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Lacadin, Anna Raeza A.

WMNRTS Final Paper

Women Did What Women Cant
The presence of how women are being treated has already been given
attention to in numerous protests, movements and even researches that are
being made that promote gender equality. It can be seen in society today that
there are efforts in promoting women empowerment because of the need to
attain gender equality. However, it must be discerned that the realization of the
rights of women also needs to be promoted by the youth, especially because the
values and attributes begin to build up when a person is growing up. In involving
the youth in contributing to women empowerment, the motivation and willpower
to achieve gender equality will develop as the young people explore and become
active members of society.

As an active officer in an organization that is involved in enlightening and
informing students of business and law-related discussions, specifically Ley La
Salle, numerous ways can be done to help people become aware of the rights of
each and everyone, and further promote women empowerment to achieve the
goal of realizing gender equality. One way is by arranging informative talks that
promote gender equality and women empowerment. In Ley La Salle, some of the
activities we arrange are seminars involving law-related topics. Being an officer, I
have the ability to spearhead projects I would like to make possible through Ley
La Salle. With this, I would arrange a talk entitled Women Did What Women
Cant. In this talk, I would try to request for women speakers who have already
been an influence in making people realize the abilities of women as people.

My first speaker for this talk will be Miriam Defensor, who has been one of
my idols because of her ability to be strong-willed and tough. For me, she is one
of the people that have inspired plenty of women to become what they want to be
despite all the people destroying her name.

Another person that I would like to get as my speaker is Celestina
who is the creator of the high-end brand of bags named
Celestina, that is now also being sold internationally, especially in New York. For
me, she is worthy to be one of the speakers in the talk because before she
started with her brand of bags, she was a model, and as she toned down on
modeling, she started to design bags for her own use, which eventually became
a huge collection that is now famous. She was also featured in the high-end
magazine named Vogue, which made her bags more famous in New York.
Whats admiring for me, is that she has made known the ability of Filipino
Women in the industry of fashion, most especially in the international context. For
me, she is an inspiration because she has demonstrated her creativity against
prestige brands of bags. She has shown the ability not only of the Filipinos, but
also women, in competing against all odds, and for me, she is a role model that
the audience can look up to.

Lastly, I would invite is Socorro Ramos, who is the known matriarch of
National Bookstore. She first worked as a saleslady at the age of 18 in a
bookstore owned by her brother, wherein she developed her skills in selling,
which inspired her to put up her own bookstore during the Japanese Occupation.
For me, she is an inspiration and is deserving to be a speaker in the talk I would
arrange because she started as a saleslady. This, for me, is inspiring because
salesladies are often looked down on by other people, yet, against all odds, she
thrived to become an entrepreneur herself. This is a beautiful story because she
started small, and became big afterwards with hard work. She broke the
stereotypes of women only behind the business of selling, and not managing,
which is really motivating for women.

Inviting these empowering and inspiring women to be in my talk would be of
great help in building a stronger foundation of women empowerment in the
environment of school. First, because they are very successful people that have
strived to become better despite how people treat women. They have proven
other people wrong by becoming what they want to be without listening to others
opinions. Second, the mere fact that they are women would make the audience
realize that these women speakers are capable of becoming successful despite
the people that they are otherwise. It would make visible the participation of
women in the improvement in economy and how they have contributed largely as
that of what men have contributed. . In our own little ways of promoting gender
equality within our organization, we can have the ability to raise awareness and
influence many more organizations in the school to grasp and understand the
rights of women. With influencing other organizations in empowering the rights of
women, it will continue to spread and strike other people in wanting to attain
gender equality, and will thus continue to be displayed as one of the values of
LaSallians, which is respecting the rights of others and giving importance to
gender equality.

Tina Maristela Ocampo: Inspiring Woman, (August
24, 2014, 3:38 PM)
Socorro Ramos, (August 24, 2014, 4:10 PM)