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done in the early 1980's (the infancy of the digital era) for the Telarc label. ISBN 0-300-07291-0) and served as editor for A Jacques Barzun Reader (HarperCollins. Critics hailed Murray's rare combination of technique. Murray has written many articles and has published four books. before private study with Marcel Dupré in Paris. Franck. Michael Murray during the 70s. Mark's Episcopal Church in Columbus. RV 522). for organ in D major ("Little"). Murray performed the complete organ works of Bach in a series of twelve recitals in Cleveland. of whom he would later write a biography. featuring the works of Bach. 1983 . (He was the last important student of Dupré. Murray studied at Butler University and the Oberlin College Conservatory of Music.) During the 1968-69 performance season. Alle Menschen müssen sterben (I). Toccata and Fugue. Fantasia and Fugue. John the Divine in New York City. for organ in G minor ("Great"). Saint-Saëns. MICHAEL MURRAY: The Great Organ at Metheun 1. Passacaglia and Fugue. chorale prelude for organ (Orgel-Büchlein No. Organ Recorded in Metheun Memorial Hall. Los Angeles 1. 1979 MICHAEL MURRAY: The Organs at First Congregational Church. and 90s was one of the most widely acclaimed Americanborn organists in the world. for organ in F major. He later commemorated the 150th birthday of César Franck by playing that composer's complete organ works in 1972. BWV 532 11:54 Michael Murray. BWV 565 8:30 Concerto for solo organ No. Adagio (3:58) 4. Metheun. BWV 593 11:25 2. Toccata and Fugue. Prelude and Fugue. He repeated the cycle for the hundredth anniversary of Franck's death (1990. 2 in A minor (after Vivaldi Op. at the Cathedral of St. 80s. ISBN 0-930350-65-0) is in its third printing. Los Angeles on May 30. for organ in D minor. He has made many recordings on the Telarc label. BWV 542 11:30 2. Organ Recorded at First Congregational Church. Prelude and Fugue. Massachusetts on June 22-23. His Marcel Dupré: The Work of a Master Organist (Northeastern University Press. Ohio. BWV 540 8:16 3. Murray's performances have included nearly every major city in North America. Allegro (4:14) 5. chorale prelude for organ. thoughtfulness. BWV 544 13:32 6. with numerous appearances as a soloist with major orchestras. BWV 643 2:27 Michael Murray. for organ in B minor. Vater unser im Himmelreich (IV). ISBN 0-06-093542-1). He has been awarded an honorary doctorate by Ohio State University. He has also written French Masters of the Organ (Yale University Press. 45). Murray is now retired from concert performing and recording. and is the assistant organist at St. and others. 3/8.Chat-BoxIntroductionRecent commentsRipping guide 1/26/2009 JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH: ORGAN WORKS (FLAC+CUE+LOG+SCANS) Please enjoy three discs featuring spectacular recordings of Bach organ works performed by Michael Murray. and musical feeling. BWV 582 14:35 4. for organ in C minor. Allegro (3:53) 3. BWV 737 2:24 5.

chorale prelude for organ (Orgel-Büchlein chorale prelude for organ (Orgel-Büchlein No.rar 26 JANUARY 2009 15:55 Blackbird said.. chorale prelude for organ (Orgel-Büchlein No. Heut triumphieret Gottes Sohn (I).part1." BWV 543 10:39 4. Organ Recorded at St.part3.rar http://rapidshare. what a beautifully and skilled playing. Los Angeles http://rapidshare. 1985 POSTED BY SCOREDADDY 7 COMMENTS: Scoredaddy said. thinking of changing my name to "Bachbird" .com/files/187850108/MMBch-Kirche. Herr MURRAY: At st. Prelude and Fugue. My dear friend Scoredaddy You just made my day. Hildesheim http://rapidshare..rar MICHAEL MURRAY: At st. for organ in C major.rar http://rapidshare. BWV 541 8:58 3. Prelude and Fugue. and I sure am a "Bach freak". BWV 546 13:01 2.rar http://rapidshare. wir sind hier (V). BWV 601 1:56 7. 3). for organ in A minor "The http://rapidshare. for organ in G Prelude and BWV 619 1:03 8. This is such a good music.rar MICHAEL MURRAY: The Organs at First Congregational Church. 32). Hildesheim 1. Andreas-Kirche. FLACS+CUE+LOG+SCANS@300DPI MICHAEL MURRAY: The Great Organ at Metheun http://rapidshare. Andreas-Kirche. BWV 630 1:40 Michael Murray. der einig Gottes Sohn (I). BWV 564 15:42 5. du Lamm Gottes. Liebster Jesu. for organ in C minor. BWV 731 3:07 6. Toccata. Christe. chorale prelude for organ. Adagio and Fugue.rar http://rapidshare. 21). Hildesheim on August 21-22.part1.