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Febri Rahmadaniati Ningrom


How we will change the concept of teaching grammar!

Grammar is the basic subject of knowledge on language learners. Every skill in
learning English such as writing, speaking, listening, and reading need grammar as a tool or
key to understand and communication correctly.
Grammar is often seen as one of difficult and boring subject to learn.
Sometimes, language teachers who teach grammar by explaining the form and the rules will
not work effectively even some of the students can make the correct form on exercise and
test, but they can make wrong way or errors when they try to use the language in context. So,
what can we do as a future teacher to handle the class? The first thing we have to do is like or
love grammar it self, because we have to make our student like grammar and make it look
fun. The more fun we can have with grammar, the more varied approaches we can use to
teach it. Teachers can design creatively the materials that they select to suit the students level
of ability and environment. Having lessons in creative and fun ways of presentation will help
teachers to have a more interactive teaching process. Also make interaction between teachers
and students it can make teaching and learning process become successful when the
objectives of the lessons are achieved.
Besides, according to Douglas Brown(2000) , the best way of teaching grammar is
the inductive way this means, focused on grammar, the teacher do not give the rules
explicitly: instead, the student get the rule by their own based on the examples provided by
the teacher. This approach is well recommended because the students tend to learn faster for
the reason that they are acquiring the rules subconsciously. Also, the motivation of the
student for grammar increases.
Based on explanations above, we can conclude that every teacher can design
creatively the materials, select different strategies and approaches to be used when teaching
grammar to students in school. Because of students need a creative and interesting lesson so
that the learning process will be easier for the students to comprehend. In addition Teachers
should motivate students to avoid the boredom and laziness that some of the students feel
when they hear the word grammar.