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Throughout the course of this semester while working on each of the assignments, I have

learned many different tools that helped me succeed not only in this class, but in my other classes
as well. I have learned how to connect different kinds of information together in order to make
well-organized, thoughtful papers. For example, when I was working on my Inquiry paper, I had
many different kinds of sources as well as information within each source that I had to position
together and unite with one another. The Prezi map helped me not only organize my thoughts but
connect them as well. When I was making my Prezi map, my knowledge of composing
processes came into play because not only did I make deliberate steps to find certain sources that
I needed to add, but there were non-deliberate steps that I made throughout the making of my
Prezi that helped the entire process. Some of the sources that I had found, I did not realize would
be as influential in my paper as I had thought they did. For instance, there is an article about the
babys certain body parts and organs that form at certain times in the pregnancy, I did not realize
that it would become a crucial source in my paper. It was a non-deliberate action to include a
small section of the facts in my paper but ended up forming a great conclusion as well.
I have also learned how to find better sources that would strengthen my papers. By
looking at scholarly articles and learning how I can identify scholarly articles from regular
articles online, I was able to include more intelligent thought and perspective into my Defense
paper about abortions.
I am proud of how well I was able to strengthen each assignment that I did before turning
in the final copy. I was able to strengthen each work of mine by adding my depth and
understanding of the topic, resulting from my rhetorical knowledge. If I ran into a difficulty, I
used my intuition and quick decision making to figure out what I could add or understand to
conquer it. For example, during peer review, Ethan encouraged me to discuss abortions resulting

from rape because that is an emotional and controversial topic. I knew this would be a difficult
question to incorporate into my pro-life paper, yet I discovered an article that broadened my
understanding and strengthened my intuition on the subject of whether or not rape is justified or
not. I had to adapt to the challenge that was at hand and strengthen my paper in the process,
which I was easily able to do.
If I had more time to work on my portfolio overall, I would spend more time with the
formatting of the entire portfolio. I do not understand technology that easily, so this was a
challenging assignment. I am able to write well and have creative thoughts, but there were
pictures on my Home page as well as my About the Author page that I could not figure out
how to enlarge or format into an organized order.
Overall, I think I did a great job with my portfolio. Each assignment, I was organized
with my thoughts and planned out how I could succeed in my writing. The assignments came
with a rubric sheet and directions which I read many times over and wrote out the key points so
that I would not forget to include these objectives in my paper. I put my heart and soul into my
writing and my best efforts to easily articulate my knowledge of the subject as well as combining
it with the new information I learned in order to make my papers the best that they could be. I
have spent hours on end working on this portfolio so that I can not only achieve the A that I
want, but the A that I think I deserve.