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The road goes ever on and on

Down from the door where it began
Now far ahead the road has gone
and I must follow it if I can
Pursuing it with weary feet
Until it joins some larger way
Where many paths and errands meet
And wither then I cannot say.
- JRR Tolkien

I never felt that I was alone in this road.

I will never cease expressing my unfathomable gratitude to the following
people who showed and taught me that life is not a primrose path, that life is
something that should never be taken for granted and that I should bring out the
best of me in every trial along the way.
Dr. Jocelyn I. Bartolata, my exceptional and effective thesis adviser and
the live portrait of what I want to become*; to whom I offer my deepest
admiration; for the effort and time she had rendered me; for boosting my nerves
and for believing in my obscured abilities.
My very dynamic set of panelists headed by our dean, Dr. Ma. Julieta
Borres, Dr. Ma. Celina Eladia Meneses and Dr. Maria Sarte, who is also my
research professor; for all the scrutiny, comments and suggestions that
substantially helped the completion of this study. I would also like to thank you for
the time, effort and all.
The BUCAL English Department. My dear respondents, without them this
research will never be realized. Thank you for all the teachings and wisdom you
have shared with me.
Dr. Jean Salalima-Go; for your generosity and kindness, lending me the
most valuable materials for this research. I would also like to thank the people
from CHED Region V office for the smiles and reception during those fussy days
when I come to their office.
My mama and papa; for the moral, emotional and financial support; for
letting me feel like youre always beside me though were a thousand miles away.
Mak, Mika, my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins; for being there
for me all this time.
The management and the network (my housemates), my beloved family
by heart ,B-Ann, Ganda, Shin, Pete, Nini, Joa, Gladys, Emps and BB; for lifting
my spirit during the hard times I had with this thesis. Thanks for the warm
acceptance, the funny drama and horror nights, the forgivable felonies and for
the love and friendship that filled our humble abode.
The group of gifted individuals who call themselves SALOTs- Mae, Peter,
Jobelle, Cha, Clur, Justine, Alea, Shy and Ate Tin; for everything. I cannot find
the words to say how I feel. Thanks for the four years of love and laughter.
The AB English Block B (Batch 2010-2014); for being a joyous company in
this journey. Thank you classmates for the fruitful and happy years.
The Wordsmith and SEM family; my beloved editorial staff, Sir Vince, SEM
officers and co-facis.
All of my precious friends. You know who you are.
Hypnerotomachia Poliphili; for making me BELIEVE.
All the hobbits, elves, wizards and Valars; for taking me away from reality
every time the earth becomes a real Mordor.
Everyone who believed in my abilities. Thanks to those numerous
unnamed faces who became part of my academic strife. A handful of thanks to
those kind and loving souls who believed in my colorful vanity, who trusted my
capabilities, who taught me to refrain from demoting myself and go out of the box
that houses my weak spirit.
And most of all, I would like to thank the Supreme Being up there for all
the things he had rendered to me. I offer this work in His holy name and glory.
Grazie dal profondo del mio cuore.