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1) I choose to apply for the Economics course because after 3 yeas of high school,

I find this object the most appropriate for me. Also, the Economics are a subject that will
exist as long as the human being is alive. By taking part of this curse, I have the big goal
to gain a bigger review of how the wold is working and providing its combustible.
2) Applying for this course means a new opportunity for me to build a strong
vision of the wolds economy and to strengthen my economic skills by practice them in a
suitable environment. In this area I can exercise the Exact Sciences that will expand my
opportunities of thinking, understanding and also interacting and finding out how I
should make my mind think more clearly for big future plans in this area.
4) I already studied in my previous year Economics and also, this year I am
studying this Financial Education. Both of them relate to to the course I have chosen to
study, by simply being in the same area of knowledge.
5) In my 11th grade I had the opportunity the experience a little bit of this filed of
study by participate at the district Olympiads of Humanities and Social Sciences. It was
my first time when I had a contact with the area of Economics and because my profile
school allows just an hour per week to study it, I decided that joining in was a great
occasion to find out a little bit of who I am and what I want to do.
6) Talking about skills and achievements that can recommend me for Universities
are the ones that I think are suitable for making my existence present. The main skill is
communication, the first thing we really learn in life which helped me during my high
school to run out my toughs, opinions and ideas and additionally this contributed to
joining to being a member of many communities, where I had many chances to improve
my vision and also to expand my ability of problem-solver in many situations of life.
Studying Exact Sciences developed my numeracy which helped me to handling complex
data, applying mathematical and statistical analysis methods. I dont know if you believe
in horoscope or not, but I do, at least I believe in the characteristics of the signs. The
analytical skill. Sometimes I find it very annoying because it doesnt let me think lesser
and taking thins how they actually are. In this case, of studying at a University with an
Economic program I find it one of the best competence that a person from this area can
have. It is an exact domain, so meticulosity feels like home here. I am an organized
person, I like everything to be at its place, at the right moment. Time management is one
of my top list requirement for a peacefully mind and life.
7) Starting from the bottom, during my high schools years I promote the good by
being in the School Council where I took part at programs to increase the quality of being
a student. The volunteering was also present during all the four years.