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Q&A in Islamic Finance

By Dr Ahcene Lahsasna
Q&A in Islamic Finance is
a quick and easy guide on
500++ the area of Islamic banking
and finance, covering both
Questions theory and practical aspects. It
& Answers provides necessary background
of Shari’ah, Islamic terms,
Islamic banking and finance concepts, Islamic capital market,
takaful and retakaful as well as succinct description of products
and services.The book also features a question and clear
answer with example or illustration, where appropriate and how
they work in practice. At the end of this book, it provides readers
with a legal maxim from Article 1 to 99 according to Majalla for
further reference. An ideal book for anyone with interest in the
contemporary Islamic banking and finance products, economics
and Shari’ah issues.

Content Overview

 Shari’ah (fiqh, usul fiqh, legal maxims and maqasid

al-shari’ah)  Islamic Law of Contract  Islamic
Financial Transactions  Mudarabah  Musharakah 
Murabahah  Bay’ Bithaman Ajil (BBA)  Ijarah  Salam “ This book “Q & A in Islamic Finance” should
become handy to anyone who is interested
 Istisna’  Wadi’ah  Urbun  Tawarruq  Hawalah
to learn about Islamic Finance. It is a good
 Muqasah  Rahn  Wakalah  Kafalah  Juala companion to them because it provides the true
 Qard  Qabd  Sarf  Islamic Banking  Islamic meanings of words or terms that are commonly
Capital Market  Takaful and Retakul  Shari’ah used or found in Islamic Finance literature.

Financial Planning  Shari’ah Audit  Shari’ah
Prof. Datuk Dr. Syed Othman Alhabshi
Board  Corporate Governance Risk management  Chief Academic Officer INCEIF
Others  Plus The Legal Maxims According To Majallah
from Article 1 to Article 99
ISBN: 978-983-44836-7-8 Size:6in x 9in Binding: Softcover Price: RM 80/ US$ 30

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