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Improving Health Conditions

Through Innovative Technologies

Corporate Overview
Key Statistics, Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiaries, is a researcher and developer of whole
food nutraceutical and other health-related products that aim to improve common conditions
(as of 04/8/08) relating to glucose metabolism, cholesterol, acne, and various bacterial pathogens such as E.coli,
staphylococcus, and streptococcus. The company continues to formulate new products and
Exchange......................................... OTCBB recently announced that it has entered the bio- and nano-technologies industry to help improve
Symbol................................................. EFSF targeted delivery of its products’ ingredients throughout the body. The company conducts clinical
research on all of its products.
Market Cap................................... $36.3 M
eFoodSafety’s business incorporates both consumer rollout of its products as well as ongoing R&D
Recent Price......................................$0.22 for new products and formulations. On the consumer rollout front, the company has launched
direct-response campaigns for two of its products with two scheduled for launch in the near future.
52-Week Range...................$0.17-$0.50
eFoodSafety also offers two of its products in retail outlets nationwide. For each of these initiatives,
Avg. Daily Volume (3m).......... 344,503 eFoodSafety has partnered with industry experts to help it effectively build its brand and increase
Shares Outstanding.....................165 M
In an EPA required lab test, one of its leading products, formulated entirely of food-grade components,
Insider Ownership........................... 40%
showed a 100% kill rate for the “big six” bacterial health threats: E.coli, Listeria, Pseudomonas,
Salmonella, Staphylococcus, and Streptococcus, as well as avian influenza. The same product recently
underwent additional testing in chicken embryos in which it showed efficacy against H5N1, the most
Management virulent form of the avian influenza virus (bird flu).

Patricia Gruden
President, CEO
Timothy Matula
Consumer Rollout: Direct-Response
Director, Corporate Secretary
eFoodSafety has retained Respond2 Communications Inc., a leading full-service, response-driven
Richard Goldfarb, M.D., FACS advertising agency, to launch direct-response campaigns for three of its products and one joint
President of MedElite, Inc., a wholly venture product. Respond2 has successfully spearheaded national television campaigns for well-
owned subsidiary of EFSF known consumer product companies including: AOL, Apple, AT&T, H-P, NordicTrack, Philips, P&G,
Reebok, Revlon, Sears, Sony, Toshiba, and Weight Watchers, among others.
Robert Bowker
President of Knock-Out
Benefits of DR:
Technologies, Ltd., a wholly owned
subsidiary of EFSF
• Targets and appeals to mass audiences
• Provides cross-marketing opportunities through coupons and special offers
• Offers turnkey solution: Respond2 responsible for managing customer calls, shipping, and
Investor Relations other related logistics
• Requires little working capital to make products
• Limits accounts receivable
The Investor Relations Group • Automatically renews customer orders every thirty days
11 Stone Street
New York, NY 10004 Products being marketed through DR:
Tel.: (212) 825-3210 • Cinnergen®: A non-prescription liquid whole food nutritional supplement that promotes
Fax: (212) 825-3229 healthy glucose metabolism; clinically shown to decrease symptoms that commonly
Investor Relations accompany elevated blood sugar
Mike Crawford • Cinnechol™: An all-natural supplement designed promote healthy levels of total cholesterol,
Emily Hanan LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, and triglycerides without adverse side effects, as well as enhance
overall cardiovascular health
Public Relations • NumaDerm™: A skincare line of four products focused on key aspects of skin health and beauty
Susan Morgenbesser to help maximize healing and rejuvenation; Incorporates a proprietary nanotechnology to
Janet Vasquez efficiently and effectively transport its benefits beneath the skin’s surface
• PurEffect™: A four-step acne treatment with advantages over competing solutions; major
celebrity endorsements including Maria Menounos and Carmen Electra

7702 East Doubletree Ranch Rd, Ste. 300 • Scottsdale, AZ 85258 • Tel: (480) 607-2606 • Fax: (480) 348-3999 •
Consumer Rollout: Retail Distribution
eFoodSafety recently entered the multi-billion dollar functional food market with its product Immune Boost Bar™, an all-natural nutrition and
energy bar designed to promote a healthy immune system. The company’s distribution partners are responsible for marketing the product to
major retailers and specialty stores, and their experience includes retail placement for related products such as PowerBar and VitaSoy.
Benefits of retail distribution:
• Niche marketing angle: promoting a healthy immune system
• Growing bar market in leading retail and specialty stores
The company has sold, and will continue to sell, Cinnergen in retail stores nationwide, including GNC, VitaminShoppe, and Rite Aid.

Financial Highlights
For the quarter ended January 31, 2008:
• Revenue increased 300% year-over-year
• Sales and marketing expenses decreased 52% year-over-year
• Research and development expenses decreased 83% year-over-year

Market Opportunity
• There are currently sixteen million diagnosed and six-to-eight million undiagnosed diabetics living in the United States with 798,000
being newly diagnosed every year (Centers for Disease Control)
• Given this large number of diagnosed and undiagnosed pre-diabetics, the size of the diabetes market is estimated to be $132 billion
(Cambridge Healthtech Institute)
• An estimated 106.7 million adults in the United States have total blood cholesterol values of 200 mg/dL and higher, and of these about
37.2 million American adults have levels of 240 or above (The American Heart Association)
Immune Boost Bars
• Globally, the functional foods market is an estimated $7-63 billion, depending on sources and definitions, and this number is expected
reach $167 B by 2010 (AROQ Limited, "Global Market Review of Functional Foods – Forecasts to 2010")
•  The growth in the functional food market can be explained by consumers who are seeking more healthy lifestyles and solutions for
both long and short-term health problems (Food Business Review "Healthy Growth in Functional Food Market Despite Drop in Consumer
Trust," February 2008)
• The company expects to rollout the product through several well-known retail distribution channels throughout the country
• The skincare market is expected to reach $7.2 billion by 2010, driven in part by expected double-digit growth of anti-aging products,
which is likely to become the second largest category behind hand & body lotions in the industry (Packaged Facts, December 2006)
• The "cosmeceutical" market is an estimated $12 billion industry (Packaged Facts, May 2006)
Nano-Encapsulated Products
• The Freedonia Group recently projected world demand for nano-materials to reach $4.2 billion by 2011 and $100 billion by 2025, with
widespread use in drug delivery applications as a significant growth factor

Research and Development

Nano-Encapsulation Technology:
eFoodSafety uses a novel patented technology that nano-encapsulates active ingredients in nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products to
help maximize the body’s cellular absorption of nutrients and minimize toxicity when delivering treatments throughout the body. Using this
technology, eFoodSafety can encapsulate a multitude of bioactive and active ingredients.
eFoodSafety remains equally focused on the research and development of new formulas. Recent tests of one of eFoodSafety’s lead products,
the natural compound Citroxin™, were conducted at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand, one of the few Asian labs used by the
U.S. Centers of Disease Control to conduct research on treatments of H5N1 (the most virulent strain of avian influenza).
Other products in the eFoodSafety pipeline include:
• OraPhyte™ – tested and shown to be effective at eradicating nematodes, a phyla that includes more than fifteen thousand parasitic species
• Proxorin™ - a natural antibiotic/anti-microbial formulated for use against a broad spectrum of common bacterial pathogens
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