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Please accept my enclosed resume in application for Advance NDT-II position.
When you review my resume, you will find that my background includes a Bachelor degree
in science along with various projects experiences.

In addition, you will find me a well-organized team member with excellent problem solving
skills, my innovative approach to systems with my desire to learn, will prove to be an asset
to my employer.

I am confident that my education and experience have prepared me for the position you
have available and my unique abilities will enable me to contribute significantly towards
your objectives.

Thank you for your time, consideration and forthcoming response.

Thanking You,

Hemant Acharya

C. on equipments like FMVs2i.1. Phased array & TOFD of pressure vessel welded joints and piping. Isonic. HOUSTON. worked on Dubai metro rail project. Conversant with ASME Sec-V & VIII.Silverwing Middle East L.Stenatech Pte ltd. Inspection job involves corrosion mapping of tank floors and shell plates. 2009 Jan to Sep . TECHNICAL QUALIFICATION:  PCN level-II in UT 3. Magnetic particle and Penetrant test of weld joints and machined components. well-organized individual with 09 years experience in performing NDT. EX-10. WORK EXPERIENCE: May 2010 to June 2013 . 304511  PCN level-II in Time of Flight Diffraction  ASNT level-II certification as per SNT-TC-1A  Ultrasonic testing #001/UT-II/2001 & #AWN /10/120  Ultrasonic testing of T. TX OTHER PROFICIENCIES: Well versed in utilizing UT equipments like USM-2M.1  PCN level-II in Phased Array application PCN No. Dubai. DM-4. Singapore. structural welded SUMMARY OF EXPERIENCE: A highly motivated.SGS Gulf Ltd. India. Nuclear power corp. EPOCH 4b plus.acharya11@gmail. AWS-D1. Offshore: Mahesh-1 barge for shallow water pipe line project. United Arab Emirates. Scope involves ultrasonic flaw detection of raw materials.K. of India. DMS-2. Scorpion B-Scan. Scope involves Ultrasonic flaw detection and magnetic particle test of flash and Thermit welded rail joints. As advance NDT-II analyst. Dubai. OMNISCAN MX. . As a multi-disciplined NDT-II technician. Acharya – Advance NDT Level II E-mail: hemant. CYGNUS.Y structural weld joints#03/06 & #AWN /09/140  Magnetic particle testing #001/MT-II/2001 & AWN /10/121  Liquid penetrant testing #NDTM/02/531 & AWN /10/123  Registered Professional Inspectors certification by AMERICAN INSPECTION SOCIETY. FMVS2i. Worked under third party surveyors of Lloyds. Emirates Industrial laboratory. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION: Bachelor of Science from University of Mumbai. RESUME Hemant G. API-RP2X codes. MS 5800. USK-15.L. December 2006-December 2008. Scope involves Phased array of seam joints and Time of flight diffraction technique for nozzle joints of pressure vessel. Scorpion B-Scan.

boilers. Mumbai. Goregaon. The details enclosed herewith is true of my knowledge and belief.1 codes. NPCIL 2001-2002: M/s The Non-destructive testing co. 2005. heat-exchangers & storage tanks. Scope involves corrosion mapping of reactor tube elbows using Omniscan and Eddy current test of heat exchanger tubes using MS 5800. penetrant test of weld joint of columns. Scope involves Ultrasonic flaw detection. Larson & turbo. As a NDT-II technician with scope involving ultrasonic flaw detection of raw Shut down projects: 2005-06.acharya11@gmail. furnaces. Qatar as multi-disciplined NDT-technician. India. 2003-06: M/s Quality inspection services. CLIENTS: Godrej & Boyce ltd. India. job involving visual inspection of pressure vessels.Equate petrochemical Co. penetrant and magnetic particle test of welded joints. Godrej & Boyce ltd. Mumbai as advanced NDT assistant. Enercon India ltd. RESUME Hemant G. Scope involves Ultrasonic flaw detection of raw materials and welded joints as per ASME and AWS- D-1. Kuwait. heat-exchangers & vacuum test of storage tanks weld joints. As an NDT inspector. Mumbai. Thanking you! (Hemant G Acharya) .Qatar petroleum refinery. 2004. Mesaieed. CLIENTS: Gujarat atomic power station. Vikram Ispat Mukand ltd. exchangers. boilers. Magnetic particle and Penetrant test of welded joints of various Columns. Scope involves Ultrasonic thickness measurement of pipelines. reactors. columns and bubble leak test. Acharya – Advance NDT Level II E-mail: hemant. Kuwait. reactors. furnaces. M/s Blue star ltd.Equate petrochemical Co.