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Mohammed Kheider University of Biskra

Faculty of Letters and Languages!

Department of Foreign Languages
Branch of English
Module: Phonetics

Level: First Year LMD

Correction of First Semester Exam Paper in

English Phonetics
Task 1: Explaining the difference between following terms briefly (All the groups) (6 pts)
1- Phonetics/Phonology
Phonetics is the study and classification, description and transcription of human
speech sounds. However, phonology is the system of contrastive relationships
among the speech sounds that constitute the components of a language, it is also the
study of phonological systems within a language or between different languages.
2- Acoustic/Articulatory phonetics
Acoustic phonetics deals with the physical properties of speech sounds as sound
waves in the air; it deals with what happens in the air between speaker and hearer.
However, articulatory phonetics studies speech organs (the tongue, lips, vocal folds,
teeth, etc.) and how they move to produce particular sounds.
3- Vowels/Consonants
Firstly, in vowels articulation there is no obstruction of airflow; furthermore, all the
vowels are voiced and it must be found in any syllable. However, for consonants
there is an obstruction or narrowing of airflow; moreover, some consonants are
voiced and others are voiceless. Finally, consonants are optional in a syllable.

Task 2: Filling in the gaps with the most appropriate terms

(All the groups)

(4 pts)

In the course of sound production, the airstream produced by the lungs goes into the

trachea at top of which the larynx is situated. Inside the former organ of speech, there are
the vocal cords which may vibrate or not, and the glottis. Finally, the airstream releases
through the oral cavity or the nasal cavity.


Task 3:

saying whether the following statements are true or false!and correcting the wrong ones

(All the groups)

1- Phonetics is the study of any speech sounds.

(6 pts)

Phonetics is the study of human speech sounds.

2- RP is an abbreviation, which stands for Regular Pronunciation.


RP is an abbreviation, which stands for Received Pronunciation

3- English monophthongs can be long or short.


4- In vowel articulation, the airflow is obstructed or forced into friction.


In vowel articulation, the airflow is not obstructed or it is not forced into friction.
5- The English vowel sounds are fourteen (14), which make up the RP vowels.


The English vowel sounds are twenty (20), which make up the RP vowel sounds.
6- During sound articulation the air of the lungs goes from the larynx into the trachea. False
During sound articulation the air of the lungs goes from the trachea into the larynx.

Task 4: Giving 4 minimal pairs opposing the following vowels

(4 pts)
(For groups 1,2,3,4,5 & 10 only)











Task 5: "Which word is related to the following sounds

(4 pts)
(For groups 6,7,8 & 9 only)

1. /! /

a. Bad

b. Again

c. Said

2. //

a. Soul

b. All

c. Bond

3. //

a. Put

b. Love

c. Part

4. //

a. Build

b. Guide

c. Suit

Good Luck