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Our multy-disciplinary approach allows us to
provide servisec beyond the audit and taxation
lines we are known for. We take pride in
delivering value-added services by helping our
clients improve transparency, governance
accountability, and financial performance and

Public Accountant Firm Kumalahadi, Kuncara,
Sugeng Pamudji and Partners is a merged firm
from Kumalahadi, Kuncara and Sugeng Pamudji,
which are located in Yogyakarta, Jakarta and
Kumalahadi and Sugeng Pamudji have been
experienced in the auditing for more than 30
years. In order to gain for more networking for
the market, Sugeng Pamudji and Kumalahadi
decided to merge in January 2015, branded with
new firm as Public Accountant Firm Kumalahadi
and Sugeng Pamudji, based on Ministry of
KEP29/KM.1/2015 , issued on January 21, 2015.
September 2015, based on the letter from
Ministry of Finance Republic of Indonesia
No.765/KM.1/2015, issued on September
28,2015, Kuncara joined the firm and named
Public Accountant Firm Kumalahadi, Kuncara,
Sugeng Pamudji and Partners (KAP KKSP &

Hereby, the list of our services from KAP
Kumalahadi, Kuncara, Sugeng Pamudji and
Partners :

Audit and Assurance Services
Improve corporate reporting and provide
assurance that systems are operating effectively
within a business environment. Provide
assurance over the quality of financial
information. It includes:

Financial statements audit
Accounting advisory
Independent controls & systems process
Financial statements review
Agreed Upon Procedure

1052. adhe@kksppartners. Yogyakarta.M. based in Yogyakarta. Jendral Sudirman Kav 86 Jakarta 10220 Land Line (021) 8063 1809 Mobile Phone 0878 38900901. BKP. Kranji No. Public Accountant License No.. Ak. Jl. Public Accountant License No. 90 Serang Baru. CA.. AP.Si. 56.. Managing Partner of KAP KKSP & Partners. Indonesia 55292 Land Line (0274) 5305200. Accounting and Financial Consulting tjoepit@kksppartners. M. 0822 4342 7888 Email : kuncara@kksppartners. 55581 Land Line (0274) 4463648 Email: kumalahadi@kksppartners. Management Consulting Our Partners Dr. Godean. Ak. S.. transaction support.. .0113. Tjoepit Samiadji. S. Kuncara Budi Santosa. CA. Compilation of Financial Statement 2. CPA. Jl. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) Implement an integrated suite of solutions covering deals. Branch Office Semarang Information Center Offices Perum Pondok Bukit Agung.. based in Jakarta. based in Semarang. Mudal.5 No.Tax Services Advisory Services Optimise tax efficiency and contribute to overall corporate strategy through the formulation of effective tax strategies and innovative tax planning.E.. Managing Partner of KAP KKSP Jakarta. It includes: 1. and performance improvement. CA.1177. Public Accountant License No. Sleman. CPA. Godean Km..104.. Jln. Corporate tax 2. Bukit Agung Blok AA No. CPA. It includes: 1. Sariharjo. Mobile Phone 0813 2775 8927 Email: info@kksppartners. M. Kumalahadi. Our Offices Head Office Branch Office Jakarta Jl. Partner of KAP KKSP CEO Suite Sahid Sudirman Center Lt.. 1 Semarang Land Line (024) 7499850 Email: sugengpamudji@kksppartners.E.

They set direction and provide guidance born of years of experience in professional services. and passion with technical expertise. Kuncara Budi Santosa Partner Tjoepit Samiadji Partner Bagus Sri Widodo Associate Partner Muhamad Hikmah Partner Tehel Supardiono Associate Partner Junardi Techical Advisor Asthon Michael H. Kumalahadi Managing Partner Assurance M.Our Thought Leader Thought leaders are people who combine warmth. Partner Advisory Nina Mariani Noor Partner . humanity. Siagian Associate Partner Setyorini Technial Advisor Galih Endah P Technical Advisor Ronny Agung Hendrawan Associate Partner Dewi Kusuma Wardani Associate Partner Christine Novita Dewi Technical Advisor Muhamad Hikmah Partner Danny Wibawa Partner Adhe Sari Partner Arief Muflihudinn Technial Advisor Tax Didik Hilarion Murti P.

Yogyakarta PT Matahari Gemilang Indonesia PT Perkebunan Nusantara (Persero) PT Anugrah Mulia Indobel LRC – KJHAM PT Ganes Engineering Consultant YLSKAR PT Telkom Indonesia Pusat Mediasi IAIN Walisongo PT Panca Permata Pejaten UPIPA GOW The Office of State Development (South Australia) Yayasan IRE – FLAMMA PT Prasetya Indra Brata ICRS UGM PT Orient Classic Furniture CRCS UGM RSUD TIDAR Kota Magelang (BLUD) Peace Brigade International Indonesia RSUD Saras Husada. The following list demonstrates the diversity of our client base: PT Bangun Cipta RSUD KRT Setjonegoro Wonosobo (BLUD) PT Hutama Karya (Persero) RSUD Kebumen (BLUD) PT Nindya Karya (Persero) RSUD Dr. Purworejo (BLUD) HIVOS Southeast Asia Jakarta RSUD RA Kartini Jepara (BLUD) PDAM Kabupaten Rembang RSUD RAA Soewondo. provide a complete business consulting solution. . Pati (BLUD) PDAM Tirta Perwitasari Kabupaten Purworejo RSUD Tangerang (BLU) YKK PDAM Kota Magelang RSUD R. Tegal (BLUD) PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) RSUD Ungaran (BLUD) PT Waskita RSUD Ambarawa (BLUD) PT Adhi Karya RS Paru Salatiga (BLU) PT Adywinsa Group Jakarta RSUD Kardinah. based on request. Kab. combined with global network. Our Experienced staff. tailored to our client’s spesific needs. Soedjati Grobogan (BLUD) RSUD Margono Soekarjo Purwokerto (BLUD) And many more. Soeselo Slawi. Tegal (BLUD) PT Kemilau Cahaya Gemilang Yogyakarta RSUP Dr.Our Clients KAP KKSP & Parteners provides service for different types of businesses. Sardjito.