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Nose:Anatomy of nasal meatuses (esp Middle) & paranasal sinuses (esp Maxillary).

Causes of unilateral & bilateral nasal obstruction. 5 year old with unilateral n
asal discharge: Differential Diagnosis.Rhinitis:Allergic rhinitis scenario (Hx r
epeated sneezing, rhinorrhea for 10 days. Going on for years. Pale boggy turbina
tes. Dark circles under eyes) Diagnosis & Management.Atrophic rhinitis scenario
(Hx Nasal irritation & obstruction. Foul smelling, roomy nasal cavities with cru
sts): Diagnosis & treatment.Rhinitis medicamentosa.Epistaxis:Arteries taking par
t in anastamosis at Little's area.Causes of epistaxis in 10 & 50 year old. Steps
of management. How'd you stop bleeding & what investigations would you order? A
rteries ligated to control epistaxis.Toxic shock syndrome.Angiofibroma scenario
(16 year old male. Hx recurrent epistaxis, progressive nasal obstruction. Mass i
n nasal cavity & nasopharynx.): Diagnosis, investigations, treatment.Nasal Polyp
s:Ethmoidal polyps scenario (Hx of Runny nose, sneezing, nasal obstruction. May
have hx of usage of vasoconstrictor nasal drops. Bilateral, insensitive whitish
masses, do not bleed to touch.): Diagnosis, investigations & surgical management
.Treatment of Antrochoanal polyp.Differentiate b/w Ethmoidal & Antrochaonal poly
p.Nasal SeptumNS scenario (Right sided nasal obstruction. Patency reduced & sept
um convex on right side. Postnasal space & X-ray PNS normal): Diagnosis.Treatmen
t of septal hematoma. Complications of maltreated septal hematoma.Septal perfora
tion scenario (Hx of septoplasty 2 mo ago. Whistling sound on breathing): Diagno
sis, treatment.Differences and Complications of SMR & SeptoplastyTrauma Nose:Man
agement of patient with fracture nose & 4 complications. What time will you redu
ce it? After how many days its not manually reducible?Sinusitis & its complicati
ons:Acute Maxillary sinusitis scenario (Hx of PND, alternating nasal obstruction
, mucopurulent discharge in both nasal cavities, enlarged inferior turbinates):
Diagnosis & treatment.Fungal sinusitis scenario (Elderly, diabetic lady. Fever,
bilateral nasal congestion, orbital swelling, facial pain. Black necrotic mucus
on nasal endoscopy): Diagnosis, investigations, treatment.Cavernous sinus thromb
osis scenario (Boil nose. High grade fever, headache, nausea): Diagnosis, signs,
management.Orbital complications of sinusitis. Complications of acute sinusitis
Ear:Otitis externa, Malignant OE, Trauma external ear, Causes & classification o
f hearing loss, ASOM, AOM with effusion, CSOM, Complications, Otosclerosis, Mene
ire's disease, Acoustic Neuroma.
Oral cavity, throat & esophagus:Adenoids, Juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma,
Acute & Chronic Tonsillitis, Diphtheria, Ludwig's Angina, Quinsy, Retro & Paraph
arangeal abcesses, Congenital lesions of larynx, Acute epiglottitis, Laryngeotra
cheobronchitis, Laryngeal paralysis (tables), vocal nodules, Laryngeal Carcinoma
, Foriegn body airway & food passage, Dysphagia: Causes, Plummer vinson syndrome
, Achalasia, esophageal perforation