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Dan Sanders thinks he is moving his family to Oregon to live the green life, but
his job to develop a forest preserve is threatening their greatest chance to
experience it. Fill in
the letters of each
word that are missing
to show what the
Sanders family’s new
green “To Do” List SANDERS FAMILY’S Dear Parent, Teacher,
might look like once GREEN “TO DO” LIST
the animals who or Caregiver:
1. Wash clothes in _ o _ d water.
fight back in Furry Your child has been
Vengeance have 2. Turn off _ i _ _ t _ when leaving a room.
taught Dan a lesson. 3. _ o _ _ os _ leftover veggies. learning about the
4. Unplug e _ e _ tro _ _ cs when not in use. importance of protecting
DAILY 5. Buy in b _ lk. wildlife habitats with the
ECO-ACTION Remember, we want to cut down on help of the animal
Visit Internet packaging trash!
characters who star in
resources to find out 6. Shop the _ a _ m_ _’s _ a _ _ et for veggies
more ways you and and fruits. the hilarious movie Furry
your family can go 7. Set up a _ ain _ arre _. Vengeance. How much
green. Record the We’ll store it and use it on the garden
ideas you want to try do you know about the
on your family list
during dry times. wildlife in your
below. Choose a 8. Look online for a b _ _ _e_y recycling center.
neighborhood, state, or
weekend to perform 9. Stay away from _ e _ ti _ ides and _ o _ ic
as many of these cleaners. on planet Earth? Help
eco-actions as you 10. _ a _ k more and dri _ _ less. your child with the
can. It’s not as hard
as you might think! 11. Eat less _ e _ t. activities in this booklet
for a fun learning
experience the whole
_________________ FAMILY’S GREEN “TO DO” LIST
family can enjoy—and
Morning Afternoon Evening be sure to see Furry
_______________________ _______________________ _______________________ Vengeance when it
_______________________ _______________________ _______________________ opens in theaters on
_______________________ _______________________ _______________________
April 30, 2010.

_______________________ _______________________ _______________________


7. rain barrel, 8. battery, 9. pesticides; toxic, 10. Walk; drive, 11. meat
Answers: 1. cold, 2. lights, 3. Compost, 4. electronics, 5. bulk, 6. farmer’s market,

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In the film Furry Vengeance, Tammy Sanders must plan this year’s traditional In the film Furry
Forest Festival to celebrate the beauty of the forest preserve; the problem is Vengeance, Dan Sanders
that her husband’s company is tearing the forest down in order to build a and his family come face
housing complex with a mall and two golf courses! to face with nature when
they move from Chicago
The next time you are at a community event such as a farmer’s market, to Rocky Springs, Oregon.
religious gathering, or a festival, notice what people are doing around you. The region they encounter
Which of their actions are eco-friendly? Which are anti-green? Put an X in the is part of a temperate
column you think best describes the action. forest biome—a large
geographical area whose
Going Going animal inhabitants have
Action Green Wrong adapted to the unique climate and geography found there.
1. Carrying non-reusable water bottles
Do you know your biome? Complete the Biome Challenge with your family to
2. Using cloth bags to carry goods
better understand your natural surroundings.
3. Recycling empty soda cans
4. Tossing an apple core in the trash Biome Challenge
• Name three birds native to your area.
5. Using balloons for decoration
• Identify four fruits and vegetables that are in season now (prepare some for
6. Arriving by car pool, public transit, or on foot dinner this week!)
7. Buying food from a local farmer • Identify the closest body of water to you.
8. Buying food from a fast-food vendor • Name your state flower or bird.
• When did you last encounter wildlife in your neighborhood?
9. Serving more vegetarian foods and less meat • Name the geological conditions that define the land in your area, such as
10. Using non-toxic cleaning products bodies of water or valleys, etc.
• How often does the weather in your region affect your activities?
• What are the natural signs of the change of seasons
GOING GREEN ECO-ACTION in your area? What do you like best and least
Go green all the way at your next holiday celebration or birthday party: about each one?

Instead of: Try: BIOME ECO-ACTION

Motion Picture Artwork © 2010 Summit Entertainment, LLC. All Rights Reserved
• Balloons and confetti • Earth-friendly decorations like arrangements • Choose a weekend morning or afternoon and
of flowers, stones, leaves, and whole fruits quietly explore your own backyard or neighborhood.
Listen for birds, look for animal activity, and pay
• Disposable plates, • Real plates and silverware along with cloth special attention to the trees, plants, and flowers.
utensils, and napkins napkins or compostable/biodegradable Remember—you are there to observe, not to interfere
cutlery, plates, etc. with, the living things you discover.
• Juice boxes • Real cups in which juices or drinks are poured • Help the National Wildlife Federation track wildlife sightings
from larger bottles in your area through NWF’s Wildlife Watch at, or join other families for
• Individual birthday or • A gently used book, clothing, or toy swap for a night of fun by participating in NWF’s Great American
holiday gifts everyone, OR collect monetary donations from Backyard Campout at
guests to help adopt an endangered animal • Check out for fun local
outdoor events, sites, and parks, and Ranger Rick’s
Ranger Rick’s GreenZone at has fun activities to
CampZone at for games
help kids get greener and find out what not to do!
and puzzles about camping and playing outside.
Answers: Going Green: 2, 3, 6, 7, 9, 10; Going Wrong: 1, 4, 5, 8
The animal stars in Furry Vengeance find themselves locked inside a large pen to The forest preserve threatened with development in Furry Vengeance is home
prevent them from creating havoc for Dan Sanders’ development company. to an amazing variety of animals, all of which seem determined to stop Lyman
Although this leads to a lively and hilarious ending, this part of the story is also a Industries from evicting them.
symbol for the way This rich ecosystem 1
animals in real life E K J L C A N A D A P O O is an example of the
are left with less and 2 3 4
biodiversity that
less native habitat as A A H P T L A K O I D L B enhances life on Earth
humans move in. G T R Y F L O R I D A S E not only for animals,
but also humans.
The Endangered L G F G J I R S H A I A A Solve this puzzle to
Species Coalition has E K A R K G R A Y E A K R learn more
identified several about biodiversity.
endangered and
threatened animals in T Y E A E T J D R N K I E
the United States. A R L N T O O P P X I T A 6
Parts of their names
are hidden within the F W N J D R S N U T N N L
word puzzle at right. W H O O P I N G T Z D D E
The rest of their 7
names are listed N A A X Z Y H L N O F L A
below the puzzle. K L H L O R A X S W G V N
Can you find them—
before they’re gone? L E Y Z R L F S A L M O N PUZZLE CLUES:
Now complete the full name of each animal by matching the part of it that 2. Laws like the _______________ 1. Using too many nonrenewable
you found in the puzzle with the rest of its name: Species Act in the U.S. help ______________ like wood and
protect biodiversity. coal is harmful to biodiversity.
Bald _________________ Pacific _______________ American _____________ 5. Beavers, trees, and ladybugs 3. Variety.
__________________Lynx Spotted ______________ _________________Otter represent this kind of biodiversity. 4. Gray, red, and Arctic wolves are
6. Life. examples of this kind of
_________________Wolf _________________Crane Humpback____________ 7. Preserving biodiversity helps biodiversity.
Grizzly _______________ _______________Panther keep the _________ healthy.


Threatened means the animal is facing endangerment in the very near future if BIODIVERSITY ECO-ACTION
habitat conditions do not improve. Endangered means there is still time to Visit for a “how-to” guide in developing a
save these animals if recovery actions are taken immediately. Extinct means it is schoolyard habitat, as well as for definitions and concepts of
gone forever. biodiversity. Make a Family Nature Scrapbook with sketches of animals you see.
Create a backyard garden habitat, and soon you’ll be seeing biodiversity at your
Learn more by visiting the Endangered Species Coalition website at own doorstep. The National Wildlife Federation can help you design a backyard Here you’ll find information about celebrating garden to attract and support the native animal population in your area, while
Endangered Species Day each May and Ten Easy Things You Can Do at Home discouraging invasive plants that overwhelm the native vegetation needed to do
to protect wildlife. The National Wildlife Federation considers global warming this. NWF will even certify your garden. Visit
to be “the most dangerous threat to the future of wildlife.” Find out more at to learn more.
panther, American alligator, sea otter, humpback whale
Answers: Across: 2. Endangered, 5. species, 6. bio, 7. planet; Down: 1. resources, 3. diversity, 4. genetic
Answers: Bald eagle, Canada lynx, gray wolf, grizzly bear, Pacific salmon, spotted owl, whooping crane, Florida
In Furry Vengeance, Dan Sanders’ son Tyler and his friends start a petition to Land developments like those featured in Furry Vengeance contribute to
city officials to protest the building of homes in the middle of the forest. greenhouse gas emissions that lead to climate change, or global warming.
Climate change is the number one cause of habitat loss, and human activities
Shown below is an example of another way they could have taken action. create the most impact on climate change.
Unscramble the letters to reveal a letter to the editor of the Rocky Springs
newspaper that would also have helped persuade officials to examine the The greenhouse gas effect is a natural process that occurs in the atmosphere.
pending threat to habitat more carefully. Acting like a real greenhouse that traps light and heat from the sun,
greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane in the Earth’s atmosphere
provide a blanket of warmth that is just right for sustaining life. But the
Dear Sir or Madam, blanket allows very little heat to escape and when the gases build up, they
I am writing to toprste the Lyman Industries building development. warm the Earth too much, leading to climate change. Human activities like
burning coal, natural gas, and oil, unsustainable farming practices, and
This development is in the middle of an important msosteecy that deforestation are all major contributors to greenhouse gas build-up. See
supports evdreis srgioamsn. Many animals are in grenad of losing their
oofd sources, areas for lthseer, and places to raise their gyuno. Those effect.htm for more information.
losses will lead to toinxetcin.
The Arctic is one of the areas on Earth most affected by climate change and
But it won’t just be the animals that fsufre. We will lose air auqliyt habitat loss. One example of an animal in jeopardy is pictured in the dot-to-
because there will be fewer seetr to produce xgoeny and absorb dot puzzle below. This animal depends on summer sea ice to move and hunt.
onbarc dioxide. The yetabu of the area will be destroyed. As the ice disappears, so does the animal’s habitat range. Currently this animal
is classified as a threatened species; however, many argue that it is already
I urge you to review porerst from geologists, endangered. Complete the puzzle to restore this animal to its habitat.
environmental puorgs, and olalc residents to SAVE OUR SPECIES 18
get the facts. This development must be stopped! 16

Tyler Sanders 14 13
Concerned resident of Rocky Springs, Oregon 12

11 10

21 8
1 9
• Speak up for wildlife. Visit NWF at and ESC's 22 4 2 6
Activist Toolbox with your parents to find ways to take environmental action as 7
a family, including signing online petitions and writing letters to the editor of 24 25
your local newspaper. You can also make calls to the offices of your local city 5
council members, senators, and representatives.
• You can make a difference! Just look at Alec Loorz of Ventura, California.
When he was 12 years old, Alec founded Kids vs. Global Warming, an CARBON FOOTPRINT ECO-ACTION
organization that “empowers youth to cool the Earth.” Now just two years We can all take action to help cut down on greenhouse gas emissions that
later, Alec’s work is making a difference! Read more about him and how you lead to climate change and habitat loss. Visit to
can get involved at calculate your family’s carbon footprint—the way in which your lifestyle
• Learn how you can green your classroom, school, and community by impacts the build-up of greenhouse gases—and find out ways to reduce
becoming an Eco-School at the size of your family’s footprint. Visit to
learn about the causes of and remedies for climate change.
oxygen, carbon, beauty, reports, groups, local
Answers: protest, ecosystem, diverse, organisms, danger, food, shelter, young, extinction, suffer, quality, trees,