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Shakespearean Times

Monday 27th December 1845

Venice ,Lido di Venezia

Breaking News Man Nearly

Dies Because of a pound of

Bassanio Antonio Portia Shylock Duke


By: Katherine Cullen

Bassanio the desperate lover of Portia tries to win the love of
her. Bassanio is a poor man however he has a very rich best friend
Antonio. Bassanio is a star struck lover and wants Portia hand in
marriage so he asks of a loan of 300 ducats from his wealthy friend
Antonio. Portia is a wealthy heiress who lives in the city of
Belmont ,she is smart and very well educated however cannot work
as women arent allowed to. As Antonio would do anything for his
friendship he agrees to lend Bassanio the money however is unable
to make the loan himself because his own money is all invested in a
number of trade ships that are still at sea.
Antonio risks all for friendship and goes to money from a jewish
money lender named Shylock. Christians and Jews dont get along
however the deal is struck but with a harsh and cruel condition. The
condition states Bassanio must pay the money back at the exact day
given or he will have to give a pound of his flesh.

A very tragic news is heard when Antonio finds out his ships
have sunk and all his money is lost see page 2
for more

Shylock ignores the many pleas to spare Antonios life, and a trial is
called to decide the matter. The duke of Venice, who presides over
the trial, announces that he has sent for a legal expert, Francesco is
a lawyer. Francesco pleads with Shylock to be merciful but Shylock
refuses , he remains inflexible and insists the pound of flesh is
rightfully his. Shylock is even offered thrice the amount of money
but refuses. Portia examines the contract and, finding it legally
binding, declares that Shylock is entitled to the merchants flesh.
Shylock ecstatically praises her wisdom, but as he is on the verge of
collecting his due, Portia reminds him that he must do so without
causing Antonio to bleed, as the contract does not entitle him to any
blood. Trapped by this logic, Shylock hastily agrees to take the
money instead, but Portia insists that Shylock take his bond as
written, or nothing at all. Portia informs Shylock that he is guilty of
conspiring against the life of a Venetian citizen, which means he
must turn over half of his property to the state and the other half to
Antonio. The duke spares Shylocks life and takes a fine instead of
Shylocks property. Antonio also forgoes his half of Shylocks wealth
on two conditions: first, Shylock must convert to Christianity, and
second, he must will the entirety of his estate to Lorenzo and
Jessica his daughter and son-in-law after he dies. Shylock agrees
and takes his leave promising to sign the deed.
Shenora Boodoosingh
Financial Responsibility
I get twenty-five dollars a day ,one
hundred and twenty five a week, five hundred
a month. Every day I spend ten dollars on my
transportation which is maxi, it leaves me
with fifteen dollars to spend. Sometimes I buy
lunch for ten dollars or I buy breakfast for ten
also a drink and a pie. I either save my five
dollars or purchase a snack. I dont spend a
lot but some days I do.
I could save a lot more money if I
reduce my transportation. My transportation
can be the bus which is free for school
children and I can also make my own lunch
and breakfast. My money can be more
budgeted by me and I can spend less if I use
the power of my mind and hold back and then
Ill be able to purchase what I need instead of
what I want.
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