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F A L L 2 0 0 9

Ms. Kim 1st Grade

October Newsletter, 2nd Issue

Poem of the Month

Let's go picking in the
pumpkin patch.
Now we're jiggling the old
gate latch.
Gate swings wide and we step

Highlights Pumpkins spread like an ocean

October was a busy month with many fun and exciting You take the one like a fat
activities. During the month we made many Halloween and fall balloon
themed projects. They included the painted jack-o-lanterns, I'll take the one like an
the changing colors leaf booklet, the “I love fall” portfolio, and orange moon.
Halloween masks. The field trip to Style’s Pumpkin Patch was Hike to the house in fifty
a great learning experience for everyone as children were able paces
to go on a hay ride and pick out their very own pumpkins. The Then we'll carve out the
Harvest Festival and the Halloween parade were also a huge pumpkin faces.
success. Everyone looked cute in their costumes!! What a -Sandra Liatsos
great way to end the month of October!

Save the Date!

Book Fair Field Trip Tiger Bowl
November 8-12 November 12 November 19
Come check out Join us on our field Please join us at
what is new this trip to the our 1st Tiger Bowl
year at the Children’s Science for promoting
Scholastic Book
Museum of math skills.
Reid Woodward
The star student is recognized for excellent behavior
and for demonstrating good character.

Math Wizard
We have been telling great stories to help with
addition and subtraction. We will continue to work on
basic addition facts and subtraction facts.
Please find ways to help your child use math in
everyday life.

The Scientist
We have been learning about the relationship between
seasonal change and weather to the life processes of
plants and animals. Students will start to look at why
leaves change color in the fall and why animals
hibernate in the winter.

We have been reading familiar fall themed books to
help with high frequency words such as the, said, will,
are, and come. Students will continue to receive
reading points for the books that they read during
independent reading time. Please read with your child
at home as this will help them to develop both reading
skill and their love for reading.
The Journalist
We have been writing creative stories using
descriptive words to describe people, places, things,
and events. We will continue working on these
elements as well as practice on capital letters and
punctuation to improve our writing skills.
You may notice that your child might be writing stories
and words that are not spelled quite right. This is a
normal process in writing called inventive spelling.