigation On Brick Masonry Domes
28. Performance Studies On California Bearing Ratio Valus Using Geofabrics
29. Laboratory Studies On Geofibres As Reinforcement In Road Pavement
30. A Scientific Study Of Road Humps
31. Study On Fluoride Concentration In Ground Water (Hand Pumps) Of Kolar Distri
32. Load Bearing Capacity Of Unreinforced Brick Masonry Vault
33. Geographic Information System
34. Air Pollution Studeis
35. Stabilized Copper Tailing Blocks
36. Solid Waste Management For Rain Bennur Town
37. Studies On Partial Replacement Of Cement By Red Mud In Mortar
38. Low Cost Roofing Tiles
39. Strengthening Of RCC Flexure Members By Epoxy Bonded Steel Plates
40. Evaluation Of Ground Water Quality In Bijapur City
41. Study Of Water Supply System To Bijapur City
42. Some Studies On The Strength Behaviour Of Fly Ash Bricks
43. Planning And Design Of Water Supply Scheme And Peoples Participation In Vill
age Manhalli Of Bidar District
44. Low Cost Liners For Canal
45. Study And Manufacture Of Masonry Blocks Different Machines With Different Ma
46. A Study On Low Cost Housing Material Bricks Made Up Of Building Waste
47. Some Studies On Bamboo Reinforced Stabilized Red Soil Beam Prisms For Flexur
48. Size Effect Of Masonry Joint On Compressive Strength Of Stabilized Mud Block
49. Study Of Surface Water And Quality Conservation Test
50. Studies On Soil Nailing
51. Load Carrying Capacity Of Brick Masonry Dome
52. Stabilization Of Soil With Lime For Rural Roads
53. Strength Characteristics Of Subgrade Soils Reinforced With Geogrids
54. Experimental Investigations On Replacement Of Sand By Graded Quarry Dust In
55. 8 Liqueconss Floors And Roofs Valuable Additions To Design Aids Sp - For Des
igning Flexural Members Using Torkari
56. Liqueconss Floors And Roofs
57. Physico-Chemical Assessment For Quality Of Water Of River Tungabhadra
58. Report On Urban Transport Planning Project
59. Study Of De-watering Methods For Large Scale Construction Sites
60. Strength Analysis Of Cement Stabilised Soil Blocks A Case Study
61. Developmentj Of Traditional Water Proofing Agents (Using Natural Resins) For
Economy In Construction
62. Studies Of Water Quality Analysis Of Tungabhadra River Due To Disposal Of Do
mestic Sewage Of Harihar Town
63. 8 Compressive Strength Of Stabilised Blocks And Masonary Prisms
64. 8 Preliminary Investigations On Red Soil Cement Stabilised Coconut Shell Blo
65. A Study On Performance And Adoption Of Tube Settler For Sedimentation Treatm
ent Of Shimoga City Sewage
66. A Study On Environmental Impact Assessment And Impact Management For The Pro
posed Auto Complex, Shimoga City
67. Hydrological Aspects Of Small Hydels In Western Ghats
68. Curve Number Based Watershed Model Incorporating Pipe Flow For Western Ghats
69. Rain Water Recycling Through Artificial Ground Water Recharging
70. User Interface For Electronic Road Atlas And Belur Industrial Estate
71. Low Cost Bricks Making
72. Design And Estimation Of Ready Mix Concrete Plants
73. Laboratory Study On Cement- Stabilized Iron-Ore Rejections
74. Characterization Of The Fort Lake For Its Quality And Pollution
75. Integrated Assessment Of Water Quality Status Of Muddebihal Taluk
76. Study Of Flourine Content In Ground Water Of Gulbarga District
77. Variations In Strength Of Concrete And Masonary Units
78. Environment Suitability For Locating Industries In Raichur Taluka
79. Ground Water Quality Evaluation Karkala Town
80. To Study Some Of The Physico-Chemical Characterstics Of Bathe Lake
81. Appropriate Technology To Manufacture Common Building Burnt Brick
82. Water Evaporation And Weeds Control By Mulching In Drip Irrigation System
83. A Study On Effect Of Pollutants On Land And River Due To Discharge Of Paper
Packaging Factory Waste Water
84. A Study On Handling Collection And Utilization Of City Refuse
85. Behaviour Of Masonry Wall Subjected To Dynamic Load
86. Optimal Bus Deployment In Dharwad City Using GIS
87. Characterizing Analysis Of Textile Mill Effluent And Its Impact On Receiving
88. Crushed Stone Dust Cement Blocks
89. Stabilized Manganese-Ore Tailings Blocks
90. Solid Waste Management- Acase Study Of Belgaum City
91. Impact Of Industrial Solid Wastes On Soil And Sub-Surface Water
92. Integrated Assessment Of Water Quality Status Of Muddebihal Taluk
93. Laboratory Studies On Geotextiles Reinforced Soil For Pavements
94. Pollution Of Jagat Lake Of Gulbarga City And Its Efect On Ground Water Quali
95. Geomorphological And Hydrogeochemical Studies Of Nagalapur Halla Basin
96. A Study On Assessment Of Pollution Of Tunga River And Adjoining Ground Water
97. Mangalore Tile Waste As Coarse Aggregate In Concrete
98. Effect Of Blast Furnace Slag On Soil-Cement Stabilization
99. Stabilized Haalu Mannu Blocks
100. Effects Due To Untreated Disposal Of Municipal Sewage
101. Development Of BC Soil Stabilised Building Blocks Using Lime And Flyash
102. Portable Low Cost Ferrocement Water Tank
103. Ground Water Quality Analysis In Bidar Town
104. Impact Of Urbanization On Groundwater Resources Of Raichur City
105. Quality Study Of Sewage In Davangere District
106. Flyash Concrete Door Shutters
107. Effect Of Auto Exhaust And Various Emissions On Ambient Air Quality Of Shim
oga City
108. Treatability Studies Of Dairy Effluent Using Anaerobic Filter ( Af )
109. Soil-Industrial Effluent Interaction And Their Engineering Behaviour
110. Heavy Metal Pollution Due To Anthropogenic Activities - A Case Study Of Bel
gaum Fort Lak
111. A Laboratory Study On The Utilisation Of Red Muds In Pavements And As Build
ing Material
112. Stabilized Blocks Of Haalu Mannu
113. Development Of BC Soil Stabilised Building Blocks Using Lime Flyash
114. Development Of Masonry Mortar Using Limestone Polished Slurry And Cement
115. Design Of Eco-Friendly Home For Conservation Of Energy
116. Flyash Mosaic Flooring Tiles
117. Study Of Heavy Metals In Tungabhadra River Near Harihar
118. Quality Of Groundwater For Drinking Purpose In The Vicinity Of An Open Drai
n Of Udupi Muncipal Area
119. Potability Of Natural Tank Waters In Dharwad District
120. Treatment Of Sugar Waste Using Anaerobic Filter
121. A Case Study Of Occupational Hazards Of Asbestos Industries : Ramco Industr
ies, Karur
122. Utilization Of Man Made Waste In Man-Made Structures
123. Accident Investigation On Urban Roads Of Gulbarga City
124. Improvement Of Cohesive Strength Of Local Clay Using Geotextile By Sandwich
125. Computer Aided Drought Analysis Of Bidar Dist And Its Management
126. Flyash Laterite Bricks
127. Study Of Groundwater Storage In Bhalki Sub Region Using Erm
128. Stabilisation Of Expansive Black Cotton Soil - An Experimental Approach
129. Exploration For Groundwater In Karanja River Basin In Karnataka Using Erm
130. Study Of Role Of Judiciary And Citizen In Environment Protection And Sustai
nable Development In Bidar District
131. Properties And Suitability Of Fine Quarry Dut For The Final Coat Plastering
And Impervious Layer
132. Suitability Of Beach Sand As Fine Aggregate For Concrete
133. Brick Masonary Building Model With Seismic Bands Under The Action Of Base M
134. Laboratory Study Of Antistripping Agents And Accountability Of Quality Aspe
cts In Psi
135. Characteristics Properties Of Concrete With Mixed Fibres Using Waste Plasti
c And Waste Coiled Teel Fibres
136. Waste Plastic Fibre Reinforced Concrete With Polymers-Turning Pollution To
137. Investigation On Coiled Fibre Reinforced Concrete With Tile Waste As Coarse
138. Effect Of Microsilica- On The Properties Of Waste Plastic Fibre Reinforced
139. Evaluation Of Quality Of Water Supply Of Belgaum City -A Case Study
140. Concreting Practices In Belgaum - A Case Study
141. Comparative Study Of Strength Of Welded Mesh And Expanded Metal In Ferrocem
142. Improvement Of Cohesive Strength Of Local Clay By Sandwich Method
143. Strength Properties Of Bhalki Soil
144. Strength Of Reinforced Soil Beams Under Flexture Land Use/Land Cover Studie
s Using Satellite Images - A Case Study
145. Design Of Economical Formworks And Scaffolding For Concrete Structures
146. Evaluation Of Bottled Mineral Water For Drinking Purpose In And Around Mani
pal, Udupi District, Karnataka
147. Seismic Evaluation Kof Corner And Containment Reinforced For Masonry Buildi
148. Behaviour Of Filler Slab In Low Cost Housing
149. Structural Analysis Using Finite Element Method
150. Domestic Water Treatment Plant
151. Low Cost Technology For Fluoride Removal
152. Stabilization Of Soft Soils Using Industrial Wastes
153. Study Of Strength Parameters Of Silica Fume Concrete
154. 8 Analysis Of Performance Of The Existing Sewage Treatment Plant At Ks Hegd
e Memorial Hospital
155. Study Of Geo-Technical And Strength Parameters Of Laterite Blocks In And Ar
ound Karkal Talaq
156. Design And Construction Of Folded Ferrocement Boat
157. Road Accident Analysis And Engineering Measurement In Mangalore Municipal A
158. Electrical Resistivity Survey For Ground Water Exploration And Management I
n Mit Campus, Manipal
159. Demonstration Of Sway Modes And Torsion Modes Of Framed Structures Using Sh
aking Table
160. Water Quality Monitoring Of Madiwala Lake
161. Quality Performance Of Stabilized Mud Blocks Using Flyash,Cement And Lime
162. 8 Studies On Structural Behaviour And Efficiency Of Arch Paneled Tile Roofi
ng For Low Cost Housing
163. 8 Resistance Of Waste Plastic Fibre Reinforced Concrete Under Acid And Alka
li Test
164. Waste Plastic Fibre Reinforced Concrete Using Recycled Coarse Aggregate
165. Rubber Latex Fiber Reinforced Concrete Solution To Many Construction Proble
166. Development Of Insulation Bricks Using Fly Ash & Waste Materials From Silic
a Mines
167. A Project Report On Effect Of Leachate On Index And Strength Properties Of
The Soil
168. Design Of Flexible And Rigid Pavement Using Lime,Cement And Flyash As Stabi
lizing Materials
169. Solid Waste Management Of Davangere City Muncipality
170. Experimental Study On Utilization Of Silica Fume In Concrete
171. Study On Cost Effective Arch Lintel For Rural Houses Using Concrete Blocks
With Industrial Waste
172. An Experimental Study For The Development Of A Sequential Procedure For Obt
aining Self Compacting Concrete By Repeated Dosage Of Super Plasticizers And Dif
ferent Dosages Of Retarders
173. Artificial Recharge Of Ground Water
174. Studies On Water Management And Ground Water Recharge In Dayananda Sagar Co
llege Of Engineering - A Case Study
175. Studies On Defluoridation For Water Quality Affected Kolar District, Karnat
aka - A Case Study
176. Study Of Encased Composite Beams
177. Eco-Friendly Campus
178. Evaluation Of Highway Materials And Design Performance
179. Behaviour Of Lateral Resistance Of Flexible Piles In Layered Soils
180. Sediment Yield In Relation To Hydrogeomorphological Charactristics Of Venka
tapur River Basin Using Gis And Remote Sensing
181. Environmental Impact Due To The Contamination Of Bellary Nalla
182. Study Of Properties Of Frc On Concrete Pavement
183. The Strengths Of Recron S Fibrous Concrete With And Without Super Plasticiz
184. Study Of Cement Property Blended With Locally Available Clay Material
185. Defluoridation Of Water Using Tamarind Gel
186. Roof Rainwater Harvesting - A Case Study
187. Experimental Study On Utilization Of Blast Furnace Slag In Concrete
188. Proximity Of Transportation Network Of Shimoga City Using Remote Sensing An
d Gis
189. Groundwater Quality At Bommasandra Industrial Area
190. Operational Research In Building Materials With A Detailed Study On Clay Bl
191. Strength And Eleastic Property Characterisation Of Concrete Block Masonry
192. Determination Of Aggregate Shape Factors Using Universal Thickness-Length G
193. Cost Effective Technology On Masonry Arch Lintel Using Concrete Bricks Of C
eramic Wastes
194. Studies On The Use Of Fly Ash In Concrete For Energy Saving And To Promote
195. Behaviour Of Rcc Members Under Combined Torsion, Flexure And Shear
196. Hydrological Status Of A Few Tanks In And Around Mysore A Study Using Gis A
nd Remote Sensing
197. Fly Ash Concrete
198. Rainwater Management And Conjunctive Use
199. Gis Enabled Study Of Artificial Recharge Structures
200. Widening And Strengthening Of Existing State Highway;Case Problem Of Packag
e M(Kship)
201. Utilization Of High Volume Fly Ash In Manufacturing Of Building Bricks
202. Traffic Analysis And Pavement Evaluation Along Nh-
203. Workability Of Cement Based Composites
204. Use Of Fly Ash In Road Constructions
205. Study On Partial Replacement Of Cement By Fly Ash In Fiber Reinforced Cemen
t Concrete
206. An Experimental Study On Enhancement Of Strength Of Concrete Embers Using W
rapping Technology
207. An Experimental Study On Mix Proportioning Of Self-Compacting Concrete By D
ifferent Mix Procedures
208. Evaluation Of Treatment Plant Efficiency Using Toxicity Index-A Case Study
Of Textile Industries
209. Evaluation Of Physio-Chemical And Biological Characteristics Of Reservoir W
ater Fed By Pollutted River And Its Effect On Soil Properties And Nutrients In C
210. Investigation Of Strength Properties Of Black Cotton Soil Stabilised With F
ly Ash And Geo Reinforcement
211. Studies On Stabilised Rammed Earth For Wall Construction Using Lighter Moul
212. Shear Strength Of Brick Masonry Wall Elements With Opening
213. Shear Strength Characteristics Of Brick Masonry
214. Shear Strength Of Brick Masonry Wall Elements Without Opening
215. A Comprehensive Approach For Analysis And Design Of An Multistoried Buildin
g Using Staad Pro-
216. Studies On Strength And Behaviour Of Composite Tubes For Earthquake Resista
nt Industrial Structures
217. Behaviour Of Reinforced Fly Ash Concrete Under Flexure-An Experimental Inve
218. Mix Design For Pavement Overlays For Sustainable Development
219. Cost Effective Technology On Masonry Arch Lintel Using Concrete Bricks Of R
ecycled Concrete Aggregates
220. Sediment And Water Quality Analysis Of Revier Shimsha A Tributary Of Cauver
y River Basin
221. Study And Analysis Of Water Quality For Suvarnavathi River In Cauvery Basin
222. A Study Of Physical Properties Of Fine-Grained Soils Under Different Enviro
nmental Conditions
223. A Study On The Use Of Rice Husk Ash In Concrete From Sustainability Conside
224. Study On Infiltration Rate On Different Soils Of Mysore City
225. Gis - For Rain Water Recharge To Enhance The Ground Water
226. Improving The Strength Of Subgrade Using Building Debris
227. A Study Of On Route Planning For Efficient Scheduling Of City Buses In Hass
an City
228. Experimental Study Of Gap Graded Cement Asphalt Concrete For Highway Paveme
229. Investigation And Characterization Of The Solid Waste Disposal Sites And It
s Impact On Soil And Water In The Bagalkot District
230. Study Of Vma On Self Compacting Concrete
231. Analysis Of Hyperbolic Paraboloid Shell Foundation
232. Analysis Of Stability Of Slopes At Pernem Station, Goa
233. Better Management Practices (Bmps) Of Shrimp Farming In Coastal Region
234. Proposed Mini Hydel Project At Dabewadi
235. Use Of Industrial Waste-Red Mud In The Production Of Self Compacting Concre
236. Electronics Waste Management (Computer & Its Accessories) For Belgaum City
237. High Volume Fly Ash Concrete-A Boon In Bulk Utilization Of Industrial Waste
238. Eco Friendly Fuels
239. An Experimental Investigation On The Characteristic Strength Properties And
Durability Aspects Of Ternary Blended Concrete Containing Industrial Wastes As
Pozzalonic Materials
240. Investigation And Characterization Of Solid Waste Disposal Sites And Its Im
pact Study On Water And Soil Of Bijapur District
241. Pavement Stabilization Using Iron Ore Waste Along NH-
242. Defluoridation Of Water Using Tamarind Gel
243. Feasibility Studies On Roof Top Rainwater Harvesting At NET Campus, Nitte
244. Workability Of Cement Based Composites
245. Critical Reappricial Of Different Methods Of Assessment Of Workability Of C
ement Composites
246. Mix Design For Self Compacting Concrete
247. Impact On Ground And Surface Water By Open Dumping Of Solid Waste
248. An Investigation On Characteristics Properties Of High Performance Self Com
pacting Concrete For M And M Grade
249. An Investigation On Characteristics Properties Of High Performance Self Com
pacting Concrete For M And M
250. Studies On Sleeved Composite Columns For Seismic Ressistant Industrial Stru
251. Effect Of Ph On Physical Properties Of Fine-Grained Soils
252. Studies On Steel Fiber Reinforced Self-Compacting Concrete Using Fly Ash An
d Rice Husk Ash
253. Identification And Investigation Of Solid Waste Dumping Site In Mandya
254. 8 A Study Of Laterite Particles In Adsorption Of Oil And Grease
255. Stabilization Of Subgrade Using Geosynthetics
256. Infiltration Study In And Around Bhatkal Region
257. Uniformity Studies And Performance Of Sprinkler And Drip Irrigation In Bhat
kal Region
258. Utilization Of Pozzolanic Wastes In The Production Of Wastes Coiled Fibre R
einforced Concrete
259. Use Of Recycled Aggregates,Waste Plastic Fibres And Flyash In The Productio
n Of Bituminous Mix For Flexible Pavements
260. An Experimental Investigation On The Strength And Workability Characteristi
cs Of Polypropylene Fiber Reinforced Tertiary Blended Concrete Using Industrial
261. Effective Utilization Of Bauxite Residue(Red Mud) In Brick Making
262. 8 Experimental Studies On Structural Behaviour Of Composite Slabs
263. 8 Identification, Delineation And Mapping Of Micro Watersheds And Rehabilit
ation Studies On Traditional Rain Water Harvesting Structures In The Mulky River
264. Design And Construction Of Floating Structure
265. Design Of Conveyance System For Construction Materials
266. Load Carrying Capacity Of Mosonry Vaults- Experimental Investigation On Sca
led Masonry
267. Seismic Resistance Verification Of Confined Masonry Using Shock Table Studi
268. Studies On Rat Trap Bond Maosnry Using Stablized Mud Blocks
269. A Comparitive Study On Various Antistripping Agents In Bituminous Mixes
270. Effect Of Ageing In Various Bituminous Mixes
271. Creation Of Digital Database For Gce Campus
272. Comparative Strength Analysis Of Rubbers And/Cement And Mortar-Encased Stee
l Composite Columns For Seismic Resistance
273. Comparative Strength Analysis Of Concrete/Sfrc-Encased Steel Composite Colu
mns For Seismic Resistance
274. Studies On Sleeved Composite Columns Confined With Glass Fiber Reinforced P
olymer(Gfrp) For Seismic Resistance
275. Study On Behaviour Of Composite Column
276. An Experimental Investigation On Utilization Of Fly Ash For Alternativ Maso
nry Units
277. Utilisation Of Iron Ore Tailings As An Alternative Fine Aggregate
278. Solid Waste Management Of Bagalkot City A Case Study
279. Variation Of Aggregate Impact Value (Aiv) Based On Specific Gravity And Fla
kiness Of Aggregate
280. Utilization Of Sugar-Lill Waste Water For Biogas Generation Using Hybrid An
aerobic Reactor
281. Modernization Of Hubli Airport
282. Fibre Reinforced Concrete And Cocktail Fibre Reinforced Concrete As Repair
283. Strength Characteristics Of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Concrete Using Waste Ru
bber Tyre And Waste Coiled Fibers
284. Characteristic Study Of Bc Soil Of Budni Village
285. Experimental Studies On Mix Proportioning And Strength Properties Of Paveme
nt Quality And Lean Concrete With High Volume Flyash
286. Stabilisation Of Black Cotton Soil Using Bioenzymes For Pavement Constructi
287. Study On Blending Of Quarry Dust In Large Volume For Structural Component A
vailable In Udupi And D K
288. Study On Utilisation Of Building Materials From Demolished Structures
289. An Experimental Study On Effect Of Ratio Of Different Sized Coarse Aggregat
es On Compressive Strength Of Self Compacting Concrete
290. Watershed Analysis Of Tippagondanahalli Lake Using Remote Sensing And Gis I
mplications For Watershed Management
291. Detrmination Of Cbr Value By Correlation And Regression Analysis
292. Interlocking In Mud Blocks For Improved Flexural Strength And Earth Quake R
293. Flexural Behaviour Of Gfrp Wrapped Masonry Beams
294. Effect Of Air Void Content In Aging Characteristics Of Bituminous Mix
295. Bearing Capacity Of Annular Ring Footings Resting On Reinforced Sand
296. Creation Of Base Map For Water And Sewage Network For Ramanagaram Town Usin
g Remote Sensing And Geographic Information System
297. Sustanable And Cost Effective Building Material Technology Through Partial
Replacement Of Cement By Granite Cutting Slurry Waste Powder And Partial Replace
ment Of Coarse Aggregates By Mangalore Tile Bats For Arch Lintels
298. Design And Evaluation Of High Volume Flyash Concrete For Rigid Pavement Ove
299. Geopolymer Mortar
300. Evaluation Of Minimum Shear Reinforcement In Rc Beams
301. Geopolymer Concrete
302. Studies On Ductility Of Reinforced Concrete Beams In Shear
303. Influence Of Volume Of Paste On Fresh And Hardened Properties Of Self Compa
cting Concrete Using Recycled Aggregates
304. Study On Strength Behaviour Of Concerte Using Foundry Dust In Fine Aggregat
305. Assessment Of Water Quality Index For Ground Water Case Study-Dharwad Taluk
306. Measurement Of Evapotranspiration Using Lysimeter
307. Enhancing The Strength Properties Of Recycled Aggregate Concrete Through Th
e Use Of Supplimentary Cementing Materials
308. Experimental Studies On Air Entrained Ferrocement Panels With High Volume F
ly Ash And Compatibility Of Its Connection
309. Rice Husk Ash Concrete Blocks
310. An Integrated Approach For The Sustainable Watershed Development In Mulki R
311. Novel Material For Water Treatment
312. Master Planning For Developing An Underdeveloped Area At Indiranagar Madike
313. Water Resource Assessment And Management Plan Generation Using Remote Sensi
ng And Geographical Information System-A Case Study Of Doddamudavadi Micro Water
314. Mix Design And Strength Characteristics Of Reactive Powder Concrete
315. Experimental Study On Resistance Of Self Compacting Concrete To Elevated Te
mperature And Verification Of Ratio Of Compressive Strengths Of Cube To That Of
Cylinder For SCC
316. A Study On Municipal Solid Waste Management In Outtur Town-Dakshina Kannada
317. Effect Of Domestic Waste water On Soil Properties Around Treatment Plant
318. Electrochemical Coagulation (Ecc) Technology For Treatment Of Hospital Wast
e water
319. Water clarification Using Moringa Oleifera (Drumstick Seeds)
320. Comparative Study Of Colour Removal And Treatment Of Coffee Effluent Using
Bagasse Fly Ash And Laterite As A Filtering Media
321. Earthquake Resistant Design And Construction
322. Light Weight Concrete
323. Heavy Density Concretes For Nuclear Reactors
324. Study Of Machine Foundation For Hydraulic Laboratory
325.Self Compacting Concrete Civil Project On Concrete Technology
326.Civil Project On Instant Concrete Road Repair Solution