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Goldman Sachs sold $250 million of BP stock before spill | Raw Story Page 1

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Goldman Sachs sold $250 million of BP stock Follow us!

before spill
By John Byrne
Wednesday , June 2nd , 2010 -- 10 :12 am 23
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Firm 's stock sale nearly twice as large as

any other institution; Represented 44
percent of total BP investment

The brokerage firm that' s faced the most

scrutiny from regulators in the past year over
the shorting of mortgage related securities
seems to have had good timing when it came
to something else: the stock of British oil
giant BP.

According to regulatory filings,

RawStory. com has found that Goldman
Sachs sold 4,680 ,822 shares of BP in the
first quarter of 2010. Goldman' s sales were
the largest of any firm during that time.
Goldman would have pocketed slightly more than $266 million if their holdings were sold at the
average price of BP's stock during the quarter.

If Goldman had sold these shares today , their investment would have lost 36 percent its value, or $
96 million. The share sales represented 44 percent of Goldman 's holdings -- meaning that Goldman' s
remaining holdings have still lost tens of millions in value.

The sale and its size itself isn 't unusual for a large asset management firm . Wall Street brokerages
routinely buy and sell huge blocks of shares for themselves and their clients . In light of a recent SEC
lawsuit arguing that Goldman kept information about a product they sold from their clients , however,
the stock sale may raise fresh concern among Goldman 's critics. Goldman is also a frequent target of
liberals and journalists, including Rolling Stone' s Matt Taibbi, who famously dubbed the firm a
"vampire squid. "

Story continues below... 6/2/2010 2:55:17 PM

Goldman Sachs sold $250 million of BP stock before spill | Raw Story Page 2

Two calls placed to Goldman Sachs' media office in New York Wednesday morning after US markets
opened were not immediately returned, though Raw Story decided to publish the story quickly after
the calls since the stock sale had been already noted online.

Others also sold stock

Other asset management firms also sold huge blocks of BP stock in the first quarter -- but their sales
were a fraction of Goldman 's . Wachovia , which is owned by Wells Fargo, sold 2,667 ,419 shares;
UBS, the Swiss bank, sold 2, 125,566 shares.

Wachovia and UBS also sold much larger percentages of their BP stock, at 98 percently and 97
percent respectively.

Wachova parent Wells Fargo, however , bought 2 .3 million shares in the quarter, largely discounting
Wachovia 's sales.

Those reported buying BP' s stock included Wellington Management, a large asset firm, and the Bill
and Melinda Gates Foundation.

BP is struggling to cap a massive oil leak at one of its drill sites in the Gulf of Mexico. The firm' s
myriad safety violations over the years have come to light in lieu of the Gulf disaster.

BP traded on average at $56.86 in the first quarter, according to GuruFocus, a site that monitors the
major trading moves of prominent investors. A list of major institutions' sales of BP stock are available
at the market research website Morningstar.

It 's certainly unknown as to why the firms sold their holdings. In its analysis of the company in mid-
March, Morningstar, the market research site, gave the company an average rating of three out of a
possible five stars .

"BP's valuation carries more uncertainty than ExxonMobil's or Shell's because the firm is less
integrated , with more of its earnings coming from the [ exploration and production] business than from
potentially offsetting refining operations," the site's analyst wrote. "Like its peers, a sustained drop in
oil and gas prices can hurt upstream earnings. Lower crude-oil feedstock costs could help refining
margins, but refined product pricing lags could quickly swing refining profits to losses. BP' s global
business faces potential disruptions caused by political risks , particularly with its heavy exposure to
Russia. Disruptions caused by environmental and operational constraints could further limit earnings

The transnational oil company, like other energy giants, was hit with lower oil and gas prices in the
past year after the price of oil surged in 2008.

"BP's fourth quarter marked another quarter of year-over-year production gains, with a 3 % increase
thanks to new field startups," Morningstar's analyst wrote in another note, after BP turned in better
than expected fourth quarter results in February. "BP reported fourth-quarter replacement cost profit
of $ 3.4 billion, up 33% from year-ago earnings of $2 .6 billion, as upstream earnings growth was
more than enough to offset downstream weakness. For the full year, BP' s earnings of $14 billion
were 45% below year-ago earnings of $26 billion, in part because of lower oil prices earlier in the 6/2/2010 2:55:17 PM

Goldman Sachs sold $250 million of BP stock before spill | Raw Story Page 3

year. We're encouraged by BP's sequential earnings gains as new projects and cost-cutting efforts
drive upstream results ."

The SEC filed a civil lawsuit against Goldman Sachs and one of its vice presidents in April, asserting
that the firm had committed fraud by misrepresenting a mortgage-investment product inherently
designed to fail. The company helped a hedge fund trader create a mortgage investment that gained
value as mortgage borrowers defaulted en masse.

In response, Goldman said the SEC' s charges were “completely unfounded in law and fact” and
averred that it would “vigorously contest them and defend the firm and its reputation.”

The firm has also faced criticism over giant bonuses paid to staff amidst the US financial crisis.
Goldman reduced the sizes of its staff bonuses this year to $16.9 billion, and said it would pay its
chief executive $9 million, far less than the previous year.

Goldman also announced it would create a $ 500 million program to help small businesses. Critics
Get Raw Story updates!
noted that the figure represented just 3 % of the bonus pool. Email: Join


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What The ? 4 hours ago

lilyannrose and 12 more liked this

hmmm, saw this posted on Huff Post , didn 't take it seriously at first:

If I shorted Gulf stocks the day before this platform explosion and bought a company that puts out oil well fires 6/2/2010 2:55:17 PM

Goldman Sachs sold $250 million of BP stock before spill | Raw Story Page 4

the week before, I'd have the FBI at my door within hours.

Cheney' s Halliburton bought a company called Boots & Coots which became well known for putting out some of
the world' s largest oil and gas fires. 8 days before the disaster http://www.chron .com/ disp/story.mpl/
business/69 ...

Goldman Sachs shorted the Gulf Oil stocks the day before the accident http://www.examiner .com /x-8199-
Breakthrough -Ene...

http: // /boards/read_ msg.a. ..

Cementing of the oil rig well was finished only 20 hours before the explosion http:// www.npr. org/templates/
story/ story.php? st...

BP sent workers from the well head testing company home 11 hours before the explosion on April 20 --
"without performing a final check http://www.huffingtonpost .com /2010/05 /20/bp -smo...

A team from Schlumberger, which is highly regarded for their safety, asks a BP company man to use the
Cement Bond Log (CBL) to dump fluid down the well and BP' s company man refused. Schlumberger rep
decides to leave citing safety issues but only if they called in their own transport as BP rep would not let
Schlumberger leave on a BP Chopper.
http: //adropofrain. net/2010/ 05/rumor-schlumberg ...

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to good to be true 2 hours ago in reply to What The?

I am Lori Girl! and 3 more liked this

what a coincidence! goldman must be the best investors ever! sounds fishy eh?

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Brad G 2 hours ago in reply to What The?

3 people liked this.

Halliburton?? LMAO. This is NOT a "oil and gas fire ", Einstein. Better to ask the Obama White House,
which has very longstanding and intimate ties with Goldman Sachs .

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Caryn 1 minute ago in reply to Brad G

Do you really expect an honest answer from them?

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Mark 1 hour ago in reply to What The?

2 people liked this.

OK , first Halliburton started getting Gov contracts from LBJ, and Cheney was never more than a high
paid consultant. The main difference, Haliburton already had contracts with government when Cheney
entered office (dating back 60 years ) and Cheney was not a Senator that got the contract.

http: //newsmine .org/ content.php? ol=cabal-elite /.. .

Who from Goldman has been spending time at the White House with POTUS ?

http: //www.mcclatchydc .com/ 2010/04/21 /92637 /gol...

I know you really want this to be a Republican/Big Coporate conspiracy, but what do they really have to
gain ? Yet, the Obama adminstration has tons to gain from this . They can now revers the off shore
drilling approval that so upset their radical enviromental wing. They can go after BP to appease the anti-
capitalist wing of the liberal democratic party. And the photo ops are never ending.

So if you want to go down the conspiracy road, look at the people who would most likely be involved and

Was I better off unde Bush than Obamanation? YES !!!!!!! 6/2/2010 2:55:17 PM

Goldman Sachs sold $250 million of BP stock before spill | Raw Story Page 5

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Scott Templeman 2 hours ago in reply to What The?

2 people liked this.

Wow! You should compile these into a blog post , good stuff!

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rts 111 51 minutes ago in reply to What The?

1 person liked this.

As I have said from the very beginning of this disaster: Cheney and his ilk view oil- based disasters like
this as a military asset that can be used to confound market prices and offer a great distraction for the
dubious activities going on in the Middle East.

Front companies for the oil industry itself will make a bundle cleaning the spill and appropriating land ,
which they will sit on for several years before reselling at a huge profit.

As a crowning achievement for the military industrial complex, they will probably use a small nuclear
device to eventually close the well to the cheers of coastal residents , acclimatizing the American people
regarding the safe use of nukes. At the same time Israel will attack Iran using small nuclear bunker
buster armaments and the American people who will have paid for the mass slaughter of innocent Iranian
citizens will think it cannot be as bad as they say . Welcome to Cheney’s Inferno.

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Matt 1 hour ago in reply to What The?

1 person liked this.

Goldman Sachs also owns Corexit, the 100% toxic and only 54% effective dispersant that is being used
to try and clean up this mess . hmmm... .

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HM 1 hour ago in reply to What The?

1 person liked this.

Who owns Haliburton ??? Morons .

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truthfool 2 hours ago in reply to What The?

1 person liked this.

thanks for links

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marblex 2 hours ago

CaptainHowdy and 6 more liked this

Good timing, my ass . I told you this oil dump was deliberate and intended to cause chaos.. . and it will . Fuel
prices will skyrocket mid july as the food supply sharply declines . Add to that millions of Americans whose
unemployment benefits run out at that time (gee, thanks congress ); growing homelessness among former
members of the middle class , and you have DISASTER .

This event is another in a series of events designed to loot the USA of all its wealth.

Guess what? It' s working.

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StopWhiningAlready 1 hour ago in reply to marblex 6/2/2010 2:55:17 PM

Goldman Sachs sold $250 million of BP stock before spill | Raw Story Page 6

You can 't be serious . Actual costs to date are a Billion and climbing. Decrease in equity due to the fall in
the share price is more than $ 30B . Any ability to drill in deep water in the near future is out of the
question and will not happen in the foreseeable future, the cost of which is in the tens of billions of
dollars not to mention the related cost of clean-up and likely thousands of legal assaults they will have to
defend at $300+/hr. The company, which was one of the stongest companies on the planet prior to the
spill may not survive this ( Remember Exxon BEFORE Mobile purchased it at a hefty discount ???). How
stupid are you???

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rtb61 59 minutes ago in reply to StopWhiningAlready

Keep in mind corporate executives are not the corporation, they simply run the corporation to
enrich themselves regardless of the consequences for everyone else including investors, workers
and customers. Time and time again, it is clearly being demonstrated that corporation are not being
run with the intent of promoting stable profits and a secure future for the corporate but as a means
by which to maximise the income of the corporate executive management team (as a conspiracy).
Golden parachutes , after large bonuses inflated by short term profits that lead to company collapse
are becoming all to regular. Executives commit the crimes to enrich themselves but it is
shareholders ( the unknowing ones) that lose money and end up paying the fines, whilst the
conspiring executives walk away protected by the lobbyists and politicians they bought off in the
first place with shareholder money. Real long term planning and extensive conspiracies were
required to bring all of this about especially when combined with legislated deregulation that enabled
it all to come about.

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freebird 1 hour ago

5 people liked this.

Another trail of bodies, so to speak. ..... .that cannot be directly connected .... ..or can it ?

I think we had better keep our eyes on this , the appointments of BP execs to enegy govt. positions
RECENTLY, the u -turn on drilling by the ONE so neatly and recently, etc.

I am sorry but it just all smells.

And it 's always SOOOOO convenient.
Like the crash just before the election.etc. etc. etc. Am I getting overly paranoid here ???

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PainfullyAware 34 minutes ago in reply to freebird

It seems convenient that this happens when financial reform is being debated => Wave one hand while
the other acts nefariously ???

The Financial Reform Bill is actually the Financial Rearrangement Act. => Too Big To Fail left intact, The
Derivatives that caused the whole fiasco are left untouched and are still being originated, The Fed audit
is not much more than the Bloomberg Freedom Of Information Act request; the timing and results seem
a bit more than coincidental to me .

To Assume Benevolence Is Foolish .

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imwc 3 hours ago

7 people liked this.

another inside job that won `t be investigated ( properly)...!

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GunnyG 1 hour ago

4 people liked this. 6/2/2010 2:55:17 PM

Goldman Sachs sold $250 million of BP stock before spill | Raw Story Page 7



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not fooled 2 hours ago

5 people liked this.

hey, all of you idiots who love obama! guess what? goldman sachs OWNS that lying puppet scumbag. who do
you think put him in office? do some research.

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Lyman 2 hours ago in reply to not fooled

3 people liked this.

It 's only the morons who love Obama . The idiots loved Bush.

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GunnyG 1 hour ago in reply to not fooled

2 people liked this.

BINGO ! These obomunists are too busy drinking the feces filled kool aid to see the truth.

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GunnyG 1 hour ago

3 people liked this.

The COMPLETE list of Obomunists who are IN the Obummer Regime .

http: //seminal.firedoglake. com/diary/43559

A lot of corruption in this regime.

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GunnyG 1 hour ago

3 people liked this.

Hey LIBMORONS , WHO worked for Goldman /Sachs and is in the White House as former lobbyists?

The list of former Goldman Sachs employees holding top positions in the Obama administration includes :

• Mark Patterson, a former Goldman Sachs lobbyist, who is the chief of staff to Treasury Secretary Timothy
Geithner (himself the former president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York) .

• Reuben Jeffery III, former managing partner at Goldman Sachs, who holds the post of undersecretary of state
for economic, business, and agricultural affairs .

• Neel Kashkari, former Goldman Sachs vice president , who is the assistant secretary of the treasury for
financial stability, responsible for administering the TARP funds .

• Dianna Farrell, former financial analyst at Goldman Sachs , who serves as deputy director of the National
Economic Council .

Rahm Emanuel as well. Oh, and Elena Kagan ALSO worked for Goldman/ Sachs.

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Zip Sixenstein 47 minutes ago in reply to GunnyG

The guy in who is charge of delegating money from the TARP fund is named Kash n' Kari? 6/2/2010 2:55:17 PM

Goldman Sachs sold $250 million of BP stock before spill | Raw Story Page 8

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FatFinger 16 minutes ago in reply to Zip Sixenstein

hahahahahah Kash n ' Kari. How appropriate

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FactChecker 1 hour ago

3 people liked this.

Soooo , does this mean the reports out of Russia right after the platform disaster are true and not just a
rumor? A North Korean sub blasted a platform made by South Korea? Any thoughts ?

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matt 4 hours ago

NadePaulKuciGravMcKi and 4 more liked this

Reminds me of the Put Options and short selling done to United and American Airlines before 9/11 .

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Azazel 4 hours ago in reply to matt

NadePaulKuciGravMcKi and 4 more liked this

Yes but the 9 /11 commission said that those transactions were not related to the terrorists.

LMAO!!! Yeah , they were related to the US Government !

9 /11 was an inside job!

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NadePaulKuciGravMcKi 1 hour ago in reply to matt

1 person liked this.

Alvin Bernard "Buzzy" Krongard

A . B. Krongard

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bigdaddyvike 2 hours ago

2 people liked this.

this reeks of impropriety.

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dennycrane 5 hours ago

markusgarvey and 2 more liked this

Hmmm , is "Cleo" from the "Psychic Hotline" still around? Was this just a lucky guess?

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peterlawrence 2 hours ago in reply to dennycrane

markusgarvey and 3 more liked this

Are you asking "Could a short sell been in place that was based on executive information that something
was going to happen just like 9 /11 and the airline stock"? 6/2/2010 2:55:17 PM

Goldman Sachs sold $250 million of BP stock before spill | Raw Story Page 9

I wouldn' t put it past them in the world of disaster capitalism. The next question might be, where did
they invest the money after they pulled it out of BP? Into a chemical dispersant company?

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MrComments 4 hours ago in reply to dennycrane

leekinny and 2 more liked this

Yes, it was lucky. As the article says, they buy and sell these quantities ALL the time. They could just as
easily have bought and lost money.

No, that does not take away from the fact that they tanked the global market with criminal
behaviour.. ...but that is conspiracy FACT. Any notion that they had secret info about a spill, or created
the spill is conspiracy FICTION... ..or more accurately..... LOONEY TUNES

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Markov 3 hours ago in reply to MrComments

4 people liked this.

You' re speculating. You have no idea whether or not the disaster was manufactured on purpose,
nor does anyone else here. Yet, you've taken the additional irrational step of reaching a conclusion
that anyone who questions the timing is insane. You might want to consider therapy.

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Atilla 1 hour ago in reply to Markov

2 people liked this.

Come on Marky. Making a decision to sell short 44% of a banks holdings would get you a
reserved space in an unemployment line if the stock didn 't take a huge shit the next day... .I
guess it is just coincidence that the average profit for Senators stock holdings held less than
6 months is near 50% and almost always return to a normal rate or less within a month of
selling them. No such thing as insider trading, no sir ! Insider trading is what the market is all
about. It is how the Ruling class steals the treasure of the working class .

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JB 1 hour ago in reply to Atilla

Lets see.. ..... .. What other big planned event happened recently that would normally be
a huge media embarrassment but instead gets mostly drowned out by the Gulf leak.
Who' s to gain?

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MrComments 16 minutes ago in reply to Markov

So let me see if I have this right. Many BP Executives were actually ON THE RIG when the
explosion occurred, and at the same time they planned it ? Riiiiiiiight.

BP has now been opened up to a potential takeover due to their stocks price tanking . This
was planned too?

Ingenious. ..... .

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namewithheld 3 hours ago in reply to MrComments

2 people liked this.

Well , now that MrComments has cleared that up , I guess I' ll just go back to watching Dancing with
the Stars .

Like Reply 6/2/2010 2:55:17 PM

Goldman Sachs sold $250 million of BP stock before spill | Raw Story Page 10

Atilla 2 hours ago in reply to MrComments

1 person liked this.

They buy and sell short 44 % of their investments, "All the time"? You moron ! they 'd be bankrupt
instead of filthy rich... .Does anyone know how much Goldman Sachs sold off on 9 -10- 01? I' m
betting it was this much or more . Nothing is going to change until the center breaks and lynch
mobs desend on Wall St., C Street, and the churches .

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MrComments 10 minutes ago in reply to Atilla

You must have missed this part of the article. Read much?

The sale and its size itself isn't unusual for a large asset management firm. Wall Street
brokerages routinely buy and sell huge blocks of shares for themselves and their clients.

Do YOU know how much GS sold off on 9 -10-01 ? It' s a matter of record, and since you
opened your mouth about it, tell us please.

You have comprehension and reality issues.

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Azazel 4 hours ago in reply to MrComments

1 person liked this.

So its all just a coincidence huh?

lol ... people are so dumb and gullible.

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