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Hi-tech habitat centre proposed in Sec 33A

NOIDA: A world-class habitat centre on the lines of the famed India Habitat Centre in New
Delhi is soon going to be a reality in Noida. The Noida Authority has invited reputed
architects to propose designs for the facility. Estimated to cost about Rs 200 crore, the
multi-storied centre is proposed to sprawl across 12.5 hectares in Noida. Design models and
plans are to be presented to the Authority by June 17.
Proposed to be located in Noida's Sector 33A, opposite the sprawling City Center, the facility
is likely to shape up soon, said officials. "An expanse of land measuring about 30 acres has
been earmarked for the project," said Rama Raman, chairman and CEO, Noida. "The project
is expected to be the first fully integrated convention, exhibition and entertainment precinct
in the district. The centre is intended to provide an opportunity for organizations, business
executives, academics and professionals to gather and interact in an informal environment,"
the official added.
The Authority has been studying various international models of convention centres and has
proposed that the new facility be state-of-the-art. On Thursday, they invited bids and
proposals from world-renowned architects, designers and consultants to construct the
facility. "The idea is to improve and strengthen the existing socio-cultural infrastructure of
Noida. The project will be tailored to create better value for the taxpayer as well as all
stakeholders," the CCEO said.
The convention centre would boast a performance and venue facilities, resource centre,
auditorium, library, amphitheatres, halls for exhibitions and seminars as well as a fullyloaded library allowing for significant improvements to the public domain. A food plaza
hosting national and international cuisines will also form a part of the centre. "The centre
will enable a world class experience," said AK Goel, chief maintenance engineer (civil),
Noida. According to officials, while the land will belong to the Authority, the selected
company will build the facility at their cost.
The new flexible facility will allow Noida to tackle the convention market head-on, providing
capacity and flexibility for 'mega' conferences and a range of other major events, the CME
informed. So far, Noida or Greater Noida do not have such a facility in place. A plan for
building a convention area similar in pattern is also being mulled over in Greater Noida.
Designs and plans for the state-of-the-art project will be viewed by senior officials on June
17. Interested companies and individuals have been asked to present layout plans,
architectural drawings, floor plans and three-dimensional models for selection. Once the
Authority has decided on the designs and financial details are worked out, work will soon
start. The target for completing the project has been kept at two years, officials said.

Hyderabad Habitat Centre proposed on New Delhi model

The Rs. 134- crore facility will promote art, culture, habitat and heritage
The Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) has drawn up an ambitious plan of
developing a Hyderabad Habitat Centre at an estimated cost of Rs. 134 crore, in Khanamet. It will be
based on the India Habitat Centre at New Delhi and the projects financials have been worked out in
such a manner that it shall not cause any fiscal burden on the government at present or in the future.
IL & FS Infrastructure Development Corporation has been engaged to prepare a detailed project
report and also provide project management services, according to a Government Order that was
interestingly issued by the erstwhile Government of Andhra Pradesh last October. Classified as Core
facilities, Artiplex, Office space and Member facilities, HMDA proposes to form a society exclusively
to develop and manage the project facilities.
Initially, the HMDA will contribute its own land on lease with a seed capital of about Rs. 30 crore,
while the remaining Rs. 100 crore will be sourced through financial contribution from public sector
units, multi-national corporations and reputed non-Government organisations engaged in the
promotion of art, culture, habitat and heritage.
3 lakh square feet
According to the GO, of the proposed 3 lakh square feet, 1 lakh square feet will be used by HMDA for
its office purpose and the remaining space allotted to institutional members on a 33 year-lease
(extendable by another 33 years on the same terms), together with a 5 to 10 year membership
towards their financial contribution to the project and a proportionate representation in the projects
Governing Council.
A Hyderabad Habitat Centre Society will be formed as a special purpose vehicle primarily for
development, operations and maintenance of the proposed facility.