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Dear Admissions Officer


我是 Miss. Fangzhou Gu 的高中生物老师。Fangzhou 的生物课表现非常优异,成绩一直稳
定在全班前三。通过与 Fangzhou 三年的接触,我坚信她是一位品学兼优的学生,在此向贵
校郑重推荐这名 strong candidate.
I am miss fang, the biology teacher of Fangzhou Gu at his high school. Fangzhou has
always excelled in his biology class, whose performance always resides in the top
three of all classmates. I have known her for three years, during which time I have
always believed in her integrity and capacity for knowledge. It is for this reason
that I would like to recommend Miss Fangzhou Gu to your school.
Fangzhou 在生物学科方面有很优秀的素养。她善于总结归纳、触类旁通,比如她在遇到某
几。最重要的是 Fangshou 还十分乐于帮助在生物课学习上落后的同学们,看着她耐心讲题,
Fangzhou has showed her excellent flair in biology. She shares a specialty in
assorting and categorizing problems. For example, when she encounters a new
challenge in her study, she can perfectly identify the core of the problem and
expediently figure out a way to solve it. She is equally talented in conducting many
biology experiments. I still remember one time when were in the lab studying enzyme
catalysis, her vision of the experiment was very clear. Very deftly, she grasped
the essence of the experiment and made most of the given material. She spearheaded
her team to finish the project the fastest. She is also rigorously careful with
details. When we were making models of animal cells and vegetable cells, she would
always go through the numbers back and forth until they were by all accounts correct.
The last but not the least, Fanzhou is very benevolent when it comes to others’
problem, she will patiently walk her classmates through hard academic questions,
which I believe will in turn enhance her own capability at studying as well.
Fangzhou 对生物学有着强烈的好奇心。她常在我讲完课后追着我问一些超越教学大纲的知
本真的兴趣,这种兴趣是支持她越走越远最好的动力和老师。我还经常看见 Fangzhou 在课
Fangzhou always possesses an undying curiosity for biology. She always follows me
after class and asks me some questions that are not covered in our test books. One
time I asked her about her curiosity, to which she responded that curiosity was both
the means and ends of studying. I was slightly overwhelmed by this answer, because
from that moment on I realized that she didn’t work hard on biology solely for the
exam. She simply shared the most genuine affinity to biology, which was the most
perfect impetus and mentor for her. She always reads during the break. It delights
me very much to see that her passion for reading and biology has certainly affected

com . Yours sincerely. XXX Biology Teacher High School Attached to Beijing University of Technology xxxgdfz@126. 在听说了 Miss. Fangzhou 准备赴美留学的消息之后,我表示十分支持。我相信 Fangzhou 的科学素养与 thirst for knowledge 一定能让她去更高更广阔的学术平台上发光发热。 After I have learned that she is going to an American school. I believe that her passion and fluency in scientific knowledge will guide her to become an asset at a global academic scale.the classmates around her. which has rendered her an asset of the class. I am happy that I can offer her some of my support.