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Hammons, Diana
"Strassman, Kirk"; Rosenberg, Julie
Jordan, Renee; Annette Jones
RE: I registered for Fixed to test their system
Wednesday, May 06, 2015 10:21:08 AM

See attached photos submitted for this protest. They indicated that the signs were obscured.

From: Strassman, Kirk []

Sent: Saturday, April 25, 2015 6:20 PM
To: Rosenberg, Julie
Cc: Jordan, Renee; Annette Jones; Hammons, Diana
Subject: I registered for Fixed to test their system

Hi Julie,

So, while my wife is in NYC this weekend I decided to register for Fixed with my most recent street
sweeping ticket.

If I want to pay my ticket via Fixed they have a $1.95 convenience fee. So I would potentially save
a whopping $0.55 on my $68.50 transaction. That is not even 1%. But in their marketing they say
that it is always cheaper to pay through Fixed than through the agency directly (talk about
marketing tactics).

In any case I am using Fixed to protest my ticket to see how their process works well see what
they end up doing with it, as it was a legitimate ticket. Im not sure if they will protest and if so
using what argument.

One other thing they have a Ticket Guardian where you can register a License Plate and will notify
you if you get a ticket.AND they also have an auto-contest feature, where all tickets on the plate
will be automatically processed by Fixed and if errors are found the tickets will be automatically be
contested (or paid if no errors are found).

Ill let you know how it goes with the process. If you want to track it on your side:

- Citation # - 854529233
- Plate # - 2Z51479
- RO Name - Danielle Gordon

Cheers! - Kirk

Kirk Strassman
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