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Maria Elena Luis

800 Vista Valet Apt 706
San Antonio, TX 78216

Driven, and goal oriented chef with 10+ years of hospitality, mentoring and training,
restaurant and kitchen experience. Versatile skill set experience with baking, pastry, hot
foods, cold foods, team building, scheduling, inventory control, ordering, menu
development, training development, team leadership, P&L, and banquets as well as
customer service.
Alamo Colleges-St. Philips College | San Antonio, TX
Adjunct Chef Instructor
June 2016 – Present
 Preparing and presenting lectures and developing course outlines and
 Evaluating student progress and facilitating student achievement.
 Preparing additional study materials for learners.
 Providing ongoing support, guidance, and advice to learners.
 Participating in curriculum and program reviews.
 Liaising with relevant industry sectors.
 Evaluation and grading, maintenance and supervision of the classroom/kitchen,
administering written and practical tests, and creating a positive learning
Valero Family Center Bright Horizons | San Antonio, TX
Cook/Child Nutrition Services
June 2015 – May 2016
 Cook banquet style breakfast, lunch and snacks for 200 kids/teachers daily
 Weekly ordering
 Cook and create menus for special events
 Develop seasonal weekly menus for kids.
 Help develop fresh from scratch recipes for kids menu.
 Develop healthier and/or vegan and allergen free recipes.
Green Vegetarian Cuisine | San Antonio, TX

March 2015  Managed.Bakery Manager October 2014 .  Created and developed new cupcake designs. lunch. TX Cook/Nutritional Advisor October 2011 – April 2012  Cook banquet style breakfast.  Weekly ordering for all locations. trained and scheduled a team of employees across 3 different locations.  Created and developed weekly p&l reports. Develop and crate new recipes for Chef’s case.  Prepare trays for catering orders. Spec's Texas SuperStore Wines. Spirits. and labeling for cheese case. from scratch recipes for children’s menus  Train teachers in methods to prepare healthier recipes Marriott Austin North | Austin. wrapping. Finer Foods | San Antonio. TX Kitchen Supervisor May 2012 – September 2014  Supervise Culinary and Deli Team  Train and mentor Deli and Culinary Staff  Prepare chef’s case food items.September 2011 . Valero Family Center | San Antonio. TX Sous Chef January 2010 . fresh.  Trained and mentored their Bakery Manager candidate. Inventory Control and Organization  Created and developed new vegan and gluten free dessert recipes.  Managed customer relations with the bakery department.  Line cook/Deli cook  Ordering and Inventory control  Cheese prepping.  Created and developed their vegan gluten free pancake recipe.  Created and developed their vegan biscuits recipe. and snacks for 200 children/teachers daily  Ensure weekly ordering  Cook for special events  Develop seasonal weekly menus for kids  Help develop healthier.

Culinary Management . TX Baker/Line Cook June 2008 . TX Restaurant Manager January 2008 .December 2007  Great experience decorating and baking special occasions cakes  Internship for baking certificate of completion in college EDUCATION The Art Institute of Austin/San Antonio Bachelor’s Degree.December 2009  Production baker for Rivercenter and Riverwalk  Line Cook (cold side)  Hot stations cook  Expediter/Runner The Original Mexican Restaurant | San Antonio.June 2008  Started as a prep cook internship  Manage and oversee restaurant staff and operations  Train and mentor new staff  Scheduling  Manage and count safe daily  Daily inventory Leonardo's Cake Creations | San Antonio.      Executive Chef's Assistant Manage and oversee kitchen projects and staff Ensure proper scheduling Ensure adequate inventory and ordering Manage banquets and special events Create and develop menu for seasonal or special events. TX Assistant Decorator and Baker September 2007 . and others Create Dessert Menu Train and mentor team for new desserts Mariott International | San Antonio.

May 2008 3. PR High School August 2000 . 3. Culinary Arts August 2006 .May 2002 High School Diploma.January 2010-December 2013 3.85 GPA Music Certificate CERTIFICATIONS TABC Serv Safe Food Handler First Aid CPR/AED/Child and Infant CPR SKILLS Fully Bilingual: English/Spanish . TX Associate Degree. Philip's College | San Antonio.75 GPA President's Honor Roll Free School of Music Ernesto Ramos Antonini | San Juan.84 GPA St.