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100 Days

By Alexis Angel

Copyright 2017 by Naughty Angel Publishing

All rights reserved

This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, places, and incidents either are
products of the authors imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to
actual events or persons is entirely coincidental. This work is intended for adults only.

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Well make it worth your while


*Think youre a true player? Take the challenge and try not to
fall in love for 100 Days*

100 Days a matchmaking game for the wealthiest circle of New

York Citys elite. Pay $100 million and enter yourself to find a
soulmate. If you dont fall in love with someone they send in 100
days, then you win the combined entry fee of everyone thats
come before you.

No one has won. Love has conquered them all. The pot has
grown to $4 billion.

*But all thats about to change. Because the game has a new
player. Me.*

As the wealthiest hedge fund manager on Wall Street, I got the

cash. As a former SEAL, Ive got the body. And with 12 inches of
lust muscle between my legs, no one goes home unhappy.
I dont plan on losing. Until they send the creator of the game
herself Athena Hawke.

This curvy blonde is sent to bring me down and make me lose.

She opens up a side of me that I never even knew existed.

Now Im dealing with a lust and passion that could bring me and
my business crashing down.

I've never lost at anything.

*But will I still want to win this game of love against Athena in
100 days?*


H er face is pressed against the floor-to-ceiling

windows of my office and her breath is making
fogged, heart-shaped patterns on the glass.
"Fuck me harder," she purrs.
I smile, grabbing both of her hips in my hands.
"You don't have to ask me twice doll," I growl, slamming my
cock balls-deep into her pussy. This is one hell of an intern
whatever her name is. Lacey? Or is it Lisa, or maybe LanaI
can't remember, and to be honest, I don't give a fuck.
All I know is that she's hotsmoking hotand willing, so
here I am, bending her over the entirety of Manhattan.
We're putting on quite a show.
I wonder if anyone's catching a good look at her tits and face
smashed against the window. Probably not, because we're 50
stories up, but the idea of it makes me even fucking harder.
"You like that?" I ask her with a smile.
It's a rhetorical question. Of course she fucking likes this.
Who wouldn't? And by the way she's moaning and biting her
lower lip, I know she agrees.
Don't roll your eyes at me gorgeous. I'm richI could bounce
hundred dollars bills off this woman's ass all night long, and I
have a perfectly chiseled body, the kind you'd love to use your
tongue to trace every ridge with. And with the snap of my
fingers, I'm up to my fucking eyeballs in women.
At any given moment.
At any given day.
They're pawing at me, and begging me with their eyes. Go
ahead, I dare you to gaze into my breezy blue eyes that are the
color of the Bahamas. I'm sure you'll fall just as hard and fast
for me.
Oh, you don't know who I am? Sorry, where are my fucking
manners? Let's start from the beginning. I'm Malcolm Bane, and
I'm one of the richest men on Wall Street. You've probably seen
me listed in Forbes' list of top 30 under 30. I've made more
money on Wall Street than most men make in their entire lives.
And that's how I like it.
Capitalism makes my cock hard and so does this intern.
Instead of responding, this woman suddenly reaches back,
grabs my silk tie in her small, manicured hand, and pulls me
close to her mouth until my ear brushes against her
crimson lips.
"You have no idea," she whispers, "how much I like this."
There. See? I fucking told you.
The way her warm breath runs across my ear and down my
neck makes my pulse kick in my chest.
I bring my hand down on her ass, giving it a quick slap, and
piston my cock in and out of her pussy at a faster pace.
Then I decide to change things up. I lift her into my arms and
walk her over to my desk, pushing aside paperwork, along with
my desk phone with one quick push of my forearm. It all tumbles
to the floor.
I lie her down on the dark mahogany, grabbing her legs and
draping them over my shoulders. I grab her thighs and pull her
ass to the edge of the desk. Angling my cock back inside of her
pussy, I give her a deep thrust. I watch as she grabs the edge of
the desk with both hands and let's out a stifled scream. Her toes
curl with the force of an oncoming orgasm.
Her hands are grasping at anything to hold on to as I begin
fucking piledriving into her. Ive lost all fucking reason - all
rational thought. I just need to fucking cum at this point.
As I fuck her, I watch her tits bounce in rhythm with my
thrusting, and I reach down, grabbing one in each fist.
As hot as this intern isas good as this fuck session isit
never seems enough.
Shes trying to hold on. Her hands are all over the place.
Theyre grasping onto my keyboard, her cum-sticky fingers
punching keys on my terminal and the 10 screens I have
registering buy and sell orders based on her body jerks. But I
dont fucking care. Im too in the moment of this fuck. My cock
is starting to tingle. The underside of it is starting to crackle with
If I'm honest, I can fuck hundreds of hot women, but at the
end of the day, sex isn't capable of fulfilling anything more than
a physical need. There's nothing emotional about itand that's
fine by me. I'm all about the physical.
And the more that I think about it, I realize I'm a slave to my
cock. I guess it's true what they saythat men can only think
with one head at a time, and right now, that head is flushed a
deep purple, and leaking precum.
"Fucking Christ," I say, throwing my shoulders back. "You
feel so fucking good."
"Cum for me, Malcolm," she purrs, reaching down and
caressing my balls with her fingers. "I want you to cum inside of
me yes, oh fuck, yes."
I close my eyes and groan as a hot bolt of desire shoots down
my body.
I feel my balls tense and then I see it. I'm getting text
messages, one after another, on my cell phone.
My terminal is going wild.
A few faces pop on one of my video call screens at my desk (I
have 10 screens in my workstation)
They look fucking urgent, and when I glance down at the sight
of my desk, I see wild orders placed from my terminal. A trader is
trying to speak to me through the video call, but my ears are
ringing with lust and I cant hear. He sounds frantic though.
He's at the trading desk, and he's telling me about a huge
fucking trade happening right now. Coming from my desk. If I
don't pull it back, I'm going to lose millions.
But I can't fucking stop.
Fuck, here I cum.
I'm chasing an orgasm stronger than a rocket at lift off, and
I'm about to fucking explode.
"That's itoh fuck yes!" the intern screams, and just as she
does, I shoot rope after rope of hot cum deep inside of her pussy.
I pull my throbbing cock out and she grabs it, milking me until I
think I don't have anything left.
She yanks the condom off my cock and her eyes widen at the
Magnum of cum right in front of her. My cock is still dribbling
cum but she takes my condom and empties its contents over her
tits, letting it slide down her body in rivulets.
Something to remember me by, she says with an evil grin.
She locks eyes with me, and brings her fingers to her lips,
licking off remnants of my salty cum.
She's smiling, but as my pulse slowly returns to normal, the
realization hits meshe's not the only one who just got
I look over to the terminal.
In the throes of our fuck, we must have messed with the
trading system thats wired into my desk. I can place trades from
my desk that most people cant - I mean come on, Im the
fucking CEO.
And it looks like I placed a series of extremely bad bets.
Thats what happens when youre randomly hitting the
keyboard with your hands because youre in the middle of
And those trades have gone south.
I've just lost one of the largest amounts of money in a single
day thats ever been recorded.
People are rushing into my office.
They dont even care that were naked.
The intern looks around, puzzled as her boss runs into the
office. Hes frantic.
People are fucked.
If I don't fix this fucking soon, my entire empirethis firm,
the palatial Manhattan apartments, all of the wealth I've worked
so hard to buildit's all going to crumble quicker than a wave
washing out a sandcastle.
I'll be nothing.
I'll leave nothing.
I'll be a washed up joke.
And there's no fucking way I'm going to let that happen.
Wanna come help me fix this, babe?


"Y ou look like you could use another drink," Andrew laughs,
refilling my glass with a ribbon of amber-colored whiskey.
"You know me all too well," I smile, grabbing the glass and
downing its contents in one swig. "I'm in some deep shit."
I look out the windows of my office, across the city skyline,
and over the steady river of traffic snaking between buildings.
It's one thing to look out across the city from 50 floors up, and a
whole other thing when you're viewing it from a cardboard box
on a street corner. If I don't fix this shit I'm in, I'll be that guy on
the corner, with one foot from the fucking gutter. Just thinking
about this causes a thin film of sweat to pool on the nape of
my neck.
"You may be in some deep shit, but if you don't slow down,
you'll be under this desk, drunker than you've been," Andrew
chuckles, slapping his hand down on the mahogany, "instead of
bending another intern over it."
"What makes you think I have plans to bang an intern
"Are you kidding?" he says, eyes wide. "We've been best
friends since college. That's long enough to really know a
person. And I think the real question is: When do you not have
plans to bang an intern?"
I watch as Andrew laughs again, this time, the laugh is deep
enough to make his belly shake.
"Are you telling me you've never bent anyone over your
desk?" I ask.
"Not like you, man. I don't think anyone can keep up with
you. What's the official count now? 100or maybe 1,000? Don't
tell me it's more than that."
We both laugh and slam back another shot of whiskey.
"I'm just giving you a hard time," Andrew smiles. "But I'm
not shocked its come to this. And you're like a brother to me,
man. The last thing I want is to see you hit rock bottom. Sure,
you play hard, but you work equally hard. I know that, and so
does everyone else. I've watched you build this empire. I don't
want to watch you lose it too."
He says this with a sincerity in his eyes that's touching.
"Unfortunately, I think I have more than a few enemies
unhappy rivals in the world of business, and any one of them
would be more than fucking happy to see me fail," I say.
"I'm sure it's not that bad," Andrew shrugs. "It can't be all
doom and gloom. You're painting a bleak picture, but I'm sure
you'll think of something. You always do."
"This time is different," I say, shaking my head. "I think this
time I'm out of fucking options. I'm fucking serious."
Andrew sits back in the soft leather of my couch, deep in
thought. He's flicking his wrist, swirling a few pieces of his
remaining ice in his glass. It's making a repetitive clinking
I've known him long enough to know that when he's deep in
thought, it's best not to break his concentration. The man has
always been a deep thinker, which is why he's one of the best
attorneys this city's got.
I pace the office, quiet but tense.
Finally, Andrew breaks the silence. "I might have a solution."
I raise my eyebrows in surprise. "Really? If so, I'm all ears.
Give it to me."
"Have you heard of Athena's company?" he asks, his eyes
locked on mine.
"Wait, you mean Athena Hawke? The Athena Hawke of
Millionaire Matches, Inc.? Of course I've heard of her. She eats
men for breakfast. She's ruthless, which explains why she's so
"You scared of her or something?" Andrew laughs.
"Of course not. I'm Malcolm fucking Bane. Women don't
scare menot even women like Athena. It's just an
"Good, because her entire business model on matchmaking is
like a contest you could enter.
"She calls it 100 Days," Andrew says. "And only Manhattan's
richest are invited to play."
"Why is that?"
"Because the buy in is $100 million per person," he smiles.
I let out a shrill whistle. "Pretty steep for a contest. You gotta
to be fucking kidding me, Andrew.
"I'm serious as a heart attack," Andrew says. "Of course,
you're supposed to be going there to find love but you can be
like those people who go to her to play this like a game.
"I'm in no fucking position to be playing $100 million dollar
games, Andrew. C'mon, man. This is serious. I need to make
money, not spend it."
"Just hear me outlet me finish. There's more. If you win,
the payout is $4 billion dollars."
"Okay, now you've got my attention," I say, turning to
face him.
Thats the total amount that has been paid in through the
buy-ins to date, Andrew says. Minus whatever Athena takes
as her cut. But people go in thinking theyre been able to not fall
in love. They bet $100 million theyll win. They come out happy
to pay because they find theyre happier losing.
Fuck that, I say with a snort. No such fucking thing.
"I told you," Andrew says, his grin widening. "If you win this
pot, your problems are solved. It's that simple."
"But what makes you think I even have a shot at winning
this?" I ask. If I'm fucking honest, this sounds too good to be
true. And when something sounds too good to be true, it
usually is.
"Because this is a game you know all too well," he says,
standing up and clapping his hand across my back.
"And what game is that?" I ask.
He turns to me, and smiles. "Women."
"Now I'm confused. Women? What about them?"
"Over the course of 100 days, Athena will be pairing you up
with womenbeautiful fucking women, gorgeous womenand
to win this game, you can't fall in love with any of them. Not a
single one."
I can't help but laugh out loud. "Is that fucking it? I just have
to keep myself from falling in love with any of them?"
"That's it," Andrew says, shrugging his shoulders. "But it's
harder than it sounds, believe me. I hope your cock doesn't get
in the way, and make you lose it all."
"Let me tell you something," I say. "My cock doesn't
do love."
"You say that now" Andrew smirks, giving me a sideways
"I mean it. Love is like a foreign word, from a language I don't
fucking speak," I smile. "This will be the easiest fucking money
I've ever made. Trust me."
I got it up on my phone if you want to make an appointment
to enter yourself, Andrew says.
And before Andrew can say another word, I'm already taking
his phone and signing up.
This is too easy.
$4 billion dollars here I come.


A n African proverb has it that love is a despot who spares

no one. I tend to agree, and thats why I break men for a living.
Hey, dont look at me like that.
You might think Im an evil bitch, but men are the ones
taking me up on this challenge. They come to me with high
hopes and expectations, and they risk it all. And love, like the
despot it is, crushes them under its heel. Okay, that might be too
harsh of an expression; thats just the way I see it, though. In
truth, all of my clients leave me with a wide smile on their faces
and a galloping heart. They come to me looking for love and
thats exactly what they find. In the process, I line my pockets
with their hard-earned money.
Money for loveit isnt such a bad trade off, is it? Money
makes me happy, love makes them happy; in the end, everyone
There are two kinds of men that come and ask me for a
meeting, though. The first type comes in with a full wallet and
an empty heart, and they look at me like the gatekeeper to a
happy life next to a woman they can love. The second type is
pretty rare, and they come to me looking for an easy payday
they think they can dodge love and its traps (and take my money
in the process) but, in the end, they surrender to it all the same.
Once again, love spares no one.
If Im not mistaken (and I rarely am), the man Im meeting
today belongs to that second category. His reputation as a hedge
fund manager precedes him, and the same can be said of his
sexual escapades. Whenever you talk about Malcolm Bane, you
also end up talking about money and sexand that in the same
Your eleven oclock is here, my assistant tells me through
the intercom. Leaning forward in my chair, I press the red button
blinking there.
Make him wait a couple of minutes and then send him in, I
say, even though Im not doing anything right now. The first rule
when dealing with men like Malcolm Bane is that you have to
make them wait. And thats exactly what Im doing right now.
I lean back on my chair, take a deep breath and drum my
fingertips against the surface of my desk. Sun is streaming
through the open blinders, flooding the spacious room with its
warm light, and I stretch lazily as I ready myself mentally for the
I take another deep breath and thats when I hear a knock at
the door.
Come in, I say, and then the door swings open to reveal one
of the most handsome men Ive ever seen in my entire life.
Dont get me wrong, Ive already seen pictures of Malcolm
before, but he looks so much better in the flesh. If the Gods ever
walked the Earth, I doubt they looked as handsome as this.
With a perfectly symmetrical face, his jaw seems to have been
chiseled in stone. And the same can be said of his body
standing at least a head taller than me, his dark suit clings to his
body like a second skin, hinting at a rock-hard layer of muscles
hiding under the fabric. And his eyes piercing and smart,
theyre the kind of eyes than can make a woman grow weak in
the knees.
Welcome. Im Athena Hawke, I say, pushing my chair back
and going up to my feet as I introduce myself. I offer him my
hand and, closing the distance between us, he takes it in his.
Malcolm Bane. Nice to meet you, he replies, looking into
my eyes and allowing his gaze to wander around the room, one of
his eyebrows cocked. The dcor in my office is minimalist and
sleek, a warm and bright white coating the walls, just like the
tight blue dress Im wearing right now, and everything in this
room was designed to appeal to the senses.
First impressions are important, right? Especially when
youre dealing with love and seduction. Thats why, when
choosing an office for me, I settled on one that was both
intimate and intimidating at the same time. Small and
comfortable, but still big enough to tell everyone Im meeting
that in here, Im the one in charge. So, Ive heard youre quite
the miracle maker, Malcolm says as he sits down in the chair
facing my desk, putting an end to the first niceties that are
inevitable in meetings of this kind.
When it comes to love, yes, thats right. Thats what you
want to find, right? Love, I ask him, locking eyes with him and
showing him the hint of a smile.
Well, I had already given up on finding a woman I could love.
But then I heard about you and your miracles and, well, here I
am, he replies, but his tone is so confident that I cant help but
feel doubt stirring inside of me: did he really come here looking
for love? Or is he after the guarantee I provide to all of my
clients? If I cant deliver on my promises, they receive a hefty
payment. That's never happened, of course, and it wont be
Malcolm wholl change that.
In truth, the payment has gotten larger and larger as each
person who comes through the doors has found love. Nowadays,
people come based on the payout itself - but they all leave
with love.
You came to the right place, I say, allowing the grin on my
face to fade slowly, letting him know that I dont take the
promises I make to my clients lightly.
I want to sign up for 100 Days, Malcolm says, looking me in
the eyes. I dont think Im going to fall in love and I have $100
million to prove it.
You come in here looking for love, youll find it, but Ill take
your money to convince you, Malcolm. Now, I open one of the
drawers under my desk and take one the questionnaires I have
there, please fill out this questionnaire and be as detailed as
you can. The more details you give us, the easier itll be for us to
find you a match.
Details, uh he mutters, taking the sheet of paper out of
my hands and allowing his eyes to wander over the questions on
the page. Lots of questions in here, he raises his eyes to meet
mine, clearly not impressed with having to put in the work.
Thats how it works. We have to get to know you before we
can find you a match.
And are you sure you can do that? he asks, raising his eyes
from the page and looking straight at me with an expression that
screams I doubt you can pull it off.
Of course, I reply, looking back at him, but theres an
insidious whisper inside of me that tells me that Malcolm is
going to be a problematic one. Hotter than Hells cauldron itself,
hes more experienced with the opposite sex than most men that
walk inside my office. He seems like the type of man who
doesnt really believe in love, and you can trust me when I tell
you that I know the type. I fell for a man just like him before, and
Ill never make that mistake again.
So, how does this work? he asks me, folding the
questionnaire in half and placing it inside his jacket.
You make the buy-in and then, according to your profile,
well arrange a few dates for you. Eventually, youll find what
youre looking for.
What if I dont?
In that case, youll be entitled to $4 billion. Its all in the
contract youll sign.
That seems like a risky proposition for you, he says,
lowering his voice and leaning slightly forward, his eyes never
leaving mine. I mimic him, leaning toward him as well, and I
notice his eyes being drawn by my lips.
I never fail, Mr. Bane. Ever, I whisper, narrowing my eyes
as I feel the pressure in the room grow and grow, almost as if the
air around us has become heavier.
Well see about that, wont we? he says, his voice so low
that his words are barely a whisper. Leaning back, I notice his
gaze hiking down to my cleavage, and hes completely shameless
about it.
Well see about that, I repeat after him, my heart suddenly
picking up the pace.
Suddenly, Im not so sure about this whole thing.
This isnt going to be easy.


"S weet and salty," Stacey purrs, licking a stray drop of cum
from her lips before reaching for a chocolate truffle. "It's the
perfect combo." I can't help but marvel at how exact her lipstick
matches her nail polisha candy apple red, with a gloss that
looks wet.
Instead of responding, I give her a nonchalant nod as I pull on
my pants.
Athena knows how to pick a hotel suite; I'll give her that. And
she knows how to pick women. Over these last two months,
she's thrown every trick in the book at me.
And let me tell youthis room drips opulence and seduction.
There's a tray of strawberries on the coffee table, a handful of
the finest dark chocolate truffles I've ever seen, and two flutes of
Dom Perignon White Gold champagne, popping and glittering
like two scoops of diamonds.
Of course, I know this is all part of Athena's game.
It's a trapa gilded cage, really. But a damn good one at that.
The nicer the roomthe propsthe girlsall of that is
supposed to lure me into falling in love, but so far this has been
easier than I could've ever imagined.
Like I said, love is a foreign concept. I wasn't kidding when I
told you that.
One of Athena's most recent girlsStacey, is fastening her
bra across her back.
Sure, she's hota fiery red-head with a perfect heart-shaped
ass and great tits that she's been flashing in my face all night,
and she just gave me a grade-A blow job, but I'm not in the least
bit interested in fucking her, let alone falling in love with her.
Just thinking about that as a possibility almost makes me
After she finishes pulling her clothes back on, she reaches
down and pinches a strawberry in between her fingers.
She smiles, and slowly brings it to her lips, taking a bite while
keeping her eyes locked on mine. I watch as a small, ruby-
colored drop of juice escapes from her lips and drips down
her chin.
"Whoops," she giggles, scooping the juice with her fingertip,
and licking it. "Want a bite?" she asks, holding the strawberry in
my direction.
"Maybe another time, doll," I say, pulling up the zipper of my
pants with a quick, metallic zing.
It's an act of finality.
She looks disappointed. Downright deflated. Even her hair
has lost some of its volume. She knows her time is running out
with me, and she's ready to pull out all the stops.
"How about a bite of these?" she purrs, squeezing her breasts
together. Her nipples are popping out above the top of her bra.
For a split second, I think about using my tongue to give those
tits a quick taste, but I shake that thought from my mind.
And then I wonder if something's wrong with me.
Am I defective? I mean, here's a beautiful woman throwing
herself at me, and I'm not in the least bit interested in
fucking her.
My cock isn't even hard.
What. The. Fuck.
In fact, I haven't been interested in fucking any of the girls
Athena's sent my way. Don't get me wrong, they've all been hot
some of the hottest women I've ever seenbut I'm not
interested, not even tempted. And that's gotta be some kind of
record for me.
And it's not because of this '100 Days' game either.
Sure, I'm competitive, and I want to win but if I'm honest,
the real reason I'm not interested in fucking any of these girls is
because I can't get Athena Hawke out of my mind.
She's unlike any woman I've ever seen before.
Confident and yet, indifferent.
I'm intrigued by the way she didn't fall over herself when we
met. Most women do, but not her. She acted as if she didn't care
if I was in the room or not.
I've never experienced that before.
And I had no idea she was so hot. Those sharp stilettos,
tight pencil skirt, and perfectly tailored blouse hugging her
curves now there's a woman who knows what she's doing. Her
business acumen is enviable, and she knows how to command a
room better than any woman I've ever met.
The more I think about it, the more it dawns on me that she'd
make an interesting conquest. What man wouldn't want to
conquer something like that? But then again, it's probably best
that she's not in this game.
Why am I still thinking about her anyways?
I never think about a single woman this much. I can hardly
remember a woman's name, let alone a face. And now I'm
obsessing over one.
So, why Athena?
Why now?
It bothers me a little bit that I'm even fucking thinking about
her this much, after just one, brief encounter. I don't like the
thought of a woman getting under my skin, especially now. Not
like this. I need to keep a cool, clear head to win this
fucking game.
But honestly, I'm not worried.
"Maybe I'll see you around?" Stacey says, her voice thick with
hope. I almost forgot that she was still here. She has her purse
slung over one shoulder, and is nearly out the door.
"Sure doll," I say. "Maybe."
But even she recognizes that as a lie, and without another
sound, she steps out the door, closing it behind her.
In her silent absence, I wonder if I'm even capable of falling
in love.
But I shake that thought from my brain like flicking ants off
of a picnic blanket.
It's a nuisance following those thoughts.
It's not fucking worth my time.
This is about business, and right now, my ass is on the line.
My future wealth depends on it. It's the difference between the
penthouse suite and a cardboard box, remember?
I'm looking for money, not love. It's really that fucking
At this point, I'm halfway though the game, with only a
couple of months to go.
50 days down, and 50 more to go.
I'm in the home stretch, baby. I can smell the money.


W ell, I was rightMalcolm's trouble. I threw the

best girls I had on file at him, and he still didnt
take the bait. And when I mean the best girls, I really mean it
they were all smart, witty, and beautiful. Malcolm didnt even
bat an eye before sending them back. I mean, he didnt even fuck
any of them; the farthest he went was receiving a blowjob. The
man is a challenge, but what else was I expecting from someone
like him? The moment I saw him for the first time, I knew right
away that he was a hard man when it came to matters of the
heart. Sure, he has a reputation when it comes to sleeping with
beautiful woman, but I dont think anyone on Earth has ever
heard of Malcolm falling in love.
Which is a pity, really. If Malcolm was a serious guy capable of
love, Im pretty sure hed make some lucky woman very, very
happy. At least between the sheets. I mean, when it comes to
looks, the man is perfect, and Ive only seen him inside a suit.
God, I cant help but wonder how hed look outside a suit,
wearing nothing but a layer of muscles, his cock hard and
ready to
What the hell am I even saying? I need to keep my head
between my shoulders, not have it rolling around in the gutter.
Jesus, this is bad, I say as I go through the documents in front
of me, briefings detailing the women I have on file. After
throwing my best ones at Malcolm, Im slowly starting to run out
of options.
And this happened fast. Hes that notorious troublemaker,
right? Malcolm Bane? Julia asks me, sitting on my desk and
folding her legs as she looks down at the documents in front
of me.
Julia has been my best friend for years now. Weve met when
we were still in college, and we hit it off right from the start. I
dont believe in soul mates when it comes to love, but thats an
expression I simply have to use when it comes to Julia. Friends
like hers are something as rare as true loveperhaps, even
Yeah, he is. Can you believe this? He didnt care about any of
these girls, I tell her, pointing at the discarded stack of
briefings on the far end of my desk. She reaches for the stack
and picks a few of the documents, casually appraising the girls in
Mm. Hes picky, that's for sure. Which is weird. Wasnt he
supposed to be some kind of sex addict?
Yeah, but I guess hes a picky sex addict. Besides, getting
him to be with a woman isnt enough. I need to make him fall in
love, I sigh, running one hand through my hair.
You might need to lose your panties on this one, Athena,
Julia smirks, looking at me with an amused expression on her
face. Or else you might lose your shirt.
Thanks for the encouragement, I tell her with a frown, and
she just shrugs.
It wouldnt be that bad, would it? I mean, just look at him
she says, picking up the folder where I have Malcolms picture
and all of his personal details. She opens the folder on top of her
legs and gazes down at his picture, biting down on her lower lip.
Hes a piece of heaven... she whispers, more to herself than
to me.
Very funny. Arent you late for your yoga class or
Oh, crap, she breathes out, unlocking her phone and
looking at the timestamp there. Crap, crap, crap. She jumps
up from the desk and rushes toward the door, picking her gym
bag up from the couch lining the wall. Ill call you later. Keep
me in the loop on this one, she continues, opening the door and
stepping outside so fast that she crashes against a man standing
there, his fist raised as he prepares to knock.
Julia, the man says, a grin on his lips.
Mr. Piece of Shit, she replies without even thinking,
standing up straight as an expression of disgust takes over her
face. Theres no love lost between Mr. Piece of Shit (or Ben as I
know him, although the nickname fits) and Julia. In truth,
though, Julia is just defending me.
You see, Ben Danvers was the man who broke my heart. Tall
and handsome, he lured me with sweet words, took my virginity
and then crushed my heart under his heel as if it was nothing.
Not one week after I gave him the spare key to my apartment, I
walked in on him and some random slut going at it on my own
bed. The same bed where he took my virginity and whispered I
love you into my ear.
Yeah, Bens a real classy act.
It doesnt help that Ben travels in the same fucking circles
as me.
That's right. I have to see this man at every cocktail party and
gallery show that I go to.
The world of the Manhattan elite is pretty fucking small once
you take out all the nouveau-riche posers who made their money
playing basketball or making rap videos, sex videos, or getting
on the cast of Jersey Shore. You take those people out and then
subtract anyone that cant hold a conversation and now youre
left with a small circle of folks that you see pretty much every
Everyone calls them the 1%.
I call them my friends and family. And Ben. Fucking Ben.
Charming as always, Julia, he grins, walking past her and
casually sitting down on the chair facing my desk. Nice seeing
you again, Athena. You look even more beautiful than I --
Shut the fuck up, Ben, I tell him right away, not even
bothering to play nice with him. Hes lucky I havent kicked his
balls up into his brain by now. What the hell are you doing
here? Julia gives me a look that I can only translate as a Do you
need backup? but I just shake my head slightly. With a nod, she
turns on her heels and leaves my office, closing the door
behind her.
Maybe I decided to pay you a visit? he replies, the tone I
once found charming now making me feel sick to my stomach.
Has it ever happened to you? When you find a man handsome
and charming, and then you start seeing everything from
another angle? Because thats what happened to me. And now,
instead of seeing him as charming, I only see him as sleazy.
My eyes are open now.
If you came here because you want to be my client, youre in
the wrong place, Ben. You have to have a heart in order to find
love, I tell him, slowly standing up as I prepare to dismiss him.
Im not here for that, he tells me smugly, enjoying the fact
that he knows something that I dont. I know you have an
interesting client now. I cant help but react instinctively at
that, blinking in surprise. So, Im not wrong, huh? Malcolm
really is your client, isnt he?
I dont see what --
Calm down, Athena, dont get pissy, he says with an
annoying wave of his hand, cutting me short. I just want to
make sure your company lives up to its promise. I want Malcolm
to find love.
To hear Ben say something like that is almost laughable; and,
if I didnt know how sleazy he is, Id be laughing right now.
My company always delivers, Ben, you should know that.
But why the hell are you so interested in Malcolm?
Thats my business. But dont think Im just hoping for the
best here, he says, lowering his voice until it becomes a
whisper. Its really important that Malcolm falls in love.
Because if he doesn't he trails off, allowing his words to hang
in the air to goad me in: he wants me to start asking questions,
but I just remain silent, my eyes locked on his. If Malcolm
doesnt fall in love... he finally continues, narrowing his eyes
into slits, well, lets just say I still have those tapes of you.
Remember them? Itd be a shame if they went viral.
Those tapes.
The fucking bastard taped me quite a few times, without me
even knowing it; back when I broke up with him, he told me
what he had done and he threatened me with them. Back then, I
had nothing to lose and so I just shrugged it off. I guess he held
on to these tapes so that he could use them as leverage when the
time came.
And now here he is.
Ive built an aura of intimacy and love into my company, and
if these tapes ever leak I dont even want to think about it.
People would tear my company and I apart. Nobody would want
to have anything to do with a company that basically sells love
when, in truth, its CEO is a slut whore nasty freaky wild woman
in the bedroom who gets cheated on and never finds love. Yeah,
thats a marketing disaster waiting to happen.
Fuck you, Ben. Just fuck you, I whisper, gritting my teeth
and balling my hands into fists. I could choke him right now,
swear to God.
You can hate me as much as you want to, babe, he says
right back, that disgusting grin on his face, just make sure that
you do your job. With a wink, he then turns around and leaves
me alone inside my office.
Fuck, I mutter under my breath, sinking back down into my
chair. Theres no other way around it. That exclusive club of
friends and family I have? Vacationing with the Kennedys and
having mimosas with Melania Trump?
No way theyll ever let me live down the shame of being
caught on a series of sex tapes.
Malcolm must fall in love. Even if that means I have to be the
one seducing him.


R emember when I told you that Malcolm was being

picky about the women I was sending? Well, tonight that
pickiness comes to an end.
If youre wondering why Im saying that, the answer is a
simple one: tonight Malcolm has a date with me. Yeah, this is
the first time I've ever agreed to go out with a client of my
company, but what can I do? Its not like I have any other option.
If Malcolm doesnt fall in love with anyone, the money Ill owe
him will be like a nail in my coffin. And then there are those
fucking tapes Yeah, if I dont seduce Malcolm, my company is
finished, and that, dear, will never happen under my watch. My
company is my baby, and Ill fight tooth and nail to protect it.
Were meeting at Masa and Im already late20 minutes, to
be precise. Thats on purpose, of course, but I bet you already
knew that. You see, even though most of the girls I sent to meet
Malcolm were high quality ones, I bet they fell under his spell
the moment they saw him. I mean, its not like I can blame them
wealthy, handsome, and charming? Yeah, I had to fight hard
not to fall under his spell as well. Thing is, I had my heart broken
before, and I know exactly what kind of man Malcolm is.
I wont be a fool again, and I have Ben to thank for that.
I spot Malcolm sitting at one of the tables in the dimly lit
dining room, his back turned to me. Stopping for a few seconds, I
watch him check his wristwatch, and only then do I
approach him.
Youre late, Malcolm tells me, raising his eyes to meet
mine, an easy smile on his lips as I sit across from him. I
thought you were the consummate professional.
I am a professional, youre right about that, I start, smiling
back at him. Hes wearing a Tom Ford suit, and God he looks
amazing. Why does a man like him even need my services? Just
look at those lips they were made for kissing, and I cant help
but wonder what else they were made for. Okay, okay, I know I
have to take my mind out of the gutter right now. I need to keep
my focus. But Im not here on work, am I?
Depends on how you look at it, doesnt it? Im surprised,
though. I wasnt expecting you.
Of course, I merely say, grabbing the empty cup in front of
me and raising it slightly. Malcolm grabs the bottle of sake and
tilts it toward me, the fermented rice drink dropping smoothly
into the glass. I thought youd enjoy the surprise.
And you were right.
You see, Malcolm had no idea that Id be the one showing up
today. All he knew was that my company had booked a dinner
date for him at Masa; he had no idea which woman hed be
meeting today.
Are you that desperate you have to go out with me? he
continues, his jab a well placed one. I knew that, by coming here,
Malcolms guard would be up, but I came prepared for it.
Desperate? Im just curious, I reply with a grin, taking a sip
out of my sake while I keep my eyes trained on him. My girls
tell me youre insufferable.
Oh, really? They didnt behave like it, you know? He
doesnt waste any time thinking of his replies, and I cant help
but allow a smile to take over my lips as I realize that Malcolm is
a quick-witted man. I like men who are more than just a pretty
face, you know?
Women know how to hide their true feelings. But I see what
they meant now Youre too full of yourself, arent you? My
question could be a rhetorical one; the moment I saw him walk
into my office, I knew he had an ego big enough to fill a
Maybe, I guess, he tells me with a shrug, and this time he
catches me off-guard. Is he really admitting it?
Are you trying to play the humble card with me, Malcolm?
Because Im not the kind of girl that falls for that. This time I
decide to play defensively, test how thick the ice is before I put
both of my feet on it.
The humble card? I dont even know what the hell that is,
Athena, he tells me, that innocent expression on his face. I
know I can be quite the asshole sometimes, but I dont apologize
for who I am.
Jesus Christ, is he opening up to me? Or is this how he usually
gets inside a womans panties? Careful, Athena, I hear a whisper
echoing inside my head, and I have to resist the urge to bite
down on my lower lip.
Im not in the habit of apologizing for who I am, either. So
thats something we have in common, I tell him, and this time I
really mean it. Running the tip of my tongue between my lips, I
try and remind myself that I have to keep my guard upmen
like Malcolm are dangerous. Very dangerous.
And we both would like to see each others naked body, so
thats another thing we have in common, he tells me, so
casually that he could be commenting on the weather. I was
taking a sip of my sake, and Im so surprised by his words that I
almost spit it all out.
Who says I want to see you naked? I ask him, trying to keep
a poised posture, and that while my heart pounds hard against
my chest. The moment the words naked body fell from his lips, I
couldnt help but imagine him undressing in front of me,
revealing his cut muscles and perfect body I imagined my
fingers going for his boxer briefs, pulling them down and
revealing his large cock andsweet mercy, its hot in here all of
a sudden.
You told me. The moment I stepped foot inside your office,
your eyes told me all about it Theres no shame in it, Athena,
he smiles smugly, finishing his sake and refilling his cup.
Maybe Im just curious, I try to feign his jabs, but Im a
mess right now. My pussy is growing wet with each passing
second, and that image of his naked body simply refuses to leave
my mind. Cmon, Athena, focus!
Maybe but, just like I said, he continues, lowering his
voice and smiling, Im curious as well.
Im about to answer when the waiter comes to our table,
notepad in one hand and pen in the other.
Have you decided on what youll be having for the night?
The young waiter asks us, and I realize that yes, Ive already
decided what Ill be having tonight.
And its not sushithat much I can tell you.
Thank you, but Im not hungry, I tell the young guy waiting
on us, but my eyes never leave Malcolms.
Me neither, Malcolm whispers, standing up and dismissing
the waiter with a quick nod. Lets get out of here, he tells me,
his words dripping anticipation. I simply nod at him, and my
eyes wander down to his crotch, my imagination already working
hard as it tries to decipher what kind of tool Malcolm hides
under his pants.
Lets, I repeat after him, and I realize that my voice is even
more loaded than his with anticipation.
What the hell am I doing?


I cant believe whats about to happen.

Its like a hypnotic trance as we both leave Masa
and get into Malcolms limo as it pulls up to Columbus Circle.
Hes staring at me. Im looking at him.
But in the back of my mind, I remember what my mission is.
I have to get him to fall in love with me. I cant succumb.
On the same token, if this man can do whatever he wants
with women, then so can I with men And that means, of course,
that its time to have some fun. What else? But even after I try to
tell my brain all the reasons it needs to stay rational and not get
caught up in Malcolm, I still crave him. How could I not? After
our first meeting together, I can barely think of anything else.
Yeah, thats right.
Im telling the truth.
I cant get this glorious specimen of man out of my mind.
Closing the divider between the driver, and us I move closer
to him in the seat, my eyes on his. I can see it all theredesire,
hunger, lust. Everything that I want to see in a man at a time like
this if I want him to eventually fall in love with me.
Im breathing hard already, my cheeks flushing as I realize
that I wont be able to control myself if I dont concentrate.
Reaching for him, I lay my hand on top of his and squeeze his
fingers gently. Were sitting side by side, looking at our
reflection in the mirror that faces us.
Take me to paradise, I whisper, turning into him and
looking him in the eye; Malcolms lips curl upward into a slight
grin and hes ready but I need to explain myself further. Just
no sex, I tell him.
He looks at me.
I cant go all the way on a first date if I need you to respect
me in the morning, I tell him.
Malcolms face falls.
But I push out my chest and within seconds hes thinking
with the head that must be leaking precum.
We shall see, he growls and I actually smile.
The man is challenging me.
Well, we shall see, wont we.
He leans into me; electricity pulsing between our lips when
they press together. Both his hands are on my face, his lips
brushing against me softly. I want you to have me, but not
now I insist, as I pull back, looking into his eyes. Theres a
mischievous expression on his face, one that tells me he already
knew I wouldnt be able to resist him.
Well see how long you keep that line, he whispers. Youre
already crumbling. It went from no sex ever to no sex just
for now.
I want to do things right, I whisper back.
If thats what you want, he smiles then, his hands going to
my lower back as his mouth presses against mine once more. I
grab his jacket and, with all the patience in the world, take it off
of him; my fingers then go to his collar and I start unbuttoning
his shirt, anticipating how it will feel to brush my fingers over
the smooth skin of his chest.
You want me to fall in love with you? Malcolm asks,
breaking the spell.
Its what I need, I tell him as I come up for air. Sliding his
hand under the opening in my dress, he rests the tip of his
fingers over the dimples in my lower back, in that narrow patch
of naked skin just before my thong. A shiver goes up my spine at
his touch, my mind burning as I succumb to desire. So what if
its wrong? Maybe I can make an exception just this once.
Particularly if it involves someone as young and handsome as
His fingers go around my hips and he rests them over my
waist, tracing the contour of my thong as he goes. My heart is
already beating fast, and its not because of lust and desire. Sure,
theres that too, but somehow its different now. Its something
more powerful, more wickedly sinful. As we touch, the
alchemy of our bodies turns wrong into right, forbidden into
I finish unbuttoning his shirt and brush my fingers over the
hard lines of his abs, tracing their contour as if Im taking
measures. I let my hands climb up to his chest and then they go
to his neck; his own hands go up my side and, grabbing my face
gently, he parts his lips and slowly brushes his tongue
against mine.
How is it even possible to crave someone so much?
His hands go up my body, settling on my shoulders as he
hooks his fingers on the straps of my dress. He pulls them down
my arms, the front of the dress drooping over my breasts and
baring my bra.
He looks at me, licking his lips unconsciously as he looks at
my almost naked chest, and then pulls me back into him once
more. My naked skin brushes against his, and I can feel it
prickling, goose bumps all over me. Trapped in his embrace, I
feel his fingers on my back as he unhooks the velvety bra I still
have on. I let it slide down my arms, my hard nipples sending a
ripple of electricity down my torso as the cool air of the air
condition from the limo laps at them.
I sit still, letting Malcolm take a good hard look at me. He
isnt smiling or grinning; he just sits there, by my side, looking
at my body as if Im the last woman on earth.
You cant imagine how much I want you. How much I need
to feel my cock inside of you, he says as I grab at his shirt and
take it off his body, running the open palm of my hands down
his arms. I smile at him, and without taking my eyes off of his, I
let my fingers trace a slow and tortuous line over his chest and
abs, and then down to his belt. Hooking my fingers around it, I
pull Malcolm into me, our foreheads resting against each other. I
reach for him with my mouth and tenderly bite his lower lip.
I can imagine it, I say, But not today.
His hands go down over the curve of my backside and he
grabs me there, our bodies pressing against each other. With my
naked breasts against his chest, I swear I can almost feel his
heart drumming away.
I unbuckle his pants and then I pull the belt out from its
loops. My hearts louder now, almost racing.
This is a dangerous fucking game Im playing. As softly as I
can, I brush the tip of my fingers over his crotch, feeling the
shape of his erection straining against his pants. To feel his
desire for me is almost magical.
Taking my time, I unbutton his pants, his length pressing
against the back of my hands as I do it. My body is already aching
to have him in me.
Why am I holding back?
Good question.
I want to take my time. I deserve this. In time. Not now.
Theres a bigger picture on the line.
His pants unbuttoned, I brush my fingertip from the base of
his cock to his tip, over the smooth fabric of his boxer briefs.
Hes pulsing with desire, but he has no other choice but to let me
take the lead, allowing me to drive him insane before he finally
I keep on brushing against his cock just like this, the tip of my
finger going up and down, up and down in an endless loop. I look
at him and hes gritting his teeth, hunger flashing behind his
eyes. Hes under my spell... as much as Im under his.
I grab the hem of his boxers, and careful not to touch his cock,
I lower them. His massive erection springs free, pointing up and
straight at me as if accusing me of tortuous teasing. Just like I
love it.
Still without touching it, I grab the hem of his trousers and
slowly start pulling them down his legs as I go down to my knees
on the limos carpeted floor. I look up at him, a grin on my face,
and I know hes bursting with anticipation.
He kicks off his shoes hurriedly, and then I pull both his
pants and boxers off, my hands then brushing against his lower
legs and up. Its almost as hard for me as it is for him. I want to
tease, yes, but with his naked body so close to me, Im teasing
myself as well.
My hands climb up his legs and to his waist, my eyes not
leaving his for one simple second. His cock is throbbing, almost
jumping in place as if begging for me to touch it. Its almost
impossible to resist.
My fingertips go around his waist, and then I lower them to
his inner thighs, feeling the warmness of his skin as his
breathing starts to grow anxious. I lean into him, his cock just
one inch away from my parted lips; but I remain in place, still
not touching it. His body is tensing up, and I know how hard hes
resisting the urge to simply grab my head and thrust his hips
at me.
I open one hand, and with my open palm, I caress his balls,
feeling their weight. Theyre full with his seed, and I can barely
wait to have him panting, his cock shooting his load deep inside
me... Just by touching him there, his cock starts pulsing,
thickening even more than what I thought would be possible. I
let go of his balls and let one single finger brush over his cock all
the way from his root to his tip; I then take it off and go back
down to the base, repeating the process over and over again. Im
actually surprised by the way hes resisting his own wild urges. I
know I wouldnt be able to.
I tilt my head sideways, and leaning down, I plant my lips on
his shaft. My kiss is soft, my mouth barely touching him, but
even so I can feel the warm blood that runs through his cock
I part my lips slightly, feeling more of his flesh on me, and I
suck gently, kissing his shaft on a downward line all the way to
his balls. I then go back up, stopping just one inch away from his
tip. Pulling back, I look at him and let my tongue slowly escape
my lips and reach for his tip.
His hands go to my head when my tongue touches him, but he
simply lays them there, not moving at all. I start tracing circles
around his tip, smoothly brushing my tongue over his glans. I
know he cant wait for me to start sucking on him, and I just love
how the anticipation is almost palpable.
It feels so good He whispers, his voice loaded with
It does, doesnt it? Without even grabbing his cock with my
hand, I open my mouth and carefully engulf his whole tip,
pulling back slowly over it. He tangles his fingers in locks of my
hair, and when I look up at him, I notice he has his eyes closed.
I just love how you handle my cock He says, breathing
harder than before. I do it again, his glans inside my mouth, and
then I slowly start lowering myself, his cock rolling over my lips
and deep into my mouth. I press his thickness upwards with my
tongue, and the moment I feel him exhale sharply, I grab his
cock with my right hand. His hands on my head jerk a little,
almost as if he has been shocked, and I cant help but feel my
pussy becoming moist and dampening my thong.
Pulling back over his cock, I accompany the motion with my
hand, and when enough of his cock is out of me, I grasp the rest
of it with my other hand. Like that, I slowly start bobbing my
head; I close my eyes then, his flavor and scent completely
taking hold of all of my thoughts and pushing me toward a
frenzied state.
I start going faster, grabbing and caressing his balls with one
hand while I suck him. I never imagined I would take so much
pleasure out of sucking a man, but then again, I have never been
with a man like Malcolm. God, who would have imagined that
having your mouth filled with a cock this massive would be one
of the best feelings in the world? And Im just talking about
having him in my mouth, because when his cock is sliding deep
into my pussy How much better can all this possibly get?
But not tonight. Not if I want to win this game.
Im going as fast as I can now, and Im not even using my
hands. His fingers on my head guide me as he thrusts, my mouth
working with complete abandonment. I go like this until I feel
the muscles in my neck starting to hurt; I pull back, his cock
popping out of my mouth, but I dont allow him any rest. I
immediately start to stroke him, moving my hand so fast Im
surprised I can even do it at all.
I notice hes grabbing at my hair harshly, but I dont care. I
continue to suck him, and when I realize it, Im already moaning.
I always thought that women who moaned during a blowjob were
pretty much making a show out of it. Well, let me assure you
right now, thats not whats happening here. If Im moaning, its
not because I want to; its because I need to. And believe me, if
you ever have a cock this thick and long inside your mouth,
youll be moaning too.
Taking his cock out of my mouth, I stop to catch my breath;
then I tilt my head sideway, and lick the side of his shaft until I
reach its roots. Going further down, I kiss his balls, sucking one
in; it pops into my mouth easily, and I roll it over my tongue, my
lips not allowing it to escape. When I finally let it go free, I turn
my attention to the other one, lapping at it with my tongue
before sucking it in. Theyre massive and heavy holding all his
delicious semen inside of them
I just cant help but open my mouth as wide as I can, taking
both of his balls inside of me. I suck on them hard before I finally
turn my attention to his shaft. I slide my tongue in a straight
upward line, stopping for a heartbeat on his tip, lapping at it
with my tongue and just sucking his glans with my eager lips. I
hear him grunt slightly, and the sound of it sends shivers up and
down my spine.
He starts thrusting wildly now, and my mouth is open wide as
his cock slides in and out of me. Im not big on cursing, but
theres no other way to put this: hes fucking my mouth, and it
feels fucking amazing.
Fuck he grunts suddenly, his pace winding down. Hes
close to coming, and hes trying to resist the urge to do it Well,
its not his call. I always liked to take the lead and be the
dominant one. And Im his senior A boy like him has no other
choice but to submit to my whims.
Come for me, baby Just do it I whisper, taking his cock
out of my mouth just to get the words out. I dive into it again,
and even though hes pulling his hips back, trying to get his cock
out of me, I accompany his motion and push my mouth even
further down. He tries pushing me back with his hands, but I
push back against the hold he has on me; he has nowhere to run
to, theres no escaping me and he knows it. Im the predator and
hes my prey. Hes mine.
Grabbing his cock by the base tightly, I start sucking with as
much effort as I can muster, bobbing my head back and forth as
if my life depended on it. It doesnt take long for his cock to start
pulsing against the inner side of my cheeks, and knowing that
hes close, I push through the pain on my neck and keep going as
hard as humanly possible.
Fuck! he blurts out again, this time louder. His fingers curl
against my scalp, and with one mighty thrust, he cums into my
mouth. Its warm and salty, and as it gushes in a torrent over my
tongue, I can feel my skin prickling. I remain still, his spasming
cock inside of me as he shoots his seed, filling my mouth until it
cant hold anything else, both with his cock and his cum.
When his fingers on my head relax, I start pulling out,
tightening my lips around his cock on the way out. I look up at
him then, making a grimace out of it as his cum is still filling my
mouth; hes breathing hard, but theres a grin of satisfaction on
his face.
Still looking him in the eyes, I open my mouth, showing him
all of the cum I have in my mouth. His face lights up with a
devious grin and he takes my hand in his, pulling me up and into
him. I let myself go willingly, feeling my knees sore from all that
time kneeling at his feet. Not that Im complainingoh, not
at all.
As soon as Im at his level, I lean forward and press my mouth
against his, parting my lips and letting his tongue in. I feel his
semen starting to drip down my chin as we kiss, but I couldnt
care less. He sucks on my tongue, and then rolls his inside of my
mouth, stealing back all of his cum. The moment he pulls back
from me, I wipe my chin with the back of my hand, swallowing
whatevers left inside of my mouth. Grinning, he does the same,
his Adams apple moving up and down as his own juices go down
his throat.
Dont think that means were done, he says, that lustful
grin on his lips. He takes his hand and places it right over my
crotch. Nows my turn.
My heart thrashes inside my chest as he says it, and my pussy
almost bursts like a dam. I become so wet that I start to feel even
my dress becoming damp. And no, Im not exaggerating.
No sex, I protest weakly.
I know the truth. And so do you.
If he wants me right nowIm his.
He pulls me into him, crushing his mouth into mine. We kiss
in abandonment, Malcolms tongue brushing against my lips and
cleaning it dry of the drops of cum still hanging there. His hands
keep going up my legs, and he slides them under my body,
cupping my ass cheeks harshly as he gently bites on my neck.
Keep it hard for me, baby, I whisper into his ear, grabbing
his cock and stroking. I didnt need to worry, hes still as hard as
concrete. Even though Ive teased him to no end and forced him
to cum inside of my mouth, hes still hard! And he didnt even
need five seconds to rest and recuperate.
His fingers rub my ass cheeks, his thumbs going over my
crack and pulling at my thong. With his hands over my
underwear, he forces his way around my waist, bunching up the
fabric of my dress, and plants one hand right over my pussy and
thong. Im so wet that his fingers slip over my crotch, as if Im
covered in oil. Pressing his open palm there, he rubs it against
me until I throw my head back and start moaning hard.
He takes his hand out for one quick second, just the amount
of time necessary for him to push my dress up to my waist. As
his fingers brush against my skin, I feel them wet and slippery,
completely covered in my juices.
Once more, he presses hard against my pussy, and I start
stroking him in a backhanded motion, my hand moving over his
length almost too clumsily.
My eyes are closed, so I dont see him leaning into meall
that I feel are his lips wrapping themselves tightly around my
nipples and sucking hard on them, one hand of his cupping my
breasts and pulling at them.
I dont know how thats even possible, but Im becoming even
wetter. I can already feel my juices dripping down my inner
thighs; such is the mess my loins are in.
I moan in anticipation as he starts tugging on my dress,
pushing it down my legs in a hurry; I kick it off, lying back
against the seat just in my completely drenched thong. Exactly
the way he likes it, I bet.
He grabs my ass, squeezing hard while he pulls at the small
string that covers it. He pulls and tugs at the part of my thong
that goes around my thighs, slowly sending it down on one side
and then on the other. Soon enough, only a small wet patch of
fabric is covering my pussy.
Malcolm goes from one nipple to the other, licking and
sucking, and taking his time with my tits. I grab his head and
force him to suck on my nipples harder, the flesh in my breasts
molding to the pressure of his mouth. Softly, he pulls on my
right nipple with his teeth, biting on it with a kind of careful and
tender pressure. My mind stabbed by pleasure, he finally starts
to softly kiss his way down to my belly, going to his knees like I
did before. There, he takes his time, kissing around my waist as
if that un-tanned line of skin marked border territory. But
eventually he goes over it, his lips seductively kissing my groins.
Im fighting hard not to thrust my pussy against his face, but if
he had the mental fortitude to resist me, I can do the same.
Or, well, I can try.
Pulling me into him with his hands on my ass, he presses his
mouth over the small patch of thong that still covers me,
sucking eagerly over my pussy. I cant help but sway my hips as
he does it, knowing that my out-of-control wetness is now on
his lips and tongue, and that my most secret scents and flavors
are now his to taste.
He opens his mouth and slowly closes it, as if hes trying to
devour my pussy; then, suddenly becoming tired of not having
me completely naked, he bites on my thong and pulls it down my
legs with his teeth, rubbing his hands up and down my sides.
I look at him, his cock still proudly standing between his legs,
waiting for its turn to ravish me. I feel his eyes crawling all over
me, enjoying every valley, hill, and curve of my body, mentally
ravaging every single inch of me.
He takes his thumb and presses it just one inch above my clit,
applying downward pressure, and I feel that electric tingle
coursing through me. I dont even understand how he can
possibly know my body so well. Even I, alone in my bedroom and
having some me time, cant touch myself the way hes doing
right now. Someone as handsome as him shouldnt have this
kind of experience But he has, and Im the luckiest woman
He continues rubbing my clit, all while stretching his fingers
and brushing one of them gently on my pussy lips in a coming
and going motion. I slowly move my hips in his direction, barely
able to control myself; he just applies a bit more pressure on my
clit and I stop immediately, my whole body feeling an intense
current of electricity running through every single fiber in it.
I cant control myself. Its impossible to resist while he
tortures me like this.
I grab his wrist with one hand, and I push it against my pussy,
trying to force him to do anythingpress against it, finger me,
lick me. Anything! I need him; I need his body Fingers, mouth,
cockI need everything in him.
Fuck everything. I need to cum now. I cant think of
anything else.
Rational thought is out the window.
But hes strong, and no matter how much strength I apply,
his hand doesnt budge. He simply looks up at me, grinning as if
he knows exactly the kind of maddening torture hes putting me
If you want my cock, youll have to wait, he tells me, and I
almost want to scream in frustration. Hes teasing me.
Malcolm I I stammer, running my hands through his
hair back and forth, summoning whatever endurance theres in
me to resist his touch.
How can I get out of this deal? How can I take back what
I said?
What do you want me to do? he asks, slowly stroking my
clit as he looks up at me. Tell me.
I look at him, but my mind is completely blank. What do I
want him to do? How about everything? He jumps in to help me
then, that grin full of mischievousness dancing on his lips.
Maybe I should do this? He leans into me, and without
touching me with his mouth, he simply lets his tongue press
right over my clit. The muscles in my legs tighten and I start
pulling at his hair, not knowing what to do. Or maybe this? He
slides one inch of his finger inside of me, and I immediately try
to thrust my hips upward so that he goes all the way in.
Someones very, very eager...
I pant as he slides his finger all the way in, curling it in a
hooking motion and stroking somewhere inside my pussy that
makes sparks fly behind my eyelids. With his finger nestled
there, he simply rubs it against my insides; he leans into me, his
lips wrapped tight around my clit, dancing with it as he flicks his
tongue in precise maddening motions.
Im trying hard not to moan, but its getting harder to resist.
Really hard.
Sucking while his tongue laps at my clit, he starts rubbing
with his finger faster, and I can feel my insides boiling and
clenching. Im pulling at his hair desperately and, thank the
gods, he has eased his hold on me and now I can sway my hips
freely. I place my legs over his shoulders, locking him in place
and reeling him in while I press his face against my pussy,
rubbing myself against him, my mind completely devoid of any
semblance of rationality. In this precise moment, Im just
One harder flick of his tongue against my clit and a
thunderstorm consumes my mind. I pull him into my pussy so
hard that I can even feel his teeth against my flesh, and I come
just like that. My whole body trembles as I thrust at him, goose
bumps all over my skin.
He pulls back, leaving only his finger inside; instead of taking
it out as I come, he keeps on fingering me without mercy. My
whole body is trembling and theres a violent pressure mounting
on my insides. Something inside of me is clenching and I try and
grab Malcolms hand; he looks up at me, a grin on his face, and
redoubles his efforts.
Malcolm, I think Im I think Im what? I dont even know
what Im feeling! But, judging by the look on his face, he knows
exactly what hes doing. I grit my teeth, close my eyes and Oh
God, what is this? My whole body is contracting, and it seems as
if Im about to explode. Really explode.
And thats exactly what happens.
My pussy clenches around his finger and an orgasm spreads
through me like a flood. And I mean that quite literally; Im
gushing! Im Im squirting! Oh, God, I really am squirting, and
in a way I never thought was even possible. The pleasure is so
intense I feel all of my muscles burning. Warm juices shoot out
of my pussy and drip down my folds, pooling between my thighs
on the leather seat.
My limbs flailing, I throw my head back against the seat,
breathing hard. He comes up, sitting by my side, and touches my
cheek, caressing it, and lays his lips against mine. I can still taste
my pussy on his mouth and by god I love how it feels.
But he isnt done yet. His finger is still inside of me and,
instead of pulling it out, he starts sliding it in and out of me. He
starts slowly at first, almost as if hes teasing me, but Im as wet
and ready as I can be. He goes faster, with each thrust of his
finger he increases the pace and soon, and soon Im pressing my
legs together, locking his hand into place as he fingers me
toward insanity.
When he pushes one more finger inside of me, I have to grit
my teeth. My body is still trembling and shaking, and even so, I
can already feel that storm of pleasure building back up, the roar
of delight inside my mind.
He starts biting at my neck, pinching my nipples at the same
time with his free hand. I throw my head back, my hair falling
over my shoulders, and I choke down a scream as something
explodes inside my mind. I come... I come really hard. But he
doesnt stop. This time, I know hes not going to allow me any
kind of rest.
Were going for it all the way. No brakes, no nothing.
And the car comes to a stop.
As the haze of lust clears from my mind slightly, I see the
situation Im in.
The car is idling outside my condo on the Upper East Side
72 and Park Ave. From his files I know Malcolm lives at One57

like every billionaire Ive ever met.

Were naked. Ive just had an earth shaking orgasm.
His cock is in my hands, hovering inches above my pussy.
And I need to stop.
This is me, I say, looking at him wondering what hell
say. This is my stop.
Long sighs. Deep breaths. Malcolm seems unfocused at first,
but his discipline finally gets the better of him.
You want to get out of the car? he asks.
I nod my head as he leans back and lets me start to find my
When will we he lets the question hang in the air as I
snap on my bra and stuff my thong into my purse.
Its short work to put the dress back on. Hair a mess. Going
commando in a rumpled dress after a tussle in the back of the
limo. I mean, the doorman will probably know what I was up to,
but Im sure that Ill be able to run through the lobby into the
elevator at this hour without anyone else noticing.
I look at Malcolm and realized hes still waiting for the answer
to my question.
You can fuck me when you love me, babe, I say coolly.
He actually chuckles as I leave the limo.
Good thing he doesnt see my ear to ear grin.
This gameits gonna be fun.


W ow.
All it took was the next day, and once more
were naked. This time, in Malcolms bed.
I know I should be saying something smart right now, but let
me just repeat that: wow.
All I can say is that we havent had sex.
Because I just stopped us.
This time it was Malcolm. Texting me around 10:30. Asking if
I was still up. Ive been around the block long enough to know a
booty call when I see it. So I responded. The truth was, seeing his
message got me wet.
So I came over. And we messed around again. Limo part two. I
never knew that messing around could be this intense, this good
and the thing is, Malcolm genuinely cared about pleasuring
me. He wasnt using me just so he could get off; he cared about
what I was feeling, and that
Well, thats something Im not accustomed to.
Which makes what Im about to do that much harder.
Where are you going? Malcolm asks me as I swing my legs
off the bed, sitting up and wrapping the sheet around my naked
body. We havent even fucked.
Home, I whisper, looking back at him over my shoulder. He
sits up on the bed and reaches for me, resting one hand on my
Stay here tonight, he tells me, and there isnt a smile or a
grin on his face; his expression is one of certainty and serenity.
He means it; he really wants me to stay here with him tonight.
Very romantic of you, but I have to get up early in the
morning, I tell him off-handedly, even though what I want to
say is the exact opposite. In fact, all I want to do right now is get
under the covers with him. Seriously, whats happening with
me? We just fooled around, its not like something important
happened between the two of us. We didnt even fuck. And still
I feel a tightness inside of my heart, an urge to slip under the
covers and hold tight to his naked body.
But I cant do that, not when the future of my company is at
stake. I have to be strong and focus on the end goal. I have to
make Malcolm fall in love with me, whatever it takes. And if I
have to be a cold tease in order to make that happen, thats
exactly how Im going to behave.
Youre choosing your job over me? he asks me, cocking one
eyebrow and trying to act as if it doesnt matter whether I go or
stay, although in truth, I can see a few wrinkles of
disappointment showing around his eyes and lips.
Lucky for me, I know how to conceal my own disappointment.
Thats right. As fun as this was, I have stuff to do, I tell him
as I pull my thong up and then squeeze myself inside my dress.
Running one hand through my hair, I turn around to meet
Malcolms gaze. Goodbye, Malcolm, I say and, without waiting
for his reply, I leave the bedroom.
Each step I take through his apartment feels like a knife
plunging deep into my chest, but theres no way around it. I have
to do this. As much as I enjoyed my time with him, I cant forget
what happens when you fall in love you get used, abused, and
hurt. And, after all, Im not here to fall in love; Im here to make
him fall in love.
I reach for the doors handle and stop for a couple of seconds
before turning it. Deep down, Im waiting to hear his footsteps
as he follows after me and stops me from leaving, pinning me
against the door and kissing me again But I dont hear his
footsteps, and he doesnt follow after me, and so I turn the
handle and leave his apartment.
The moment I step inside the elevator and the doors close in
on me, I lean back against the wall behind me and let out a deep
sigh. Running one hand through my hair, I look at my reflection
in the mirror and smile.
My hair is disheveled, and my makeup is slightly smeared,
and still I look so much better than what I did before. I look
like someone just fucked my brains out (which, well, ugh. I
know. I wanted to. But I need to hold out. But if non-sex
orgasms with this guy are like that, then what is sex gonna be
like, ya know? Maybe I should stop talking in the parenthesis).
But more than the amazing sex, I actually enjoyed the time I
spent with Malcolm. Hes not the asshole I thought he was and,
even though I once thought that Ben was a nice guy as well, I
cant help but trust my gut on this one.
Speaking of Ben I hear my cellphone ringing from inside
my purse, and something tells me that its my lovely ex-
boyfriend. I fish it out and, to no surprise, I see Bens phone
number plastered on my screen. Even though I dont have his
number stored on my phone, I still remember it.
What do you want? I ask him right away, and I even
surprise myself as I notice all the aggressiveness in my voice.
Oh, I like it when youre angry, babe, Ben chuckles from
the other side of the line, and I feel my stomach lurching with
Drop it. What the hell do you want, Ben? Because if you just
called to annoy me, I --
I didnt call to annoy you, Athena. I called to remind you of
our little conversation Youre on the clock, babe, dont forget
about that, he tells me, and my fingers curl so tightly around
the phone that I wouldnt be surprised if I just crushed the damn
Im handling it, I growl with a whisper, rage welling up
inside of me. I cant believe that, after what he did to me, Ben
had the cheek to show up uninvited into my life just to
blackmail me.
Oh, I know youre handling it. I remember how you handled
things like my cock. Remember that, Athena? Give Malcolm
the same treatment and Im sure your company will be safe.
I fucking hate you, Ben. Without waiting for his reply, I end
the connection and throw the phone back into my purse. See
what I told you? First you love them, and then they crush you
and reveal their true selves.
I just hope Malcolms different
Oh, what am I saying? That doesnt matter the slightest.
Whether I like him or not, my business depends on Malcolm
falling for me.
I need to make him love meand I need to do it fast.


I 've never wished for a magic pause button in life

until now. Being with Athena Hawke was like free
falling through space at five hundred miles an hour, with the air
getting knocked out of my fucking lungs.
It was exhilarating, and I've never felt so alive. I never
thought that feeling was possible, without being strapped to a
rocket. It was a sense of euphoria better than any drug, and
everyone else in the room just melted away.
I'd like to freeze that moment, and hold it a little longer.
Smile at its perfection. Gaze at it.
I don't even know what I'm fucking saying. It's like I hardly
recognize myself today.
Why is it that every fucking song I'm hearing makes me think
of her?
Fuck. I shouldn't be thinking about her, but I am. She hasn't
left my mind. Not even for a minute.
The way she held back emotionally last nightthe precision,
and control with which she wields her words.
How she can pull herself back from the brink - when every
animal sense is telling her to go.
I was able to break through that wall of hers. I got her to drop
her guard, even if it was for only one night.
The problem is: I want more. I have a taste, and it's not
enough. I want the whole package. I want to fuck her.
I don't just want to steal into that stoic outer fortress of hers
I need it. I need to storm it, and knock down every
fucking wall.
I look at the calendar on my desk and absentmindedly find
myself circling yesterday's date. I run my pen around the date
over, and over, the lines deepening and reminding me of its
importance in quick circles. It's like I'm fucking crazy.
My phone rings and I don't bother answering it. Instead, I
lean back into my leather office chair, and run my fingers
through my hair, as if I'm trying to smooth out the thoughts in
my brain.
But how can I? My brain is still stuck on last night. Instead of
a pause button, life has gifted me with a repeat button.
Athena isn't just another woman. She's an equal. This is the
realization that dawns on me. There was a connectionI felt it. I
couldn't make that up if I tried. I've fucked a lot of women, but
being with Athena is going to be something entirely fucking
We shared a connection that I didn't even know I was capable
of having with anyone, let alone Athena Hawke.
But none of that matters. I can't fall in love with her.
I'm not going to lose my business just because Athena has
gotten under my thick skin. Sorry, but there isn't a woman in the
whole world worth that.
No fucking way. There's too much at stake.
Just as I open a spreadsheet on my computer, and give myself
a pep talksomething along the lines of 'I better fucking get my
shit together and focus on work or else,' Andrew walks in.
It's more of a march than a walk really, like he means
business. I catch the faint whiff of cigar smoke on his suit. He
must've won another case today. He always smokes a celebratory
Cuban cigar after a victory.
"Well, if it isn't the gladiator himself," he smiles, clapping
his hands in one triumphant gesture. "You've made it this far; I
know you've got this contest in the bag, which is a good thing
man because I'm telling you, the vultures are circling."
Those words snap my thoughts to the present. What am I
doing thinking about Athena, when I have a battle to win?
I should be thinking like a gladiator, and not a fucking
bleeding heart poet.
"And which vulture are you referring to now?" I ask.
"Ben Danvers? That fucking asshole just doesn't know when
to quit," I say.
"He's still holding a grudge you know," Andrew says,
reaching across my desk for the bottle of whiskey. "You don't
mind, do you?" he asks, pouring a glass before I can even
"I think I'll join you," I shrug. "I can use a drink."
"Ben can't ever get over the fact that you got the best of him
with that company buyout."
"That was years ago."
"But to him, it feels rawlike it happened yesterday,"
Andrew says. "He's got something to prove, I guess."
"I can be ruthless, but not that ruthless," I say. "That local
business was important to a small, working class community
and you know it."
"Look, I've got your back on this manalways have. I get it.
You did the right thing. If I didn't know any better, I'd think that
was an act of Mother Teresa or something."
I laugh. "Give me a fucking break."
"No, I mean it. It took a lot of heart for you to do that
instead of letting Ben make a killing on that deal, you scooped it
up and let the owners buy it back from you after making them a
fortune. It was a generous act."
I shrug. "It was the right thing to do."
"See, that's what I'm talking about," Andrew says. "There's a
heart hidden in that cold exterior of yours. Little do most people
know, but you've got a soft spot the size of Texas in that chest."
He points at me, and gives a quick wink.
"Well, there's no way in hell Ben's ever going to get his hands
on my company."
"I hope not," Andrew says, shaking his head.
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"It just means that this contest isn't overyou've only
completed the round for mortals out of 100, she says to me, her
words cool and crisp and her eyes mischievous. There's still a
lot left for those who still believe mistakenly like you that they
can win.
"Since when did you become a pessimist?" I ask.
"I'm a realist. There's a difference. And just as long as you
don't listen to your cock, and fall in love with a gorgeous pair of
legs and tits, you'll be fine," he smiles.
As Andrew's talking, I remember that I'm seeing Athena
again tonight. I look down at my watch, and gauge how much
time I have.
There must be something in my face that worries Andrew
because he turns to me, "You aren't falling in love with anyone,
Malcolm, are you?"
That's a good question

D ate Number 3.
Yes, hun. This is Date Three. Because Im counting dinner at
Masa as a date. And the booty call the other night with no sex as
a date too. Tonight is the night I think.
Its working; I think Malcolm is finally swallowing the hook.
Now instead of booty calling me, he actually went the date
approach. Changing his strategy.
And, instead of me being the one setting up the next date, he
actually decided to do it himself. And his choice of venue actually
surprised me; were meeting at the Met, the Museum of Art. To
be honest with you, I had no idea that a man such as Malcolm
would be interested in art. In women and alcohol, sure, but not
in art. Maybe, though, hes just doing this in order to
impress me.
Well, its working.
Right on time, Malcolm tells me as I walk up to him, an
easy smile on his face. Hes standing at the bottom of the Met
stairs, looking classy in his usual Tom Ford suit and wearing an
overcoat. I open my mouth to reply, but then I close it again, the
words dying in my throat. I was so excited about meeting him
again that I forgot all about my fashionably late strategy. Crap.
Dont be too flattered. I just happen to have a soft spot for
the Met, I tell him, but the moment I say it I know he sees my
words for what they are: a feeble lie.
Sure, Athena, he says casually, not even bothering to call
my bluff, and then he offers me his arm. Taking it, we walk up
the stairs leading to the entrance, and the security staff there
just waves us inside. Leading me as if he knew the corridors and
halls of the Met as well as he knows the back of his hand,
Malcolm takes me to a separate wing of the museum. My high
heels click eerily across the marble floor, and I look around to
find the place deserted.
What --?, I start to say, but Malcolm just turns to me and
smiles, answering the question on my mind.
I arranged to shut down this wing just for the night. We have
the place all to ourselves.
Thats nice, I tell him, feeling completely dumb. Im so
stunned that I cant even think of anything smart to say. I mean,
no one has ever done anything like this for me. A whole wing of
the Met? It must've cost a fortune but, seriously, Im not
impressed because of the money.
The gesture itself has impressed me.
I had the feeling youd enjoy this, he continues, leading me
to a large hall with paintings hanging from the walls, red velvet
ropes cordoning them.
Are these?
Yeah, these are Monets. Letting go of my arm, his
fingertips brush down my forearm and he laces his fingers on
mine before I can even react. When I realize what Im doing, Im
already holding his hand.
How did you know? I ask him with a whisper. Im not
exactly an art connoisseur, but I always enjoyed the
Impressionist painters, especially Claude Monet. Theres
something about the simplicity of these paintings that just
draws me in. Soft strokes, vivid colors and something in these
landscapes just takes me back, like a dream where you revisit the
happy moments in your childhood.
I didnt, is his reply. I just had a feeling.
I love these. I cant even hide my excitement. Right now I
feel like a teenage girl, whisked away by some bad boy whom, it
turns out, has an endearing side to him.
Me too theres something about these paintings, isnt
there? Theyre soothing.
Yes, they are, I reply, completely forgetting about all the
smart sentences and comebacks I had prepared before meeting
him today. I have the feeling that hes acting naturally, being
more true to himself than he usually is, and I dont want to ruin
the moment by acting like a smartass. I just want to be myself
right now and enjoy this Whatever this is.
That ones my favorite, he continues, walking toward one
of the paintings at the end of the room. Its the --
Sunset at Pourville, I finish his sentence, naming the
painting before he can do it.
Thats right, he smiles, turning his gaze toward me. In his
eyes, theres both a glint of surprise and of joy; he wasnt
expecting me to recognize that Monet painting. I smile back at
him and then we turn our attention back toward the painting,
two figures walking down a deserted beach while the orange
glow of a setting sun tumbles over them.
It reminds me of my mother, he says, and Im too surprised
by his tone to say anything. I just squeeze his hand softly and
wait for him to continue. She loved Europe, and we visited
every summer. Whenever we were there, she always dragged me
after her for long walks at the beach. She loved it; I didnt.
Why didnt you?
Because I was a stupid boy that only wanted to do stupid
shit, he continues with a sorrowful tone.
What happened?
She died when I was only twelve, he replies, looking at me
with a sad smile. And now, I guess I kinda miss those long
Im sorry, I find myself saying, and I realize that tears are
stinging my eyes. I take a deep breath to stop myself from crying
and then, pushing my body against his, I go on tiptoes and brush
my lips against his.
What was that for? he chuckles, all the sorrow fading from
his words now.
Dont tell me I cant kiss you, I chuckle as well, looking into
his eyes.
Oh, you can do so much more than just kiss me Turning
on his heels so that his body is pressed against mine, he rests his
hands on my waist and pulls me harshly into him. Especially
after what happened between the two of us
I dont remember anything happening between the two of
us, I laugh, placing both my hands on his chest and running
one down the length of his tie. Care to refresh my memory?
His smile turns into a grin and then he looks around the
museum hall, as if to check if were truly alone. Satisfied with
what he sees (which is nothing), he then turns his gaze back
toward me.
My pleasure.

W ith a smile that makes my heart tighten up inside

my chest, Malcolm closes the distance between us
and rests his hands on my hips. We stand still like that for a few
seconds, enjoying the closeness of our bodies, and then he
pushes me back. I take a few steps until my back is pressed
against the wall, and the moment I feel it I exhale sharply.
Looking into my eyes, he takes one hand down and rests the
tip of his fingers over my knee, right before the hemline of my
dress; he slides them up then, his fingertips brushing over my
skin all the way up to my inner thighs, getting so close to my
pussy I shiver.
I can feel his fingers tracing the lips of my pussy through my
G-string, and anticipation wells up inside of me. My heart starts
to race hard as I feel Malcolms fingers slide the fabric of my G-
string to the side, and he runs his fingers over my clit, making
me so wet I can barely think straight. He looks right into my eyes
as he parts my pussy lips, and then pushes one finger inside me
so fast that I feel a shiver going up my spine. Sighing heavily, I
lean my head on Malcolms shoulder and I start to nibble at his
ear lobe. God, I purr, the scent of his body making its way to
my brain fast.
I take my hand, resting it over his crotch, I start rubbing his
cock through his pants. I feel it hardening up against my fingers,
desire making it pulse fast - my heart starts pounding against
my chest as I feel that thick shaft of his, and all kinds of wicked
thoughts flood my mind. I keep rubbing him, tracing that huge
twelve-inch cock with my fingers while Malcolm continues to
play with my pussy.
I try to hold back but I feel that intense warm, tingling
sensation course through my body with every stroke of his
fingers. I arch my back, sighing heavily, and he fingers me faster
- he wants me to cum, and he wants me to do it right now The
swirl of his fingers keep on unleashing sweet pleasure into my
body, and I simply cant hold back anymore gritting my teeth
and throwing my head back, I let my pussy juices flow all over
his fingers as I cum so hard my body shakes, my juices running
down his hand.
Malcolm lets his fingers linger right on my clit for a while,
rubbing it softly now. I reach for his hand and grab his sticky
creamy fingers, bringing them up to my mouth.
Just a taste, I whisper lewdly, and then I lick my own juices
off of his hand while I stare into his eyes, taking my tongue and
running it up and down his fingers, the flavor of my own pussy
making me feel dizzy.
Youre really something, arent you? Malcolm asks me,
his eyes never leaving mine.
Im more than just something, I reply with a soft chuckle.
Then, I place one hand on his chest and take my lips to his ear.
Your pants Open them, I tell him, every single one of my
words loaded with devilish anticipation. With a devilish grin he
does as instructed, unbuckling his belt with slow but deliberate
movements. He pushes the zipper down and I slide my soft,
manicured hands into his boxer briefs. As I massage the head of
Malcolms huge cock, I feel myself growing wet all over again,
the never-ending reservoir of desire inside me fueling my brain.
I slowly bring his cock out of his boxer briefs and pants,
allowing my gaze to fall down to his huge member. I take in
every inch of its wonderful glory before I lower myself, slowly
going to down to my knees in front of him. Smiling, I lean
forward, stopping right before my lips touch his flesh. I take my
tongue out from between my lips and, tilting my head sideways,
I run the tip of my tongue down the length of his shaft, going all
the way to his balls.
When I come back up, I part my lips and then wrap them
around the tip of his cock, tasting his pre-cum. As I take my
tongue and run it all over the head of Malcolms huge member, I
can hear his breathing start to get shallow and I cant help but
start rolling my lips down his thick mast.
I take that gorgeous cock into my mouth, inch by inch,
working my tongue up and down his shaft as I go. I feel it
growing harder, that thickness pushing down on my tongue as
veins bulge out on the sides of his shaft. This is the kind of cock
that you can suck for hours on end and never have to worry about
it staying soft.
Tightening my jaws around his cock, I run my fingers up and
down his heavy balls, the very thought of how much cum is held
within them making my nipples hard. I feel Malcolms hands in
my hair, guiding my head up and down on his cock, and I let him
dictate the rhythm of my movements.
Fuck, Athena, he groans, his cock pulsing hard against my
tongue. Hes already close, but he doesnt want the party to be
over just yet yanking on my hair, he forces me to take my
mouth off of his cock and then looks down at me, a dazed smile
on his lips.
Grabbing my hands, he pulls me up to my feet and then wraps
his arms around my waist, pulling me close.
I cant get enough of you, he whispers against my ear, and
his voice makes my whole body tingle. Then, he places one hand
on the nape of my neck and just crushes his mouth against mine.
Tasting his lips on mine causes a stir deep inside me, and I
feel my heart tightening up once more.
I want that pussy, he tells me as he pulls back from me.
And I want it right now, he continues, the tension in his words
palpable. Holding me by the waist, he starts lowering his body
and pulls me after him; we slide to the floor together in one
smooth motion, and Malcolm lays me on my back on the cool tile
floor. I let out a slight moan as I feel the coldness of the floor
underneath me, and the sound of my voice echoes through the
deserted wing of the Met, the Monet paintings hanging on the
wall the only witness to what were doing.
Kneeling between my legs, he rests his hands on my knees
and slides them up, hooking his thumbs on the hemline of my
dress and pushing it up to my waist. The moment my G-string
comes into sight, he leans into me and presses his mouth
against it. Except, instead of sucking, he grabs the fabric
between his teeth.
He starts to take my G-string off, pulling it down with his
teeth, and my skin prickles as I feel the drenched fabric of my
underwear sticking to the skin of my legs on the way down.
Placing his hands on my ankles, he makes me lift my feet up and
then takes the G-string off my legs with his hands. Looking into
my eyes, he takes my underwear up to his mouth and presses it
against his lips; he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath,
taking in my scent, and all kinds of wicked thoughts start
jumping up and down inside my head. I just love it when he does
that, as if he couldnt get enough of the way I smell, taste,
and feel.
Allowing the G-string to slip off his fingers to the floor, he
then leans into me again and teases me, blowing on my hard clit
while he takes one hand to my breasts and squeezes them
gently. Taking his time, he slowly takes one finger to my pussy
and slightly parts my lips, running his tongue across my
achingly hard clit. Oh my God, I moan as I feel his tongue
touching me, electricity spreading all over my body.
Fucking delicious, he moans as he pulls back from my clit,
allowing his tongue to fall down to my wet pussy lips. Pressing
his mouth against my wetness, he opens it wide and starts
sucking hard, jabbing with his tongue at my insides at the
same time.
The way Malcolm sucks on my pussy lips while he pushes his
tongue inside of me is just Oh, its just perfect. And I can tell
he enjoys the way I taste from the way he plunges his tongue
deeper into my wet pussy. I can feel every flick he makes against
my clit and, with every strategic placed swirl, I give into him a
little more. I arch my back as he lifts my ass up and runs his
tongue up and down my pussy, his movements so maddening
that I just cant help but moan loudly, my voice bouncing of the
walls and creating an erotic symphony of echoes across the tall
room, the vaulted ceiling above us amplifying my moans and
sighs. With every flick of his tongue I get closer to letting this
intense swelling of sensual pleasure take over me.
And it wont take long.
Malcolm places my legs on each one of his shoulders as he
continues to devour my pussy. It feels like he wants to suck every
ounce of wetness out of me, as if my pussy was the most
delicious thing he ever tasted.
I clinch my teeth as he continues to tongue fuck my pussy,
and I let out a deep passionate moan as my pussy releases all of
the juices that had been building up. He buries his face hard
between my thighs as I start to cum, and that makes me moan
even harder. And seeing how much he wants to taste me Well,
it just makes me keep cumming harder.
When he does finally lift his face up, he is covered in my
creamy, sticky juices, beads of it dripping off his chin, nose.
You taste fucking amazing, Athena He breathes, climbing
up my body. Pressing his chest against my breasts and cupping
the back of my head with one of his big hands, he brings his lips
to mine and kisses me deeply.
As we kiss I can feel the ripple of his eight pack of abs pressed
into my stomach. And thats Thats enough to make me lose
all control.
Taking my hand down to his crotch, I tease Malcolm by
grabbing hold of his shaft, curling my fingers around it slowly. I
can feel Malcolms cock throbbing hard right in my hands, and I
love it. Doing it with erratic movements, I let go of his
monstrous cock, and that just so I can I pull both his pants and
boxers down his legs, and he does the rest by kicking off his
shoes. When I do finally slide Malcolms boxers off of his hips, I
look deep into his eyes and, placing my hands on his chest, force
him to sit up. I follow after, sitting on the floor, and then give
him a wicked grin.
Pushing on his chest, I force him to lay down and then I strike
like a wild cat; leaning in, my hands now on his knees, I slowly
bring the tip of my tongue to the head of his magnificent cock,
moving my tongue in a circular motion on its tip before I start to
lick up and down his shaft. I make my way to those huge heavy,
low hanging balls of his and I run my tongue across them just to
feel him shiver. I then start to take them into my mouth one at a
time, lapping at them with my tongue.
They feel so good in my mouth, and I can feel myself getting
wet again. I make it my business to make sure his balls are nice
and wet before I start to slide my tongue back up and down his
rock hard shaft. I take every inch of that cock inch by inch into
my throat, slowly losing all control as I do it. As I tighten my
jaws around Malcolms shaft I hear him let out a deep groan; I
feel his hands in my hair once more and I let him guide my head,
his fingers forcing me to slow down. I had gotten so excited I
didnt realize I was going up and down in a frenzy. I feel that
huge head deep in my throat trembling and I know that soon he
is going to give me all of that hot, creamy load that I crave and
ache for.
But I dont want that to happen just yet. Oh, no, I still need
more from him.
Popping his cock out of my mouth, I then go up to my feet
with cat-like movements and turn around. I place my feet on
either side of his waist and then lower myself over his body, my
ass turned to him.
He remains lying on the floor and, as I sit down, I jut my ass
back and press my pussy against his mouth, smothering him.
Feeling his skin underneath my ass makes me start riding his
face, instinct taking over me. Malcolm takes hold of my ass in
his firm hands, spreading my cheeks apart, and his tongue
dances up and down the length of my pussy.
I throw my head back and, as his tongue continues to explore
my insides, I cant help but moan. I grind my pussy against his
face, swaying my hips feverishly, and Malcolm takes his fingers
to my clit and starts rubbing on it.
Oh, God, I moan as he sucks me hard, doing it as if he were
trying to suck my soul out through my pussy. Arching my back,
my eyelids begin to flutter and I lose all notion of time. My eyes
roll back in their sockets and I start squealing in a high pitched
voice I never knew existed inside me.
A sudden orgasm takes over me in a fraction of a second,
making my muscles tense up so fast that it feels as if someone
poured concrete into them. I open my mouth to moan (or
scream), but all that escapes my lips is a simply whimper, one
filled with lush, sinful tones.
Never has a man made me explode and have an out-of-body
experience like this. God, I never knew it was possible for me to
cum like this over and over again. If someone ever tried to tell
me I would be getting tongue fucked in the Met by a guy like
Malcolm, I would have told them they were lying. Theres
something about him that makes me turn into an animal and,
well, I love being a cat on the prowl.
Taking a deep breath, I let my hands slide down his shirt and I
take them straight to his cock, my pussy still pressed against his
mouth. I want to feel his cock in my hands again. I wrap my
hands around that thick shaft and start rubbing and stroking it.
His tongue fights to get back into the rhythm, but I can tell he
just cant stay focused, with me massaging his entire shaft and
making my way down to those balls. His magnificent cock stands
at attention under my touch, and Malcolm starts to work his
hips, begging for my mouth I oblige and I cover the head of his
cock with my wet, soft mouth. He arches his back and picks up
the pace of his hips while I take his entire head into my mouth
once more.
I take my mouth off the head of his cock just so I can see how
it glistens after I have it all wet. That, together with the soft
lights of the Met bouncing off of his cock, make it look that
much more majestic.
Massaging his balls, I place the head back into my mouth and
I feel every inch as it slides deeper and deeper down my throat. I
bob my head as fast as I can, hell bent on making him explode
inside of me. Matching my frenzy, he grabs my ass cheeks again
and cranes his neck up, pressing his mouth hard against my
I let my mind drift off, instinct taking the steering wheel, and
I just keep on swaying my hips and rubbing my pussy over his
mouth as I work on his cock with my own mouth. Each time my
lips touch the skin around the base of his cock, I feel it pulse
harder against my tongue, and I know that soon enough a
fountain of cum is going to erupt inside of me.
And that just sounds perfect, doesnt it?
I keep on sucking and licking until the muscles in my neck
start to cramp up, but I dont let that slow me down. Instead, I
let the pain fuel the fury of my movements, and I suck on his
cock with renewed passion.
At the same time, Malcolm allows his fingers to wander over
the curve of my ass cheeks and he starts caressing my crack. I
feel his index finger going over that valley between my cheeks,
and then he just presses it against my hole.
The coming and going motion of my head becomes erratic as I
feel his finger on my ass, and then he just starts pushing it in,
burying it inside my ass.
Now sucking on my pussy while he fingers my ass, he drives
me through pleasures road, and I already feel that sweet
pressure building up in the pit of my stomach. I dont know if he
can tell Im close to coming, but he starts going so hard that if I
had to bet, Id say that yes Malcolm knows how to read my
body better than anyone.
I feel slight spasms making my pussy lips tremble inside
Malcolms mouth, my eyes rolling in their orbits as a violent
orgasm takes over both my mind and body at the same time.
Taking my mouth off his cock, I moan loudly, my high-
pitched voice straining to turn the ecstasy rushing through my
head into sound. I keep on moaning until the orgasm dies down
inside of me, and I only quiet down when I feel my throat
growing raw, the intensity of my moan almost too much for
my body.
Jesus, I whisper silently, opening my eyes and breathing in
deeply. Ready to finish him off, I grip his cock tightly and I
prepare to dive into him with my mouth open when he stops. He
places his hands on my hips and forces me to roll to the side,
turning around as he does it.
He goes to his feet and pulls me after him, bending over and
grabbing me by the wrist. I let him pull me up, and then he
presses his body fast against mine, pushing me back and pinning
me against the wall once more. With both his hands on my
wrists, he forces me to lift up my arms and he pins them above
my head.
I look into his eyes, taking in all the hunger flickering there,
and I almost give in to the desire prickling my mind.
Two words.
I just have to say two words and my body will have what it
needs. I just need to say fuck me and, before I even know
whats happening, hell bury that huge cock inside my pussy and
fuck me mercilessly. Thats what my body wants, thats what my
heart and soul want But my mind says no, a smudge of
rationality still stopping me from ruining the whole thing.
I cant give in to Malcolm this easily. Not when theres so
much at stake.
And still, my body fights back against my mind. I crane my
neck and crush my lips against Malcolms, kissing him with the
urgency of someone thats about to lose control. I feel his fingers
loosening the pressure on my wrists and I escape from his hold,
taking one hand straight to his cock and wrapping my fingers
around it.
With my other hand on his waist, I pull him into me and lift
one leg slightly up, locking it behind his lower leg. I take my
hand out from his waist and hike my dress up to my waist again,
baring my pussy; angling his cock, I brush his tip against my
drenched folds and grit my teeth, feeling as if Im walking over
the edge of a blade.
Im so close to snapping, so close to surrender And yet, I
Just say the word, Athena, he whispers, running one hand
through my hair. I hear his strong deep voice wrapping itself
around my brain, poisoning my rationality, and I almost let him
inside of me.
No, I tell him, sighing heavily as the rational part of me
somehow wins the battle against my dark side.
Youre going to be the end of me, Athena, Malcolm sighs,
and I can feel some of the tension leaving his body. He was ready
for it, his soul burning as he waited to hear an yes coming out
of my mouth.
I know, I whisper back at him, letting go of the hem of my
dress and allowing the fabric to cover my naked skin again. Still,
even though I might not fuck him That doesnt mean Im
through with him.
I go down to my knees, my hands sliding down his body, and I
take my open mouth straight into his cock, allowing his long
inches inside of me. I curl my fingers around Malcolms shaft at
the same time and start sucking and stroking in tandem, his
cock already twitching between my lips.
It doesnt take him long. He was so intent on fucking me that
his cock was already primed for a mind shattering orgasm.
Next thing I know, a violent spasm takes over his whole shaft
and I feel the warmness of his seed take over my mouth.
Gushing his load into me, he fills up my mouth faster than I
expected, and thick strands of semen escape from between my
lips and start dripping down the length of his shaft, pooling
down around the base of his cock.
I keep my mouth on his cock as he empties his balls, and I
only dare to roll my lips back when I feel that his orgasm has
finally come to an end. Moving slowly, I take my mouth off his
cock and fall back, sitting up on the floor. Then, feeling my body
weaker than I expect, I throw myself back and collapse on the
tile floor as my chest rises and falls fast, Malcolms cum still
filling my mouth.
Following after me, Malcolm goes does to his knees and then
climbs on top of me, his body pressing down on mine. He looks
into my eyes and offers me one of his heart-melting smiles. I
smile back at him, enjoying the way his lips (and, really, almost
his whole face) still glistens from my pussy juices.
Ah, fuck it, cmere, he says all of a sudden, placing one
hand under my neck and forcing my head up. At the same time,
he leans into me and crushes his mouth on mine, using his
tongue to open up my lips. Sliding his tongue inside my mouth,
he swirls it around my own, playing with his own cum at the
same time.
When he pulls back from me, theres cum dripping down both
our chins, and the wickedness of the whole situation makes me
laugh. I cant believe Im laying down on the floor of the Met
after being eaten out and having a guy like Malcolm cum inside
my mouth. On the ranking of crazy things I did, this surely takes
the top spot.
Looking into Malcolms eyes, I then purse my lips and just
swallow his load, smiling as I feel his saltiness sliding down my
throat. Running one hand through my hair, he takes his other
hand to my lips and brushes his thumb over my mouth, scooping
up the stray beads of cum hanging there.
Never taking his eyes off of mine, he takes his cum coated
finger to my mouth and has me lick it dry. I do it willingly, my
mind still struggling to comprehend what weve done. I still
cant believe it, you know? I mean, this is the Met, not some
shady bar where you can sneak off to the bathroom with some
tall handsome stranger!
I never knew the Met could be this interesting, I find
myself saying, a bright laugh on my lips.
Art is always interesting, he laughs back at me, and I just
close my eyes for a moment and try to imprint the moment into
my mind.
This is one of these moments I know will become a treasured
Ah, Malcolm, what are you doing to me?

C mon let it out. I know that smile, Julia tells me,

pushing another martini into my hand. I take it hesitantly, and
then just swirl it around, playing with the green olive floating
inside the glass.
What are you talking about? I ask her, but even my tone of
voice is betraying me right now. Julia can see through me as if
she had put a listening device inside my brain; its impossible to
lie to her.
Are you kidding me? She takes her tequila shot to her lips
and then throws her head back, downing the whole thing at
once. God, she grimaces, sticking her tongue out, and then
turns her gaze back to me. I remember when you started dating
Piece of Shit.
Ever since Ben broke up with me, Julia refuses to call him by
his name. According to her, evil bastards like him dont deserve
to be acknowledged as real human beings.
So you have the same dazed smile on your face right now.
Which can only mean that she trails off, waiting for me to
finish her sentence, but I just take a sip of my martini and then
shake my head.
Uh-uh. Youre wrong. Its not like that.
Its exactly like that. Youre falling for Malcolm, arent
you? See what I told you? Theres no fooling her.
I For a fraction of a second, I almost give in to the
temptation of trying to feed her some bullshit excuse, but I
quickly give up on that. I dont know, Julia. I really dont.
Now I regret ever suggesting you should lose your panties in
order not to lose your shirt, she sighs, waving her finger at the
bartender and asking for one more shot of tequila. The
bartender, a bearded guy with a bowtie and suspenders, winks at
her and turns around to prepare her drink.
Its not like I had a choice, Julia. I sigh, my gaze wandering
over the crowded room. Were at the Death & Company bar and,
despite its grim name, its actually a nice place to get shitfaced.
Which I kinda need right now. When Ben came into my
office, he --
I knew it! That fucking piece of shit meant trouble! she
shouts drunkenly, snatching her tequila out of the bartenders
hand and drinking it down like a true sailor. She grimaces again,
and then wipes her mouth with the back of her hand. What did
that asshole want?
He threatened me Or, well, he threatened the company. If
I dont make Malcolm fall in love with me, hell leak the tapes.
Fucking bastard, she mutters under her breath. I dont
need to explain to her about the tapes; thats a story Ive already
told her long ago.
Yeah. So, aside from having to worry about the money, now I
also have this on my plate
And youre falling in love with Malcolm, dont forget about
that, she nods sagely, almost as if she really believes Id forget
about such a thing. If anything, I can barely think of anything
else. But that isnt so bad, right? If youre falling for him, and if
he falls for you Your company will be safe.
Its not so simple, Julia, I tell her with a sigh, finishing my
martini and waving the empty glass at the bartender. Like
clockwork, he snags the glass in front of me and replaces it with
a full one. Ben wants me to succeed because that means
Malcolm will have to pay up the $100 million and why would
Ben want such a thing to happen?
I uh, I have no idea, she mumbles.
Im pretty sure he wants to see Malcolms company burn.
Thats the only explanation for this. And I I cant allow that to
happen. Youre right Another sigh takes over my lips, and
then I finally admit it all. Im really falling for him.
Shit, Julia whispers again, setting her empty shot of tequila
in front of her. This time she doesnt ask for another one.
Thats not good. I mean, Im happy youve put an end to that all
men suck philosophy of yours, but overall it isnt looking good.
No, it isnt looking good, I repeat after downing my martini
with one single gulp. Then, for good measure, I pop the olive into
my mouth. It seems that only now that Julia has decided to slow
down her drink-all-the-tequila rhythm, Ive picked up the
speed. Matters of the heart and alcoholI wonder why they
always go hand-in-hand.
What are you going to do now? she asks me, and thats the
same question thats been hammering my mind for the past few
days. And, despite spending all my days trying to think of a
solution, I still havent gotten anywhere. This seems like an
unsolvable puzzle, one that Im being forced to complete all
the same.
I have no idea, I sigh, taking the martini to my lips and
allowing the bitter liquid to burn its way down my throat,
scorching just a bit more of my rationality as it settles on my
stomach and escapes into my bloodstream. All I know is that I
cant let Ben win.
Of course not. That asshole needs to be stopped! Hes using
you, and hell keep using you and blackmailing you even if you
do what he wants!
I know, I know God, Im fucked.
She looks at me with her wide eyes, trying to look for the
right words, and then she rests one hand on my shoulder and
gives me a comforting smile.
Yes, you are, she whispers, and my jaw hangs open slightly.
Thank you for the support, I laugh bitterly, and then ask
the bartender for another martini. Maybe if I get drunk enough I
wont dream of all this bullshit tonight.
Now, seriously before you do anything, you need to be sure
of Malcolms feelings.
What do you mean?
I mean that you dont know him that well, Athena Youre
falling in love, and youre trying to protect him. I get it, I really
do. But you need to be sure hes worth it.
I look at her and smile, nodding. Shes right, of course... but,
deep down, I already know that Malcolms worth it.
Why? Because Im in love.

"L ove is a burning thing, and it makes a fiery ring, bound by

wild desire, I fell into a ring of fire"

I CHANGE the song with a quick tap on my phone.

"O H , and baby I'm fist fighting with fire, just to get close to you,
can we burn something, babe? And I run for miles just to get a
taste, must be love on the brain, that's got me feeling this way

T AP . Tap.

"M IND IN ONE PLACE . Heart in another"

T AP . Tap.
F UCK . Since when did everything on my music streaming remind
me of Athena? And why is everyone singing about love, anyways?
I can't fucking escape her. No matter what I do, no matter where
I'm at, no matter how hard I try, she's always there, a ghost
haunting every corner of my brain.
Except, she isn't a ghost at all. She's real. Flesh and blood.
And I can't get enough of her.
I stand up from my chair, and pace my office, forcing myself
to stretch and move. I look out the windows and across the city
skyline, hoping to clear my mind, but every fucking skyscraper
looks like a hard cock reaching toward space.
Great. Now I'm thinking about sex too.
But a deal is a deal. I have to keep seeing her or I could
dismiss her and see someone else. That's the nature of
this game.
The smart thing to do would be to let her go but I can't.
And normally, the word 'can't' isn't even a fucking part of my
Athena is even infiltrating my dreams.
Last night I dreamt that we were in the middle of an ocean
maybe the Pacific? And beds of kelp were wrapping around our
ankles as we swam, naked and vulnerable. In my dream she kept
slicing her legs through the water, effortless, her hair floating
and following the current, her tits buoyant. She kept turning
back and looking at me, with a teasing smile on her face, and I
was swimming after her, always at arms length, reaching out,
moving forward.
And the fucking funny thing about it was the sense of serenity
in it.
You think that they opposite would be true, right? But no.
I shake my head and pull my phone from my pocket because
honestly, I don't know what's come over me.
I scroll through my contactsAlexis, Angie, April, and then I
see her nameAthena.
The three sweetest syllables ever assembled in one package.
I press her name, and the phone starts to dial.
I have no idea why, but I can't sit still. I pace my office,
waiting for her to pick up, and with every ring, my pulse
"Hello, Mal."
Oh fuck, just hearing her voice makes my cock twitch.
"What do you say we do dinner tonight?" I ask, hopeful that
she's available.
There's a pause, and then she answers. "I like the sound
of that."
"Good. I'll text you with a time, and send a driver."
"And where are we going?" she asks.
"Leave it to me; that part's a secret."
"I do love a surprise. I look forward to it."
We hang up, and I crumple a stray piece of paper into a ball
and shoot it into a nearby wastebasket. It bounces on the rim,
and falls in, and I pump my fist in the air.
Is this what falling for someone feels like? Better than any
drug-induced high?
If so, how do I pump the breaks when it feels like I'm taking a
ride on a runaway train?
I'll find a way. Malcolm fucking Bane doesn't fall in love. Not
now. Not ever.
Just as I start to send Athena a text with the details for our
dinner, the door to my office opens.
I look up and see a man I never expected to see.
He's wearing a suit that looks a size too big, and I wonder to
myself if he's ever considered seeing a tailor. He has a wide grin
on his face that seems to animate his already comical eyebrows. I
think he has more hair on his eyebrows than he does his head.
"I can picture it now," he grins with his caterpillar eyebrows
knitting together. He holds his hands up in an expressive
gesture. "I'll be kicking my feet up on that desk. Yes, right there.
The chair will never doI'll have that replaced. But the desk
can stay."
"What do you want Ben?"
"Want? That's funny, Malcolm. I'm just making an
observationtaking stock, if you will because soon all of this
will be mine. You can go ahead and kiss this view good bye."
"Get the fuck out of my office," I say, flexing one hand into a
fist and shoving it deep inside of my pocket.
"Oh come on," Ben laughs, "There's no need to get bent out
of shape. Let's face it; everyone knows you don't have the
money to cover your debts."
"You don't know anything about me," I say, "Other than the
fact that you lost to me once before, and you'll lose again."
"That's funny. Go ahead and live in that fantasy of yours, but
this time, there isn't some small town businessman that you're
going to turn into a hero. No, this time, you really fucked up. So,
tell me, was she worth it?"
"Fuck you."
"And from what angle did you bend her over this desk?" he
grins, pointing across the glossy mahogany. "Was it from here?
Or over here? Nono, I bet it was from this side so that you
could look out across the city that's about to chew you up and
spit you out."
Now he's gone too far.
I step up close to him, and I can feel my heart kicking in my
chest. I shove a stiff finger into his chest.
"I'm not going to say this again," I say. "Get the fuck out of
my office right now, before I make you."
"Soon to be my officeremember that," Ben says, turning on
his heels and walking out the door. "Revenge is sweet."
As soon as he's gone, I take a few deep breaths, trying to
steady my pulse. I'm mad enough to put my fist through a wall,
but I won't.
I can't allow myself to stoop to his level.
Besides, I have a date with Athena.
And if there was ever a time that I needed to keep a cool head,
it's now.

D o you know that scene in a movie where the man of

your dreams is cooking dinner for you, his red tie thrown over
his shoulder as he paces around the kitchen? Yeah, thats
happening right now.
Malcolm invited me to have dinner at his apartment, and
thats where I am right now. Sleek and modernist, his home is
even better than I remember it from the booty call night, but
what else did I expect from a man famous for how much money
he has? Still, even though I suspected there was actually no
dinner involved and that it was all a ruse to get me to be alone
with him, I came all the same.
After all, dinner or no dinner, it sounded good.
When he opened the door and invited me in, though, I
couldnt help but be surprised: with his tie thrown over one
shoulder, a kitchen towel draped over the other, I quickly
realized that yes, there was actually going to be a dinner and
Malcolm was the one cooking.
Im leaning against one of the kitchen walls now, watching as
Malcolm stirs a pot and tastes the sauce with his wooden spoon.
Perfect, he whispers to himself, and then looks back at me
over his shoulder. Spaghetti carbonara. I know it sounds
simple, but wait till you try it.
Dont tell me thats your specialty? I ask him with an
amused tone. Turning on his heels, he closes the distance
between the two of us and crushes his mouth against mine, one
of his hands on my waist.
Among other things, yes, he whispers and then, just as fast
as he came, he goes back to the oven. He takes the pot out and
then arranges the spaghetti in two dishes. Folding the kitchen
towel over his forearm, he grabs the two plates from the counter
and starts walking toward the dining room.
I follow after him, and I stop frozen in place as I see the table
he has set in the middle of the room; its small and intimate, a
red tablecloth thrown over it, and there are three small candles
burning in the center of it. Its like something out of a dream.
Come, he tells me as he sets the plates down on the table.
He pulls one chair back as he speaks, and then waves me toward
it. My feet carry me there, and it feels as if Im walking on
Thank you, I tell him, feeling like a girl on her first date.
Uh-uh, this isnt good, Athena. Remember what happens
when you fall in love. Men are all the same. I hear that voice
again, one of distrust and fear, and I do my best to push it to a
dark corner in my mind. Right now I dont want to be bogged
down by cold rationality; I want to enjoy the moment, to be
swept off my feet and treated like a real princess.
Youre awfully quiet, Malcolm says as he sits across from
me, and I just smile at him, completely at a loss for words.
Wetting my lips, I then manage to form a coherent sentence.
You really know how to impress a woman, dont you? I ask
him, not even bothering with hiding the fact that Im impressed
by everything he has prepared for the evening.
Just wait till I put on a Michael Bubl record, he laughs
quietly, and then just offers me his delicious smile.
I thought you were more of a Michael Bolton kind of man, I
shoot right back at him, enjoying our little back and forth
Maybe thats my dark secret, he starts, but then his smile
becomes a more serious one. Not really, he says, reaching
across the table and laying his hand on top of mine. His touch is
warm and soft, and it sends a shiver up my spine. Ive actually
never tried to impress a woman and I never cooked for one
before. As weird as it may sound.
It does sound weird, yeah. But Im flattered, I laugh as I
look him in the eyes, the warmness of his touch spreading all
over my body. Seriously, why cant I be around him without
feeling like this? I just cant think straight whenever Im close
to him.
But then again, Ive never failed to fuck a woman when I
wanted to until I met you, he says, his soft smile turning into
a wicked grin.
So romantic, I say with a teasing smile and he smirks
at me.
I take a deep breath. I need to keep my cool.
But I forget all that. Because that's when he looks into my
eyes with his intense eyes.
Im not like other women. You know that now, I tell him
with a gentle purr, feeling a wetness taking over my pussy and
drenching the fabric of my thong. Right now, I have no idea how
Ive managed to resist the urge to spread my legs for him and
have his cock inside of me.
No, youre better than all other women, he replies quickly,
leaning back against his chair and keeping his eyes focused on
mine. Everything about you is so much better, Athena he
trails off then, lowering his voice as his eyes fall down toward my
cleavage. And I mean everything.
You sound like a true romantic right now, I say, laughing
coyly, but my voice is as heavy as the world. God, I want his body
pressed against mine so fucking bad. I just want to jump on the
table, crawl toward him and kiss those delicious lips of his And
more than his lips, I wantno, I needto feel his huge cock.
Im a romantic at heart, he continues, Didnt you
know that?
Does that mean youll propose before you try and get inside
my panties tonight? I whisper, suddenly feeling the warmness
under my skin turning into a scorching white heat.
Well, Im not that big of a romantic. Its mostly a part-time
thing, he grins, and in his eyes I can read it all: hes dying to
fuck me.
And, God, Im dying for him to fuck me.
I look down at my plate, watching the tomato sauce dripping
over the spaghetti he cooked, and I suddenly realize that Im not
even hungry anymore. It seems that whenever Im around
Malcolm, eating is almost impossible. Remember what
happened at Masa? Yeah.
We can always reheat those, he tells me, as if he can read
my mind right now.
Thats the best thing Ive heard you say today, I whisper,
running my tongue between my lips.
Oh, it's on.

C losing the distance between us, Malcolm lays his hands

on my hips and then offers me a smile that makes my
insides clench. Moving his hands down, he then slides them
underneath my dress. I lean into him as he brings his hands up
to the front of my panties, caressing my pussy lips over the
fabric and playing with them while he whispers in my ear.
I want you, he says, and those words make me melt into
him even more. I go up on my tip toes and close my eyes while
Malcolm flicks my panties to the side and slides one finger inside
my pussy. He does it fast, curling it up and driving it straight
against my G-spot.
He teases me then, softly brushing one fingertip against my
clit, and I let out one heavy sigh. Flicking his wrist, he fingers me
gently, stroking my clit with his thumb, and my brain starts
being overwhelmed by an avalanche of sensations. He keeps on
doing it untl Im wet and ready, and then, taking his fingers out
of my pussy, he slowly brings them around my neck to my
I look at his fingers, my heart tightening up as I see them
glistening from my own juices, and thats when he presses them
down on my lips, rubbing them across the crevice between them.
Mmmmm, I purr, tasting my own musky flavor in his
Tastes good, doesnt it? He asks me, rubbing my juices over
my lips and sliding two fingers into my mouth. I suck on them
eagerly, running my tongue between them and licking my juices,
and smile at him. He smiles back at me, and then pushes the
straps of my dress down my arms, the front of it drooping over
my breasts. Almost growling, he then grabs the fabric and tugs
on it. He bunches the dress up around my waist, and then he just
keeps pushing on it frantically, sending it down my legs.
I step out of my dress, and he gives me no time for anything
else he presses his body against mine and takes his hands to
my back, working on the clasp of my bra and then yanking it off
me, baring my breasts.
Much better, he whispers, his voice laden with desire.
Moving slowly, he lowers himself until he is on his knees in
front of me. Hooking his fingers on my panties, he then pulls
them down my legs, taking his time as he slides the drenched
fabric down my skin, undressing me completely.
Fucking lovely, he whispers, his gaze focused on my pussy,
and he cups both of my ass cheeks in each of his hands, digging
his fingers into my flesh. I bite on my lower lip as I feel his
seductive touch, and then I reach for him, resting both hands on
the top of his head.
I run my hands through his hair as he leans in, and a shiver
goes up my spine when I feel his teeth on my inner lips. He
places his arm across the small of my back as he licks up and
down the length of my pussy, smacking his lips as he goes, and I
see bright colors dancing behind my shut eyelids.
Malcolm wants me to know just how fucking delicious he
finds my pussy, and I cant help but love him for it. He puckers
his lips over my pussy and starts to suck on it, eating me out
with a fury we might be skipping dinner, but he sure as hell
seems to be sating his hunger right now.
The deeper he plunges his tongue the harder my nipples get,
and lust slowly starts taking over my mind. I feel his fingers
rubbing my clit as he moves his tongue in and out of my pussy,
and I let sigh after sigh tumble out from between my lips. Taking
one hand out of his hair, I grip the edge of the table and bite my
lower lip. God, I just love how he takes command of my body to
get what he wants.
Fuck dinner, this is much better, he says as he comes up for
air, but then hes on me again, devouring me relentlessly. Taking
his lips to my clit and wrapping them around it, he then places
two fingers against my drenched folds and parts them carefully;
opening up my pussy, he then acts fast and slides his index
finger in again, curling it upward and pressing it tightly against
my G-spot.
I feel electricity spreading inside of me as he does it, a moan
bubbling up to my lips. Sliding one more finger in, he starts
fingering me hard, still working on my clit with his tongue and
lips. Gripping the edge of the table even harder now, I start
taking deep breaths as both my mind and body prepare for the
incoming avalanche of pleasure.
I feel it building up inside of me, flames of ecstasy lapping at
the inside of my pussy and threatening to burn my mind into the
ground at the same time.
Oh, fuck, that feels so good, I hiss through my gritted
teeth, and then I feel a shiver going up my spine. Fireworks go
off behind my shut eyelids and every single muscle in my body
starts to twitch, a vicious orgasm pulling at the strings of my
body and turning it into its puppet.
Ooooh, I moan, the words coming out of my mouth
sounding honeyed and tender. I run my fingers through his hair,
my lungs working hard to get the air in, and Malcolm pulls back
from me, his mouth glistening from my juices.
I could do that forever, he whispers and, looking into his
eyes, I see that he means it. He enjoys going down on me as
much as I enjoy having him do it. Now thats my kind of man.
Take off your clothes, I tell him in a hoarse voice,
completely ignoring what he just said. He cocks one eyebrow,
looking at me with a cocky smile, and then gets to work he gets
up and takes off his jacket, throwing it over one chair, and then
starts unbuttoning his shirt, his eyes never leaving mine as he
pops button after button.
When he reveals his naked chest, letting the shirt slide down
his arms, I almost jump at him so that I can lick his abs. But no, I
remain in control and allow him to open his pants and kick off
his shoes. Before I know it, hes standing in front of me, wearing
only his boxer briefs, and I just cant restrain myself any longer.
I take one step forward and, grabbing at the fabric of his
boxers, I tug them down as hard as I can. His cock jumps up to
greet me, and I have to take another deep breath to clear
my head.
Down, I say, placing both my hands on his shoulders and
forcing him down to his knees. I push on him, forcing him to lay
down on the floor, and he does it without a moments hesitation.
I place my feet on either side of his waist and then lower
myself, squatting over his lap. I place my knees on the floor and,
grabbing his cock, I start lowering my mouth over it. But then I
just stop.
What am I doing? Why do I still insist on teasing him? Why
am I torturing myself like this, denying my body the thing it
craves so much?
I want to do it, I breathe out all of a sudden, looking up into
his with a serious expression. Theres no teasing or wickedness
in my voice I mean business right now and, by God, Ive never
been so sure of anything in my life.
Do what? He asks me, propping himself up on his elbow
and cupping my face with one of his big hands.
I want to do it, I repeat, and his eyes widen slowly as he
realizes what Im really saying. I want your cock, I want to feel
it inside of me And I want it right now.
Are you sure? He asks me, but theres a wide smile on his
lips now, one that makes his whole face light up.
Ive never been so sure of anything, I reply, tightening my
grip on his cock. I angle it upward so that its tip is pointing
straight at my pussy, and Malcolm grabs me by the ass.
Looking into my eyes with a look of pure hunger, he thrusts.
My pussy lips wrap themselves around his cock as if that were
their purpose in life, and I let all of his twelve inches slide inside
of me. I close my eyes, savoring the moment, and let a delighted
moan slip out of my mouth.
Oh, God, I should have done this a long time ago.
I waste no time - I start bouncing up and down on his cock as
Malcolm's strong arms grip my back, keeping me upright. My
aching breasts bounce as we move across the floor, and I let
moan after moan explode on my lips.
I ride him as hard as I can, swaying my hips and rocking my
body as I feel his hard cock throb against my inner walls. I feel
dizzy, and I feel lightheaded and Im enjoying every single
God, if I knew sex with Malcolm could be this good, I would
have surrendered to him a long time ago. Even though I did what
I needed to do at the time, teasing him mercilessly, I dont know
if I would have been able to do it if I knew how good he could
handle me.
Fuck, youre so thick, I groan, digging my fingernails into
his chest as I feel his mast stretching my pussy to the point of
ruin. But I dont care if he ruins it if that happens, it would
have been for a good cause.
Youre the one whos tight, he replies in a single breath,
thrusting upward and impaling me on his cock so hard that I
come almost immediately.
My brain feels as if it has just exploded, and my body feels as
if its on fire. Every single muscle in my body seems to be
twitching, and flames of pleasure encircle my spine, burning it
viciously. Malcolm knows how to give perfect orgasms when he
uses his mouth and fingers, but this Oh, this is something else
Oh, God, I cant even think straight right now.
But theres still one thought inside my head that I can
comprehend perfectly I want more. Oh, I want so much more.
Rolling to the side, my muscles still twitching slightly, I go up
to my feet and walk toward the wall of his living room with
wobbly legs. There, I place my hands against the wall and wiggle
my ass from side to side, summoning him.
Sitting up on the floor, he watches me do it and then a
devilish grin takes over his lips. He stands up in a rush and
closes the distance between us, his hands finding the way to my
hips in a fraction of a second.
Then, I feel one of his hands leaving my body and I grit my
teeth as I prepare for whats to happen. When his hand touches
my body again, it lands straight on my ass with a devastating
force, hard enough to leave a red mark.
Oh, thats I moan, trailing off as my brain threatens to
shut down. He smacks my ass again, taking his hand to my ass
almost too brutishly, and then he turns me around fast; he pins
me to the wall with my hands above my head, his big fingers
gripping my wrists.
Leaving only one hand on my wrists, he takes the other one to
my ass and forces me to lift one leg up. The moment I do it, he
presses his body against mine, the tip of his cock brushing
against my pussy lips.
This is perfect, he whispers softly, and he thrusts.
His cock slides inside of me easily, and he goes deep as he
strokes up and down. God, I just cant help but moan hard.
Leaning in, he then kisses me like no one has ever kissed me
before, his mouth covering mine so perfectly I almost cry of joy.
Picking up his pace, he starts fucking me harder, making me
feel that huge head of his cock deep in my stomach. With every
thrust I feel his manhood grow, and I start to bite his neck and
suck on it while I scratch his back, my fingernails running over
his shoulder blades.
Fuck me, fuck me hard, I whisper into his ear, aching to
feel used and abused by him. I just love to say it Ive been dying
to say something like that for so long, and now that I can do it
Ah, it feels amazing.
Obliging, Malcolm thrusts his cock as deep as he can, and I
feel my eyes rolling in their orbits as a storm of pleasure takes
over my mind. This time I dont even moan I scream, doing it
so hard that my throats feels on fire, my lungs working to their
God, how many times have I already came? Ive already lost
track! Sex with Malcolm is the most perfect kind of marathon,
that much is for sure.
Need to cool off? He laughs as he slides his cock out of me,
his thickness leaving my pussy lips with a wet sound. Without
waiting for my reply, he turns on his heels and walks back
toward a side table where a bucket of ice sits, a bottle of
champagne propped up on the middle.
Plunging his hand there, he comes back with a piece of ice.
What --? I start, but he just presses the ice right between
my tits and then slides it down, the cold feeling amazing on my
burning skin. Oh, I sigh with a smile as I feel the ice going
over my stomach; Malcolm continues moving it down in a
straight line, only stopping when he has the ice brushing over
my pussy lips.
Better? He chuckles. I open my mouth to reply, but I dont
find the words my brain is just too busy right now, trying to
process all the mixed signals my pussy is sending it.
Better, I manage to reply, even though Im only repeating
his question.
Oh, this is so much better than what was on the menu. I love
being the appetizer, entree and dessert. And just like a fine
meal, I know that Malcolm will take his time savoring every bite.
Which is exactly what I want.
I want more of that pussy, Athena, he whispers, grabbing
me by the hand and leading me across the dining room. Now
that Ive had a taste Fuck, Im addicted to it, he continues,
guiding me back to the table. I turn around to face him, and he
grabs me by the hips and forces me up, making me sit up on the
table; I place my hands on the surface, and I bump against the
bottle of wine as I do it. It tumbles down from the table, the wine
spilling onto the floor, but Malcolm just ignores it.
In fact, more than ignore it, he makes an effort to do even
worse. He pushes me back across the table and then, using one
arm, he sweeps everything on top of it to the floor. Plates and
glasses all fall down, creating a mess his maid wont enjoy
tomorrow, but I got to say it kind of adds to the moment. I just
love seeing the fury of his desire, the way he doesnt care about
anything else right now aside from my body.
Resting his hands over my knees, he spreads my legs wide
and then stands between them, the tip of his cock already
glistening from the pre-cum. Closing the distance between us,
he grabs one of my breasts and, using his free hand, he pushes
his cock down until its tip is pressed against my pussy.
Ive dreamed of this for so long, he says with a grin, and
then he finally thrusts. I throw my head back as I feel his
thickness parting my drenched folds and straining against my
inner walls on the way in. A scream bubbles up on my lips, and I
let it explode in the room, the sound of it bouncing off the walls
and back to me. With my fingers digging into his ass cheeks, I
urge him to start thrusting, and thats exactly what he does: he
starts to rock his hips, his cock sliding in and out of me at a
growing pace.
When his rhythm becomes so fast I can barely think, I let go
of his ass and lean back on top of the table, supporting myself
with my elbows. His hands go straight to my tits, and he
squeezes them harshly as he fucks me, his long fingers going
over the curve of my breasts and pressing down on my aching
Faster Faster I whimper, even though hes already
going fast. Even so, he somehow manages to go even faster than
before, his cock going in and out of me so fast I cant even tell
when its coming or going. Not that it matters anyway - what
matters is that were fucking. Finally - I cant tell you how much
I wanted this to happen.
I know, I know it wasnt supposed to happen like this. But
what can I do? After everything that happened between the two
of us, after really getting to know him I just cant help myself.
And, just between you and me, more than craving his cock, I
think that I think that Im falling for him.
Youre so fucking tight, Malcolm says, more to himself
than to me. I just dont know if Ill remain this tight after hes
done with me Because, hell, Ive never been with someone that
had a cock as massive as the one ravaging me right now. But, just
like I told you before if thats what it takes, Im more than
willing to pay the price.
Dont Dont stop, thats what I want to tell him. But the
words die in my throat as another violent scream takes their
place. As if my blood was turning into concrete, my muscles
tense up all at once and an explosion goes off inside my head.
Tiny incessant spasms take over my body and I start to tremble
and convulse, my head thrown back in ecstasy as I come. Fuck,
fuck, I hiss through gritted teeth, my soul burning up. I dont
think I have ever felt this much pleasure in my life. I dont know
if its because of his big cock, or because he knows what hes
doing But, hell, Malcolm sure is a gift from the heavens.
Im more exhausted than Ive ever been in my entire life but,
somehow, I just cant stop myself from wanting more. He told
me that my pussy was an addiction, and I know exactly what he
meant by that after all, Im addicted to his cock right now.
And so, even though my body might be shutting down, my
mind will push through. So I do what I have to - I roll on the
table, going on all fours as I feel his eyes going straight to my
ass. Even though I cant see him, I know hes taking his time
with the sight of my naked body, and I can almost feel his gaze
crawling up the curve of my ass.
Grabbing me by the waist, he pulls me back so that my knees
are on the edge of the table; standing up, he positions himself
behind me, running two fingers over the length of my pussy
before pressing his body against mine. I feel the outline of his
abs with my ass, but I dont have the time to focus on them - in
just another second he has his cock between my thighs, my
pussy lips parting as he pushes it in. I arch my back as he slowly
eases himself in, that sweet thickness of his straining against
my insides.
Fuck me, Malcolm I beg. As hard as you can. I cant
even believe Im saying this. I can barely hold the position Im
in, let alone survive the fucking I begged for. But, oh, well If I
cant survive it, at least thatll be a nice way to go.
I cant even believe Im doing this right now, surrendering to
the one man I should be guarded against. But here I am, and its
been an amazing ride. I mean, who would have thought that Id
do all the crazy things Ive done with him? Never once in my life
did I believe Id ever be fucked like this. For Gods sake - with
him, to come three times is just foreplay! This is what fantasies
are made of.
All these thoughts vanish as the sound of Malcolms thighs
slapping my ass cheeks start to fill the room. My heads down,
my hair hanging over my face, but I still smile - Ive come to
relish that sinful sound, something wicked and pleasurable to it.
Perhaps I like it so much because it translates as me being
fucked hard by a perfect man.
He has one hand on my ass, his other one holding my left
breast as he pinches my nipple. I moan subduedly, my throat too
spent to do anything that demands more of an effort. Still, even
though all my muscles are cramping, I start to rock my body
against his, impaling myself on his cock. As I do it, he slaps my
ass hard with the back of his hand - this time just once, but hard
enough that I know theres going to be a mark there for the next
few hours. And thats just fine - I love to be marked by him
like this.
My arms feeling weak, I go down, supporting myself only with
my forearms. Feeling me go limp, he laces my waist, one arm of
his holding my ass up as he keeps on ravaging me. God, I dont
think Ive ever felt this tired in my entire life This tired and
happy, I mean.
Malcolms thrusts dont take long to do their job - a fire rises
inside of me, driving away all exhaustion, and I start pushing my
ass back against him once more. My whole body tenses up, every
fiber in me becoming as solid as concrete, and I brace for impact.
And, this time, it seems that I wont be the only one burning up:
Malcolms cock is already twitching hard inside of me, kicking
against my inner walls as I feel his fingers digging deep into my
We dont say a word.
We let our bodies do the talking and we just surrender, the
high tide of pleasure sweeping us both. I fight back against the
pain in my throat and give birth to one final scream, the sound
of it so shrill I feel my eardrums recoiling. As my voice quivers, I
feel my insides becoming warmer, his cock shooting a river of
cum inside of me. We remain still and locked in place, our bodies
in communion as we both climax.
He fills me up to the brim, his cum dripping down my legs
and staining the table under me. And still he keeps cumming -
Malcolm truly is a God among men. Ripped as a model, hung as
God Its only fitting that when he cums he has gallons of it to
shoot. Not that Im complaining, far from it. In fact, I absolutely
love it: to see him cum like that and knowing that Im the one
responsible for it Well, do I need to say anything else? His
pleasure is my pleasure.
I dont move until hes done, his cock finally stopping all
movement. By then the surface of the table under me has
become a wet mess, strands of cum going down my legs and
pooling around my knees.
The moment he slides his cock out I simply collapse on top of
the table, laying on my stomach. Swear to God, the moment I
feel the cold wooden tabletop under my belly, I drift off almost
immediately. My eyelids droop and its as if Im unconscious,
even though my bodys still registering everything around me.
I feel Malcolms fingers tracing the outline of my ass and,
placing both his hands between my thighs, he makes me spread
my legs. Even though Im barely conscious I cant help but sigh
heavily as I feel his face between my thighs, his mouth once
again on my pussy lips, licking them dry. His tongue goes up and
down my folds in such a gentle way that the corner of my lips
curl into a tenuous smile, almost as if I were in a dream - the
kind of dream from which you dont want to wake up.
He keeps going until there isnt anything left to lick, going as
far as licking the strands of cum that slid down my legs. Finally
done, he makes me sit up on the table and then picks me up.
Carrying me in his arms, he takes me across the dining room
and climbs upstairs. He opens the door to one of the room and
steps inside, walking toward a large bed. He lays me down there,
the mattress shifting under our weight, and then he lays next to
me. I roll to the side, snuggling against him with one arm across
his chest. Its time to stop fighting the urge to slip into
unconsciousness - and thats exactly what I do. With my eyes
closed, I take one deep breath and Im out.
I dive head first into the void, a dreamless sleep engulfing me.
But, before I drown in it, I still have the time to feel my heart
fluttering inside my chest, a pleasant warmness crawling toward
my mind. God, I couldnt be happier right now. Whatever
happens, nobody will be able to steal this moment from me: our
naked and exhausted bodies pressed together, both me and
Malcolm drifting off.
Ive never been what youd call a romantic But, damn, this
feels right.

W here--? I ask as I open my eyes, blinking as my eyes

adjust to the darkness in the room. I sit up, realizing that Im not
in my bed, and the memories from before just flood me in a rush.
Oh my God, I had sex with Malcolm.
Hey, I hear him say, and I turn around, realizing that hes
lying down by my side. Sitting up next to me, he leans in and
kisses me on the cheek. Gmorning, he whispers, and my eyes
snap to the window. Even though the curtains are drawn, I can
still see the pink glow of a sunrise beyond them.
Did we sleep the whole night? I ask him, still trying to deal
with the memories from the amazing sex we had. I mean, those
are the kinds of memories Ill take to my deathbed.
We did. You were exhausted, he replies with a soft
chuckle, and I laugh too, my body still feeling sore. Yeah, I was
exhausted, alright.
Well, Im not exhausted anymore, I shoot back, my eyes
wandering up and down his naked body. Hey, dont judge after
I had a taste, I just want to get back at it.
Pressing my body against his, my breasts brushing against his
arm, I rest one hand on his chest and slide it down, only
stopping when I have my fingers around his cock. It hardens up
against my palm fast, desire making it as hard as a diamond, and
I feel my heart drumming that old song of lust and desire.
Round two here we go.
I run my fingers up and down his shaft, and it gets harder as I
stroke it, growing to its full potential. With one last look into his
eyes, I lean and brush the tip of my tongue against his cock. Its
tip is delicious, and it unleashes these butterflies inside my
stomach again. God, I can feel my pussy wetting my thighs. My
clit aching to be touched, played with.
I lower my mouth onto his cock while I massage the rest of
his shaft with my hands, stroking it in tune with the strokes of
my mouth, matching it as Malcolm reaches for my breasts and
squeezes them eagerly. His hands are all over my body, and it
feels absolutely amazing; I stay the course sucking his cock and
enjoying the way I send him into pure oblivious bliss.
Needing to feel every square inch of his body I rest my free
hand over his stomach and Malcolm shivers as I trace his
chiseled abs with my fingernail, outlining each one of his eight
pack abs. He starts to breath shallow, and I know I have his full
Rolling my lips down the length of his shaft, I only stop when
I feel its tip pressed against the back of my throat. I hold there
for a long second and then I go back, sucking hard on his tip as I
allow his cock out of my mouth. Running my tongue in slow soft
circles around the tip of his cock, I start to caress his balls,
moving them gently over my fingers.
Malcolm lays both his hands on my head and, hooking his
fingers on my hair, he pulls me into him. I open my mouth as
wide as I can immediately, letting him guide me toward his cock
again - the moment my lips are on him again, I start to bob my
head back and forth, sucking on him as hard as I can. I wrap my
fingers around the root of his member and I start moving my
hand at the same time as my head, stroking and sucking in a
coming and going motion. I start slow, but it doesnt take long
for him to urge me to go faster, the slight pressure of his fingers
on my head the only directions I need.
Moving as fast as I can, I have to stop for a few seconds, just
enough to catch my breath. I look up at him, my heart fluttering
inside my chest as I see him with his eyes closed, enjoying my
mouth on him. Stroking him fast, I tilt my head sideway and lick
the whole length of his shaft, going down toward his balls; there,
I open my mouth wide and suck one ball in, rolling it over my
tongue, and then I do the same with the other one. Theyre
heavy and warm, filled with a seed that I cant wait to feel all
over my body.
Ive never been one to go full blown kinky, but with Malcolm
somehow that seems to be the standard. And I just love it - the
dirtier and naughtier the better. He just makes me feel unlike
anything I have ever experienced I never even knew sex could
be this good.
Placing my lips on his shaft, I run them back up to his tip, and
then I take his cock inside of me once again. Bobbing my head as
fast as I can, I dont stop until I hear his hard breathing, his
fingers like claws on my hair. I would have gone all the way and
let him fill my mouth with his cum, but he has other plans - he
pulls his cock out of my mouth and makes me sit up again, his
narrowed eyes locked on mine.
Give me those lips, he whispers, and my eyelids droop as
he leans into me, my lips parting as our mouths touch. I run my
tongue over his lips, breathing in his scent and allowing desire to
take the steering wheel.
He lets one hand of his fall down to my waist, the other going
up my neck as his fingers run free through my hair. He pulls
back from me and I open my eyes, locking them on his as I lick
my lips with anticipation.
This time Im the one leaning in, straining against the hold he
has on me as our lips touch again. I let my tongue push the way
into his mouth, and tilt my head sideways as we kiss in
abandonment. My hands are running free over his chest, feeling
the hills and valleys of his abdominals, as my eyes wander over
the chiseled muscles on his chest.
With what sounds like a growl, he yanks on my hair, forcing
my head back as his mouth goes to my neck. He lays harsh kisses
against my skin, the hand on my waist going around it and over
the curve of my ass. A moan climbs up my throat and explodes
into the air, my hands going around his body and to his back.
"Ive developed a taste for your pussy, you know?" he
suddenly says with a chuckle.
"I noticed. And I developed a taste for this " I tell him, my
fingers curling around his massive cock. My pussy pulses as I
grab him, anticipating how its going to feel when hes deep
inside of me even though I should be used to it by now, I still
cant get past the fact that hes freaking huge.
Well, then were in luck, arent we? he tells me as his hand
goes up my side, his long fingers squeezing my right breast as he
stops kissing my neck and locks eyes with me. Theres a wide
grin on his face, one that holds promises of moans and screams
before hes done. Its not as if thats a surprise, though - I
always moan and scream when Im with him. Always.
Moving fast, he leans into me and wraps his lips around my
right nipple, sucking eagerly as he laps at it with his tongue. I
run my fingers through his hair as he sucks, my head thrown
back as I sigh heavily.
Changing breasts, he now devotes his attention to my left
nipple, this time applying just a bit more pressure. I grab him
harshly by his hair, pulling his head against my tits and forcing
him to suck hard. He does it eagerly, sucking on one nipple as he
squeezes the other breast, but then he pulls back with a grin.
Why do you have to be so fucking delicious? he asks me, an
expression of amusement on his face. As he speaks he lets both
his hands go to my ass, and he cups my cheeks hard. I moan in a
low tone as I feel my flesh under his fingers and then, before I
even know how he has done it, he has pulled me up and into
him, my legs wrapped around his waist I rest my arms over his
I buck my hips at him immediately, his cock brushing against
my pussy; I do it harder, pinning his shaft between my crotch
and his body, and then I start to rock my body, grinding against
him as if I were delirious. God, I can already feel my juices
dripping down my thighs.
I love you, Athena, Malcolm says suddenly, and I look at
him with my mouth hanging open. I wasnt expecting that, no
doubt about it. And I heard right, didnt I? Malcolm just told me
that he loves me.
After fighting so hard for it, I managed to make him fall for
me. All the teasing, all the seduction It worked. Theres just
one little detail that I didnt know would be part of the equation.
Say that again, I ask him, looking into his as a smile dawns
on my lips a genuine, honest-to-God smile.
I love you, Athena. I fucking love you, he repeats and, even
though I know hes probably trying to find a way to both love me
and save his business empire, I love it. The way these three
words sound when they come out of his mouth in that deep voice
of his Oh, I hope this isnt a dream! Do you want me to keep
saying it? Because I can, he continues, and I cant help but
I press my forehead against his and stay like that for a while,
my eyes closed as I try to engrave this moment into my mind.
Then I just press my lips on his, kissing him fiercely and feeling
more than ready for the second round.
Still with his hands on my ass, he allows his fingertips to slide
inward, my insides burning as I feel his fingertips nearing my ass
hole. He runs his index finger along the length of my crack, only
then pressing it over my hole. I press my forehead against his
shoulder as he slides his finger one inch in, using his other hand
to angle his cock down. As he moves his finger into my ass, he
thrusts at the same time, the tip of his cock touching my inner
lips and easily piercing me in a fraction of a second.
I claw at his back, my fingernails digging on his muscles as he
starts his see-saw motion, his cock moving in and out of me
with clockwork precision.
My pussy pulsing as he fucks me, I consciously tighten it
around his shaft, intensifying the pleasure tenfold. I only last a
few seconds, and then I have to ease the pressure. Even so, its
enough for me to let out one harsh scream, my throat already
starting to complain.
Fucking me relentlessly, Malcolm keeps on pistoning his cock
into me as if he were a machine, his muscles showing no sign of
exhaustion. In fact, I think that he could keep going for the
duration of the day, holding me close as he thrusts over and over
again, demolishing my pussy with his gigantic cock.
Unfortunately, Im not that resilient.
My brain is already on fire, and I feel another vicious orgasm
coming for me, its fangs ready to rip my mind into shreds. And
thats exactly what happens Malcolm thrusts hard and deep,
and I simply explode, arching my back and allowing pleasure to
shoot up my spine and explode inside my skull.
For a moment, I think I even pass out. The pleasure is so
intense that it feels like Im floating, my soul leaving my body
for a fraction of a second.
Oh, this isnt sex. This is so much better than just sex.
Succumbing to the intensity of the ecstasy rushing through
my veins, I throw my head back and let a loud moan erupt on my
lips, the sound of my voice filling the whole room and echoing
inside my head.
When I finally stop screaming, Malcolm allows me to fall back
and I just collapse on top of the mattress. The moment I feel my
back against its softness, I realize all muscles in my body are still
twitching and spasming as I reel from the orgasm.
He lays down by my side, one of his hands resting over my
right breast, and he lays one soft kiss on my cheek. His hands
slides down my breast to my stomach, and then he keeps on
going until his fingers are brushing against my wet pussy lips.
Placing his open hand over my pussy, he slides one finger in,
hooking it upward until hes touching my G-spot. He starts
rubbing it, pressing there until my back is arched and Im
sighing heavily.
Swear to God, I cant get enough of your pussy, Athena I
dont know what it is about you, but you drive me fucking crazy,
he whispers, sliding one more finger inside of me. As he starts to
move his two fingers in and out of my pussy, he presses his
thumb over my clit, rubbing it with wide circles until my eyes are
shut and Im bunching up the sheets. With one masterful stroke
he presses hard on my G-spot as he applies the same kind of
pressure on my clit - I come in a heartbeat, my hands moving
erratically over the sheets as a convulsion of pleasure takes over
both my mind and body. Im shaking and trembling, all of me
descending into a feverish state as he takes his fingers out of my
Im still coming when he presses the tip of his cock against
my pussy, feeding one inch of it into me. Reacting
unconsciously, I lace my legs behind his back and reel him in,
forcing him inside at once. His cock sheathed in me to the hilt, I
start thrusting erratically, lifting my ass up from the mattress as
I force his cock in and out of my pussy.
It doesnt take more than a few seconds for him to take the
lead - my hips are no longer moving and Im just laying back as
he starts to thrust, his hips moving so fast that my brain starts
to overheat. I claw at his back, scratching and clawing as I urge
him to go even faster, even it if that means leaving me in a
catatonic state once were done. I dont even care if Im hurting
him - all that I care about right now is that he fucks me as hard
as humanly possible, using that gigantic cock of his to stretch
my pussy wide and ruin me completely.
Oh, God I moan, the blood in my veins starting to boil.
Im your God, Athena, he whispers into my ear, his pace
never dropping. And I own you right now, he adds, burying his
cock so deep into me that he just rips a scream out of my throat.
He pulls back out slowly, just to thrust with all his strength
again. He does that over and over again - sliding out of me as
slowly as possible, making me hold my breath, and then going
back in harshly. It doesnt take long for my eyes to be rolling in
their orbits, my muscles tensing up as electricity pools in them.
Im like a bomb about to go off, and theres no disarming me.
With each thrust of his I can feel the clock ticking down - until it
finally reaches zero.
A numbness blankets my mind as I come, but this time I dont
moan or scream - I try to, but the only sound that my throat
produces is a weak groan. My muscles twitch as if Im being
electrocuted, adrenaline coursing through me as it mixes with a
batch of endorphins - a pure cocktail of sinful decadence.
I collapse on top of the mattress, mentally and physically
exhausted. Malcolm gives me a break, pulling his cock out of
me But, of course, what he has in mind isnt really a break: he
starts kissing my neck, his lips tracing a downward line toward
my breasts. He kisses the curve of my tits, lingering for a few
seconds on each of my nipples, and then continues its descent
toward the valley between my thighs. His kisses make my skin
buzz and, the closer he gets to my pussy, the more my body
starts to awaken from its stupor. When he finally reaches his
target he starts by gently kissing my groins, taking his time as I
recover from that mind numbing orgasm.
His lips go over every single inch of my inner thighs, carefully
caressing my skin before he finally dives in: parting his lips, he
fits them around my clit and sucks it in, circling it with his
tongue at the same time. Feeling as if pleasure itself was
stabbing me in the spine, I thrust, pressing my pussy against his
mouth; he responds by opening it wide, placing it over my folds
and sucking on them.
Feeling my lungs and heart about to explode, I try to calm
myself and breathe deeply, but thats an almost impossible task.
The more I try to do it, the more furiously he starts to lick me,
his mouth completely ravaging me. As he starts to slide his
tongue past my lips and into my pussy, he presses his forearm
across my waist and his thumb over my clit, massaging it. Even
though my soul is burning, I cant fight the urges that beg my
mind for more: I sway my hips back and forth and from side to
side, rubbing my pussy against his face as I start to succumb
For the millionth time since I entered his apartment, I come -
I bury my fingers on his hair and keep him in place as I thrust as
hard as I can, my pussy pressed tight against his mouth. I let the
waves of pleasure crash against my soul, rapture enveloping me.
OH, FUCK, I scream at the top of my lungs, my mind
completely demolished. I didnt even know I could have this
many orgasms. I mean, how many of them can I have? Never in
my wildest dreams did I imagine that surrendering my body to
Malcolm would be this amazing. He knows how to work my body
with the mastery of a man experienced beyond his years and,
right now, I can call myself the luckiest woman in the world.
And do you know what the luckiest woman in the world needs
right now? She needs more.
Turning around on the mattress so that Im liying flat on my
stomach, I then push myself up with my arms, positioning
myself on all fours. I sway my hips, wiggling my ass as an
invitation, and then look back at him over my shoulder.
Well? I ask him, biting down on my lower lip. Dont tell
me youre tired already, I tease him, and he just throws me a
coy grin and, grabbing his shaft, kneels behind me and presses
his tip against my pussy.
I never get tired when youre around, he says and, with a
smirk, thrusts. As his cock strains against my inner walls on its
way in, a violent scream climbs up my throat and explodes in my
mouth, waves of ecstasy riding through me as Malcolm starts to
fuck me viciously.
I lose all notion of time as he thrusts, my body burning as my
mind slowly drowns. My rational mind vanishes into oblivion,
and all thats left behind the wheel are my primal and savage
I thrust back at Malcolm matching the movements of his
hips. My ass cheeks slap his thighs, the sound of flesh on flesh
driving me even more crazy. Im sweating once more, pushing
my body past all limits and forgetting about the exhaustion that
is seeping from my muscles to my bones.
Gritting my teeth, I exhale sharply as he spreads my cheeks
apart with his hands; he then runs his index finger over my
crack, placing it against my hole. Slowly but steadily, he slides it
in, a long moan tumbling out of my lips as I feel him go in. His
whole finger inside of me, he starts to fuck me even more
relentlessly - Im not even moving anymore, Im just there
taking it in and trying not to pass out from all the pleasure.
Malcolm I moan, the way his name feels on my tongue
like a perfect aphrodisiac. Harder! Harder! HARDER! I shout
as loud as I can, my lungs hurting from the effort. I come
violently, a shiver of ecstasy going up my spine as he stops
moving, his cock deep inside of me.
My body still trembling, he pulls his cock out slowly, each
inch that slides out between my inner lips making me tremble
even more. The moment he lets go of me, I collapse on top of the
mattress, seeing all black - I have to take a few deep breaths to
steady myself, trying hard not to pass out. Who knew that
obscene amounts of pleasure could make you pass out?
I turn around on the bed again so that I can look at him and I
realize that his whole body has turned rigid, his muscles
becoming as hard as concrete. I look at him, see him with eyes
closed and gritted teeth, and get ready to finish the job I sit up
on the bed and reach for his cock, gripping tightly with one
hand. Taking a deep breath, I start flicking my wrist as hard as I
can, stroking him hard and doing my best to push him over
the edge.
It happens fast.
His cock starts to spasm and a thought crosses my mind
moving fast, I lean forward and wrap my lips around his cock just
in time, a torrent of cum filling my mouth at once. Cupping his
balls as he comes, I stay in place while he empties his whole load
inside my mouth. His flavor is salty and raw, manly like
everything in him.
He keeps cumming for what seems like forever, his cum
gushing inside my mouth with no end in sight. I feel my mouth
becoming full, but even then I dont pull back - I remain still,
strands of cum dripping down my lips and chin. Its simply too
much for me to hold it all in my mouth, and it keeps on coming.
Thick drops fall to my breasts, my chin covered in his semen
Only when Im a wet mess does he finally stop, pulling his cock
out of my mouth with an exhausted grin.
Proud of what I just did, I smile at him, opening my mouth
and showing him his own cum.
Beautiful, he says, leaning forward. His lips touch mine
and, before I even know what Im doing, Im pushing my tongue
inside his mouth, opening my mouth wide and swapping his cum
with him. Its crazy, and its absolutely naughty and I love
every second of it. I mean, how couldnt I? What were doing is
dirty and kinky but, on the other hand, its just so intimate.
When our kiss finally ends, I open my eyes and lock them on
his; I lick my lips wantonly, scooping whatever cum I can, and
just swallow it. He looks at me as if he were entranced, the
expression on his face one of pure delight.
When Im done, I simply collapse on the mattress, spreading
my legs and arms to the side, exhaustion suddenly filling every
fiber of my being.
I love you, Malcolm, I find myself saying, my voice just a
whisper. Oh, Im so in over my head right now.
Oh God. It just dawns on me.
How fucked am I?

T he cold air of New Yorks night wraps itself around me,

caressing my skin with its cold embrace and my mind with
whispers of doubt.
I snuck out of Malcolms apartment as he slept, doing it just
like a thief afraid of getting caught. I simply couldnt remain
there. Lying by his side, I remained wide awake as he fell into a
deep sleep. I stared at the ceiling for God knows how long, just
hearing the beating of my own heart and Malcolms soft
And then I just couldnt take it anymore.
I pushed the sheets back and, moving as silently as I could, I
slid out of the bed and got dressed in the darkness of his
bedroom. I left on tiptoes, careful not to wake him, and glanced
one last time at him before I left the room. The sheet covered
half of his body, hiding his cock from sight but allowing me a
glimpse of his rock hard abs, his chest softly rising and falling as
he breathed.
I cant even start to tell you how hard it was to leave then. I
was just seconds away from taking my dress off and crawling
under the sheets once again. I bit on my lower lip as memories of
everything we did flood my mind but, somehow, I find the
necessary courage to do what I have to do. And so I turned on my
heels and left, silent as a mouse. Why? Because Im a fraud.
Im a liar.
Ive been lying to Malcolm all along, seducing him because I
was worried about my company and now Ive fallen in love
with him, and Ive fallen really hard. Karma is a bitch, right?
Worst of all, I have no idea what I should do now.
If Malcolm admits hes in love with me, Im sure Ben will use
that to ruin him But if I just step out of this whole mess,
removing myself from the equation to try and save him, Ben will
leak the tapes and drag me and my company through the mud
until theres nothing left but ruins.
But I cant lead Malcolm on.
I cant ruin him like this.
The woman I was before getting to know Malcolm would do it
in a heartbeat, but that woman had ice running in her veins.
Malcolm melted all that ice and now Now I cant destroy him.
Ive parked my car around the block and, the moment I see it,
I open the door with one click of my keys. Sitting behind the
steering wheel, I lock myself inside and throw my head back
against the headrest. I take a deep breath, trying to think of a
solution; then, with a sigh of resignation, I take my phone out of
my purse and go through the call log. Finding what Im looking
for, I press the Dial green button and press the phone to my ear.
Yeah? I hear Bens voice on the other side of the line and,
with that, loud music. The asshole hes probably partying in
some club right now, not giving a fuck about me or anyone else.
Thats Ben for youa complete sociopathic asshole. What the
fuck do you want, Athena? Did Malcolm admit he has fallen for
you? I can hear the eagerness in his voice, and I have to struggle
against the urge to simply end the connection. But no, I just take
a deep breath and try to rearrange my thoughts.
Ben this isnt going well, I start to stay, praying to God
that my words come out truthful. Things arent working out
between Malcolm and I, and I --
Oh, please, Athena, he cuts me short, his tone one of
amused annoyance. Feed that bullshit to someone else. Youve
always been a shitty liar.
Its not a lie, its --
Shut up, Athena. Remember what I told you; do your fucking
job and everything will be okay. Dont, and you and your
company well be fucked. For good. I can do more than just
release these tapes, you know? Just like I have dirt on you, I have
it on other people as well and some of them are reporters. Can
you imagine the kind of bullshit a reporter would print just to get
rid of me?
This time I dont say a thing. I know exactly the kind of shit a
reporter would print in a situation like that. I mean, Im working
on the ruin of the man Ive fallen for, and that because Im being
blackmailed. Printing a smear article is nothing when compared
to that.
When did you turn into such a bastard, Ben? I ask him,
anger replacing the feelings of frustration I was feeling just
minutes ago. Hes lucky hes not here right now, because Im not
sure if Id be able to suppress the urge to kick him in the balls.
Im not a bastard, babe, Im a realist. And Ive always been
this way It was you who thought I was some kind of fucking
Prince Charming. Youre a hot woman, Athena, but you really
gotta pack those rose-colored glasses of yours.
Im about to tell him to fuck off when I hear the voice a
Who're you talking to? I ask, and Ben says something I
cant quite hear. Then, just like that, he ends the connection. I
throw my phone over to the passenger seat and close my eyes; I
rub my temples with my thumbs, already feeling a headache
brewing inside my skull.
I have some choices to make, and all of them have
consequences. On one hand, theres my company; on the other,
theres Malcolm. And sitting right at the crossroad is Ben,
watching my every move, his finger hovering over the Destroy
Her button.
Yeah, Ive had better days, no doubt about that.
Trying to take my mind out of the pool of desperation its
falling into, I turn the engine on and place my hands on the
steering wheel. I turn the radio on, and a soft jazzy voice
immediately fills up the car.
Michael Bubl.
Fucking great.

R oast beef, cheese, mustard, ryenormally all the

makings of a good sandwich, but today I can't eat. Just looking at
food makes me queasy.
I chuck it into the wastebasket, disgusted with not only the
food, but with myself, and with my life in general.
What was I thinking, falling for a woman like Athena,
especially given the high stakes? Of course she snuck out of my
apartmentno good bye, no 'hey, it was fun, but I gotta run,'
and not even a text. Karma? Luck? Fuck if I know.
And that's what really gets me. How hard is it to send a text
I've been calling her like crazy, one call after another, and
texting too, but now she's giving me the silent treatment. Like I
don't exist. For all I know, maybe she even had my number
It's as if she doesn't know me.
Her silence makes me feel feral in my vulnerability. One
minute, I'm confessing my love for this womena dangerous
fucking thing to do considering this '100 Days' contest isn't even
over and I have everything to loseand the next, she's
vanishing quicker than a ghost.
I'm like a wild animal locked in this office.
I swear I'm losing it. I'm even hoarding small things that
remind me of Athenait started out simple, keeping a small
cocktail napkin from our first date, and then holding onto an
earring she left behind in my bed sheets.
Who have I become?
I pull my cell phone from my pocket and dial her again. I
listen to the phone ring, and ring, and ring before going to
I end the call in disgust. I refuse to leave another message.
Then I buzz my secretary.
"Stacey, re-schedule all of today's meetings."
"No problem, Mr. Bane. Is everything okay?"
"No, but it will be."
I let go of the intercom button, and send a message to my
If Athena won't take my calls, I'll come to her and catch her
off guard at her office.
There's no way I'm going to forget this ever happened
because none of this makes sense. What if she's hurt? What if
something terrible has happened and I don't even know
about it?
That seems unlikely, but still at the very least, I deserve to
find out what's going on. Because at this rate, it feels like my
fucking life is on hold.
Athena has consumed me. I can't think about anything else to
the point that nothing else exists.
No amount of masturbating, working out at the gym, or
whiskey drinking will erase her from my mind.
I walk to the curb outside and see my driver standing next to
the car, holding the back passenger door open.
"Afternoon, sir. Where to today?"
"Thanks, Henry. Take me to Millionaire Matches, Inc.
"Right away sir."
Within moments, the car is pulling into the steady flow of
traffic, and I sink into the soft black leather, closing my eyes.
With my eyes shut, I can smell Athena's hairsweet and
exotic and faraway from the cityMandarin oranges served on a
slice of salty ocean. I can almost feel the way her pulse flutters in
her neck, like a caged butterfly against my lips.
Athenathe ancient Greek goddess of wisdom and war. Yes,
that seems to ring trueeven for this modern-day Athena.
Before I know it, the car is pulling up to her building. It's a
marvel of architectural achievementall steel and glass as far as
the eye can see.
I thank Henry for the ride, and walk toward the building's
elevators. I ride them all the way up to her office, the whole time
wondering if she's going to be here.
I walk out of the elevator, and into her office.
"Excuse me, sir?" her secretary says, and I blow right past
his desk.
I don't have time for niceties.
When I reach her door, it's open, and I see her.
She's sitting behind her desk, her slender legs crossed, in a
tight black skirt and blazer. She raises her eyes, and looks at me.
It's not a look of surprise. In fact, her look doesn't tell me
Is it indifference that I'm sensing?
"Where the fuck have you been?" I say. "I was worried. You
slipped out of the apartment without a word, a note, a text
nothing. And then you've been refusing to answer my calls.
What's going on?"
She shrugs. "Contrary to what you might think, I'm a busy
I laugh. Two can play this game.
"Too busy for a text?"
"What, Maldo I need to be at you hand and foot now?
Because if that's what you think, you're talking to the wrong
woman. That's not me."
"Stop, that's bullshit and you know it. You know I'm not
asking for much."
She shrugs again. "I don't know what you want from me."
"You know what this is?" I say.
"Is this a thing?"
"That's right; it is. Your head versus your heartyour whole
body is rebelling. Look me in the eyes and tell me that's
not true."
She looks at me for a second, but refuses to hold my gaze.
And in that moment, I know I'm right. About this. About
I walk toward her, closing the distance between us and my
heart is kicking in my chest.
The way she's holding her lips slightly open, the way her tits
are sitting in her blouse, like two scoops just begging to be eaten,
and the way the sun from her floor-to-ceiling office windows is
lighting her hair around her faceit's all making my cock throb.
I know she can feel this too. She isn't moving. Isn't speaking.
I'm now standing in front of her, and I brush my fingers
against her lips, and drag them down her throat. I touch her lips
again, and this time she opens her mouth, sucking them with
her warm, velvet tongue, and it sends a bolt of electricity
traveling down my spine.

W ITH UNCONTROLLED LUST , I grab her throat, bringing her closer

to me.
Unbuckle my belt.

N ice to see you again, I whisper, my heart feeling like a

hand grenade inside my chest. His words have awakened
something visceral inside of me, and I cant wait to obey him.
Images of Malcolm taking out his frustrations on my jacket, my
skirt, my blouse, my bra, and oh dear God my thong. I want him
to destroy my thong. I'm getting way too far ahead of myself.
I was wondering if there was ever going to be an again, he
says, his words heavy and tense. Did you plan on coming by,
returning a call, send a text, or maybe a fucking carrier pigeon.
I'm getting wet listening to him go on. Why in the world does
this turn me on like this?
Unbuckle my belt, he repeats, but I know I cant submit to
him this easily. I cant show him how bad I want and need him.
If I can push his buttons just a little harder I'll get exactly what
I want.
I move my fingers down his chest, stopping when I have them
hooked on his belt. Then, my eyes on his, I let go and take one
step back. Without saying a word, I go back to my desk and pick
up the phone. Could you please cancel any other appointments
I have today? I say, trying hard to conceal the lust that insists
on making my voice heavier. I hang up the phone and finally
lock my eyes onto Malcolms.
So what is it that you want me to do? I ask him, fully
knowing that Im teasing a wild and dangerous animal.
I want you to stop being so fucking hot and cold all the time.
Either you are into me, or youre not, but stop messing around
and just say which one it is for you.
Logically that is the answer that I would expect him to give,
but physically that is not even close to what I want. Maybe if I get
this desk from between us I can move this along.
What do you want? I ask plainly, finally coming to stand
next to him as he reaches a full standing position again.
Instead of repeating his order from before, he just grabs the
back of my head and roughly pulls me to him. The kiss is not a
sweet gentle affair. This is a collision. His lust impacting my own
at full speed. His tongue forces its way into my mouth. His lips
undulating against mine as a violent massage of need. God damn
I love kissing this man. I can feel my body respond as my pussy
starts to tingle.
I reach up to place my hand on the back of his head. I want to
make sure he doesnt break away until we are both ready. He
stops me. His hand closes around my raising wrist with laser-
like accuracy. Malcolm twists my arm behind me. His hand locks
like steel around my wrist. I feel myself start to gasp, but it's no
use because his mouth is locked to mine.
Malcolm turns me slightly and backs me up to my desk. The
sharp corner digs into my ass as he presses forward. His tongue
leading the way he leans back over the desk. I put my free hand
back to steady myself and I feel the stapler slide across the
mahogany top.
My legs open of their own accord letting his strong body close
to me. He closes the distance by pulling harder at the back of my
head. His fingers curl inward and scratch along my scalp as he
entangles my hair. The pain is refreshing in a strange way. The
tingling lets me know that I'm alive. That this is really
happening. Just like I had hoped that it would.
He is so delicious his tongue tastes sweet and salty. I try to
take in as much of his taste as I can, but the way he's pressed
against me is making it hard to breath and therefore hard to
concentrate on tasting him. My head is feeling light. The
sensations vibrating from my pussy are becoming more intense
as I find it harder to keep a clear thought in my mind. I'm
bouncing from the feeling between my legs, to the taste of his
tongue, to my need for more air.
Just as the world around me begins to spin he pulls back.
Oxygen rushes to my brain almost instantly as Malcolm pulls my
hair causing my head to tilt back.
Fuck, I manage to gasp out as my mind tries to make the
ceiling stop spinning. The fan is not helping.
That is the plan, he hisses before biting my neck. His sharp
teeth pinching my skin almost to the breaking point snaps my
mind back into focus.
I have to decide how I want to play this. Do I want to give in
this easily and be immediately submissive to this mans desires?
That idea certainly has merit and a lot of very hot iterations. I
could also push back and see just how far he is willing to go to
have me. There are a good number of incredibly sexy positives to
this approach.
Only if you can take me. The words are out of my mouth
before I come to a conscious conclusion. Guess, I am going with
defiant. This should be interesting.
All right, then, Malcolm hisses as he twists my arm in the
other direction spinning me around. His hand backed up by
those rippling arm muscles press against my back. I push back
just a little, almost as a test. He adds more pressure and pins me,
bent at the waist over my own desk. I have just enough time to
turn my head before my body hits the hard surface.
Malcolm is obviously not concerned with any type of warm-
up. I feel my skirt bunch and lift as his free hand reaches
between my legs. His fingers find the edge of my panties. He
moves the small piece of material covering my pussy to the side.
I gasp and then let out a small shriek when his fingers plunge
into my hole. He has to have at least two inside me. There is no
way that a single finger could stretch the lips of my pussy apart
like this. Malcolm bends his fingers and press mercilessly at my
G-spot. The intensity of the response to having the spot touched
so roughly is overwhelming. Pinned to the desk all I can do is
shiver as the orgasm races through my body. I was not prepared
to go off so suddenly. My eyes clamp shut. I can feel the heat
spread across my face as I drink in such a sudden release.
Malcolm starts pulling his fingers out of me and I shudder as
he does. I was ready for him to be done with fingering me, but
instead he shoves his fingers back inside my pussy so hard and
fast he lifts my body off the ground enough that I am on tip toes.
The callouses on his fingers and palm scrape against my delicate
skin as he continues to slam his fingers into my pussy over and
over. My body is lifting and falling as he pounds into me. I can
hear him breathing hard as he works his hand in and out of my
hole. I can also hear the squishing sounds of his fingers moving
in and out of the juices my pussy is currently gushing. Fuck
almighty, I didnt know I wanted rough sex this badly.
My eyes slam shut again as another round of pure erotic joy
blasts through every part of me. It is like there is pure electricity
coursing through me. I would swear on anything that bolts of
lightning were shooting from my toes, fingertips, and nipples at
this very moment.
The shudders rocking my body begin to abate and I can focus a
little better. I can hear Malcolm grunting as he drives his fingers
into me over and over again.
Suddenly I'm spinning and falling. My knees bend and hit the
You want to play it both ways. The problem is you cant. You
want to act like a cock-tease then I'm going to show you what
happens to a cock tease. His words are menacing.
His speed and strength are intimidating. I didn't feel him
change his grip. I was bent over the desk and then I was on my
knees. How he did it, I dont know or care because this whole
experience is so amazingly sexy.
Once again he yanks my head backward so that I'm looking
straight up. His handsome face looming over me. His eyes filled
with unadulterated want. His lips set with pure determination.
I can only watch as he brings his other hand into my view and
places his two fingers, now covered with my fluids, against my
lips. I've never tasted my own cum before, but the smell of my
juices on his fingers just below my nose makes me want to open
my mouth. Something inside of me needs to suck his fingers
clean. My mind is telling me to make him happy, to do whatever
Malcolm wants me to do. But, I'm supposed to be resisting.
Somewhere inside my mind another voice is telling me it is too
early to submit fully to his will.
I press my lips together tightly. Malcolm is lightning fast. His
hand releases my hair but before I can react and lower my head
his hand is around my throat. I can feel his strength through the
skin of my neck. The imminent threat is turning me on in a way
that I've never felt before. He is not actually hurting me. He is
putting just the slightest bit of pressure against the sides of my
neck. It's the possibility that with the slightest flex I could be in
danger that is making this so erotic. The look on his face says
clearly that he's on the edge of control. Just the slightest bit of
continued resistance could make him lose control. I dont dare
press my luck any farther. I give into that voice that wants me to
relent. My mouth opens letting his fingers slip in.
I taste amazing. It has never occurred to me to try licking my
own fingers and no other man has ever suggested it. I can taste
salt, something sweet and there is a tangy taste that is making
my tongue tingle just a little bit.
You know what that taste is? Malcolms growl is low and
reverberates through me as he speaks. That is your body
rebelling. You say you dont want me. You act like you dont want
me, but the minute I'm in the same room with you, your pussy
tells the truth.
He's so right. I knew days ago when I had decided to try to
ignore him.
Unbuckle my belt, he orders pulling his fingers out of my
mouth but keeping his hold on my throat. I hesitate. Im not
sure I'm even resisting at this point. I'm just not sure how to
work around his arm. The small amount of time was enough to
test his control. His fingers tightened just a bit. I can feel the tips
of his fingers pressing against the veins in the sides of my neck.
It is still not dangerous, but I take the warning for what it is and I
scramble to loosen his belt.
His order has taken over my mind, and this time I simply
cant resist his commands.
Take out my cock, his hissed order sending shivers up my
spine. His hand is still around my neck but now I know how to
work around him so there is no hesitation. I consider, for just a
flash of thought, about taking my time. I've never considered
myself to be an extremely naughty girl. Oh sure, I've always
liked a little light spanking, some biting and the occasional
scratch along the back, but I never considered that I would enjoy
a man being so rough with me. I decide just as quickly to not
press things too far too quickly. I manage to free his monstrous
cock in record time.
Suck on my balls, he orders me continuing to hiss his
instructions through gritted teeth while lifting his cock with his
free hand.
I dont consider hesitating at all because he isnt giving me
the option; his fingers dig a little bit harder into the tender flesh
of my neck as he pulls my head forward. All I have to do is open
my mouth.
His skin is hot and velvety smooth. I manage to fit both of
them in my mouth at the same time. His scent fills my nose and
causes a slight tingle in my nostrils. I roll his balls around with
my tongue; the musky scent of his body makes me moan. I'm
sure he appreciates the vibration because I can feel his body
rumble with a guttural moan of his own.
Malcolm releases his grip on my throat. I hadnt realized it
but I was not getting as much air as I needed because just as
suddenly as he releases his grip, I draw in a deep breath through
my nose and I feel dizzy. He is again not giving me the time to
think about myself. His hand is instantly tangled in my hair and
my head is once again jerked back. I register the popping sound
of his balls leaving my mouth.
I manage a gasp of air before he plunges his cock into my
mouth. I feel the thick tip of his cock hit the back of my throat
and bend downward and invade my throat. I feel the gagging
start deep inside me. My body rebels against the intrusion, but
Malcolm is determined to make this all about him. I start to push
against his thighs trying to free myself, but he holds my head
tightly against him. My nose bends slightly against his body. I
cant bring in enough air. I start to panic. I know I cant take this
any longer.
Malcolm wrenches back on my hair pulling his cock free of my
mouth. Thick strings of saliva trail from my mouth and cling, at
the other end, to his glistening cock. I pant for air and try to get
the panic under control. My eyes are closed and I dont see him
twist his hips. I feel the bulk of his twelve-inch shaft smack
against the side of my face.
You're going to learn a lesson one way or the other,
Malcolm says. I open my eyes and while he's still holding my
hair, he's tilting my head as far back as it will go. He is bending
over me. His face is just a single inch from mine. You are going
to find out the price of leading a man like me on, or you are going
to find out that you really enjoy being a dirty whore.
Considering how much I'm enjoying this I dont see much of
an option. For any other man I would've put up a hell of a serious
fight against being treated this way, but for Malcolm I am one
hundred percent fine with being the nastiest, sluttiest fuck toy
on the planet.
I watch as he leans back coming to full height. His hips twist
and his cock swings toward me again. The impact doesnt hurt.
The thick thud against my cheek is punctuated with a wet
slapping sound. My darkest inner desire is in full control of me.
My whole body explodes with the most powerful orgasm I've
ever experienced. It's as if dynamite has gone off inside of me
and my body and mind are shattered instantly into a million
little pieces. I slump, his grasp on my hair the only thing holding
me up as I lose all control of my muscles and joints. I shake with
tremor after tremor as the feelings of ecstasy thunder
through me.
I guess I know which lesson you choose to learn, Malcolms
steely voice says from somewhere seemingly far away. I like the
way you think.
A sense of being lifted up registers at the very back of my
brain. I have no idea what is coming next, but even the concept
of rational thought is beyond my grasp right now. I want to be
his whore and that means wanting what he wants so why put too
much thought into it?
I finally manage some focus when my ass lands on my desk.
Pens, the stapler, and paper go flying. Malcolm roughly pushes
my legs up so that the heels of my shoes catch on the narrow end
of the desk. He pushes the hem of my skirt roughly up my body.
My ass lifts of its own accord to let the obstructing fabric pass.
I think you've been planning this, Malcolm says once again
hissing through his teeth. I honestly have no clue what
prompted that comment, But you made a serious mistake.
Nope, still no idea what he's talking about. A good whore wears
garters and stocking, do you know why?
No, sir, I dont think I've ever called anyone sir in my
entire life but right now it seems so appropriate and, truthfully,
really fucking sexy.
Because it gives any man easy access to your sweet little
cunt. There is another word that has never been sexy before,
but just hearing him say in reference to my pussy send another
shiver of joy up my spine. You made the mistake of wearing
panties. You're going to learn soon enough not to make such
amateur mistakes. My fucking whore is going to be open and
available whenever I want, you got that?
I cant form words. The delayed and serious look in his eyes is
making it hard to concentrate on anything, and it's building
pressure in my body. From the center of my pussy a deliciously
delayed sense of pleasure is growing. He's going to rip my thong
apart and fuck me. I have been wanting this since the last time
we spoke. I've wanted this man to come take me this way, rough
and mercilessly, and now he's going to do it. Malcolm is going to
make me his. This is fucking amazing.
I watch him lean over me. My eyes follow his hands as he
reaches toward me. I suck in a breath. I'm going to thoroughly
enjoy this moment.
What the fuck? My eyes are glued to the movement of his
hands and he's reaching past my crotch. This change in the
anticipated action freezes me. I can only continue to watch as his
thick fingers find the split in my blouse. It's like time slows. I'm
mesmerized as I watch each individual muscle in his arms flex.
Ropes of pure power coiling to unleash damage. Time snaps back
to normal speed as the buttons of my blouse spring free flying
across the room and the silk tears. The awesome display of
power and the cool air against my skin make me shriek just a
little. Malcolm pays no attention to my shocked noise. He's
already reaching into my bra, with his hand digging desperately
to find my nipple. He finds the nub without much searching. I
cant control the shriek as he pulls my tit free from my bra. My
tit is stretched so far by him that it looks like a traffic cone
attached to my chest. It hurts so much but I can feel the cum
running out of my pussy.
He lets my nipple slip from between his fingertips. My flesh
springs back and he reaches in again looking for the other
nipple. Again he pulls me free of the lace and padding, letting
my breast snap back once he had stretched it to its fullest.
Malcolm then grabs each of my boobs, one in each of his hands.
He grips them so tightly it feels like he is crushing them and I
guess he actually is crushing my tits.
Splayed out on my desk with my tits out in the open and my
legs spread I cant help but feel so incredibly turned on. He may
be extremely pissed off but I realize how much I've wanted to be
wanted. How much I've wanted this man to be the one who
wants me so badly he will break every rule and social convention
to possess me. I cant imagine how sex could get any better than
this, and I allow myself just a second to marvel at how deeply I
enjoy being his.
Mmmmmm, I can feel his sounds of approval vibrating
through his tongue as he licks the side of my neck, his hands
still crushing my exposed breasts. I can feel the heat of his body
as he bends over me. It's so soothing. His warmth spreads across
my skin through what remaining clothing I have on. I feel my
back pressing into him, trying to soak in as much of his heat as
I can.
Malcolm begins to stand up and as he does he releases his
crushing grip of my tits. They throb with the return of blood flow
that his strong hands have restricted.
Youre mine now and I will not tolerate any more of your
silly little games, Malcolm says as he is leaning back. I can only
stare straight into his eyes. They are so intent that it is hypnotic
to look at him. His features are so stern. Gazing at him I feel a
sense of vulnerability. There is really nothing that I could do to
get away from him at this moment. Not that I want to get away
from him, in fact, the only thing that I want is to be closer to him
and I desperately want him to be so close to me that he's inside
of me. I try changing my tactics. I lift my hips trying to push
into him.
His cock is hanging out of his pants. I have no idea how his
jeans, with the fly open and the button undone, can cling to his
hips. Malcolm always wears the most perfect clothes. It's like he
has them tailored, but even so the fact that they have not fallen
is amazing to me.
My eyes track the movement of his arm and hand as they
swing back. My mind isnt putting the pieces together. He
reverses the swing and his hand slaps into the side of my aching
breast. The sound of skin impacting skin echoes throughout the
office. I'm sure my assistant is going to be bursting through the
door any second now. I plead with the cosmos that she doesnt
come in. I have to have this man, now.
Malcolm sneers as I bite my lip. I bet he is thinking that I'm
holding back a scream, but I'm trying to keep myself from
begging. The slap against my tit just adds to the excitement of
what is happening to me, but I have to be careful now. Malcolm
has kept his voice low and the crashing of my desk clutter had
been pretty quiet. The slapping skin was much louder. If I
screamed or started pleading for Malcolm to fuck me I'm sure
people would be crashing through the door in an instant to find
out what the hell was going on in here.
I move my hips sideways just able to graze my pussy against
the tip of his hard cock. The lace of my thong scrapes against my
clit and I silently curse the barrier between him and I.
Malcolm pulls back from me. There is no way that I reach him
and stay on the desk. Fffffffffffuuccckkk!
I'm about to give into my frustration. I dont care what I
started out acting like because now I'm willing to beg, plead,
bargain, anything. My mouth opens. The words are forming in
my throat when his fingers slip under the edges of my thong.
The air is rent open with the sound of tearing lace. The cold
air washes over my pussy cooling against the wetness that has
spread over my lips and thighs.
He is blindingly fast when he wants to be. Consciously I dont
realize he is in me until I feel the tip of his cock slamming
against the back of my pussy. I cant help the gasp of relief. He
feels so hot. I can feel the shaft of his cock touching every part of
me. It feels like I could start on fire from the inside and there is
nothing I want more in this moment than to burst into flames.
Malcolm wastes no time. His cock slides out of me and he
hammers it back in. Over and over he rams his monster cock into
my pussy.
That pussy feels so good. God damn you are an amazing
fuck, he says not bothering to control his volume. The growing
flame inside me takes control of my mind. I couldnt care less if
someone walked through that door right now. In fact it would
make this even better if Ben Danvers were to be the one to
come in.
My hips start to buck. I set up a counter movement to his so
that his cock is buried deep inside of me. We move apart and
then together in time. His powerful thrusts are making me slide
along the surface of the desk. I grunt in desperation because he's
getting farther away. He isnt able to get as deep into me as I
want him to be.
Malcolm must feel the same frustration too because he grabs
my legs and drapes them over his shoulders so that my calves
are bent down along his back. I use the leverage to pull myself
into him. Yessssss, he hisses.
Fuck me, please. Dont stop. I need you, I can't corral the
words any longer. I have to let out what I've been feeling
for days.
Dont ever, fucking, hide from me again, Malcolm growls
as he pulls his cock out of me. This man calling me a tease is the
very definition of the pot calling the kettle black. How in the hell
does he know the perfect moment to pull away from me? It's like
I have a frustration-gauge on my forehead and when it hits the
red zone he denies me.
Using my legs as handles he pulls me toward him and off the
desk. His lightening movements allow him to change his grip
and catch me by the hips before I start falling to the floor. He
twists my hips and before I can really process what is happening
to me I'm bent over face-first on my desk.
Malcolm kicks at my feet like he's arresting me. My legs
spread just a little, but it is enough. Before I have fully settled my
weight back onto my heels his cock is spreading the lips of my
soaking pussy.
The tip of his cock presses against that certain spot before
bending and moving deeper into me. The top of his shaft slides
along that same spot and the fire that had been growing inside
me becomes an inferno. The shaking is starting in my feet and
climbing up my legs. My knees shake. I'm totally addicted to this
My fingers curl around the edges of the top of my desk as my
whole body is wracked with convulsions of the most intoxicating
high any woman could ever experience.
Thats it, Athena. Cum on my cock. I love it when you cum
while I'm fucking that perfect pussy.
His words punctuate the undulating on my body. His cock
pumping in and out of me driving the surging pleasure through
the center of me.
Oh, fuck, I draw out as the final and largest wave of
pleasure rolls through me.
My breathing slows. I'm still gripping the edges of my desk so
tightly that I'm sure that if I bothered to look my knuckles would
be white. Malcolm is still driving his cock into me with a
vengeance. How the hell does he manage to last this long?
His fingers are digging into my hips. It's another ten points of
delicious pain. I'm slowly recovering and he's still having his
way with me.
His fingers curl into my flesh sending sharp pangs of pain
through me. He buries his cock deep into my pussy. I can feel the
surging of his cock as he unloads. I feel wave after crashing wave
pass through his shaft. I'm filling up with his cum.
Fuck, Athena, he growls, slowly sliding his cock out of my
pussy. I missed this all of this.
Me too, I confess, shuddering as I feel his long inches
moving out from inside of me.
I know he whispers, trailing off as he tucks a lock of hair
over my ear. I know. All of aggressiveness and dominance had
faded away, like the first breeze in a hot summer day, and now
all thats left is kindness and something more.
Thats one of the things that made me fall in love with him.
The way hes capable of controlling his aggressiveness the way
he falls in and out of control whenever he wants to, and the way
he wields that to fuck me in a way that no other man could.
It wasnt supposed to happen like this, you know? I wasnt
supposed to fall in love, and I sure as hell wasnt supposed to
surrender to him like this. But the way he handled me today, the
way he put a stop to all of my hesitations my God, I've never
loved anyone like this.
I was going crazy, you know? he continues, taking his hand
to my pussy and softly caressing my inner lips.
With what? I pant, my body trembling as I feel the touch
of his fingers.
You disappeared and I fuck, Athena, I was afraid you were
gone. And I cant stand that thought, I just cant, he whispers,
and his words are so genuine that I feel as if my mind is prickled
by them.
Here he is, opening his heart to me and he has no idea that I
have Ben snapping his jaw at my heels.
Im sorry, I finally tell him, not knowing what to say.
Its alright. With that, he goes down to one knee and,
leaning forward, he opens his mouth and takes it straight toward
my pussy. I arch my back and surrender to the touch of his lips,
throwing my legs over his shoulders and allowing him to lick and
suck to his hearts content. And thats exactly what he does,
scooping up the thick strands of cum dripping down from my
Without a word, he goes back up to his feet and, tangling his
fingers in my hair, he keeps my head in place and crushes his
lips against mine. I open my mouth and allow his tongue inside
of me.
We kiss in a wild frenzy, a blanket of cum covering both of our
tongues; for a moment, I leave all problems and doubts closed in
the dark vaults of my mind.
When I pull back from his kiss, I wrap my arms around him
and pull him close. Pressing my head against his chest, I let
myself fall into a deep silence as I listen to his heartbeat.
Oh, God, what am I going to do?

H enry is driving me back to my office and during

the car ride I can't stop thinking about Athena's
cum-soaked thong.
The way she smiled at me when I instructed her to wear it for
the rest of the day and not take it off. The way I had her in the
palm of my hand, molding her like a piece of clay. The genuine
smile she gave me the moment I told her to unbuckle my belt.
Her hunger for my cock was undeniable. You just can't
fake that.
Is she still wearing that thong?
Can she feel me between her legs during every meeting she
takes, and every phone call she makes? And if so, does it make
her stop mid-sentence and cause her words to catch in her
Can she smell me as she moves across the room, like
something wild beneath her skirt?
As these thoughts flash through my head, I can't help but
Victory. Sweet fucking victory.
But just as quickly as that smile forms on my lips, it vanishes
when my car pulls up to the front of my office building.
There's eight million fucking people walking around this city,
but I catch a glimpse of a familiar man walking into my building,
and it doesn't take much for me to recognize him. I could spot
those high-arched caterpillar eyebrows from a mile away.
Ben Danvers.
What the fuck is he doing here? I watch as he enters the
He claps the security guard on the shoulder and by the way
they're laughing, they seem to be sharing some private joke.
Who the fuck does he think he is?
The way Ben is walking in, his chest puffed out in an
exaggerated swagger, he's acting as if he owns the whole fucking
place and that makes my blood boil. He has no business here.
I thought the fact that I nearly broke his face the last time he
decided to come into my office would've been enough of a
deterrent for him to never show up here again.
But I guessed wrong.
I hop out of the car, slamming the door shut behind me, and
decide to follow him in, keeping a safe distance between us. That
way, if I need to confront him, I can catch him off guard. Besides,
my mind is raising about a thousand red flags and a hundred
more alarm bells.
He's up to no good. I feel it in my bones.
Why else would he be here?
But despite my trepidation, I make it back to my office
without an incident. I have no idea what floor he's on, or whose
office he's visiting, but it isn't mine.
After he went up in the elevator, I never saw him again.
Not that that leaves me feeling any better.
In fact, it's just the opposite. My mind is fucking reeling.
As soon as I sit down at my desk, I flip open my laptop and
begin opening up old files on my hard drive. I spend an hour
sorting through folders that I haven't bothered opening in
months, and then I see something that stops me cold.
It's an old news clip that I saved. I can't believe I forgot
about this.
The headline reads: "Two CEOs Create Powerhouse
What the fuck?
When I squint down at the picture, I see two people sitting at
a table, staring at each other starry-eyed and locked in an
Those two people are none other then Athena Hawke and Ben
Nothing in my life has prepared me for this feeling. I'm a
man who needs to be in control. I need to control my
environmentevery fucking piece of it.
Seeing this feels like I've just stepped on a land mine, and
came within inches of blowing myself up.
If it's one thing I don't have right now, it's control.
The realization solidifies in my mind. Athena and Ben were
a couple. It appears that they made some of the biggest business
deals together in this city's history.
So, what's she doing with me?
I ball both of my hands into fists, and slam one hand down on
top of my desk. The force of it makes a cup of pens clink against
each other, and a stray piece of paper slides off the mahogany
and onto the floor.
How could I be so fucking stupid?
Ben has always wanted to get back at me. Is this how he's
finally succeeding in doing it? Is he using Athena to bring
me down?
Are they both sitting back, and collectivity laughing at how
gullible I've been?
I keep a heavy set of weights in my office for times like these
when I'm so fucking pissed I need to release it without
breaking something.
I walk over to the weights and grab them, one in each hand.
Then I tighten my muscles and curl, one rep after another until
my biceps are burning and swollen under my button-up shirt.
Even then I don't stop, rep, after rep.
I can picture them now, Athena and Ben sharing a laugh over
an over-priced cocktail. I can almost hear Ben saying, look at
this guy, we laid a trap and he walked right into it. Who knew it
was this easy pulling the wool over his eyes?
Yes, Athena must be working for Ben. The more I think about
it, the more it makes sense. I'm such a fucking idiot.
It seems to be one woman after another that tumbles my life
into chaos. But I need to stay focused. I refuse to let them sit
back and have the last laugh at my expense.
I curl the weight in my arm, and instead of releasing it I hold
the weight, feeling my muscles tense and burn across my entire
It looks like my cock has gotten me in trouble again. How
many times am I going to allow that to happen?

"L ifting weights again, I see?"

A familiar voice snaps my mind to the present, and lifts the
fog from my thoughts. It's amazing what kind of clarity you can
get when you're not alone with your thoughts. I look up and see
Andrew standing in the doorway. He has his arms crossed over
his broad shoulders and is leaning against the frame of the door.
He's still wearing a pair of aviator sunglasses over his eyes from
being outside, and he reminds me of a Tom Cruise circa Top Gun.
"Just blowing off some steam," I say.
"Well, I may have the solution to your problems," Andrew
smiles, removing his glasses now. I watch as he folds them and
hangs them off of his shirt pocket.
"Fat chance," I say, shaking my head. "I'm now in shit deeper
than the Grand Canyon, and I don't see a way out of this
fucking mess."
Andrew narrows his eyes at me. "Since when did you become
such a pessimist?"
"Since I found myself falling for a viper disguised as a vixen,"
I say, and just as quickly as I say it, I wish I hadn't. I honestly
don't want to talk about her right now especially not with
Just thinking about Athena causes me to pick up my weights
again. I grab a barbell in each hand and begin lifting to stem the
flood of anger that is threatening to surge back into my blood
Andrew eyes me up and down before proceeding. "Look,
before you get yourself worked up over some woman and fall off
the deep endwhich is uncharacteristic of you by the way
there's a mystery investor, and this person wants in."
I stop curling and look him in the eyes. "What do you mean?"
"I mean that we have a solution!" he says, throwing his arms
up as if I'm not listening. "Don't you see? This investor is willing
to put in enough capital to solve all of your problems."
"All of my problems?" I say, and the crease forming across
my forehead says I'm skeptical.
"Look, I can't speak for your lady troubles, but this empire of
yours," he says, spinning around the room and pointing at all
four walls of my office, "will be saved. And that's been the goal
from the beginning, right?"
He does have a point. I need to forget about Athena. The
whole reason I met her in the first place was to save my
company, and the people in it. I thought the '100 Days' contest
was going to be easy, and it was until I met Athena.
"So, what now?" I say. "Where do we go from here?"
"I'll be honest with you," Andrew says, his tone growing
serious, "the margins will be razor thin. But with a few good
trades, you'll be back in business and at the top in no time.
Whos the investor? I ask sharply. Who would swoop in
now? Why dont they just wait till after the company is
All we can piece together is that they want to be a silent
investor and they believe in you as an investor, he says to me.
"Maybe," I mumble.
Andrew folds his arms across his chest. "Maybe? Did you just
say maybe? Where's your fire? Where's your confidence? C'mon
Malcolm. You're goodalmost too good. You make Wall Street
trembleyou've always made grown men quake beneath their
silk ties. You need to take this bull by the horns!"
I shrug. "I guess."
"Unbelievable. I'm standing here telling you that we have an
investora solutionand I get the sense that you're not
"No, it's great really, it is," I say. I put the weights down
and take a seat behind my desk. I sink into the leather and tilt
my head back, looking up at the ceiling.
"Why do I not believe you?"
Andrew's my best friend. He's always had my back, and he's
like a fucking brother to me, but I'm not in the mood for his
poking and prodding.
"Jut let it goit's fine," I say, swiveling in my chair.
Andrew shakes his head. "That's where you're wrong. Your
fire is gone, man. I'm just hoping there's a few embers left that
we can fan and turn into flames again."
"That's fucking dramatic."
"Just man up and tell me what's wrong," Andrew says.
I decide that now's as good a time as any to pull out the bottle
of whiskey that I keep stashed in my desk drawer. "Want a
"Fill 'er up," Andrew says.
I pour two ribbons of the amber liquid, one in each glass, and
slide one over to Andrew. I take a gulp, allowing the liquor to
burn a fiery trail into the pit of my stomach.
"I think Ben Danvers is up to something."
Andrew laughs. "Nothing new there. When is that bastard not
up to something?"
I shake my head. "No, I mean, I think Ben is plotting against
me with Athena."
Andrew releases a shrill whistle between his lips. "Well, now.
That changes things. What exactly do you think is going on?"
"It's not worth talking about," I say, shaking my head. "It's a
non-issue now that we have an investor."
"It is an issue if you love Athena."
When Andrews says the word 'love' I feel a sharp stab in my
chest. I pour myself another glass of whiskey, and drink it,
trying to dull the pain I feel.
If this is what love feels likea stabbing, sinking, aching
feelingI never want to fall in love again.
Not now.
Not ever.
Andrew eyes me critically, and he instinctively knows there's
more I'm not telling him, but he has the sense enough to not
prod me any further.
"Let me just remind you of something," he says. "You got
this farto this corner office at the top of this fucking
skyscraper in the middle of this glorious city, by being one
"What's that?"
"By being a risk taker, man."
As soon as Andrew says this, I know he's right.
That's it.
I need to take risks.
The question is: How much risk am I willing to assume?

S ometimes I think that part of me is just too manly. I

mean, the first thing I do when I hit a rough patch is
head straight to the closest bar and order a martini. Thankfully,
Im never alone when that happens.
You did what? Julia asks me, her jaw dropping so much that
I wouldnt be surprised if it hit the floor. Please, tell me Ive
heard wrong.
No, youve heard right.
Are you insane, Athena? Julia continues, that tone of
complete disbelief coating every word that leaves her mouth.
No, Im Im in love, I say, looking at her and doing my
best to hold her gaze.
Jesus she mutters under her own breath, ordering two
more shots of tequila by waving her empty glass at the waiter.
Were both sitting by the stools lining the counter and, even
though the bar is almost empty, the music is loud enough to
drown out our voices. Let me get this straight. So, youve
invested all of your personal assets anonymously in Malcolms
company, right? To save him?
Yeah, I nod with a sigh. Even if he admits he loves me and
signs the declaration, putting it all down into writing, his
company will have a financial net to fall back on. But Im not
even sure if thats going to happen now I havent heard from
him in God knows how long.
Im sorry, babe, but you have officially lost your mind. You
know that, dont you? It was cheaper when you were just a slut.
she says to me with a wink, but her tone is so jolly that I cant
help but smile. Thats Julia for youfrom disbelief and anger to
excitement faster than you can snap your fingers. Some
friendships are like that, a true rollercoaster. And God bless her
for that; Id have gone crazy by now if it werent for her.
Yup, Ive finally lost it, Julia.
Well, at least youre honest about that, she shrugs.
Nothing left to do except drink to your madness, then, she
chuckles, raising her shot of tequila up in the air. I do the same,
touching my glass with hers, and then we drink it at the
same time.
But, seriously, Athena, she continues after the usual
grimace that follows the bitter tequila, if you love him this
much, enough to sink both your company and your personal life
I dont know, but maybe you should tell him the truth about
I I dont know about that, Julia
Look, I know that shes right, but I simply cant bring myself
to do it, okay? In a way, Im afraid of letting it all out in the open.
I have no idea how hed react to the truth, and Im not sure if I
want to find out. What if he hates me? Hell be mad at me,
thats for sure, but what I fear the most is that hell be
disappointed with me.
I have no idea when my change from cold-hearted to hopeless
romantic happened, but the fact that it happened remains. And,
even if I could, I wouldnt change a thing. Well, Id wipe Ben off
the whole thing (that bastard could be wiped off the face of the
Earth, for all I care), but Id keep all the rest.
You dont know about that? Julia slams her empty shot
glass onto the table, doing it so hard that even the two
bartenders behind the counter jump back. How the hell can you
say that? Oh, I dont know about that, Julia, she starts
mimicking my voice, doing a very lousy and exaggerated
impression of me. Perhaps watching a frown on my face, she
sighs heavily and then asks one of the bartenders for another
Look, she continues, this time more gently than before,
youve committed both your company and your personal assets,
right? And you did it to protect him. Even if he gets mad at first,
if hes the man you say he is hell eventually see what a great
woman he has.
Its not that easy I mean, Ive basically colluded with Ben. I
tried to destroy his company, and I --
Oh, girl, stop being so dramatic! she sighs again,
exasperated, and runs one hand through her already disheveled
hair. It wont be the end of the world, trust me.
Youre single, Julia. Its not like youre an expert in
relationships, I tell her, and now its her time to frown.
Thanks for that, Miss I-got-a-hot-boyfriend.
Im sorry This whole thing is just stressing me out.
And thats exactly why you need to tell him everything, she
finishes, drinking her shot without waiting for me. Following
her lead, I drink mine as well, throwing my head back and
closing my eyes as the bitter taste of the tequila claws at my
tongue and throat. Ugh.
I know, but...
God, Julia, is it that hard for you to understand? I ask her,
smiling at her even though I feel my heart breaking inside my
chest. Im ashamed of the things I did of the things I let Ben
talk me into. Ive never been that kind of person, and Im
ashamed of myself. And I dont know if I can take the
disappointment in his eyes as I tell him everything, I really
dont The words flow out of me in a torrent, and I feel tears
stinging my eyes. I grit my teeth and breathe in deeply through
my nose, trying to calm myself.
Hey, hey Its gonna be okay, Julia whispers, placing her
hand on top of mine and squeezing it softly.
I dont I dont want Malcolm to know that person, the one
I became when I when I started working for Ben, I tell her,
having no idea on how the hell Im managing not to burst into
No! You cant say bullshit like that, Athena! You never
worked for Ben; he was blackmailing you. Its completely
I know, but --
Not buts or ifs, Athena. Youve told me that you love
Malcolm, and I believe you. I really do. But love without trust
Its worthless, she says, her final words becoming just a
How do you even argue with something like that?

J ust as Andrew and I finish our second glass of

whiskey, the door to my office flies open. We both
turn to look as Ben Danvers walks in.
Instantly, my stomach flips, and a surge of adrenaline courses
through my veins. It doesn't help that I've been drinking. The
whiskey just adds fuel to the firestoking it nice and high.
"Perfect," Ben says, a smile curling the corners of his mouth.
"You're here."
If I'm honest, I'd like to wipe that smile right off of his
fucking face with one closed fist.
I push my chair back from my desk and stand. I'm not going
to let him control this situation, or this room.
"What are you doing here?" I growl. "I thought I made it
perfectly clear that you aren't welcome. If you don't leave right
now, I'm"
Ben cuts me off. "Easy there, tiger. I'm here to make you an
"No thanks," I say, pointing Ben to the door.
"It'd be a real shame," he says, in a patronizing tone and
looking around the office, "To lose all of thisthese things
you've worked so hard for, and this view."
"I thought we've been over this," I say. "I'm not fucking
losing anything."
"I appreciate your bravado, but c'mon, let's be honest," he
shrugs. "You're not fooling anyone here. It's just a matter of
days before this so-called empire of yours comes tumbling
down. And then where will you be? Huh? Well, let me spell it out
for you. You'll be on the street; that's where."
I can feel my pulse hammering in my temples. I wonder if my
face looks as red as it feelshotter than any raging fire. I try to
steady my breathing.
Ben goes on, "Instead of you becoming the next guy to
panhandle on the street corner with an empty coffee cup and a
cardboard sign, I'm prepared to make you an offer. I'll give you a
penny on every dollar. That way, you can walk out of here on
your own two feet, and save yourself the humiliation."
"Go fuck yourself, Ben," I growl. The insult of his offer feels
like a straight kick to the balls.
I watch as Ben takes his wallet from his pocket and pulls a
$100 dollar bill from its fold. Then he pulls out a lighter and a
cigar from his briefcase, and without hesitation, lights the cigar.
He shrugs, sucking in a few puffs. "Have it your way."
Once the cigar's tip begins to smolder, he brings the edge of
the bill to its tip, holding it until it catches fire. I watch the flame
blacken the bill.
He grins wide. "Is this what you really want?" he says, his
thick eyebrows dancing on his brow line. "You really want to
throw money away like this? Because this is what's happening to
your money right now. It's all going up in smoke."
"You're nothing more than a joke," I say, holding his steady
gaze. "You're a natural born loser."
Ben laughs. It's shrill and almost maniacal. "I'm pretty sure
you're the one who's going to lose the 100 Days contest. You can
kiss that pot of money good bye."
As soon as he mentions the contest, it almost feels as if my
heart skips a beat. I can practically feel my stomach hit the floor.
My suspicions must've been right. He knew about the
contest. He must be working with Athena; that's the only thing
that makes sense right now.
I take a step closer to him, and point my finger in his
direction. "You can leave. Now."
I lost my patience a long time ago.
Ben continues to grin, and then throws his smoldering cigar
and hundred-dollar bill down, crushing them with his shoe, and
grinding the black ash into the carpet.
"I see I've hit a nerve," he grins. "And I must say Athena is
quite good in bed. That ass. Those tits."
"You wish," I say, my hands balled into fists and my
shoulders now tense.
"There's no wishing," Ben chuckles. "I've fucked her good.
And I have the tapes to prove it. Would you like to jerk off to
them sometime? The way she moans when I stuff her with my
cock yeah, that part always gets me."
"You fucking bastard!" I growl, closing the distance
between us.
Without saying another word, I reach back and punch him
square in the face. As soon as my fist connects, I hear a snapping
sound, like twigs crunching beneath a boot, and a stream of
blood leaks out of his nose.
He stumbles back, wiping a finger under his nose, and when
he sees the blood, he springs toward me.
He throws a punch, but I duck out of the way and it grazes my
ear. Then I throw my body at him, tackling him to the ground
with the force of a linebacker, and we tumble. A throbbing mass
of muscle, we knock over a vase from a side table, and the
flowers fall to the ground and are crushed by our bodieslike
sad confetti after a party.
"Break it up! Enough," Andrew yells, placing his body
between ours. He grabs Ben by his shirt collar and drags him off
of me.
We're both breathing heavy as I get back on my feet. There's
a small cut on my lip, and I use the back of my hand to wipe away
a trickle of blood. "You'll be fucking sorry, Ben."
Ben's hair is wild on top of his head, some of it flopping over
his eyes. "You're little girlfriend is going to be sorrier when
she's a viral porn star."
As soon as these words fall from his lips, I realize that Athena
hasn't been working with Ben. I've had it all wrong. Ben has
been blackmailing Athena.
I run my fingers through my hair, and straighten my tie.
"That's where you're wrong, asshole. I'm not going to let anyone
hurt her."

I walk through my office floor quietly, flicking the light

switches as I go. The lights flicker for a while, and
then they bathe the whole office, making me squint. Its late at
night, and the whole place is deserted. Just like I need it to be.
These past few weeks have been the most stressful weeks of
my life and yet, at the same time, the happiest. Strange how love
works, huh? Its never easy, and you can never take it for
granted, but while it lasts Oh, its the most amazing thing in
the world.
At least it was for me. And Im saying was because Im not
sure how things are going to play out from now on. There are a
lot of moving parts in this whole situation, and I know that
everythings about to implode The clock is ticking, and it
seems to be ticking faster and faster lately.
And the faster the clock ticks, the faster my mind spins.
Thats why Im here this late at night, walking through my
deserted office floor like a ghost. I tossed and turned in bed
before I finally gave up on sleep; grabbing my car, I drove all the
way here almost unconsciously. Somehow, this place is like my
fortress. This is where I feel the strongest, as if my office is an
unassailable castle.
I make my way toward my private office at the end of the
floor, slide my key in the lock and step inside. Throwing my
purse on the couch lining the wall, I then make my way toward
the liquor cabinet I keep at the end of the room. From the inside
I take an unopened bottle of whisky and pour myself a glass.
Despite having a thing for martinis, Ive never been a heavy
drinker, but tonight I feel like a good whisky is exactly what
I need.
And, more than a good whisky, I need good music.
With the glass in my hand, I turn to the side and run my hand
over the mahogany cabinet I keep there. Its an old thing and,
considering the modern and sleek decor of my office, it kinda
stands apart.
This cabinet was my fathers and, after he passed away, I
knew I had to keep it to myself. I had it fixed up and painted, and
kept all its contents neatly organized over the years. My father
was just an accountant, but whenever he was home, he was so
much more than that. I used to sit on his lap when I was
younger, helping choose the soundtrack for our dinner.
He always kept the cabinet filled with records and, whenever
the money permitted, he took me to the store so that I could
help him choose something new for us to listen to.
I leaf through the records slowly, the scent of paper and vinyl
making me feel as if Im just a young girl again, sitting across my
fathers knees. Closing my eyes, I grab one of the records at
random and pull it out.
A black and white Joni Mitchell smiles at me from the cover,
and I cant help but smile back at her. I take the record from
inside its sleeve and place it carefully on the record player sitting
on top of the cabinet. Turning it on, I then grab the needle and
position it very slowly over the dark vinyl.
Joni Mitchell's sweet voice and her piano fill the room in an
instant and, still with a smile on my lips, I make my way toward
my desk and sit behind it, sinking down on my leather chair.
I close my eyes and take a sip out of the whisky, letting it burn
its way down my throat. For a moment, I let the whisky and the
music blanket all my thoughts, and its a pure blessingfor the
first time in weeks, I feel as if theres nothing to worry about.
Even though my world might be crumbling around me,
something inside me tells me its all going to be okay.
Opening my eyes with a smile, I then notice something weird
on my desk. Theres a piece of paper there, a pen lying across it. I
always clean up my desk before I leave, making sure that its
neat and tidy for the next day, and I dont remember leaving
something like this in here when I left before dinner.
What the? I mutter under my breath, sitting up straight
and reaching for the piece of paper. I only need to read the first
few words to know what Im looking at; its a declaration of love,
the ones my client sign when they finally find what they came
looking for.
With my heart as tight as a fist, I let my eyes fall slowly to the
bottom of the page. There, scribbled in a flowing font, is
Malcolms name.
No way, he didnt I whisper, not even blinking as I look at
his signature. I cant believe that he really signed this. All he had
to do in order to save his company was walk away from me, but
he gave up on that Instead, he decided to risk it all: my
investment in his company is barely enough to keep it afloat,
and hell still be vulnerable.
But, right now, I cant think of any of that. The only thought
echoing inside my head is a simple but loud one: Malcolm
loves me.
But love without trust Its worthless. Julias words come at
me out of the blue, and suddenly I find the courage to do what
must be done. Whatever the cost.
I love him with all my heart, and knowing that he loves me
back Malcolm deserves to know the truth, all of it.
Standing up, I finish my whisky at once and then walk toward
the record player.
Sorry, Joni, I whisper as I pull off the needle and stash the
vinyl disk inside its sleeve. Ill play you again, promise.
Grabbing my car keys and my purse, I take a deep breath and
then head out the door.
Its time to come clean.

I drive all the way to Malcolms apartment, courage

making my heart beat like a war drum; but now, as
the elevator doors close in on me, theres a knot in my throat.
But no, dont think Im going to turn around and run; courage
brought me here, and courage is going to make sure that Ill walk
all the way to his door and knock. And then well, then Ill let
the chips fall where they may.
Its time Ive stopped living in fear.
Its time for the truth.
I take a deep breath as I hear the metallic jingle of the
elevator doors swinging open and, refusing to wait a second
longer, I step outside onto his floor. I make my way toward his
door and rap my knuckles against it, my heart racing even faster
now. I hear nothing from the other side of the door, so I just
knock again.
My knees buckle under my weight as the door finally swings
open; on the other side stands Malcolm, handsome as always. He
looks at me with an unreadable expression, and then takes one
step back to allow me in.
Ive been expecting you, he finally says as he closes the
door behind the two of us.
Youve been expecting me? I ask him as I turn to
face him.
I have, he merely says, leading the way toward his living
room. I follow after him and sit on the couch after he does,
placing my purse between the two of us. I run my tongue over
my lips, wetting them, and prepare to do what I came here to.
I came here because I need to tell you something,
Malcolm. I cant go on like this. II have a secret.
A secret? He arches one eyebrow and places one leg on top
of the couch, turning so that his whole body is facing me.
Folding his arms over his chest, he waits for me to continue
speaking. What kind of secret, Athena?
I havent been truthful with you. I lied. I I dont even know
where to start, Malcolm. I feel terrible. I look into his eyes,
waiting for him to say something, but he just stares back at me
with that enigmatic expression. I take a deep breath and then
find the necessary strength to continue. Ben has been
pressuring me. He wants you to fall in love with me so that youll
lose the buy-in and He wants to ruin you, Malcolm, and Ive
been a part of it. He threatened me, and he --
I know, he suddenly says, cutting me short and reaching
for me. He lays his hand on top of mine and then opens up into a
smile. I know about everything.
Everything, he nods. Ben, the tapes I know about it all.
Im so stunned that I cant even look him in the eyes.
Averting his gaze, I pull my hand from his and fold my fingers
over my lap, looking down at my hands. Malcolm knows
Oh God.
Im sorry, Malcolm, I really am, I tell him, feeling tears
start to sting my eyes. I force myself to look up at him, shame
and fear welling up inside my heart.
Hey, hey, he whispers, caressing my face with the back of
his hand. I dont care. I dont give a fuck, Athena. You came in
here, you told me about it And thats all that matters. Fuck
Ben, fuck the tapes fuck all that. Youre the only thing that
You dont have to worry about anything anymore, Athena. I
promise you. I had a bit of luck, and had an anonymous investor
who has made a guaranteed investment promise and I used the
paperwork from that promise to get an advance loan. I used that
money and had Andrew buy the tapes from Ben. Youre safe
now, he continues, his soothing voice making me feel safer
than Ive ever felt. But then, when I finally comprehend the
meaning behind his words, I cant help but jump up to my feet.
You what?! I ask him, my jaw hanging open. I cant believe
that he used the money I invested in his company to save me. I
gave him a way out, so that he could save himself And instead
he sacrificed himself and his company to save me.
Yeah, I used that money to buy the tapes. I signed the Love
Declaration. Andrew showed Ben and he got so mad and pissed
off he wasnt thinking right and started looking for someone to
buy the tapes of you, Malcolm says.
I stare in horror as Malcolm continues, Ill be in debt to the
investor, but considering everything I owe Its not like it
matters. Besides, I dont give a fuck about money. Not anymore.
All I care about is you, Athena, he says, going up to his feet and
taking one step toward me. Youre my everything.
But I start. Your company. You won't be able to pay back
the investor I finish.
He doesnt say anything.
Im afraid to speak.
I look at him, not knowing what to say. He threw away every
chance he had to save himself, in exchange for my safety.
I love you, Athena, he breathes out in a whisper, cupping
my right cheek with one hand and leaning in to kiss me. Our lips
brush together and I offer him a pale smile.
I love you too, Malcolm and it was me.
It was you that? he asks me.
Im the mystery investor. I wanted to save you from Ben.
Jesus, he breathes out, and for the first time since I stepped
foot inside his apartment, he sounds genuinely surprised. He
looks away from me as if to collect his thoughts; then, when he
turns back to look at me, theres a radiant smile on his lips. I
cant believe you did that, Athena. But it just goes to prove
that Ive picked the right woman, he finishes, and then kisses
me again. And I dont ever want to lose you.
You wont.
I want you to be my wife, he suddenly says, his unblinking
eyes focused on mine. This time he isnt smilingno, hes dead
serious right now.
Are you?
Yes, Im proposing, he whispers, a thin smile now taking
shape on his lips.
YES! I shout, putting my arms around him and pulling him
close. YES! I continue, tears streaming down my face, except
this time, I welcome these tears.
Because theyre tears of joy.
Thats all I remember before Malcolm wraps his arms around
me and my world goes black.

I swear to all the stars in the heavens, being with

Malcolm is turning me into a dude. I dont see him for
a few days and I want to fuck him. He gets angry, and I want to
fuck him. He has good news, and I want to fuck him. The sun
rises in the east, and I want to fuck him.
Ben has gotten what he fucking deserves, and it was a long
time coming, if you ask me. So I dont see any better way to
celebrate than to fuck the living daylights out of Malcolm. I'm
sure he wont object too much.
Another reason that I think I'm becoming a dude, or at the
very least learning to like fucking like dudes like fucking, is
because my wants are changing wildly. The other day in my
office I wanted angry, rough, panty-tearing sex. Right now? I
want to be the one who is aggressive. Rough sex is always good
and maybe there'll be some torn clothes by the end, but it'll be
his shirt or pants if I have my way.
What're you thinking? Malcolm asks, looking at me with a
little bit of concern in his eyes. Shit! I must've gone deeper into
my mind than I'd realized.
Wouldnt you like to know, I respond, trying to cover my
lapse in concentration. I'm not sure why but I've always done
that. I can lose myself in my own thoughts. Friends have told me
I get a far-off blank look on my face.
Ummm, yeah I would.
I was thinking about your cock, I say, not finding a reason
to hold off any longer.
Well, okay then, he answers with a big grin on his face. No
surprisehe likes this topic of conversation. Were you
thinking about anything particular, or just a general mental
survey of my cock?
Shut up and find out, big boy, I tease, stepping up to him
and looping one arm over his shoulder so I can put my hand on
his head and pull him in for a kiss. My other hand heads in the
opposite direction. I find the shaft of his cock, hardening and
pushing against his jeans from the inside. Hes hot in my hand. I
give a few firm squeezes. The moan I draw from him feels divine
radiating through his lips.
Its my turn, I say, finally breaking the kiss but keeping our
faces close. In my office, I let you have me. Tonight, youre
going to let me have you. I press my lips to his before he can
answer and to emphasize the point, I push my tongue into his
mouth aggressively.
What if I dont want to give in so easily? Malcolm asks, his
eyes dark with lust once hes able to pry his face away from
mine. His questions say he doesnt want this, but his body is
betraying the truth.
I was hoping you wouldnt, I start, and then plant a small
peck on his lips. But Im betting that eventually youll want to
give in.
So this is not going completely like Id planned, but what can
I expect from thirty seconds of preparation? I have to up my
game if Im going to get what I want.
Ill let you know when Im ready. I push away from him.
Malcolms arms are around me in a flash and he pulls me tight to
him. Luckily, my one hand is pinned pointing downward. Trust
me, thisll be worth your time. I give his shaft a particularly
hard squeeze. He flinches but his mouth turns up in a smirk.
With that, he lets me go.
I rush to the bedroom with the sound of Malcolms grunt of
appreciation in my ears as I go. Im glad I decided to wear the
little black skirt that hugs every part of me just right. Some
things are worth investing in. Normally, I wouldnt spend $300
on just a skirt, but that day in the shop Once I had it on, the
sales lady had me. There was no way I was leaving without it.
Hell, I wore it out of the shop. Today, that investment is paying
off big time.
I find my bag in the corner and throw it on the bed. When I
said Id planned for only thirty seconds, that wasnt totally
accurate. Id packed some fun stuff before I came over here. I
just hadnt put much thought into how I was going to use the
things Id packed. That part of the plan was where Id only spent
thirty seconds of thought. Now with Malcolm still hanging onto
his dominant status, I have to think quickly.
Luckily, in terms of lingerie, Id only brought one outfit. Its
the set that I jokingly call, in my mind, The Complete Package.
Six-inch, black, stiletto heels with a peep-toe and one-inch
platform, because you have to start with a good foundation,
right? Black stockings made of real silk with a six-inch split in
the back thats laced with red satin ribbon that clips to a
matching black garter belt. Crotchless panties made of the same
black lace. Add the cup-less bra and its The Complete Show.
Theres no fucking way hes going to resist this.
But, Im not done. Id packed some of my friends: Nipple
clamps and my favorite vibrator. The vibrator is totally for me
but not in the way most people would assume. Ive always
wanted to use a vibrator in bed with a man.
Unfortunately, every man Ive ever fucked up to this point has
been intimidated by Bob. Yes, I named my vibrator. What woman
hasnt? I didnt spend too much time thinking of the name when
I bought him. The name Bob is actually an acronym: Battery
Operated Boyfriend.
I think I read it in a Dark Angel book.
Anyway, Im hoping this is the right time to introduce B.O.B.
to Malcolm. Pushing my skirt down my legs, I then pop out the
buttons on my blouse and let it float down my arms. I climb on
the bed, propping myself up against the pillows. My heels dig
into the bedspread as I part my knees. I twist the knob at the
base of B.O.B., turning him to the highest setting, and then
press the button on the side to select the pulse setting.
Im already revved up so no need to ease into this. I rub the
tip over my clit, letting the vibrations pulse through me.
Damn! This feels sooooooo good. Id been planning on calling
Malcolm in immediately, but maybe I can indulge myself for just
a few moments first.
My free hand finds my nipple. Its so convenient that theyre
sticking straight out without a bra covering them, the cool air
making them hard. I tug at them while I continue to rub my clit. I
can feel the air cooling the wetness clinging to the lips of my
pussy. B.O.B. is another one of those investments that I dont
regret making. You get what you pay for when it comes to toys,
and B.O.B. has paid off many times over.
My teeth clamp down on my lower lip as I let the tip of my
vibrator slip between the very edges of my lips. The pulsing
reminds me of Malcolm rocking back and forth as he pulls in and
out of my pussy. I pull back and run the freshly-wetted tip over
my clit again, the cooling sensation driving me even farther on. I
know theres an orgasm building inside of me. The warm
comfort of release is on the horizon and Im moving toward it.
I switch nipples while pushing the vibrator back between my
lips. My mind forms an image of Malcolm to go along with
whats happening to my body. I push a little farther in. The black
head of the vibrator slips fully inside me. The vibrations pulse
through my body, causing my hips to move. I can see Malcolms
eyes, full of intense lust drilling through me, in my imagination.
So much closer now to letting go. To tipping over the edge of
Get in here, I yell, keeping my eyes shut and pulling B.O.B.
back out of me. I let the tip slide over my clit once more and the
counter-rhythms of vibration and pulsing cause a tingling
sensation to start in my toes and race up my body. The feelings
are magnified across my tits as I roll my nipple between my
By the time Malcolm opens the bedroom door, Im panting
from excitement. Im so fucking close to cumming
Oh, fuck yes, he says, seeing whats happening in his bed.
He starts across the room.
Not so fast, I warn, stopping him in his tracks. As you can
see, Im perfectly capable of taking care of myself, I say, staring
straight at him for effect as I continue to move the tip of the
vibrator up and down over my clit. If you want to join us, youre
going to follow orders. Am I clear?
Yes, Malcolm finally answers after a moments hesitation.
Im sure he was calculating his options, trying to decide if it was
better to play along or overpower me. Frankly, either one
wouldve been the right answer.
Theres a lot to be said for being completely powerless with
this man. instead, he picked the submissive route. Which is also
a good choice and I plan to reward him well for his choice.
What would you like me to do?
I want you to take off your clothes. Make it sexy. I pull
slightly at my nipple and moan a little for effect.
Malcolms mouth turns up just slightly at the corner as he
begins to slowly unbutton his shirt. So much for tearing it off
him, but therell be other chances, Im sure. God bless him for
not wearing an undershirt. Each button reveals a little more of
his tanned and very toned chest.
I like it when you undress for me, I tease, turning the tip
back into me so that its resting between my lips again. I suck in
a breath as the vibrations start up again. The pulse setting is one
of my favorites because it allows me to prolong the pleasure of
using B.O.B. Do you want me?
Yes, Malcolm responds, pulling the tails of his shirt free
from his waistband before shucking the entire garment from his
shoulders. I really enjoy watching it flutter to the ground.
This is my friend B.O.B., I say, switching to my husky fuck-
me voice. You dont have a problem with him, do you? I ask
watching intently as Malcolm switches his attention to his
shoes. I appreciate that he doesnt spend a lot of time on them.
Instead, he kicks them off quickly and then sets to work slowly
unbuckling his belt.
Im still running the tip of the vibrator over my clit and I can
feel the orgasm coming closer now. If I keep going at this pace,
Ill go off without his help. Maybe that wouldnt be a bad thing.
Judging by the way hes keeping his eyes on me as he undresses,
Im thinking he might like to watch.
Seems like you and B.O.B. are really good friends, Malcolm
teases as he steps out of his pants. I like what he does for you.
Mmmmmmm, yeah. Hes very good to me. My voice has
taken on that husky quality that means Im really turned on. I
dont try to make my voice do that; its just an automatic
Malcolm starts walking toward the bed. If youre not a good
boy, I warn, it may end up just being B.O.B. in here with me.
That stops him in his tracks.
What does being a good boy mean to you? I can tell by the
upturned corner of his mouth that hes starting to enjoy this.
Im taking care of things over here, but I cant really tell if
youre into it, I say, trying to stall for time. I really should plan
these things out better. I think you should stroke your cock
while I watch. I push the vibrator back between the folds of my
pussy and let out a small moan of satisfaction to emphasize my
point that he should play along.
Malcolms sly smile widens as he reaches into his tight boxer
briefs. I push the vibrator in deeper than Id intended and the
surging pulses surprise me. Ohhhhh, I exclaim. Thats nice,
I say quickly, trying to cover. I have to keep control of the
situation or Malcolm will think that he has a chance to take over.
Not tonight.
I leave B.O.B. inside of me, working the smooth rubber shaft
in and out of me just a little as Malcolm strokes the shaft I want
to be in me instead.
I watch intently as he begins to jerk his cock. I want to see
exactly what he does to himself so I can be better. My study of
his technique is going to last about three seconds. Oh my fucking
God. Ive never watched a man stroke his own cock well, at
least not for very long. Some guys Ive been with would stroke it
a couple of times to keep it hard while we changed positions.
But theres something completely different about a man
stroking his cock for pleasure. I keep moving the vibrator in and
out of me while I grow increasingly interested in Malcolms
actions. The way his hand moves along his shaft, the skin
bunching and sliding in time with his hand.
I love watching him get hard. At first, hes mostly hard, but
its still pointed downward, but as he works it, I can see the
rigidity increasing.
Malcolms breathing speeds up. His eyes are squinting. My
pussys getting so wet, I can hear the wet slopping sounds as I
move B.O.B in and out of me. Thats when a thought crosses my
mind thats so deliciously depraved, I cant help but act on it.
You like stroking that cock, dont you? I keep my eyes
locked on his as he continues to stroke and I keep the vibrator
moving. You know exactly how to handle that beast, dont you?
Youve had a lot of practice. Do you ever jerk off while thinking
about me?
Yes, Malcolm says, gasping in a sharp breath. Ive thought
about you while Ive jerked off.
Do you like thinking about me when you stroke that long,
thick cock?
Youre my favorite thing to think about when I jerk off.
Tell me what you think about when youre jerking off and
imagining me. He opens his mouth and nothing comes out. I
knew I would get him with that one. He might be willing to play
along to a point but Malcolms too much of a controller to go
along with this without being pushed just a little. Tell me, or
B.O.B. is going to finish the night for me.
I I I think about Watching Malcolm struggle for
words is strangely sexy. I can see why he likes being the one in
control. Turning the tables on him is really turning me on.
I shove the vibrator deeper inside of me. I think its pretty
damn obvious that I dont just want a mechanically-induced
orgasm, but if were going to keep this game going, I have to at
least look like Im serious about the threat.
I think about you stroking my cock, he finally gets out.
You like it when I wrap my fingers around your throbbing
shaft and stroke you? Is that all that you imagine? Tell me a good
story or jerking yourself off while looking at me in this sexy
thong is all youre going to get.
I think about how hot your mouth is when you first wrap
your lips around my cock and how good it feels when you really
suck on my cock, he blurts out. I can tell hes picking up steam.
I remember how good it feels when you run your tongue up and
down the underside of my shaft. Malcolm shudders with
pleasure at the thought.
Is that all?
No, I think about how tight your pussy is.
Is that your favorite part?
No, Malcolm says firmly. Even he looks surprised by the
voraciousness of his answer. I stop moving my hand, leaving
B.O.B. buzzing inside me. Now Im really intrigued.
Whats your favorite part? I prod him. Now I have to know.
My favorite part is imagining other things I want you to do
to me.
Like what? I ask as I pull the vibrator from my hole and
start running the tip around my clit again. I want to be ready for
this answer.
I imagine you straddling me. His hand never stops
pumping away at his cock. Im surprised at how restrained he is.
I imagine grasping your tits as you lower your pussy over my
cock. I think about pinching your nipples while you bounce up
and down. His words are like magic. My hand drifts back to my
nipple and I start to tug as he talks. I think about tasting you. I
try to remember exactly how your cum tastes when I lick your
pussy. I love that taste.
I cant concentrate on too many things at once so I just hold
the tip of the vibrator against my clit and let the pulsing do the
work. Is that your favorite part? Is that what gets you off?
No. Hes firm again but this time, he doesnt seem
surprised by his own answer.
What gets you off? Tell me your favorite part. Its
everything I can do to keep that last part from sounding like Im
My favorite part of imagining fucking you while Im jerking
off is something we havent done yet. Malcolm keeps his hand
moving slowly along his ridged shaft as he looks at me. His eyes
search mine for some sign that I want to know what hes been
dreaming about. Im not sure why he thinks he needs to search.
The fact that I need to know is written across my face in
fucking neon.
I have to know, now!
I just stare at him, letting my face tell him everything he
needs to know.
What gets me off is imagining you lowering your pussy over
my face. I think about you holding onto the headboard as you rub
that sweet little cunt over my outstretched tongue. I want you to
ride my face until you cum. His words are fast, like theyre
spilling out of him. Like he cant control himself. I want to feel
your juices run down my face. I want to feel your scream of joy
through the flesh of your clenching thighs. When I think about
you cumming on my face is when I cum.
Get the fuck over here, I shout, throwing B.O.B. to the side.
Bedroom games be damned, this is about to get serious. Lay
right fucking there, I order, pointing to a spot on the bed.
Malcolm does exactly as hes told. I take one look at his entire
body, so strong, lean, and athletic. It would be so much fun to
rub my pussy over any part of him, but he wants my cunt on
his face?
Who am I to deny him that? Or, myself for that matter?
His hand returns to his cock, slowly stroking it up and down.
Dont you dare cum before I tell you to, I warn him.
Thats mine.
I grab the headboard. The dark wood arching up at the center
of the bed is the perfect place to grip. I feel the little straps of my
thong shift as I swing my leg over Malcolms face. I catch the
briefest glimpse of his face as my thigh passes over him. The
sparkle of ecstasy in his eyes is so insanely hot. The idea that I
could create that feeling in a man drives me wild.
My knee touches the mattress and I begin lowering myself
onto his face. The scratching of his five-oclock shadow against
the soft skin of my thighs sends shivers racing up and down my
I feel the warmth of his tongue and the rumble of his
appreciative moan as I settle in. His hands slide all over the silk
covering my legs. His tongue is lapping at my pussy. All of the
work with the vibrator is slowly running toward his outstretched
tongue and hes drinking it up.
I rock my hips, moving the folds of my pussy past the tip of
his tongue and then back again. This is a new sensation for me.
Ive never been in control of oral sex like this, and fuck all if it
isnt the hottest thing ever.
And fucking hard. It takes a lot more strength in the thighs to
hold yourself up like this then Id thought it would. Im already
shaking from the effort.
Malcolms hands grab me by the tops of my thighs and he
pulls me down onto him. It takes the strain off my thigh muscles
but how the hell can he breathe?
I dont put too much thought into his ability to get air because
at that same moment he jams his tongue straight into my pussy
and starts wiggling it around. He traces the entire way around
my opening.
Ive never felt anything like this before and my body rewards
Malcolm for creating this new experience by unleashing every bit
of sexual energy I have stored in me. I dig my fingers into the
headboard. It takes everything I have in my arms to keep upright
as I tremble. The sheer joy racing through me forces my eyes
shut, my head backward, and a scream out of me that starts at
the very core of my being.
The first wave starts to subside. I loosen my grip on the
headboard. Malcolm is still working his tongue between the folds
of my pussy. He makes the most wonderful moaning sounds that
radiate through my body. It's like he's enjoying the most
delicious meal ever.

R IDING his face is so fucking hot. It's a new experience for me and
once again, just like every other time with Malcolm, the orgasm
was spectacular. But, I'm not ready to be done and there are
other things that I want.
Now that I finally feel confident that I can control my body
enough to move I start to pull my leg over the top of Malcolm. I
can't prove it, but I'm pretty sure that he whimpered a little as I
pulled my pussy away from his face. I don't worry too much
about his disappointment because I know he'll be getting his
sweet treat back in just a moment. I really do enjoy being the
center of attention, but this time I want to take a more active
role. I know it may seem like Malcolm is enjoying himself, but I
want him to really enjoy himself.
I manage to swing my leg all the way over Malcolm without
falling on my head, which I consider to be a huge bonus given
that my size and my arms are shaking uncontrollably from all
the exertion and excitement. Looking at Malcolm's face I can't
help but take a certain amount of satisfaction from the fact that
his skin is shiny, and slick with my cum. Despite the
disappointed look on his face from having just lost the chance to
continue to eat my pussy, there is definitely a sense of deep
satisfaction in his eyes.
At any given moment I love to just stare at his handsome face,
but right now, I have other plans and I think he desperately
wants to continue to lick me. It takes a little bit of doing, but I'm
able to reposition myself so that I swing my other leg back over
his face so that now I'm facing toward the rest of him.
Once again Malcolm lets out a fulfilled moan when I lower my
cunt over his face. He immediately readjusts his arms so that he
is able to grab my ass. It is a combination of him pulling me
closer to him and him lifting his head so that he can once again
plunges tongue between my folds. His stubble tickles my freshly
shaven pussy.
I take a moment to let him get adjusted and for me to admire
his rock hard twelve inches. The slightly purple tint to the skin
of the head of his cock makes my mouth water. I fall forward
barely catching myself with my arms that land on each side of
his hips. As I allow myself to fall, my mouth is open and Im
impaled on his beautiful, thick cock. I pull my head back just a
fraction of an inch, the movement soliciting another deep moan
from Malcolm. I now have enough room to run my tongue over
and around the head of his cock. The velvety soft skin is the
sharp contrast to the hardness that lays beneath.
I stop for just a moment, keeping my lips wrapped tightly
around his cock, but paying attention to the movements of his
tongue as he continues to lick and suck me. This is a bit of a
mental exercise for me. Using just a few seconds of sensory input
I match the movements of his tongue on my pussy with the
movements of my tongue on his dick. I also add an up-and-
down motion using my arms and my neck to bob my head along
his shaft.
Intellectual exercise, or not, I get so turned on by having this
man's cock in my mouth. The idea that I'm giving him pleasure
and driving him to the brink of insanity gives me great
satisfaction. Sucking Malcolm's cock is almost like a game to
me. There are two different ways to score points. The only way to
score points is to take as much of his giant cock into and out of
me as possible. This particular position is exceptionally good for
this part of the game. His hard cock curves slightly upward
which I am finding matches the curve of my throat. I bend my
arms and push down with my neck feeling the tip of his cock
touch the back of my throat before he gently bends and matches
the arch of my throat. I surprise myself when my nose touches
the warm skin of his ball sack.
I pause for a moment to enjoy my own sense of pride and let
the guttural rumbling of his satisfaction pass through my body
before I lift my head. I make sure to lift up slowly and pay special
attention to keeping my lips tightly sealed around his shaft. I'm
rewarded for my efforts by the digging of his fingers into my
hips as he pulls himself tighter into my pussy.
We continue pleasing each other with our mouths for what
feels like a very long time but in reality it was probably just a
couple of minutes. I don't actually know about him, but my
guess is that he is as close to release as I am, so again I swing my
leg over his head. Somehow I manage to complete this maneuver
while keeping his cock in my mouth. I work my body around, still
keeping his cock between my lips, until I'm positioned between
his legs. I roll my eyes up so that I can see as much of him as
possible. I can tell that his eyes are closed and his jaw is set in a
sexually frustrated clinch.
Malcolm really has been such a good boy. I reward his
Herculean effort to overcome his controlling nature by working
my head up and down on his shaft several more times. As I work
his cock I make sure to keep a very tight seal and apply as much
suction as possible. From the corner of my eye I can see his
hands desperately grabbing the blankets. By the way the fabric is
bunching around me I can only imagine that his knuckles are
bright white. Yup, I'm doing this to him.
With the sudden jerk of my head, I pull free of his cock with
such voraciousness that the popping sound of me breaking the
suction I was applying to his cock echo through the room.
Malcolm releases a sudden burst of air because he's been holding
his breath. I'm definitely earning points for both technical skill
and artistry.
His eyes finally opening, he lifts his head, staring at me wild
eyed. His expression clearly asking one question, "What the
hell?" I'm not really that surprised; I would be asking the same
thing in his situation.
I feel the corner of my mouth turn up creating a devilish grin
that I mean every sinister part of. I lock eyes with him and slowly
start. My hands finding the bed just at each side of his body. My
knees finding their way from between his legs to surround his
hips. I rear back so that I am sitting completely upright, my eyes
still locked tightly on his. I rock my hips forward and back and
side to side feeling the tip of his cock lightly brushing against
the lips of my pussy. I am intentionally waiting for it. I am
waiting to see that look on his face when he realizes what exactly
is about to happen.
It doesn't take Malcolm very long to go from a look of
frustration to an expression of understanding. As the muscles in
his face relax his eyebrows lift. That is my cue. I lower myself
onto him. The tip of his cock spreading open, first the lips of my
pussy, and then stretching open my hole. His eyes roll back in
his head and then close as his head tips back and his mouth
widens into a grin. My juices making his entry into me smooth.
My grin matches his as I revel in the joy of being filled in a way
that only Malcolm can fill me.
It's a struggle for me to maintain my composure. I take my
time sliding myself over Malcolm's entire length, but I actually
want to drop down onto him. I want to be filled completely by
him. Instead, I restrain myself taking full advantage of this
opportunity to tease him like he teased me in my office. But
eventually, I'm able to feel his hips against the insides of my
thighs, the warmth of his body against mine adding to the
glorious sensation of having him inside me.
I lift myself up and lower myself down a couple of times, the
emptiness of egress adding to the satisfaction of his return into
me. There is a devilish thrill in taking my time like this. I know
what his fantasy entails, and me straddling him and riding his
cock is almost a complete realization of that fantasy. It just isn't
quite what he wants, and I know that. I want the exact same
thing and I have to admit that Malcolm is a master of delayed
I start bouncing up and down faster and faster grinding his
cock as I come down before lifting myself up as far as I can and
then plunging myself back down onto him. As I pick up the pace,
Malcolm's smile widens and his eyes open. He stares directly
into my eyes as I bounce up and down. His hands release the
death grip on the bedspread and instead he grips my hips, his
arms moving up and down in time with my body.
"Grab my tits," I say, not stopping my momentum. "I want
you to pinch my nipples while I ride your fucking cock."
His fingers are like vices as he does what he's told to do. The
searing pain of his grip adds to my own building desire. The
small incongruities of our motions, his hand moving up when I
am moving down, or him moving to the left when I am moving
to the right, mix with the sensations and frictions inside me.
I'm so close and by the shortened grunts coming from
Malcolm, I can tell that he's very close as well.
"Cum for me! I want you to fill me with your cum!"
Without a word Malcolm follows the command. His jaw
clinches, his back arches shoving his cock deeper inside of me. I
can feel his cock pulsating. I can sense his cum exploding out of
his cock filling me. I did this. I made this man wild with desire
and lust. The thought "I win" races through my mind,
milliseconds before my own orgasm overtakes me. My body
locks, held rigid by ecstasy. Instead of shaking, my body is
vibrating as Malcolm pumps me full of his seed.
Malcolm's hips lower as his back relaxes. I can only follow,
my body still locked in the throes of joy. His tight grip on my
nipples causing jolts of electricity to course through my body in
the opposite direction of the vibrations of my orgasm.
Finally, my muscles relax. I have no strength to hold myself
up. I slump forward and Malcolm catches me, each of his hands
cupping each of my breasts. He lowers me onto his chest and I
let his heat sink, soothingly, into my body.
Are you done? I whisper into his ear, still feeling his hard
cock inside of me. My voice is brimming with mischievousness,
and thats enough to make his cock twitch inside my pussy.
Done? Ill never be done with you, Athena, he replies in a
heartbeat and, before I can do anything about it, he rolls me to
the side. Im lying down, my stomach flat against the bed, and I
feel the mattress shifting under his weight as he moves.
Kneeling behind me, he hooks his fingers on my hips and
pulls me up, making me go on all fours. I let out a whimper as he
forces me up, and my skin prickles as I feel his cum dripping out
of my sore pussy.
I almost regret teasing him because, in all honesty, I dont
know if my pussy can take anymore. He was inside me for brief
moments, but the raw intensity with which we fucked has made
sure that Ill be walking funny for a few hours.
Thankfully gulp he doesnt seem to be after my pussy
right now.
Taking his hand to my pussy, he runs his fingers over my
cum-coated folds and then takes them right to my ass crack.
Caressing my ass crack, he then rests it against my hole and
starts pressing down. I gasp as I feel his finger sliding in, the
cum acting as a lube, and then he starts fingering me. His tempo
is slow and gentle, but I know that this is just the build-up: the
main course isnt fingering me.
Take it I say in an urgent tone, my heart almost bursting
inside my chest. Take my ass.
Right away, miss, he whispers in a devilish tone, and then
replaces his finger with the tip of his cock. I grit my teeth as he
starts pressing it against my hole, sliding inch by slow inch
inside of me, and I release a furious scream as he finally buries
all of his length into my ass. You asked for more now lets see
if you can take it.
With that, he starts fucking me relentless, his cock sliding in
and out of me easily because of the cum he rubbed onto me. If he
were any other man, his cock would've already deflated a long
time ago but this is Malcolm were talking about and, even
after he came, he never stopped being ready for more.
I cant even see or hear anything. Im in a daze, transported
by his cock to some far-off universe. And when he slides one
hand around my waist and lays two fingers over my clit Well, I
just fucking lose it.
OH GOD! I scream at the top of my lungs, my eyes rolling in
their orbits as I feel flames of sheer ecstasy engulfing every inch
of my body. And, at the same time, I feel Malcolms cock pulsing
inside of me, unleashing whatever cum remained inside of him.
By the time he pulls out of me, theres cum dripping out of
my asshole and its blending with the cum coming out of my
Im ready to fall on the mattress and simply collapse but,
holding me by the waist, Malcolm stops me. Im not done he
whispers and then leans forward, placing both of his hands on
my ass cheeks and spreading them wide. I whimper as I feel his
tongue against my asshole, sliding in and out as he scoops up his
own seed.
He keeps devouring me because theres no better term for it
for God knows how long, and when he finally emerges theres
cum dripping down his chin.
You look lovely, I smile as, somehow, I find the strength to
sit up on the bed.
Dont I? he whispers and, two fingers under my chin, pulls
me into him. Our lips touch and my eyelids droop by instinct as I
feel the musky saltiness of his cum on me.
I love you, Athena. I really do, he breathes out as he pulls
back from our kiss.
So do I I reply, throwing myself on the bed and pulling
him after me. I lay my head on his chest, and I cant help but
smile as he softly starts to run his fingers through my hair.
Ah, this is perfection.

I never thought Id be this happy walking down the

steps of a courthouse, but thats exactly my state of
mind right now. Theres a bright smile on my face, and it seems
that today is going to be a beautiful day.
The sky is bright blue, and theres not a cloud in sight. The
streets, like always, are packed with crowds of busy New Yorkers.
It seems that everything is exactly as it should be, and you know
why? Because everythings right with the world now; what was
wrong has been made right.
Well, that does it for him, Malcolm says as he walks toward
our limo, parked just in front of the courthouse, and opens the
door for me. We step inside and he sits by my side, his thigh
brushing up against mine. I lay my hand on top of his and
squeeze his fingers softly, turning around to look him in
the eyes.
Hes finished, right? For good? I ask Malcolm and, even
though I already know the answer to my question, I want to hear
it coming out of his lips.
Hes finished. For good, he says with a nod and a smile, and
I throw my head back against the seat and let bright clear
laughter erupt from my lips.
Finally, Ben has gotten what he deserves.
You see, after buying the tapes from Ben, Malcolm and I set
up a whole operation to dig up every speck of dirt on Ben. He
wasnt sure what we'd find, but it turns out that a small
investigation unearthed some big stuff. My lovely ex-boyfriend
was involved in fraud, embezzlement, and insider trading.
And, more than that, it turned out that Ben was actively
involved in harming Malcolms company. More than trying to
make me play ball, Ben was leaking false information that
harmed the companies where Malcolm held stock. It wasnt
exactly easy to gather all that information, but we just had to
follow the money and start putting the pieces together to figure
out what was really happening.
The moment we had all that on him, we did what any
respectable American would do and we contacted the
Department of Justice. You can imagine how eager they were to
put their hands around the neck of another millionaire who
thought himself to be above the law.
And thats why Malcolm and I have just left the courthouse.
Malcolm testified against Ben and, with the backing of the DoJ, I
figure that Ben is going to spend a very long time behind bars.
Serves that bastard right.
Oh. And weve gotten back the $1 billion dollars that was
apparently extorted from Malcolm in buying my tapes.
Do you really have to go to the office now? I ask him,
running my tongue over my lips and offering him a lewd smile.
I wish I didnt, he replies, running one hand through my
hair and allowing his eyes to wander down to my cleavage. Even
though Im wearing a respectable (and very professional looking)
pencil skirt and white blouse, I made sure I looked sexy enough
in the eyes of the judges; it never hurts to be a sexy woman,
right? Sorry, babe. But I have another investor coming in this
afternoon. You know, the usual.
The usual, he says. I still remember when his company was
struggling, and now look at him, surrounded by investors, all of
them trying to throw money at him.
The moment I knew Ben didnt have his foot on my neck
anymore, I made the rounds with some former clients and
started a little avalanche. It took some time, but I made some of
my former clients invest in Malcolm. After that, it was only a
matter of time until he had the ball rolling. He has even paid me
back (even though I told him it wasnt necessary).
Now that weve proven Ben was the puppet-master behind
the scenes, Malcolm is master of the universe once more. And,
more than master of the universe, hes the master of my body,
mind, and soul.
Hes my husband.
Or, well, soon-to-be husband. We havent exactly settled on a
date for the wedding, but its going to happen soon. Were still a
bit undecided between a big ceremony, or something more
intimate, just for our closest friends and family. But these are
just details, right? Big ceremony or not, what matters is that
soon enough well be telling our vows to each other; I know that
the vows are just words, but I cant wait to hear the till death do
us part bit. Yeah, at heart Im just a little girl who dreamed of
marrying Prince Charming.
What are you thinking about? Malcolm asks, laying one
hand on my knee.
Thinkin of you, I reply. Thinkin of us.
Good things, I hope.
The best things, I laugh, resting my hand on top of his and
parting my legs slightly. His fingers roam toward the hem of my
skirt, and our eyes lock.
Fuck, I really cant be late today, he whispers, his voice
suddenly growing heavy with anticipation. I look down at his
crotch and cant help but smile as I see the thick shape tenting
his dress pants.
Not even a few minutes? I purr, curling my fingers around
his wrist and forcing him to slide his hand under my skirt. My
skin prickles as I feel his fingertips brushing against my inner
thigh, and then he just cups my pussy and presses on it over my
thong softly.
Well he starts, looking out the window. By the look on
his face, I guess hes trying to estimate how long we have before
the limo finally pulls up in front of his office building. Maybe a
few minutes wont hurt.
No, not at all, I tell him, grinning as he flicks my thong to
the side. But I guess that, after this, maybe well need some
kind of rule.
What kind of rule? he chuckles, and then we both end up
saying the same five words in unison.
No sex during trading hours!
Yeah, like thats gonna work out.

I hope you liked the feature presentation of 100 Days.

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fun. At least thats how when I buy a book, I look at it. I go to the
beach, or to my balcony, with a nice tall vodka tonic and lounge
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Thank you so much for reading!



Its Time To F*ck Your Dirty Daddy

No man can match me. No woman has tamed me.
My billion-dollar empire makes me the most powerful man in
the city. And I have a body to match. 8-pack abs. The face of a
prince. The physique of a god. Money. Fame. Power.
And the 12 inches that dangle between my legs, hardening as
you walk by.
Face it. You want me. You know you cant resist.
And if you can walk afterwards, then well do it all again till
you cant.
Touch me. Tempt me.
Tease me. Please me.
Nothing will be too much in this forbidden land of taboo
Because baby, no matter how wrong it seems, with Daddy, itll
always feel right.

**Come join Alexis Angel in this full-length standalone

romance. No cliffhanger but it's going to be a scorcher with
scenes so hot that your lady parts will need a cold shower. HEA?
You know it, babe.**

"O h baby," Mandy moans lewdly as the sound of my thighs

slapping against her ass fills the air.
Its a fucking great sound. If you were here, youd be touching
yourself at the sight of us.
Youd want to join in once you saw my gorgeous fucking body
fucking her. You wouldnt mind sharing. You wouldnt care.
Youd lick my cock with whoever else just to get at my cock.
Pretty arrogant and confident right off the bat, arent I?
Pleasure to meet you. Im Magnus Davion.
But lets get back to Mandy and the ungodly things Im doing
to her.
I can hear the lewd sucking sounds as my cock plunges in and
out of her pussy. I can smell her fucking juices as her scent
permeates the air.
Her wetness is smeared across her thighs. Her pussy is
spasming around my thick cock and I grunt in pleasure at the
feelings that are going through me. "Don't you dare stop fucking
me, baby," she adds one last command as she turns her head
back to me to look at my monster pole piercing her.
But wait, who the fuck does this bitch think she is, giving me
fucking orders? I'm Magnus fucking Davion, the 15th richest
man in the whole fucking world, if you read Forbes Magazine. I
just bought a fucking NFL teamthe New York Nailersfrom
the previous owner, Apollo Kane.
Thats right. If he sounds familiar to you its because hes
fucking famous now. Alexis Angel wrote his whole story and how
he owns Blush Magazine, or whatever the fuck.
But he had to get out of the football franchise.
And I didn't mind paying $3 billion dollars for it. That kind of
money is literally fucking nothing to me.
So I certainly dont take fucking orders from anybodybut in
this case, I can let it slide.
You're just getting acquainted with me, aren't you? You must
think all I do all day is talk about how wealthy I am and shit.
That's actually not true. I don't spend my day only bragging
about how much money I have. I also spend it talking about how
fucking good I look, and how much you're probably wanting to
fuck me.
Oh, you think I already did that, don't you? But you have no
idea, darlin.
Im literally a god amongst men.
That's right. You heard me fucking right. I stand taller than
all the men you will ever fucking meet. No one of this world
really compares to me.
I'm fucking wealthy. I'm the fucking founder and CEO of
Davion Development, one of the most ruthless real estate firms
in New York City.
Were not like some private equity firm or investment bank
either. Hell fucking no.
We build things. Buildings. Bridges. Dams. We get our hands
We take over abandoned places and we create gleaming
skyscrapers that inspire the fucking imagination.
I'm 6' 4", built like a Greek Godwith a massive chiseled
chest and a rock hard 8-pack of abs. My skin is tanned to a
perfect bronze and flawless. My face is chiseled and rugged. My
hair is just right. My nose is royal in its cut. My chin is even
fucking aristocratic looking. But aside from the handsome looks
that you see on the outside, there is one very fucking large
reason that you want me to fuck you.
"Oh my god, baby, I'm about to cum!" Mandy screams as I
slam into her. She closes her eyes and contorts her face as it's
wracked with lust. I feel her entire body shake and quiver. Her
pussy clamps down around my cock. It's intense. I feel her go
slightly limp as her muscles lose all voluntary control and
pleasure seizes her body.
That's why. The cause of her orgasm. The rod that's pistoning
into her box.
My 12-inch, thick, throbbing, pole of a cock. It swings
between my legs and one taste of it and you'll be fucking begging
me for more. You'll do whatever I fucking ask for another lick.
Another taste. Another fuck.
My cock will make you worship it. It'll make you fucking beg
and plead. And it'll make you cum like you've never, ever,
fucking cum before.
"Oh my fucking god!" Mandy screams and her body writhes
like that of a woman possessed.
I look down past Mandy.
I may have forgotten to tell you where I am. I'm in the team
skybox room of Nailers Arena. Today is the first day of the
regular season and it's the Nailers' first game at their
refurbished stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The crowd is
waiting for kick-off and I was gazing at the view from the floor-
to-ceiling windows in the skybox when Mandy Marsten, the
head cheerleader for the Nailers, came to see me.
"Admiring the view?" she asked me, walking in. We hadn't
talked much before, but I can fucking tell when someone's
giving me the eye and she has been eye-fucking me all fucking
week. But so do a lot of women, so I just go with the flow.
"Maybe I was looking in the wrong direction," I said, walking
toward her.
In hindsight it seems unreal because I had just walked up to
her and reached over and pulled her close. Before I knew it, the
few clothes that she had on were off, and on the ground. She was
sucking my cock like a fucking pro in five minutes and bending
over the table looking out at the crowd through those same
floor-to-ceiling windows in ten.
I gotta say though, if we had to pick any place to have sex, this
would be it. This room, with its fucking plush leather couches
and mahogany wood trimmings screams to have people fuck
in it.
All the better when it's game day and you have 150,000
screaming fans who don't know you're about to bust a fucking
nut high above their heads.
I can feel myself getting close to my own fucking orgasm. It's
going to be fucking intense. Already I see Mandy begin to blink a
couple of times as she comes out of the pleasure-coma that I put
her into. Her chest is heaving and she's winded, with fucking
sweat dripping down her back. It's a fucking beautiful sight.
But like all good things, shit has to get in the fucking way.
Something has to come and fuck it all up.
I look up to see the roving camera pan the crowd. Normally, it
wouldn't make too much of a difference but the fucking camera
that's displaying on the Jumbotron is slowly panning over the
crowd, and people are cheering when they see their facesuntil
it pans over to the skybox and they see that I'm fucking Mandy
doggie style, straight on the Jumbotron.
That's fucking right. Its got me right there, on a 33 foot by 110
foot screen. My head is bobbing and Mandys face is grimacing.
At first, people don't know what to fucking make of it. I
mean, this has got to be the largest porno viewing in the history
of the fucking world.
But after numerous sex tapes, countless scandals, Presidents
who marry their stepmothers, and a host of other situations, the
sexual mores of Americans have changed. They're not
scandalized by my fucking the shit out of Mandy.
They're appreciative.
At least, that's what the cheers are telling me! Literally,
people are standing up and cheering me on!
Okay, you got me. I was worried for a fucking second. I was
worried that people were going to start to do the same old
bullshit and call me a bad role model.
But wait, I forgot. I'm Magnus fucking Davion. I can do any
fucking thing I want.
With a roar, I push against the glass door that leads out to the
terrace. Part of the renovation took some of the floor-to-ceiling
glass wall and made it into a door and added a small terrace.
The door swings open and the tint from the glass goes away
on the Jumbotron. The camera zooms in and I'm larger than life
looking down on the stadium at 150,000 fans who are screaming
and swooning.
I raise my heavily tattooed arm and point out at the stadium.
The crowd goes fucking wild.
Mandy opens her eyes and looks out the window. The first
thing she sees is herself bent over a table except now her face is
30 feet by 110 feet.
"Oh God," she moans, "Everyone can see us!"
She whimpers and the thought of being so public makes her
body spasm and convulse and I know another orgasm has just
ripped through her.
I don't fucking blame her. I'm about to cum myself.
But something seems incomplete as thoughts of cum race
through my head.
I figure it out.
Why cum into a condom when I'm in front of this many
fucking people?
That's right. I need something dramatic.
I pull out of Mandy.
Already the crowd is beginning to chant, as if they realize
what is about to happen.
"Cum on her! Cum on her! Cum on her!"
Little fucking grandmothers with foam fingers are pointing at
me, telling me to do my fucking job as a man.
Mandy knows what's going on, and as if in a trance, she slides
down to her knees and faces my cock. She does not put her back
to the crowd and they can still see her as she pulls the condom
from my cock and flings it off the terrace onto the fans below.
If this isn't like being a fucking god, I don't know what is.
Mandy wraps her lips around my tip and sucks.
I groan.
"Cum on her! Cum on her!" the crowd continues to chant.
I see Mandy staring at me as she removes her mouth and
begins to stroke my shaft.
Those slutty eyes are the last things I see as my mind goes
blank and a seizure of pleasure grips my balls, and electricity
jolts through my body.
Arcs of white, hot, thick cum race out of my cock and onto
her face.
A thick rope splashes her on the chin. Another hits her neck.
Her beautiful, slutty eyes are staring at me and milking me as
two shots cover her forehead. Cum starts to drip down her. She
opens her mouth and a shot of ropey, thick cum goes in. Another
few shots hit her tits and cover her with semen.
The crowd goes wild, cheering me on as I finish spraying the
cheerleader before me with my cum.
She begins to scoop it off her tits with one finger and bring it
to her lips. I groan as I see her take one long swab of cum on her
index finger and bring it to her lips.
My cock twitches again.
The Jumbotron captures it.
The crowd starts to chant my name. I wave and take Mandys
hand and lift her to her feet. We both bow.
The crowd goes fucking wild; the roar is deafening.
Welcome to my life.
Want to keep reading?
I guarantee you, if you do, you'll be following me into
something that makes this seem like a boring walk in the park.
But you won't know till you come find out.

Its Time for Us To Come Together!

G OSSIP C ENTRAL ON P AGE E IGHT . From the Desk of Vicky Durner -

All the gossip you never even knew you needed to know!


Hope you enjoy a nice spraying of cum on your face with that
coffee and toast! Because that's exactly what we got yesterday
with Magnus Davion at the New York Nailers arena.
In case you just spit out your coffee reading the above line,
fear not, brave denizen of New York City. You did read that
Billionaire real estate mogul Magnus Davion was so happy
with his recent purchase of the New York Nailers that he went
ahead and began to celebrate by having sex in the skybox of the
stadiumduring a home game.
I know that in the Tri-State region we try to give billionaires
their due. After all, they've managed to accrue all this money so
it's only natural that we give them an opportunity to enjoy it.
But honestly, if you're going to be enjoying it by sticking your
giant rod into the head cheerleader of the team that you bought
in the skybox of the stadium where there is a game going on,
maybe think about closing the blinds?
Because it didn't take long for the cameras to find Magnus.
And when this showman found himself on the JumboTron, did
he shy away?
Of course not.
He doubled down.
And sprayed the cheerleader in the face with his love gun. To
the cheers of over 50,000 fans.
I'm sorry, but I thought I was going to stadiums to watch
football games. I didn't realize I was going to Nailers Arena to
watch the live re-enactment of Debbie Does Dallas.
Is this really the kind of environment we want our kids to
grow up in?
Do we really want the next generation of New Yorker men to
aspire to one day shoot their ejaculate onto a woman's face in
front of 50,000 cheering fans?
Because that's exactly what we're doing by rewarding such
gross and boorish behavior from Magnus Davion.
How exactly are we rewarding it you ask, my fellow
Consider our tax dollars that we pay to the city of New York.
Those tax dollars are being used to procure services from real
estate developers.
Think of the Equinox Tower, one of the most iconic and
celebrated building projects in the world. Once it's built in three
years, it'll be the tallest building in the world.
And right now, the City of New York, which is the landlord for
the site, is considering a host of developers to carry this project
forward. The chief contender?
Yep. You guessed it.
Davion Development.
It's time for us to put a stop to this.
It's time for us to draw a line in the sand and say that we're
done with the filth washing up into our homes. We're done
rewarding bad behavior.
I call on all New Yorkers today to join me in telling the city
and the state to pull all contracts and refuse to do business with
any business entity that's controlled by Magnus Davion.
Start sending him a message that it's not okay to be so
focused on yourself that you don't care about anything else.
That it's not okay to be the baddest boy on the block.
That it's time to join the human race.
Let's bring our voices together, New York. And let's be heard.
Until then, keep your ears to the ground, New York. I'll be

M onday morning. Most people hate it, but not me.

I think theres something exhilarating about
the start of a new week. New challenges, new opportunities
youre probably rolling your eyes at me right now. I know, I know
Im one of those people lucky enough to have a job that they
love. What can I say? I fell in love with words when I was young,
and that love kept on growing and growing until I became a
Ever heard of Gossip Central? Of course you have; I bet you
dont miss a single column. Well, Im the gal (or, well, one of the
gals) behind the keyboard. I know the byline under each column
says a certain Vicky Durner wrote the piece, but thats just part
of the show. Its a pen name, you see? A nom-de-plum if you
want to be fancy about it. Because I, Penny Wright, am the one
cranking out these columns. Okay, Im not the only one working
under the name Vicky Durner, but I sure as hell am the most
Im only twenty-one and, now fresh out of Yale, I want to
prove to the world how good I really am. Thats why I work so
hard, and thats why Im this cheery on a Monday morning.
I know the name Gossip Central might have you rolling your
eyes again, but dont get too hung up on the name: theres
serious journalism in these pieces. Gossip is fun (Im not above a
good afternoon of it), but I also care about this city where I grew
up, and I hope that shows in what I write.
Youre early, one of the new interns yawns, stretching out
his arms as I walk inside the main floor of the New York Daily
Journal office. Ive heard the boss wants to see you, he adds,
attacking the cup of coffee in front of him with lazy movements.
There are bags under his eyes and, judging by the way hes
slumping over his desk now, Im betting he was on call the whole
night, doing edits and re-edits on articles that are supposed to
be buried deep in the newspaper. I remember my days as an
unpaid intern during the summers, and I can sum them up with
two words only: not fun.
Thank you, Hank, I reply with a smile, reading the name
from the ID card hanging from his breast pocket. He throws me a
half-asleep smile, and then hes back to his laptop, his fingers
lazily banging at the keyboard.
I stroll toward the Editor-in-Chiefs office, the one at the end
of the main room, and make my way through the dozens of still-
empty desks filling the whole place. I rap my knuckles against
the door, and a heartbeat after that I hear a familiar voice
Come in! I hear my mother say, and I push the door open
and step inside. Yep, youve heard it right; my mother, Rhoda
Wright, is the boss around here. But dont think Im working
here just because shes my mother. In fact, thats one of the
reasons behind the fact that I work so hard: I dont want to live
under her shadow.
Shes sitting behind her massive desk now, a monstrosity
made out of oak that dominates the whole room, and goes up to
her feet the moment I get in.
Gmorning, I greet her, I heard you wanted to see me and I
--, I trail off as I see a woman sitting in front of her desk,
forgetting what I was about to say. She turns around on her seat
to face me, and I cant help but be surprised as I realize that the
woman right in front of me is the Mayor of New York City
Penny, this is Laurel Trask, the mayor, my mother
introduces her (as if someone like Laurel Trask needed an
introduction), and the mayor gets up from her seat with a polite
smile and offers me her hand. I take it in mine, still surprised,
and shake it.
Its an honor, I say, and I mean it. It takes a tough woman
to get to mayor in this city, and Laurel Trask is all that, and some
more. No wonder, though; it seems that theres a do-or-die
quality in her family. She is, after all, the sister of the former
mayor, Parker Pleasure Trask, now a senator (and right on his
way to the presidency).
I was still months away from graduating when Parker Trask
entered on a collision course with the Governor, and I still hate
the fact that I wasnt yet a journalist when that battle for New
York began. Can you imagine how exciting those times must've
been for a journalist? I can.
Likewise, Laurel replies, shaking my hand firmly and yet
softly. Shes still young, probably in her mid-thirties, and she
looks as beautiful as any catwalk model. I guess the Trask family
seems to be on good terms with the genetics of beauty. Its also
an honor to meet the daughter of the woman who turned the
New York Daily Journal into what it is today. Your mother tells
me you show great promise.
Thank you, youre very kind, I respond with a smile as my
mother waves us both to the seats in front of her desk. So, to
what do we owe your visit?
Well, Laurel here has read your latest article about Magnus
and his antics at the Nailers last game.
I did, and from that piece alone I can see youll make a name
for yourself if you keep at it, Penny, she adds, crossing her legs
and staring at me.
Thank you, but I still dont understand what --
You see, Penny, Laurel cuts me short, reaching for me and
placing one of her delicate hands on top of mine, some men are
more dangerous than what they seem to be, and Magnus is one
of these men. While the public loves him, hes like a disease that
has settled deep inside the bones of New York, and its my job to
stop him before he rots this whole city.
I nod, looking straight into her eyes and seeing a pleasant
fierceness burning there. She doesnt like Magnus, that much I
can see. But, then again, how can anyone like someone as self-
centered as Magnus? Hes a disgrace to this city.
We cant have him profiting off our city while he steps on
our morals and values, she continues, and I find myself
nodding at every word she says. As it is, I want to ban him from
doing any construction business in the city going forward.
Even the Equinox Tower?
Even the Equinox Tower, Penny.
Well, thats not going to be easy, I whisper, more to myself
than to Laurel. The Equinox Tower is supposed to be the tallest
building in the world, and Magnus managed to secure the
contract for ita $120 billion dollar contract. Yeah, $120 billion
dollars, feel free to reread it. Aside from the legal implications,
the city has also fallen in love with this playboy wannabe, and so
taking him out is going to be an uphill struggle.
No, its not going to be easy. And thats exactly why Im
here. His last stunt at the Nailers stadium has caused a few of
my fundraisers and people whose money I need to start
questioning him and his methods, and now is the right time for
us to make our move. If we manage to bar him from building the
Equinox Tower, his business is going to be crippled and hell
have no choice but to fade away into nothingness.
Where do I fit into all this? I ask Laurel, but its my mother
who answers.
Well, I rely on my fundraisers and high net worth individuals
for the money to become governor, Laurel says. And were
relying on you to show the world what they already know.
Youre the key to all this, Penny. Youre probably the best
reporter I have, and we need you to do some digging on him. If
we find something juicy enough, the public will turn against him
and itll be a walk in the park for the city to pull his eligibility for
all future contracts.
He has slept with a lot of women, so maybe this wont be
hard. Maybe a sexual harassment suit? Thatd be enough to get
the ball in our court. Youll probably have to find a way into his
personal life, and I know you probably dont want to, but -- I
dont let Laurel finish her sentence, determination welling up to
the surface and turning into sound as it climbs up my throat.
Yes, I simply say, looking from Laurel to my mother, Ill
do it. If they need my help to bury Magnus, theyve come to the
right person.
Now, there are two things you probably need to know about
me, and Im going to tell you what they are. The first one is, I
hate Magnus with a passion. The second is that hes my
Yes, you read that right: Magnus Davion is my stepfather.
My father died when I was only three, and it took my mother
long enough to find love again. I was over the moon when she
told me shed be remarrying. I was eighteen at the time, and I
barely knew the kind of man she had decided to tango with. You
see, even though their marriage didnt last for long, he still
managed to hurt her badly. The bastard cheated on her at every
opportunity he had, making her life a living hell. He was lucky I
was away for college at the time; Id have kicked him in the balls
so hard that hed still be whimpering now.
So, yeah, if Im offered a chance to make Magnus Davion feel
all of the pain he caused my family and New York, theres only
one possible answer: a resounding yes.
Well get him, I tell both Laurel and my mother, a deep
certainty making my heart pulse steadily.
Im coming for you, Magnus.

F uck, where is it? I grumble under my breath, trying to

find my boxer briefs. I know theyre somewhere in these sheets,
but I cant seem toah, here are the fuckers! Swinging my legs
over the edge of the bed, I put on my boxers and then bend over
to pick a pair of discarded jeans from the floor. I wriggle myself
into them and then go around the bed, grabbing my phone from
the bed stand.
Fuck, I overslept. Its already 9:30, and I was supposed to
meet my lawyer at 9. Ill never hear the end of it now. Joyce is
always harping about punctuality, and she lives and dies by it.
That woman needs to get laid, thats my two cents on the whole
punctuality debate.
Alright, ladies, I say to the three naked woman sprawled on
my bed, their curves calling to me. This breaks my heart, but I
gotta go. One of them stirs in her sleep and rolls to the side,
and I feel my cock twitch as I see her large tits coming into sight.
My fingers twitch, and Im already walking toward the bed when
a moment of clarity suddenly grips me.
Im late for the meeting, which means
No fucking pussy for breakfast, I whisper regretfully, and
make my way out of the bedroom, careful enough to shut the
door softly. They might be strippers, but that doesnt mean they
dont need a restful sleep. Especially after last nightI really
fucked them to exhaustion. Maybe I shouldve brought one or
two extra strippers home with me last night. At least that way I
couldve kept the party going for an hour more.
Hey, I can hear you fucking snickering right now.
Youre probably thinking that Im too full of myself,
arent you?
Well, youre welcome to pay me a visit, and then well see
whos too full of himself.
Hint: its going to be you.
Oh, dont make that face; youd love it, you just dont know
it yet.
Its 9:30, Magnus! I hear a womans voice yell at me from
the living room, and I almost have a heart attack as I see the two
women in there. Joyce Walker is standing right by the couch
where her assistant, a young hot brunette, is sitting.
Jesus fuck, what the hell are you doing in here? I groan,
making my way into the kitchen still half-asleep. The living
room opens into the kitchen, and the two women stare at me as I
pull a bottle of thick green juice out of the fridge and take long
deep gulps out of it. Yeah, these rock-hard abs dont come easy,
and a healthy diet and all that shit is a necessity. Sure, theres
nothing Id love more than to down two glasses of whisky for
breakfast, but lets face it: Im not a fucking 18 year old anymore.
Im a respectable businessman (well, I try) and I need a clear
head to slay down the long line of assholes that want a piece of
my company.
You were late, Joyce states matter-of-factly, her arms
crossed as she taps her foot against the floor.
Im never late, babe, I turn to her and show her my multi-
million dollar smile, but she just rubs her left temple.
I told you not to call me that. Im your lawyer, Magnus, for
Gods sake! she breathes out, but I can tell by the slight red
coloration on her cheeks that she wouldnt mind being more
than just my lawyer. I wouldnt mind either: Joyce looks fine as
fuck, her red hair and tight body making her look fierce and
untamable two qualities I love when it comes to the bedroom.
But, whatever you may think of me, I have my limits. And I dont
mix business with pleasure: nothing good ever comes of that.
Anyway, what are you doing here? I gave you a spare key so
that you could come here in case there was an emergency, not for
you to wake me up whenever Im late. Youre too expensive for
that, you know?
Emergency, uh? she asks, a frown making a few creases
show on her forehead. She takes two steps toward the kitchen
counter and slams her briefcase on top of it; she opens it and
then fishes out a newspaper from the inside. And what do you
call this? she hisses, opening the newspaper and heavily
stabbing her finger over the gossip column.
Harmless fun? I shrug, looking away from the blurred
picture of the Jumbotron, my naked body glued to the
cheerleader. Ah, the memories.
Harmless fun? Harmless fun?! she repeats, completely
exasperated, her high-pitched voice making my head hurt.
Im not deaf, Joyce, I groan, and then she narrows her eyes
at me, leaning over the counter.
Are you hung over? she asks me, making me feel as if Im
being cross examined on the stand. Thankfully, the bell saves
me, or rather, Im saved by the three half-naked strippers
coming out of my bedroom.
We left our number in the bedroom, one of them giggles,
still pulling down on the hemline of her tight-fitting dress.
We wrote it down on my panties, another one says, her
disheveled dark hair making me smile; it felt glorious to pull on
that hair as I rammed her from behind, her screams of harder,
harder filling the whole room. Oh, man, that was so much
fucking fun.
Call us! the last one laughs, and then takes her hand to her
mouth and sends me a kiss. The three of them stumble to the
door, laughing and giggling, and I realize theyre still half-drunk
from last night. No wonder: you could probably float the Titanic
on the amount of alcohol the four of us downed.
Be safe, girls, I wave as I watch them leave, and they slam
the door behind them. I offer Joyce a smile as the strippers
giggles start fading away as they enter the elevator.
Homeless girls, I took them in. They were starving. It was
charity, really, I grin, a vein in Joyces temple pulsing angrily.
Behind her, the young brunettes face has turned into a violent
red. I guess she isnt used to a conga-line of half-drunk
strippers in the morning. Well, her loss.
Youre incorrigible, Joyce says, and all thats left is for her
to throw her hands up in the air in complete exasperation. I
almost insist that Im telling the truth, which is that these girls
were really starving for my cock, but I decide against it. Lawyers
are like bears: you shouldnt poke them when theyre angry.
Incorrigible, but just on Thursdays, I shrug, downing the
rest of my awful-tasting green juice. Swear to God, this thing
could use some whisky in it.
Magnus, this is serious. You need to get your shit together.
We need to do some damage control, and well have to change
the image you present to the public.
Yeah, yeah I know about all that, I wave at her, going
around the counter and walking toward the couch. I sit down
next to Joyces assistant, and her pretty eyes seem to widen so
much I wouldnt be surprised if they jumped out from their
sockets. She turns her head slowly, her eyes roaming over my
naked chest; I stretch then, offering her a nice view of my
washboard abs. I know Joyce is off limits, but what about her
Ive set up that $1 million dollar donation you asked me to
do, Joyce sighs, following me all the way to the couch and
sitting between her assistant and I. Which is a good thing, or else
Id probably end up making a move.
Which one? I donate so much fucking money that I lose
track of these things. One day its the refugees in
WhoFuckingKnowsLand, the other its the whisky draught or
some bullshit like that. And then theres the fucking polar bears,
and whatever animal is close to extinction this week.
The one to the childrens wing of the NYU, she replies
patiently, cracking open one of her folders and balancing it on
top of her knees. Youll deliver the check at a fundraiser
tomorrow, and youll be the keynote speaker.
Hey, slow down. Fundraiser? Keynote? What are you going
on about? I told you I wanted the money donated anonymously.
Thats the trick when donating money: always do it
anonymously. If you dont, people will hound you for interviews,
prop you up as some messiah, and then tear you down the
moment they find out you also donated to some animal rescue
center while being an animal eater. Trust me, if you ever find
yourself with a million to spare, dont donate and brag about it.
Its not worth it. If I didnt have such a soft heart, Id just blow it
all on strippers.
Yeah, you told me you wanted it done anonymously. But you
pay me to do whats right by you, so I ignored you. That
anonymous shit needs to stop, Magnus. We need to get the city
behind you, and this donation will be a huge step in that
Well, not much to argue there.
Fine, Ill go to that stupid fundraiser.
Youre finally being rational --
You better make sure there are hot women there.

G ood reporting is as much about stealth as it is about

moving quickly. And todays a day for a frontal assault.
Guerrilla style.
Magnus is going to be at the fundraiser gala for the NYU
childrens wing, and thats exactly where Im heading right now.
Ive bought a new dress (and an expensive one at that), one
thats the perfect blend between classy and slutty, and Im
wearing my favorite Jimmy Choo heels. I've spent close to two
hours in front of the mirror, trying to get the makeup just right.
Its femme fatale hour.
By the time my taxi stops in front of the Four Seasons, the
place where the gala is being held, the whole thing is already
halfway through. Thats on purpose; being fashionably late
should always be part of a woman's arsenal, and its a weapon
Im not afraid to use.
I stroll inside the hotel with my head held high, and I
approach the receptionist with an easy smile. Laurel Trask has
secured me a place on the guest list, and all I have to do is give
the receptionist my name before she points me to the room
where theyre holding the gala.
The place is packed with New Yorks finest, the crme de la
crme; theres Parker Trask, the former mayor, more than a
dozen billionaires and a few of the major political players in the
city. All told, I should be the only person in here whose net
worth doesnt break the one million mark. But I have my Jimmy
Choo heels on, and these shoes are even better than having a few
million in the bank, so Im not particularly concerned.
I scan the room, trying to find Magnus, and I find him leaning
against the bar, nursing a glass of scotch and looking as bored as
one would be at a funeral. Hes taking a deep breath. I make my
way toward him and lean against the bar casually, trying hard
not to make eye contact with him. He looks more roguish up
close, even more so than when I've seen him on TV. And, as
much as it pains me to say it, he really does look devilishly
handsome. Even though hes in his mid-thirties, young men in
their twenties wouldnt stand a chance against himeither in a
fist fight or in the bedroom. It isnt hard to see why women seem
to drop their panties when around him.
Whisky, neat, I ask the bartender, and I feel him turning on
his stool to face me. I ignore him all the same, sitting on a stool
of my own and looking around the room as I wait for my drink.
Parker Trask is on stage now, giving a heartfelt speech about
making a difference and whatnot, words carefully designed to
part rich men with their money.
Whisky, uh? I hear Magnus say as the bartender slides me
my drink over the counter, and I repress a smile. He swallowed
the hook. I figured youd go for a Sex on the Beach.
Is that what you drink when youre picking up girls at the
bar? I shoot right back at him, turning on my stool and flashing
him a smile. I hold his gaze for a few seconds, expecting him to
recognize me any second now, but that doesnt happen.
Unbelievablethe bastard doesnt even remember his own
I love Sex on the Beach, he replies with a grin. I grit my
teeth, realizing that I dived headfirst into this verbal trap.
Magnus is an experienced man, and hell run circles around me if
I dont step up.
Does your boyfriend know about that? I say, perhaps more
haughtily than I should. Any other man would be stammering
right now, but he just laughs at my words.
Cheeky. I like that, he chuckles, and then offers me his
hand. The names Magnus. Nice to meet you. I stare down at
his hand, but I dont reach for it.
I know who you are, I merely say, feeling the blood run cold
in my veins. I lock eyes with him, once more waiting for a spark
in his eyes as he remembers Im his stepdaughter, but that
moment never comes.
Oh, I see. Have we fucked before? he throws at me, and I
feel my blood unfreezing and starting to boil; it rushes straight
to my head, and I feel my cheeks burning up. Did he really ask
me that?
So its true, youre as much of an asshole as everyone says,
I sigh, picking up my whisky and taking a gulp. The amber liquid
burns its way down my throat, and I struggle against the
avalanche of indecent thoughts filling my mind. The moment I
heard the word fuck on his lips, an image of his naked body
pressed against mine flashed right in front of my eyes, and now
my hearts racing because of that.
Magnus might be the biggest jerk in New York, but theres
one thing I gotta admit: hes the most handsome jerk Ive ever
met. And the worst part? He knows it. Sitting here by my side in
his tailored Tom Ford suit, his panty-dropper smile on his lips,
the man seems like he stepped out of some Hollywood
highlight reel.
Maybe Im an asshole, he starts, slowly leaning toward me,
but Im the kind of asshole you just cant help yourself
around. He stops for a moment, his words hanging in the
silence wrapping us both. Or am I wrong? he then adds, like a
flourish, and I feel my body reacting on its own.
My pussy grows wet with each heartbeat, and time seems to
slow down around the both of us. His deep voice turns and twists
around my thoughts, slowly choking the rationality out of them,
and all thats left is some primal urge to No! Oh, no. Im not
going down this way. Even though the man oozes sex, every inch
of his body screaming for mine, I wont stumble and fall before
him like a crippled prey.
Youre right, I finally manage to say, looking back into his
eyes and forcing a grin onto my face. I cant help myself when
around assholes like you, I say and, with that, pull my hand
back and let my open palm fly straight into his face.
He stares at me, blinking once and then twice, and then
laughs, brushing his fingertips over the place where I just
slapped him.
I know the kind of man you are, Magnus Davion. Youre the
kind of man who thinks he can bow everyone and everything to
his will just because he has money. You dont care about anyone,
Magnus. Only about yourself, I find myself saying, the words
flying out from between my lips before I can even stop them. I
had them bottled up inside of me for too long, it seems.
Self-esteem, babe, its the new craze in Europe, he
continues, talking to me as if I hadnt just insulted him. Hes not
a quitter and, hell, the bastard sure knows how to be charming.
Thats not self-esteem. Its arrogance. You only care about
yourself, I repeat, feeling as if Im losing control of the
situation. I hate him because of everything that he stands for; I
hate him because of what he did to my mother And, even so, I
cant help but feel irresistibly drawn to him. Hes like human
quicksand: the harder you struggle, the faster you sink.
I care about women too. Deeply, he whispers, and my heart
insists on picking up the pace. I feel my mouth go dry, and I
reach for the whisky and down the whole thing at once, hoping
itll help me steady my nerves.
Just because you spend your days fucking half the women in
this city, doesnt mean you care for them, I say, and that
mental image of his naked body pressed against mine floods my
mind once again.
Seems like you have me all figured out, he says without a
care, a mocking tone to his words. Have we met before? he
teases me, and Ive finally had enough.
Im surprised you dont remember me, I tell him, feeling
more pissed off than Ive felt in a long time, and he just shrugs.
He has absolutely no idea who I am.
Who are you?
Penny Wright, I say, allowing the hint of a victorious smile
to dance on my lips. Thats when I see itthat flicker of memory
in his eyes. He parts his lips as if hes about to say something,
but then just closes his mouth, looking at me as if hes seeing
me for the first time.
Penny Wright, he whispers, disbelief washing over his face.
And thats when I hear Parker Trask saying his name, the voice
of the senator carried to us through the overhead speakers.
... Introduce our keynote speaker, the one and only, Magnus

J esus fucking Christ.

I'm walking to the podium in a fucking daze. I
mean, come on, is it really that hard to empathize with me in
this situation?
I mean, you try having a drink at a bar during some charity
gala for some shit you just found out you're going to. You try
sitting there at the bar and see the most gorgeous fucking
woman you've ever seen in your life sit down next to you and
order a fucking whiskey neat.
I mean, she had some tits that left fucking echoes in my
brain. Those were the plumpest, perkiest, gravity-defying orbs
of pleasure I've ever seen in my entire goddamn life.
It's not just her fucking tits, but Jesus, it's hard to move on
past those. I mean the way that dress was clinging to them. The
way it was low cut that it gave me just enough to see. Fuck.
But the rest of her body too. That slender, tight body. I can
imagine just emptying my balls on her.
God, that ass. That dress clung to her ass like tissue paper.
I'm walking toward the Senator, but I'm still fucking thinking
about that ass. It's causing my cock to keep twitching. It was
twitching like a snake that came alive when Penny sat down next
to me.
It began to get a heartbeat it was so hard when we were
And I swear to fucking God, it's freaking me out, but I almost
came in my fucking pants when she told me her name.
She's my fucking stepdaughter.
I'm literally three, or maybe four, strokes away from just
shooting out a gallon of cum after what just happened here.
Holy hell.
But let's pause for a second, okay?
Because I shouldn't be having these feelings for Rhoda's
daughter. I shouldn't be thinking about rubbing my cock in
between her tits. About squeezing those melons together as my
cock travels in and out of that flesh pocket.
I shouldn't think about squeezing that ass. About smacking
it. About sucking that pussy.
God this is my stepdaughter.
That's the only thing that keeps me from carting myself off
and jumping off the fucking Empire State Building.
The fact that she's my stepdaughter. No relation at all.
But what the fuck.
That's no justification for having my brain filled with swirling
thoughts of lust, especially for someone so young.
So innocent.
Looks at me like a father figure.
Mainly, because I am her father.
In a manner of speaking.
Fucking Christ, I'm going to hell, aren't I?
You don't gotta lie to me.
The worst part is that the crowd is still clapping and looking
at me as I make my way without any outward sign of distress.
I'm shaking Parker Trask's hand and looking out at them
from the podium.
I know what they want to hear.
But all I can see is one woman.
The girl at the bar. She's standing up now. Her wide innocent
eyes are taking me in. Her breath catches when she sees me
looking at her and I look at the rise and fall of her breastseven
from all the way over hereand I start to forget who I am and
what I'm fucking doing.
But just like the applause can take you by surprise, its quick
death can be something that jolts you back to the present
as well.
That's what happens to me and all of a sudden, I'm facing at
least four hundred people dressed in their finest.
My mind completely fucking blanks as to what to say.
To be fair, when Joyce set me up with this speaking
engagement, she gave me a list of things to say. I even have
them here in my jacket pocket. I just have to get them out and
read them.
But somehow, after seeing Penny, it doesn't seem like it's
doing enough justice.
I know. I sound like an absolute fucking idiot. It doesn't
matter what I say, as long as I say it and get the photo op, right?
That's what Joyce would say.
And normally, even for something like that I'd fucking
begrudge her. But not today.
"Ladies and gentlemen," I say into the microphone. "Most of
you won't know this, but I'm really wealthy."
There's a smattering of laughter from around the crowd.
Actually a fair bit of laughter.
It's not that everyone around me at this dinner today is super
fucking wealthy. Some people don't even have a net worth past
1,000,000 dollars.
But that's not what I meant before you start to roll your eyes.
"I'm not talking about money," I say to clarify. That's right.
I'm clarifying for everyone. "I'm talking about opportunity."
Now there's silence. Could it be that people loved my hook?
"I was born in New York City," I state. "Actually in this
hospital itself. Then I lived with my parents on the Upper East
Side. My parents aren't around now, but it's not hard to imagine
my father and mother coming through the doors to this great
hospital to schedule my birth. Hospital stays were expensive
back then, and my parent's were modest. They didn't have much
money. But my father was friends with the doctors. My mother
went shopping with the secretary pool. So when they came into
this hospital, they were treated like royalty."
People are quiet. They're listening to me speak. They must
think I have something prepared for them to hear.
But the truth of the matter is that my brain is too jumbled
now to recite or remember any of the talking points that I had.
I'm just speaking from the heart now.
"Treating people like royalty is something that at Davion
Development, we strive to do day in and day out," I say to them. I
notice a few raised eyebrows.
What? You don't believe me?
"We make sure that any new construction for condominiums
or residential towers includes at least 20% of the units allocated
for low-income subsidized housing. Then we offer this housing
to the people we're displacing," I say. Silence.
They're listening.
"Do you realize how incredibly destructive a development
corporation like mine is to the social fabric of a neighborhood?" I
ask into the audience. Silence.
"Does anyone realize what happens when the corner butcher,
or baker, or liquor store can't pay their rent when it comes time
to renew?" I ask again. And again silence. "When they have to
make a choice between paying rent and paying their workers?
People are listening to my words with a sense of interest now.
"New York City isn't just about the big buildings that reach
toward the heavens," I say quietly. Flatly. "It's about the people.
The people in the neighborhoods who make up the foundation
for those buildings."
People are now nodding.
"Did you know that if the first floor tenants aren't good
tenants and decide to vacate their spaces, then the maintenance
fund of a skyscraper drops dramatically?" I ask. Bet you didn't
know that either. "That's because anchor tenants are nice, but
the people who are on the ground floor are the ones holding up
the building."
I see people start to smile and nod. They can tell where I'm
going with this.
"It's those people who form the community," I say. "It's
those people who've seen you since you were born. Who know
that you want the newspaper from the bottom and not the top
when you're buying it for your old man. Who know when your
parents have passed away. Who ask you if you've been holding
up okay."
I'm thinking back to my neighborhood. Sure, the Upper East
Side may not seem like a neighborhood to grow up in if you want
the classic New York thing with games of stickball and fire
"People who know you. People who care about you. It's all
thanks to the neighborhoods in this city. Without neighbors, and
without neighborhoods, we're just a collection of tall buildings
on an island. Tall buildings that would go empty as people move
out," I say feeling myself get to some sort of point. "That's why
Davion Development is committed to building a larger, stronger,
more active NYU. Because we realize that so many
neighborhoods rely on this hospital to stay strong. And without
this institution that we're here for tonightwithout NYUtoo
many of our neighborhoods would stop thriving. And start
"And so, we will never stop in our quest to make New York
great. We will donate $1 million this year. We will donate $1
million next year. Until we turn our neighborhoods around. We
will never give up. I say and get ready to finish. "And I hope,
ladies and gentlemen, neither will you. Thank you."
I stop and get off the stage.
I swear for a moment I didn't hear anything.
But then the crescendo of applause as people stand up to give
me a rousing ovation hits me.
I'm a bit taken aback.
Between walking back to where I know Penny is standing and
people applauding me for something good like giving a speech,
I'm a bit out of my fucking element.
All I care about in this moment though, is the woman who's
looking at me, her mouth open as I approach her.
"You didn't swear once," she says to me, her eyes travelling
the length of my body. "Did you mean everything you said up
I cock my head. Is she interested now?
"Why?" I ask.
Simple. Straight to the point.
She shrugs. Her cheeks turn red. It's fucking cute.
Careful. She's youre stepdaughter. Don't forget that.
"It just seemed so...real," she says to me and I look into her
eyes. "So genuine. You really felt what you said."
Those eyes are telling me she's feeling like fucking me.
I've seen it before in countless women.
I know that look.
"Have dinner with me," I tell her. She starts visibly.
"Father to daughter," I say, giving her a smile. "So we can
catch up. Nothing more."
Does she want more?
I don't know. But she smiles. And nods her head.
"I'd like that," she says, taking a napkin from the bar and
writing her number on it.
"Text me with details," she says. And with that, saying
nothing else, she turns away.
I watch that beautiful curvy ass sway as she walks away. I
know she knows I'm fucking staring.
What neither of us knows is what's going to happen next.
Because if she keeps flaunting a body like that in front of me
... I dunno.
I might as well give up, because I'm so completely fucked.

H ows the investigation coming along? my mother asks

me, but my reply comes in the form of a groan. Balancing my
body on one foot, my cellphone pinned between my shoulder and
my ear, I somehow manage to get the other high heel on
my foot.
Its coming. These things take time, mom, I tell her as I
look at myself in the mirror. I smack my lips together, satisfied
with their crimson color, and then grab my cellphone with one
hand and pat the front of my dress with the other.
Got anything from the gala? she asks me, and I wait for a
very long second as I look for a suitable answer. Yeah, in case
youre wondering, I still havent told her that Im about to have
dinner with my stepfather. And I still havent decided if Im
going to tell herat least for now. I already know everything
shed say if I told her Id be having dinner with him, so I figured I
could skip that step.
Well, you know, I start, grabbing my purse and heading out
the door, making sure its locked behind me. He made his
speech, and everyone ate it up. The usual. I cant say I expected
to find any dirt at a gala for the NYUs children wing, you know?
I look at myself in the mirror as I enter the elevator, once
more examining my lips. God, why am I so nervous? Its just a
stupid dinner with a man I hate. A man whos my stepfather.
Figured so, she sighs, and I can almost picture her in her
living room, her reading glasses perched on the bridge of her
nose. But well get him. You can do it, cant you, Penny?
Of course I can do it! I reply in a heartbeat, trying to
pretend that Im slightly offended. Im notand thats because
Im not so sure anymore if I can (or want) to pull this off.
I hail a taxi and get inside, throwing my purse into the
backseat as I prepare to hear my mother the whole ride to
Agaves, the restaurant where Im supposed to meet Magnus.
I sure hope so, Penny a man like him should pay for what
hes done. And you know what Im talking about.
Yes, mom he cheated on you, I sigh, already getting
slightly tired from that story. It seems that ever since we decided
to go after Magnus that she takes every opportunity to go on a
tirade about how Magnus ruined her for love. Yeah, mom, I get it,
hes the Devil.
He didnt just cheat on me, Penny! He made me look like a
fool He cant keep it in his pants, you know? Hed stick it in
everything that moved, and while telling me he was busy with
work. You dont do that to a womanmarry her so that you can
break her heart and, just few a months later, dump her.
I know, he --
How many women have suffered at his hands? I dont even
want to think about it. He treats us like cattle. As if were a
I start drifting off after a few minutes, my mind fleeing back
to the gala. He sure looked like the kind of man who loves to play
the rogue, but as weird as this may sound, he didnt seem like
someone as evil as my mother paints him. I might be wrong,
though; theres probably a road somewhere paved with the
broken hearts of the women who believed in the kindness of
Magnus heart.
But its not like that matters to me anyway. Not today. Im
meeting him as his stepdaughter, and hes meeting me as my
stepfather. Before I move in for the kill, I want to find out for
myself what kind of man Magnus Davion really is.
Guilty until proven innocent; if its good enough for the
courts of public opinion, its good enough for me.
Has something like this ever happened to you? The whole
world tells you that someone is X and Y, and then you meet him
and you start having doubts about whats real and whats not?
Maybe its a feminine thing. We never trust others to appraise
the character of men for us. Its simply a job we cant delegate.
Ever since my mothers marriage with Magnus fell apart, Ive
heard countless horror stories about him. How hes a self-
centered asshole who only cares for himself, how he ruins the
women who fall for his sweet talk, and yet Would a man like
the one I just described donate a cool $1 million for charity, just
like Magnus did at the gala? I know he probably sleeps in a bed
made of cash, but still!
Maybe he just does it to save his ass. That makes sense too,
doesnt it? He knows that with his crazy antics its just a matter
of time until the city turns against him, and perhaps hes trying
to put on a show for all of us. The charm he uses on women,
maybe he decided to use it on a whole city this time.
Either way, I made up my mind. Ill find out the truth about
my stepfather on my own, without any foreign voices to cloud
my judgment. Thats what a good reporter does; she digs for the
truth, and she wants it raw.
... Shameful, really, my mother continues to drone on,
almost as if shes trying to teach my subconscious mind to hate
Magnus. And thats why we need to bring him down. If theres
anyone who deserves it, its Magnus.
Yeah, mom, I say just to appease her, nodding even though
she cant see me. And thats when the taxi suddenly stops; I look
out the window and realize that Im already outside Agave, the
discreet entrance to my right. I pay the taxi driver and, still
listening to my mom, step out of the car.
And thats when I see him.
Tailored suit, shoes as dark as the night.
Mom, gotta run, I whisper into the phone, my heart
suddenly drumming fast, and end the call without waiting for
her reply.
Memories of being in my room when I was 18, by myself,
come back.
Having orgasms.
Thinking of Magnus.
You look beautiful, Magnus tells me, and I just stare at him
without knowing what to say. Theres a kind smile on his lips,
and he seems to have turned down his animal intensity for the
night. Or, at least, it looks like it.
Shall we? he asks me, filling in my silence, and offers me
his arm. I walk inside the restaurant with a smile on my face;
arm-in-arm with the man Im supposed to destroy.

P enny Wright, my stepdaughter, has grown into a

beautiful woman.
Which, in a way, is a fucking shame.
If she were any other woman, Id just turn my charm on and
let the chips fall where they may. I mean, just look at her Her
lips were made for kissing, and her body must've been sculpted
by the Devil himself, each and every one of her curves like sin
turned into flesh.
When she got out of the taxi, just one look at her and my cock
was twitching inside my pants, my eyes roaming over her tight-
fitting dress. It took a lot of willpower to stop that train of
thoughtthat's for fucking sure.
I was a bit surprised I didnt recognize her at the gala; I rarely
forget a face and, fuck, its my stepdaughter were talking about,
but in a way, that was bound to happen. At eighteen she was just
a bony teenager, a rough draft of the woman she had yet to
become. She was already a young beautiful woman, sure, but that
beauty has now blossomed into something more.
Something intoxicating and dangerous.
So, journalism, right? I ask her, our conversation still stiff
and rough around the edges. You were at Yale back then,
werent you?
Yeah, graduated just a few months ago, she replies as I
pour some wine in both our glasses. And you? Still a rich
bastard, right?
Still a rich bastard, yeah, I smile, the sound of her voice
making me more lightheaded than the fucking wine itself. We
keep on talking about nothing and everything, two strangers
bridging the divide between them. Its a struggle to keep the
inner beast inside of me in chains, but I somehow manage to
do it.
This feels right, doesnt it? I find myself saying, not even
knowing why the fuck Im saying it.
What feels right?
Being here. Being a rich bastard gets lonely, you know? And
youre family. She laughs at that, her clear voice feeling like a
thorn in my heart.
Lonely? You seem anything but lonely, Magnus. She twirls
the wine inside her glass, her eyes locked on mine, and I have to
wait a few heartbeats before my brain starts to decode her words.
In fact, have you ever been alone? Theres always a woman
hanging on your arm. Hell, more than one, sometimes.
What can I say? I shrug, and then finish my wine. Women
are like a good wine. You can never have enough.
Maybe thats because youve never come across a real
Tell me where I can find one and Ill gladly let you know how
that goes, I smile, leaning forward slightly, the scent of her
perfume climbing up to my brain and making it boil.
She leans forward as well, and I cant help but let my eyes fall
from her full lips to her cleavage, the round swell of her breasts
calling to me like a fucking drug.
Maybe that real woman is off limits, she says, lowering her
voice, and I find my mouth going dry.
And maybe I dont have any limits, I reply, even though I
know Im walking on the edge of a razor. Whatever I say, though,
there are a few lines I wont cross, and fucking my own
stepdaughter is one of these lines. As long as this is just
harmless fun, Im happy to play along, but dont think Ill pull
the fucking trigger.
So Ive heard. You really live life on your terms, dont you? It
must be nice, she continues, but this time I notice a judgmental
tone in her words.
I live life on my terms, yeah. I dont hide and run from who I
am or what I want. That doesnt mean Im the monster some
people think I am.
Then who are you, Magnus Davion? she asks me, and the
reply shapes itself up in my mouth before I can think of it.
Thats for you to find out, isnt it? I say, and this time
theres no snappy comeback from her. She just gazes at me, a
contemplative expression on her face, and then she bursts into a
Well see about that, she chuckles, biting down on her
lower lip as a grin takes over her mouth. I look back at her, my
heart giving up and picking up the pace. Warm blood rushes
through my veins, and I feel my cock hardening under my boxer
Two words to the manager. Thats all it would take for me to
empty the whole restaurant and have the room to myself. Two
words to the manager and I could be alone with Penny in here. I
can already imagine the straps of her dress falling down her
shoulders as I kiss her neck from behind, my crotch pressed
against her ass Forget all about money and world peace; right
now, the thing I want most in the world is to bend her over this
table and have my way with her.
Heres one thing you should know about me, though: Im a
man of my fucking word, and I promised myself this would be a
family reunion, not a fucking date. And so I just laugh with her
and finish my fucking dinner and wine.
All while trying to forget the raging hard-on inside of my
Fuck, you know what? The moment Im out of this place, Im
going to call those strippers from the other night, and ask them
if they have any friends. Because, as it is, I doubt three strippers
will be enough to sate my hunger. Maybe Pennys rightmaybe
Ive never come across a real woman.
After we finish dinner, I pick up the tab (despite Pennys
insistence we split it up), leave a large tip, and then we both
This was nice, she smiles, taking her cellphone out of her
purse. We should do this again. I see an Uber icon popping up
on her cellphone screen and I reach for her phone, taking it out
of her hands and close the app.
Youre not taking an Uber. Ill take you home. She opens
her mouth to protest, but I just throw her a look that says this
isnt up for debate and she remains silent. Half a minute after
that and my limo halts right in front of us. Without waiting for
the driver to get out, I open the door and step aside for Penny to
get in. I settle in by her side and, the moment I lock the door
behind me, the limo starts rolling down 7th Avenue.
Ive never been in a limo before, Penny says, but what I
hear is Ive never fucked in a limo before. What the fuck is wrong
with me?
Me either, I say with a teasing smile, and she laughs and
places her hand on my knee. My heart jumps hard, electricity
spreading to my muscles and making me tense up like a nocked
She looks at me, her eyes slowly falling down to my lips, and I
realize that I could have her now. Right fucking now. Just one
kiss and thered be no coming back. But Im not going to fucking
bend and break. Shes my fucking stepdaughter, and thats a
landmine field I dont want to walk on.
I turn my gaze away from her, trying to calm myself down,
and she takes her hand off of my knee, perhaps taking the hint.
She then starts looking around the limo, playing with the
buttons and displays just like a young kid would do. At the press
of one button, a compartment opens up slowly and a small tray
with champagne and two glasses slides out from a panel on the
wall right by my side.
Oh, champagne, she cries out, getting up from her seat.
She tries to sit on my other side, the one closest to the
champagne compartment, but the limo suddenly jumps up and
sways as it goes over a bump in the road.
Next thing I know, shes on my lap, her ass pressed against
my crotch.
Oops, she whispers, a devious grin on her lips. Im not even
fucking breathing anymore. Fuck that; I cant even think.
Sorry, she continues, without getting off of my lap. Instead,
she sways her hips slightly, rubbing her ass against my cock as it
stiffens up.
Instinct kicks in and, before I can stop myself, I place my
hands on her waist. I exhale sharply, feeling my hard cock
pressed tight between her ass cheeks, and I grit my teeth.
Stop, I manage to say, that simple word feeling like a brick
inside my mouth. Stop if you know whats good for you.
Why? she asks, turning around so that shes facing me. Her
lips are slightly parted, just like an invitation.
If we do this, were fucked, I say, my heart pounding
against my ribcage. Im your dad.
Stepdad, she corrects me, her voice wrapping itself around
my brain and choking out all rational thought.
We cant. We -- she places her index finger over my lips,
shutting me up, and her lips curl into the most sinful smile Ive
ever seen.
We can, and we will, she breaths out, the scent of her body
driving me fucking crazy. Then, as an afterthought, she
continues: Ive wanted this for too long.

I know that it's wrong, trying to seduce my father.

Sure, he's my stepfather. But ... well, even if it makes
a difference, does it make enough of a difference? No one here
needs to be the judge of that right now. I've got a fire in my
stomach that is pushing me forward. That nagging thought in
my brain that wanted me to resist? I've basically got lust in my
stomach that's jumping up and down. You know, if something
could actually be in my stomach and jump up and down on a
thought I was having. Yeah.
The point is, my pussy is getting wetter by the second. It
started out with just a little bit of dampness, but soon the
wetness is going to soak into my thong. The moment I landed on
his lap and felt his cock hardening against my ass, I knew there
was no turning back from this. My body demands his.
I look at himmy stepfatherand I need him.
""Im glad were here, Daddy," I say, letting my words be
sharp enough to sting us both. Let the flames of what's right,
wrong, or otherwise just plain scandalous to sear right through
us because my entire body knows right now that I want this. I
inhale, running my tongue over my lips slowly, then closing my
mouth and scraping my teeth over my lower lip. I look up at him
and put on my most innocent look. "I'm so glad we..." I slide out
from his lap and, sitting by his side, I scoot closer to him in the
limo so our legs are pressed together, and I grip his thigh.
"Reconnected," I finish my sentence, and look up into his eyes.
They narrow and take me in. Oh, there's no way that he
doesn't know I'm hitting on him. I flirted all through dinner. He
tried to be good, but I know he wants me just as much as I want
him. The man who painted a cheerleader with cum on a
Jumbotron is being coy with me now. I know that there's a real
beast beneath this princely facade, and I'm looking forward to
breaking him free.
"You don't have to hold back," I say, purring against his
cheek. I let my hand glide up higher. "I know you want to taste
your daughter's lips on yours. You know that I want your mouth
on mine. Why don't you give me a kiss?" My voice is breathy and
needy. I can't help that every second he resists me, it only makes
me want to play up this whole innocent little girl thing even
more. If he isn't going to take one degree of bait, I mean, doesn't
that point to me needing to up the ante even more? I'll turn up
the temperature until it scorches us both.
Because then we'll both have what we want.
To get lost in each other and not care about anything but
fucking each other.
I press my lips together and delete the modicum of space
between us, kissing him on the cheek.
I feel Magnus's whole body stiffen and I know I must really be
getting to him.
My hand is shiveringthat's no actas I slide up his thighs
even more until I'm so close to touching the thing I've dreamed
about for far too long. Magnus's magnum-sized cock is bulging
from his trousers so lewdly that my curiosity is piqued more
than ever before and I want to wrap my hand around it. I am
close enough to feel the heat radiating from his dick, so grabbing
it is so much closer now.
"Be careful, little girl, because you can't handle what you're
asking for," Magnus says, his tone controlled. His words are
measured and full of warning. I hear the tension. I hear him
holding back.
Doesn't he know that's what I'm looking for right now? I
don't want to think about what's right or wrong hell, I dont
want to think at all. I want to be overwhelmed and give in to
what my pussy wants, not what my brain complicates. Just for
"Is that so?" My hand hovers over his cock. Part of me wants
to just grasp his cock and feel the power his tool can offer.
But when he issues the warning to me? It makes a woman like
me decide to issue my own. I'm going to show him exactly what
he'd be missing if he doesn't take what I'm looking to give
I pull my hand away, and I reach under the hemline of my
dress, instead. I loop my thumbs into the sides of my thong and
pull it down, shimmying out of them with more than a little
fanfare. I hold them in front of us both so we see the wet v shape
and the tiny seat where my pussy was, and when I follow his line
of sight there, I lean over and sit those on his lap, right where
that cock I'm dying to hold is.
I exhale and bring my finger under my dress. I run my finger
up and down my slick folds, slowly, letting the sensation of the
touch hitting my skin sink into my bones. I look him right in
the eyes.
Magnus actually looks a little angry, and that's got to be a
good sign. A sign that I am closer to getting what I want. Getting
him to give in.
Spreading my thighs out so that my leg is on top of him a
little bit, I work the stretchiness of my skirt. I slide one finger
into my pussy, gasping at the feeling. I bring my thumb, up and
down, on my clit, and I find a rhythm that makes my stomach go
taut and thunders my pulse.
"Daddy," I moan out. "Daddy, you make me so horny," I
whimper, laying my head on his shoulder and whimpering.
"Don't make me touch my pussy all by myself. Don't you want to
touch my pussy?"
Oh God! So I went for it. Like, what man would be able to
resist you laying all over them and touching your pussy in front
of them.
Well, a regular man couldn't resist this.
Magnus? I feel his body is still tense. It has nothing to do with
him being prudish. I know better than that. So why isn't this
I slide another finger into my pussy, scissoring my fingers for
a moment to stretch myself to accommodate them. Magnus
could be stuffing me so full of his cock that I'd feel my inner
walls shudder around him. I increase the pressure on my clit,
squeezing my eyes shut and imagining his hands touching my
pussy instead of mine. His fingers stroking me, instead of my
own. I curl my fingers to stimulate my G-spot and inhale deeply
the scent of him surrounding me. I bite my lip, squeeze my toes.
My nerve endings all set on edge and the pleasure shoots
through my body. Honestly, I can't believe how turned on I am
right now. I am lost in the moment and somehow I lost my
inhibitions because of it. My breathing quickens and I work up
the strength to turn and face him. "You want me to cum for you,
Daddy?" I whimper out, but this time I'm not putting on any act.
I want to look my stepfather in the eye and cum hard, my fingers
in my pussy while I watch him watching me.
"Penny, I can't believe you're doing this. I'm trying to be a
good ex-stepfather, whatever that is, and you're rattling a cage
you won't want to have opened," Magnus says with a growling
undercurrent in his voice.
"But don't I, Magnus? Don't I want to know what it would be
like if you put your hands on me, even though it's so damn
wrong, so naughty ... don't you want a dangerous thrill, just for
tonight?" My breathing is labored and I'm pumping my fingers
into my pussy even faster now. "I don't want to cum on my
fingers. I wanna cum on your cock, Daddy," I moan out, my
thumb on my clit maddening me with desire.
"Fuck, put your damn legs together and stop this!" Magnus
says with more than a hint of danger in his voice. A thousand
matches struck, that's the fire in his voice. I actually drag my
finger down my clit and my knees start to close a little, just
hearing his authoritative voice commands me like that.
But, no, that's not how this is happening. I want him, and if
he's not going to touch me, I'm going to think about him
touching me and stroke my own pussy. I'm thinking about him,
how broad his shoulders are. I'm leaning against one now, but I
want to see what it looks like beneath his shirt, muscles tensing
on his upper arms. They are bulging outlines beneath the shirt,
but I want them he draws a hand out. I can tell hes
going to smack my ass for being so bad.
I love it.
"If I'm being so bad, Daddy, are you going to spank me?" I
say, whimpering.
Something changes. It's as if thunder crackles through the
air, the stark difference is so striking. Magnus's hand circles
around my wrist, and he pulls my fingers from my pussy. I groan
out at the emptiness I feel. Him taking my hand away takes my
breath away.
Magnus balls up my panties from his lap and shoves them
into my mouth.
"You wanna be a bad girl, Penny? I know what to do with bad
girls. I tried to warn you." His voice vibrates through my body
with his dark promise.
Yes, Daddy, I wanna be so bad with you, I say, except the
panties in my mouth make my words a little jumbled. Somehow,
the scent and flavor of my own pussy makes me even wetter.
Your naughty pussy, you stroked it right in front of your
stepfather and you were about to cum? You arent going to cum
until youve been properly punished. This is going to take a
while. You are not to cum until I give you permission.
Magnus is a whole new man now. All the tension has left his
body. His cock is hard as steel, pressing against my ass right now
and making me want to yelp with need. I mean, his cock is
pulsing so hard against my flesh, his long inches igniting a fire
so fierce that I just want to moan and scream my head out.
Of course, any sound that I make is muffled by my wet panties
in my mouth. I feel chastised already, and instead of feeling shy
or embarrassedI'm thrilled. Yes, thrilled that hes going to
unleash whatever hes been holding back all this time. Magnus
didnt want to act on what was happening between us, but now
he has to. I pushed him, and Im so eager for the push back.
I inhale, breathing in the musky taste and scent of my own
arousal, exhale.
Magnus presses his fingers into my thighs, running his
fingers up my thighs. When he reaches the fabric of my skirt, he
bunches it all up on my stomach. The pressure of the fabric
against my belly makes the heat pooling there even more
intense, which I didnt think was possible.
Until his palms flatten on the inner sides of each of my
thighs. He spreads them apart and time stops for meslowing
to a standstill.
I was about to cum on my hand before, but thats nothing
compared to the feel of him spreading me apart for whatever
hes going to unleash.
Keep these spread for me, Magnus says. He pulls the
panties from my mouth and shoves them into a compartment in
the limo.
Well, I guess Im not getting those back. I want to say
something about how naughty he is for keeping his daughters
panties. But Im too paralyzed with lust. All I manage to do is
respond to his command. Yes, Daddy, I say. My voice is small
now, not because Im toying with him.
No, my voice is small now because hes toying with me.
God, being his toy now awakens something deep within me
that turns me on in ways I didnt know I could be turned on.
Magnus trails his fingers up until they meet at my pussy. He
dips his fingers in and feels just how wet I am, swirling my
arousal around my pussy lips.
I shiver, I shake, I cant help but react to his fingers on my
pussy, lighting me on fire with lust. But I keep my thighs spread
like he told me to.
"I'm going to spank that naughty pussy," Magnus says with
an exhale. He's excited to be doing this. I think about his
warnings, now, and I shiver.
He's going to hit me...there? Oh god, I knew Magnus was a
kinky motherfucker. Well now he's about to be a kinky daughter
fucker and nothing can prepare me for this. I'm shaking, forcing
myself not to move my thighs. I'm already getting one
punishment. I don't need to go and earn another because I
disobeyed and moved my thighs. Even though I'm terrified, I'm
also exhilarated. My pussy is so wet that I feel my juice run down
my pussy lips and drip down my ass, and onto Magnus's lap. He
must be noticing it too. I felt it sliding out of me and it got me all
sticky with my lust.
Magnus's eyes capture mine, and he raises his hand, waving
those fingers at me slowly. Then, he slaps it down, closing the
space between us and smacking my pussy. My clit twitches. The
wet sound in the air is so taboo, I almost taste it. Daddies give
spankings...and my stepdaddy is spanking my pussy. He does it
again and my thighs give out and slam together in reaction, for
just a second. I pull them back apart quickly but it's already
too late.
"Tsk, tsk," Magnus says. The wicked grin spreading across his
gorgeous face tells me that he doesn't mind that I've disobeyed.
At least, he's not disappointed. He's delighted.
I watch him twist his hand around so fast, his two middle
fingers sinking into my pussy.
Instinctually I clench my pussy walls around his fingers. A
low groan builds in my throat and escapes my lips to be
transfigured into a yelp.
His other hand comes down and spanks my clit.
Magnus stuffs his fingers in my pussy and smacks my clit,
doing both so fast that the sensory overload threatens to make
me cum right now. I'm close, but even with this speed and this
sensation, the orgasm is just out of reach.
Which is good, because he told me that I wasn't to cum yet.
That I wouldn't for a while. And I really, really want to discover
what Magnus has in store for me. Even though I want to be good
now, and take my bad girl punishment, I'm struggling. I reach
my hands out and grip his legs underneath me, trying to breathe.
"No one's ever showed you what a bad girl gets, have they?"
Magnus asks with a dark laugh that draws me in. Oh god, yes, I
want him to show me everything and more. No matter how
conflicted I feel about anything, sign me the fuck up for anything
that involves how wet my pussy is right now.
Seriously, it's as if someone turned on the horny faucet down
there and I'm gushing with how much I need him. If the pre-
cum is like this, what will the cum be like when I finally get to
orgasm? I'll need to hit my water bottle extra tomorrow.
"You can't hold on tight enough for how hard I'm going to
fuck you," Magnus growls, and he slides two more of his fingers
into my pussy and pumps even harder and faster into me. The
hand smacking my clit comes down and applies pressure to it
and my stomach.
Oh God, how am I supposed to keep from cumming when he's
pressing buttons that I didn't even know I had?
My pussy is clamping down on his fingers. I'm trying hard to
breathe. I'm digging my fingers into his pants so hard. It's
taking so much of my strength not to cum that I'm sweating. I
feel my whole body dusted with a sheen of the sweat it takes to
keep from cumming when your stepfather decides that if you're
going to tease him, he's going to tease you.
"Daddy, please," I whimper out. "I can't hold back much
longer, you're..." I can't finish that sentence because as soon as
the words start, his fingers end.
The pleasure that brought me so close to the edge? It crashes
around me. He lifts me up with one hand and tears his trousers
to release his cock with the other. I gasp as I watch his cock
spring free, his shaft so long that feel my insides clench as I
imagine it sliding inside of me. Is it even possible? Ive never
seen a cock as a big as this, for Gods sake! Believe me when I say
it: hes gotta be at least twelve inches long.
With his fingers curled tight around his cock, he pulls the
head down to stroke through my pussy folds, just a few
maddening seconds, and then Magnus presses the head to my
pussy opening.
Magnus slams me down on his cock all the way. It's like
something out a movie where they drop a rock and it keeps
falling down the hole, they don't know how long it goes on? I
thought I knew how long my pussy went, but after how deep his
massive cock gets inside of me, when he's fully inside of me I
scream. I scream so loud, the sound bunching up in my throat
and strangling its way out. I feel my pussy stretching with all the
monster cock he's impaled me with; he's split me in half.
Magnus grabs my wrists and holds them behind my back,
making my breasts arch out in front of him. "You like Daddy's
cock deep inside of you?" he growls.
He doesn't wait for me to answer.
As if I could! He holds onto my arms and Magnus pumps me
up and down on him, hard. He fucks into me so deep and so hard
I'm drowning in my own moans. There's a piercing pressure in
my stomach, a heat boiling inside me now. No cock has ever felt
so good. My eyes are rolling back in their orbits and I'm shaking
on him. My pussy walls are tight around him and squeezing him.
My body is burning with lust, with need, with the fury building
inside of me.
Daddy knows goddamn best. No man has fucked me like this.
I feel like my pussy was made to take his cock. No way that any
other cock could fill me up so perfectly and make my body come
undone like this. My breathing is staccato bursts of moans and
sighs. Little whimpers.
I'm literally fucked out of my mind. Magnus slams me down
unrelentingly and builds up the pressure within my body and I
don't shoot back to reality until I feel my orgasm right on the
edge of exploding through me.
"Daddy, please," I whimper out. I'm desperate to cum. I'm so
close. But I need to be good.
I remember begging is what got me his cock in the first place.
I'm so confused, do I beg for more or stop?
"Oh, you want me to let you cum, baby girl? Pretty Penny,
should I let you cum on my cock?" Magnus asks.
I can tell that there's more to this question than I know, but
I'd sell my soul to cum right now. So I might as well! "Yes,
please, please Daddy," I beg. I've got no shame right now. I can't
think about anything except how much I need to cum, and for
some reason I don't fathom why I need his permission. Like, I
know we are playing a game, but it feels so serious. I want to
follow this rabbit hole wherever it leads.
"You may cum all over this cock, princess, and then you're
gonna lick it off while I cum in your mouth. But I'm going to fuck
you a lot more before that happens. You prepare that cream for
your dessert, Penny," Magnus says, and he brings his lips to my
throat. He closes around my neck, kissing at first and then
releasing my arms to bring his hands to my breasts. Magnus
squeezes them hard and that rough touch sets off the trigger. I
feel the orgasm building within me finally crest over the edge.
I'm cumming. I'm cumming more than I ever have in my life,
with such intensity that it actually makes my head hurt a little.
The pressure within me is so intense I cry out.
Magnus sinks his teeth into my neck, drawing one hand up to
hold the nape of my neck and slam me down on his cock. I'm
still cumming, the aftershocks of his tongue riding me through
every wave of ecstasy. The delicious agony of bouncing up and
down on his cock is almost too much to bear.
Magnus pulls up my legs as he releases my neck and draws
my legs up closer to my chest and then puts them up on his
I'm not getting fucked at this point. Seriously, this is
something from beyond. Because his cock is fucking me and
doing it so deep inside me, at such an angle that its perilous to
my sanity. I mean I don't even feel like I'm connected to my
mind right now. I shit you not, he is fucking the life out of me
and I'm reaching some heaven on earth where I'm nothing but
my body, and I'm bigger than my being. The angle his cock fucks
into me is sweeter than any chocolate has ever been. His cock is
more dizzying than any red wine or even hard alcohol. I'm drunk
off him fucking me, desperate for this to never end. My pussy is
gushing out so much cum that I feel the wet ring of my cum
blooming around us on his trousers. My ass might as well be
splashing in it and as I bounce up and down on his cock. I'm
making almost whining sounds, struggling to breath and
moaning harder than I ever have in my life. If I was a demon,
Magnus would be fucking it out of me, exorcising it. But judging
by how his enormous, harder than titanium cock is slamming
into me impossibly fast, I'd say that Daddy is the demon of
Oh, I can't complain. He can drag me into this wicked hell
with that delicious cock and I'll beg for only more. I can't believe
the sensations reverberating through my body. I've never felt
like this before. A fleeting thought tells me that I'll never feel
like this again.
I mean, after all, I'm fucking my stepfather.
Well, he's fucking me, super hard, in a way that almost makes
me fear for the limousine, maybe my body.
But I'm never going to be able to fuck him again. I mean, he
didn't want to do this in the first place.
Well, I call bullshit. He's fucking me so hard, no way that
Magnus wasn't thinking about doing just this when he was
fending off my flirting in the restaurant. But in the privacy of his
fancy car and with some admittedly naughty persuasion tactics
at play from my naughty repertoire, he's unleashed the beast.
He's unleashed two beasts. The monster cock he's impaling
me with so much that the loudest sound in the air is my wet
pussy sloshing with the cum his enormous cock is milking from
me. And the man that fucks like this. Seriously, he's my
stepfather, not some young Tinder ho looking to swipe for the
night, and he's fucking me like he's about to win an Olympic
medal. For the record, if I could, I'd award him one for this
fucking, and me one for how much I'm coming. Seriously, when I
lick off the cum on his cock like he told me I would, I'll be filling
my damn stomach up.
Magnus brings his hands back to my breasts and he tugs my
nipples. "I'm about ready to cum, baby girl," he moans out. It's
the most sensual sound I've ever heard.
I lick my lips subconsciously, wanting to taste our cum
together in my mouth. I feel the sweat on my brow when I think
about how hard it'll be to take that massive cock in my mouth.
The way he fucked his cock deep up into my pussy didn't give me
a choice...and that has me wondering just how rough Daddy will
be. Am I going to suck his cock, or is he going to fuck my mouth?
My pussy shivers at just the thought. I want to be used by him,
fucked so hard by him until I can't remember my name and the
only word in my mind is Daddy. I've never been fucked the way
that he fucks me. It's addictive. I wont be able to think of
anything else later; I cant think of anything now. Daddys
cocknot even once. Because addictive hardly even begins to
describe how much I crave his cock sliding into my pussy, filling
me up, stuffing me to the brim with every inch of him so that it
erases every thought in my mind with every stroke. Hes erasing
my resistance. Capturing my lust. Claiming me down to my soul.
Now, baby girl, Magnus growls, pulling me from his cock.
The waves of my orgasm leave me in aftershocks, but Im
eager and lustful enough to be ready for his cum, his orgasm. I
drop down to my knees and grab his full length instantly. Hes
coated with my cum and I close my mouth down on the head of
his cock.
Magnus slams my head down on his cock so that I take him
even deeper.
His spurting cock shoots ropes of his seed down my throat,
slickening my mouth and salting the tang of my own pussy juices
on him. The creamy, musky taste of us together mingles on my
tongue. I swallow it in my throat and eagerly I take him in. I
suck, swallow, lick, and treat my stepfathers cock like a lollipop.
Like it is his mouth I am kissing. Like Im drinking the elixir of
everlasting life. I moan while I swallow him, the experience of
taking him and taking him so far inside my mouth and throat
and sucking in both our pleasure feeling like the most erotic
experience of my entire life.
A stinglike pain but somehow pleasurablelights on my
head as Magnuss fingers wrap into my hair, squeezing and
claiming my head, my sucking mouth down on his cock. Hes
holding me tight, forcing me to stay there deep. I love this,
though, even if he wasnt holding me down. I feel small, fragile,
at his mercy. And it's this benevolent mastery of his that I
delight in because I'm content to be his slutty little daughter,
taking every inch of his cock. Swallowing both our cum and
tasting it slide hot down into my belly.
Dinner was nice, but this devilish act is so much more
satisfying going down. I feel him course through my veins and
theres something primal about this. I like being at his mercy,
pinned to his cock, all in his limo while I shiver and ache so good
from the way we fucked.
Magnus is dressed and looks too gorgeous and put together
like he always does. No one would be able to tell, save his free
cock, which my mouth has captured, that he just fucked the
daylights out of his slutty little daughter. Me? I look wrecked in
the most delicious way. My nipples ache, and a low thrum in my
belly meets the quickening pace of my heart. I can almost hear
the blood rushing in my ears, Im so aroused. Im a shaking,
shivering, sticky, sweating mess of lust. I want to suck his cock
forever. And I do, sort of. I keep sucking long after Ive cleaned
off my cum and milked dry every last drop of his cum.
Magnus keeps his fingers in my hair while I keep devouring
every inch of his cock. That enormous rod keeps its steel
hardness in my mouth. His moans are low in his throat. A deep
appreciation for the way Im touching him. My nipples are
grazing the seat of the limo and the leather is hot and cold
depending on where my nipples touch in proximity to Magnuss
body while Im bobbing up and down his cock.
The burning in my pussy rises like a flame that will destroy
me utterly.
Never in my life have I felt like I was in such a fluid, unending
state of arousal. I almost fear I'll never come down from this
high. My body is the least tense it has ever been in its life, yet
Im like a violins string pulled too taught and I could be plucked
to a fatal pleasure at any moment.
Magnus runs his hands down my back. Dont you need to
breathe, Penny? Youre sucking my cock like it's your life
support, he says with a laugh. It's a belly laugh, something
deep that makes me feel proud.
I dont know if I've ever heard him laugh so heartily, and, yet
... theres a lightness to the moment. Something intimate we are
sharing that weve never done before. Not in our relationship as
stepfather and stepdaughter. Not as a one-sided flirting pair at
dinner. The warmth spreading through my belly is something
else. Something tinged with lust and something else I dont
quite know how to describe.
I dont answer him with words. I breathe through my nose
and keep sucking on his cock. I want his overpowering strength
when he decides hes had enough. I feel his thighs jerking and I
know Im close to that edge of his.
Finally, his hands pull at the nape of my neck in a predatory
way that turns me on. I look up at him and I lean up to kiss him
on the chest, above his heart. Never have I been fucked like this.
I feel like there needs to be the right greeting card for this.
One more time. My insides will be sore, but you only
live once.
I lay him back and climb onto him.
And I ride. I ride every last drop of his cum surging from his
cock into my pussy and moan along with his insistent groans,
taking him deep until were both breathing heavily and holding
each other.
Jesus Daddy. You just wore out your stepdaughters pussy.
It doesnt get any better than this, ya know?

Bad Boy Reformed?

G OSSIP C ENTRAL ON P AGE E IGHT . From the Desk of Vicky Durner -

All the gossip you never even knew you needed to know!

W ELL , well, well. Looks like a certain bad boy billionaire of New
York is trying to be more of a man and less of a frog. But is this
just an act?
Good morning Gotham. Thats the question that millions of
people around the city are undoubtedly asking themselves after
seeing real estate mogul Magnus Davion in an environment that
hes not normally associated witha charity gala.
Thats right New Yorkers. You read that right and youre eyes
are not playing tricks on you. Magnus Davion self proclaimed
bad boy of New York City was spotted at a charity gala. He
didn't get into any fights. He didn't pull down his pants and
wave his rather large appendage in the faces of the elite. He
didn't get drunk and fall asleep. He didnt even do anything that
makes watching him so revoltingly addictive.
Instead, he behaved himself as he mingled with the crowd,
often charming and engaging those around him. He spent a fair
amount of time according to my spies with his mystery datea
woman who we still haven't been able to figure out an identity
for, but know was very good looking. And he delivered a speech
that received a standing ovation.
Excuse me for saying the obvious, but that behavior is not
acceptable for someone who wants to be known as a loud,
obnoxious, boorish clown. Its also not becoming of the poster
child for immature man-child.
So, could Magnus Davion be growing up? Could he be evolving
into a higher level of consciousness the kind of higher level
consciousness that usually occurs as people grow out of
adolescence and become adults?
Citizens of Gotham, let's not hold our breath.
What's more likely to this jaded gossip columnist is that
Magnus Davion is trying to clean up his image. Trying to make
himself more palatable to the millions of hard working, decent,
and God-fearing New Yorkers who have to put up with
shenanigans on a day-to-day basis. And that public relations
executive who got the Magnus Davion account probably put
together a portfolio of charity galas, dinners, fundraisers, and
photo ops all designed to make us think that this man is really a
good guy instead of just another rich asshole.
And you know what? With enough of these, we probably will
think hes a good guy.
Well probably forget how Magnus Davion got drunk one
night and urinated in a restaurant fountain as people were eating
dinner last month.
Well probably forget how he was filmed receiving fellatio in
his Maserati as he sped down Fifth Avenue earlier this year.
Well probably forget how he got upset at a cable company
call center representative who was unhelpful to him, which led
him to buy the cable company itself just to fire that individual. It
happened last year, but I bet youve already forgotten, havent
you, New York?
Im willing to bet thats the plan, New York. Well just have to
see what happens. You can bet well keep reporting.
Until then, keep your ears to the ground, New York. I'll be

M agnus to Earth! Magnus to Earth! Joyce says, repeating

that sentence over and over again until she finally slams the
palm of her hand onto my desk. I sit up straight, cough into my
hand, and nod at her, trying to pretend I was listening to her all
along, which I fucking wasnt, of course. After that night with
Penny, focusing on anything is just outright impossible.
Im here, I tell her, and she just sighs and throws the latest
New York Daily Journal on top of the desk. She looks at me with a
self-satisfied smile, pointing at the newspaper.
Like I was saying, it seems that the tides are turning.
Indeed they are, I whisper, leaning back against my chair
and propping my feet up on the desk. I grab the newspaper and
head straight to the Gossip Central column. Ive already read the
newspaper on my way to the office, but a second pass wont
hurt. It feels good to read something different; usually all I get is
hate. You were right, Joyce, this gala thing really helped out.
Of course I was right. Thats what you pay me for, she says,
slightly offended, and then she smiles. Anyway, youre pretty
cheery today. Anything you wanna share?
Im always fucking cheery, Joyce. I stretch my arms, taking
my feet out from the desk and swiveling around on the chair. I
look out into the vast New York skyline; the concrete jungle
sprawled right under me. Joyce would fucking kill me if she knew
what I was up to last Friday night. I mean, shes a fucking lawyer,
she knows how to get away with murder.
Yeah, Im just asking because when youre this happy that
usually means trouble is heading our way.
Jesus, youre such a fucking killjoy.
Thats what you pay me for as well.
Really funny, Joyce, you shouldve been a comedian instead
of a lawyer. She starts replying, but by the time the words get
out of her mouth, my mind has already drifted off again.
I cant stop thinking about Penny, about how it felt to brush
my fingertips over her smooth (and oh-so-very-naked) skin
my hands on her hips, my cock deep inside her tight pussy, the
warmness of her body, the strawberry flavor of her kisses. I want
that againno, I fucking need it, even more than I need air to
breathe. Even though I know we shouldnt have crossed that
line, I cant stop myself from wanting to do it again.
You must think Im a terrible guy, huh? To go around fucking
my stepdaughter and all that. But you saw what she did; Pennys
not innocent in this whole affair. I shouldve resisted, maybe
but fuck, Im only human.
Magnus? Are you even here? I hear Joyces voice again, her
words cutting through the fog thats clouding my mind, and I
turn to her.
Im right here, babe.
I told you already, dont call me --
Yeah, yeah, Miss Political Correctness, I got the memo.
Anyway, its Sunday, what are you even doing at the office?
Joyces a hard worker, but sometimes she crosses the border and
veers into workaholic territory. You might think Im an asshole,
but I actually care for the people around me. And besides, being
one of the main pillars supporting my company, I consider Joyce
to be family. Oh no, dont even think about making a fucking
joke, alright? Just because I fucked Penny, it doesnt mean Ill go
on a rampage and start fucking all the women in my life.
I just came in to work on some of the paperwork on the
Equinox deal And then I saw the article about the gala and
came to check up on you, she suppresses a yawn, trying to hide
how tired she is, but theres no hiding the bags under her eyes.
Yeah, that was fucking glorious, wasnt it? I dont really like
bragging about my donations, but I gotta give it to you It
fucking worked.
Of course it did, she tells me, pride making her swell up.
But seriously, go home now. Dont make me fire you. She
gets up with a tired smile, picks up the newspaper from the desk
and tucks it under her arm.
Youd be lost without me, she says, turning around to
leave. She walks all the way up to the door, but then stops and
looks back at me. You should rest too, you know? Like you said,
its Sunday.
Yeah, maybe I will.
Just dont do anything stupid, okay?
When have I ever done anything stupid, Joyce? I tease her,
but I feel a stab of guilt in my heart, memories of Pennys naked
body flashing behind my eyes. I lean back against my chair as
Joyce leaves, closing the door behind her, and I close my eyes for
a moment.
Pennys moans bubble up to the surface of my mind, and I
grin to myself as I remember how it felt to be inside of her, her
pussy lips wrapped tight around my cock. I dont think Ive ever
been that hard for a woman. But, then again, Pennys not just
any woman, is she? Theres something special about her,
something that draws me in just like a moth is drawn to a flame.
My fingers twitch as I remember how it felt to squeeze her
round breasts, her hard nipples between my fingers, and I feel
boiling blood rushing to my cock once more. I become hard in a
matter of seconds, my shaft straining against my boxer briefs,
and I sit up straight. I reach for my phone, grab it, and scroll
down my contacts list until Pennys name is on the screen.
Maybe I should call her. Its Sunday, and shes probably free.
And Joyces right, I need to take a fucking break.
Im about to press the Dial icon, my thumb hovering over it,
when I stop myself. What the fuck am I doing? Im not the kind
of guy who calls a woman after fucking her. I mean, we were
together Friday night, and its only Sunday Im not some
fucking desperate dweeb. Thats just not my style.
Still, I need to see her.
My cock needs her, and who am I to deny my cock anything?

I m very, very disappointed with you, Penny, my mother

says, rubbing her temples. I purse my lips, staring at her image
on my laptop, and then Laurel joins the chorus.
Very disappointed, Penny, she repeats after my mother, a
small square with her picture popping up next to my moms.
This is not what we agreed on.
Sunday night and here I am, sitting in front of my laptop and
being grilled by my mother, the editor in the chief of the NY
Daily Journal, and the New York City mayor. This is not how I
expected to finish off the weekend.
Look, Ive just started this investigation and, besides --
What the hell are you talking about Penny? my mother cuts
me short and leans into her computer, her face appearing on my
laptop like a bad dream. Have you even read the article you
wrote? You were supposed to destroy him, not help him build up
his savior image!
All I tried to do was be fair and balanced, mom. Thats what a
good reporter should do, right? Look for the truth? I say, getting
the words in before my mother continues with her diatribe. I
cant believe theyre this pissed with me because of the article I
wrote. What were they expecting me to do? Smear Magnus just
because they have a grudge against him? Id never stoop that
low. I accepted this job because I thought that, yes, Magnus
needed to be knocked off his pedestal, but I never thought of
achieving that by sacrificing the truth.
Thats just not me.
The truth? Laurel asks me before my mother can reply, her
voice soothing, but not enough to hide how angry she really is.
Penny, youre still a young woman I know you hold all these
ideals of justice and fairness, but thats not how the real world
works. And I can assure you thats not how Magnus works
I dont think Im as naive as you think. Im capable of
making my own conclusions, and I stand by the article I wrote.
You asked me to do this job, and I accepted it because I thought
you wanted the truth Id never say yes if I realized this is a
personal vendetta. God, I cant believe Im talking to the
freaking mayor like this. I really am getting more and more
pissed off by the minute.
Magnus is playing the whole city, and now he has played you
as well, Laurel tells me, and this time theres nothing soothing
about her voice. Shes a Trask alright; I can imagine her
dominating a conference table full of politicians and billionaires
with just a few words.
How can you say hes playing the whole city? I might not
know much about him yet, but dont you think youre jumping
the gun?
Penny, dear, my mother jumps back into the conversation,
perhaps feeling the tension rising between Laurel and I. If
theres anyone in here qualified to talk about Magnus, thats
me And listen to me when I tell you, hes not what he seems.
That man doesnt care about anyone or anything, and youd do
well to keep that in mind.
I take her words silently, trying to reconcile the image of
Magnus I hold in my mind. Are they right? Is Magnus playing
me, and the whole city? From what Ive ever heard about him,
thatd make sense But after having dinner with him, after
sharing a night with him, I find it hard to believe were talking
about the same man.
Ill keep that in mind, I tell them both coldly, the words
coming out of my mouth harsher than I expected. But I wont
lie about him without a valid reason.
No one in here is asking you to lie, Penny, Laurel says, and
something in the way she pronounces her words sets me off.
It sure seems like it. Because Im doing my job and duty as a
journalist, and all the two of you seem to care about is how much
dirt I can sling at Magnus! By the time I finish speaking, I
realize that Im leaning so much into my laptop that my nose is
almost touching the webcam. My hands are balled into fists, and
Im breathing hard already.
Watch your tone, young lady, Laurel whispers, her eyes
cold and shark-like. Weve given you a chance to play in the big
leagues. Youd do well to pay attention and do your job like you
were instructed or --
I was instructed to be a reporter, not your errand girl, I say
into the phone. Sorry if that goes against your plans.
Its not just me youre crossing, little girl, Laurel hisses and
it strikes me as odd that when I hear the words little girl from
her it makes me shiver as opposed to when I hear it from
There are some powerful people who are funding my
campaign for Governor that want Magnus out. They wont be
happy till hes out. And they wont be happy when some little
girl from the Upper East Side decides to say no to them, she
Or what? Theres only one way to do my job, and that way is
the right way. I hiss through my gritted teeth and, without
waiting for a reply from either Laurel or my mother, I slam down
my laptops lid.
I take a few deep breaths, staring down at my laptop as if it
could explode at any minute, and then I let the realization of
what I just did start to sink in. I just hung up on my mother and
on the mayor. Jesus, what has gotten into me? Im not the kind
of girl that gets all worked up for nothing. But I guess this whole
situation doesnt fit the nothing category, huh?
I know what youre thinking. Ive just went on and on about
my job and duty as a journalist, and I did all that after fucking
the man Im supposed to be investigating. If you think that
makes me a hypocrite, well Theres nothing I can do about
that, is there? But I hope that, at the very least, you make an
effort to understand.
Its one thing to read about Magnus Davion, but its a whole
new ball game when you experience him. More than a man, hes
a force of nature.
I knew that the moment I first laid eyes on him, back when I
was only a wide-eyed 18-year-old. I was just a young girl back
then, but I already felt that deep animal attraction, that
magnetism that just draws you further and further in until you
no longer know the way back.
Just a stupid fantasy, I lied to myself when I accepted this
assignment, trying to box the lust I felt for him as a teenage
crush on an older man. But when I saw him at the gala, I have to
admit: I felt that fire in my belly again, that burning need to have
his body pressed against mine taking me over... and so I just said
yes when he asked me out.
We were supposed to have dinner and reconnect, whatever
that means, but five minutes into the dinner and I knew how the
night would end. And I was right. Yeah, yeah, I know I kinda
provoked it, but so what? Its not like its going to happen again.
Did I enjoy it? Yup. Was it the best sex of my life? You can bet
it was. But all that doesnt mean Ill allow myself to be dragged
into a forbidden relationship. Hes my stepfather, after all. I
havent forgotten about that.
The way I see it, that night with Magnus was just a one time
thing. And now that Ive scratched that itch, I can focus on the
task at hand andwait, did you hear that? Someones knocking
at the door.
I place my laptop on the coffee table in front of me and get up
from the couch; I make my way toward the door, stretching my
arms as I go. Who the hell can it be this late? I dont think
Laurels pissed enough to drive all the way to my apartment. At
least I hope not. My mother might be, though. That woman loves
to fight as much as she loves her Louis Vuitton bags.
I open the door, sighing and waiting to see my mother
standing in the doorway. But she isnt there; its someone else
Busy? Magnus asks me, taking one step toward me and
placing one arm around my waist. He pulls me into him and,
without waiting for a reply, leans in and crushes his lips
on mine.
Remember when I told you that what happened between
Magnus and I was just a one-time thing?
I think I might have lied.

H ello, Daddy, I say, and I can feel my smile spreading

across my face. Even if I didn't want it to be there, it is.
Just like the wetness in my panties when I see his smile.
I follow his eyes as they travel over me. Magnus likes what he
sees. Im his stepdaughter. Or I was. And when he looks at me,
well, hes not thinking of me as his little baby girl the way the
rest of the world thinks he should. But me? Im very happy to be
the impetus for that fine slab of cock stabbing at his trousers in
way that looks almost painful. Really, Im already licking my lips
when I think about freeing the beast.
Penny, Magnus growls low in his throat. His lips close over
mine before I have time to think or do anything but kiss him
back. I could've resisted a moment later, had I wanted to. But the
instant my senses understood his touch I'm overcome by my
own lust. Our lips press together fervently. This is not a gentle
kiss. It is not a request for sex, not a request for love. It's a
demand for me to be all his.
I have no issue with that. Whatever I have to give, I want him
to take. Magnus kisses with such power that I know my lips will
be bruised, stinging long after his lips find purchase elsewhere
on my body. I taste his breath, expensive wine and the rich flavor
of a sensual man. Theres no boyish booze, no tawdry cheap
tastes to be had. His mouth is smooth as the silk that peaks from
his suit pocket squares. Magnuss scent fills my nose, the
masculine scent of power and something primal, like a fire at
night and the woods at dusk. His lips dance over mine; his
tongue caressing me with a delicate yet possessive nature that
sends shivers through my body. His hands close over and pull
me up to him; Magnus is much taller than me and lifts me off
the ground so that he can kiss me deeper.
Finally, leaving me gasping but not releasing me so that my
feet are flat on the ground Im like a ballerina locked in a form
Magnus breaks the kiss. I need my cock buried in your sweet
pussy, now, he says in a voice like a wave crashing over
my body.
Heated salt sprays my skin and brings the scratching tickle of
lust like the seas embrace riding through me. I want that very
much. The very idea of riding his cock again, being fucked by him
again, makes me ache for him. The pressure in my belly is an
extension of the throb in my pussy. My clit twitches. I have to
take a moment to breathe in for a just a second, and I dont know
if I should tear off my clothes, or his first.
Magnus throws me over his shoulder and walks through my
doorway. Shutting the door and slamming me into that closed
door, his hands answer my dilemma. Magnus tears my clothing
off in a few seconds, everything falling to the ground in shreds.
My skin is covering in raised goosebumps reacting to the air
shocking my skin, and the way that hes aroused me with this
show of force.
Everything about it says
I want you.
Ill have you.
And Ill take what I want now.
Thats romance to my ears now. Theres nothing gentle about
Daddy, no, hes stern and insistent.
I watch him remove his own clothes and I race him to shuck
my own clothes off first.
I look at him as I lean down, preparing for him. In a moment,
hes inside me I catch only a glance at his incredible cock before
he drives into me with a thrust I fear might break me. His cock
spears into me and sinks deep into my pussy, replacing all the
empty places inside me with his enormous girth. Magnus has a
cock like I cant believe. I think if I swallow, I may taste the head
that's how massive his cock is.
Pressing my bruised-with-kisses lips together, I moan at
being filled up with Magnuss cock.
He draws a thumb to my clit, pressing his palm to my
stomach, and the pressure drives me wild. Daddy sure knows
how to ring a doorbell, I think. I would laugh, on the inside, at
this, but Im too busy focusing on remembering to breathe with
the intensity of sensation.
Magnus fucks like a demon, damning me to wicked pleasure
in every moment. My back burns with the slam against the door,
but the pain is more than welcome. He fucks me in a needy way,
in the hungry way his cock slams into me again and again. He
couldnt wait to get me anywhere else. He couldnt wait to bury
himself inside of me. His hands touch my body; his mouth
wanders hungrily over my skin. But the first thing Magnus does?
He kisses me, then he fucks me, and then he kisses me more.
Ive never felt more wanted in my life. My body shudders in
ecstasy around him. My body is hopelessly pinned beneath his
desires. Sonic waves of sound and pleasure reverberate through
my body as Magnus pounds his cock into my pussy again and
again. I taste his need, and moans build low in my throat to
forecast my own need.
Magnus! I cry out as the speed of his cock slamming into
me, and his thumb working over my clit, threaten to seize me. I
dont know if Im begging to cum, announcing that I will, or
begging him to force me to hold out again. I dont know if I want
him to cum inside, on me, or what. I just know that his name is
the only thing on my mind now. I want to shout his name but I
only manage the small sound because Im overthrown with
sensation. My body is an extension of every place where he
touches me.
Goddamn, Magnus says with a laugh. He pulls his hand
from my clit. Lifting me up from the door, I wrap my legs around
him to make sure his cock doesnt leave me. He carries me to my
bedroom and lays me on the bed. I feel like a damn teenager,
Magnus says, laughing again. I need to fuck you more than I
need air in my lungs. I want to seat my cock in your pussy and
fuck you till the sun comes up and then start all over again.
Magnus tucks some of my hair behind my ear, his bicep flexed in
front of me for this simple move.
Im drinking in the sight of him like Ive never seen a naked
man before. Ive never seen such an Adonis before like the body
of Magnus. Hes so good looking it looks like he was carved from
His eyes meet mine, and though hes still fucking me so hard
that the slamming wet sound of his cock entering me is piercing
the very air, theres something tender in how he regards me in
that gaze. Do you know how good you look piped full of my dick
and moaning, your eyes rolling back, your body swaying and
Even if I could answer him, my eyes are rolling back in their
orbits and Im putting all my energy into using the leverage I
have from my feet locked together behind Magnuss back and
Im lifting my ass up to meet every stroke of Magnuss cock into
my pussy. I am meeting every surge into me with an eager
clenching of my inner walls around him and my body coming to
take his. I sheath him in me and squeeze him with my inner
muscles so strongly I feel the burn within me. I feel the sweat all
over my body.
I feel his fingers capturing the sweat between my breasts. He
brings those fingers to his mouth, sensually sucking them with
that impossibly gorgeous mouth. I want to sink my teeth into his
lip. I want to flip Magnus over and ride him until he's cumming.
My own orgasm threatens to return and, still, I dont let myself
ride the wave. I want to live forever on the precipice of that
incredible pleasure that he offers.
It isnt as if I cum, the fun ends; the way Magnus is fucking
me now is just the beginning. But the torturous feeling of being
on the edge of an orgasm but not giving into it only heightens
the ecstasy that surges through me every time he pumps into my
His enormous cock thrusts into me, his balls slamming
against my ass and his hips hammering him home, and Magnus
pulls out and back to fuck deeper into me each time with long,
swift strokes. His cock is covered in the cream of my pussy
keeping him slick to the point that my pussy is actually slippery.
Magnus cups my ass, squeezing my cheeks and fingers digging in
to claim me, and holds me up to keep burying himself inside
of me.
Every tantalizing second his cock is out of me I feel my
wetness blooming around the bedspread and running down my
thighs and my ass. I see his hands, holding me, are covered in
my arousal, slick and shiny as my pussy is. I watch that huge
cock enter my pussy again and again, the skin pinky red and my
whole body flushed as he pumps that massive cock into me.
My inner walls squeeze around him, strangling his cock as
hes thrusting into me. Magnus fucking me feels like the most
perfect thing in the world. I never want him to stop fucking me.
I fist the bed spread, my fingers desperate to hold something
and keep purchase while the threatening tide of an orgasm
comes to sweep me in. My breathing is labored, punctuated by
his every thrust, and my clit is twitching an omen of my
unavoidable orgasm. Daddy, Im cumming, I moan out to him,
words low in my throat. My head falls back and I squeeze my
eyes shut with the raw power of the sensation running through
my body.
Magnuss hand closes over my throat, the other hand working
my clit and serving to pin my body down. At his touch, my back
arches as much as I can manage and my eyelids tear open to look
at him while he chokes me just enough for my already hazy mind
to go dizzy. I bite my lip and moan, screams catching within me
and getting lost in the sounds. Magnus keeps his cock slammed
inside me, buried deep and taking every shake and squeeze my
pussy walls offer. His eyes are like those of a dangerous predator,
and I cant look away from his gaze if I wanted to. His eyes pin
me as much as his hands or his cock.
Good girl, he purrs to me. His voice wraps me in a warm
velvet satisfaction. You take my cock so well, Penny, he says,
and he slides slowly out of me, not all the way yet, and Im
whimpering. The hand on my throat trails down to grab one of
my breasts. I could watch my cock fuck into that perfect pussy
all damn day, Magnus says in a low growling voice that brings
shivers all over my body. He squeezes my breast hard and I
squeal. Im covered in that sweet cum of yours. Theres so
much of it, Id hate to put it to waste.
I lick my lips. I would love for Magnus to shove that enormous
cock down my throat and let me drink his cum and taste mine
with his again. Salty, sweet, tangy deliciousness. I run my tongue
over my lips again, a small moan escaping my lips now even as
Im shuddering through tiny little aftershocks. My pussy is
fluttering to feel his cock inside me again, but my mouth is
greedy and wants him, too.
What can I say? I love getting fucked by my stepdad. I crave
his cock inside me like nothing else. I've never wanted to fuck
someone so much before. I have to admit that knowing how
naughty and wrong it is, well, that makes it even hotter. Add in
the fact that the man fucks like my life depends on it, and his
enormous cock matches that body that was built for sin. Fuck,
how could I ever catch my breath around him? I want to fuck him
night and day. I want to live with his cock in one of my holes.
Keep looking at me with those sweet eyes, Penny, while I use
all this cum to fuck your sweet ass. I want to see the look on your
face when I shove my cock so deep up your ass you cant
breathe, Magnus says, his voice thick with arousal. His eyes
look into mine and I feel him drinking me up as he could drain
the life right out of me and pump it back in with the cum hes
going to unload in me. His bulging cock slides out of my pussy
and runs down the folds of my pussy lips, slowly and teasingly.
I'm breathing shallow little breaths, excitement taking over me.
When his cock head is in new territory, I breathe deeper,
trying to prepare myself for what it'll feel like to have that
impossibly large cock sink into my ass. My eyes wander to his
hand that left my breast and that hand is now fisting down his
cock, sliding so much of my cum down to the head where hes
about to pierce my ass.
Eyes on me, princess, Magnus commands me.
I comply, my eyes watching his and thats when I feel his cock
head slide into my ass. Already, I feel so full. Pressing out
against him, I take him in. My eyes threaten to roll back in their
orbits. My pussy weeps with arousal. My eyes stay looking into
Magnuss own, drinking in the sight of him so turned on to
watch my reaction to him claiming my ass. I feel his cock slide
deeper into me. Im so full now, fuller than I could've imagined,
and I cry out.
But I never. Stop. Looking.
His eyes watching me are so erotic that I think I might cum
Magnus brings a hand up to cup my face, his thumb grazing
over my lips. Craving him as I do, I glide my tongue out over that
thumb and when he presses it into my mouth I suck it hard as I
would his cock. I see fire glint in his eyes and thats when his
hips thrust forward and he feeds that enormous cock to my ass,
impaling me deep as he can with that huge fuck rod that splits
me in half. I gasp, a huge gulp of air displaying my shock that the
enormous cock is actually up in my ass to the hilt. He doesnt
move for just a moment, and my body is adjusting and taking
him in. I stretch and take him with a delicious agony of which
I've never known. I want to squirm, I want to run; I want press
back down against him and feel how deep he is now that hes
buried himself inside me. My veins are filled with fireworks, an
untamed lust unbridled within me.
Still, it's the passionate look in his eyes that is the most
sensual part of this. I taste his skin in my mouth, gliding my
tongue over his thumb. I feel Magnus claim me with that huge
cock up my ass. I breathe as much as I can allow my body to, and
it sends surges of sensation shooting through me like fire
against ice.
Something fiery glints through Magnus's eyes, and his hips
begin to buck. My respite, my chance to get used to his cock is
over. Now, he's slamming into my ass with the same fury that he
showed my pussy...but this is so much more. My stepfather is
fucking my ass, hard, relentlessly. I can't breathe, I can't see,
and I'm just an extension of my sex now. My whole body belongs
to the sensations that he creates within me.
My eyelids flutter closed despite wanting to stay open.
Rainbows and star shine capture my vision and replace the
reality with the something beyond that overtakes me when
Magnus fucks my ass. His cock slides out a few inches, but never
too far, and he slides back in, slamming hard, and keeps up a
maddening pace of deepening his cock inside me and never quite
leaving. I can't believe the sensations that flow through my
body. I'm like a watercolor ocean, painted in endless swirls of
the depths of the ocean. I've never felt like this before. An
orgasm building within me now is not the same set of fireworks
that lit within me before.
My stepdad knocks on my door, kisses the lights out of me,
makes me cum ... and now, he ass fucks me and a slow burn
builds within me that tells me that I know nothing about how
this is going to end. I don't know what will happen between us. I
almost don't understand what's happening to my body now.
That's how intense the sensation building within me is now.
My hands tear at the bedspread and I open my eyes now
because I want to see more than just Magnus's gorgeous face. I
want to see that huge cock sliding into my ass. I'm not even
quite sure how to reconcile the sight when I take it in. The
monster cock fucking my ass seems to be impossibly large. I see
how wet my pussy is, my arousal weeping down and adding more
lubrication and it slides into me, never quite exiting each time,
fucking me with a fervent pace. I look up at Magnus and see a
wicked grin spreading over his gorgeous face.
Magnus is the kind of good-looking guy that you think only
exists in magazines. You think no one can be that beautiful. His
jawline, his eyes, his mouth ... everything about his face is
perfectly drawn and makes my whole body shake.
"Kiss me, Daddy," I whimper. I need his mouth on mine now.
Looking at him gives me even stronger urges than I ever knew I
could have. The building orgasm threatens to overtake me, but
I'm teetering just beyond the edge of possibility. I need to be
able to ride that wave. More than that, I want to breathe in his
breathe, taste his tongue on mine. Feel his perfect mouth claim
my lips and make me all his. My urges for him are something
more than lust. They're primal. I ache for him in ways that I
can't comprehend.
"Penny," Magnus moans. It's an erotic sound that I don't
know if he meant to make. He's as needy as I am right now, and
I'm so caught up in the moment that it takes me a second to
realize that as his lips close lightly over mine...
He's pulled his cock completely out of my ass. The emptiness
makes me cry out.
But Magnus closes his mouth completely over mine, utterly
claiming me with his tongue sneaking past the seam of my lips,
and his cock slams back into me. The vacuum seal his cock gets
inside my ass is incredible. Tight a fit as he is inside my pussy,
his cock in my ass is something that defies all laws of physics, all
least as far as sensations are concerned.
His kiss is deep and as claiming as his cock fucking my ass.
Magnus dances his tongue with mine, fucks his cock in massive
thrusts into my ass. I'm rolling my hips now, as his hands pull
my face to his. I'm free just enough to ride that huge cock as
much as I can manage. While it isn't much, I do manage to roll
my hips enough to taste his moans. I clench around him and
claim every inch of Magnus's cock. In my mind, I'm repeating
'thank you, Daddy' again and again in my head as I say those
words because I'm aching to say them to him. I want to fuck him
as much as he fucks me. Magnus's cock feels like it was made for
every hole of my body and I want him to know. Magnus fucks me
in a wild way, and I return that fucking as much as I can because I
need him to know. I recognize the worshiping way that his cock
claims me. I worship his body all the same. I slam my hips
forward to him and as he fucks into me I slam my body to his.
Our kiss is desperate as our tempo increases. I start to get
reckless with my tongue, kissing him like I'm gasping for breath.
That's how close my orgasm is, that teetering edge having
knocked me over the wall that held me back. I expect my back to
fall against the bedspread when I stop clinging fast to it, but I
need to wrap my arms around him. Instead, as my hands hold
tight to Magnus's back, I feel the air on my skin and my breasts
press into his chest. He pulls me to him until we're sitting up.
My pussy mashes against the hard abdomen of his incredible
muscles, making me shiver around him. I fight for strength in
my legs, and find they have a reserve of energy to wrap around
him. My ankles drive into his back and I find the strength to
bounce myself up and down, his massive cock driving into my
ass as hard as it can. I slam down on his cock, making my ass
take every inch of him. It's like I'm trying to break myself.
Because I am. I'm going to break my body and watch it fall apart
and be rebuilt into whatever it takes to fuck Magnus like this
forever. It may be taboo, wrong, and downright filthy to fuck my
stepfather like this. Sure as that is true, I know that I need to
keep fucking him. I'll never come down from this high I'm
feeling now.
Breaking our kiss suddenly, I gasp, "Magnus, I feel you. Cum
with me," I moan out, already coming back to him to keep
kissing him.
"Yes, Penny, yes," he groans low in his throat. He presses my
head down to him and I kiss his neck. His lips close over my
neck, but his teeth claim me now. I feel his cock turn from steel
to titanium, a volcanic eruption of cum surging into my ass. I
shake so much around him that my ankles almost fall apart from
how I've interlocked them. My hands squeeze into him, and my
kiss turns to a scream against his neck. I feel sweat cascading
down my whole body. Tremors of a massive orgasm take me to
nirvana, capturing me in time and it feels like the crescendo of
my pleasure, trapped against his orgasm thundering through
me, shall never end. I'm completely overtaken by the orgasm;
my pleasure is higher than any religious experience or mind-
altering substance could ever give me. Lights shine in my soul
and behind my eyes. I feel like I'm floating through the thick
velvet of the blackest night sky, and I'm wrapped in the
mysteries of the universe. His body enraptures mine, and it isn't
until I see his eyes looking into mine that I realize that he's laid
me back down. Magnus is looking at me with a look on his face
that I can't begin to understand. I try to regain control of my
breathing and I feel my heart thundering in my chest.
Magnus fucks me a like a demon and makes me feel like I'm
off to heaven. I know it's a sin to fuck my stepfather ... and I'll
pave the road to that hell with the orgasm that shakes through
our body. There has to be an elevator down for how filthy we
descend together.
"Baby girl," Magnus says, his breath ragged. Sweat slides
down his brow, along his nose. It's the most sensual sight...that
sweat was well earned. "Goddamn, do many men knock on your
door and fuck you like this? I can't believe how good it feels
inside you," he says with a small, wicked laugh.
"No one has ever knocked on my door and then come and
fucked me like this ... but if that's a service they provide in this
city, I think I might bring back speed dial," I say, my own laugh
so light it's almost a giggle. Yeah, I get to be giddy now, I mean,
he fucked all the seriousness right out of me. I don't know
what's left in me, but a will to shower and perhaps take a nap
that would make Rip Van Winkle jealous. And that giggle.
"You can always call me, Penny. For...anything," Magnus
says. The seriousness brings us both plummeting back to reality.
I see the weight enter his eyes.
"Why don't we shower, eat something, regain our energy for
round two," I say, maybe a little too quickly.
Magnus raises an eyebrow so slightly. Yeah, he must not
realize that I'm not letting a perfect cock like that go to waste.
Not in this perfect little bubble where he and I are the only
things that exist, and cumming is all that matters. The truth is
that if you told me I was still entrenched in my orgasm, I would
believe you. That's how my body feels light, drained even, but
still the pleasure within me endures.
"A shower sounds good. Another round sounds even better,"
Magnus says and he tucks a strand of my surely disheveled hair
behind my ear. Those small little touches at random moments
make a girl's heart flutter.
If he keeps fucking me like this and does those sweet little
things, I may have to permanently lock my ankles together
behind his back to keep this cock inside me, always. I really only
want to clean it off, and myself so we can start over with fresh
"I wanna get you all clean and then suck your cock, Daddy," I
say. "Does that sound good?" I say in my best come hither voice.
I would've felt silly doing it, but it felt just plain delicious.
Which was confirmed with the way he narrowed his eyes and
pursed his lips together. Yeah, he likes the idea too.
"I want you in all my holes, Daddy," I say, making sure to call
him Daddy. I know we both like it and I don't care how wrong it
is. He is the kind of man that can fuck me into oblivion and tuck
my hair behind my ear and make me feel like the only girl in the
world. His precious girl. I can't help it. I need the way he makes
me feel, if I'm being honest.
We head to the shower and I realize how wobbly my legs are
when I actually need to hold the hand he offers on the way. I
steady myself. "I hope you haven't permanently made me bow
legged, Magnus," I say. "You won't always be there to escort me
to the shower."
We don't say anything, after that, for a while.
The hot water washes away all the sweat and cum on our
bodies, but rising with the steam of the shower is our fears and
worries. Reality, insidious and all around us as the water vapor
makes the bathroom humid, it threatens to erase everything.
But I won't forget how he made me feel. How he feels inside me.
Magnus finishes washing my hair and pulls it all together in a
makeshift ponytail. Handle, if you will. "You want me in all your
holes," Magnus says with a throaty chuckle. "That's music to my
ears, princess. My cock prefers your holes to anything else.
Fucking you feels like coming home," he laughs. "How fucked is
that? I know we shouldn't, but yet here I am, ready to see you
drop to your knees when we're done and get all dirty again." His
voice is so gruff and sensual; all I can focus on is that he wants to
fuck me as much as I want to fuck him. I am subconsciously
licking my lips at just the thought of tasting him. Magnus
releases my hair now and we finish washing up, but his sensual
voice vibrates all through my body. I feel the quickening in my
stomach, the ache throughout my body. My throat feels empty
now, jealous of the rest of my holes getting claimed by him. I
remember the way it felt to taste his cock, his cum, mixed with
my pussy. I run my fingers through my slit and rub the moisture
I find there that isn't from washing, but fresh arousal at his
presence, at his words. I slick my moisture over the glistening
pre-cum on his massive cock. "I want to taste us," I tell him, so
aroused that I can barely manage the words. My lips are
The way that he's looking at me right now, I feel like we're
both in a trance. I wrap my hands around his cock. Magnus shuts
off the water and we're both still dripping wet, but that's all the
invitation I need to draw his cock into my mouth and start
sucking him. I lick the whole length of his cock and then I suck
him in deep. It isn't long before we're both shuddering. When
his cock jets hot cum down my throat, my pussy is shivering
with my own orgasm. I don't even have to touch myself. Sucking
his cock makes me cum because that's how much I really do
crave my Daddy in all of my holes.
I feel his cock quicken. I cup his balls in my hands, and they
are loaded up. He's ready to burst, and I'm ready to swallow him.
Magnus cups my chin, groaning low in his throat, Im
cumming. Drink me up, Penny. The way he moans my name
makes me shiver. I slide Magnuss cock even deeper down my
throat and swallow every hot drop of his cum I can before I pull
out that massive cock, stroking the shaft. I rub the sticky final
rope of cum over my lips, and draw my fingers to my own creamy
pussy lips. I run that against my lips, tasting us both together.
I stand in the shower, and Magnus steadies me as I rise. His
lips close over mine, and a thrill shoots through me with the
realization that we're tasting each other like this.
I love being so naughty with my Daddy.

Who Moved My Cheese?

G OSSIP C ENTRAL ON P AGE E IGHT . From the Desk of Vicky Durner -

All the gossip you never even knew you needed to know!

G OOD MORNING G OTHAMITES ! There's a new sensation going on in

the streets of our fair city recently. One that has New Yorkers
from all walks of life scratching their heads. They just can't
figure out what's gotten into Magnus Davion.
What am I talking about?
Mr. Bad Boy Superstar has been replaced by Mr. Rogers and
the sweater vest.
Well, maybe the sweater vest is a bit too much. He's still got
the ripped body and fantastic abs. And we've all seen what he's
packing below the waist.
But while the city expects Magnus Davion to misbehave, what
it doesn't expect is for him to turn into a pillar of society.
And when I say pillar, I'm not talking about an erect sex
organ. I'm talking about an upstanding citizen.
That's right, New Yorkers. Meet Magnus Davion, savior of
the city.
In the last two weeks, this ex-bad boy billionaire has been
seen at three charity fundraisers. He's hosted a blood drive from
his Midtown offices. He's donated coats. He's read books to
orphans. He's even donated a hospital wing to Beth Israel's
children's section.
This is not the same man who used to spray ejaculate on
women's faces in front of 50,000 people.
This is not the same man who crashed his car into the side of
St. Patrick's Cathedral because he was too busy having fellatio
performed on him by two women. Not just one, but two.
This is not the same man who left Academy Award Winning
Best Actress Michele Roberts VonCannon using her Oscar
acceptance speech to make a heartfelt plea to return her phone
No. The Magnus Davion that New Yorkers see actually waits
till the sign changes to cross the street. He stops at red lights
when he's driving. He doesn't get inappropriately drunk at the
worst moments. He's not causing mayhem and destruction.
Which leaves millions of New Yorkers wondering, "What
Well, my fellow citizens, if you'll permit me a moment to put
on my tinfoil hat, I'll give you what I think is going on here.
Two words. Equinox Towers.
You see, my theory is that ever since Mr. Davion's little
spectacle at Nailers Arena, he's come into some scrutiny by the
city and state. You'll remember that this column even suggested
that the city stop doing business with him entirely.
Well, guess what building is coming up for final decision on
choosing the developer that will build it?
That's right. Equinox Towers.
And it makes perfect sense that this manwho is not
unintelligent or slow in the slightestwill be staying on his best
behavior to not piss anyone else off.
What happens though when Equinox Towers is his?
Does the old Magnus come out?
Or can we keep this one?
It's an interesting question. I much prefer the current version
of the man, but who knows what will happen. Or, if he'll even
get the contract at all.
I'll let you know as soon as I find out.
Until then, keep your ears to the ground, New York. I'll be

I cant get a fucking break.

There was one good article about me, and now its
back to the old burn-the-bastard-at-the-stake routine.
Whoevers writing this garbage must be having a lot of fun,
because these kinds of articles have been coming for a very
long time.
Seriously, whoever runs the New York Daily Journal must
have a fucking grudge against me, because I have no other
explanation for this. Sure, I know Im not exactly one of those
cookie-cutter role models, but is this kind of bullshit really
needed? Its not like I eat fucking children for breakfast.
I decided to hop out of my limo a few blocks away from my
office tower, thinking that itd be a good idea to stretch my legs.
I didnt need to walk long to find one of these newspaper stands
that seem to be one of the New York staples. Curiosity got the
best of me and I grabbed a Daily Journal copy, flipping it straight
to the Gossip Central column. After giving me some good press, I
thought that whoevers behind these things had given up on
trashing my name. I was wrong, of course.
I grab one of the newspapers from the newspaper stand in
front of me, pay the old guy in the booth, and tuck it under my
arm. I stroll down the sidewalk, taking my cellphone out of my
pocket, and scroll down the contacts list. I press my thumb over
Joyces name and hold the phone to my ear. Just like always, she
picks up after just one tone.
8 am. Congratulations. I dont think I even remember you
being up this early, Joyce chirps, but I dont even indulge her
small talk. I go straight for the kill, my mind strictly focused on
business. Its high time this bullshit stops.
Have you read the newspaper? I ask her, hoping to get
some answers. If theres anyone who knows whats going on, it
must be Joyce. She always knows whats up, God bless her.
I have. Are you surprised? she replies flatly, and I can tell
shes not exactly happy. Not that I'm surprisedever since I
told her I was seeing Penny, Joyces been in a foul mood. I cant
really blame her, though: I know that fucking my own
stepdaughter isnt exactly the smartest decision I could be
making right now, especially now that the Equinox deal is on our
Yeah, in case youre wondering, I told Joyce all about Penny
and I. I might not be the brightest guy when it comes to choosing
the women I fuck, but Im still aware Im in charge of a multi-
million dollar company. And if theres the slightest chance my
relationship with Penny is going to cause some ripples, Joyce
should know about that. Besides, I had to fucking tell someone
about it. Secrets are fine, but theres a time when they just start
eating you up from the inside out.
Of course Im fucking surprised, Joyce. Dont you think this
bullshit with the NY Daily Journal has already gone too far? I
know they have to sell their newspapers and shit, but seriously
What have I ever done to them?
I hear her sigh from the other side of the line and, even
though I cant see her, I know shes rubbing her temples in
Seriously? Have you forgot about whos running the show at
the Daily Journal? she asks me, and I stop for a few seconds,
trying to think of an answer.
I have no fucking idea. Is this something Im supposed to
know? Theres just silence from the other side of the line, and I
realize that the answer to my question is a simple yes.
How could you forget about something like this, Magnus?
Rhodas the Editor in Chief at the Daily Journal, for Gods sake.
Your ex-wife! she tells me, and I stop walking and just freeze in
the middle of the sidewalk, the New Yorkers around me rushing
as they try not to be late to work.
Rhoda! Fuck, now everything makes sense. No wonder the
Daily Journal has been jabbing at me for so fucking long. Rhoda
hates my fucking guts with a passion.
Well, that explains a lot, but --
Magnus, you really are one of a kind I cant believe youre
this blind to whats happening, she cuts me short, and I can
already tell that Rhodas not my only problem.
What is it? Lay it on me.
Magnus have you even asked Penny about where she
works? she asks, her words feeling as heavy as lead. I think
back to the first time I dined with Penny, remembering how she
told me about her graduation from Yale, and about how happy
she was to be working as a journalist I didnt connect the dots
back then, and it seems that these fucking dots have grown
sharp teeth and claws.
Fuck, I whisper into the phone, my fingers curled so tight
around the fucking thing I might just shatter it into a million
plastic pieces.
Yeah, thats right, Magnus. Your stepdaughter is trouble, I
remember telling you that much. She works at the New York
Daily Journal, and Id wager her fingers are all over these
I remain in silence, still frozen in place, my heart thumping
fast inside my chest. Can it be? Is there a connection between
Penny and these fucking gossip columns? No, I dont fucking buy
it. Penny wouldnt do this to me.
But then again, I once thought the same about her mother,
and look where that road led me.
Suddenly, my phone beeps against my ear and I leave Joyce
hanging as I read the text message I just received. Are you
awake? it reads, Pennys name in bold letters before the message
Now thats some timing.
Im on it, I tell Joyce flatly and, without even waiting for
her reply, I end her call and scroll down the contacts list once
more. My office buildings are just a block away but, instead of
heading down the street toward it, I turn on my heels and start
walking on the opposite direction.
Bring the car around, I tell my driver through the phone, I
need to go back to One57.
I need some fucking answers.
Right now.

C lick, click, click.

The sound of my high heels clicking across the
pavement feel like a ticking bomb, one about to go off any
minute now. And thats about right; Im on my way to Magnus
apartment at One57, hoping to catch him before he heads out to
work, and the conversation I want to have with him isnt going
to be a good one.
Ive reached a decision. Im not a good liar and, in fact, I dont
even want to be one. Ive decided to tell Magnus the whole truth.
Yeah, its not going to be pretty, I know. But what can I do? Keep
on lying and playing my part as a pawn on Laurel Trasks game?
Thats not me. Even though Laurel and my mom have been
pressuring me hard to finish Magnus off, I just cant bring
myself to do it. Especially when he seems to be a different man
from what I expected him to be.
Are you awake? I text him, my thumb flying over my
cellphones screen. Its still early, and I expect him to be asleep.
His answer comes fast, though.
Im awake. Meet me at home, he replies, and I throw my
phone inside my purse and start hurrying down the street, the
rising silhouette of One57 cutting across the morning sky. It
towers over the city like some temple of opulence, its enormous
steel and glass frame reminding everyone that One57 is a
fortress for some of the wealthiest people in the world.
Even though Im determined to go through with this, each
step I take makes the knot inside my stomach grow. Theres a
coldness under my skin, and even my mouth seems to have
grown dry. I have no idea how hes going to react to the truth,
but Im pretty sure that he wont like it. How could he?
Adding to my anxiety, New York itself seems to be in a pretty
agitated state as well. Even though Ive always lived here, I never
really got acclimated to the strong sense of urgency that seems
to fill everything and everyone. Besides, its 8 am sharp, which
means everyone is scurrying around and trying not to be late
for work.
Oh, fuck, I think to myself as I close in on the entrance to
One57. Magnus is already there, hands in his pockets, and he
doesnt smile as he sees me walking toward him. Not a good
omen, not at all.
What are you doing out here? I ask him, trying to feign a
good mood. I try to tell myself that hes waiting for his car, but
that cant be; the dark limo is making its way down the street,
moving away from us. Without saying a word, he just shoves the
newspaper in his hand toward me. My heart sinks as I realize its
a copy from the New York Daily Journal.
I wanted to come clean, but I guess its already too late for
that. What did I expect, anyway? Its not like you need Sherlock
Holmes to figure out that Im working at the Daily Journal.
Care to explain why you didnt tell me you were working for
the Daily Journal? he asks straight away, not bothering with
beating around the bush. I take the newspaper from his hands,
but I dont even look down at it; I already know exactly whats in
Can we go somewhere private? I say, not wanting to open
up to him in a crowded street. This isnt going to be easy,
especially now that he wised up to whats going on, and the last
thing I need is an audience. Without bothering to reply, he turns
on his heels and heads inside One57. I follow after him, getting
inside one of the elevators, and I realize that my mouths so dry
my tongue feels like a jagged piece of charcoal.
He leads the way toward his apartment and, once were
inside, the door locks behind us, and he turns to me and folds his
arms. His smart eyes are locked on mine, and I know theres no
getting away from this without telling him the whole truth.
Which is exactly what I wanted to do in the first place, except
now he must think hes forcing my hand.
Believe it or not, I start, swallowing down all fear and
hesitancy, I came here today because I wanted to come clean
about this. I look into his eyes, waiting for him to say
something, but he just stares back at me in silence. Alright, fair
enough. I work for the New York Daily Journal, Magnus.
I figured out that much. But Im going to need more than
that. I want the whole truth, he says, his words coming out of
his mouth like ice. Gossip Centraldo you have anything to do
with it?
My lips break into a sorrowful smile.
Im the person behind Gossip Central. Vicky Durner? She
doesnt exist, Magnus. Theres no Vicky Durner. Theres just me,
Penny Wright. My throat feels like it has been laced with thorns
and nails but, in a way, it feels good to hear the truth coming out
from my mouth. The truth might hurt, but it also sets you free.
At least, thats what these inspiring Facebook images seem to
say; nothing beats the wisdom of social networks, huh?
You wrote those articles, he whispers, and I notice that he
isnt asking me a question. Hes simply stating the facts,
allowing it all to sink in.
I did, I admit, biting down on my lower lip and, somehow,
forcing myself to return his gaze.
Why? he simply asks, and I feel my heart shrivel up inside
my chest, and that's because theres no anger in his voice.
Only sadness. Disappointment.
My mother, she shes working with Laurel Trask.
The mayor?
The mayor. They told me to go after you, and do my best to
bring you down But I just cant do it anymore, Magnus.
Because theyre wrong about you. I know that now, whether you
believe it or not.
I assume youve told them everything?
No Not everything. They have no idea were sleeping
together. I I just couldnt tell them. Theyd use that against
you, and I simply couldnt let that happen, I say, lowering my
voice and meaning each one of my words.
Why? Why didnt you tell them? he asks me, narrowing his
eyes. Now, instead of sadness, all I see is his curiosity flickering
there. Hes trying to understand.
Because Because what were doing is wrong, Magnus.
Youre older than me, youre my stepfather! And I want you; I
need you And that isnt supposed to happen, is it?
No, it isnt supposed to happen, he whispers, but he takes
one step toward me all the same, his eyes locked on mine.
Its wrong I whisper, and he rests the palm of hi hand on
my face, brushing away one stray lock of hair. I feel the whole
world fading around us, the universe turning into a stage One
where a single spotlight beats away the shadows and leaves only
whats realMagnus and I.
His body and mine.
Very wrong, he repeats after me, slowly leaning in.
Reacting by instinct, I let my eyelids droop and surrender to
his kiss.
But it feels so right, I think to myself.

C oming clean to Magnus has lifted a huge weight from

my shoulders, and now I can't stop kissing him. I was so
worried that he'd never want to see me again.
"I have a surprise," he says, and when he returns, he has a
blindfold. He places it on me, and the silky closure of the
blindfold over my hair and in front of my eyes is a whisper of a
promise of what Magnus has in store for me. He fucks like a
damned animal; he fucks me like a man possessed.
Does Daddys naughty little girl want her Daddy to fuck her
any way he wants, blindfolded, when she cant even see how her
Daddy is going to fuck her? Magnus says, his voice throaty with
his arousal.
My pussy folds are already slick, I feel how much I want him
to say these deranged things. I find my voice to answer. Yes,
Daddy. Your stepdaughter wants you to fuck her holes exactly
how you want them. Im yours, Daddy. I want to be good
for you.
Yes, Magnus says, stroking his fingers over my shoulders,
then brushing them through my hair. I can practically hear the
smile on his face. Hes painfully, sensually gorgeous when he
smiles. I burn just thinking about what hes smiling about.
Daddy is smiling about fucking his stepdaughter. If you are
good for me, little one, Ill let you cum. Ill let you taste my cum
and yours, just like I know you like and Ill share that with you.
Do you like taking naughty communion like a good little cum
slut? Magnus catches the back of my throat in his hand and
squeezes there from the nape of my neck and around, making
me gasp.
My voice is whiny, Yes, I moan out, needing him to fuck
me. The blindfold and the anticipation after how he fucked
me last and how stressed I was to tell him the truth I need the
release and I ache for him to let me cum more than I ever have. I
ache for his touch so much it's almost not bearable. But that
sweet suffering will make the reward of his claiming touch all
that much better when he grants me the gift. Yes, Daddy, I
want to be good and I want to cum for you, taste our cum
together. I love sharing our orgasms on our tongues, Daddy. It's
downright filthy. So naughty. So taboo. But that just makes it
even hotter. My body heats up like Im a furnace. Thats how hot
it makes me.
Naked and blindfolded before him, Im anxious to know what
hes doing. I cant hear Magnus move right now so it is up to my
imagination to attempt to fill in the blanks. Right now, Im
sitting on my bent legs, nude, on top of his bed.
I showed up at his apartment and he was waiting for me. After
we talkedhe got me into this position quickly. Of course I
agreed to be blindfolded. The sexual thrills with my stepfather
were endless. It felt like a thousand days were behind us when I
was trying to seduce him in his limousine. Then, hed turned the
tables and fucked me so completely hed whet an appetite for a
dark, claiming fuck I didnt know could grow within me. Then,
hed shown up at my apartment, and when I opened that door,
he nearly fucked me to death right on it before he dragged me
off. Magnus is an unpredictable, incredible lover. One thing is
certain. I know that he's going to fuck me so completely Ill
nearly black out as I cum, and hell send me far into the heavens.
My hands are behind my back, wrists together as if they
might be bound. Im not going to move them until I know what
Magnus is doing. Im pressing them into my back as a way to
relieve some of the tension. I dont know what to do with myself.
Every second I wait is a second I forget how to breathe, or my
heart skips a beat and Im trying to regain my senses. I need him
so much that Im about to start begging.
Thats when finally I feel his hand sweep down my throat, and
then to my breasts. The full largeness of his palm grazing over
me almost lazily is more than I can tolerate. Hes touching me
with fervor, but not urgency. Magnus says with his touch that I
can wait. The torment is far from over. I sigh, bending my face
down to rub against his arm. Feeling his skin on mine sets my
soul ablaze, and builds the heated need within me. I need him
more than I need the air filling my lungs. His cock filling my
pussy matters so much more to me. In this moment, his fingers
circling over my nipples, I cannot be convinced that air in my
lungs is more vital to my life than his cock in my pussy. I
whimper with need despite myself. It isnt logic or reason that
rule my actions; it's my desperate need for Magnus to fuck me,
to thrust his massive cock inside me, that makes me cry out now
with my need. I could die like this; waiting to be fucked when his
touch and the mystery of what hell do to me is looming over my
head. The blackness in my vision is nothing compared to the
questions in my soul of when my Daddy is going to let me feel his
love fill me up, inch by inch. Thrust by thrust.
Youre such a good girl, Magnus says. Your Daddy knows
he shouldnt fuck you, but this pretty pink pussy asks for it. A
Daddy cant tell his little girl no. He doesnt want to, he says in
a voice thats both rough and tender. It's like feather soft
touches along my skin, prickling me to attention and housing
my breath high in my chest where I hold it now in anticipation.
His hand stays on my breast, but the other palms my pussy,
applying pressure to my abdomen that highlights my near
unbearable need.
My teeth graze over my lips slowly, capturing it there and
letting me focus on that feeling, on that singular thing that I can
control. I had no idea that the blindfold would bring me so close
to madness! Of course, I know that it's making me crazy because
hes prolonging every second of this for a protracted sexual
torture of epic proportions. Daddy wants to make his baby girl
waitand I cant help myself; that just turns me on more. This
wicked predicament is exactly to my liking.
Spread those legs apart for me, Penny, Magnus says,
breaking the silence around us.
My heart speeds up to a gentle roar of my blood rushing
through my body, filling my ears like a shout behind them. I
spread my knees apart, careful to maintain my balance. Not
knowing if hes going to touch me now, or if theres more
direction to come first. I'm shivering, so not falling over and
simply moving like I need to is much more difficult than it
should be. I keep my breathing close in time with my
movements, stilling my hearts crazed beat and I spread my legs,
pulling my knees apart as far as I can.
A hand hits my thigh, sharply pausing my movement with
the sound of flesh contacting flesh. My skin heats to his touch,
and it shoots through me. I ache for every last thrill that the
lingering of his hand on me brings.
Do you want me to fuck you, blindfolded, Penny? Magnus
teases me. He slides his fingers up and down my thigh,
tantalizingly slow. His fingers never quite reach the curve under
my knee or the apex between my thighs. The pads of his fingers
are a rough contrast to the smoothness of my thighs. Without
being able to see him, I feel him so much more intricately.
Behind my eyes Im seeing his fingerprints painting heat over
my skin with his every touch. Here and now, Magnus says in a
low growl. I feel his fingers curl against my skin, and his
knuckles slide up and touch my pussy, rasping over my clit.
I open my mouth and a whimper escapes me when I mean to
answer. Yes, please, Daddy, I say in a trembling voice. The raw
ache rises in my throat and overtakes my voice. Theres an
urgency in my words that I can hear. I hope Magnus hears it, too.
Never have I had such intense feelings in my life. Not just being
fucked by him, or the anticipation of being fucked by him. His
touch, in this here and now, burns like a winters fire through
my bones. In my blood. I feel almost too hot now. Flush. I
imagine my skin is pink with the sensation. I remember my
nakedness and it's like I can feel the air between where I know
he is and the space between us. I ache for him to close the chasm
and to touch me.
I want to fuck you until you come so hard that you dont
need that blindfold to see nothing but blackness, sweet girl. I
want you to cum so much that you think it might kill you. And
then I want to fuck you more. Harder. The low growl in
Magnuss voice is a promise, and one I would beg him to keep if I
thought for a second he wasnt about to touch me.
My prayers are answered; his lips capture mine. I pull my
hands up to find his face, to cradle his as he kisses me. Magnus
brings his hands to my shoulders and holds there, squeezing me
tight. His tongue parts my lips and delves in to explore my
Im open and wanting for him, my own tongue caressing his.
It takes all my energy to pour all my need into this kiss. Knowing
where he is now, I want to climb onto him and drive his massive
cock deep inside me. The idea of him filling me up is what keeps
me breathing, and the need to wait and be fucked by him is what
keeps me kissing him with a passionate fury. Our mouths devour
each other and I swear Ive never felt anything like this before.
Kissing him is more erotic than all the fucking Ive ever done in
my life. His hands on my shoulders feel better than any cock
inside me. Any cock but his. The tight squeeze of his hands on
my shoulders grounds me in reality when the lack of sight and
the power of Magnus kissing me makes me feel like I might be
floating away.
Dragging the kiss down, his tongue and then his lips on my
jawline, I moan with my newly free mouth. His teeth graze my
neck, and his hands drop to squeeze my breasts. Daddy, I
moan. Im begging, though I dont know what I want. I dont
want him to stop. I dont want him to speed up. My voice is just
an insistent call for him to know even a fraction of how his touch
makes me feel.
Shh, baby girl, be patient, Magnus says, but I can tell by the
wicked tone in his voice that he knows hes torturing me and he
loves it.
Fuck, that makes me crazy. I could throttle him, if I werent
utterly his captive. But it isnt just now. Theres a power that he
has over me, so instead of strangling him or climbing on top of
him and sinking his cock into me himself, I wait. I endure. And
lets be real, Im not enduring something so difficult and
terrible. His hands on my breasts send shivers up and down my
spine and I push my breasts further into his hands, arching my
back. My hands fall from his face and I find purchase in
squeezing the sheets. I need to be able to hold onto something,
squeeze the living hell out of it.
Im just in time as his mouth drops down and licks down my
stomach, trailing kisses until hes right at my pussy. The heat of
his breath comes into hyper focus and I'm trembling again. My
fingers grip hard on the sheets because that grip is the only
thing between the sensations coursing through me, and me
utterly losing my mind.
Magnus releases my breasts, an aching ghost of his touch
reminding me of every way he held them and pulled pleasure
from my every nerve ending there.
God you taste so fucking sweet, Magnus groans, his mouth
muffled against my pussy and making me shiver and tremble at
the vibrations of his lips and his words against my delicate skin.
His tongue is wide, flat, and on my clit, and my breathing is
sharp and shallow the instant I feel it there. It feels like a warm
waterfall beneath the surface, Im so wet and needy for him.
Heat pools in my belly, rising and building a tension within me,
and a thirst.
I feel Magnus press me down with one palm flat on my chest
and then his hands pulling my legs apart. I'm yanked down the
bed until my pussy is on the edge of the bed pretty damn
appropriate because Im dangling on the edge of every pleasure
in the world the instant his mouth is back on my pussy.
His tongue laps through my folds and Im shivering, my
hands squeezing the bed even harder now. Mmm, Daddy, I love
it when you lick my pussy, I groan, the sounds rasping in my
throat because of all of the intense sensations overtaking me. I
cant see it, but just thinking about the sight of his face between
my thighs gets me even hotter.
Magnus growls against my clit, and I feel his fingers hook into
my pussy, going right for my G-spot.
My back arches the instant his fingers impact me there, and it
drives my clit further into his mouth. Sucking my clit, he brings
me right to the edge of losing my mind! I take gasping breaths,
moaning and crying out, and his fingers stroke inside me,
pumping and returning to my G-spot again and again. The
pressure inside my stomach is as taut as violin strings. I'm close
to screaming, and Im squeezing the bed sheets into my fists so
hard that my fingers actually ache a little. The softness of being
unable to see through it all makes every touch, every taste of
pleasure feel all that more intense. The orgasm starts to build
within me.
Yes, you wanna cum for Daddy? Magnus purrs against my
pussy, which makes me shake and shiver, pinned under his
touch as I am. Cum all over my face so I can kiss you with your
pussy on my breathe when I finally sink my cock in you, Penny.
Does my naughty little daughter want that?
Oh, God thats exactly the words that send me right over the
edge. My legs quake, shaking with my voice as I cry out, Yes,
Daddy, please! I arch my back and tear blindly at the sheets
around me. I probably look like a woman possessed, because I
know thats what I feel like when the rip tide of orgasm churns
through my body, tearing up every second of sanity. My pussy
gushes cum all over Magnus, who licks it up and rubs his face all
over my wet pussy. I wish I could see his face all glazed like a
donut from my pussy, but tasting it is going to be so much
And hes going to fuck me. My clit twitches just thinking
about that massive cock sinking into my pussy, squeezing
around his cock. Fuck! I cry out, and before the sound has
finished escaping my lips, Magnus closes his mouth over mine,
stealing the sound and my breath.
His kiss tastes like my pussy, as promised.
His cock slides into me, as promised, while he kisses me. I
taste my cum on his mouth and feel that huge cock slide up
inside me. Magnus slams into me to the hilt, shoving my body
further up the bed and thrusting us far forward. I feel my inner
walls stretching to accommodate the massive girth of his cock. I
can feel his firm pectorals and those rock hard abs pressing
against my stomach, crushing my breasts between us. My
nipples are achingly hard and getting rubbed against him so
good. My clit is throbbing. My pussy is squeezing around his
cocks every stroke. I'm already about to cum again, tasting my
previous orgasm still in our kiss. Moaning into his mouth, I buck
my hips for all the good it does. Im pinned beneath him and he
slams harder into me, driving his cock home and me to another
orgasm. I wrap my trembling legs around him and squeeze like
my life depends on it, locking my ankles together and pulling
him deeper and deeper into my pussy.
Magnus pulls my lower lip between his teeth, growling out as
he slams harder and harder into me. Cum all over my cock so I
can keep fucking you, he says, and then closes his mouth over
my neck. That leaves me to breath in a huge lungful of air
between my every scream. The orgasm tearing through me in
torrents makes my whole body vibrate, or at least it feels like
that. Im strangling his cock with my pussy as hard as I can; so
hard my ass is going to be sore tomorrow. I find the idea of
feeling sex with my stepfather the next day so naughty and
delicious that I might never stop cumming.
My legs are forced down and my upper body is lifted up. I feel
like Magnuss plaything when he moves me around like this
while Im blindfolded and unable to see whats coming, or right
now where Im going. I feel us shift positions and Magnus has
his arms hooking up my arms, and Im up against the headboard
before I can catch my breath. Im dangling up there like a rag
doll and he strokes in and out, long, deep strokes that make me
shiver until my orgasm dies down just for a second. Just a
And then he fucks so deep and so fast into me,
jackhammering that massive cock into my pussy, Im like a sex
toy hes slamming into. I start to imagine what I look like getting
railed by him like this, and it sets off the fireworks in my body all
over again. His cock is hard as steel and he buries his face in my
neck, groaning. I know hes about to cum and Im ready to milk
that cock with my pussy, but I feel the cock slide out of me and I
gasp, and then I feel hot ropes of cum on my tits.
Daddys little girl all covered in cum. You like when Daddy
defiles you, Penny? Magnus says with a sexy low growl in his
voice that makes my body burn for him.
Yes, Daddy, I moan, a long moan caught low in my throat as
I shiver. I cry out at the aftershocks of his cock leaving me just as
I was about to cum myself, and then him cumming all over me.
Being blindfolded and not being able to see it makes it seem so
much more naughty, and more taboo, and shoots a thrill through
me at what I must look like to him. I heard how much he enjoyed
this in his voice. Thank you, Daddy, I say in the sweetest little
voice I can manage. My throat is raw from all the moaning and
crying out from him fucking me so hard. From me cumming
so hard.
My body is deliciously sore and achy all over from him getting
fucked so thoroughly. The ropes of his cum over my breasts are
sticky and warm. I reach down and scoop some of it up with my
fingers, and I run those fingers over my tongue to taste the salty
fluid of his arousal.
I feel Magnuss hand capture my wrist, and then his lips are
on mine. The sinful taste of his tongue lapping over mine, his
cum flavoring our kiss, drives me wild. I wrap my body around
him and grind my pussy over his cock. One of his hands lifts up
my leg and slides his cock back in me with a long stroke, and he
pumps his cock into me while we kiss and share his cum. He
breaks the kiss and slams his cock even harder into me. Fuck,
he punctuates his words with a deep thrust inside me that makes
me rattle against the headboard smacking against the wall.
What do you do to me? I want to live in every kind of sin with
you, Magnus says with a low, sensual voice that makes my
pulse race. I crave you like nothing Ive ever known. I didnt
know I could need someone so much. Need something so much
as I need to fuck you, he says, and I feel his mouth close over
my neck. His teeth nip at my skin, his tongue lashing over where
teeth scrape. Everything about his mouth mirrors the way hes
fucking me with an insistence and urgency of shared sensation.
If I could respond, I would. But Im drowning in my pleasure,
pulled under by the tides. My bodys wracked with every thrust
of his cock deep inside me and I want to cry out. I dont realize
until his teeth sink harder into me that I'm crying out loudly. My
body and mind seem separated. Beneath the blackness of the
blindfold, some lustful part of me is so free that I dont have to
think or be connected to my body, and Im floating all around.
Every second he fucks his enormous cock deeper into me, Daddy
grounds me with reality. Then he slides out and the slick,
frictionless moment my pussy squeezes around his cocks exit
and trembles with the urges to have him back, I float out of my
body. Im tugged in every direction of my soul, and Im moaning
his name loudly. I hunger for him, ache for him.
Impossibly, another orgasm is building inside me. I mean, I
cant be too surprised though because I ache for him in ways that
I cant begin to understand. I cum so much when he fucks me
that it's almost dangerous. Like I might stroke out from sensory
overload in my nerves, or dehydrate from all of the cum that
leaves my body. I really feel like my stepfather, ex-stepfather,
whatever Magnus is to me, I feel like he could fuck me right to
death. And, let me just say, I would die happy. I dont mind
craving the thing that destroys me, and I lust for being rebuilt in
the sinful images of whatever his lust spurns into action.
Im going to cum, I moan low, my voice so soft and raspy
from all the intense breathing Ive been doing.
I feel Magnuss fingers dip across my thighs and I know what
hes doing the instant his fingers are behind me. Using my
arousal as lubrication, he slides several of his fingers deep into
my ass, pumping them into my ass while his cock fills up my
pussy. Im impossibly full from him fucking me. The orgasm
that was slow rising to a burn is now a smothering wildfire
extinguishing all reason from me and erasing every thought
from my memory and my mind. All that exists is the pleasure
radiating from my core, reverberating through my ass and
aching at my nipples. His mouth brings pleasure up to my neck.
My whole body shivers, shakes, trembles, and Im like a
spasming flower in the wind that hes holding up. My orgasm
tears through me. The silky darkness of the blindfold feels even
darker and I realize that I'm actually going to pass out from the
pleasure if it keeps climbing higher and higher. I gasp at the
lightness of my head. My pussy quakes around Magnuss
massive cock fucking so deep into me. I feel the hot feeling of his
cum about to jet off inside me and Im aching for everything he
offers. I want more. I want him to fuck me like this forever. I
know now that whatever is between usit cant just be from one
tryst to the next. I cant go back to a life where my stepfather
doesnt fuck the daylights out of me. It may be wrong, but I cant
be scandalized by it anymore because I now have learned to crave
the wickedness. I ache for his every touch. Ill obey his every
command. Ill beg for even a second of his attention.
Yes! I cry out when he slams his massive cock deep into me
with huge jets of his cum rocketing inside me. Fill me up,
Daddy, I moan out.
I like fucking that naughty ass of yours when your pussy is
eating up every inch of my cock. I like how your body swallows
up everything I stuff in it, Magnus says, groaning forcefully as
he punctuates every word with faster and harder thrusts.
I feel my body stretch to take just how much he is stuffing
me. His cock, his fingers, his cum. Im totally overloaded with it
all, and his breath on my neck where he was nibbling and kissing
me, his breath is like the butterfly wing that could set the world
into chaos. Every part of my body is so sensitive that Im rolling
through another wave of orgasm just to feel his breath on mine.
This is not normal. This is not what fucking is normally like.
It certainly cant be what even fucking with a blindfold on is like.
But it's what me getting fucked by my stepfather is like
unpredictable, with equal parts cum and quivering body parts.
Me full of him, him rocketing off gallons of cum inside me, and
on me. The sweat that slicks over both our bodies. Us melding
together until we are so tangled up in each other that I dont
know where one of us ends and the other begins.
I cant believe the sensations he creates in my body. I cant
believe that while Im erupting through multiple shivering
orgasms, hes still unloading so much cum in me. I feel it
spilling out down my thighs, my own gushing pussy mixing my
cum with his.
Thats also us. We tasted our cum separately today, and, as if
he can read my mindand I wouldnt put it past Magnus who
seems to know my body and my desires better than I even know
them myselfhe yanks his cock from me and pulls my head
down to suck it. His fingers pop out of my ass and I gasp at the
emptiness. I swallow down on that cock, slamming Magnus all
the way down my throat and swallowing him whole. I open my
mouth as wide as I can and then suck with all the intensity I can
muster, drinking down the cum still shooting from that
wondrous cock. The tang of my pussy and the salt of his cock all
mix with the creamy milkshake of our lust pouring down my
throat. I crave this more than air. I drink our cum like it's water
and Ive been dying of thirst in the desert. My whole body is
shaking, but Im clamped down on that cock and pumping it
down my throat. I crave him filling me up, and with my pussy
and ass now so empty, Im finding all the strength I can and
slamming him down my throat.
Fuck, you're a cock sucking demon, Penny. I love cumming
down your throat, Magnus groans.
I let myself smile just a little, feeling it pulling at the corners
of my mouth, despite having a very tight suction over his cock in
my mouth. I think that his cock must be done cumming now. My
pussy is fluttering, but I feel the afterglow setting in my bodys
aches starting to war with my desires to keep swallowing him.
But then I feel a jerk in my mouth and theres a final spurt. I
almost giggle, silly as that is. He lies back against the bed,
pulling me down. His cock threatens to pop out of my mouth but
I take it as a challenge. I feel the blindfold sliding up over my
eyes and I realize that hes taking it off.
The smile spread across his face is the most sensual thing Ive
ever seen. My heart skips a beat and my breath is fully knocked
out of my body for a moment. His eyes undo me, and I realize
I've never seen him look so happy. I've never felt so content. I
keep my eyes locked with his gaze and put both of my hands to
his hips, sliding his cock back into my mouth because I have a
primal need for it to be inside me.
His hands stroke my hair, my back, and I feel cherished. How
my stepfather can fuck me like his personal sex toy, his little
dirty slut, and still make me feel like the only girl in the world,
like something precious to him, I dont know. But the warmth
spreading through my body is so much more than lust. I've
never felt so at peace in my life. My vision has returned to
normal and my breathing stills and I relish the total exhaustion I
feel from what has been an indescribably satisfying fuck.
Magnuss eyes never leave mine. His hands keep stroking me.
A girl totally could die from this much happiness. And wouldnt
it be so damn worth it?

I never thought Id say this, but it feels good to wake

up next to her.
Im not the kind of man who likes to sleep next to a woman. I
relish my independence, and that extends to my own bed. Sure, I
might wake up next to a bunch of naked women from time to
time, but thats just the exception that proves the rule. In fact,
thats a rule I might uphold too harshly; I've kicked more woman
from my bed than I care to count, even after they told me how
much they enjoyed our time together.
But its different with Penny. With her, it just feels right.
I roll to the side, resting my hand on the side of her body, and
let my fingers trail down to her naked hip. The sheet falls down
from her, baring her shoulders and back, and then she stirs in
her sleep.
Gmorning, she whispers, turning to me and smiling. God,
her fucking smile. Is there anything more perfect on Earth than
this smile? I seriously fucking doubt it.
Gmorning, I whisper back at her, pressing my lips on hers.
I push her hair back over her shoulder, smiling, and then sit up
on the bed.
Maybe Im digging a hole for myself (and a deep one at that),
but I cant stop myself from doing it. If Penny told me the whole
truth, she wanted to come clean before I even started asking the
right questions. And why wouldnt I believe her? I know Rhoda,
her mother and my ex-wife, and I sure as hell also know Laurel
The mayor lives up to the Trask name, that much is for sure;
but while her brother had principles, Laurel seems to have none.
I might be as a blind as a fucking bat when it comes to Penny, but
knowing Rhoda and Laurel as well as I do, I cant help but think
of my stepdaughter as a victim of the machinations of cold
ruthless women.
You okay? Penny asks me, her hand on my shoulder as she
sits up by my side, clutching the sheets to her naked chest.
Im okay, I tell her, but then I backstep and correct myself:
Were okay.
We are, she says with a nod, a gentle smile on her lips.
Fuck, it really feels good to see her smile.
Needing some sunlight to clear my head, I get dressed and tell
Penny were having brunch. I call for the limo to pick us up and,
in less than twenty minutes, were rolling down Sixth Avenue
and making our way toward the Lafayette Grand Caf for some
There, we order more food than we can probably eat on our
own. But, what the hell, I need to refuel after all the fucking sex
we had last night.
Im sorry, Penny suddenly blurts out, putting her croissant
down and looking at me with an anxious expression.
Dont. You dont need to be sorry, I tell her, reaching across
the table and placing my hand on top of hers. You did the right
thing; you told me the truth. Now let it go. If we were talking
about any other woman, youd never hear these words coming
out of my mouth. But, just like I told you, its different with
Penny. Maybe its because shes my stepdaughter, because shes
family But, deep down, I know that it has nothing to do with it.
It goes way deeper than that.
Dont you hate me? she asks me, and I cant help but smile
at that.
Why would I hate you, Penny? Youre the best fucking thing
that's happened to me, I tell her without even stopping to
think about what Im saying, and that because the truth doesnt
need to be threaded carefully; it just needs to be set free.
Because, fuck it, lets not pretend here, okay? Penny really is the
best fucking thing to happen to me. I dont even know how to
explain it, but ever since our paths crossed, the urge to fuck shit
up simply disappeared overnight. I no longer drink my soul away
during the night, and I sure as hell dont feel the urge to go out
and fuck as many strippers as I can. What the fuck happened to
me, right?
You dont want to end this?
No, I tell her firmly, my heart tightening up as I hear the
word end. It doesnt matter what it costs me, or what I have to
do; I wont allow this (whatever it is) to end because my ex-wife
and Laurel Trask are two major bitches that need to get fucking
laid. Fuck em. Youre mine, Penny, I find myself saying,
looking into her eyes as I squeeze her hand in mine.
We Well need to keep this quiet, though, she whispers,
and I watch her lips move in a fucking trance. Memories of the
way we kissed last night, our naked bodies pressed together,
flood me at once and I feel my cock twitching inside my pants.
Well keep quiet, I reply with a nod. Although you might
have to make an effort. She looks at me with a confused look,
and I let my easy smile be replaced by a wicked grin. I place my
hand inside the pocket on my jacket and, feeling my fingers
brush against a small metallic object, I bring it out and place it
on the table.
Whats that?
Something fun. I place my elbows on the table and lean
toward her, my cock so hard right now that Im actually
surprised I havent overturned the table. Does the name Natalie
Trask ring a bell?
Yeah shes Parker Trasks wife, and she used to run a sex
toy company that -- oh! She bites down on her lip, her eyes
widening as she focuses on the small silvery bullet on the table.
She reaches for it hesitantly, turning it around her fingers, and
then hides it under the table as her cheeks start to redden. You
want me to... put this on?! She asks, her voice so low that I
barely hear her words.
Thats right. And if you want to keep quiet youll really have
to make an effort, I whisper back at her, my hand diving back
into my pocket. From there, I take out a small rectangular
remote with a few buttons on it. Because Im in charge here.
Her cheeks flush so much that I have to choke down a laugh.
This is going to be fun.

wicked smile goes through my face as I walk out of the

I have a bullet lodged against my clit. In public.

Of course, no one can see. But I can feel it. Its not vibrating
yet. Its not doing anything.
But the anticipation of whats to come has me so, so, so,
very wet.
Magnus is standing at the door, already having paid the bill.
He signals his limo.
Were going for a ride, babe, he says and I look at this man
as I nod.
What kind of thoughts are going through his head? I mean
who comes up with this kind of situation anyways?
But then again, who consents to something like this? Who in
their right mind would happily take a bullet and lodge it so that
its hitting the sensitive side of their clitwaiting for it to start
I follow Magnus to the parking garage where the limo is
waiting for us. We climb into the back seat and lean back and I
look at Magnus.
This is the most reckless thing that Ive ever done. But the
way hes looking at me, this might be just another day for him.
The driver revs up the engine. In a few minutes were rolling
down Park Avenue heading uptown toward the Park.
I can see the crowds on the side of the street. Thousands of
people that we pass by, each going about their lives, not knowing
that Im watching them as I ride by.
As we hit traffic and slow down at a red light, I see hundreds
of people crossing the street at 45th street. This is Midtown
rush hour.
The crowds are going to be crushing us. The ease by which we
got to this point from downtown is over.
We have some time to kill before we get to the Park,
Magnus says to me. I nod.
He had stated that we should go to the Park after brunch on
the way over and maybe get a cocktail at the Boathouse. Its a
classic New York City thing to do and I was okay with it.
Now Im just living moment to moment.
I see Magnus reach into his coat pocket and pull out the small
remote controller.
There are three settings from what I can see where Im
So thats what the settings say.
The light turns green and the limo starts and Magnus flicks
his finger towards LOW.
Its like a jolt of electricity hits me and my clit literally
twitches as I break out into a sweat.
Theres a warm sensitive vibrating going onvery mild and
very pleasant.
I dont even have the words, but it feels so nice.
The warmth is radiating from my sex throughout my body and
I look at Magnus. Hes looking at me with a giant ear-
to-ear grin.
Feeling good? he asks.
Mm-hmm, I say with a nod. My panties are soaked. Im
dripping wet at this point. The warmth and vibration from the
bullet has done a number on me. I can close my eyes and enjoy
thisedging very slowly toward an orgasm, but still far enough
away that I can control the twitchiness of my limbs.
Its nice kind of laying there and letting this little thing work
its magic, isnt it, baby girl? Magnus asks.
I look over to Magnus and his powerful frame as he sits there.
Yes, Daddy, I say with an evil grin. I can see his cock
thickening at my words. Some music would be nice.
Magnus laughs at that.
You wont be caring about music in a few seconds, baby
girl, he says with a glint in his eye.
Oh? I ask and the car makes a left onto 48th street and
Magnus switches the remote to Medium.
Oh! I blurt again, and this time its involuntary. My eyes are
closed because it feels like the tip of a tongue has just pressed
down on my clit and put pressure on it. But each nerve is fired
off on my sensitive nub and my legs scissor kick. Electric
currents pass up my spine and I can feel my heart rate increase.
I am so close to cumming.
Magnus takes the controller and switches it back to LOW.
Im panting. My pussy is drenched.
Thats why you wont need music, Penny, he says softly.
I dont know if I say anything at that point because all I can
think about right now is Magnus. About taking off his shirt.
About licking his nipple with my tongue. I wanna lick his chest.
Run my hands down his abs.
My legs are splayed out and I scooch lower on the seat. The
leather is sticky and wet from my juices.
The car revs up from a red light and Magus pushes the remote
again. Must be MEDIUM.
Jolts of pleasure arc through my body.
I close my head and arch my body backwards.
He takes it back to LOW.
Magnus, I sigh. We cant do this.
His response?
Pushing towards MEDIUM.
Thats when the first orgasm rips through me. My body cant
handle it. Its getting overstimulated and my pussy just gives up.
Im gushing into my panties and onto the seat and I dont care.
The backseat of the limo smells like my pussy juices and Im
twitching and writhing, sprawled out on the limo as we drive by
New York City.
Rays of pleasure are shooting through my body and searing
the tips of my fingers and toes.
Magnus says something but I have no idea. Im twitching and
Eventually Magnus takes it back to LOW.
When I come to, the car is stopped at a stop light.
I look out the window. Were on the street, and next to a
station wagon. Theres a man and woman in the front seat, and
two little kids in the back seat. They look at the limo.
I wonder if they can see us through the tinted glass.
Im sweating, my hair is strewn about and Ive just had an
Magnus pushes the controller to MEDIUM again, his lips
curling into a grin.
You remember those kids I was telling you about that were
looking our direction?
Well, good that you remember because I forgot.
I have no idea where I am now. My lips are twisted into a
Oh my fucking God, I say and grab Magnus hand and
squeeze it. I can feel my nails on his skin.
Electricity is coursing through my veins. My legs are moving
of their own accord and I cant control my body. Im twitching
and moving and gasping and breathing.
Time for high, Magnus says and I know he pushes the
button, but I dont know what happens to the car or if were
driving or parked or anything.
All I know is that Im squeezing Magnus hand. My skirt is
bunched up, my one hand is trying to get at my nipples and my
other hand is squeezing Mangus arm.
He turns the dial back to LOW and its like Im able to breathe
Im not even sitting on my seat anymore. Im more lying on
it, in a state of catatonic pleasure.
Like it, baby girl? Magnus asks. Tell Daddy how much you
like it.
Yes, Daddy, I moan. I love it.
Then heres some more, he says. And he takes it back
to HIGH.
I can't feel my toes. I mean I can feel them as in I know they
exist, but I'm feeling tingly all over. I know if I keep this up I'm
going to cum again. My clit is radiating absolute bliss. I feel like
leaving my tongue hanging out and drooling. Just letting the
pleasure wash over me. I can't believe this feels so good. Why
didn't I do this before?
Oh my God. We go over a speed bump and a wave of pleasure
just goes through my body and I involuntarily shake all over. I'm
shuddering and alternating between this nice little buzz and an
earthquake of ecstasy that's gripping me. It's really hard to use
my hands and legs and move them. I feel like just giving up. I
should really stop thinking.
MagMagnus, this is I try to start.
Its great, isnt it? he asks me with a wicked grin.
The vibrator is buzzing away and I cant move. I can only stare
at this man. Who brings me so much pleasure in a way no other
man has.
There was one more setting thats not on here, Magnus
says and turns the dial. Past high.
My breathing is becoming faster. Shallower.
The bullet starts to vibrate with a rhythmic intensity this
time, stimulating different areas of my clit.
Fuck! I shout out loud.
He turns it back to LOW.
I can see my nails digging into Magnus arms. I dont know
how hard.
Thick beads of sweat are pooling on my forehead, as the
feeling of three tongues lapping against my clit gets stronger and
Im rubbing my thighs against each other. The intensity is
strong, but it varies moment to moment and in different
sensitive areas around my clit the organ may seem tiny, but
its almost stimulating different nerves in different locations.
And again, he says and this time he takes it past HIGH and
holds it here.
Pleasure rips through my body and I arch my back and scream
out. I don't even know what I'm saying. I've forgotten
everything. I can't feel my body. I can't feel my face. I've left my
body. Waves of sweet ecstasy clear my head of everything. I can't
remember who I am. All I can do is revel in the seizure that's
gripped my entire body. But it doesn't stop there. There's no way
to come down.
Tears are coming from my eyes at the agonizing pleasure
that's coursing from my pussy. My nipples feel like theyre on
the most delicious fire possible. I can't breathe. My back is
My clit is throbbing. I know it's engorged. I push the bullet a
little closer, scared at what's going to happen. Just the
slightest push.
My eyes are closed, but I see stars explode. It's like my brain
has shut down completely. I don't even know what I'm doing at
this point. My entire body is on fire. My soul is on fire. My spine
is tingling and shuddering and every single nerve in my legs, my
throat, my hands, my face, my breasts, my thighs is tingling
with electricity. I'm crackling. I'm lightning. I might as well
be dead.
I don't know how, but I turn off the switch to the remote and
brace myself as wave after wave of electricity rushes through my
skin. I'm shaking and trembling and moaning and I don't know
what I'm saying. All I know is that I might not come out of this
river of sweet pleasure alive. I might be lost in it.
Eventually, I'm able to grasp thoughts. I'm breathing heavily.
I'm panting. I'm gasping. I'm drenched in sweat.
I'm exhausted.
As long as that machine is off, I take out the bullet, but just
barely. I look down at the leather of the seat. Its wet. Very wet. I
don't care. I think it takes me all of one second to pass out.
When I come to, the car is stopped on the side of the street
and Magnus is looking at me.
The bullet is on the other side of the car. I must've thrown
it out.
My panties are somewhere over there too. My skirt is bunched
up around me, my pussy on full view. My tits are popping out. I
must've been trying to play with my nipples.
My pussy is wetmy thighs are sticky.
Its pooled underneath me on the leather. The whole car
smells like sex.
Better now? Magnus asks with a smile. Work off some of
those calories from brunch?
I nod. Im so sleepy. Post orgasm endorphins are sluicing
through my body.
Ready for Round Two? he says with a grin.
Its all I can do to keep from smiling as Magnus speaks into
the intercom and the car revs up again getting into the traffic as
Magnus picks up the bullet and gives me a grin.
Oh my God.
This man is insane.
Hes perfect.

A nd now, its my pleasure to introduce our benefactor, Mr.

Davion! The host, a man with a thick moustache and a soft
rotund paunch, announces me and then leads a round of
applause. I get up from my seat in the front row, button my
jacket, and then casually make my way onto the stage.
Thank you, thank you, I say into the mic, taking my
position before it as the host steps to the side. Slowly, the crowd
quiets down and I clear my throat, mentally rehearsing my
Its a crowded room Im facing, rows upon rows of lower
politicians and businessmen sitting across from me; occupying
the first row on the right wing of the hall are a few dozen
journalists. They snap a few pictures as I walk up to the stage,
and I throw them a smilemy smile is meant, of course, for
Penny. Shes sitting among the journalists, a New York Daily
Journal badge pinned to her button-up shirt and a notepad
resting on her crossed legs.
The big wigs are all seated in front of me, in the first row, and
among them I can count my lovely ex-wife and her pal, Laurel
The Devil Trask. Theyre probably cursing me under their
breath right now, praying to the Devil for me to collapse on stage
before I start speaking. Theyd like that, alright.
Its a pleasure to be with you tonight, I start, the hot lights
trained on the stage making a few beads of sweat drip down my
neck. God, I hate making these fucking speeches. Its all theater,
you see? Whenever you see someone in front of a mic and a
crowd, chances are that theyre feeding some well-rehearsed
speech laced with a hefty dosage of sweet bullshit. And that, dear
ladies, just isnt the way I roll. But Joyce has insisted we carry on
with this good-boy strategy, and what can I say? Despite a few
hiccups, its working.
As we all know, Central Park is New Yorks soul. With a
history that now spans three centuries, the Park has always been
one of the this citys most prominent landmarks. I go over a
few of the most important dates on Central Parks history, but I
gloss over them as quickly as I can. People dont give a fuck
about random dates and facts; its all about emotion.
Of course, I continue, ready to finish my speech and escape
the hot spotlights, we owe much of what Central Park is today
to the Central Park Conservancy. As such, I cant tell you how
humbled I am to extend a helping hand and give them some
much-needed support. Thank you for all your hard work, I
finish, turning around to face the Conservancy's President and
clapping my hands. The crowd takes my lead, and the sound of a
few hundred people clapping their hands fills the whole
With a final bow, I offer my hand to the Conservancy's
president and let him shake it heartily. I just wrote him a half-a-
million dollar check, to help with the maintenance of Central
Park, so I figure his hearty handshake is a justified one. I finally
make my way down the stage, glad that my part in this show is
over; instead of walking back to my seat though, I pretend that I
need to head out for a piss and walk all the way to the back of the
Wide and long red drapes hang from the upper balconies,
covering everything with bright crimson; I lean against one of
the walls and hide from view, standing behind one of these
drapes. Two or three minutes later, Penny joins me in my
improvised hiding spot.
That was amazing, she whispers, but the only reply I give
her is one long kiss.
No, but this is, I grin as I pull back from her, my hands
casually resting on her hips.
Im serious. You were amazing up there. You have a knack
for it, Magnus.
I seriously doubt it. I hate these fucking things. It feels like
Im bragging about my generosity, which kinda defeats the
So youd prefer to just donate anonymously? she asks
me, and I cant help but pretend to be offended by her question.
Of course! I have more money than I can ever spend, and I
sure as hell dont mind spending it to help people I just
fucking hate this grandstanding bullshit. This is all for show,
and I cant stand it.
Why not?
It just isnt me, Penny. I dont give a fuck about playing nice.
I just prefer to deal with things head on, and thats how I deal
with everyone and everything. I have no patience for subtlety or
Maybe thats one of the reasons the Equinox deal still hasnt
moved forward? Maybe thats what youre lackingsubtlety.
Maybe, but its not like I can turn into this smooth guy from
one day to the other. I wouldnt even know where to start.
Should I be reading self-help books? I snort, but Penny just
grabs me by my shirt and pulls me into her, her soft lips
brushing against my own.
No Just use your brain, she whispers at me, and I have to
struggle in order to keep listening to her; my cock is already
twitching hard, and soon enough therell be no blood left in my
brain. People want to be understood, Magnus. Respected and
valued. Just repeat their owns wordstheir dreams, fears, and
prejudicesright back at them. Theyll think you understand
their position, and thatll give you a foothold when trying to
bring them to your side.
I stop for a moment, narrowing my eyes and looking at her.
You know, that actually makes a lot of sense, I tell her, and
she just offers me a whispered laugh.
You know, Im more than a pretty face, she kisses me
again, nibbling at my lower lip before she continues. I know
how to use my brain.
And what else do you know what to use? I ask her, my
hands trailing down the side of her body. I let my fingers go over
the curve of her ass cheeks, and give them a hard squeeze,
pulling Penny into me. My cock is already as hard as a fucking
tent pole, and I forget all about the place where we are right now.
Who cares if the fucking hall is packed with hundreds of people?
I want her right fucking now.
I know how to use these lips, Penny teases me, brushing
one fingertip over her crimson lips. She looks around and,
certain that no one can see us, she tugs on the red drape and
closes ua off completely from sight.
Moving slowly, she places her two hands on my chest and
then goes down to her knees, her eyes never leaving mine. I hold
my breath as I watch her go down, and my lungs only remember
they have to take in air when she starts unbuckling my belt.
Carefully, she opens the top button on my pants and then pulls
the zipper down, my hard cock pushing against the fabric of my
boxer briefs.
Fuck, I cant believe were doing this.
Still looking into my eyes, a wanton smile on her lips, Penny
hooks her fingers on my boxer briefs and pulls them down, only
stopping when my pants and boxers are all bunched up around
my knees. My cock springs free eagerly and, a fraction of a
second later she has her fingers curled tight around my shaft.
This is fucking insane, I whisper, looking down at her, and
her smile turns into a wicked grin.
It sure is, Daddy, she whispers back at me, and my cock
throbs so hard I feel dizzy for a fucking second. Flicking her
wrists, she starts stroking my cock with the soft and constant
movements of her hand; leaning in, she never breaks eye contact
as she parts her lips and then wraps them around the tip of my
cock, her tongue dancing in soft circles around it.
Fuck, I groan as she pushes her lips down the length of my
cock, my shaft rolling over her tongue. I rest my hands on her
head, tangling my fingers in her hair, and hold my breath as she
goes all the way down, only stopping when her lips are touching
the skin at the base of my cock. Sweet mercy, this feels so
fucking good; I never met a girl as talented as Penny is with her
Rolling her lips back, she then starts bobbing her head back
and forth, moving as fast as she can. She finally closes her eyes,
surrendering to the moment, and I do the same; I throw my head
back and sigh heavily, my heart racing so fast inside my chest I
think it might fucking burst any second now.
Fuck, I think Im gonna -- I start to say, but the words die
in my throat as a mighty spasm takes over my cock. My shaft
throbs against Pennys tongue and the inside of her cheeks, and
a second after that I feel my cum burning its way out of my cock.
I explode inside her mouth and she stops moving at once; she
remains frozen in place, her knees on the floor and my cock
inside her mouth as she takes every single drop of cum into her
Once Im finally done, she takes her mouth off of my cock
and, looking into my eyes, she swallows. I feel a shiver going up
my spine as I watch the muscles in her neck move, and I cant
help but grin as I see a strand of cum hanging from her lips. I
reach for it with my thumb and wipe it off; I then grab her right
hand and pull her up to her feet.
That was fucking amazing, I tell her as I tuck my shirt
inside my pants and zip up my fly.
Of course it was, she teases me, wiping her mouth with the
back of her right hand. Now lets go back before anyone notices
were missing. Without waiting for a reply, she pulls the drape
to the side and heads out; I follow after her, head held high and
completely unable to wipe a satisfied smile from my face.
And thats when I fucking see her.
Rhodas between two rows of seats, and she's walking
straight toward Penny and I.
Where were you, Penny? she asks her daughter, stopping
just a few feet away from me.
Rhoda, I greet her coldly. She doesnt even respond or
acknowledge me. Which is pretty fucking funny, me being the
keynote speaker and main donor of this fucking event.
We were just having a chat, Penny chirps happily, and then
goes on her tiptoes, leans in, and kisses her mother on the
cheek, her breath a very probable blend of cock and fresh cum.
Fucking hell.
Just having a chat, I repeat, my cock twitching inside my
pants. Without waiting for her mothers reply, Penny walks past
her and continues on her way. I follow after her, my eyes taking
in every delicious step she takes.
Fuck, now this is a wicked girl.

T wo months.
Thats how long weve been together. Its crazy, right? Just a
few months ago I thought that my stepfather was the Devil
himself, and now here I am, sleeping next to him more times
than I sleep alone in my own bed.
Its funny how these things work out, isnt it? Im not one to
believe in destiny, fate, or all that hocus-pocus but damn, it
seems like both our paths were meant to cross.
Of course, all this cozying up to the enemy (or so my mom
would say) isnt really doing me any favors. But what did I
expect? Its not like I can go against my boss (which is also my
mom) and the mayor without being reprimanded along the way.

Thats the amount of face-to-face meetings Ive had with my
mother and Laurel. And, let me tell you, these things are
forsakenly exhausting. Just imagine spending two hours locked
in a room with two women with tongues so sharp they could use
them as knives, and they arent pleased with you. Yeah, doesnt
feel great, does it?
But thats how it goes for me, at least twice a week. And, if
theyre feeling generous, one more time over the weekend.
Have you found out anything yet, Penny? they always ask me,
and my answer is always a timid perhaps he isnt the kind of
man you think he is. Yeah, I dont need to tell you that this isnt
what they want to hear.
They want Magnus head on a platter, not to hear my pleas for
fairness and ethical journalism. All that just falls on deaf ears.
Look, I get it; in a way, Magnus represents a lot of whats
wrong with America nowadays. He doesnt seem to have a
conscience, especially when it comes to his female counterparts,
and hes richer than God himself. America loves to hate on
people like Magnus; but on the other hand, this reflects a rather
nasty truth about ourselves: we love to hate the ones who cant
hate us back.
And so it is with Magnus. Hes an easy target for women like
my mom and Laurel, working in the shadows. The way I see it,
they arent even working against Magnus; theyre just trying to
topple down an image of him that they've built inside their
heads. Because, truth be told, the Magnus I met is quite different
than the one I always believed him to be.
And I guess my fellow New Yorkers see it the same way.

Thats Magnus approval rating. Thats right, ninety-three
percent of New Yorkers approve of the work my stepfather is
doing, and they are fully supportive of the Equinox deal. I guess
every city dweller wants to say they live in the city with the
tallest building in the world, right? And Magnus is just the man
to make that dream come true.
Besides, it seems that New Yorkers love his crazy antics. Sure,
he might be a bit unruly and rough around the edges, but I think
that it just adds to his natural charm. Besides, it seems he has
even won over the political-correctness brigade after he toned
down his bad boy image and started contributing to the citys
welfare with his hefty donations.
And I gotta say, more than just win over his fellow Americans,
Magnus has won me over as well.

Now, this is just an estimate, but thats how many times
Magnus and I have been together. And you know what I mean by
together, dont you? Okay, Ill be crass: we've fucked two
hundred times over these past two months.
If youre making the calculations inside your head, let me
help you with that: it means weve fucked more than three times
every single day. Sounds a bit unbelievable, doesnt it? Dont
worry; Id be thinking the same if someone told me something
like this. No, scratch that, Id just call them a liar.
But its the truth; Magnus is an animal between the sheets
(and out of them as well, being that we often get frisky without a
bed in sight), and I have no choice but to try and keep up the
pace. My body demands it, you know? I just cant get enough of
him and of his twelve-inch cock.
Of course, pleasure often has consequences, and it didnt take
long for them to manifest.

O NE .
One simple test, and I flunked it. Or, if you want to be
optimistic about it, I passed with flying colors. It really depends
on the perspective. If youre wondering what the hell Im talking
about, let me blunt about it: Im talking about a pregnancy test.
And it came out as a positive.
Now, I havent told a soul about this, so I trust you to keep
this between just the two of us. I know, I know I should tell
Magnus about it, and I swear Ill do it soon. I just cant bring
myself to do it right now. I have no idea how hes going to react
and, besides, hes already too busy with the Equinox deal as it is.
He has a lot on his mind right now, and I dont want to add more
drama to the mix and distract him.
But, yeah, I get it. The road Im walking on has a dead-end.
Sooner or later, the world is going to find out about Magnus and
I. Theres no other way around it, not with a child in my belly.
I wasnt exactly expecting for this to happen, and it sure as
hell didnt happen at the best time. My mother and Laurel are
sharpening their knives, trying to destroy Magnus company,
and Im stuck right in the middle of it. But I guess pregnancies
dont wait for the best or right times; they just happen when
they have to happen.
And, between you and me, I gotta say I had a smile on my
lips the moment I held the test in my minds and it turned out
Of course, I know that this changes things. And, sooner or
later, the truth will have to come out.
I just hope its later rather than sooner.

L awyers, accountants, state legislators, hardened

politicians - New Yorks finest under one roof. And, of
course, two heavyweight contenders sitting across one other,
each with their personal armies ready with expensive pens and
stacks of documents. Im talking about yours truly and, of
course, Laurel Trask.
This is our most important showdown in months, a meeting
where the future of Equinox Tower is going to be decided. And
its already over; truth be told, it was already over before it even
started. I came into this affair prepared, and it showed. Laurel
had her lawyers pull every trick in the fucking book to try and
bury the deal, but she didnt have a chance - Joyces leading my
legal team, and theres no beating Joyce.
Things got heated up for a moment as Laurel tried to goad me
into arguing with her, but I managed to not fall into that trap. I
deflected most of her questions easily, and made her look like an
out-of-control psycho. She isnt too happy about that, that
much I can tell. But theres nothing she can do right now - the
committee has already took a break to deliberate, and now all we
can do is wait for their response. Which Im pretty fucking sure
is going to be a favourable one.
Mr. Davion, the chairman of the Equinox Tower committee
starts, clearing his throat and glancing across the room with a
bored look on his face. I bet the poor bastard would rather be
playing golf right now, instead of sitting here and being
hammered from all sides. Not that I give a fuck - I know that it
was Laurel who set him up to chair the committee, hoping to tilt
the scales in her favor. No such luck. Joyce has been
spearheading this effort, and she really brought the whole thing
home, devising a bullet proof project that no sane mind would
ever vote down. We backed the committee against the wall, and
they cant vote down our bid for the Equinox project without
losing face.
I think there isnt much to be debated in here. Its pretty
clear to the committee that youre putting some real effort into
bringing the Equinox Tower project into fruition and, as such,
its my duty to inform you that the New York City has, after
carefully deliberating upon the subject, decided to give you the
green light. Then, after a moments pause, he pushes the final
sentence out. The contract is yours. Congratulations.
I dont mean to gloat, swear to God, but its stronger than me.
I glance around the conference table and, meeting Laurels eyes,
I open up into a grin and fucking wink at her. Her face grows red
as she holds her breath, her shark eyes spelling out murder, and
I wink once more for good measure. Hey, its not my fucking
fault shes a sore loser - besides, she was the one trying to cheat
me out of this contract. Let her be angry if she wants. I dont
give a fuck.
Feeling pretty happy about the way things turned out, I get up
from my seat nonchalantly and head out of the conference room,
making my way out of the room. A few hundred reporters are
lining the City Halls outer steps, and they all stand up to
attention as they see me walking out of the door.
Mr. Davion, Mr. Davion, they call after me, shoving a few
dozen mics in front of my face, did you get the deal?
My friends, this is a good day for New York, I smile at them
and then, opening my hands wide, continue. New York City is
going to be the home for the tallest building in the world,
Equinox Tower!
Im not even going to lie - it feels fucking glorious to be able
to say it. Building the tallest tower in the world has been a dream
of mine for God knows how fucking long, and now Im really
going to be able to do it. Soon enough, right between Central
Park and Madison Avenue, Equinox Tower is going to reach into
the skies.
Besides, this also translates as a few hundred millions in
profit which, as you can guess, also feels fucking glorious.
I look around the crowd of reporters, looking for a special
someone, and there she is, right in the middle of the fray. With a
notepad in her hand, a pencil between her thumb and index
finger, Pennys scribbling away as I speak.
How does it feel, Mr. Davion? Its been an uphill struggle to
get the city to award you this contract, one of the journalists
closest to me asks, and I turn my eyes toward him and grin.
It feels amazing, Michael, I reply, reading the badge
hanging from his breast pocket. This whole deal took
tremendous effort to put together, and I owe it all to a special
someone. The journalists start buzzing their questions faster
now, just like a swarm of angry bees, and I find myself trying to
wave them down. Chill the fuck out everyone.
Who? I hear that question repeated ad nauseam, but I keep
the answer to myself. I just push my way through the crowd of
journalists and walk straight toward Penny. The journalists part
before me as they see where Im heading, and I feel like fucking
Moses parting the Red Sea.
Pennys eyes widen so much it almost seems like theyre
going to pop out of their sockets, but I just smile at her and drape
one arm over my shoulders.
Penny Wright, my stepdaughter, I proclaim, has been
instrumental in all this this. If it werent for her advice, I doubt
wed have such a happy conclusion. She turns to me, slightly
flushed, and then smiles. She opens her arms and hugs me tight,
her perfume making me feel slightly lightheaded. Fuck, I cant
wait to get home and rip her dress off of her body. I want to
fucking celebrate.
Maybe I shouldnt be this vocal about Penny, allowing the
world to shine a spotlight on her, but I just cant fucking help
myself right now. I really feel thankful for having her in my life
and, besides, her advice really helped secure this deal. I thought
long and hard about what she told me, how people wanted their
vision of the world reflected back at them, and that went a long
way when it came to my meetings with the board. She was right:
once your mirror whats in peoples hearts and minds, they cant
attack you Or else theyd be attacking themselves. I know I
really sound like a fucking Zen master right now, but Im not
trying to bullshit you.
Holding Penny close to me, her delicate body pressed against
my own, I lean in and lay my lips on her cheek.
The journalists go wild, and everyones snapping pictures left
and right. They start asking me so many fucking questions that I
dont even bother with responding to a single one.
Pennys in my arms, the Equinox deal is moving forward -
fuck, it feels good to be alive!

I ts already 9 pm, but my mothers still in her office. I

can see that the lights are still on, their orange glow
showing under the door; I wasnt sure if Id be able to catch her
in her office, but it turns out I was right about her whereabouts.
After Magnus impromptu conference on City Halls steps, we
left in a hurry and rushed toward One57 in his limo. We made it
out all the way, and it took only half a minute for him to rip my
dress apart once we were inside his apartment. He was in a
celebratory mood and, Ill admit, so was I.
We fucked until our bodies were drenched in sweat, and then
we fucked some more. We did it until our muscles grew cramped,
and only then did we allow exhaustion to finally take over us
both. Afterward, I lay naked in bed by Magnus side, fully
knowing that, sooner or later, Id have to face my mother.
My job was a simple one: to destroy Magnus Davion and make
sure that the Equinox deal never came into fruition. I managed
to do just the opposite. Despite not agreeing with my mother,
theres no other way to say it: she misplaced her trust in me and
paid the price for it.
I got dressed and, despite Magnus insistence for me to spend
the night, I got out of One57 and grabbed a taxi. I tried to call my
mother several times, but she never picked up; as such, I decided
to head for the Daily Journals office. After Laurel Trask lost her
battle with Magnus, I figured my mother would be hiding in her
office, fuming about everything that happened.
And thats where I am now, slowly making my way across the
long rows of empty desks. Most of the staff has already gone
home by now, and only a few unlucky souls remain in their
desks, hunched over their laptops. They barely notice me
walking in, and I make my way toward the Editor in Chief office
with a knot in my stomach. I knock once, and then twice, but no
answer comes.
Not willing to give up this easily, I open the door and step
inside. My mothers sitting by her desk, reading glasses perched
on the bridge of her nose, and she doesnt even raise her eyes
from the documents shes reading as I enter her office.
Im busy. I dont want to be disturbed right now, so --
Mom, its me, I say, and she finally raises her eyes to look
at me. With careful movements, she takes her reading glasses
off her nose and places them on top of the folders she was
What are you doing here, Penny? she says, almost too
casually. Breathing hard, I close the door behind me, walk
toward the desk, and sit across her.
I came to apologize, I whisper softly, waiting to see a look
of sadness and disappointment creep up on my mothers face.
That doesnt happen, though. She just looks at me with a blank
expression, waiting. I know we dont agree on a lot of things,
but I know that you didnt want it to end like this, with Magnus
getting the Equinox contract. Im sorry.
Dont be, she whispers back at me, and then a faint smile
takes over her lips. Youve played your part, Penny. Maybe you
couldnt see the whole chessboard in front of you, but you did
everything you were supposed to.
I I dont understand, I start, and my mothers smile
widens even more.
You dont need to understand. Your job is almost done,
Penny. Theres one last thing for you to do, and then this is all
going to be over, she continues, her voice strangely calm. This
isnt how I envisioned things would go. I expected a shouting
match, a mother and daughter fight for the ages and all I get is
her quizzical smile and confusing words. What the hells
going on?
What? I ask her, and she picks up a sheet of paper from
her stack of documents and slides it across the desk.
This is a draft. Its the only weapon left that we have against
Magnus. I want you to write this column and own up to whats in
there. And then this whole thing will be over. I promise you. It
might not be easy, but Laurel Trask is on our side And shell
look after you.
Not understanding a word of what my mothers saying, I grab
the sheet of paper in front of me, and I feel my blood freezing in
my veins as I start reading through the document. Its a Gossip
Central rough draft, and whats in there is so vile I feel nauseous
right now.
What the hell is this? I ask, anger turning my voice bold.
Are you insane?
Im not insane, she responds calmly, as if my answer
wasnt a rhetorical one. Rewrite that draft in your own words,
and publish it under your name. You always said you wanted to
be a journalist, its time for you to become a real one.
Journalist? I crumple the paper harshly, turning it into a
rough white ball, and throwing it on top of the desk. These are
lies! You dont care about the truth You just care about I
dont even know what you care about, mom! I dont even know
you anymore. I stare her down for a few tense seconds, and
then I give her my obvious reply to her request. Im not
doing this.
You have to, Penny. Or else you might find yourself out of a
job. Her words feel like a precise jab to my stomach, but I
recover from it in a heartbeat. A threat? I know exactly where
she can shove these threats of hers.
Without a word, I get up from my seat and start making my
way out of her office. I open the door and, just before leaving,
look back at her from over my shoulder.
Guess Im out of a job then, I say, and then slam the door
behind me.

Papa Dont Preach!

G OSSIP C ENTRAL ON P AGE E IGHT . From the Desk of Vicky Durner -

All the gossip you never even knew you needed to know!


Why somber?
We've reported on Magnus Davion extensively over the course
of the last few months.
But all that comes to a close at this point.
In the past, the antics of Mr. Davion were boorish, immature,
and that of an overgrown man-child.
His actions that are now being alleged are that of a menace to
They disrespect all women. They hurt us as a society. And
they cut close to home as well.
Over the last 24 hours, a lot has changed at the New York
Daily Journal.
We've had to let go of a celebrated staff reporter, Penny
And yes, Penny is the daughter of our fearless leader, Rhoda
Wright. She gave Penny a job on the Gossip Desk, writing under
the Vicky Durner pen name right out of college.
And it turns out that Penny has been trading sexual favors for
shading the coverage of Magnus Davion to be more positive.
That's right.
You read that correctly. Penny Wright has been engaged in a
sexual relationship with Magnus Davion.
But if you're trying to figure things out in your head, let us go
ahead and make that very clear to you.
You're not wrong. Magnus is indeed Penny's stepfather.
He was married very briefly to Rhoda Wright. Penny was
younger at the time, but it looks like Magnus and his
stepdaughter are taking the relationship to the next level.
Or are they?
Who chaperoned this relationship? We're saying eewwww at
the age difference. Magnus is several years older than her. He
used to be married to her mother.
Does she call him Daddy in bed?
That's right. We asked the question. Are these two individuals
mentally ill? Do they engage in fantasies that are taboo and
forbidden? Is that what gets them off?
We're asking these questions, New York, because we know
that you're asking them too.
And they deserve to be answered. Because at the end of the
day, Magnus Davion is building the Equinox Tower. Do you want
to get in on an elevator designed and built by a man who likes
receiving head from his daughter?
Right. If that question makes you wince, it's because it's
supposed to.
Clearly, this man does not have the same morals that the rest
of society does. If he's so cavalier about engaging in sexual
relations with his stepdaughter, who's to say if he holds the
same value on the sanctity of life.
Maybe he doesn't really care whether that elevator works or
not as long as he got paid. Those people that get trapped and
suffocate to death? Magnus Davion may not even care. We don't
know if he does or does not. But clearly he's not normal.
It's high time Magnus Davion was removed from the
positions of power he occupies.
This paper has already taken steps to remove his
stepdaughter, who's most likely sexually brainwashed by him.
It's time to put our heads together and undo his vile
We'll report more as we find out.
Till then, keep your ears open, New York. We'll be listening.

F ucking Rhoda. She really had to go and fucking stab

me in the back, didn't she? And, not happy with it, she had to go
and throw Penny under the bus as well. Her hate knows no
fucking boundaries. Of course, Laurels fingers are all over this
as well. These two are like two peas in a fucking pod. No wonder,
though, after the way my marriage to Rhoda ended.
I throw the Daily Journal on top of my desk and get up from
my chair. I pace around the office, trying to think of a way to
minimize the damages. Oh, yeah, make no mistake about it: the
damages are happening as I speak, and theyre going to be
fucking huge. Right now, the directors on my board are probably
in a panic, and these fucking bastards dont play well under
The Daily Journal has just published this bullshit expos, and
now the rest of the press has fucking latched on to the whole
thing like hungry vampires. Only one hour has passed since the
article has been on the streets, and my office is already swamped
with phone calls from journalists from all over the country, all of
them calling in to get a comment. Yeah, these motherfuckers
dont even care about checking the factsall they want is one
big juicy comment for them to spin around and turn into money.
I came in as soon as I heard, Joyce blurts out, entering my
office without knocking. Her hair, usually done in a neat bun, is
now a disheveled mess; I guess she checked her phone first thing
in the morning and, finding out about this fucking mess, just
jumped out of bed and drove here.
This is a fucking mess, Joyce, I hiss, grabbing the
newspaper from my desk and waving it around, my fingers
curled tight around it.
I hate to do this, but as your lawyer I have to ask is any of
it the truth? she asks me, and the expression on my face must
be a terrifying one, because she just raises her hands up in the
air defensively and shrugs. I had to ask.
From saying that I pressured Penny to have sex with me, to
flat out state that I used her as plant to fabricate a good buzz
around my company Rhoda fucking outdid herself this time.
And I cant help but be fucking pissed that Joyce even had to ask
if any of it is true. Jesus, what kind of man do people think I am?
Some fucking sociopath degenerate?
Im going to sue the Daily Journal so fucking hard they wont
even be able to run a Facebook account after Im done with
them, I say, tearing the newspaper in half and then crumpling
it in my hands. Im usually cool under pressure, but theyve
dragged Penny into this. And I wont fucking have that. Not in a
million years.
Thats all good, Magnus, but we have more pressing matters
now. The Board of Directors has called for an emergency
Fuck! I was already expecting that, but not this fucking
soon. I figured most of them would still be asleep now (its only 7
am, for fucks sake) but bad news really spreads like wildfire.
You dont need me to tell you what that means, she
whispers, concern in her eyes. Yeah, its pretty obvious whats
going on; the board is probably pissing their pants right now.
The Daily Journal has created a scandal big enough for the city to
reconsider our involvement in the Equinox Tower; and if that
contract gets pulled from under our feet, were going to be in
deep shit financially.
Yeah, I know what that means, Joyce. And were going to
need to work out a solution. Fast. I look at her and sigh, sinking
down into my chair. Outside, a light rain is starting, heavy
raindrops descending from the grey skies and hitting my office
windows. This is a fucking nightmare, and I have no idea where
to start fixing this fucking thing.
I could hold a press conference and try to deny all this
bullshit, but I guess that would play straight into Rhodas hands.
Id have to admit I was, indeed, having sex with my own
stepdaughter And then the press wouldnt even hear the rest
of it. Theyd just ask for the bloody details, and spin more lies.
Joyce was right when she chided me about my relationship
with Penny. I should've been more careful about the whole
thing. I knew Laurel and Rhoda were out to get me, and I
shouldve figured they wouldnt bat an eye to using my own
stepdaughter against me. I guess I just never thought Rhoda
would stoop this low and use her own daughter as fucking pawn.
Unless unless Penny played a part in all of this. But, no,
that cant fucking be. She came clean to me, and I trust her. I
trust her with my fucking life. But then again, a long time ago I
used to trust Rhoda as well. And look how well that turned out.
Joyce sits across from me, wordlessly, and we just sit in
silence for a minute, coming to terms with the fucking war zone
we just stepped into. If we dont act fast, my company is going to
start crumbling all around me, and all the money Ive worked so
fucking hard for is going to vanish like smoke being carried away
by a soft breeze. And, when push comes to shove, my own board
of directors wont hesitate to gang up on me and kick me out of
the company I fucking founded.
Yeah, what can I say? Im not feeling too optimistic right now.
And I guess Joyce is feeling the same, judging by the deep lines of
concern around her eyes. Shes usually very calm and
calculating, seeing everything two steps ahead of everyone else,
but now shes as stumped as I am. And when Joyces stumped
Well, when that happens, hold on to your hats; the sky might
just come crashing down.
And thats when I hear the door to my office swing open.
And there she is, the light of my life.
Penny Wright.

M agnus, I I start to say as I enter his office, but the

words I had so carefully chosen seem to slip from my mind.
Magnus raises his eyes to look at me, and I can tell that this is
bad. Well, I knew itd be bad, but the look in his eyes tells me
exactly how bad. And its pretty fucking bad.
Joyces there too, and she turns around on her chair to look at
me. Theres a disapproving look in her eyes, but its not like I can
blame her: Im at the center of this storm, and if it werent for
me, none of this would've happened. And shes loyal to Magnus,
which I guess is something you couldnt really say about me until
a few months ago.
Joyce, please leave us, Magnus tells her, and she just gives
him a slight nod and goes up to her feet. She starts walking out
of the office, but then she stops a few feet away from me. I
almost expect for her to scream out at me, but she just offers me
a sad smile.
Im sorry, she whispers, no woman deserves this from her
own mother. With that, she reaches for my shoulder and lays
her hand there, gently squeezing before she finally lowers her
gaze and walks out of the office, closing the door behind her.
Even though she never approved of my relationship with
Magnus, I guess she somehow feels a bit of compassion toward
me. And thats saying something, when a woman that should
hate your guts is more compassionate toward you than your own
mother, I guess thats saying a lot about the current state of
Please, tell me you dont have anything to do with this,
Magnus says with a defeated tone of voice, waving at the
crumpled newspaper sitting on his desk. I open my mouth to
respond, but he just waves me down and stands up. Im sorry. I
shouldnt have asked you that. I know you had nothing to do
with it, he continues, and I feel as if someone lifted a few
hundreds tons off my shoulders.
I had nothing to do with it I swear, I tell him all the same,
hoping that my words help ease his troubled mind. I cant even
begin to imagine how he must feel right now, the future of his
company hanging in the balance. And all because of me, just like
an idiot I played my mothers game, carefully setting up Magnus
for a fall. In the end, my mother and Laurel really got what they
were after.
Magnus walks around his desk and I walk toward him, closing
the distance between the two of us. I wrap my arms around his
torso and lay my head against his chest, feeling his heartbeat in
Are you okay? he whispers, running his fingers through my
hair. I just nod wordlessly, and then he holds me tight in his
arms. I feel like crying now, a sob threatening to overtake me,
but I just choke it out of me.
I never thought my mother would do something like this to
me, but lo and behold, she did. She dragged my name through
the mud, and only so that she could get her petty revenge on
Magnus. Seriously, what kind of mother would do something like
this to her own daughter? She chose to side with a woman like
Laurel Trask, and all for what? A pat on the back from the
And you, Magnus? Whats going to happen with the Equinox
deal now? I ask him, taking a step back and looking into
his eyes.
I dont know, Penny. I really dont have a clue, he sighs, his
lips a thin line of worry. But at least youre here, he continues,
forcing himself to smile. At least youre here. He leans in,
gently brushing his lips against my own, and then holds me
tight. I love you, Penny.
His words are just a whisper, but it feels like someone
punched me straight in the nose. I love you, Penny, his words
echo inside my head, and I feel my heart racing faster than it
ever did. I almost reach for my belly unconsciously, a sudden
urge to lay my hand on top of the life growing within it, but I
restrain myself. This is not the time for such a heavy revelation.
I love you too, I find myself saying though, the words
coming out from between my lips before I can stop them. And I
wouldnt stop them even if I wanted to. A war has started, and if
there was ever a time to tell him how I feel, its now.
But maybe it isnt enough, Penny. Maybe love isnt enough,
Magnus whispers, sadness dripping out of his words. I stare into
his eyes in silence, just hearing the rain bat against the floor-to-
ceiling windows. Im your stepfather Youre my
stepdaughter. What are we even doing, Penny? Forget about my
company. This is about you. You have nothing to gain from a
man like me.
I have everything to gain, I tell him, hushing him by
placing my index finger over his lips. I love you, Magnus, and I
dont care about the rest. I dont care that youre my stepfather,
and I dont care if the whole world hates us both. I can survive all
that as long as youre with me.
Ill always be with you. If youll have me, Penny, Ill never
leave. Never, he tells me, and I believe each and every one of
his words. Unlike my own mother, Magnus is a man who lives
and dies by his words. And, God forgive me, Ive really fallen in
love with him. And if I cant trust the man I love, I cant trust
I love you, Magnus, I repeat, smiling at him and, just for a
moment, forgetting about the storm raging around us both. My
mother and Laurel Trask are just a whisper in the wind, political
intrigue just a faint backdrop; right now, the only thing thats
real is the man in front of me.
I love you too, Penny, he tells me, and my fate is sealed just
like that. Three wordsI love youand both our fates become
intertwined for all existence.
Whatever comes, well face it together.
As friends and lovers.
As a family.

M agnus loves me. I love him. The only thing more

perfect than that is how were losing each other in
this kiss. I whimper when his lips are away from mine for a
second. It damages my soul to not have him pressed against me.
I back him against the wall, press my lips to his, stroke my hands
up and down his body. Cup his face. Bring my hands back down
and place them over his crotch.
Magnuss hands never leave my hair, tangled up in holding
me tight to him. Theres an aching urgency between us that
seems to be an invisible thread holding us together. One we
can't allow to break.
Placing his hands on my shoulders, he pulls the straps of my
dress down, and the fabric droops over my breasts. I feel my
nipples hardening against the cups of my bra, aching for release;
reading my mind, Magnus allows his fingers to slide to my back
and, with a simple flick, he unclasps my bra.
I tremble slightly as he yanks it off of my body, the cool air of
the room lapping at my hard nipples; then I just sway my hips
from side to side, forcing my dress to float down my body and
fall around my ankles. I step out of it slowly, my eyes never
leaving Magnus, and then I reach for him with a purr.
My fingers work fast, undoing the knot on his tie and
unbuttoning his shirt. I flatten the open palm of my hands
against the hard outline of his pectorals, my fingers trailing
down to feel the grooves between his rock hard abs, and I feel my
pussy turning into a wet mess. My thong is sticking to my skin
uncomfortably, and I ache to be completely naked and at his
He feels the same.
Pushing me back against the wall, he hooks his fingers on the
string of thong that laces my outer thigh and yanks; theres a
ripping sound and then the thong just slides off my body, my
insides clenching as it happens.
Fucking beautiful, he growls, his eyes roaming over my
naked body. I grin at him and, biting on my lower lip, I reach for
his belt and unbuckle it. I feel his cock straining against his
pants, and I cant wait to set it free. I pull his zipper down with
trembling fingers, his cock tenting up his boxer briefs, and then
I just move as fast as I can; I hook my fingers on his boxers and
tug, sending his pants and underwear down to his ankles.
His cock springs free at once, pulsing with the kind of raw
intensity Magnus always has, and there are a few drops of pre-
cum glistening on its tip.
Youre mine, he whispers as he kicks off his shoes and then
steps out of his pants and boxers. Moving so fast he becomes a
blur, he presses his naked body against mine and kisses me.
His mouth on mine is more home than anything I've ever
known. The taste of his breath, the hum of his moans into my
mouth. Him still cradling my head as I'm climbing him against
this wall, climbing him like I'm a spider with eight legs instead
of just my two hands, my two legs...there's an urgency that we
have every time we touch, and if I'm being honest I don't think
that urgency is ever going to die.
The hands gripping my hair trail down my spine and grasp my
ass with both hands, lifting me up so that my pussy is lined up
with his cock. Magnus is harder than perhaps I've ever felt him.
That's really saying something with the massive cock he has!
I'm grinding my pussy against it, running it up and down my
folds, and I'm getting just damned hungry for it. That's the only
way to describe it. We're in love and I'm in love with that
massive cock. I know exactly what it is going to feel like when I
glide down on its full length.
I line my entrance up to his cock now, shivering with my
need. Magnus is holding me but doesn't impale me with the
same force that he normally would. In fact, he's still letting me
be in charge...and I'm happy to be able to ride him as long as I
can on that massive cock. His hands are gripping me so tight,
but I'm in the driver's seat.
Pulling back from our kiss, my lips bruised from how hard we
were kissing, I take in the gorgeous sight of his face. His eyes are
so full of emotion that something breaks in my chest, something
tense that I didn't know was there. I've never been so happy in
my life as I am to see him look at me with love. Adoration, and
love. I feel the same. I'm probably going to drool if I look at his
perfect face any longer. I mean, I've never seen anyone as
painfully handsome as him. The kind of pain that makes your
pussy throb...yeah, I slide down on his cock, biting on my lower
lip but keeping my eyes locked with his. I can't help but suck in a
breath when the enormous head is inside my pussy. Magnus
feels so good inside me. I let myself breathe, I take in the sight of
his eyes narrowing because he's regarding me with lust, eyes
hooded subconsciously and a fire flickering through them the
dark orbs of his gaze. Looking at his face could be enough to
make me cum. I can't help but shiver just watching him,
watching me. I feel my pussy stretching, filling up with him.
Slowly, teasingly slow, I lower my body onto his cock.
I see the power struggle in his eyes. Magnus has slammed so
deep into me so many times and I know muscle memory alone
wants to take over. That dominant, possessive vein that courses
the hot blood through his body.
But right now he's along for my ride.
Of course, going slow is a delicious agony for me too. I need to
feel his cock so deep inside me I can't breathe. I'm inhaling and
exhaling slowly as it is. I focus and take deep breaths because the
sensation of his cock filling me up is so much more intense then.
The erotic pressure building in my stomach burns hot in my
blood, my nerve endings tingling through my body. My legs
shakeand he's not even all the way in me yet. I need him so
damn bad, but I'm going so slow. I feel my pussy drip down his
cock beneath me where I haven't fully swallowed him up yet.
Magnus moans, a needy sound. His fingers grip my ass harder
but he uses what I imagine is all the willpower he can muster to
not slam me all the way down on his cock. "Are you trying to kill
me?" he asks in a breathier voice than he normally has, the tone
huskier than normal, too.
"I'm stopping time so you're inside me forever," I say before I
think about my words. That's the truth though. I'm taking a
snapshot in time of him telling me he loves me, me telling him
the same, and then consummating our love in a way that's so
different from all the other times we fucked.
Yeah, I'm that girl right now. I'm so fine with being that girl
right now. I'm the girl that's making love, fucking sweet and
sassy and all that jazz instead of just fucking like the filthy
animals we are.
Don't get me wrong, I fully intend to bring the filth.
But right now I'm savoring every sweet second. I sway my
head to the side to kiss his neck. Lick his collarbone just as I'm
slowly taking those last delicious inches of him. His cock jerks
inside me, a sharp reaction to the need I've created in him. My
body is filling up with him and there are practically stars behind
my eyes, tasting him and taking him like this.
I roll my hips in an exaggerated, intense motion. The angle of
his cock in my pussy is breathtakingly good, hitting me in all the
right places. My inner walls are grasping him for dear life. I need
to be able to hold him tight like this, all over. My lips press a kiss
into his skin. I want to kiss him every day for the rest of my life. I
crave the feel of his huge cock in me. The warmth of his skin
around mine. The sound of his breathing, the feel of his heart. I
lay my head against his chest and I sigh with the kind of
contentedness that only love brings. I'm in absolute bliss right
now. I keep rolling my hips.
Magnus's fingers press into me and bless him he doesn't take
over. He lets me ride him and holds me tight to him all at once.
He kisses the top of my head where I'm snuggled against him. I
feel so safe in his arms. My body is supercharged with lust and
it's burning slowly and deliciously through us both, leaving us in
calm cinders and ash as the angles and continuing thrusts bring
us both closer to cumming.
Like, we're fucking slowly, but you have to know that I'm still
working that cock with everything I have. You know when you're
fucking your man, you're owning that dick and making it yours?
That's what I'm talking about, wrapping my pussy around him
and making us both want to cry because it feels fucking good.
The orgasm that builds with that is like lapping waves coming in
with the tide. Each lap of the waves against our skin, the
pleasure ever building, gets a fraction more intense until
everything collides and crashes with us both.
My nipples pressing against his chest are becoming too much.
Every time I roll my hips and close down on his cock more, my
lips start to quiver a little bit more. I lift up my head and my eyes
blaze at his, I feel the fire radiating from me. "Fuck me, hard," I
say in a voice so quiet that it's almost a whisper. It isn't a
request; it isn't a demand; it's a promise that when he fucks me
hard like he does so damn well, I'm going to cum so hard it's
going to shatter me. My eyes say it, my breathing says it,
quickening with us.
Magnus carries me off to the table, thankfully cleared, and he
lays me down on it, pulling my legs up and apart. He spreads me
wide and now it's his turn to roll his hips. His delicious strokes
drive his cock so deep inside me I cry out in ecstasy. Every single
thrust is more intense than the last. Faster, harder, deeper. I
think the top of my head may fly off. I feel how wet my pussy is,
dripping with desire for his every move. My eyes trail down to
watch the cock sliding in and out of me. Goddamn, it still makes
my breath catch to see just how large it is, and it's inside me!
Thats the kind of shock Ill happily welcome every damn day
because oh my God does it feel eye rolling, panty dropping, and
makes me shake like this is an exorcism.
The thing about fucking on a table is that theres nothing to
hold onto at times like right now when an orgasm kind of sneaks
up on you. I reach out and grip the edges of the table, the
pleasure almost too much to bear because Im shaking
thunderously. Tremors of pleasure overtake me and my eyes roll
back in their orbits. A low, throaty moan extends for a few
seconds before a full blown scream tears from my lips. It feels
like a waterfall, or a damn fire hose in my pussy, the pressure of
my orgasm pushing on his cock.
Magnus is slamming damn hard into me, capturing one of my
nipples in his mouth and letting me know that cock is not
getting shoved out just yet. He jackhammers in harder, swirling
his tongue around my nipple. My back arches up higher while I
grip the table for dear life and that just brings my breast more
into his mouth. That makes me tremble more, until Im
practically convulsing on this table, my gorgeous former
stepfather spearing me between my wide open thighs. I hear a
smug laugh on my breast, my nipple tickling with a small hum of
sound on my skin. Of course hes taking great satisfaction in me
falling apart like this. I mean, I rode him as long as I could, but I
need what he has to offer. Hard, relentless fucking that shows
me just how much he wants me. Hint, a whole hell of a lot. Hes
still pumping into me just as hard and I feel his cock turning to
steel encased in velvet, claiming every inch of me and ready to
burst. It's his turn to be the fire hose because hes about to blow
a bucket load of cum.
Are you gonna fill up my mouth or my pussy, Daddy? I ask
in my most innocent voice. I feel his cock twitch inside me.
Were filthy as hell, what can I say?
First the pussy, and then you can lick up all the cum from
my next orgasm, Magnus says with a voice just totally made for
sin. It sears my pussy almost as much as his cock does, making
my clit flutter at just the idea.
Then youll give me another kiss to taste how good we are
together? It's so wicked, but thats what makes it so hot. We
can share everything. Maybe the world isnt so cool with the idea
of us fucking, but we are so far past that. Besides, he may not
know itbut his baby is already growing inside of me. If that
doesnt demand the sort of commitment that cum swapping
does, I dont know what does.
Of course, Penny. I love tasting us in that perfect mouth of
yours, Magnus groans. But now Im gonna fill up that pussy
first. I want to see our cum leak down your thighs, he says with
a low moan building in his throat. I feel him fire off the first
huge rope of cum in my pussy, so hot inside me, and my own
orgasm fires off with his.
Hes serious about the cum leaking from my defiled pussy.
And right on the table. I may have to lick that up later, just to see
the look on his face when I do it. Well, not just that. I'm so
deeply satisfied to have a man who can make me come undone
around his cock, taste our cum together, and who challenges me
to cum harder than I've ever cum before each time he even
breathes around my pussy. Seriously, there should be a warning
on this man; the way that he fucks me is damn near hazardous to
my health! My heart is pounding so hard in my chest I think I
might actually be able to hear it. My orgasm gushes my own
cream down my thighs, I see it dripping down Magnuss balls as
he keeps slamming into me. We make quite a mess together, and
I love every second of it.
Magnus slams so hard into me that I could forget my name.
His cock is erupting hot cum deep in my pussy still and Im
shivering all around him. The wet sound of him slamming into
me is so erotic that I lick my lips just hearing it.
Oh God! I cry out with his next thrust. Your cock fills me
up so good, Daddy. Im whimpering now, hes slamming into
me so hard. I crave every second of the hard way he fucks.
Magnus only fucks harder while he cums. His cock rockets inside
me and stays hard as titanium and he keeps going. Boys my age
are just that boys compared to how my step Daddy fucks.
His cock is basically magic. Cinderella can keep the slippers
because Im a lot happier with Magnuss cock and how it fits so
perfectly inside me. I mean, I like shoes as much as the next girl,
but a magic cock is so much more charming and princely.
Magnus pulls his cock out. Im not licking it yet so I look at
him with a raised eyebrow. Raised in curiosity because Im not
about to question the man with a foot-long fuck pole pointed
at me.
Especially since I see that it's still shooting out cum and hes
getting me right on the tits. Thick ropes of cum land right on my
chest, dripping down in straight lines toward the wet spot
between my thighs. I stick my tongue out in request.
Magnus gets a wicked grin and wags his cock at me. Not yet,
Penny. Youll taste this cock when I say you can, he says in that
darkly delicious voice.
Ive got shivers everywhere. My toes are curling. God, he
knows how to drive me absolutely wild.
He covers me in all that cum, my skin blanketed by its white
warmness, and then flips me over. With his hands on my
shoulders, he forces me to go down to my knees and then to lay
down on the carpeted floor of his office. Were sticky and all
messy but were not even close to done.
Ass up, face down, Magnus says with an air of authority
that makes my clit twitch. I'm all for being take charge
everywhere else, but I'm more than happy to comply when he
orders me what to do.
I wiggle my ass up in the air and I hear the sharp sound of a
spank before my mind even registers the sensation. I tremble,
but I keep my ass up. His cock glides back into me and he spanks
me again.
This time my pussy clenches around his cock with the
spanking. Partially because I want him to do it again the
vibration against my pussy shakes through my whole body
deliciously and partially because I cant help just thinking
how good his cock feels. Spank me harder, Daddy, please, I
need it, I start to beg. Im honestly a little surprised to hear
how insistent I am. Theres something about being a little bit
filthy and then cumming a whole lot that makes you want to dive
even deeper into the twisted sort of shit thats depraved enough
to make your pussy all sopping wet, though, you know?
Since you asked so nicely, Magnus says, and I can pretty
much hear the satisfaction spreading across his gorgeous face in
a smile that would drench my panties if he wasnt already so
deep inside me that I can almost taste his cock. Mmmm, soon.
God, I crave him so much. Id do anything for another second
of pleasure from him, but lucky for me hes in a giving mood. He
lands another spanking, in the exact same spot as the last, and
then several more in quick succession. They are too fast for me
to count them. He lands every spanking in the same spot so I can
practically feel how red my skin must be. Im trembling and I
know that any second now the lit fuse is going off and Im going
to cum again. I hesitate, wanting to beg but deciding not to,
because I couldnt handle being teased right now when I'm so, so
close to this orgasm. Im greedy for it now and theres no way
that I could risk even a second more of any prolonged torture.
That doesnt prevent the moans that are escaping my lips,
stacked up on top of each other from the sheer hard repetition of
Magnus slamming so hard into my pussy again and again.
His hand closes over that spot, the heat of his skin on the
abused ass cheek enough to make me yelp. That and the
sensation of him slamming so deep into me would've been
enough to set off my orgasm.
But then he brings his fingers on his other hand to my clit,
and thats it. I explode. I shriek like Ive seen a ghost, because
I'm cumming so hard I think I could raise the dead. Thank God
the walls to his office are soundproof, or else everyone on this
floor would go crazy with the way Im screaming right now. My
body melts and Im struggling to keep my ass up in the air when
my limbs turn to jelly. The pleasure explodes through my body.
My pussy is weeping cream, Im so aroused. I can hear the wet
sound of my cum practically sloshing as he keeps fucking hard
into me. It's just the kind of pornographic slice of reality that
makes me groan and cum just a little bit harder. It drives me
closer and closer to the edge of another orgasm.
Magnus knows this remember I told you how he knows my
body better than I do? And, thank fuck, he does. Because he
slams that hand back down on that same spot on my ass,
tortures my clit, and slams his huge cock even harder into my
pussy. My knees buckle and he holds me up because I'm
dangling, dangling like a limp damn noodle. Well, except for the
part where Im spasming wildly. I cum so hard that my eyes just
quit working and Im dizzy for a few seconds. Thats right,
Magnus fucks the light out of me. My pussy is clamping down
hard on his cock and it doesnt take long for that to have the
ricochet effect.
Pulling out of my pussy with a wet pop, Magnus strokes his
cock and flips me over before climbing atop of me. His knees are
on either side of my head and he's stroking that formidable cock
right in front of my face. He rubs it messily on my face with the
first burst of his cum that shoots out.
Hes simply a wonder of nature. Hes cumming the second
time in a row, and he still manages to shoot a veritable gallon
over my already drenched body. And yes, if youre wondering,
its as glorious as it sounds.
I stick my tongue out and this time he cups my hair and
unloads a long sticky rope of cum right on my tongue. The salty
taste of him makes me desperate for him, and I lean forward to
take him in my mouth.
He raises up so that he can pipe that big dick right down my
throat. I swallow against him, my eyes watering and my mouth
filling up instantly with his enormous cock. But I love, love being
stuffed full of his cock like this. Magnus keeps stroking my hair,
and Im mesmerized by his gorgeous face as his cock pumps his
hot load down my throat.
I cup his balls while they empty in my mouth. The taste of my
pussy on his cock is so damn good Im moaning. I can practically
taste just how hard I came and Im so horny with his cock inside
of me that I feel my pussy leak out even more cream at the idea. I
make a mental note to rehydrate when my limbs finally work
again and I run my thumb down the length of his balls. I love
every inch of him. I love how fucking hard he's cumming, his
sexy face making me so wet my nipples actually hurt with need.
The way he has me pinned like this I almost wish I could pinch
them, but I cant reach them and Id rather have my hands on
him anyway.
When the final drop of his cum shoots down my throat and I
swallow it up, I feel a little dribble on my chin. Magnus shoots
me a wicked look, pulling his cock from my mouth.
In a swift move he rolls over and pulls me on top of him, his
tongue licking up the cum on my lips and then kissing me
I cant believe Im doing this with how weak my body feels,
but I slide my pussy up and down his cock and wiggle until I get
his cock back inside me. My mind tells me Im exhausted but my
body craves hisso here I am, finding my second wind and using
it to shove his cock deep in my pussy while we kiss. His tongue
slides over mine, sharing the taste of our orgasms as promised,
and Im shivering in his arms. Hypersensitive to every inch of
my skin touching his, I arch my back so that my nipples scrape
more across his chest. Moaning into his mouth, I want to scream
out just from the sheer pleasure of how good it feels to be in his
arms, his cock buried inside me, our cum all over each others
tongues as we kiss deeply.
We could be trapped forever like this. My pussy is already
shaking again and squeezing down on his cock. I break the kiss
and squeal. Oh God Im cumming again! I cant help but
yelp out.
Beneath me, he bucks hard and fucks his cock into me so hard
that my orgasm is so intense that I stop breathing. I literally stop
and basically forget the world, shattering so much that sounds
mean nothing and Im lost. Then I fall back against him and
shiver, the orgasm tearing through my body and making my
body sweat even more, slippery against his chest. Every hard
inch of him against my body feels like heaven. I run my hands up
and down his firm arms holding mine, feeling every inch of their
muscles and how strong he feels everywhere. I've never seen a
man, felt a man so damn sculpted as him. If it wasnt for the fact
that Id touched him and seen him with my own eyes, I would
never have believed it was possible for someone to be as
attractive as Magnus. The sight of him is enough to steal my
breath, and that cock of his threatens to stop my heart every
time Im near it.
Goddamn, Penny, I think youve issued a personal challenge
for me to fuck you until you cant cum anymore, Magnus says
with a laugh. Because you know, he says and pulls me closer to
him so that his lips touch my ear when he continues. I'll fuck
you until you black out with an orgasm that just pulls you right
under. My cock will stay rock goddamn hard to fuck you right
over that edge, he says with an air of raw power in his voice
that makes my clit twitch and my mouth run dry.
I cant say that Ive ever wanted anything more. That
challenge sounds good, but I think I might collapse any
moment, I say with a breathy giggle.
Im also content, Magnus says as he turns us to the side
and wraps his arm around my breasts, to cuddle you and fuck
you nice and slow until we both remember how to breathe
normally again. His cock slides a little out and thrusts back, and
he starts fucking me slower and with his cock never fully leaving
me. The change of pace shocks me, and the way my body feels
like butter against his rock-hard steel, well, he was right about
my breathing. I take ragged little breaths and my heart races at
his touch, the way hes holding me. His lips are on my neck,
kissing me softly. I shiver in his touch from the feather light
kisses and the way hes stroking in my pussy so slowly. I could
probably black out from this cuddle fucking, Im so high from all
of the orgasming, from the sensations of his skin on mine. I pull
one of his hands down to touch my stomach. I havent told him
about the baby but I know I will have to soon. I know that I need
to. I'm so contended and satisfied that I just feel overwhelmed
with how perfect this moment is.
I love sliding my cock in you slow like this, Magnus
whispers against my neck. You were fucking me so slowly
before, I thought I would burst. But I knew I could repay the
favor when you were too spent to do anything but feel how I can
fill you up so slowly and keep you on the edge of an orgasm until
you dont know if youre about to cum, or if you already are. I
could fuck you forever, Magnus says with a growl.
Ive heard the term sweet nothings before, but the filthy
things my stepfather whispers in my ear are something else
entirely. Theyre dirty little secrets that he and I share, the
words that make every moment we fuck and enter this incredible
world together. Nothing can touch us when were together. I feel
ten feet tall and invincible in his arms. My body feels so
deliciously spent after he fucks me. His cock inside my pussy
now feels so warm, so achingly good staying inside of me, that I
want to sleep like this and wake up the next day with his cock
still buried inside of me. My stomach is still sticky with his first
load of cum but I dont want to wash it off. I like being marked by
him. I love that he cums all over me when he fucks me on a table
and then he cuddles me right on the floor and doesnt care that
hes got his cum all over him too.
Fuck, he licks his cum off my tongue with his. Thats the kind
of thing I never even would've known I wanted. Magnus mapped
out pleasure my body didnt know how to get to. And then he
rolls up that map and spanks me with it. I almost giggle in the
moment at this silly thought, but then Magnus captures my
earlobe between his teeth and nibbles just enough to shock me
into jumping so slightly. When I do, his cock strokes a sensitive
path in my pussy that makes me moan. Well, arent you
tricky, I say with a low moan.
Absolutely. Youll never know whats cumming next,
Magnus says with a low, sexy laugh. Well, you know youre
cumming, but you dont know when, I guess I should say, he
says and kisses my jawline. He moves his kiss up and kisses me
right next to my lips. Right now, Ill give you a freebie. I want
you to cum now, he says.
For less than a second Im shocked by this. I couldnt possibly
be ready to cum again, if at all any more, because Im so
exhausted. But Magnus lowers his palm and plants it right above
my pussy, pressing just enough to teeter the pleasure right off
the edge. I cry out, the orgasm flooding through my body right
on command for him. Whimpering, I shake against him and that
only makes his cock strokes speed up and fuck me just hard
enough to make my eyes roll back in their sockets.
I remember what he said about blacking out, and I know Ive
got to work to actually hold on because I gasp and Im about to
float away from him or pass out or something. Magnus! I gasp
out. He turns my face toward his and kisses me again, so softly it
makes my clit burn with need. And it's no coincidence that it's
what keeps me awake enough in that moment.
And then his cock is hard as a stone and hot as hell,
hammering into me with a furious speed. The cum pouring into
my pussy is like little firecrackers lighting me up, sending me
into a tailspin of furious lust. My body shakes in his hold and
every movement makes us both cum that much harder,
drowning in each other. Every sensation brings us higher and
higher until were both gasping. Magnuss cock sinks into me to
the hilt but stops cumming.
Can we just stay like this? I say. I dont add the last word
Yes, Magnus says, kissing me softly. I think he knows I
mean forever. And I think he still means to answer yes.
Except I cant stay like this. When Magnus falls asleep, I pull
myself out of his arms, and I leave.

C offeesome people drink it so that it gives them a

much-needed jolt, I drink it so that I can relax. Thats
why Im sitting at Rue 57 right now, a cup of coffee in my hand.
Yeah, dont you think that I came here because Im not worried
about everything thats happening with Magnus company.
Its just that I cant help him at the office; Joyce is pretty
much all the help he needs, and Im not doing a favor to myself
by becoming a nervous wreck. I figured I needed some fresh air
and took a taxi here, in the hopes that a warm cup of coffee
would help me see things more clearly.
I need to do something, you know? This whole situation is
insane. The scandal my mother created is costing Magnus an
arm and a leg, and all that devastation isnt pretty. Magnus has
been awake for close to 48 hours now, his cellphone glued to his
ear as he tries to patch every small disaster happening every five
minutes or so. His company is losing contracts left and right,
and now word got out that the Committee in charge of
overseeing the Equinox Tower project has decided to reevaluate
Magnus involvement.
And if Magnus loses the Equinox deal Well, I dont even
want to think about it. If the city manages to crush that deal,
then logic follows that every deal Magnus company has with the
city is at risk. If the Equinox deal goes up in flames, Magnus
company is going to turn into a large pile of ashes.
I cant let that happen. I have no idea what a journalist just
out of college (and out of a job at that) can do to help a business
tycoon currently fighting a vicious mayor, but there has to be
something. Right? Please, please, give me some encouragement,
because this picture is a pretty bleak one.
Ive talked with Magnus and Joyce about holding a press
conference and denying the Daily Journal's article, but Joyce
advised me against it. The scandal is still fresh on peoples mind,
and having me talk to the public would be like pouring gasoline
on top of a raging fire. Besides, Magnus forbade me from doing
it; he told me it was because a press conference like the one I had
in mind would do nothing for his company, but I know that it
was because he doesnt want to see me being ripped to shreds by
the press.
This is chaos. Absolute chaos. And it all happened because I
was a naive girl who believed I could serve justice to a man I
didnt even know. Look where that got me, huh? The man I love
is facing financial ruin, and and then theres the child Im
carrying inside my belly.
I lay one hand on top of my belly, absent-mindedly caressing
my still unnoticeable lump, and thats when I notice a shadow
falling over me.
How many weeks are you? I hear a feminine voice say, and I
turn my head around to see a woman Ive never met before. She
isnt much older than me, not yet in her thirties, and theres an
easy-going aura around her, almost as if she had reached the
pinnacle of happiness. Shes wearing an expensive dress, one
that compliments the curves of her body, and she looks like she
stepped out from a cover magazine. Which, of course, makes a
lot of sense; Ive already seen her face in the cover of a
Natalie Trask! I whisper in disbelief, my jaw hanging
open, and she just smiles and sits across the table.
How many weeks? she asks me again, gently smiling and
waving at my belly.
How did you?
Ive been where you are. Penny, isnt it? And you have that
distressed mother look, you know?
I look at her, having no idea what to say, and let my hand fall
from my belly. This is Natalie Trask, and I dont really have nice
things to say about anyone with the Trask name. Did Laurel send
her? And how did she even find me here?
Dont worry, Penny, I have nothing to do with Laurel. She
might be my husbands sister, but that doesnt mean I get along
with her. In fact, you might say we butt heads more often than
not, she says, and I cant help but trust her. She was involved in
a pretty big scandal of her own two years ago, where she got
involved with Parker Trask, the mayor at the time. They plunged
the city into chaos, but she stood by the man she loved right
until the very end.
Im sorry, I I dont understand, I finally manage to say,
remembering not to let my mouth hang open.
Well, dont hate me, but I asked Parker for some help and he
pulled a few strings so that I could find you here, she says, and
my mouth hangs open once more. Why would Natalie Trask be
looking for me? Look, I know my sister-in-law, and Ive been in
your shoes before. I cant simply stand aside and let Laurel have
her way. Besides, you remind me of myself, Penny.
Me? I ask her, pointing at myself stupidly. Natalie Trask is
one of those women who seems to have been born to rule the
world, a take-no-shit-from-anyone attitude etched deep in
their DNA, and I cant help but be surprised by the fact that shes
comparing herself to me. Hell, were talking about the woman
who founded a sex toy company in her apartment and turned it
into a million-dollar operation, and all that while dating the New
York City mayor which, turns out, was her own stepfather.
Rings a bell?
Its kinda weird to think about, in a way. I mean, this is the
woman who developed the vibrator bullet I used with Magnus on
our little ride through Manhattan.
You, she whispers, reaching across the table and grabbing
my hand. You remind me of myself, and I really wish I could
help you. But I cant pull Parker into this without plunging the
city into chaos again, and no one wants that. But I can give you
some advice.
Please do. I sit up straight in my chair, looking into her
eyes as I make sure I listen attentively to whatever shes going to
tell me.
Have you ever used any of my toys? she asks me slyly, and I
feel warm blood rushing to my face. I see you did, good, she
continues, my embarrassment the only answer she needs.
Maybe you dont know it, but my vibrator bullets do more than
just vibrate.
What do they do?
Well, they do something that might help you out. You see,
Penny, sometimes the truth is like a rotten tooth It just lies
there, uselessly, and you have to pull it out and bring it into the
light, even if sometimes you have to use unsavory methods.
Then, grinning wickedly at me, she pauses for a few seconds for
dramatic effect. My bullet can help with that.
I look at her and her eyes sparkle.
It can record conversations, Natalie says with a smile.
I lean forward in my chair, suddenly feeling as if Im
conspiring with a woman Ive known forever.
Tell me what to do.

Reap What You Sow

G OSSIP C ENTRAL ON P AGE E IGHT . From the Desk of Vicky Durner -

All the gossip you never even knew you needed to know!


One week.
That's what my spies are telling me is the length of time that
the city's #1 Douchebag Magnus Davion has until his Board of
Directors holds a session to evaluate whether he's fit to lead his
I know it sounds like a big step and our hearts may go out to
Magnus, but it's important to realize that we should only feel
compassion for someone who deserves it.
We really should not feel any sort of empathy for Mr. Davion
a serial breaker of hearts who has left a trail of women broken
and battered in his wake. While there are no claims that he has
ever raised a hand against them, I'm sure the emotional turmoil
that he has caused women is plenty. We all know that the pen
name Vicky Durner is used for the gossip columnist for Page
Eight of the New York Daily Journal, but there are other reporters
who write these articles. But one thing is for certain. Every
single person involved with Gossip Central on Page Eight is
unified in their complete and utter disdain for Magnus Davion.
In fact, the whole scandal involving his stepdaughter, once
the initial loathing wears off, isn't surprising.
Leave it to Magnus Davion to only look at women as sex
objects. Nothing more.
Rather than cherish and celebrate his stepdaughter, what
does he do instead?
He treats her like he's treated every single woman in his life.
A vehicle for satisfying his sexual desires.
There's a lot to be said for the woman, Penny Wright, herself
in these matters. I mean, we at the Gossip Desk understand that
she used to work for us and that she's the daughter of the
Editor-In-Chief, but who really sleeps with their stepfather?
Who even tries to tempt someone into doing that?
Was there two-directional flirting? Because if so, her feet
deserve to be held closely to the fire as well.
There's a word for people like her. Before it was not accepted
to use it to describe women, we would use the following words.
Those are all adequate descriptions for a woman with the
character and temperament to not only receive and welcome
advances from her stepfather, but to actively seduce him as well.
It is our sincere hope that the Equinox Tower project be pulled
from Davion Development, and that Magnus Davion be exiled
from the company he founded. Such a large and powerful
company does not belong in the hands of that man.
And who exactly is that man?
An uncouth and barbaric man-child on his best of days.
And a dangerous and scheming sexual predator who has the
forked tongue to seduce an entire city on his worst of days.
New York City is much better off without Magnus Davion.
It's time the rest of us woke up to that reality. This man is
nothing but the Devil himself.

I never thought I'd be here. Standing outside the

Editor-In-Chief's office. After I'd been let go so
But there's no other option. There's no other choice in the
Magnus doesn't know that I'm here. I haven't told him. It's
what I need to do. For Magnus.
For our baby.
The door opens and an Assistant Editor that I don't recognize
walks out. Mom's been replacing a lot of the people in the top
spots lately. But now it makes sense.
What she's doing is pure and simple character assassination.
And a lot of old hands at the Daily Journal wouldn't have stood
for it. They'd have either refused to do what she was asking and
been fired, or resigned.
They certainly wouldn't be crawling back here for a desperate
attempt at mercy.
At least that's what it seems like to mea desperate attempt
as I walk into Mom's office.
No, she wasn't expecting me, okay. That's why she looks
surprised. I didn't call ahead or do anything.
"I need to talk to you, Mother," I tell her.
She's silent. She wasn't expecting this.
Good. Maybe I have the element of surprise. Maybe I can
penetrate through that shell.
"I need to tell you something," I say trying to draw strength
from the silence.
But it's like Mom reads my thoughts, you know?
Because she breaks that silence with a simple, "What is it?"
I take a sigh. And I say the words that I'd never thought I'd
have to utter.
"I'm sorry, mother," I say. Now she really is surprised and
her eyes go wide. "I should've never crossed you in the first
Mom looks at me in silence.
"I should've done what you said when you said to do it, but I
didn't," I tell her. "I should've realized the kind of monster that
Magnus was."
"That Magnus is," my mother says, bringing me back to the
present tense. "He hasn't changed."
I wince. This feels like a betrayal. Maybe if I say nothing then
Mother will take my silence as consent.
"But I don't know why you say such a thing, baby girl," Mom
says in a sing-song voice as she stands up from her desk and
walks around it. "Magnus is by all definitions, a perfect man."
My eyes flash and I look to her. How can she say such things?
I watch her as she walks to the door to her office and closes it.
"He's handsome. He's kind. Gentle. With a generous and
compassionate soul. He's fun. Distracting. Engaging. Lively.
Irreverent, but when he falls in love with you, well, you better be
holding onto something," she says, looking straight at me. "Am
I right?"
She's expecting an answer. But I can't answer. I came to beg
for forgiveness and save Magnus. He would be enraged if he
knew I was here.
But I can't let that stop me.
"I'm waiting for an answer, girl," Mom asks, harshly. "He's
very easy to fall in love with, yes?"
I sigh.
I can't lie about this.
I nod my head. "Yes," I say. "He is very easy to fall in
love with."
Mom smiles.
"I know," she says. "That was the plan all along."
I look to her. She has more surprises for me than I did for her.
"Oh, Magnus was the perfect man for any woman," Mom says
out loud, walking to the window to her office overlooking the
hustle and bustle of Times Square. "But I never liked men. I
never liked the man who was your father. I only married Magnus
for his wealth and connections. I honestly don't know why he
stayed with me."
And then the part that shocks me the most.
"We never even consummated the marriage. He never once
stuck that fabulous cock that he must be pleasing you with
inside of me. I never let him," Mom says.
That can't be.
Mom looks at me and I notice something for the first time.
A complete lack of emotion. A lack of morals. Or compassion.
Its like staring into a soulless pit of darkness.
Yes, girl, I lied to you the entire time. Magnus never once
cheated on me. But you can figure that out by now that
something didnt add up, Im betting, she says to me with a
cruel smile. He was a fool to stay with me as long as he did once
we married.
"But why did he marry me?" Mom asks, turning around.
"Magnus, for all his good qualities is a simple soul. He fell in love
with me."
My heart catches.
"Well at least he thought it was love. It was unrequited lust.
He was young and I was scheming. I got him to marry me and I
kept him at bay. We were only married for a very short time, as
you remember, but he was kind and patient. He didn't want to
rush me into the first time we had sex. What he didn't realize
was that I was sleeping with Laurel every day and every night,"
Mom says, telling me with a smile. "He'd leave for the day and
Laurel would come over at lunch and we would fuck in our bed.
Maybe I wouldn't have done that if I liked men, but I was always
about the women."
I sigh deeply. It's frustrating and sad.
But also very, very scared.
This person who is in front of me is finally the true nature of
my mother.
There was always flashes of her cold, calculating visage thats
on display for me now. Times that it came out only to be
shrouded again as she put on her facade.
But this is the most dangerous form of psychopath. She
knows exactly what shes doing. She has no compunction
against right or wrong. She knows on a rational level that shes
in the wrong - but it doesnt affect her at all.
Perhaps the most dangerous form of evil ever. I need to get
the hell out of here.
"At first, Magnus tried to work through it, Mom recollects to
herself as well as me. He tried to save what he didn't realize
was a sham of a marriage," Mom continues. "I think he liked the
idea of a family, Penny."
Who wouldn't?
Right, don't answer that.
"But eventually he saw the light and realized he had to get rid
of me. Laurel and I always knew it was a gamble and that we
couldn't ensnare Magnus forever, but we were surprised by how
cleanly and without emotion he was able to move past me,"
Mom replies. "And how neatly he removed me from the money
that Laurel and I were expecting from the divorce settlement."
So that was it. Could this whole thing come down to
something so tawdry and evil as trying to siphon money through
a divorce?
"I mean, Laurel was supposed to run for Governor with that
money," Mom explains matter-of-factly, as if this justifies her
"But Magnus didn't want to play ball, so we have to destroy
him instead," Mom finishes. Then she adds as an aside, "It's too
bad, really. But that's the way the world works."
How can one woman be so fucking evil?
Don't answer that. You won't be able to, hun. This is literally
the most bored I've ever seen my mother, you know?
Like she doesn't care that she's about to destroy this
man's life.
That she's about to destroy the life of my baby by taking away
his father;
I can't let that happen.
I can't let this slide.
"You won't get away with this," I say quietly.
Mom looks at me and her eyes flash with an evil glint. "Not so
sad that you crossed me now, are you, Penny dear?" she asks me.
"You think you're going to stop me?" she asks taking a step
"I can't let you destroy an innocent man's life just because he
had the misfortune to get duped by you, Mom," I say with gritted
teeth. "I'll tell everyone what you just told me."
"And who do you think will believe you?" Mom asks. "Who do
you think will believe an out of work journalist who is also a
petulant child over her mother who is an Editor-In-Chief of the
largest newspaper in the country and the mayor of New
York City?"
But she forgets.
I have the bullet that Natalie invented.
The one with the recorder. I'm wearing it.
I smile.
I mean, you didn't expect such deviousness from me, did you?
Well, when you're playing the stakes that I'm playing for, you
gotta up your game. Or something like that.
Mom's eyes travel down my body and she takes a step closer.
"Or do you think I don't know that you're wearing a little
bullet in your cooch?" she asks me.
I can't move. Mom flashes a smile.
"You think you're recording this?" she asks me. "You don't
know that my computer flashed the moment you walked in a
picture that showed where you had a recording device? That I
turned on a white noise machine. That all you recorded is
garbage noise?"
I'm shaking.
I don't know what to say.
I feel an utter sense of defeat. My last card.
I knew you'd try something like this ever since you met that
bitch Natalie, Mom continues on.
Oh my God. What is going on here?
Is she following me?
"Ever since you left work here I've had you followed, in case
you were wondering," Mom confirms for me. "You think you're
clever, girl, you have no idea how out of your league you are."
I'm shaking. She's defeated me. Completely.
"Now go, and get out of my sight before I decide to destroy
you as well."
I want to leave, but my knees don't move.
"Go and get the fuck out of my office, daughter," she says
with the grating and harsh voice of a monster.
Holding back tears, I get my knees to move and get out.

I t's like the fucking world is going to Hell and

someone gave me a front row ticket to the carnage.
This morning, coming into work for Davion Development,
two people stopped to hiss at me. Who the fuck hisses at people
anymore? I just kept walking. It wasn't really worth my time to
stop and deal with a hisser.
I mean just the thought of someone hissing ... is fucking
strange, something that I associate with a snake or some other
reptile. Not sure about whether I really equate that with things
that humans do.
But then again these New Yorkers on the street probably
think I'm some sort of snake at this point considering the kind
of press I've been getting.
I mean Jesus Christ, if the President thinks that the news
media is against him, imagine a hundred fucking times worse.
It's like someone got all the fucking newspapers and cable
channels and broadcast news and every sort of nickel and dime
journalist and told them that they should go out there and come
up with the slimiest shit that they could think of to get me.
I mean, I never really trusted the news media. Does anyone in
this country anymore?
Do you?
Sure, they're not all bad. And they're human beings too. I'm
not saying that they individually are bad people. They probably
have families and they don't eat babies or whatever the fuck.
But combined together they're a fucking mob. And they're
out to get me.
You should see some of the shit that's been coming out since
this whole thing broke.
I mean, I know you've seen some of the stuff and Penny's
been talking to you every other chapter, but I don't think she
even keeps track of some of this shit.
And it's a good thing too, because if she did...I mean, fuck, I
don't know how she would take it.
I mean, yesterday the Daily Journal said something like,
"Magnus Davion: Should He Be Allowed To Live Near Schools?"
Can you believe that shit?
The reasoning?
Apparently because I had known Penny when she was 18 years
old I must've had something for her. Like I planned this whole
thing. Like I built a multi-billion dollar real estate empire that
culminated in the purchase of the New York Nailers that led me
to cum on that one cheerleader's face. Apparently that was all a
plan to get the attention of the Page Eight Gossip Column for the
New York Daily Journal and that somehow led me to my ex-
stepdaughter who I then proceeded to fuck.
But you haven't heard the best one yet.
Apparently, I'm a spy sent over from the fucking Russians.
That's right. So I guess I work for the Russians now and my job is
to corrupt American values. Apparently I'm doing that by having
hot fucking sex with my stepdaughter and flaunting it
everywhere. Somewhere along the line, my goal was apparently
to build the Equinox Towers and then flaunt my lack of morals
from there. I have no idea how they drew that leap but it's clear
that whoever was writing that piece was writing something they
didn't really believe and were doing halfheartedly.
It doesn't take a genius to guess who is pushing the buttons
at the New York Daily Journal.
I mean, come on. Anyone else in the city you know that can
arrange that many media elites together and herd them in the
same direction?
It's like the New York Daily Journal comes up with a story and
then the other newspapers run it. And shortly after the
newspaper comes up with the story and the other newspapers
copy it, the cable news channels and local news pick it up and
run with it and before you know it the whole fucking thing is a
story by itself.
What else is there? Aside from being a Russian spy with a
tendency to fuck stepdaughters, I've apparently been cheating
my business associates. I've been stealing from my company and
shortchanging my fucking employees.
I've also been allegedly constructing buildings with cheap and
shoddy materials. That's a new one. So the fact that they
withstood earthquakes while everything around them collapsed
is just too much of a coincidence, huh?
Don't worry; I'm not angry at you. I'm just pissed the fuck off
at the situation.
If it were just me, I would tell the fucking press to go fuck
themselves. I could care less and I'd just weather it by pulling
out my cock and taking a piss on their fucking shoes.
That's what I do. That's how I roll.
But I can't do that.
Because for the first time, I care about someone more than I
care about myself.
I have to worry about Penny.
I have to worry how this shit is going to affect her.
So I can't just beat the shit out of the people who are hissing
at me on the street. I can't just ignore what people say, and do
more of it to piss them off even more. I have to figure out a way
through this.
"Morning," I tell Joyce as I get to my office. "Just how bad is
the shit storm that's going on?" I ask.
Joyce looks at me and she purses her lips.
I can already tell it's going to be pretty fucking terrible.
"You're going to need to make some decisions quick," she
says after a pause.
"What kind of decisions?" I ask.
"Whether you want to retain me as counsel in the event you
get indicted on felony charges," Joyce replies back to me without
even batting an eye.
Holy fucking shit.
"What are you fucking talking about, Joyce?" I ask her and sit
down. I don't know how much more I can take of this.
Joyce throws a newspaper on my desk.
It's a picture of Penny and I. We're walking down Fifth
Avenue. She's looking into a window and I'm holding her from
the back.
We look very much in love, which we fucking are.
The headline above it reads, "Just How Much Did The Father
Pay To Have Sex With His Daughter?"
Jesus fucking Christ.
This shit ends here.
Don't worry. You don't gotta shake your head at me like I'm a
pussy. It's time to man up and fight back. It's obvious just
turning the other cheek and letting the newspapers gorge for a
few days before moving on isn't going to work. Not this time.
They're not going to stop until I'm dead or they're broken.
And I sure as fuck am not dying anytime soon.
But I gotta do this smart.
"The article goes on to insinuate you pimped Penny as well as
used her for sex yourself," Joyce says and I roll my eyes. "If
nothing else, the District Attorney could make trouble for you
just for the hell of it."
No. The DA isn't going to do shit to me.
Because I'm going to put a stop to it.
I stand up. "This fucking ends now," I tell Joyce. She looks at
me for a long second. I think she sees the resolve in my eyes or
something because all she does is nod.
"Okay, boss, sure thing," she says with a bit of smile. Is it one
of relief? Reassurance? "What do we do then?"
I pause for a second. That's a pretty fucking good question.
"Call a press conference," I tell Joyce. "Make sure the New
York Daily Journal has as many seats for as many reporters as
they want. I want them front and fucking center."
Joyce nods to me. "Okay," she says as she takes notes. "What
should I tell them the conference is about?"
I smile.
Now I can see exactly how I'm going to fucking beat them.
I'm going to wear them the fuck down. Take their questions
and throw them right back at them until they realize just how
stupid and nonsensical they are.
"Tell them," I say and think for a moment before it comes to
me. "Tell them it's about my feelings for my stepdaughter,
Joyce looks at me with a flash of concern.
I nod to her to tell her that she heard correctly.
She shakes her head as she walks away to go make the
She probably thinks I've gone insane.
Maybe I have. Maybe I'm going to fucking explode.
But before I do, I swear to fucking God I'm grabbing some of
those motherfuckers and taking them down with me.

G od. If I had to describe the last three days without

Magnus, I'd probably have to use the word...anguished.
Have you ever loved someone so much that every minute that
you're not with them feels like a moment where you'd rather be
dead than separated from them?
Where you just want to know where they are in the world so at
least knowing makes you feel calmer and safer.
Where you feel happy knowing that they're out there in the
world with you?
I think I once read somewhere on Facebook or wherever that
love is actually an emotion that arose as an evolutionary step in
humans. That we experience love so that we can form family
groups and protect each other. So that we can care for our young
when they're vulnerable. So we don't run around having sex and
then forgetting who we had it with and never taking care of our
I don't know honestly what the answer is. I don't know if I
believe in evolution or what.
But I do know that if there is a God on this planet, that he
must have created love for just me and Magnus.
That's right, babe. I know you have your significant other. I
know that the world doesn't revolve around Magnus and me.
But that's what it feels like. That's what every moment I
think of Magnus Davion feels like. That the world was made for
me and him. That every touch, every taste, every feeling and
every breath were made for each other. That the vast entirety of
this world - that all of history - was designed solely so the two of
us could enjoy it.
There is no way I will ever leave this man. There is no way I
will ever betray him. Every fiber of my body, every atom of my
existence, cries out to be next to him.
And you know what?
I know he feels the same way about me.
I know, in my heart of hearts, that this man has reoriented
his life to have it revolve around me. I am the sun to his
He doesn't need to tell me.
I don't need to be near him to be able to understand.
I don't need to see him do or say anything.
It's almost as if...
As if it's faith.
You either have it or you don't.
And I have faith in Magnus Davion.
That's why I'm standing outside the Davion Development
building in Midtown East this morning as I watch him, dressed in
a smart charcoal black Tom Ford suit, walk to the podium and
speak into the microphone.
"Ladies and gentlemen," he says and he scans the crowd. I
don't know why I inadvertently shrink back.
I didn't tell him that I was going to be here today. In fact I
haven't talked to him for the last three days.
I don't know why.
A part of me realized that maybe I should reach out to him. I
wanted to.
But he seemed so busy fighting everyone back.
The world is after him. They're not after me.
I know what it is, actually. I think I felt that if I stayed away
from him, then this whole thing would blow over.
Don't look at me like that.
It's not guilt that brought me here. I'd be here whether I
wanted to or not. Knowing he was going to be putting himself
out there in the public for me - for us - there is no way I'd not
be here.
And I think that goes for the entire borough of Manhattan
too. It seems the steps to Davion Development are just packed
with New Yorkers who have decided that they want to see what
this press conference is going to bring.
There's a large contingent of reporters here at the press
conference. By far the largest contingent is from the New York
Daily Journal.
I can't tell from where I'm standing but it looks like Magnus
gave them seats all the way at the front.
I mean, I guess that's one way to go about handling them.
After the way they've been treating him and the things that
they've been saying, if I were him I wouldn't have even allowed
them here in the first place.
That's the thing. He thinks I don't know all the things that
are being said about us. He thinks he's protecting me.
I figure, let him think that if it makes him feel better. At least
he'll stay strong that way. And that's why I stayed away too, you
know? That's why I didn't call him or text him even when I saw
he wasn't texting me.
Because I figured that not seeing me would help him be
Even though just seeing him from a distance right now fills
me with hope.
I wonder, did I make a mistake?
"I'll have a prepared statement and then I'll take your
questions," Magnus says and looks at the audience. He's not
using a TelePrompTer. Oh God. "The experience of the last ten
days have been something that I wouldn't wish on my greatest
enemy. But it's time that I set matters to rest."
Magnus looks out into the audience as if daring anyone to
challenge him. All he gets back are some photographers who
take some pictures of him.
"I want to clear the record here. I married Rhoda Wright
several years ago. We were married for 263 days. That's less than
a year. When I met her, she was a widow with a daughter from a
prior marriage. Her name was Penny and she was eighteen years
old," Magnus pauses and looks out into the audience again. My
heart catches.
You think he's looking for me?
You think he knows that I'm here?
I wouldn't put it past him to be able to sense it.
"At the time, I was focused on trying to save the marriage I
had to Rhoda but it became clear to us that we were incompatible
and we parted in what I believed at the time were amicable
circumstances," Magnus says and I roll my eyes. If the people of
this city only knew what Mom had told me. How she used him
for his connections.
But they won't be able to know, because I was an idiot and
lost the only proof that I had. I let Mom play me.
I should have gone to the house. Not met her at her office.
"At the time I had no designs on Penny. But several years
later, when I met her again, she had blossomed into a gorgeous
young woman. When I met her I had no idea as to her
employment with the New York City Daily Journal. This became
apparent to me at the end. But whether I had known at the
beginning or at all, it wouldn't have colored my impressions of
her," Magnus says and my breath catches in my throat. "I love
Penny Wright and I say it proudly."
That's it.
I can't sit here and let him stand alone.
For better or for worse, I need to be with him.
I start to move, making my way to the edge of the crowd
slowly but I can hear him continue.
"I'll take your questions now," he says and I pause.
It's either going to be finished because he won them over or
it's going to be a bloodbath.
For long minutes there's silence and I wonder if Magnus truly
could have won everyone over. I mean, I wouldn't put it
past him.
But then, the first question comes.
From a reporter I remember from the Daily Journal.
Someone new. Someone Mom hired.
"Mr. Davion, how do you respond to allegations that you
coerced your daughter into having sexual relations with you?"
he asks.
Magnus bristles. "She's my stepdaughter. And there was no
coercion. End of story," he says.
I start walking to the podium. He may have brushed it off but
the crudeness of the question is going to stay for a long time
unless its squashed.
"Mr. Davion, what proof do you have to substantiate that you
did not coerce Penny Wright into a sexual relationship?" another
reporter asks. This one is from the Daily Journal as well,.
"I have my word," Magnus says tacitly. "That's going to have
to do."
"Mr. Davion, do you believe that in light of these allegations
you should still have a place as a builder for the City of New
York?" another Daily Journal reporter asks. "Hasn't your image
been tarnished enough?"
I can see Magnus stiffen. "I have done nothing wrong," he
repeats. "Let me be clear. These are allegations only.
"Are you saying there's a plot out to destroy you?" another
reporter asks.
"Isn't that a bit too far-fetched?" yet another Daily Journal
reporter piles on. "That the media are trying to tear you down?"
But the ironic thing is, that it's true you know?
You've been here from the start. You know what Mom and
Laurel Trask wanted to do. You know what I did for them. I'm
close to the podium now. I can see Magnus.
And that's when I realize that this whole thing can be solved
in a heartbeat.
I have the power.
I can't believe I forgot all about it.
It just means that I have to step up.
Put my money where my mouth is when I say I love Magnus
And not a moment too soon.
Magnus is looking defeated there.
"How can we be sure that you did not in fact coerce your
stepdaughter when it's just your word against her mothers?" the
first reporter is asking again.
But I don't let Magnus answer.
Instead I speak up.
"I can answer that," I say boldly and hopefully loud enough.
It is loud enough it turns out because Magnus turns around in
an instant. He looks at me.
His eyes go wide.
I walk up to the podium that he's standing at and smile
at him.
"Hey babe," I whisper to him. The photographers are going
crazy trying to snap as many pictures as they can. Good thing
yesterday was an ass day at the gym, as I turn around to put my
purse down.
"Babe, what are you doing here?" Magnus whispers. "Are
you okay?"
I smile. How sweet. We really are meant for one another.
"I'm here to close this chapter, hon," I tell him.
And then I turn to the masses.
They want a scandal?
Then it's time for a real story.

I look out at the sea of faces and then look back to

Penny. She's standing there like a champion.
God, she looks so fucking beautiful.
Can you fucking believe that even in this mess, my cock is
twitching as I see her standing there in that tight skirt and suit
I mean that skirt is hugging her ass so tightly, I can fucking
see the outline of her thong if I squint hard enough.
I know they say thongs take out the visible panty line, but to
my eye, I can spot just about everything. That little triangle of
fabricI totally zero in on that, and then the rest of the cheeks
are opened wide up, baby.
That's how fucking turned on I am by Penny Wright.
She's grown so much as a person. She's become so strong.
It's so amazing.
I don't think I had anything to do with it. I mean you can sit
there and say that it was her experiences with me that made her
tougher. But I don't know. I think she grew on her own. I was
just the sunlight that allowed her to flourish like a germinating
And now here she is, standing in front of half of New York
City if you count all the people watching through the cameras
and who'll be reading the news once it goes online and gets
I'm ready to step in at a moment's notice now and shut this
shit down if I see it going south.
But let's let this girl see what she's got, shall we?
She's already starting to speak.
"My name is Penny Wright, and it seems that over the last
several days, a lot of stuff has been said about me," she says out
loud and with clear and strong conviction. "A lot of it is complete
and utter garbage."
And the photographers go wild.
They can sense a fucking story is coming.
Not for nothing, those motherfuckers from the Daily fucking
Journal look like they're about to throw up they've gone so
fucking green.
"Until recently, I was a reporter who worked on the Page
Eight desk, also known as Gossip Central," Penny says. "They
employed a few of us, about five or six and our job was to troll
through things happening in the city that were scandalous and
salacious and blow them up in the pages of the Daily Journal."
People are nodding along.
"What can I say?" she asks the crowd. "It was a fun job."
Penny makes a face and I can tell the crowd's warming up to
her. They laugh at her line and all of a sudden I'm thinking that
I'm not really going to be needed to step in and protect her.
I mean, this girl has got this shit covered.
"So it wasn't much of a surprise when my Editor-In-Chief
asked me to cover Magnus Davion as part of my Gossip Central
duties. I mean, the guy is God's gift to tabloid journalism at
times," Penny says to more laughter and I even join in.
What? I can take a joke. And she's right.
I used to be a walking advertisement for whatever tabloid was
running my story with my fucking antics.
But then along came Penny.
And changed my life.
"Although this time when they asked me to cover Magnus,
there was a very specific goal in mind," Penny says and leans in.
You can see the crowd lean forward with her. They're eating this
shit up.
"I was supposed to destroy him. Trash his reputation beyond
anything he could do himself and make the city hate him," I hear
her say.
Even though I know this, it still makes me wince that at one
point this was what she was planning to do.
"If you haven't figured it out, this man is my stepfather. He
married my mother when I was 18. The marriage didn't last, but
he never noticed me. There was maybe some jealousy. Maybe
some longing. And a whole lot of brainwashing done by my
mother," Penny says calmly and coolly. This part is crucial. She
can't look to be lashing out. The press is eating this up.
"Only this time, it wasn't just my mother who was pushing
me to take a more unbalanced, and unbiased approach toward
I swear to you, everyone is leaning in.
Hell, even I'm listening. It's like nothing else matters in the
"You see there's a lot of money in real estate development,"
Penny says. "Especially when the city is holding bids on a multi-
billion dollar contract for Equinox Towers. And especially so
when the Mayor herself has a vested interest in ensuring that
the contract goes to someone other than Davion Development,"
she finishes.
This is when the first murmurs go through the crowd.
What exactly is she saying?
What does she mean? Is she suggesting scandal?
Because, Jesus Fuck, this city can't take much more.
"What do you get when you have a Mayor who's financially
vested in ensuring that the Equinox Tower contracts go to
someone else that's not Magnus Davion?" Penny asks. "And
what do you get when a Mayor and an Editor-In-Chief are
Fucking silence.
Even me. It's like someone punched me.
Penny looks at me.
"Several years ago, my stepfather and mother were married.
It was a marriage of convenience for both, yes. But Magnus
Davion tried to make it work because he believed in the
institution of marriage. Rhoda Wright didn't even believe she
could fall in love with a man. Because she was focused too much
on women. So she thumbed her nose at the entire marriage.
Until she drove Magnus to divorce her. But to do it in such a way
that she nor her lover ever received a single cent in settlement
monies," Penny starts to say but literally the crowd blows up.
Photographers start taking pictures. Reporters start shouting
Penny waits for a bit. But then she continues and the crowd
settles down a bit to listen.
"The financial windfall that they were expecting not being
given, Laurel Trask began to look for money in unusual places.
These people, in dark corners of the city, did give her the money.
But they demanded favors. And so I was dispatched to stop the
building of Equinox Towers by Magnus Davion. Because that was
the favor," Penny says and turns to me. "That's what I've been
doing the last three days, babe. Just so you know I wasn't
ignoring you."
I nod to her and she smiles.
Then she looks back to the crowd and talks into the
"It's very hard for me to stand here and say these things
about my mother," Penny says. I know something is coming.
"And it must be very hard for you to sit there and listen to me
saying them. Especially when I have no proof."
People begin to nod.
"I used to have proof," Penny says. "But that proof was
destroyed because I didn't plan ahead."
I'm wondering what the final game plan is. If Penny is up
there and trying to convince the people of New York that the
Editor-In-Chief of the largest newspaper in the cityand
countryas well as their mayor are secret lovers that tried to
take me down, she's going to need something or someone more
than just her words.
Otherwise Rhoda and Laurel are going to eat her alive.
"So while I don't have the proof I was hoping I'd have, I just
realized I have something better," Penny says and now I'm
completely hooked.
Penny pulls out her phone and punches a few buttons.
Then she holds the phone to the microphone.
All I tried to do was be fair and balanced, mom. Thats what a
good reporter should do, no? Look for the truth? I hear Penny's
voice come through loud and clear.
And then I hear Laurel.
The truth? Penny, youre still a young woman I know you
hold all these ideals of justice and fairness, but thats not how
the real world works. And I can assure you thats not how
Magnus works either," the clear voice of the Mayor fills the area
that the crowd is in.
To say they go fucking wild is an understatement.
There might be a mini fucking riot.
"Have you even read the article you wrote? You were
supposed to destroy him, not help him build up his savior
image!" comes the unmistakable voice of Rhoda Wright.
"Rhoda, I need to go make sure that the people who are
funding our campaign for governor aren't pissed off beyond
opening their wallets some more. I suggest you get your
daughter in line," comes the voice of Laurel one last time.
Penny turns off the phone.
"i think that's all I need to say on the matter," she says
sweetly. But if you really want a story, Im about to give you
one, she follows up.
The crowd hushes and looks to her.
What could be bigger than what they just got.
Ive been having a whole lot of sex with Magnus - the man
who used to be my stepdad, Penny says and I cant help but
laugh for a second. And you know what, New York? Im
pregnant. And loving it.
To say the crowd goes wild is a fucking understatement.
I dont think Ive ever been happier in my life. I could care
less about anything at this point.
Magnus Davion has been so many things in his life. Warrior.
Financier. Playboy. Success story.
But Father?
Five months ago, I would have been scared out of my mind.
But with Penny in my life?
I cant believe Im so lucky.
"And I also think this story is closed, don't you? Any
People shout out questions that really are best asked to Rhoda
and Laurel. Like how long have the two been lovers? How long
have they tried to destroy me? Do they realize this is a federal
offense that they just committed.
Or they ask questions that will never be fucking answered.
Like how many times weve consummated. Or what were going
to name the fucking kid.
But the Daily Journal people are silent.
All the way at the front they're sitting there like wet fucking
blankets as the rest of the entire press corps goes crazy.
Im still in a daze.
Penny turns to me, obviously pleased by her work.
She comes over to me and nuzzles my cheek.
Are you upset? she asks me, her eyes wide.
Baby, I tell her and hold her. Youve just made me the
happiest man alive.
And youve made me the happiest woman ever, she
replies back.
We stand there, holding each other for a second. And then a
lascivious smile lights up her face.
"Want to go to your place?" she whispers in my ear. "I need
some of that Daddy-dick inside me. Soon."
Hey. The girl just saved my fucking ass. And is gonna make
me a real Daddy. Who the hell am I to argue?

"N ever fucking leave me ever again," Magnus says with a raw
tenderness but danger that shakes me to my core.
I never want to leave him ever again. I have to make sure that
he knows that. "I want you more than I've ever wanted
anything. I need you more than I've ever needed anything. I'm
yours, forever. But you have to always be mine. I could never be
without you," I say, my voice catching in my throat and my eyes
welling up.
"Penny," Magnus says, cupping my face and pulling me closer
to him. "I need you more than I've ever needed anything. I'd die
before I let go of you. I didn't know I could have something like
what you and I share. And this is just the beginning. I have to
have the rest of my life to show you just how much I cherish
you," Magnus says, and now his eyes are drinking me in so
deeply I shiver. His lips close over mine and his fingers drop
from my face to my shoulders, then back to my shoulder blades,
squeezing me so tightly that I believe every damn word about
how much he needs me.
Well, that helps me believe every word he said, sure. But most
of all I believe every single word he said because that same damn
obsession and love is in me. In my heart...and growing inside my
womb now. Magnus is everything to me. Magnusand the baby
we are going to havearen't just my future; they're more than I
ever hoped for. They are what I could never let go of now.
I feel his hands dip into my shirt and unhook my bra. I feel his
cock thunder up and press hard into my stomach beneath his
trousers, but his hands are on my skirt, yanking it down quickly.
His lips are closing over mine in a hard, passionate kiss, and
Magnus's hands tear my panties off. I mean, he tears them off
me in tatters, shredding the fabric and exposing my pussy so he
can have me. I don't give a shit how much those panties cost
either. My skin heats with pleasure at how much he wants me.
The cool air hitting my exposed pussy makes me shiver.
I get my hands to his pants and gasp when he breaks the kiss.
Magnus throws me over his shoulder, undoes his pants with one
hand, and steps out of them, carting me off to the couch. We
aren't going to make it to the bedroom, and, based on the way he
drops me onto the couch and then deletes all distance between
us, I think he's interested in christening the final piece of
furniture between us that we haven't covered in cum and fucked
hard on.
Magnus has his stomach pressed to my back, my own
stomach pressed into the couch. Trailing fingers up my spine, he
brings his fingers to my bra and pulls it from both of my arms.
He tears off his shirt, then mine, and presses his hot skin
against mine. I ache with need, trembling at the possessive way
that he's holding me. No matter how many times we fuck, I'll
always shake at the sheer fury with which Magnus claims me.
His fingers close around my throat while his other hand
spreads my pussy. When he starts to circle my clit, I'm trying
hard to stay still. Easier said than done because he knows exactly
how to touch me to drive me wild. Leaning forward, Magnus
shoves the hard rod of his erection against my ass. I want that
cock so deep inside me, but I know better than to beg.
"Please fuck me, I can't wait!" I whimper.
Okay, so just because I know better doesn't mean I aim to
To my delight and surprise, Magnus moves me and lays me
down on my back on the couch and unceremoniously drives his
cock right into my pussy. "I can't wait either, Penny, I fucking
need you," Magnus growls.
No teasing. No games. Just two people who need each other
that they might combust if they don't fuck and they'll combust
when they do.
I watch that incredible body as he fucks deep, hard, fast into
me with one pounding stroke after another. His pectorals alone
make my pussy wet enough to soak through a snowsuit, and
then he's got eight-pack abs that make me want to cry, they're
so sexy. Watching his hips while he fucks me casts a spell on me.
I lick my lips, and bring my hands to my breasts. I squeeze my
I see a wicked glint in his eyes. "You wanna touch my girl?"
he asks mischievously. "Me too," he says. He brings a thumb to
my clit and works quick circles over the sensitive bud until my
eyes roll back in their orbits. His hands on me undo my ability to
function properly. He can lay siege on me with pleasure and
descend on me with an almost eerie ability to do exactly what
will drive me over the edge. Magnus knows every inch of my
body, like his hands, his cock, his lips were all made exactly for
me. Spiritual, or religious, or not, I have to think that he can't be
this perfect for me without some kind of miracle.
"I love you so fucking much," I moan out while he works me
right to that point where I'm going to cum and then looks
smugly right into my eyes and stops.
Fucking stops.
Just a second, long enough to make me gasp.
"Cum for me, Penny," he says, offering the permission right
as his fingers are back on my clit. He rams his cock up my pussy
hard enough to push me several inches up the couch from the
impact alone.
I want to dig my heels in for enough purchase to keep him
fucking me but mostly I'm dangling, shaking, working hard to
breathe through the thundering orgasm rocketing through
my body.
"I love you and I love fucking you so much. I'm about to cum
in my sweet little daughter's pussy, are you ready, baby girl?"
His voice is sex and sin incarnate. I feel like his voice is so
incendiary that the couch could be going up in flames right now.
Which would be fine because the two of us will cum enough
before the flames could ever destroy us. That's silly and
whatever, but we have an unshakeable bond. I know that
absolutely nothing will ever come between Magnus and I. We've
already faced every bad thing I can imagine, and we'll make it
through to the other side.
"Yes, please, Daddy, cum in your slut daughter's pussy," I
groan out throatily, my own orgasm still stealing my breath.
"Fuck," Magnus moans, and I feel that pole-fucking rocket
cum deep inside my pussy. He pulls out as his cum is flooding
out of my pussy, mixing with his.
I whimper when he pulls his cock out all the way and starts to
cum on my pussy. The hot ropes of his orgasm paint me up so
pretty, but I want to feel him inside. But then I see that look.
When I see that look that's when I don't know what's coming,
but it's something good. A shiver climbs over my spine and lust
unfurls in my body.
Magnus dips his head between my thighs, swooping down
there so fast I almost don't register what he's doing until I feel
his tongue on my pussy. He's licking the cum he just shot all
over my pussy up along with my cum. God, when I think that
Daddy can't get any more perverted, then he does something
like this. The sight of him down there makes my breathing speed
up, and I'm panting so much I feel like I might hyperventilate.
The man is so sexy it's dangerous. I shudder, cumming again and
even harder, whimpering for him to lick up every last drop of my
arousal. Fuck, he does. He licks my pussy so good I want to cry.
Magnus crawls up closer to my face and pulls my face to him
and kisses me, our cum all over his tongue. Now that's
downright naughty as hell. A heat wave flames through my body
at the sensation of his sweat-slicked body falling over my own.
The weight of him over me makes me moan. Just the feel of his
skin on mine sends me to heaven. His lips closing over mine, his
tongue exploring my mouth, that's just over the top arousing. I
can't remember anything in this moment but needing him. My
whole existence is about how much pleasure is coursing through
me, how much I want to show him the same. I wrap my arms
around him, tangling my fingers through his hair and holding
him close to me.
I feel his knees spread my legs wide and he thrusts his cock
back in me.
I moan hard into Magnus's mouth at the deep invasion of his
cock in my pussy.
I'm cumming again, hard enough to push on his cock. He
breaks the kiss with a laugh. "I told you that you wouldn't be
able to get rid of me," he says, pulling my hands down and then
gripping my hips with both of his hands. Holding me down, he
jackhammers his cock so hard into my pussy I'm screaming in
staccato bursts of sound at every time he re-enters me. He pulls
that huge cock all the way out of my pussy and slides his cock all
the way back in, fast and hard. It's so intense I can't help
screaming again and again. Mostly I just make sounds, but I feel
his name on my lips, too, though I don't even hear the sounds
that I'm making.
His hands are pressing hard on my hips. Magnus groans hard
and starts fucking me even faster and harder somehow. He
always has this reserve of fucking energy, and I do mean energy
for fucking, where he cums again and fucks me so hard I think
they can probably feel me cum in response all the way around
the world.
Magnus releases my hips, running his hands back to grip my
ass and he lifts it up, angling so he's fucking me even deeper
with his huge cock. I'm cumming so hard now with that angle
and that depth that I feel it running down my thighs. The room
smells like us fucking, the sensual musk of us cumming and
sweating so profusely. It's my favorite scent in the world, and it
takes over my senses as I breathe huge gulping breaths that fill
my lungs so that I can take just how deep he's fucking me. His
thighs are like goddamn tree trunks, huge and powerful as he
relentlessly fucks me like I'm an object he's holding. Magnus
fucks so damn hard it almost doesn't feel possible. I'll be sore
for days and I'm going to walk sideways. I want nothing less. I
love the way he fucks me.
"You are so fucking sexy, Penny," Magnus groans. He pulls
his cock out of me.
Whimpering, my legs start to shake hard from his sudden
Magnus stands next to me, stroking his cock, and I know what
he wants. He's close to cumming and his cock is covered in my
cum. I turn and bring my hands to take over stroking his cock. I
summon all the suction I can and swallow every inch of his
massive cock. Running my tongue on the sensitive ridges of his
cock, I feel like his perfect little princess when I feel him
shudder because I'm touching him. I like pushing him with
pleasure, too. I delight that as much as Magnus knows every
single way to touch me and fuck me to turn me on, I also know
exactly what will set him off into an orgasm that curls his toes.
Judging by his hands fisting my hair tight, him biting his
lower lip now, I'd say I've gotten pretty close. My clit twitches at
watching his face contort with the erotic takeover of orgasm. I
feel his hot load bursting down my throat and I gulp down every
last drop of cum while I look into his eyes. His eyes open to
watch me suck his cock and my pussy is trembling, dripping with
my own creamy arousal because I get so fucking turned on when
he cums.
He starts to pump his hips and fuck into my mouth and I start
moaning uncontrollably over his cock. I remember that first time
he fucked my mouth and it sets off a crescendo in my body that
punches itself to the surface of my consciousness. My orgasm
spurs him on. He bends to drag his fingers over my pussy, and he
sinks several of them inside of me. The sudden fullness of my
pussy and Magnus still cumming down my throat makes me cry
out against his cock.
Magnus pulls his cock out of my mouth and finishes cumming
right on my tits. He runs his hands over my tits, smearing the
cum all over me until I'm just covered in him. Magnus keeps
pumping his fingers in my pussy, stroking my G-spot so
intensely that my hips are jumping around in response with
orgasm after orgasm. I cum so hard I feel the puddle on the
couch and smile at the thought that we've fucked on every piece
of furniture that I can think of.
"Yeah, keep going, Penny. My sexy little cum slut sucked my
cock so good she deserves to cum until her legs give out,"
Magnus says in his cocky, smug voice that sends shivers through
my body. I love when he gets all prideful about how hard he
makes me cum.
Like, damn, he totally should. My body is wracked with
pleasure. I feel like I'll melt in sweat or drown myself in all the
cum he's shooting through my body.
Shivering, shaking in his touch, I whimper when I start to feel
myself coming down from the high. Magnus drops down to his
knees and he sits me up.
With my pussy right on his mouth. He pulls my legs to sit on
his shoulders. His tongue laps so, so slowly over my sensitive
pussy and I'm about to cry, it feels so fucking good.
I grip the couch for purchase, but fuck that. I want to touch
Magnus while his tongue strokes my pussy. I roll my hips, grab
his hair, and slowly ride his face. Dear fucking God, his tongue is
making my eyes roll back in their socket. I let my head fall back
against the back of the couch and I keep rolling my hips, slowly
picking up the speed as I ride his face. When I feel an orgasm
burning up inside me, he slides several fingers inside my pussy
and my ass drops. He catches me and keeps finger-fucking my
pussy hard while his tongue laps at my clit. I'm screaming and
squeezing him and my whole body is wracked with my heavy
breathing. The orgasm dies down and he pulls me up into his
arms, my legs dangling. He stands up, holding me in his arms.
He kisses me, and I taste my pussy all over his face. I could taste
my pussy on him all day; it turns me on so much. I feel him start
to smile while we're kissing and it makes my heart swell ten
times bigger in my chest. I can't help but smile, either. I'm so
happy that I think I actually qualify as giddy. His arms squeeze
around me and I shift a little bit, and feel a huge erection, sticky,
slippery, pressing on my stomach. "Magnus, God, you still want
to fuck?" I yelp. "That cock has magic powers," I say in a mock
suspicious tone.
"I can't help it, I stay rock hard around you, Penny. I want you
so goddamn much," he says and kisses me on the cheek. It's so
tender and intimate.
I feel the thrill rise inside me and I know I want him again. I
don't care if my pussy is sore for a week later, I want him to fuck
me more, and I'll want him to fuck me while I'm sore later. All
my holes were made perfect for him to fuck exactly the way he
wants to.
"I know that look," Magnus says with a sly grin spreading
over his face.
"I need you to fuck me more, Daddy," I say, jutting out my
lower lip and quivering it.
His eyes narrow, eyelids hooding over them with lust. He sets
me down on the couch and I quickly snatch his cock and start
sucking it. I can't help how much I need him and I can tell that
he was about to pull his cock out of my mouth and fuck me, but I
see his toes clenching up and I know I'm sucking his cock good
enough to give him pause. I like that. I like having this kind of
power to please him. No one could make me cum the way he
does. If I give him even a fraction of that pleasure then I can die a
happy woman.
If I can always be his, then I'll be the happiest woman in the
world. I know it in my heart and that truth rings out in my soul.
So I bob my head up and down on his cock with every drop of
energy I have and suck like I'm trying to capture his body and
suck it clean out of existence, like I'm a black hole. I'm sucking
so hard my cheeks are dented in and pressed against the huge
cock that just barely even fits in my mouth. I can feel his cock
slide deep in my throat and it turns me on to think about the
sight of his cock buried deep down my throat. I keep up the
frantic pace and squeeze his ass with my hands. I'm gripping
him for dear life and his breathing is telling me how close he is.
Making Magnus lose control is basically the highest honor I'll
ever achieve in life. I'm desperate to shatter every drop of
control he has and make sure he comes in my mouth before he
fucks me. I mean, don't you think that only seems fair?
He seems to be onto me. I see him look at me with confusion
he's not sure if he wants to pull out of my mouth and fuck me
now, or let me keep sucking his cock. I don't want to give him
the option and I swallow him up, sucking and fucking my mouth
onto his cock as fast as I can.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Magnus groans out, and I feel him give in.
I feel his balls unloading in my mouth, heaping gulps of cum
spurting down my throat. I swallow up every last drop, desperate
to suck every bit of cum his cock has ready. Not just because I
want to make sure he enjoys this blow job as much as possible.
Also because I'm bankrupting his cum stocks so that he keeps
fucking me as much as we both need. Even a sex god like him
needs some bounce back time, and for Magnus, he stays rock
hard while his balls build up another load of cum.
See? I'm all about future planning. I have my sights set on a
very good future. At least, a very good night and a very bow
legged tomorrow. The idea of walking all weakly tomorrow
makes my knees wobble some now. I can be such a romantic, you
see. I press my hands hard against his ass while slamming my
own face down on his cock so that he's pounding furiously into
my mouth and I suck every last drop of his cum, and he doesn't
pull out to cum anywhere on me. I win this round. For the bonus
points, I suck damn hard on his cock that's not shooting
anymore cum, and he shivers. I made Magnus, the man who can
and will make me cum with just a look, shiver because his cock
was still in my mouth.
I'll go ahead and write my acceptance speech later for the
award I've earned.
I release my man's cock, finally, and look up at him. He
narrows his eyes at me but he's smiling so damn widely he can't
fool anyone. But Magnus is so not a man to waste any time. He
presses the head of his cock onto my pussy slit and slides down,
then pushes every inch of that rock hard dick right up my pussy.
I'm stretching around him, groaning as he fills me up again. He
slams hard into me and I can't breathe. It was easier to breathe
with his foot long totally blocking my airway. That's how damn
good him fucking me is. He pounds in deeper, harder, faster, by
the second and my scratchy cum-coated throat doesn't quite
have the volume for the moans and screams that my lips are
releasing. I want to giggle at how I'm practically wheezing from
cumming too hard but I'm too busy getting fucked, railed and
trying to breathe to laugh at the humor of the situation.
"I will never be able to fuck you enough," Magnus says,
slamming his cock into me and looking into my eyes deeply. His
gaze makes me shiver. "But I'm going to cum soon, and that's
probably enough for tonight. Wrap your hands around my neck,"
he says, and he leans down. I wrap my wobbling legs around
him. Magnus stands and bounces me up and down on his cock.
I can barely breathe but I laugh. The laugh makes my pussy
flutter and we both moan in response. "God, now," I try to
whimper out, but I can't hardly get any words to form coherently
because he's fucking me so hard I can't think and because he's
fucking me so hard that my words are getting drowned out. "You
are just showing off," I gasp out quickly.
"Maybe I am. But we both fucking have you with nowhere to
go but back down on my cock," he purrs.
"Remind me to thank gravity in my speech," I say, loving the
confused look my statement earns from him because he can't
actually read my mind so he doesn't know that I fully believe I
deserve an award for my blow job skills this evening. Well,
Magnus can't read my mind yet. I mean, the man is capable of
pretty incredible things so I don't think I'll be ruling anything
out any time soon. He'd probably take it as a challenge, and he's
proven to be a man who never backs down from or fails a
He's right about me having nowhere to go. A fresh sweat
shivers down my spine and I need to breathe, but my breathing
has gone shallow. I fall down on that cock, and it steals more
than my breath. Magnus's cock fills me up and replaces my
thoughts, my ability to breathe, and anything that was in my
head about not being able to cum again. The tide is rising within
me and I know I'm about to come utterly undone around him. He
pulls me down and squeezes me tight to him; my pussy returns
the action and my inner walls strangle his cock. The orgasm
tearing through me is right on time with one shaking me
violently. His cock throbs deep within me. The sheer force of his
orgasm shooting deep inside of me knocks the wind out of me.
There's such a raw power in Magnus, such strength, and I'm just
so damn turned on right now at him cumming in my pussy after
all the fucking we've done tonight. I realize I'm death gripping
him and I'm digging my nails into him. I start to try and say
sorry, but the words are barely coming out because I'm shaking.
"I licked my cum off your pussy, Penny," Magnus says with a
hearty laugh that shakes my body and makes my eyes roll back
in their orbits. His cock rubs every spot I didn't even know my
pussy had, and I'm trembling around him. But Magnus has me
close and tight in his arms so I can fall apart around him. "So
you digging your nails into my skin is fine. I like making you all
crazy with my cock."
It's my turn to laugh. I giggle and press my lips to his chest.
"Crazy with your cock?" I laugh. "Yeah, that sounds about
right," I say, shivering against him.
Magnus starts to walk, carrying us, I realize, to the bathroom.
He turns on the faucet, and never lets go of me as he draws a hot
bath. His cock stays buried deep in my pussy and I'm quite
content with that, my body fluttering around the massive rod
impaling me. I don't want Magnus to ever stop touching me. I
want to be wrapped around him for as long as I can be, and then
some more. I close my eyes and press my head against his chest
again, tucking myself against him happily. He kisses the top of
my head and strokes his fingers up and down the small of my
back, building little shivers inside me that fizz like carbonated
soda, building bubbles of excitement within me that keeps
I almost don't notice anything has changed until right before
he starts to lower us both in the bath. I realize then that we're
above very warm water, and that the faucet has stopped pouring
because he turned it off. We lie down into the water, and I curl up
against him. "I guess this will make it difficult to get clean," I
say, not actually wanting to move away from him even to wash
off the layers of sweat and cum that have accumulated on
my body.
"Who said anything about getting clean?" Magnus laughs.
"You and I can stay as filthy as we want, and the warm water
feels much better around us is all. Clean is for some other time."
Magnus tucks his finger under my chin, lifting my face up for
him to kiss me. It's the softest, sweetest kiss that we've ever
shared. My whole body comes alive when he kisses me. I'm not
just talking about how he turns me on. There's a fierce
connection between us, beyond our naughty fantasies or the
intense way we fuck. We share a kind of love that I didn't know
could exist, and there's going to be another person in our lives
that we'll love, together. My heart expands in my chest to the
point that the only logical thing to do is to squeeze Magnus
harder and kiss his chest where I'm laying. I am so relaxed now
that I imagine drifting off into sleep. Magnus will keep me safe.
Magnus will keep his arms around me. There's nothing more
that I want in the world right now than to be wrapped safely in
his arms.
"Well," I say with a sigh. "I would hate for the water to get
cold," I say, slowly lifting my head up. I pull my pussy off his
cock slowly, a little whimper escaping my lips at the exit. "And
you got this cum all over me I should probably wash off," I say,
running a finger down my breasts at the shimmering cum he
painted me with earlier.
"Let me wash you off," Magnus says. He grabs a washcloth,
dipping it in the water and then rubbing soft circles over my
skin, erasing the cum.
I feel so relaxed with his touch and with the warmth of the
cloth comforting me. The world seems so much simpler in even
the little moments with the one you love. I've never loved
anyone as much or the way that I love Magnus. I look at his
gorgeous body and think even if we're done fucking for the
night, I am nowhere close to done touching him.
When he finishes my breasts and stomach, he dips down and
gently runs the cloth over my pussy.
Danger zone! I hold my breath and wonder if Magnus is up to
something more devious. He isn't though, and I'm so touched by
the intimate gesture of him really washing me, even my most
private and intimate places. It's one thing for him to fuck my
pussy, but his hand over it to wash it feels so...intimate in a way
I don't fully understand.
But I don't need to. Life is simpler with the one you love,
So even those simple acts feel like gifts, because they are.
They are future memories that you have forever. No one can take
a memory from you, but a person can leave. So the one you're
with forever, they are something to cherish beyond words
because you have the memories and you have that ongoing love.
I take the washcloth from him and start to get it wet, looking
at his body. Much as I want to look at his gorgeous face forever
and stay in his arms, I know how good it would feel to wash his
backor him and me both. "Turn around and I'll wash your
back," I say.
He pauses for a second. "I love you," he says quietly, and then
turns around.
I start to wash his back and the words that hung in the air
before he turned around come to him now. "No one has ever
done anything like this for me before. You're the only person in
my life that has taken care of me," Magnus says.
It makes my heart hurt for him. "We can take care of each
other, forever," I say. And I mean forever.

We Apologize. Seriously, No Joke Here.

G OSSIP C ENTRAL ON P AGE E IGHT . From the Desk of Vicky Durner -

All the gossip you never even knew you needed to know!


Let's hope that it's a better morning than the last couple of
The last 24 hours have seen the greatest shakeup in the New
York political climate than anything. Ever.
But first.
An apology.
To both Magnus Davion, and to Penny Wright, the staff at
Gossip Central and the greater New York Daily Journal
organization would like to apologize to you.
What you were subjected to and the reasons you were
subjected to it were inexcusable and vile. No one should ever be
targeted by the press like you've been. It was a witch hunt at the
end of the day and it was orchestrated from within this august
It's safe to say that in this instance, both Ms. Wright and Mr.
Davion were able to fight back. Together, they showed that they
were stronger than the world that tried to tear them apart.
And they prevailed over a corrupt Mayor and an Editor-In-
Chief who lost her principles a long time ago.
For that, we thank you.
Without your ability to fight back on this, the Mayor would
not have resigned 24 hours after your joint press conference.
Without your courage, the Editor-In-Chief wouldn't have
been removed from her role by the CEO of the New York Daily
Journal. The District Attorney is currently investigating her and
her ex-mayor accomplice. That's the last thing that my spies
have told me.
There's always been a bias in the press. We try to control it,
but in this instance, we did not. We fed it and let it run free.
And a young couple who were in love paid the price for
too long.
Others may not have lasted as long as you did. Many others
wouldn't have had the courage to stand up and declare that they
had done nothing wrong. For them, we thank you as well.
Going forward, this paper will be conducting a thorough
review of everything that is printed in these pages to ensure that
something like this never, ever, happens again.
While we can only apologize as many times as needed
publicly, we also acknowledge that we can never repay and repair
the damage that has been caused to Magnus Davion and Penny
It's small compensation, but for whatever it's worth, we
would like to note to readers that the Equinox Towers project will
stay with Davion Development going forward.
And future city contracts will probably be easier.
Indeed, New Yorkers, we here at Gossip Central want to
apologize to each and every single one of our readers for leading
this witch hunt. It was beneath us and those that came on board
with Rhoda Wright have left en masse.
The inmates no longer control the asylum.
The only thing we can wish upon this couple as they embark
on their journey of love is that they never again find themselves
in the papers.
May their life be quiet and peaceful, and may they never have
to work with a mob of journalists pushing down the door to their
May they enjoy happiness and may you, my dear denizens of
the city, enjoy yours.
Till next time, keep your ears open, New York. We're


F elicit!
Thats happiness in Italian, and it pretty much describes the
way Ive been feeling for the past few months. Its hard to
believe, but it has been almost an year after everything that
happened back in New York. Which is almost as saying it was
centuries ago. Time really flies when youre having fun.
Two months after Laurels impeachment, Magnus got down
on one knee and slipped the biggest diamond ring I had ever
seen in my finger. I dont need to tell you how much I cried, do I?
The most perfect man I had ever met, asking me to marry him?
Yeah, I cried so much I thought I was going to dehydrate. And,
with that, he also told me wed be taking a vacation.
A year-long vacation.
That same night we grabbed his Learjet and, the following
day, we touched down on the tarmac at Florence Airport, Italy. I
had never been to Europe before, but Italy was my destination of
choice when Magnus asked me where I wanted to go. I dont
know, theres something about Italy that just adds to happy
endings, dont you think?
Magnus already had an old Aston Martin from the 60s
waiting for us, and he slipped behind the wheel with one of the
biggest grins Id ever seen on his face. Boys and their toys, uh? I
gotta say, though, I was pretty excited about it too - theres
nothing like cruising through narrow Italian streets in a car that
looks like it came out of a James Bond movie set, its engine
roaring loud while the wind whipped at my hair.
That first night in Europe we stayed in a villa in the outskirts
of Florence, but we hopped all across Italy as my belly grew into a
respectably sized bump. Milan, Turin, Rome - you name it, Ive
been there. Weve also made a few detours to visit some other
cities in Europe, from Berlin to Barcelona, but we mostly stuck
with good ol Italy.
In fact, weve been in Italy for so long that I find myself
calling it home. We even decided were going to wait for me to
give birth here before we head back to the states. We timed it so
that Magnus could be in New York just before the Equinox Tower
construction begins. Its been a few months since he clinched
the deal, and it took all that time to straighten out all the
required paperwork. But now he finally has the green light to
start building the tower, and I can tell hes aching to go back
to work.
I feel the same too. Sure, one year of vacation sounds fine, but
I have grown restless as well. I dont want to be a leech and live
on Magnus money, you know? Besides, Ive always wanted to be
a journalist, and that hasnt changed. In fact, Ive used the little
Italian Ive learned (maybe I should consider myself a fluent
speaker by now) to write a few columns for some local
newspapers. I guess Italy really sunk its hook in me, huh?
Even though were probably going back to the states in a few
months, Magnus and I have already talked about buying a villa in
Florence, a cozy and secluded place where we can raise our
children. I love the hustle and bustle of New York City, sure, but
it turns out I also have a penchant for a quiet country life.
The way we see it, we can split our time between New York
and Florence without breaking a sweat. We just go where we
want, when we want. Sure, a lot of that is going to depend on
how busy Magnus is, but theres always some leeway.
I stretch lazily in my chair, remembering every turn of the
path that led to me being here right now with Magnus, and look
up at the first glowing stars in the sky with a smile. Theres a
slight breeze in the air but the night is a warm one, the fingers of
summer already reaching for the green hills of Genoa.
I hear Magnus footsteps coming from inside our bedroom,
and I turn back on my stretcher to see him walk toward the
balcony. Hey, babe, Magnus whispers, leaning down and
planting a kiss on my cheek. I look up at him, smiling, both my
hands on my oversized belly.
Hey there, handsome, I whisper back, and he sits by my
side. Were sitting on the balcony of our room in a villa in the
vicinity of Genoa, one of Italy's most important port cities. The
sun has just set, but its orange glow still falls over the world like
a curtain, and I cant help but feel like Im inside a living picture.
Hows my boy? Magnus asks me, slowly reaching for me
and caressing my bump.
Girl, I correct him with a laugh, but he just shakes his head.
Nah, its a boy. I can feel it, he tells me, a smile on his lips.
We decided against knowing beforehand if its going to be a
boy or a girl, but now we find ourselves betting on whos right. I
tease Magnus by telling him its going to be a girl but, deep
down, I think hes right - theres a miniature Magnus growing
inside of me.
Did you know everything would turn out the way it did? I
find myself asking him, looking at him with a gentle smile. He
smiles right back and, leaning toward me, brushes his lips softly
against mine.
I didnt have the slightest clue, he shrugs. I just knew I
wouldnt leave your side, come hell or high water. Without
saying a word, I reach for his hand and squeeze it in mine; this
time Im the one leaning in toward me, planting a kiss on
his lips.
I love you so much, I whisper, feeling the warm summer
breeze caress my skin.
So do I, he replies, softly pushing me out of my stretcher
and taking it for him. He pulls me into his lap then, and I swing
my legs over his, my arms laced around his neck.
We sit there in silence, the steady chirping of crickets filling
the atmosphere around us. Closing my eyes, I press my head
against his chest and take a deep breath. Sometimes happiness
is as easy as this - one smile, one kiss, one hug. And, with
Magnus by my side, happiness has never been any easier.
If I had to describe my life with one word right now, I know
exactly which one Id use.

Dirty Daddy was so much fun to write in a taboo dirty kinda way.

Next, we haveJailbait!! The first thing I ever wrote!

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And finally, a copy of Gambling For the Virgin, by Dark
Angel! This has never before been provided as a thank you
until now!
And then I have a very special treat. Completely brand new!
My collected NLs!
After that, I have two short stories.
Athenas Puzzle, a short story by Alexis Angel.
All followed by, Malcolms Affair, which is a short story by
Alexis Angel.
Both are never before seen and brand new. They will never be
published anywhere else separately.
Our goal in this is simple.
To entertain you as long as we can to give you the best
experience with the words that we hold so dear. Because while
we may be in various corners of the world, the fact that we are
sharing these brings us closer together we feel.
Thank you so much for reading!



Jailbait: A Secret Baby Bad Boy Romance

Im a bad man. Thats why Im in jail. And Im gonna use her

as my ticket out

Shes sexy, sassy, and cute. But shes never met anyone like
me. I should have no trouble getting what I need from her and
moving on.
Ive done it before. Broken hearts when I left em after I got
what I needed. I can do it again.
I cant let that curvy body sway me from my goal. I cant let
those wide eyes and beautiful lips make me forget what I am an
inmate looking to escape.
Aint no way Im falling in love while Im using her if I know
whats good for me.
Theres just one problem. Ive never done whats good for me.
Thats why Im in jail, remember?

Incarcerate yourself with this secret baby bad boy romance

filled with brooding bad boy alpha-males and the women they
love! No cliffhangers, but its a scorcher with super-steamy
scenes. Happily Ever After? You know it.

T he house is quiet. I place my keys on the dining table

and walk through the living room. It's dark, but I hear the steady
hum of a fan. He must have left it on and then got called into
work because I don't hear him, I think to myself. But then I hear
a noise coming from an upstairs bedroom. Was that a giggle or a
cough, or maybe something else? I can't tell. The sound is too
far away.
I slowly make my way up the stairs. "Hello?" I call out. But I
don't receive a response. Maybe Jonathan is home and taking a
shower. I approach our bedroom. The door is closed but there is a
light on. I turn the knob and push the door open. The stereo is on
and I hear our familiar song playing its soulful melody:
"If the stars don't shine, if the moon won't rise, if I never see
the setting sun again, you won't hear me cry, this I testify,
please believe me, boy, you know I won't lie, you and me, you
and me"
I blink back the light of the room as my eyes adjust. At first
nothing seems amiss. I notice our rumpled white comforter on
the bed and it's moving rhythmically. "Jonathan?" I ask. But
before I hear anything else, I now know what I'm looking at, and
I'm having a hard time believing it. My eyes burn, and I blink,
but when I open them again, I know everything is now changed.
My life is irrevocably altered.
"Babe, what are you doing home? I thought you were
working?" Jonathan stammers, holding the comforter up to
his chin.
At first, I'm too stunned to say anything. And then I scream,
and once I open my mouth, I can't stop. Words spill out of my
mouth like water from a fire hose. "Get out! You bastard, get out!
Now! Just get out!" Hot tears are spilling out of my eyes, and I
hate myself for crying. I should be stronger than this. My
strong-willed mother raised me, and if she were here right now,
she'd tell me to be tougher than this. I can almost hear her voice
in my ear, with its deep, serious tone, telling me that this man
doesn't deserve me. He isn't worth crying about. But I'm
devastatedthere is no question about itand the hurt that's
coursing through me drowns that all out.
"We can work this out," Jonathan pleads. He's getting out of
our bed, naked, and holding a pillow in front of his erect cock.
His hair is a mess and he runs his fingers through it. His face is
flush; he seems scared, but he's forcing his mouth into a smile,
and I can't help but look at his rows of perfectly white, straight
teeth. I used to think they were a thing of beauty, and now I
think they make him look fake, like a real-life talking
mannequin, which reminds me of a horror movie. He extends his
hand to mine, but I don't let him touch me. I swat it away and
turn my body before crossing my arms defensively.
Before this moment, I thought he was the perfect man, even
the man of my dreams. I believed that the fairy tale was possible
I bought into the Disney dream that said everyone had their
soul matetheir hero on a white horse would come along, so
long as you waited for him. I pictured us in this house with kids. I
pictured the wedding. I even found myself day dreaming about
what kind of flowers I'd use for our arrangements. Hell, I even
thought we'd eventually have the mini-van and the weekday
soccer practices. It was such a clear picture.
"I made a mistake," he pleads. "I swear this'll never happen
again." I snatch his pillow and throw it across the room. I want
him to feel just as exposed and vulnerable as I do in this
"You're joking, right?" I ask, not waiting for an answer.
"It's over."
And then I look back to the bed, and I see a woman looking for
her bra. Her hands are fumbling through the sheets. She's trying
to hold her beasts in her hands, but her bra is on the floor and
when she finally sees it, she has to reach down and pick it up.
Her breasts spill out and I am disgusted with how perfect they
look. She refuses to make eye contact with me and her
discomfort is palpable. Her hair has that "just fucked" look and
she doesn't bother touching it. She's not the one I'm mad it. It's
clear she's an unknowing victim.
"Get out!" I scream again. It's the only thing I can say. It feels
as if the walls are crumbling around methe home Jonathan
and I built together, the rainy nights spent in front of the TV
cuddling up to a movie, the laughs, all of the good memories
that is all replaced with what feels like a punch to my gut.
Everything feels dead and the only way I know how to staunch
the pain is to remove these peopleto get them out of my sight
for good.
They scramble for their clothes, and hop around the room on
one leg, quickly trying to pull their bodies through jeans. They
aren't moving fast enough and I can't stop screaming. I'm
seeing and feeling red. My entire body is pulsing. "Get out! Get
out! Get the fuck out!" The minutes seem like an eternity and
they finally leave with their shoes tucked under their arms. The
woman runs down the stairs, and Jonathan follows after her. He
stops mid-way and looks back at me one last time before leaving
the house for good. It's a pathetic look and I hate him for it.
As soon as I hear the front door close, I slump down against
the bedroom wall and sob. It feels like my chest is cracking in
half. Everything feels dark and broken. I vow to never trust
another man so easily againmaybe ever. Maybe there's no
such thing as a Mr. Right. Maybe it's all a lie.
All I know is that there's now a before and after. I'm no
longer the person I was yesterday, or even a few minutes ago. I
was once blind and trusting, but time has split me in two. I don't
even know who I am anymore. I'm a new person nowthe kind
of person who has to reconcile the fact that the man who I
thought was my best friend is actually part of a betrayal. It's sort
of like being slapped and hugged at the same time.
I don't know who I am any longer, or where I'm going, but I'll
be damned if I'm going to let myself sit here, shattered.

"6 , 7, 8, 9," I say out loud nearly spitting into the dirt next to
me. Fuck, this place is hot. It must be 90 degrees out here. My
arms and chest strain under the heaviness of the cast iron
weights clanking against a steel bar. My muscles are shot and
quivering, but I keep going at a steady pace. I feel myself growing
stronger, and if I'm honest, lifting weights gives me the same
euphoria as fucking beautiful women. Besides, I can't let myself
get soft in a place like this.
There aren't many weights in the exercise yard anymore. It
ain't like the movies. The ones left are decades old and rusting,
and you practically have to nut up on everyone around you just to
use them. I guess some high and mighty prick judge somewhere
thought it was risky to let ex-cons get "intimidating muscles,"
and before anyone could so much as bat an eyelash, the media
had its panties all in a ruffle. Everyone was "crapping in their
cornflakes" so to speak. Just like that. Boom. Everyone was
afraid. And now here we are resorting to lifting library books and
doing pull ups on our bunk beds. Lucky for me, this shithole still
has a set of weights, and if it's one thing I refuse to do, it's to let
myself rot here.
I rest the weights back on the stand and wipe a thin line of
sweat dripping down my temple. I blink back the Southern
California sun. I catch my breath and grip the bar again. "One
more rep," I tell myself. I release the bar from the stand and
exhale sharply. It feels impossibly heavy and my veins are
pulsing in my biceps. If this bar slipsif my arms give outI
will be in serious trouble. For a moment I wonder if I should call
it quits for the day, but I shake the thought. Get your shit
together, I tell myself. I start my new reps and count each press,
"1, 2, and"
As I count, my mind drifts back to the moment that haunts
me every fucking time I close my eyes at night, and every time I
open them in the morning. That apartment. That woman. I can
still hear her screaming. I can still see that look of fear in her
wide blue eyes as she clutched her baby to her chest. "Do it!"
Billy yelled at me. "What the fuck are you waiting for?"
I remember holding the gun in my hand. My fingers frozen
against the steel. That baby's perfectly round head nuzzled into
her mother's neck like a fuzzy peach. I couldn't do it. I mean, not
just in a moral sense, although only a sick fuck could make a
move like that, but my entire body resisted too. I completely
shut down.
"You fucking coward," Billy snarled. He grabbed the gun and
changed everything. BANG. BANG. There were two loud shots
that ended two lives. I had never seen so much red. And then
everything went quiet. I exhale sharply again, remembering the
unsettling stillness of it all.
"3, 4, 5" I continue to count my reps at a faster clip trying
to dull the memory.
It was a revenge killing. Running drugs for the mob isn't
pretty, and I've done a lot of shit things in my life, but killing a
mother and a baby isn't one of them. Of course no one believes
me. And why should they? Billy and the rest of 'em did a damn
near perfect job of setting me upmy finger prints were all over
the place, including the gun. When the judge slapped me with a
life sentence, I swear that a fucking lump the size of a boulder
lodged itself deep into my gut. I still have a hard time eating
sometimes. I shake my head in disgust.
I notice a shadow above me blocking out the sun. A voice says,
"It's time you let the real men have a turn."
A shirtless man looks down at me. His eyes dare me to react.
He's young, maybe 26. He thinks he's invinciblethey all do in
this fucking place. A spider web is tattooed across his shaved,
bald head and he spits into the dirt next to me. This guy must be
new. People know better than to talk shit to me like that. I rest
the weights back on the stand and get up off the bench. I stand
inches from his face with my fists clenched and my tightened
muscles swollen from the bench presses, defying the unsaid
rules of personal space.
"Says who?" I challenge.
"Says me."
"Yeah, well, you can go fuck yourself."
The man's eyes flash hatred at me. He doesn't blink, but
instead moves closer. "What the fuck did you just say?"
"You heard me."
"If I heard correctly, you've just signed your own death
certificate," he taunts.
"Right or wrong. It doesn't fucking matter," I say. "The only
thing that matters in here is winning."
I notice he is clutching a sock in his right hand. I wasn't born
yesterday. I know what he's planning to do. There's a lock buried
in that sock, and I'm not going to let him have the first swing.
Without thinking or saying another word, I strike my right-
elbow into the bridge of his nose and I hear it crack. It's like
turning on a faucet because a river of blood runs down his face,
across his lips, and under his chin.
"You fucking bastard," he growls. He is beyond pissed now.
He swings the sock. Predictable. I bend my knees and dodge it,
and when I come back up, I bring my fist into his temple. He
stumbles and I notice a small crowd has formed a ring around us.
Some men are laughing. Some cheering. Some are even
making bets.
He charges me like a ram and slams his head into my
collarbone. A sharp pain radiates down my chest but this spurs
me on. He may be big, but he doesn't stand a chance. I put him
in a headlock and we tumble into the dirt. He head butts me and
I feel a hot cut form on my cheek. His neck is now in the crease
of my arm and I squeeze harder. I'm on top of him and I put my
knee into his jaw and pummel his ribs with my fist. Our brawling
is kicking up a cloud of dirt and I blink rapidly, trying to keep it
out of my eyes.
My anger is boiling over and I deliver blow after blow. Finally,
I release him and he stumbles back. His face looks like a child
has used it as a finger painting canvas. Red smears are
Two guard rush in. They get between us. I see one guard has a
can of mace on his hip. "There's a zero tolerance policy for
violence boys," the first guard says. "This is going to land you
both in solitary."
The second guard adds, "But seeing as you've gone and
messed yourselves up pretty good, we're getting you examined
They grab us both and march us to the infirmary in handcuffs.
Having my hands behind my back causes the pain in my chest to
flare again. The bald-headed man is taken into another room
while I sit in a hard plastic chair and wait. My anger has subsided
but my head is throbbing something awfullike a marching
band of pain. It's intense. I've always heard that the best way to
combat pain is to face it head on. So instead of trying to ignore it,
I visualize it as a small man with a spear, and I mentally tear him
limb from limb. Just as I'm getting my pain under control, a
woman walks in. She's a part of the medical staff. I read her
badge: Kerri Curtis.
She's standing in the doorway. Her body is nearly silhouetted
against the fluorescent overhead lights. If I would've known
what kind of women they employ in the infirmary, I would've
injured myself sooner. Her fiery red hair cascades down her
shoulders in waves big enough to engulf me. I tell myself that if
her hair was a halo of fire, I'd gladly be scorched those flames.
My eyes travel down all of her perfect curves. I can't help but
watch the way her thin gold necklace nuzzles in between the
secret crevice of her breasts, or the way the gold matches the
brightest strands of her hair. I find myself swallowing
involuntarily. My cock twitches in my pants and I realize it's
been a while since I've fucked a woman.
She looks at my scrapes and makes notes on her clipboard.
She sees the cut on my face and grabs a square of gauze. She
squirts an antiseptic ointment into the gauze, leans in close, and
gently applies it to my cheek. She's so close to me now that I can
pick up the faint smell of laundry detergent on her uniform.
Mountain fresh.
A strand of hair falls into her face and she pushes it behind
one ear. "We'll need to do x-rays," she says. "I'm concerned
about your limited mobility in your arm."
"Anything you say."
"I'm glad you agree."
I wonder if she's really the most beautiful woman in the
world or if my mind is playing tricks on me because I haven't had
contact with any woman for nearly a year. She has no idea that
right now, I'd agree to just about anything.

L ooking down at my clipboard I read the name "Stone,

Lucien." I lift my gaze to the inmate sitting in front of
me to put a face to the name. It's clear that this man has been in
a fight. His hair is ruffled and I can see a small bleed on his
cheek. His eyes are the color of granite and his jawline is just as
chiseled. I think how fitting his name is. I glance down at his
body and notice the muscular ripples in his chest and arms, and I
wonder what he looks like outside of handcuffs. My pulse
quickens for a moment and I quickly divert my eyes before he
notices. What's wrong with you? I ask myself. Keep it
professional. Its been six months since I left Jonathan and I
couldn't be happier. It wasn't easy getting to this point; it's been
a painful journey. But this job saved me. This is a good job. I
can't allow myself to be attracted to a good-looking man locked
up in this place.
Being a medical assistant in a correctional facility isn't easy.
Being a medical assistant at San Simeon County Jail is something
else entirely. This jail was built in the 1890s. And its got more
nooks and crannies and idiosyncrasies than I can imagine.
Despite the risk, the age of the jail is one reason I said yes to
working there. Too bad it came with a patient base that were
hardened criminals. It boils down to medical necessity. I can't
make personal connections. In a hospital I can give the confused
dementia patient a hug, or show empathy by sharing a funny
story with the guy wearing a finger brace about the time I
dislocated my own pinky finger in a bet that I wouldn't try out
for my school's softball team. But in here? Forget about it. I
can't do that. I have to stay focused on the care. It's all about
boundaries. Without that, inmates canand from the stories
I've heardwill walk all over me. Without boundaries, I set
myself up for being taken advantage of. I've been here for six
months and I know all of this, but there's something different
about this man sitting in front of me, humbled by handcuffs, but
still proud despite his situation. His presence threatens to seep
between my own limits.
I look at his scrapes, at the bruises that are just now
threatening to form, and at the way he seems to be favoring one
side of his body. I make notes in my clipboard. There's a good
possibility that he broke a bone in that fight. It's not
uncommon. I see those kinds of fractures all the time.
I notice that the cut on his face is starting to dripnot much,
he won't need stitches, but still enough to pay attention to. So I
leave the room to find a square of gauze. I squirt some iodine
into the gauze and dab his cheek. The iodine makes his cheek
appear even redder, but the bleeding stops and at least now his
wound is sterilized.
"We'll need to do x-rays," I say. "I'm concerned about your
limited mobility in your arm."
"Have you seen these handcuffs?" he says with a smirk.
"Maybe they're the reason for my limited mobility."
"Very funny Mr. Stone. It's obvious you're favoring one side.
I'd like to take a closer look."
"Anything you say."
"I'm glad you agree."
A security guard is standing in the room as a precaution and I
look over to him. "Let's take him in for x-rays." The guard nods
and he motions for Lucien to stand. I notice the slight grimace
on his face as he takes a step forward.
"To get a proper x-ray, I'll need his handcuffs removed," I tell
the guard. He agrees to remove them and stay nearby for my
protection. I know I should be afraid of this man and a small part
of me is cautious, but mostly I'm intrigued, and dare I admit, a
little turned on at the depth of his gaze. What's his story? I
The guard removes his handcuffs and I instruct Lucien to lie
down on the x-ray table. He complies and as I stand over him to
adjust the x-ray machine from above, I can't help but look down
at his full figure. He's tall, maybe 6'3" and solid muscle. I catch
myself stealing a glance in the direction of his groin and inhale
sharply as I notice that he's hard. Shit. Why did I look? I'm
pretty sure I can make out the full shape of his huge cock and I
find myself blushing. He smiles. Shit. Shit. Shit. I hate myself
for noticing. I don't know what's come over me. This is just
another inmate, I tell myself. He's just like everyone else. But as
I tell myself this, I only have believe it.
The guard takes a step back and remains in the doorway so
he's not exposed to the x-ray radiation. I fit myself with a lead
plated vest, fasten the Velcro straps, and proceed to take
pictures of his chest. He lies still and remains patient as I
examine the images with the doctor.
"It looks like there's a fracture in your clavicle," I tell him,
returning to the room.
"My what?"
"Your clavicleit's this right here," I say, pointing to the
bone in question. "It's your collarbone."
"That stupid son of a bitch. I should've done more than just
bust his nose. I should've really whooped his ass," Lucien says,
shaking his head.
"Well, you're lucky. It's not that bad," I reply. "It's just a
hairline fracture. You won't need surgery. I'll give you a sling for
your arm. That'll help minimize extra movements. The goal will
be to just go easy on it for a while and let it heal."
"So I guess that ends my weight lifting career?" he laughs,
and then grimaces again in pain.
"I'd say so. At least for six weeks, and then we can re-
evaluate things. I'll be setting you up with an appointment to see
an outside orthopedist."
"Well, ain't that a pleasant surprise. At least I get a ticket
outta here, even if it's only to see another doc."
"That's one way of looking at it."
"Can you give me something for this pain, nurse?" he asks. "I
ain't a pussy, but this shit hurts."
I think for a moment. In here, painkillers are given sparingly.
It's how addictions are formed or fed, or maybe even both. But I
can see he isn't pulling the wool over my eyes. He's in
visible pain.
"Sure. I can give you something to take the edge off."
I look around the room for the syringe. That's another thing
about being a nurse in this place. I can't leave anything in plain
view for inmateseven something like a strip of tape or a
paperclip can be stolen and used as a weapon. Not necessarily
against meI mean, everyone is on the defense in this place at
any given time. They are mostly protecting themselves against
each other. And as far as syringes go, we're always told to "count
our sharps." They have to be closely monitored.
I ask Lucien where he'd like the injection.
"Where do you like it?" he asks, looking at me for a moment.
"In your ass or somewhere else?"
"Well, for an intra-muscular injection, I would go for the
butt. It's a big muscle, and lends itself well for that," I say.
"I thought you'd be the kind of girl who would take it in the
ass," he laughs.
I realize the double entendre of his question and blush for the
second time, and hate myself for it all over again. This is
embarrassing. How is this guy making me put my own foot in my
mouth? I look at him and see that he's still smiling. There seems
to be a new, sharper shine in his eyes. He notices my
"I'm kidding," he says, noticing my embarrassment. "That's
fine. Let's do it. Should I undress?"
"There's no need to uh, fully undress," I say. "Just pull your
jumpsuit down past your waist."
I watch as he slowly removes his jumpsuit. It requires quite
the effort to pull his arms out and he contorts his face in an
acrobatics of pain. As he moves his jumpsuit down, I get a good
look at his chest. He won the genetic lottery, that's for sure, I
think to myself. I can almost visualize tracing my fingers down
the mountain range of his abs. Shit. There I go again. I shake my
head as if it was an Etch-A-Sketch and I was deleting the image,
ready to start over.
He moves in front of me and turns around, holding his
jumpsuit around his waist. I see the sculpted muscles of his back
flex. He pulls his jumpsuit down lower and exposes the top of his
perfect, muscular butt cheeks. "What are you waiting for?"
he asks.
"II'm just grabbing some gauze and the syringe."
I find the gauze and sterilize the injection site. "It's in your
best interest to relax. Don't clench your muscles like that, " I
"What makes you think I'mah, shit! Did you just stick me
with a dart gun or something?"
"I warned you."
"Well, I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't that.
What other surprises do you have up your sleeve for me?"
he asks.
I feel like I've engaged him too much already, so I don't
respond. Why do I continue to open myself up for conversation?
And damn it, here I am, blushing for the third time today. But I
refuse to let him have this kind of power over me, and I motion
for the guard to come back into the room and place his handcuffs
around his wrists again.
I walk out of the room and look back at him one last time. We
lock eyes and in that moment I feel a familiar coldness surge
through my chest.

"Y o, Stone!" someone yells, getting my attention. "What the

fuck happened to you? Looks like you really got your ass
kicked this time."
"Fuck you, Spider!" I yell back as the guard prods me to keep
walking. Spider got his name from his legs. It's like something
out of a freak show. I swear this guy is all legs and no torso. "You
should see the other dude. If you want to see someone who's
really fucked up, just take a look at his face." Spider laughs at
that, and I watch as his freakish legs carry him off down the hall.
The guard walks me to a part of the prison I've never seen
before. It's a hallway lined with hermetic, sealed off cells. So this
is solitary, I think to myself.
"I wasn't lying when I said we don't tolerate violence," the
guard tells me, noticing my hesitation. "But maybe now you'll
believe me."
"If you think this place will teach me anything, you're fucking
"Don't make this harder than it needs to be Stone."
"Or what?" I ask with a flash of defiance.
"Or your life sentence will feel like an eternity. You'll beg the
universe for death but it won't seem to come fast enough."
I don't respond and he unlocks the door, ushering me in. I
lean against the concrete wall, and slowly slide down into a
sitting position. The door slams shut and it sounds just like a gun
going off in my head. Bang. The same noise that haunts all of my
waking moves. I clench my fists.
Fuck this place. I've got to get out of here. I touch the cut on
my cheek and I remember the homemade weapons that the
other inmate was holding in the midst of our fight. It could have
been a lot worse. That son of a bitch was trying to give me a buck
fifty wound right down my face. The kind of wound that leaves a
lasting mark, like a brand. Some guys can be treated like they're
cattle, but not me. Fuck that.
I guess the busted collarbone is the least of my worries. That
prick better hope I never see his ass again. It's not that I want to
spend my time fighting in this place, but I've been slapped with
a life sentence. I mean, what the fuck do I have to lose besides
my status in here? It's either eat or be eaten. You're either the
lion or the fucking gazelle. You've got to watch your ass because
no one is going to do that for you.
I let out a sigh and tell myself I should try and sleep but my
mind refuses to shut off. Since when did this prison get such a
hot medical staff? I think back to the medical assistant who
examined me in the infirmary. Her hair. Her tits. Her perfect
curves. Was I now hallucinating from the painkillers she shot me
with, or was she looking at my cock back there on that x-ray
table? And didn't she stumble on her words a few times? I swear
I saw her face match the color of her hair at least once during
that exam. Maybe I've been starved of a woman's touch for too
longI'm the first to admit thatbut maybe she's more than
just a hot piece of ass. Maybe she's my meal ticket out of this
shithole. The way I rattled her when I suggested she liked it in
the ass. I laugh at that memory until I'm practically crying and
the only thing that stops me is when the pain resurfaces and
becomes too much to tolerate. Fuck those weak ass painkillers.
I'm no stranger to women, and everything tells me this nurse
is as nave as they come. With a little effort, I bet I can persuade
her to help me. In fact, I know I can. She'll be an unknowing
accomplice. I think back to other women in my lifeMaggie,
Sarah, Lisathey were all so nave. Maggie was the first. Her
face was as round and innocent as an apple pie. "I need you,
baby," she'd beg every time I left the house at night, feigning a
work emergency only to go fuck her friend. I'd come home the
next morning hung over and smelling like sexsometimes with
a pair of her panties in my pocket. I'd tell her I had a long night.
I'd tell her my boss was working me to the bone and you know
what? She'd eat it up. I mean it; she'd swallow it all like I was
serving her an expensive dessert. It was that easy.
And then there was Sarah. She was Maggie's opposite in a lot
of waysmore guarded, like a bank vault, but still nave as all
hell. My lies grew more elaborate, but she still clung on to me as
if I was a fucking crucifix. Like I was going to save her from her
demons. At the time I didn't mind because every time I rested
my head between her warm breasts, or pinched her nipples in
between my lips, or ran my tongue between the secret parts of
her thighs, everything was right with the world. But the first
time she ingested a week's worth of Xanax, I knew it was
beginning of the end.
Lisa was a different creature all together. If I weren't such a
fucking coward I would've married her. I would've dropped down
on one knee like they do in the moviesmaybe I would've even
taken her to a fancy restaurant and asked the waiter to bring her
a slice of cake with a giant diamond ring buried deep in the
buttercreamsomething that happens in Hallmark ads. If I
weren't a coward I would've put my arm around her waist and
pulled her close to me. I would've whispered in her ear that she
was the star that had burned brightest in my darkest skies and
that my life was fuller with her in it. I would've told her she was
beautiful. That she was fucking worth it. But life isn't Hallmark.
That shit is a fucking lie. That's not how the cookie crumbled.
Instead she got pregnant and I ran as fast and as far away as I
could. If I'm honest, I couldn't get away fast enough. I left her in
our apartment kitchen, crying in front of a bucket of dirty mop
water. How nave could she be to fall in love with a guy like me
I've never said I was a good person. It's too late for that. I've
fucked up my lifehurt the people around me in more ways
than one, and maybe I'm going to hell for that, but I'm innocent
of the charge that landed me in this fucking place and I refuse to
sit here and take it. I sit against the wall, closing my eyes in
contemplation. My anger flares and I think about confronting
Billy in a dark alley. I think about what I'd tell him before
rearranging his face. And then I snap back to reality and the look
at the four concrete walls surrounding me. There's got to be a
way out of here.
I close my eyes again and after a few moments it hits me. I
have an idea. I need to see that red head again.

I stare at the grey tiled floor and notice it's the color of
stone. I look at the chair at my desk. It's also the
color of stone. Chiseled, grey, and distant. Why is everything
around me reminding me of Lucien Stone? I know what you're
thinking, but the answer is no. I'm not one to develop schoolgirl
crushes on men I don't even know. If it's one thing I've learned,
it's that men come and go and there's no sense dwelling on
something so short-lived. If I sound jaded, it's because I am. Do
you blame me? And besides, this man is serving a life sentence.
Talk about unattainable! So why can't I get my mind off of him?
He's a dangerous criminal. I know thisI've seen his paperwork
but there's something about him that doesn't seem like a
cold-blooded killer. It's as if I know him, or at least recognize
that there's more to him than what his paperwork says.
Maybe I'm hormonal. That has to be it. My body betrays me
when my hormones fluctuate. Some women need to chart their
ovulation cycles on a calendar. Not me. As soon as I start letting
my guard down and thinking that Mr. Right might be the man
sitting next to me, I have to put myself in check. I have to
remind myself that there's no such thing as a Mr. Right. I think
back to Jonathan. His smile. His strong, wide shoulders. I fell so
easily into him. The way he'd walk down the street with me,
putting me on the inside so that he'd be on the side of traffic. I
thought he was the one. He'd even be the guy at the park who'd
stop and wave to babies. He was the fairytalethat Knight riding
into the frame of a movie on an all-white horse. I could picture
us having a house together, the garden surrounded by a white
picket fence, and maybe a few kids. And where did that get me?
I'll tell you. It shattered my world. I learned the fairy tale doesn't
Maybe I just need a quick hook up. A one night stand. I
haven't been with a man since Jonathan. It's my lunch break so I
tap my phone on and load the Tinder app I recently downloaded.
Don't laugh. I never thought I'd download Tinder, let alone
consider hooking up with someone from this app, but it can be
hard to meet people.
I swipe through the profiles. I see a man in a full suit of
armor, as if he were going to a renaissance fair. His bio reads,
"I'm hoping your standards are lower than mine." Swipe left.
Another man sits in front of what appears to be a math textbook.
He seems to be winking at stereotypes and his caption reads,
"I'm the Asian for any occasion. I enjoy math and Pokemon."
Swipe left. Another man with short, cropped hair has a zoomed-
in profile picture of his angry, pockmarked face. His bio reads: "I
don't give a shit what you look like because I'm not that good
looking." Swift left. I sigh and tap my phone off. So much for
I look at my watch. My lunch break is nearly over. I finish my
sandwich and think about Lucien again. I have an exam
scheduled with him in a few minutes to check on his fracture. I
need to keep my cool. Hormones be damned. I have to keep this
Consistency and firmness. No small talk. A professional
distance. I mutter all of these things to myself, but as soon as
Lucien enters the infirmary, all of this fades and again, I'm
finding myself struck by his presence. He's the kind of guy who
commands a room. I can't help but feel his confidence. His gaze
suggests a depth of character that goes beyond the walls of this
I ask the guard to remove his handcuffs and I take a look at
him and ask, "How are your shoulder and arm feeling today?"
"I've had better days."
"But would you say you're feeling any better?"
"I'd feel a whole lot better if I weren't stuck in these four
"Can you move your arms for me?"
Lucien carefully lifts his arm, and slowly rotates it in a semi-
circular motion. I notice that his range of motion is improving.
"I'm still in a lot of pain."
"Well, you aren't out of the woods yet," I remind him. "You'll
have some discomfort for a few weeks."
"It's not discomfort, it's pain. I know the difference."
"Has your pain subsided at all?" I ask.
"Off and on, but I could use an extra aspirin."
For a moment I consider whether I should give him the extra
aspirin. His fracture is healing, but he probably is still
experiencing some pain to the area. There are a few pretty
stringent rules regarding the amount of painkillers we can give
to inmates. Most of the time it can fuel addiction, start an
addiction, or be used as currency in a place like this. But I decide
to give Lucien the benefit of the doubt.
"I'll give you an extra aspirin this time, but we've got to start
cutting back."
"It's just an aspirin we're talking about."
"We have rules here, and I need to follow them," I remind
him, but then soften my body language and tone a bit. "But I
know you need it. So here you go."
He smiles and we hold each other's gaze for longer than
usual. I try to imagine what he'd look like in a different set of
clothes beyond the prison garb. Who would he be? Just another
man walking down the street, or perhaps shopping for a box of
cereal? Would I even turn my head to look at him?
"Do you have an extra paperclip that I could have?" he asks.
"Excuse me?" I reply. His question comes out of left field and
breaks my thoughts. I'm no longer envisioning him strutting
across a crowded city corner, or shopping for groceries.
"I write," he continues. "I mean letters, journal entries, and
things like that. It'd be nice to have a paperclip to keep my
papers together, you know?"
"I can't do that. I'm a medical assistant here to make sure
you stay healthy. I'm not your secretary."
"Come on. Just this once. What's the harm in a paperclip?"
"You know as well as I do that anything in this place can be
"So, what are you saying?"
"The only thing I'm saying is no. Request denied, Stone.
There won't be any paperclips today. I've been here for six
months, and I plan to be here for a while longer. I'm not going to
get fired on account of a single missing paperclip."
Lucien laughs. "Fair enough," he says. "I'll take the aspirin
and get out of your hair."
I watch as the guard walks back into the room and replaces
his handcuffs. Lucien flips his sandy brown hair out of his eyes
and I can't help but wonder what it would feel like to be held
between his strong arms.
That night, I return home and throw my keys and purse onto
the kitchen table. I instinctually open the refrigerator and stare
at the nearly bare shelves. There is a carton of eggs, a half loaf of
bread, and a bag of carrots for when I'm trying to encourage
healthy snacking. I realize I'm not hungry for any of this and
close the fridge in disgust. I look at the stainless steel door and
see grey. Damn it. That color again. Now I'm thinking of his
granite-grey eyes and his strong arms. I'm remembering the
outline of his cock when I x-rayed his chest, and the way it
seemed to grow harder by the second. When I think about it, I
realize I've never touched a cock that big in my life. Jonathan
wasn't built like that. I wonder what it would feel like to take
him inside of me. I feel a flush of desire wash over my body and I
decide to take a shower. Maybe that'll help.
I undress and look at my body in the bathroom mirror.
If Lucien were free now, theres no doubt somehow I would
have found a way to bring him in here. That he would be
standing next to me with his muscled body.
I place my hands over my breasts and imagine that they are
his hands, his strong fingers, and imagine that he has me in his
control and I feel my nipples harden. A tingle runs through my
body and I feel myself getting damp. I need him. Whether hes
here or not.
I walk over to the shower and step inside, turning the heat up.
I stand under the stream of water while the steam fogs up the
shower doors and I exhale deeply. The showerhead nozzle is
removable, and I take it off its stand and into my hands bringing
the hot spray of water to my nipples and I lean back against the
shower wall. I run my free hand down my body and to my pussy,
shoving two fingers inside.
I close my eyes, removing myself completely from this world
as I imagine that those fingers belong to Lucien. That as he does
this he runs his tongue along my neck, kissing the ridges
of them.
I shudder in repressed pleasure as I picture Lucien squeezing
my tits and my ass. His giant body looking over mine before he
ravished it. His thick, juicy cock quivering in desire before it
begins to plunge into me.
Then I remove them and bring the hot stream of water of
water to my clit. My entire body clenches under the growing,
pulsing desire. I imagine that the hot pressure from the water is
his mouth and the image is too much to carry. I throw my head
back and let the orgasm overtake me, ridding it out until my legs
stop shaking.

S pider laughs so much he's crying. "Here you areMr.

Fucking Stonethe grit in this graveyard we call a
correctional institution, and some nurse wants to suck your
nuts. What's the world coming to? Does she know what a sorry
ass you are?"
"Fuck off, Spider."
"Shit, I'll give her a real pair of balls to play with."
"You should really shut the fuck up before I change my mind
about this aspirin right here," I tell him, showing him the white
pill nestled in the palm of my hand as if it were a precious stone.
In here, it might as well be.
"Come on bro, lighten up. I'm just fucking with you. Did you
get me the paperclip too?"
"I got it, but that wasn't easy. She was on to me."
"On top of you?" he asks, laughing his ass off.
"Do you ever fucking listen? Not on top of me, you idiot. I
mean that she isn't as stupid as you think. I had to grab that shit
when she wasn't looking. You're lucky I didn't get caught. Don't
think I wouldn't have ratted your ass out."
"Shit, Stone, we're tighter than that."
I watch as he throws the aspirin into his mouth and chews it. I
twist my face in disgust. I don't know how he can chew it like
that. Sensing my thoughts he says, "It makes it work faster. I
don't have time to wait for it to work its magic. That's the addict
in me."
"Shit," I say. "In here, all you've got is time." I watch as he
flops down on his bunk and hangs his long legs off to one side.
As much as Spider can get on my nerves, I figure sharing this cell
with him is better than being in solitary.
"I've got to get out of here." I say this to myself, but Spider is
"Seeing as you've got yourself a life sentence, you're only
hope of getting out of here is to grow yourself some super human
powers and bust these walls down like the Hulk," Spider laughs
again so much that the bunk shakes. "But for real if you can
get little Miss Fireball to give you an extra aspirin, maybe you
can get something more."
"What do you mean?"
"Come on man, you're smooth. We all know that. If you get
her to like you enough, anything's possible. And what do you
think? Do her curtains match her carpet?"
"Do you ever shut the fuck up?"
"I'm serious. If you fuck her, I've got to know. But I'll go
ahead and place my betsthey match."
As annoying and idiotic as he is most times, Spider has his
moments of clarity. And right now is one of them. That's exactly
my plan. If I play my cards rightif I fuck her and get her to fall
in love with meI can ask her for a medical leave to the St.
Smith Correctional Facilitya low security prison in the desert
where I've still got my mob connections. They'll help me escape,
and I won't stop running until I've hit the Mexico border. I can
almost picture myself driving through the desert at night past
cacti the size of cowboys. I'll slip down south and give the middle
finger to all of this madness. I just need her recommendation.
I climb up onto the top bunk and lay my head atop of my flat
pillow. My mind is zipping through all of these thoughts and I
wonder if I've still got it. I remind myself that it's been a while
since I've been with a woman. Didn't she steal a good long look
at my cock when she was x-raying me though? I couldn't help it
that day. One look at those tight tits of hers, and my cock had a
mind of its own. She looked away as soon as she sensed I was
noticing her. But maybe that doesn't mean anything at all? I can
feel the early stages of sleep tugging at the corners of my
thoughts until it overtakes me, and I fall asleep dreaming of my
next meeting with her.
I awoke the next day and immediately call out for the guard.
"I need help! Shit, it feels like hellfire when I try to move
my arm!"
"OK, OK, Stone, let's go," the guard says, and we walk down
to the infirmary. I can tell he's annoyed and only half believes
me, but since he isn't sure, he's allowing me to get checked out.
I try to exaggerate my limp and give extra grimaces of pain. I tell
myself this better work.
As soon as we walk into the infirmary, I see her. The way the
light hits her hair she might as well be dusted in 24k gold
because right now, she seems perfect. Too perfect. Shit. What
have I gotten myself into? I wonder. Maybe I've overestimated
things. I begin to think this might be harder than I thought.
"I thought you were feeling better?" she asks.
"Me too. Looks like we're both wrong."
"Maybe you're just stiff."
I laugh. "You make me stiff."
I see her look at my mouth for a good long while, like she
heard what I said but is taking a while to process it all. Will she
be flattered or offended?
"Immaturebut you know something? You remind me of
"Who's that?" I ask.
"My father, actually."
"Is that a good thing, or a bad thing?"
"Neither. It is what it is. He had a way of putting his foot into
his own mouthlike you."
"I only put my foot in my mouth when I'm around beautiful
"Does that line work often?"
"It's not a line. I mean it."
"Sure, Mr. Stone. Look, I know guys like you. They flatter you
one minute and walk out the next. My father walked out when I
was young. He had his faults, but he had his kinder, tender
moments too, like the night he decided to sacrifice his booze
money on a Barbie doll, or when he'd let me ride around on his
shoulders at the local mall when my legs were too tired to walk."
Her honesty surprises me, and I feel like I should be honest
too. I say, "You're right. I'm far from perfect. I've fucked up in a
lot of ways. I've hurt people. I'm not proud of that, but I'm
working on it, you know?"
"Good. At least you recognize that. Let me ask you a question.
What constitutes a 'perfect' day for you?"
"Easy. Any day not spent in this prison."
"No, I mean, outside of here."
I find myself looking at the kindness of her face. The way the
corner of her mouth is turned up in the beginning of a smile. Her
empathy. Her soft blue eyes and her red hair burning like a
perfect halo around her head. She's the first person in this place
who seems to give an ounce of shit about me. I take a deep
breath, and wrack my brain for the right answer before
"Let's see. If I'm honest, I don't need much to have a perfect
day. A roof over my head, a warm bed, a good mealmaybe a
woman next to me, kicking my butt in a game of Uno or
something." I say this and laugh. "I just mean that I'm happy
with the simple things. Being in here has put that into
perspective, you know? I bet you think I've gone soft or
"No, no I don't. I get it. After my dad left my mom and I, I felt
the same way. I mean, any day that I wasn't worried about filling
up the bathtub with water because our utilities were getting shut
off was a good day. So long as we had a roof, a meal, and a bed, I
was happy. Of course, I always envisioned having a man by my
side too, but I've leaned that's a ridiculous thing to hold onto."
I notice that we are now both locked into each other's gaze. I
can't believe she's opening up to me like this. I mean everyone
in this place keeps a healthy distancethe only thing I ever hear
coming from people's mouths are either rules or insults, so this
is different. I take a quick look around the room and notice that
we are alone. The guard is gone, and so is everyone else. So, I
lean a little closer. I notice that she seems to be leaning into me
as well. We are so close now that I can feel her breath on my
upper lip. I want to touch her hair, her cheek. But just as I'm
about to touch her lips with mine, a guard runs in and we both
snap our bodies back like rubber bands.
For a moment, I'm worried that he saw us, but judging by his
frantic entrance, I can tell that he hasn't. His mind is on
something else.
"Kerri, we need you! There's a lot of blood!" he says.

T he guard looks frantic. His hair is disheveled and he is

acting panicked. His shirt is has come partially untucked. I
wonder if it's a true emergency, or if he's overreacting he's
new here. How long has it been, maybe a couple of weeks? In any
case, he hasn't seen it all yet. He's as green as they come, so that
wouldn't surprise me.
"Kerri, we need you! There's a lot of blood!" he says.
"I'll be right there," I say, and then I look over at Lucien
Stone. My mind is flopping between the current emergency and
this man sitting in front of me. His soft, brown hair and his
broad shoulders are just begging me to touch them. Did we
almost just share a moment? He was leaning into meand I was
leaning into him, but I'm not sure where we were going. And to
top it off, he's an inmate. What am I even thinking? I can't
believe I'm having these thoughts. What are you doing? I ask
myself. You'll get in serious trouble. Now is not the time to
compromise your career. Do you really want to go and mess
everything up now? My pep talk seems to help, but looking at
Lucienhis strong arms, and his soft, full lips, andI-I don't
know. He stirs feelings in me that I thought I no longer had, at
least not since Jonathan. But my mind snaps back to the present
and what I do know is that I have to leave him right now, and
follow the guard.
"I'm sorry, I need to go. Just uht-take it easy, OK? Don't
overextend that arm and I promise you'll be fine. Give it time,
and stay off the weights. Bones don't heal overnight." I watch as
he just looks at me, unable to find anything else to say, and I
have no choice but to turn away and leave him.
I follow the guard into the next room and I see a man sitting
in one of the plastic chairs. He's pudgy, with a haircut that looks
as if it were cut with a bowlperfectly round and reaching to the
tips of his thick eyebrows in the front, and the tips of his ears
around the sides. I don't actually see the back of his hair right
way, but it all looks symmetrical. I look at his nose and see that
it is swollen and an angry purple color at the bridge. It's leaking
a steady stream of blood down his lips and chin, and it's pooling
onto the floor.
"What happened?" I ask.
The inmate doesn't look at me, and keeps his eyes on the
floor. I prod him a second time and then he mutters, "It was a
dare My cellmate had five packets of Ramen noodles and a
honey bun. I've been lookin' at those damn things for weeks. He
probably wasn't even gonna do nothin' with 'em, but I wanted
'em so damn bad. I would've done damn near anythin' for 'em.
What was I supposed to do? I don't have any commissary money.
I thought it was my lucky day."
"So, what did you do?" I ask, trying to get to the bottom of
"Well, my cellmate dared me to snort two fat lines of table
salt. He said if I could pull that off, I could have 'em all. On
account of my stomach growling and my mouth practically
drooling all over the place, I took him up on it."
"And that's why your nose is bleeding and swollen?" I ask.
"No, not exactly. So, this dude sets the lines up, and cuts
them perfectly straightmade them extra bigthat bastard
and I snorted it all up. And let me tell you, it burned somethin'
awful! I'm not lying. I swear, it was like someone had lit a match
up there, and I was dancin' around our cell in a panic, and I'm
not even one to dance. But then I had a sick feeling in my
stomachlike I had swallowed a bunch of water from the ocean,
but I figured I'd get rid of that feeling with the honey bun
sweeten up those taste buds. But then as soon as I go to grab it,
that son of a bitch says he was just kiddin'. Can you fuckin'
believe that? Who kids about somethin' like that? He says he just
wanted to see how stupid I could be, and that was it. That's when
we got into it. I think he broke my nose."
I step closer and inspect his face. "I agree," I say. "It
definitely looks broken to me. I see some bruising starting to
form just under your eyes as well, which is also a sign of a beak.
If the fracture is bad, you could need surgery, but right now, I
think it'll heal on its own. Despite all this blood, it doesn't look
too bad."
I grab an ice pack and bring it back. "Here, use this and keep
your head tilted back. I'm going to pack a bit of gauze into your
nostrilsit may hurt a bit, but that should help stop the
bleeding. But do me a favor please. Quit putting things up your
nose, OK?"
The inmate chuckles a bit. "Sorry, I can't promise you that
ma'am. I got the honey bun and the Ramen after all, and you
know what? I'd do it all again for those damn things. Little
packages of heaven if you ask me."
I shake my head but decide to not prod him any further. And
then after I stop the bleeding, I turn to the guard. "Jesus, Gerry.
With the way you ran in here, you'd think someone lost their
head!" I say, laughing. "Next time, hold the drama, OK?"
"I knowsorry 'bout that. It was just a lot of blood to see all
of a sudden, I guess."
"Im just giving you a hard time. I suppose it's always better
to err on the side of caution," I reply. "You can go ahead and take
this inmate back now. He should be just fine."
I watch as they both get up to the leave. The inmate walks
with his head still tilted back and his mouth slightly ajar for
breathing. I keep watching as his feet do a delicate shuffle out of
the room and then I walk back to my desk. I sit in my chair and
look over at the spot where Lucien sat just moments before, and
I exhale deeply. I swivel around in a few lazy circles and look at
the calendar hanging on the wall. The image is a tropical beach
scene with palm trees, an impossibly blue ocean, and white
sand. I picture myself lying on that beach, my skin moist with a
mixture of warm, salty air and coconut-scented tanning oil. I can
also picture Lucien there with me tooa thin film of sweat
across his rugged abs and his hands on the small of my back. In
my mind, I feel protected in his embrace.
Then I hear footsteps just outside the door and the noise
causes my mind to bounce back to reality. Why is this happening
again? Why am I falling for someone who is completely outside
the realm of possibility? Why am I allowing myself to have these
thoughts? My mind is reeling with a million questions and no
answers. I know what I need to do I need to stay focused. My
career is important, and nothing is going to get in the way of my
goals. And right now, that goal is to go to nursing school. As a
medical assistant, I don't have many options, but if I'm an RN,
the opportunities are limitless. With that, I could take care of
myself, and maybe even my mother.
Now that I've got my head on straight, I reach for my purse
and a pen. I'm keeping a running to-do list in a small journal.
Call me old fashioned, but no matter how many 'productivity'
apps there are currently available in the app store, nothing
comes close to a good old journal and pen. I keep everything
straight that way, and it works. I keep digging my hand through
my bad. In moments like these, when my bag feels like a
frustrating abyss, I vow to dump everything and get organized,
but it never seems to happen. I still can't find it and after a few
more minutes, I decide to just dump my bag out on top of my
desk. Everything rolls out, and I push it into a single pile
crumpled receipts, lip gloss, keys, pens, gum, hair bands
everything I would expect except my journal. My heart starts to
raceI keep everything in that journal. I'd be lost without it
notes, phone numbers, personal thoughts, and even passwords,
which I know is a bad move. Where can it be? I am 100% positive
that I packed it. I always pack it.
And then my heart freezes in my chest. It's missing.

M aybe I don't understand women, but who keeps a

daily, hand-written journal these days? Isn't there
an app for stuff like that? I carefully take the blue, spiral-bound
journal out from under my shirt and look at it in my hands. I can
see she uses it often. The corners are bent and the blue cover is
fading. It's surprising I wasn't caught. When she looked back at
me in the infirmary, I thought for sure I was fucking done for.
But you know something? I don't feel bad about taking it. Sure,
she may miss it at first, but it's just a book. It's replaceable.
She'll get over it.
I open the journal and see that this woman's got a list for
everything. There are notes upon notes and some that read, "pay
cell phone bill," and "go for a run," which make her seem pretty
organized I guess, and then there are some more interesting
notes like "change wifi password to 'shutyourdogup' so the
neighbor gets the hint." I grin and think that at least she has a
sense of humor.
I think back to how long its been since I've lived in the real
worldto a time when things like barking dogs were actually a
problem, and not whether or not some asshole was going to
punk you in the yard, or whether or not you had shower shoes to
get cleaned up in because you didn't dare touch your bare feet
against some fucking scummy tile. What I wouldn't give to have
those kinds of problems now. But what am I even saying? I'm in
this shithole for life. I didn't pull that fucking triggerI ain't a
baby killer, but who's going to believe me? Not a single person,
that's who. If they have their way, I'll take my last breathe
between these four walls. They'd love to see me rot in this joint.
Maybe if I made lists like theserun today, eat tomorrow,
and pay this, and pay thatI wouldn't have been such a fuck up,
right? It's hard to say. Life seems like one giant poker game to
me. Some people are just born getting dealt a shitty hand. If you
think that's just some negative bullshit story, it's not. It's the
fucking truth.
It wasn't my choice to have the parents I did, or grow up in
certain neighborhoods. I think back to being 8 years old, living in
a small, brown house with my mom, dad, and brother. One
night, my dad's been tinkering with his VW bug in the garage.
"Come out here son!" he yells. I come out, and it's night. I
remember the air being fucking freezing and only wearing a thin,
white t-shirt. I cross my arms across my chest to try and keep
warm, and also, looking back on it, I think as a defense for
what's to come. My old man looks at me and says, "It's time you
learn to be a real man. Grab this." His voice is slow and gravelly
from years of smoking and hard drinking. He hands me his
shotgun. From the look on his face, I know better than to talk
back. I unhook my arms and take it. My arms sag under the
weight and seriousness of it all.
"Point it thereto the back of the garage," he commands. I
raise it up and rest it against my shoulder like I've seen in
moviesas if I were some fucking cowboy. He continues, "Now
pull the trigger son." I pull it and I'm bucked back, my ears are
ringing, and I'm crying some hot tears. I remember being scared
out of my fucking mind. Who the hell knows where that bullet
even went? And my dad got some kick out of thatboy, he was
laughing so hard his Coors Light nearly came out of his nose.
Some prankster he was. That was the last time I saw him. We
later learned he ran off with a woman named Ruby and was
married by an Elvis impersonator in Vegas. My mom was so
depressed she locked herself in her room for weeks on end. I'd
watch her hold a pen in her hand in an attempt to write love
letters to my old man, but she'd fall asleep in a fit of emotional
exhaustion before she could ever actually write them. I'd come
check on her in the morning and see that the pen ink had bled
into her sheetsa pool of blue as dark as her state of mind.
I tried to be a straight arrow in school. And for a minute, I
thought that maybe I had a real shot. Maybe I'd graduate and go
to college. But who the fuck was I kidding? I never had a shot. I
was on the losing end of the stick from day one. And once I
realized that, I stopped caring. Then fast forward a few years and
I meet Billy and the whole gang of those assholesstealing cars,
fucking women, and getting sucked into the crazy web of mob
politics. Fucking Billy. If I would've known I was going to be
framed, I would've put my fist so far down his fake-ass mouth it
would've came out of his asshole. I should've rearranged his
face, that's for sure. Too bad I'll probably never get that
chance now.
I let out a sigh and lay down on the bed. The pillow is flat, but
it's still better than the few months I found myself sleeping in a
carit's impossible to get comfortable in a small car, and if
you've never tried it, I don't recommend it. I look at the blue
journal again and flip through the pages. My eye lands on one
page in particular. The handwriting seems hurried with the
letters written in large loops. It reads:
"I saw a homeless man outside of the grocery store yesterday
and I gave him $100. It was a lot to give, but it made me feel
good. Then, later I was flooded with old memories. If I wasn't
burdened by J--, I wouldn't be here, hiding in the alcove with
bags under my eyes. I can't stop crying today. I feel stupid. He's
not worth crying about anymore. I want to be the bigger person. I
want to forgive him, but I can't. But at least I have this secret
spotThe Alcoveit's my one sanctuary in this place, where no
one finds me. At least here I can cry without anyone asking
The Alcove? I'm guessing she means a secret spot here in the
prison. I wonder where though? And who is J? Sounds like a
Grade-A bastard if you ask me. I continue to flip through the
pages and a loose picture falls out. It flutters to the floor of my
cell in slow motion. I bend over and pick it up. It's a picture of
Kerri. She's standing by a pool in a red bikini that nearly
matches her hair. She is dipping one toe into the water and her
head is tilted back into a smile. I can't help but look at her tits
those perfectly firm mounds, and her legstoned and long. Holy
shit. I've seen her outside of her uniform and she looks even
better than I imagined. I picture myself moving my hands up her
legsas if I am at her feet and working my way up, and then in
between her smooth thighs, and inside of her secret crevices. I
kiss her warm skin and drag my lips upward.
Then I looked back at the pictureat her tits, and I envision
my mouth wrapped around her nipplesmaybe even gently
holding them in between my teeth. I'm giving them a little
nibble, only enough to send a shiver down her spine. And then I
look at the tight crevice between her tits; I picture sliding my
cock between them. Warm and tight. That thought puts me over
the top. I notice that my cock is throbbing and erecting a tight
tent inside of my pants.
I wet my hand with my mouth and reach into my pants,
grabbing my cock with a firm grip. I imagine this grip is really
the crevice of her tits hugging my cock, and I stroke it, slow and
steady at first, and then I increase the tempo as if I were fucking
those sweet tits of hers. Oh fuck, I say, just above a whisper. I
move faster. I feel my balls clench. My whole body is pulsing
with desire. Shit, I can't hold back any longer. My body bucks
and ropes of hot cum shoots out of my cock and into my fist. I
keep coming and some of it shoots onto the floor. I continue to
milk my cock, even when I think I have nothing left. Wave after
wave of cum is spilling around me.
Finally, resigned, I take a deep breath and open my eyes. I
look back at Kerri's picture. It hits me. While I'm innocent of the
crime that I'm doing time for, it's fucking karma.

T his guy looks familiar. I've seen this spider web tattoo
beforeyes, that's right. Now I can place him. He's the man
who cracked Lucien's clavicle.
"It hurts right here," he says, pointing to his ribs. He's
mouthing this to me through the glass door, and I'm reading his
lips. The guards are changing shifts and it seems odd that he's
standing outside of my door unattended. He has a wild look in
his eyes and a strange feeling settles into my gut, but he
grimaces and the skin around his eyes wrinkle, and I feel bad.
Maybe he's just in a lot of pain and needs treatment. I'm sure
someone must have sent him. It's my job to help these people
without bias, right?
"Can you describe the pain that you're feeling?" I ask. I'm
talking loudly and using hand gestures through the glass.
He has a confused look on his face. "I can't hear you."
I repeat myself, this time even louder. I'm practically yelling.
He shakes his head. "I still can't hear you." And then I see
him grimace again, and he is bending over at the waist, holding
his side. It looks like it could be serious and I hold a debate in my
head. Should I open the door? One part of me says I should have
opened it when he approached. This inmate deserves treatment
and should be examined. But the other part of me knows that it's
inherently dangerous to treat patients without the safety net of a
guard standing near by. I look at him again and feel bad, so I
decide to open the door. Kindness wins.
"Come in," I say. "Let me take a look."
He takes a step toward me and it's like he is suddenly free of
his pain. He looks around. He peers down the hall and takes a
quick mental survey of the room. Then his eyes settle on mine.
It's as if he's undressing me with his stare. I take a step
backward, and he moves toward me, closing the distance
between us. He's now so close that it's unnerving and I'm
having second thoughts.
My pulse quickens and I say, "You should have a seat over
there. A guard will be here shortly and I can start some x-rays."
But it's clear he isn't listening and I know I've made a terrible
mistake. One of the nurses left a bottle of hairspray on the desk
and instinctively I grab it. I figure it's my only protection. Maybe
I'll spray it in his eyes. I mean, I don't have anything else near by
to use. But he sees this and smiles. The way his mouth curls up
as if he's enjoying thismakes my blood run cold. My heart is
thumping in my chest like a rabbit caught in a steel trap. What
the hell am I going to do if a guard doesn't come in here soon? I
don't stand a chance against this man. Shit, why didn't I sign up
for that self defense class I always wanted to take months ago?
I begin to raise the bottle of hairspray for protection but he
knocks it out of my hand with force and the bottle smacks
against the floor and rolls under the desk. I then feel his tight
grip on my arm. He's squeezing so hard that marks are forming.
I try to pull it back, but his grip only becomes stronger. "If you
cooperateand I guarantee you'll want to cooperate with me
dollthis is going to be a whole lot easier for you," he says, his
hot breath on my ear and neck. I feel sick.
I have so much adrenaline coursing through my body that my
vision becomes blurred. It feels like televisions are positioned
behind my eyes. Flight or fight is taking over and despite what
he has just told me, I want to runI want to run as fast as I can
and never stop. But that's not what happens. I'm practically
frozen with fear and when that fear thaws just enough for me to
try and yank my arm free from his grip, he grabs a fistful of my
hair in his other hand and pushes me toward the desk.
"Bend over!" he snarls.
"You don't have to do this. Let me go, pleasewe can
pretend this never happened."
"Shut the fuck up! I warned youI told you to cooperate and
by the looks of things, you're not listening. Big mistake."
His body is pressed against mine and my scalp is hurting from
how hard he is pulling my hair. He finally lets gojust long
enough to firmly grab my hipsand he bends me over the desk
with force. His body is pushing into mine. I can barely breath
with his weight on top of me and I'm now face down. The top of
the desk is fogging up with my frantic breathing. I try to
scramble freemaybe I can wiggle out from under him, but this
effort only makes him angry. He grabs the back of my neck and
squeezes hard, keeping his grip firm and pushing my head down.
"Stay still, dollI mean itI'm not fucking playing around."
He grabs my pants and yanks them down to my knees and he
again presses his body into mine. I can feel his hard cock against
my ass. I'm gripping the desk so hard that the blood seems to
have left my hands and my knuckles are white. I feel him pulling
down the band to his own pants and I squeeze my eyes shut. I
can't believe this is happening. His body is grinding against
mine. I go to scream, but it comes out as a squeakfeeble. It's
like having a dream where you are being chased, and instead of
having the ability to run, your body seems to move even slower,
betraying you. I try to scream again and this time it comes out
"I told you to" he begins to say, and then stops. I feel his
body move. He releases his grip and I can breath again. Now's
my chance to try and run.
I hear a loud smack and he stumbles back.
"I should have finished you off back in the yardshould have
really fucked you up and taught you a lesson!" a familiar voice
I grab my pants, pulling them up frantically and I retreat to a
far corner of the room because the door is now blocked by not
one, but two men. I'm having a hard time coming to terms with
what I'm seeing, but it's true.
It's Lucien.
I watch as he pulls his arm backhis tense muscles
quivering, and connects his fist into the man's face with a sick-
sounding crack. A thick stream of blood flows down his face and
I watch as he spits a tooth onto the floor. The man tries to
retaliate but Lucien blocks the punch and delivers two swift
blows to his body and by the looks of itif his ribs were fine
before, they certainly aren't now. He's doubled over but Lucien
is rage blind, and doesn't stop until three guard finally rush in.
They are holding cans of mace and they waste no time spraying it
at my attacker and Lucien. Both men stumble and blink back the
burn, their eyes red and watering.
"Grab 'em!" one guard yells, and I watch as they are both
handcuffed and dragged out of the room, a trail of blood
following them out the door.
"Kerri! Kerri! Oh my god, what happened?" another guard
asks, rushing to my side.
"I'm okay," I say. "I'm shaken, but I'm okay. I was assaulted
inmate Stone came to my aid."
"Let's get you checked," he says, but I shake my head.
"There's no needhonest. I just want to go home."
The residual fumes from the mace are still hanging in the air
and my eyes begin to water. It looks like I'm crying but it's from
the intense, lingering burn. I wipe them with shirtsleeve and as I
do this, I look at the ground and I see something blue out of the
corner of my eyemy journal. How did it get on the ground? I
know it wasn't there earlier. I rush over and scoop it up, quickly
thumbing through the pages to see if everything is still intact
and my eyes land on a page. I see marks that are clearly not
mine. In thick pencil, two words have been circled over and over
The Alcove.
And then I remember Lucien. He must've had my journal.
These marks have to be from him. If he hadn't have walked in
no, my mind can't follow that thought any further and I shudder.
I don't know what would've happened if he wouldn't have been
here, and I don't want to know.
I owe my life to him.

T his time doesn't feel so bad. I mean, it's solitary,

which mean it isn't fun, but at least this time I'm in here for a
good reason. I was trying to return Kerri's journal, and good
fucking thing I decided to grow a conscience. I couldn't keep that
book of hers any more. That woman is like a fucking saint. Kerri.
God she's too good for this place. What timing, right? I'm glad I
was there to kick his ass. I couldn't let that fat bastard get away
with attacking heror worse. I'd do it all over again.
I'm sitting with my back against the door when I hear the lock
unlatching and a guard walks in. I turn around to get a good look
at him. From the look on his face, he's all business.
"On your feet Stone. It's time for your exam."
I do as I'm instructed and I stand up. I grimace a bit, but suck
it back. I landed on my ankle wrong in yesterday's fight, and I
think its a bad sprain. I've had this before. I hobble over to the
guard with a pronounced limp and he places the handcuffs
around my wrists.
"What do you think I'm going to do?" I ask. "You think I'm
gonna run or put up a fight with this ankle?"
"This is protocol Stone. Save your questions and come
with me."
We walk out of the cell and down the hall, and continue
walking. I look at the other cell doors and wonder how many
people are currently being held in solitary. We walk until we
reach the infirmary. I sit in a plastic chair to take the weight off
of my ankle. It feels good to be off it. It was a bigger pain in the
ass getting here than I thought it'd be. And then, a few moments
later, I see her in the doorway. Her hair is alight with the sun
from the window and her breasts are firm and I can't stop
looking at them. I tell myself to look at her face and not her tits,
but I can't help it. I immediately want to reach out and touch her
to touch that red halo of hers. To let her know that she's made
me want to be a better man.
"Come on in and have a seat," she says, motioning toward
the room.
I walk into the exam room and I notice that she is giving me a
soft smile and it's taking everything I've got to not touch her
and tell her what's on my mind. I want to kiss her and breathe in
her scent.
"Go head and lie back for me," she says, patting the table,
and the guard takes my handcuffs off so that I can lie back. The
guard then steps outside of the room and we find ourselves
alone. She asks me if anything is hurt and I tell her about my
ankle. I'm also careful to say that I don't think it's anything
serious, but she says she wants to take a look anyways.
"Can you rotate it?" she asks, and while I can, technically, it
hurts something fierce, like someone has lit a match in a gas
tank. But then I feel her hands stop. They're resting on my
ankle, ever so softly. She looks at me and then slowly drags her
hand up my leg. I'm wondering just how high up her hands are
going to go.
"You'll be okay," she says.
"What makes you so sure?" I reply. "I'm stuck in here for life.
I'll never be okay with that. If I had the opportunityanother
chanceif I could rewind my lifeI'd do a lot differently. I've
been wrongly convictedI don't expect you to believe that
because you probably hear that from men all the time in this
place, but for me, it's the truth. But I've hurt people, and I've
fucked a lot of things up, and those are the things I would change
if I could rewind and do it all over again."
She ignores my question. "I want to thank you for yesterday
you saved my lifeI owe you."
"You don't owe me anything."
"That's where you're wrongI do."
She places one delicate finger on my lips, and rubs them
softly. She then rubs the back of her hand affectionately against
my cheek. The gesture is so tender. But her movements then
change and I feel her once again touching my legs. She is slowly
working her way to my thighs. She is letting her hands wander,
and is now touching my absgently raking the tips of her
fingers against the ridges, and then dragging them up and across
my chest, stopping to swirl her finger around one of my nipples.
Desire is starting to swell inside of me. I can feel it flaring
through my groin. Her fingers dip down to the waistband of my
pants and my cock twitches. I feel it harden in anticipation. I
look at her mouthher pink lipsand can imagine them
wrapped around my cockwet and tight. We both look at each
other. We look at the doorway. There's still no guard in sight;
we're in the clear, but we know our time is limited. We can read
each other's thoughts without saying a word. We're treading
dangerous territory; we can both be in troublewe know that
there are serious repercussions for this, but this thought only
spurs us on.
She wets her hand with her mouth and then moves her hand
inside of my pants and reaches for my cock.
"Shh" she says, looking at me. So I let her lead. Her firm
grip takes me by surprise, and she begins to move her hand in
slow, rhythmic strokes. And then she's jerking my cock hard, in
a fast rhythm that causes me to let out a low guttural moan no
matter how much I try to suppress it. I grit my teeth and squeeze
my eyes shut. Her touch is almost too much to bear. I feel an
electric buzz traveling down the length of my spine and my balls
clench. I brace myself. She can sense that I'm on the verge, and
she jerks me faster, slowing only momentarily to spread her
fingers against the tip of my glans and again, I can't help but
moan in a near whisper. "Oh fuck, you're good," I whisper.
Waves of pleasure are washing over every muscle in my body
and I still don't dare to open my eyes. I figure if this is a dream, I
never want to wake up.
She spurs her movements and I can't hold it back any longer.
Just like that, an explosion works its way through my body and
my cock is spasming against her hand and then it shoots thick
ropes of cumthe ropes turn into a river and some of it splashes
onto her cheek. I keep gushing into her hand, and even when I
don't think I have anything left in me, she continues to milk me.
Finally, it slows and I exhale deeply. I watch as she raises her
cum-filled hand to her mouth and I know she isn't finished. She
wants more. She is ravenous. She opens her mouth wide and
sticks her tongue out, licking the white cum until her tongue is
coated with it. She continues until her entire mouth is filled with
my warm cum, and watching this makes my cock twitch again.
She then picks up the cum from her cheek with two fingers and I
watch as she then slides those same two fingers into her mouth,
sucking them dry and then swallowing all of the cum inside of
her mouth.
She then glides her tongue across her lips, licking them to
pick up every last drop of my cum that she can find. When all of
the cum is gone, it's as if the spell is lifted and the reality of our
situation hovers over us again. I want to embrace her, but I can't.
"I know this is wrong," she says.
"If it's wrong, I don't ever want to be right."

I don't know what came over me. One minute, I'm

thinking about getting as far away from this place
and Lucien as possiblemaybe finding a hospital jobanything
outside the walls of this prisonand the next minute, I have his
cock in my hands. Lucien Stone. The man who saved my life.
There's something about him that makes me want to make bad
decisionsto say the hell with it to everything I thought I knew.
The moment I see him, I want to be defiled by him. Shit, why
does life have to feel so cruel? You'd think I would've learned my
lesson after Jonathan.
I think back to the phone call I had with my best friend Brie
last night. I was sitting on the couch, sipping a glass of wine to
try and unwind my nerves because I was feeling anxious and
tight as a rubber band, and I found myself posting an offhand,
cryptic comment about the assault on Facebook: "Sometimes,
kindness doesn't win; it breaks you," it read. I wasn't ready to
lay it all out there and explain everything in detail, but I at least
needed to get that much off my chest. Within minutes people
where commenting and wondering what I meant by that. My
closest friends were especially concerned, and then my phone
rang. I debated whether or not to pick it up. I prefer text
messages, but I saw that it was Brie and it's rare that she ever
calls, so I thought I better answer.
"Kerare you okay, girl? I saw your post. I have cat-like
reflexes when something sounds wrong because I've known you
for so long. So tell me the truth. You know I'm here for you."
"I'm finereally, it was just work. Some psycho inmate tried
to attack me."
"Oh my god, what happened?"
I proceed to recount the events for her and I could almost
imagine her shaking her head on the other end of the line.
"You've got to get out of that place. Seriouslyand before you
protestI know you're toughthere's nothing to provebut
that place is a shithole. Come meet me in Florida. I'll set you up
with something better."
"I wish I could, but I can't."
"Okay, let me stop you right there, and I swear to god I'm not
trying to sound cheesy, but Keryou know the old saying that
the only thing holding you back is yourself? I hate to say itand
don't get defensivebut that's you right now. You CAN get out
of there. It's simple. You just pack your shit and leave."
"I'm not ready to pack up and leave."
"Why? Because you've suddenly grown a soft spot for psycho
She had no way of knowing it, but that question had some
serious truth to it. I hesitated, and wondered whether or not I
should tell her about Lucien. Would she even understand? I
decided that if I were going to share this with anyone, it would be
with Brie.
"Yes and no," I said.
"What is that supposed to mean?"
"It means that I might have a soft spot for an inmate, but not
for the one who attacked me."
"Get the fuck out of here! You have to be joking. Please tell
me you're joking, Ker."
"I wish I were, but I'm not. I'm serious as a heart attack."
I could hear her let out a long breath. "Well, shit. Who is he?
He's hot isn't he? I can tell by the way your voice just went up an
"It did not go up an octave," I say, rolling my eyes and
thankful she can't see the warm flush creeping across my face.
Maybe I'm just feeling warm from the wine.
"Just admit it," she prodded again.
"He's hot for a convict, okay? He's a little rough around the
edges and I know he's not someone I should be falling for, but
seeing him lying there on the exam table"
Brie cut me off. "Waitso you've seen him naked and sized
up the whole package?"
"Well, Iuh, I may have done a little more than that."
"Shut up! You fucked this man?"
"No, no, no! I didn't mean thatI mean, he saved me from
being attacked, and of course I've had to examine him, andyou
know what? Never mind. Let's pretend I never mentioned it."
A warm flush spread across my entire body as I remembered
him laying there, his chiseled abs like mini mountain ranges just
begging to be exploredand my hand on his I cut the memory
short when I realize I still have Brie on the phone. I shift
uncomfortably on the couch when I realize that the thought of
him is sending an electric jolt right between my legs.
Brie laughs. "Whatever you say. Just don't do anything I
wouldn't do."
Now that's funny. Brie changes men as often as most people
change shoes. Every season, she has a new flavor.
"Don't worry. Nothing will come of this. He's serving a life
sentence, and I know that anything we do will put my job in
"Oh god, a life sentence? What is he, a murderer?"
"Well, he says he didn't do it."
"Wait, let me stop you right there. Do you hear yourself, Ker?
This man is serving a life sentence for murder and you're willing
to overlook that just because he's hot? I don't know what's going
on, but now I am more convinced than ever that you need to get
the hell out of there. Come to me."
"Thanks, girlyou know I appreciate it. I'll give it some
thought, okay?"
Brie decided that answer was sufficient for now and we both
promised to keep in touch before we hung up.
My mind snaps back to the present. Maybe Brie is right.
Maybe a change of scenery would do me some good. And why am
I allowing myself to get hung up on an inmate? The old me would
have never done something like this. But this man is different
I swear there is an intensity anddespite what he is
incarcerated fora gentle honesty about him. And I have no idea
where I would be right now if he hadn't have walked in on my
attacker. For that I owe him.
I look at the clock and see that it's time for me to take my
lunch break. I grab my bag and decide to head to the Alcove. At
least there I can get lost in my thoughts and not worry about
anyone finding me. When I get there, I find that I am still so
conflicted. I should leave. There's no use hanging on to
something that does not have a future. Shit. Why does this have
to be so hard? I dig in my bag for a pack of cigarettes. I'm not a
smoker, but I keep a pack for emergenciessituations where
nothing else will calm my nerves. I look around, making sure no
one is nearby and I flick the lighter on, inhaling until I see the
orange glow. The smoke fills my lungs and I lean back into the
wall. I exhale, and bat away a cloud of blue with a wave of my
handI don't want anyone to see me. I close my eyes but the
feel the presence of another person and quickly open them
again. There's no one in front of me, but when I look to my left, I
see a silhouette. It's an inmate standing at a distance. His eyes
are looking at me intently and there's a palpable intensity in the
gaze. He steps closerslowly at first, unsure of what to say or
how to approach me. I put my cigarette out and tuck my bag
under my arm. He's now close enough to touch me and I see that
it's Lucien Stone.

A s I approach, I open my mouth to speak to her, except

that I don't. Nothing comes out. I'm not sure why I don't just say
what's on my mindthat something about her drives me wild,
that I think she's the most beautiful woman I've ever fucking
seen. No, I guess that's not true. I do know why I'm not saying
these things; it's because this is the first time in yearsor,
maybe everthat I've cared this much about a woman.
Unbelievable, right? I don't knowI guess I feel like I need to
protect her. From what? Besides the assholes in this place, I
don't really know.
I can see it in her eyes. She feels something too. Maybe I
should end it all now and do us both a favor. By getting involved
with her, I am opening her up to all kinds of bullshit. All it takes
is for someone to snitch this out to Billy and the gangand
believe me, word travels faster than you can blinkand they
wouldn't hesitate to hunt her down. I don't want to put her in
that kind of danger. From the looks of her journal, she's dealing
with enough shit in her life. She doesnt need to add more.
But all of these rational thoughts disappear when I step closer
to her and breath in her scent. All of a sudden, I find that I can't
shut the fuck up because she's so hot.
"Are you a camera?" I ask, and then almost kick myself for
being so predictable, but it's too late; I've got to go with it.
"What are you talking about?"
"I just ask because darlin' every time I look at you I smile."
"Is that the best you've got?" she says.
"Oh believe me, I'm just getting started."
I can see that's making her smile, and it spurs me on.
"No wonder the sky is grey today because all of the blue is in
your eyes."
"Are you in the habit of meeting women in dark alcoves and
throwing your cheesiest pick up lines at them?"
"Nah, just one woman in particular."
I can see her blush for a moment, but then the look on her
face grows serious and she says, "I'm glad you showed up."
I wait for her to say more but she doesn't. I keep my eyes
locked on hers and for a moment there is just the two of us, and
silence. I gently reach out and touch a curl of her hair and her
cheek with my fingers. The tenderness of the moment makes me
open up. "I had a life outside of here, you know. I wasn't always
this person in an ugly khaki jumpsuit, believe it or not. I'm not
saying I've ever been perfectsure, I've fucked up plenty, and
I've made more mistakes than I'd like to admit, but I want to be
a better man. You make me want to be a better man. If I was half
the saint you are"
"Let me stop you right there. I'm not a saint."
"Oh sure, because normal people would stop and give their
last hundred dollar bill to the homeless man sitting on the street
corner? I don't think so."
"How did you know about that?"
"I read your journaland look, before you yell at me about
thatI get it. I never should've taken it from you. I'm sorry. See,
I told you I've made mistakes, and that was one of them. That's
why I brought it back."
"So, why exactly are you in this place?"
This question takes me by surprise. I wasn't expecting her to
ask me about thisI thought maybe she'd go on about that
private journal of hers and what an ass I am, but no, she's not,
and I'm not sure how to answer her. She's throwing me in the
deep end. I mean, what should I saydo I just come out and
casually say, darlin' I'm in her for a double murder? I'm sure
she'd take one last look at me and run the hell out of here. But I
want to be honest. I lean against the wall, resigned to it all. I
realize that I have to be honest because now is my chance, and I
exhale deeply before continuing.
"I've said it before, but I'm innocentnot innocent of being a
bad man at timesbut innocent of the charge that has me in
here for life. It was a setup. I was framed for murder, and there
isn't a day that goes by that I don't wish I would've been in a
different place that night. The sounds, the images, the people
it all haunts me. I never should've been involved with that gang,
and I shouldn't have been in that apartment."
She reaches out and puts her hand on my arm. It's a soft
touch, but for the first time, I feel like there might be a person in
the world who believes me.
"Did you have a wife back then?"
"Never been marriedwas always too much of a coward to
put a ring on anyone's finger."
"I seewell, maybe marriage isn't all that it's cracked up to
be anyways. I've learned that the hard way with a man once."
"You've been married?"
"No, but almost. We were engagedit was a mistake to say
the least."
"And what happened?"
"Let's just say I came home and saw something I never
imagined seeing before and that was it. It was over."
"That man's an idiot to lose someone like you."
She laughs. "I guess he didn't get that memo."
Despite her laughter, I see the sadness in her eyes, and
everything I thought about walking away from this woman goes
out the door. I want her, no doubt about it. I slide my hand to the
nape of her neck, and lightly grab onto her hair and pull her
close. "Your lips are looking kind of lonely," I say.
She is so close to me now that I can breathe in the floral scent
of her perfume. It's light and airy and reminds me of summer
of times spent outside of these four concrete wallsof never
ending blue skies and open roads. Her hair is brushing against
my face and all of my senses are heightened. My lips are now
near her perfectly kissable mouth, but I'm hovering a couple of
inches away. I can feel her anticipating my next move and I
whisper, "Would they like to meet mine?"
But before she can answer, I don't hesitate and I press my lips
to hers. She opens her mouth, allowing me in, and my tongue
urgently finds hers. I feel her run her hands through my hair,
softly raking her nails against my scalp, and it sends goose
bumps down my arms. My heart is thumping like a bird finding
the door of his cage open and I find my hands roaming down her
back, exploring her shoulders and the slight curve of her lower
back until I reach her hips. I grab onto them, pulling her into me,
and I reach down into the waistband of her pants and feel the
edge of her panties. Desire is coursing through my body and I
continue to kiss her, our tongues, warm and wet, pressed against
each other.

O ne kissthats all it takes. The moment our lips touch,

I know Im doomed. All self-control, all thoughts of
right and wrong It all goes out the window with one
simple kiss.
Lucien presses his body against mine, pushing me back
against the wall. His hands go to my waist, his long fingers over
the small patch of skin between my shirt and pants. Theres no
fighting this. How could I? After spending so much time thinking
of him, imagining his naked body against mine, my sentence is
set in stone.
I let out a small sigh as his lips go to my neck, desire rippling
through me as his full lips explore my skin. My nipples are
already hardening, straining against the fabric of my bra and
pleading for his touch.
I know I should put an end to this. My job, my whole career
all that is in jeopardy right now. But, somehow, my brain cant
process any of that. With each passing second the real world
becomes just a distant nuisance, like the echoed memory of
some long forgotten dream. Only his touch matters to me now
His lips, his hands. His muscular chest pressed tight
against mine.
My eyes are closed, but I dont need to see. I let my hands
guide me, my fingertips going up his neck as I explore the hard
features of his square jaw line and high cheekbones. I go up to
his hair, running my fingers through and disheveling it, my
heart beating faster than ever. How many times have I dreamed
of this? Too many to count. And now, fantasy has become reality,
and it couldnt be any better.
A shiver goes through my spine as he slides his hands up the
side of my body, running them up to my hair. There, he hooks
his fingers in it, yanking and forcing me to throw my head back
and expose my neck. His slightly parted lips give way to a row of
perfect white teeth, and he nibbles at the tender skin on my
neck, all of me surrendering to Lucien Stone.
Still gripping my hair, he lets one hand fall down to my waist
and then, burying his fingers on my exposed flesh, forces me to
turn on my heels. I offer no resistance, my hands going to the
cold wall as I turn to face it. He laces my waist with his arm and I
jut my ass back, immediately feeling the bulging inside his pants
squeezing itself against my buttocks.
I lean forward against the wall, my forehead pressed against it
while he takes both his hands to my waist and, grabbing my
pants, pushes them down to my knees. My skin prickles as I feel
the cool air lapping at it, and I cant help but bite down on my
lower lip as I imagine Luciens eyes tracing the contour of my
ass, my small black thong the only barrier between me and him.
Placing the back of his hand behind my knee, he slides his
fingers up my leg, only his knuckles brushing against my skin.
He goes up to my buttocks and then starts to trace the contour of
my thong, going all the way to my groin. Another sigh leaves my
lips as his fingertips go back and forth, my pussy growing wetter
by the second.
Before this, every time I thought of Lucien I became wet, my
body pleading to be close to him, but now that hes on me, the
state Im in doesnt even compare. Everything in me is burning,
desire like an anchor on my mind, pushing it down into a sea of
forbidden lust. And it feels amazing.
I hold my breath as his lips travel from my neck to my ear,
and then he whispers.
Spread your legs, he says, a commanding tone in each of
his words. The moment I hear him, I move, my body reacting on
instinct. Theres something about himsomething wild and
primalthat leaves no space for defiance. Whatever he tells me
to do, I know Ill do it.
As soon as I spread my legs, he grabs my thong and pulls it
against the side of my thigh. I grit my teeth as he stretches the
fabric, only stopping after the sound of it ripping reaches my
eardrums. He throws it to the side like a used rag, and I suddenly
feel exposed, my cheeks flushing as I imagine him looking at my
naked ass.
Theres no time for being coy, though. I breathe out sharply
as he smacks my right buttock, the open palm of his hand
hitting me with enough strength to leave a mark. He does it
again, this time on the left side, and a trembling moan leaves my
lips. Just the sound of it is enough to drive me crazy; its dry and
firm, like a gunshot, and it tells me that being with him will be
unlike anything I've ever done.
I tremble with anticipation as he places one finger on my
inner thigh, moving it upward toward my pussy. He takes his
time, brushing his fingertip against me before going for it but
the moment he touches me there, its Heaven.
His touch is gentle and patient, his finger barely touching my
labia as he moves it along the length of my pussy, toward my
clitoris. When he reaches it, he presses slightly down and all hell
breaks loose inside of me. I close my eyes, my breathing growing
ragged as the whip of desire lashes at me. My heart drumming
hard inside my chest, I move my hips back, desperately trying to
make him slide his fingers in me.
Dont move, he whispers against my ear again. His words
are soft, but theres no room for doubt: I will obey him.
I wont, I tell him, willing my legs to remain still as I
submit to his torture of anticipation: Im dripping wet right now,
and still he keeps teasing me, moving his finger back and forth
over my labia. Breathing out slowly, I try to keep my composure,
but it gets harder any time his finger brushes against my clit. He
applies perfect pressurenot too much, not too littleleaving
his finger there for just enough time to leave me wanting more.
When he pushes past my folds, his finger sliding just an inch
in, I brace myself for an explosion of pleasure. But it doesnt
come; instead of sliding his finger in all the way, he only prods,
moving it back and forth and driving me completely insane. I
have to resist the urge to push my hips back against him, my
insides shouting for more.
Be patient, he tells me, his finger circling the opening
between my legs. I try to respond, to say that I cant be patient,
but the only thing that leaves my throat is a small groan. I cant
think straight, let alone form a coherent sentence.
Then, perhaps feeling my desperation, he flicks his wrist and
slides his finger all the way in. I hold my breath as I feel him
inside of me, just a taste of whats to comeyes, somehow I
know that theres a lot more to come. The shackles of self-
control have fallen off my mind, and now theres no going back.
He holds his position, his finger deep inside me, pressed hard
against my inner sweet spot. Only when he starts to slowly slide
his finger out do I breathe again, my brain suddenly
remembering that I need to do it in order to keep alive; its easy
to forget about these things when the only thing your body
wants is pleasure.
Theres a smooth cadence to my breathing now, one that
matches the rhythm of his finger. He moves it in hard, and then
slowly back out, taking his time with me. The more he does it,
the more I ache to really feel him inside of me. Memories of his
hard cock flash behind my closed eyelids, and I feel my mouth
going dry at the thought of being with someone like himafter
all, a member that size is something very new to me. I cant help
but wonder if its going to hurt But then again, what if it hurts?
It will be worth it, every second of it. And how do I know this? I
dont; I feel it deep inside of me, much in the same way I know
the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening.
He starts to go faster, my breathing growing harsher each
time I feel him deep inside of me. A moan climbs up from my
throat to my lips as he slides one more finger inside, pushing it
all the way in with one single movement. I press my forehead
against the wall, my eyes shut as tension spreads from my pussy
to all of my limbs. Like the calm before the storm, I know one is
brewing deep inside me.
I come the moment he slides his two fingers in, curling them
upwards like a hook against my G-spot. I moan, the sound
bouncing off the walls and filling the room, and he presses
harder against me. He keeps still as waves of pleasure make my
muscles twitch, my chin trembling as I struggle to keep
This is just the start, he whispers, breathing deeply over
my neck and taking my scent in. I purr as he slides his fingers
out, and then my lips curl into a smile as he wipes his fingers off
my juices on my buttocks. My body still twitching, I let my hand
dart behind me and against his chest. Without seeing what Im
doing, I let my fingers go down the front of his shirt, and I only
stop when I find what Im looking for: a hard bulge between his
legs, one that holds promises of unspeakable delight. I curl my
fingers around it, electricity shocking my brain as I think of the
I move my hand up and down, stroking him over his trousers,
but I cant do it for long; I need to feel him on me, inside me, not
just on my hand. Letting go, I let my fingers go over to his waist,
and then I hook them on his pants; I tug them down hurriedly,
his cock brushing against the back of my hand. It feels as if my
heart is going to burst from anxiety, my body desperately craving
him inside me.
Before I can push his cock down and between my legs, he
grabs me by the wrist. He pins it against the wall harshly,
restraining me, and then presses his body against mine. His
length between my ass cheeks, he presses even harder, my body
close to the boiling point. Its hard to be patient when hes so
close, and when I can feel his unbridled desire for me But,
fighting against all of my instincts, I do it, even though what my
body demands is for me to turn around and guide him home.
I rock my body against him, moving it in waves as the
warmness of his cock seeps into my skin. Time seems to dilate as
I stroke him like that, eternity blanketing my mind. Please, I
almost pray to the Heavens, let this last forever.
With a sudden movement, he pulls back, his cock no longer
against my body. But then he yanks on my hair again, forcing my
head back as, with his other hand, he guides his cock between
my thighs. I gasp as his glans brushes against my clit, my mind
suddenly capable of producing one simple though: yes, yes, yes.
You want this, dont you? he asks me, slowly sliding his
cock in. Theres only one inch inside of me, if that, but I can
already feel the flames of delight burning under my skin.
Yes... I mutter, trying hard to find the words inside my
barely functioning brain. Yes I want it
Slowly, he lets one more inch inside of me, my pussy molding
around his shaft. I try to push my hips back, but his hand on my
waist keeps me still. I feel his body tensing up and I close my
eyes for his thrust, but he does the oppositehe pulls his cock
out, and then leans into me.
Youll have it But not yet. This is torture, plain and
simple. To show me pleasure just to snatch it away at the last
second It just makes me want him more. It makes me delirious
for him, my mind functioning with one sole purpose: to have
him in me. Turn around.
I obey, turning on my heels to face him. He looks at me with
the hint of a smile on his lips, and then he pulls his shirt over his
head. I purse my lips, my eyes wandering over the narrow valleys
between his abs. It doesnt matter how many times I see his
muscles, I cant help myself from marveling at his sculpted
body. My eyes follow the motion of his arms as he pulls his shirt
off, the muscles in his chest and shoulders working in tandem
like the perfect piece of human engineering they are. Throwing
his shirt to the floor, he kicks off his shoes and, pushing down
his pants and boxer briefs, steps out of them. I cant take my
eyes off of him as he undresses, his perfection almost too much
for me to bear.
Standing in front of me, he makes me feel small and helpless.
He could just as easily unleash ecstasy on my body as he could
pick me up and break me in half. And although Lucien Stone is a
criminal, a violent one at that, I feel safer than ever.
Take it off, he tells me, looking at me with his bottomless
eyes. I stare back, the sound of my heartbeat like a machine gun
against my eardrums. Lost in his eyes, my mind sails away from
all sanity. Without even being aware of it, I grab my shirt by the
hemline and pull it over my head. I throw it on the floor, on top
of his, and then step out of my trousers.
He takes one step forward and my heart skips a beat. His
hands reach for me and he slides them under my arms, his
fingers running over the straps of my bra. He goes for the clasp
and, unfastening it, slowly peels the bra off of me. I let it fall
down my arms, the cups drooping over my breasts and finally
gliding down to the floor.
Moving back again, he stops two feet away from my body, his
cock pointing upward and calling to me. With a serious
expression on his face, he lets his eyes hike all the way from my
ankles to my face. Then, he smiles, and I melt.
Youre beautiful, he says, the words blanketing my mind.
Oh, God, am I blushing? Just three words from him and Im
feeling like a teenage girl, eager for approval. And his terse
words are enough to make me act in a way I never did before.
Take me, Lucien, I find myself saying, the words leaving my
lips before I can even process the meaning behind them. In a
heartbeat, hes on me, one hand on my waist, the other around
my neck; he pushes me hard against the wall. My back hits the
concrete, an anxious moan climbing up my throat. Hes rough,
handling me like no one ever did before And still, his fingers
around my neck, I still feel safe.
Say it again, he commands me, his lips just inches away
from mine.
Take me, I say again, my hands going to his lower back and
pulling him into me.
Please, Lucien I need it. I need it now Please, fuck me, I
say, panting. In a blur of movement, he lets his hand go around
my waist and then lower. With his fingers under my right
buttock, he lifts my leg up and around his waist. Then he goes
the distance, his mouth pressed tight against my own. I close my
eyes, surrendering to his kiss as the pulsing tip of his cock rests
over my wet folds.
He lets go of my neck, his now free hand going down to my
waist and keeping me pinned against the wall as I part my lips
and push my tongue inside his mouth, making it dance in circles
around his own.
I rest my trembling fingers against his chest and run them
down his abs, each ridge and valley making my heart feel tighter
inside my chest. This is happening, it really is. I let my hand go
lower, and only stop when I find the root of his cock; I curl my
fingers around it and, pulling him in with the leg I have around
his waist, I force his glans between my folds. It pulses against
my folds, eager to ravage me, and I cant help but hold my
Youre mine, he tells me, pulling back from my kiss. I open
my eyes and stare into his, his words echoing inside my head.
How did this happen? How did I let myself be seduced by an
inmate, and one as dangerous as I know Lucien can be? I have no
answers and, in all honesty, I dont care. I dont think I would
like the answers anyway. But I sure am ecstatic over the
Im yours, I find myself repeating, returning his gaze
without blinking. These words should be hollow ones, the kind
of thing youd say in the heat of the moment But the truth is, I
really mean them. Somewhere along the way, Lucien sunk his
hook into me and now, just like him, Im in a jail of my own.
Im yours, Lucien.
The moment his name rolls off from my tongue, he thrusts. I
let out a muffled scream and throw my head back, his shaft
straining against my inner walls as it forces its way inside my
pussy with one single stroke.
I breathe out deeply, the tortuous wait finally over. As he
slides back out, my hands dart to his back and I bury my
fingernails in his muscles, urging him to keep moving. Thats
exactly what he does: he keeps moving, thrusting his hips and
drawing a chain of low moans out of me.
I never felt anything like this; his thickness fills me up
completely, stretching me wide and, despite all that, it doesnt
hurt. Its the opposite, actually. It feels amazing, as if my pussy
had been waiting for someone like Lucien all of my life. With
each thrust of his the feeling intensifies, my insides getting used
to how it feels to accommodate such a massive member.
Its so good, I say between breaths, pressing my forehead
against his.
Its about to get better, he grins, mischievousness in his
eyes. With that, he places his other hand under my left buttock
and lifts me up against him. I react by instinct, placing my hands
over his shoulders and lacing him with my legs on his lower
back. Pinned between the wall and Lucien, I throw my head back
and prepare for whats to come.
Theres no mercy or gentleness in the way he moves. Were
not making love. Were fucking, and were doing it as hard as we
can. He bucks his hips at me viciously; his cock going in and out
of my pussy at such a pace that my throat grows sore and I give
up on moaning. And when I think that he cant keep that rhythm
for much longer, he just goes harder, ramming all of his length
inside of me with such force that, even though my throat is
already raw, I cant help but to scream. Thank God there is no
one around right now to hear us.
Using my arms on his shoulders as leverage, I jump up and
down over his cock, trying to match the motion of his body. I
give up quickly; theres no way I can keep up. I just submit to it,
resting my back and head against the wall and enjoying the
punishment hes handing out to my body.
Dont Dont stop, thats what I want to say. But I cant;
maybe Im out of breath, or maybe my brain just cant focus
enough to find the words. I dont have to worry, though, since he
doesnt look like hes going to stop anytime soon. In fact, he
looks like he could keep going forever, his body trapped on an
endless loop of pleasure and dominance. And, oh God, how I
wish that could be possible.
My pussy tightening around his cock, I come hard, trembling
as if I had a fever. And I might just as well have one, since Im
burning up. I feel my chin quivering as I try to breathe, all my
muscles twitching and spasming as pure delight rages through
me, flooding both my body and mind. Its embarrassing to
admit, but I've never came like this before. Ive had orgasms
before, yes, but what Im experiencing goes far beyond that. A
simple orgasm pales in comparison to what Im feeling
right now.
With a kiss on my forehead, he puts me down, my legs feeling
weak the moment my feet touch the floor. But he gives me no
time to catch my breath: with his hands on my waist, he makes
me turn around and face the wall once again. I place my hands
against the cold concrete at shoulder height, jutting my ass back
toward him. A cry of pleasure leaves my lips as he smacks my ass
hard with the back of his hand. Then he does it again. And again.
He does it until Im gritting my teeth, the pain running through
my nerves toward my brain, except the moment it gets there it
has already been distilled into pleasure.
I let my head down, my hair falling over my shoulders and
brushing against my breasts. His hands are now over my
buttocks, squeezing them lightly. After the rough treatment, the
gentle touch of his fingers feel like a blessingone full of
promises. The more his fingers caress me, the more they move
toward the valley between my ass cheeks. The moment hes
close enough, he takes his hands out of me and, with just one
finger, he traces the line between my cheeks all the way to
between my thighs. Then, turning his hand around, he keeps
going. I swallow hard when his fingers go over my pussy, gently
parting my folds.
Im going to make you come like you never did before,
Kerri, he promises me, not knowing that he has already
fulfilled it. Still, I cant help but wonder at the state Im going to
be in once hes done with me. Will I be able to stand? To walk?
Oh, God, does it even matter?
I open my mouth to speakmaybe something smart or
seductive, but all I can do is croak a small please. This time he
doesnt make me beg. One of his arms goes around my waist and
he presses his forearm over my navel; then he pulls me into him,
his shaft straining past my inner lips and lodging itself inside of
me as if it had never left.
Oh, God I moan, pushing my hips back against him.
Theres no God in this place He whispers in my ear, his
lips brushing against my skin. Just me.
He holds his position, his cock deep inside me as he lets his
arm fall, his hand running down between my legs. There, he
presses two fingers right above my clitoris, gently pressing down
on it; only then does he allow his cock to slide out of me.
He goes back in again, thrusting with all his strength. Soon
enough, his cock is flying in and out of me at a breakneck pace,
his thighs slapping my ass over and over again.
My eyes are shut, and Im gritting my teeth again. I wasnt
prepared for this. Its simply too good. And it keeps getting
better: as he thrusts, he keeps pressuring my clit, circling it
steadily with his two fingers. With his free hand, he grabs my
left breast and squeezes it, pinching my hard nipple between his
thumb and index finger. Im panting, my body swaying against
his in waves.
Lucien I call, his name like honey over my tongue.
Harder, I ask him, not truly understanding what Im really
saying. I only realize what I told him to do after he pinches my
nipple harder, a stab of pain and pleasure hitting me at once. He
starts to thrust even harder, and I have to go on tiptoes, my
unconscious mind dictating every single one of my movements.
Theres a spark inside of me, one rising from my clit and
spreading all over my body. Soon enough that spark will turn
into a fire and Ill burn. I cant wait for it.
Pressing hard on my clit, he thrusts mighty, his cock burying
itself inside my pussy like it never did. I gasp, my insides
clenching as my nerve endings try to process the barrage of
sensations hes unleashing upon me. Slowly, he pulls back out,
and then thrusts hard again. He keeps going like that until I
cant bear it any longer, his shaft pushing his way inside of me
with the sweetest savagery I have ever felt.
So this is what it feels like to be with a Manone with a
capital M. Im not a virgin, or some clueless inexperienced girl
but Ive never met a man like Lucien. He is the kind of man a
woman dreams of, perfect in every sense of the word. Its not
only his body that draws me in, thats only a small fraction of his
allure. Its who he is; he breathes in power and exhales
dominance. Hes one of the most dangerous men I have ever met
and, at the same time, the one that makes me feel the safest.
These opposing feelings, the conflict between them It just
drives me out of control, in a way I never thought would be
I open my mouth to speak, but I close it before any words can
form. I cant speak and I cant even think Ask me my name
right now, and Im not sure if Im going to be able to answer. Im
high, his body on me the most perfect drug I have ever found.
I want you to come for me, he tells me against my ear,
stopping his thrusts for a long second. And youre going to do it
when I tell you to.
Is that even possible? Somehow, his words leave no room for
doubt. It's possible because he wont let it happen any other
way. I will come when he tells me tonot before, not after.
His body rocks against mine at a steady rhythm, anticipation
making my heart pound hard. With each thrust of his, he goes
harder. Soon enough, hes pounding me again as if tomorrow
would never come. I feel on the verge of collapsing, all of my
limbs with barely any strength left. Leaning forward, I press my
cheek against the wall, my quivering moans quickly turning into
a howl of pleasure.
I he whispers, his lips less than a inch away from my
neck. Want He thrusts as hard as he can, his shaft piercing
me viciously. You His fingers go to my hair, and he curls
them around the roots of stray locks. To Yanking my head
back, he thrusts once more, his fingers still tightly pressed over
my clit. Come.
He commands; I obey. The moment he tells me to come, its
as if something bursts inside of me, a blinding explosion of
ecstasy obliterating my mind. I press my forearms against the
wall, supporting myself as all strength leaves my legs. My knees
are buckling, but he laces my waist with one arm and keeps me
in place, my pussy feeling as tight as it has ever been.
Im shaking, my body succumbing to something so intense I
never thought it to be possible. Breathing hard, I slowly open my
eyes, trying to reel from the intensity of it all. But I made a
mistake. I thought he was over.
He isnt.
The moment my body stops convulsing, he yanks harder on
my hair and starts to thrust violently. I dont even moan
anymore. I just let one shrill scream fill the room as waves of
pleasure threaten to engulf me. I cant believe this is happening,
but Im about to come again, just seconds after my last orgasm.
Come, Kerri Come for me, he tells me, his thrusts
scorching all of my senses. Reacting on instinct alone, I take one
arm behind my back and lay my hand over his waist, pulling
him in.
I want you to come too, I say, my body eager to feel his seed
inside of me. From my position I cant see him, but I can almost
feel the grin on his lips. His thrusts grow wild and savage, his
cock starting to spasm violently against my inner walls. I feel
him exhale sharply against my neck and, in that very moment,
he starts to come. Thats all it takes to send me into oblivion
again. The moment he starts to shoot his cum inside of me, a
chain reaction goes off and my body trembles and twitches in a
feverish state.
Still lacing me by the waist, he holds still as his cock gushes
his load inside of me. Endorphins numbing all of my muscles, a
shiver still goes up my spine as I feel his cum dripping down my
legs. As he pulls out I almost collapse to the floor. Instead, I turn
on my heels, pressing my back against the wall and opening my
eyes so that I can stare into his.
Hes looking at me with his lips slightly parted, almost as if
hes wondering what the hell just happened. Im asking the
same question myself but, right now, I dont want any answers. I
just want to remain in silence, my eyes on his as if the world
outside doesnt exist. Soon enough reality will sink its ugly fangs
on us
But not now. Not now.

I thrust hard one more time and grunt, as my cock

spews cum out like a fucking cannon. Im trying not
to groan loudly but its hard because Kerri is so fucking gorgeous
and just seeing her with her mouth open and her hands jerking
me is causing my knees to buckle.
I watch as my semen continues to shoot out and lands on her
extended tongue. It starts trickling onto her naked breasts. Her
face takes another shot, then her neck, and then finally one
right in the mouth.
Pleasure is arcing through my body as she drains me of my
juices but the sight of it all over herdripping off of her face and
onto her chest is enough to get my cock twitching all over again.
Kerri looks up at me as she brings her mouth over for a final
suck, taking the dribbles of cum that are still emerging and
swallowing them.
I watch transfixed as she uses her finger to scoop up my seed
from her chest.
She looks at me, and a lascivious twinkle goes through her
eyes. She holds her finger out toward me.
Taste? she asks with an evil grin. Im shocked. And yet
strangely turned on again. Ive never tasted my own semen. Ive
never thought to.
But this woman is bringing out sides to me I never really
thought that Id ever have.
I bring my mouth down as I lean over and Kerri smiles as she
inserts her index finger into my mouth and I suck it clean. Its
But my thoughts are interrupted when I see her smile and
continue to scoop cum off her chest and bring it to her mouth.
Shes fastidious; Ill give her that.
I need to be back at the infirmary in ten minutes, she says
as she gets up and walks over to where her bra ended up.
Each time we get to the Alcove, its like a race against fucking
time. Who can get whos clothes off faster. Theres an animal
need that goes through me, something I thought was taken away
from me forever when they tossed me in this place that
comes out.
This time around, it took me about three minutes to take
Kerris blouse off, which I had to make sure I didnt rip with my
excitement and then unclasp her bra. She immediately got my
jumpsuit off and sunk to her knees. We werent going to be
fucking today; she didnt have time and she had already let me
know, but that didn't stop her from taking my cock in her mouth
with zero hesitation.
When do we I let the question trail because it really
matters on what her schedule is looking like.
If it were up to me, Id have her in my arms 24/7. I would
never let her fucking go. Its not just because I need a woman to
fuckmaybe at first it was thatbut I actually like talking
to her.
Shes fucking sweet. Innocent as fuck still to the ways of the
world, but still with just the right amount of sin to make her
innocence sparkle.
And shes got me trapped. When Im with her, time starts to
fly. When we part, all I do sometimes is think about her.
I know what I sound like.
And right now, Im still refusing to believe it.
Im not falling in love with her. I cant be. Not here.
I watch her as she bends over and picks up her ID badge. Her
ass is sumptuous and fucking perfect. Even though I just shot a
monster load of cum all over her, just seeing that ass makes me
want to grab it and squeeze it. To caress it and rub my cock
between those cheeks.
Kerri gets up and turns toward me. Shes got a smile. I think
it better be soon, the way youre acting, she says with a
wicked grin.
The way Im acting? I ask, arching my eyebrow. My
jumpsuit is back on.
I see you undressing me all over again with your eyes, Lucien
Stone, she says smiling. Dont think I don't notice.
Next time, its my turn to make you come, I say to her.
She smiles broadly as she heads to the door and looks back at
me. Deal, she says.
And just like that, shes gone.
I wait for a few more minutes to give her enough time to get
to her side of the prison.
The fact that the guards and inmates overlook this place just
never stops confounding me. This is the one place in the entire
jail where an inmate and a captor can come together and be with
each other in an unsupervised fashion.
As I make my way toward the main promenade I wonder what
the original purpose of the Alcove as we call it was. It couldnt
have been designed for secret conjugal visits like Kerri and I are
using it for. What was it before? A meeting area? A resting spot?
My thoughts are interrupted with the clanking of the cell-
block gates above me as I step into D-Block.
Faces look up at me as I pass by. The cages are open for the
four hours today for us to wander. But theres only ever so far we
can go. Until recently, I never really had much use to go
anywhere. Now I do. Now I have someone.
It makes me probably the wealthiest man in the entirety of D-
Fuck, it probably makes me the wealthiest inmate in the
whole goddamn jail.
I smile at the thought. No need to measure wealth in
cigarettes and Ramen noodles now. Im on a whole different
playing field. The rare good mood buoys me in as I walk into my
cell and collapse on my bunk.
I barely notice Spider until he get on his feet and walks to the
cell door. He looks around to see that no one is coming and then
turns to me.
Even that doesnt spoil my mood. When he continues to stare
at me, I shrug it off. Let him do his own goddamn thing. I just
nutted over the most beautiful woman Ive ever seen in my
fucking life. It doesn't get much better than that.
But Spider keeps staring at me. At first I don't care that
much, but come on, what would you do after two whole minutes?
I give up trying to ignore him, and look at him. What,
Spider? I ask, impatiently, eager to go back to daydreams about
that fine ass of Kerris.
You just got some, didnt you? Spider asks with a grin. I can
tell it by the way youre walking, man. By the way you smell.
Did Kerris perfume come over with me?
But no, this is exactly what that motherfucker wants.
Just shut the fuck up, Spider, I say with a sigh. If you know
whats fucking good for you.
Normally thats enough to convince Spider to shut up, but
today hes apparently not that afraid of me.
His face takes on a serious mien all of a sudden. Listen to
me, man, he says taking a step closer and hushing his voice. I
talked to Grinder and hes set for helping you break out of St.
Smiths, but hes going to want medical transfers for him and
three of his boys too.
Holy fucking Christ. What was Spider getting me into?
Without thinking I jump off the bed and grab Spider by the
scruff of his jumpsuit and pull his feet off the floor. With a
sudden jerk of strength I shove him against the wall.
What the fuck are you talking about? I ask him, my voice
gravelly and dark.
But Spider isnt unfazed all of a sudden. He looks me straight
in the eyes. Its exactly what I said, man. Grinder is down with
your plan, he says steadily and evenly. With your connections
and his, you guys will be outta St. Simons in no time. But to help
you, hes gonna want to tag along. Thats the price.
I never said I was going to do it! I hiss at him and push him
against the wall in again. I dont know if I can convince her.
Spider only shrugs. Not my problem, broheim, he says
casually. By the way, youre taking me too in whatever little
adventure you and Grinder are going on. Lets call that my price
for getting you the people you need to finish your plan.
No way am I risking Kerris life over this. Not when shes
been amazing to me. Not when Im falling in
Im not going to fucking do it, I say to him strongly. You
can go back and tell Grinder that youre a dumbass who doesnt
know what the fuck hes talking about.
I let go of Spider and his feet fall to the floor as I turn away.
Im not getting involved in this. Not now. Not after what Ive
built with her.
But Spider isnt done either.
Grinder thought you might end up saying that, bro, Spider
says to my turned back. So, he told me that its in your best
interests if you follow through on your end of the bargain.
A bargain I never struck. Im not bailing Spider out of this
one. He can just go fuck himself for placing Kerri in danger
like this.
I take one step toward my bunk but apparently Spider isnt
done. Or else, theyll make your life Hell, but theyll make sure
to do it by ending hers, amigo.
The words send a jolt of electricity through my body and I
He cant be serious.
Ill fucking kill him. Right now.
I turn toward Spider. He shrugs. Its nothing personal,
Lucien, he says to me in an air of not controlling events. Just
strictly business is all it is.
I pause for a moment.
Wealthiest man in D-Block?
Try the most unlucky guy ever fucking born.

H e waltzes into the room with his head held high,

his piercing eyes immediately finding mine. My
heart is drumming inside my chest, beating furiously against my
ribcage. It doesnt matter how many times I see him, it never
Take his handcuffs off, I tell the guard that accompanies
him. Sternly, the rotund guard does what I tell him, fitting his
key inside the lock and turning it. Lucien flexes his arms
immediately, and I cant help but swallow hard as I see his hard
muscles pushing against the fabric of his shirt. You can leave,
Ill take it from here, I continue, turning my attention to the
guard. He does as I tell him, not uttering a single word; he just
shrugs and, turning on his heels, walks out the door, closing it
behind him.
I sign my name on the spreadsheet I hold in my hands,
marking an X next to Lucien's name. This is supposed to be a
simple check up, but we both know that all that well be doing
during the time we have has nothing to do with me being a pat of
the medical staff. Unless anatomical studies count for
something, that is.
The moment the door closes, Lucien crosses the room toward
me, his lips curling upward into a smile. His hands go to my
waist and he pulls me in, pressing his lips against mine. My
eyelids drooping, I surrender to his kiss, parting my lips and
allowing his tongue to slide inside my mouth. Our tongues
wrestle against one another, and I let the spreadsheet fall from
my fingers, my hands eager to feel something other than paper.
Missed me? He asks me with a smile, pulling back from my
lips. I purse my lips, my hands on his waist.
We shouldnt be doing this, I manage to tell him, the words
sounding meaningless to me. Yes, we shouldnt, but nows
already too late for regret If I had any, that is.
You said that the last time too, he grins, his body pressed
tight against mine. I can already feel his hard cock tenting his
pants and pushing against my leg. My God, I can barely wait to
get out of my pants and have him inside of me. I think of a
response, but theres none. All there is inside of me is an
insatiable craving, one that threatens to consume me every
single minute of the day.
After our first time together, there hasnt been a single night
that I havent dreamt of him And I have done more than that.
Under the safe refuge of my sheets, I let my imagination run
wild, images of his naked body flashing behind my eyelids as I let
one hand wander down my body. Every single night, I come
thinking of him. And then, when I fall asleep exhausted, he
haunts my dreams, his hard eyes always finding mine through
the fog of sleep.
I lean into him, my lips parting and fitting against his. We
kiss in abandonment, the real world just a detail. Tracing the
outline of his pants, I let my fingers go around his waist, and
then I slide them under the fabric of his boxer briefs, the warm
skin of his buttocks against the palm of my hands.
Ive been thinking of this all day long, I tell him, feeling his
hard buttocks with my spread fingers. I let my hands go around
his waist to his front and, still under his underwear, I curl my
fingers around his hard cock. Just like in my dreams, here he is,
more than ready to unleash a storm of pleasure upon me.
I know, Kerri. Well, he gently grabs my chin between his
thumb and index finger, lifting my head up so that Im looking
straight into his eyes. Im here now. What are you going to do
about it?
I open my mouth, my brain working fast to think of anything
just remotely coherent to tell him. But why use words when
actions speak so much louder?
Im going to do this, I whisper, going down to my knees
without breaking his gaze. As my knees touch the floor, I push
down his pants and underwear, only stopping when theyre all
bunched up around his ankles. With a knowing grin, he kicks of
his shoes and steps out of his clothes, his cock standing at
attention and saluting me. He grabs the hemline of his shirt and
pulls it over his head, throwing it over the stretcher bed in the
Clothed, Lucien is a wonder of nature. Naked Hes a
miracle. Every muscle in his body seems to be made of granite
and dreams, his skin tightly stretched over his abs. But I dont
intend to just stare at him in awe. A smile on my lips, I look up at
him as I lean in, my tongue peeking between my lips it reaches
for the tip of his cock. I only brush it against his glans, the salty
flavor of his pre-cum making my heart drum louder.
My tongue circling his tip, I slowly start to lean forward, my
eyelids drooping as I go further, his glans pushing past my lips. I
let it roll over my tongue, his shaft sliding inside of my mouth
easily. Lucien is thrusting slightly, moving hips toward me until
his cock brushes against the back of my throat; then he pulls
back, leaving only his tip inside of me.
A shiver goes up my spine as he lays his hands on top of my
head, my mind fully aware of his dominant touch. I open my
eyes and look up at him, that dangerous smile dancing on
his face.
I dreamt of this last night, he tells me, hooking his fingers
on my hair. You were on your knees, and I fucked that little
mouth of yours until you begged me to fuck you. I spent the
whole night hard as a rock, just thinking of that. Each of his
words caress my mind, cooking all of my thoughts in a slow boil.
His tone is calming but dominant, not an ounce of hesitance in
his voice. This is a man that says whats on his mind and I cant
help but love him for that. Did I say love? Because I didnt mean
to say that. This has nothing to do with love, nothing at all Oh,
why am I such a bad liar?
Lucien saves me from my own thoughts with one simple
movement, pulling my hair by the roots and forcing my mouth
down his shaft. I go willingly, my mind turning blank; theres no
past or future, all that exists is the now.
Guiding my head with his hands, he makes me bob my head
back and forth, my lips rolling over his warm flesh as quickly as I
can. But he wants to go even faster; he starts to thrust, his cock
ravaging my mouth and making me desperately want him
between my thighs. I can already feel my thong becoming
drenched, the fabric sticking to my skin. If I keep going like this,
soon enough my juices are going to start dripping down my legs,
staining my pants. But who cares? He could rip off all of my
clothes and leave me here, standing as naked as when I came
into the world, and I wouldnt care. All that matters is having
him so close to me that I can hear his heart beating.
He keeps thrusting at my mouth until my knees start to ache,
only stopping when his cock suddenly spasms. His whole body
tenses up, and he takes a deep breath, caressing my face with the
back of his hand. Slowly, he pulls his cock out of me and grabs
my hand, pulling me up to my feet. Standing just an inch away
from him, Im breathing hard, flames starting to lick at my skin.
You drive me crazy, he whispers. I cant control myself. I
dont even know if hes talking to me or to himself, but I have no
time to wonder about that. His hands on my waist, he pushes me
back with a growl; I take two steps back, my ass hitting the edge
of the stretcher bed, making it bump against the wall with a loud
Is everything alright in there? I hear the guard asking from
the other side of the door, his voice like a punch to my gut.
Lucien doesnt even blink; he presses his naked body against me,
sliding his hands under my shirt and running them up to my
Yes I say, trying to speak between breaths. I I just
dropped something! I manage to say, hoping the guard has as
much interest in doing his job right now as I have in doing mine.
I wait for a few heartbeats, all of me melting as Lucien squeezes
my breasts, but the guard doesnt respond back. I breathe out
deeply, feeling as if Ive just dodged a bullet. We have to be
quiet, I tell Lucien, my chest rising and falling at a fast rhythm.
Well try, he corrects me, letting go of my breasts and
sliding his hands down to my waist. Grabbing me harshly, he
makes me turn around abruptly and then, his forearm across my
back, he bends me over the stretcher. I grit my teeth, choking
down a moan as I feel his cock pressed tight between my ass
cheeks, over the loose fitting fabric of my pants.
He pushes my hair over my shoulder, and then leans in, his
lips on my neck. My skin prickles as I feel his mouth on my skin,
his kisses as tender as they are dangerous. His hands pressed
tight against the flesh on my waist, he slowly runs them down,
pushing my pants down just a few inches, enough for my thong
to show.
I shiver as I feel him tracing the contour of my small thong,
his finger slowly moving across my buttock. Hes moving slowly,
seductively, but hes like a coiled springready to burst at any
time. And thats exactly what happens. Without any warning, he
breathes out sharply against my neck and, abruptly grabbing my
pants and underwear at the same time, he pushes them down
my legs and to my knees. I half expect him to smack me across
the buttocks, but thats not what he does. Instead, he pulls back
and goes down to his knees, the palm of his hands resting
against the curve of my ass.
He spreads my cheeks apart and then squeezes them hard,
my body leaning further against the stretcher. Then, spreading
his fingers, he pushes my buttocks up, making me go on tiptoes;
before I can even process whats happening, he lunges at me,
burying his face between my thighs and under my ass. A slight
moan leaves my lips as he presses his mouth against my pussy,
hurriedly sucking on my folds as I become wetter than ever.
I let my head down, my forehead pressed against the thin
mattress as I choke down a moan, biting hard on the sheets. He
keeps devouring me, not caring if I moan or if I dont. Hes
fearless, not a single worry on his mind. To be honest, the more
he keeps sucking my pussy, the less I worry about being caught.
It just seems so unimportant right now. What does it all matter
when my body is burning with pleasure, the most perfect man I
have ever met savoring me?
Not only does he know how to handle his long thick member,
he sure knows how to drive a woman completely insane with just
his mouth. Jabbing with his tongue, he parts my pussy and slides
his finger inside of me, viciously licking me as I picture my juices
dripping down his chin.
Oh, God I mutter, my hands curled tight around the bars
on the stretcher. Im grabbing them so tightly my knuckles have
turned white, all my muscles tensing up as I succumb to his
mouth. The sheets between my teeth, I manage to stop myself
from screaming, my body shaking as I come violently. Even so, a
throaty moan makes itself heard, luckily muffled by the
mattress. Careless as he is, I still expected him to ease up,
knowing that the guard is waiting for him right on the other side
of the door. Of course, I should know him better by now: instead
of slowing down, he goes even harder, sucking and licking in a
vicious chain of perfectly matched movements.
My muscles are still twitching when he places one arm around
my waist, his hand going down to between my legs and searching
for my clitoris. The moment his fingers find it, all hell breaks
loose inside of me. I come again, just seconds after my first
orgasm, and this time I have to bite my own forearm in order not
to scream. I dont even feel a thing, pleasure obfuscating
everything but that mind numbing delight that rages through
my veins. My eyes shut tight; I feel a tear falling down my face.
This is actually the first time in my life this has happened, crying
from ecstasy.
Lucien pulls back from me then, and I fight past the weakness
in my muscles to look over my shoulder at him. He goes up to his
feet slowly, my juices glistening on his chin. Looking at me with
burning intent, he wipes my fluids from his face with the back of
his hand, and then pushes my shirt up my arms. I hold my
breath as he unclasps my bra and then takes it off of me, my
hard nipples aching to feel his touch. Almost as if he could read
my mind, he squeezes both my tits hard, pinching my nipples
between his fingers and pulling on them until I have to focus
again in order to remain quiet.
You really want to scream, dont you? he asks me, leaning
into me and pinching harder. I cant even speak right now, so I
just nod. No, this is nothing. Let me make you really want to
With that, he grabs his cock and presses it between my legs,
brushing it against my folds. I thrust back by instinct, wanting to
feel him inside of me at once, but he keeps still, ignoring the
urgency in my movement. He lets his hands go down my legs
and, grabbing them just under my knees, he forces me up onto
the stretcher. I let him lift my body up, my knees resting over
the mattress as I go on all fours. With his arm around my waist,
he pulls, angling my body so that his cock is once again right
where it belongs: on my pussy.
This time, he doesnt tease or torture me. He simply thrusts,
his shaft piercing me and making thunder and lightning explode
inside of me.
Be quiet, be quiet, I ask of myself, repeating the words over
and over again inside my head, almost like a prayer. Somehow, I
manage to do it, my teeth gritted as Lucien starts to thrust. Each
time his cock goes deep inside of me I see fireworks behind my
eyelids, my body a time bomb ready to go off against at any
He grabs my hair with one hand, turning his wrist around and
curling my locks around his fingers, and then yanks my head
back. My back arches as he pulls on me, his thighs slapping my
ass over and over again. With his free hands, he grabs my ass,
squeezing viciously on my flesh with his spread fingers. His
thumbs rest close to my crack, the pressure of it around my
rosebud almost too much to bear. Maybe he realizes the way his
touch is driving me crazy, since he moves his hand over my ass,
his thumb dangerously drawing close to my rosebud.
Who knew that Id end up like this, on all fours on top of a
stretcher while an inmate fucks me roughly? I didnt, not by a
long shot. But somehow, here we are, Lucien's cock demolishing
my pussy and taking control over all of my senses. Its unfair;
why did he show up in my life like this? Why couldnt we have
met in a bar? Why couldnt he be a regular man? I know I dont
like answering my own questions, but I have an answer to this
oneif Lucien was a regular man it just wouldnt be the same.
Its his dark aura of violence and coiled power that draws me in,
and the kindness I know lies deep inside of him seals the deal for
me. I have no illusions; I know hes no saint, but he also isnt the
devil the police and the courts painted him as. Call me naive, but
I believe him. Of course, I might be slightly biased, since Im
falling for him. Yes, I said it. Im falling for Lucien. And right
now, our bodies acting as one, that feeling is becoming stronger
than ever.
I breathe out deeply, a weak moan leaving my mouth as he
thrusts deep inside me. Im close, so close that I can almost taste
ecstasy on my tongue. He knows that and, deciding to make my
body burst with pleasure, he presses the tip of his thumb against
my rosebud. The instant he does it, I explode, my pussy
tightening around his shaft like a vice while my arms grow weak
and I go down to my elbows. I remain frozen in place like that,
my nipples burning as electricity runs through every single
nerve ending in my body.
Lucien slides out me slowly, and I collapse on top of the
mattress, my body too spent to carry on. Oh, what am I saying? It
doesnt matter if Im exhausted. My time with Lucien is as
limited as it gets, and I refuse to let it go to waste.
Something takes hold of me and I turn on my heels and, with
cat like movements, I place my hands on Lucien's shoulders and
push him back. I pressure his shoulders, forcing him to go down;
he obliges, lowering his body and going down to his knees. The
moment hes there I push him, laying him across the floor, and
climb on top. He grabs my ass immediately, cupping my cheeks
as I sit across his thighs; with one hand I grab his cock, pointing
it upward. Breathing as slowly as I can, I ease myself down, his
cock sliding inside of me once more. It pierces me to the hilt, his
glans pressed hard against my insides.
I lean forward, my hair falling down my shoulders as I stare
into his eyes. Unblinking, I start to rock my body, swaying my
hips over his cock under the guidance of his hands.
I wish we could stay here forever, I tell him, my heart
suddenly feeling tight inside my chest. It doesnt matter how I
feel toward him, ours is a forbidden romance. Sure, it might get
the adrenaline flowing, but what about the future? What about
when Im alone in my bed, my body crying out for him? He
places his hand on my cheek, a gentle smile on his lips, and my
heart starts to melt.
Me too, Kerri, he simply says, the words as genuine as they
could ever be. Raising his head, he reaches for my mouth, softly
pressing his lips against mine. We kiss softly, our touch electric
but gentle. This is Lucien. He can be rough and dominant, and
the next very moment he turns into the sweetest man. His lips
on mine, I feel all anxieties about the future melting away, and
my mind gets back on track, focused only on whats happening
right now.
I close my eyes, my body swaying softly as he thrusts slightly,
his cock moving in and out of me at a gentle pace. We go on like
that for seconds, minutes, hoursI dont know and I dont care.
Here with him Im lost and, at the same time, Im found. Time is
Our rhythm grows into a crescendo, my hips moving eagerly
against his as I feel that familiar fire burning inside of me. With
one hand on my ass and the other grabbing my right breast, he
rocks his body against mine, his movements matching my own.
For a change, Im the one leading the charge right now, but I
hold no illusions: Im only leading because hes allowing me to
do it. True to his nature, he doesnt allow that to last.
One arm around my lower back, he hooks his fingers on my
waist and, with a sudden movement, rolls me to the side. In the
blink of an eye hes on top of me, my back flattening against the
His cock never leaves my pussy and, as soon he settles into
position, he starts to thrust again. I part my legs as wide as I can,
willing him to go as deep as possible. Crossing them over his
lower back, I pull into him, urging him to go faster and faster.
Ravaging me in abandonment, Lucien starts to kiss me, his
hungry lips on mine. I open my mouth, my tongue pushing
against his in a frenzied dance of lust. I place my hand behind
his head, grabbing a handful of his hair as our bodies mesh into
one another.
He never eases the pace, relentlessly ramming his cock into
me until all my sense of self begins to dilute. I feel my pussy
starting to contract and, before I can prepare for it, Im coming.
My legs become tense, hooking him in and not allowing him to
move as I bury my fingernails on his back, harshly enough to
draw blood.
Oh God, I moan in a hushed tone, throwing my head back
as I try and catch my breath. But, once again, he doesnt allow
any time for breaks: still without pulling his cock out, he places
his hands under my knees and raises my legs, placing them over
his shoulders as he goes to his knees. I shut my eyes and grit my
teeth, panting as I feel his cock sliding one more wonderful inch
deep into me. He leans into me then, pushing my legs as his
shoulders move toward mine; I go as far as I can, my ass lifting
from the floor as my legs bend awkwardly over my own body. His
cock sheathed, he starts to trust, pumping his cock into me with
maddening precision. Oh, Lucien Oh, I moan, still unable to
open my eyes as lava rages through my veins, scorching
everything in its way.
Shh, he whispers, hushing me as keeps thrusting, his cock,
pistoning into me at a perfect tempo. He brushes his finger
against my lips and, guided by the sinful cravings inside of me, I
just open my mouth and let it in, sucking hard and still feeling
the flavor of my own juices there.
Im going to I start, but the words die in my throat as my
limbs start to thrash, my whole body convulsing as if the
connection to my brain simply disappeared. I come again, my
lungs working overtime as I try to breathe deeply, every single
muscle in my body feeling as if it had been stepped on. Im
spent, exhausted. I cant speak or think and, even though I open
my eyes, I see nothing but white. Pleasure has me in a trance,
and Im mute and blind. The only thing my overworked brain can
still process is his touch. The moment he starts to slide his cock
out of me, I shudder violently, a shiver climbing up my spine.
I force my eyes open and stare into his, my chest rising and
falling at a more steady pace now. Propping myself up on my
elbows, I sit up, my fluids dripping down my thighs. Acting as if
it had a mind of its own, my hands reach for him. I wrap one
around his cock, using the other to cup his balls. I start to stroke
him, my eyes never leaving his as I flick my wrist, my fingers
curled tight around his shaft.
I want your mouth, he whispers, a grin on his face. I dont
even think about it; I just learn forward and part my lips, sliding
them over his glans and all the way down. As I reach the base, I
go back up, moving my neck back and forth as I suck on him
hard. Every time I reach his tip I stop for a few seconds, twisting
my tongue on his glans and lapping at it before going down
again. Not a minute after I started, he places his hands on my
head, forcing me to go faster. My mouth is flying over his shaft,
all of my movements nothing more than a blur. Hes breathing
hard, his fingers like claws inside my hair, but I dont stop. I
keep going, pushing past my exhaustion until I have him
dangling over the edge.
His cock spasms once, and I slide my mouth all the way up to
his glans. It spasms again and I roll my lips out, slowly sucking
as his cock pops out of my mouth. A wide smile on my face, I
start to stroke him as hard as I can, moving my whole arm as I go
up and down his cock. The third time he spasms, his cock shoots
a thick rope of cum in my direction, his semen flying in an arch
and hitting me straight in the chest. I dont stop moving my
hand, his semen completely covering my breasts and dripping
down my stomach. Hes still spasming when I feel strands of his
sliding down from my chest to between my thighs, blending in
my own wetness.
Wanting to taste him, I angle his cock upward and open my
mouth, sticking out my tongue. In a heartbeat he coats my
tongue, the flavor of his warm semen making my mind buzz with
delight. I wait until I feel my mouth brimming with his cum and,
as soon as his cock stops spasming, I smack my lips and swallow,
my eyes never leaving his.
Good girl, he says, smiling while he reaches for my lips
with his thumb and wipes off a stray drop of cum. Slowly, I peel
my fingers off his cock, the last strands of semen still dripping
down his shaft.
This was amazing, I mutter, my body still alight with
No, he replies, that kind smile of his dancing on his lips.
It was perfect. It always is with you.
Lucien Stone, where have you been all of my life?

Y ou know, my life has been pretty fucking shitty so far,

but for the longest time if youd have asked me, I
wouldnt have given a fuck.
Not so, anymore, amigo. Ive got a fucking purpose now all of
a sudden.
Sure, Im still a fucking inmate. Im broke, fucked up because
of a life sentence for a crime I didnt commit, and constantly on
the lookout for anyone who might want to try and make himself
a rep by stabbing me with a home made shiv.
But aside from all that, Ive got purpose and determination. I
know what I need to do.
You probably already know why, but let me spell it out for you
just in case you need to understand one last time.
Kerri Curtis. The fucking light of my life.
Am I falling in love with her? I dont know, man. But I will tell
you this. Three weeks ago, if you'd have asked me that question,
I would've either laughed at you or hit you in the fucking nose
depending on who you were and where you were asking. But
now? NowIm just going to shrug it off and tell you I dont
know the answer to that question.
Its not just the sex, either, if thats what youre thinking.
Sure it feels unreal fucking Kerri and sure shes got the body of a
fucking angel that gets my cock so big and fucking hard that it
ends up with its own heartbeat.
But thats not the only reason Im falling in love with her. I
know that for sure.
The way she looks at me when Im inside of her. When she
cant talk. When she cant breathe. When shes gasping for air.
In the throes of her fucking orgasm. The way she makes herself
vulnerable. After everything shes been through. It takes a lot of
fucking courage to let yourself be vulnerable like that. I could
never do that.
The way she makes me feel calm. At peace. Like the world
isnt such a shitty place that chews you up and fucks you before
tossing you out like fucking trash. Like theres a little bit of hope
left. A little bit of goodness left in people that hasnt been
trampled and stamped out by cruelty and malice.
She makes me want to be a better man, even in here. She
makes me feel regret that I had to meet her in here. That I
couldnt have met her on the outside.
But I need to fucking snap out of it. I'm inside. Theres no
denying that fact. And no amount of fucking daydreaming and
happiness is going to change that.
The best I can do is protect her from what she doesnt
understand. What I hope shell never have to understand.
The only way I can do that is to become the one thing that
scares her. An inmate. A criminal.
Yeah, pretty fucked up, right? Aint got no fucking other
option in this joint, babe. No other way.
At least thats what I tell myself as I walk up to where Grinder
is standing in the prison yard. Hes talking animatedly to Spider.
Three other people stand around him. All mob guys, all part of
the same gang I used to be in. Shaved heads. Tattoos up and
down their arms. I know a few of them. The tall, fat guyhis
names Earl. The skinnier dude with the close-cropped blonde
hair, thats Slim. And the short guy with the big ears and
weasel-like face is called, you guessed itWeasel.
That leaves Spider and Grinder.
Grinder has his name because hes built like a fucking truck.
His arms are the size of steel beams and hes got a barrel chest
that's deep like a tree trunk. Hes bald, and has jail tattoos all
the way up his body, neck, and face. And his face. Jesus fucking
Christ. Its contorted in a twisted approximation of evil. His eyes
are dark brown, basically black. And they turn toward me, his
entire muscular frame moving as he sees me walk up to him.
No one really walks up to groups like this in prison. Not
unless they have a wish to get hurt.
But me? I couldnt give a fuck what people did. I have a
mission today. And it's fucking important that I carry this
shit out.
The circle of men opens up to face me as I take the last few
steps. Its all in now. No turning around and going back. No
pretending that this was all just a mistake.
I take my last step and look at Grinder. Hes quiet, looking at
me as well. Studying me. I turn my glance to Spider.
Deals off, I say simply. Cant get the bitch to go along
with the plan.
Theres silence for a moment. Spider seems a bit nervous all
of a sudden.
W-wh-what the fuck are you talking about, Stone? Spider
asks, giving anxious glances toward Grinder. We had a deal.
And that deal is now off, I say calmly. I wanted to tell you
before you started making any more plans.
Its been a week since Spider told me about the plan and Ive
been wracking my brain trying to figure out what to say and do to
keep Kerri safe.
I havent been able to get her out of my fucking head. Weve
even been finding a way to meet up in the Alcove every day now.
We get maybe an hour, tops. But thats fine. Its long enough for
me to bend her over, grab her by the ass, and pound her with my
cock as she moans lewdly. To slap her ass until she groans with
the lascivious sounds of pleasure. To suck her clit and make her
claw my hair and back as she thrashes in the midst of multiple
orgasms. To leave her legs wobbly and shaky after she impales
herself on my tree trunk of a cock. All 10 inches of it, buried
inside of her.
Afterwards, basking in the afterglow, we talk. She tells me
about her life. About her ex-boyfriend who she caught cheating.
About her parents. Her job. The ways that shes trying to get
stronger. And I listen to her. Listen to the words of a woman who
could be with any man in the world, and she chose a caged beast.
And each time I hear her I swear to fucking God that I will do
everything I can to protect her.
You cant back out on a deal, Stone, Spider says,
emboldened by indignation. He jars me back to the present from
the reverie I'm in. Youre committed.
Listen Spider, I say, giving him a stare that should
intimidate most men. You never really asked me if I wanted in
on the deal, but I spent a fucking week trying to figure out how.
Its just not possible. End of story.
Im going to leave it at that and I turn away, taking two steps.
Now wait just one moment, player, Grinder finally speaks
and I immediately stop. Good. Ive been waiting for this.
Dont you think youre being a bit hasty? Grinder asks me.
You want out of here just as much as we do, and we need you for
the first part just as much as you need us for the second part
when were at St. Simons.
Hes got a point. Without me, theres no point in Grinders
connections getting out of St. Simons. Because well never even
have left here.
As youre no doubt aware, if you dont leave, Lucien, then
neither do we, Grinder says and then pauses. And I really need
to leave here, Lucien.
I can tell hes taken a step closer but my back is still turned.
Im sorry, Grinder, I say and take one step away.
I hear him take two more steps toward me to match and start
to catch up.
This is going to end in a fight. I can tell. Theres only one
thing that someone like Grinder will respect. Thats violence.
It would be very stupid of you to say no, player, Grinder
says and takes one final step towards me that places him at arms
length. Hes going to attack. I can tell. The hairs on my neck are
pricked and my entire body is tensed. Grinders going to do
something in the next few seconds.
Which is why I need to act now.
I turn around in a flash and take two fast steps toward Grinder
before he has a chance to react. I take my fist and bring it up
wildly in an uppercut punch, hitting Grinder in the chin. He lets
out a WHOOF as I hit him in the lower stomach with my
other arm.
Grinder doubles over and I grab him and turn him, wrapping
my forearm from behind him and constricting his neck.
Grinder cant breathe. He struggles, but those struggles start
to subside. I look at his gang. Theyre looking to see what
happens and how they can defend their leader.
It would be very stupid to continue to press me on this
matter, Grinder, I say to him, glancing at his men and
tightening my forearm on his neck, causing them to stop their
advance. Spider has faded to the background.
Im going to let you go and turn around and consider this
matter settled, I say in a calm voice. Got that?
There are slight movements of Grinders gang but after a few
seconds, they look downward in defeat. Grinder stops struggling.
With a snarl, I release my choke-hold and toss Grinder toward
his gang.
I turn around and begin to walk away. I can tell that Grinder is
rubbing his neck. But he does get the last word as I walk
from them.
Just watch your back, Stone, Grinder says after a wheeze.
Youve annoyed me today and disappointed me to boot. I don't
take either very well.
No shit. Thats why hes in fucking prison. But I decide to
shrug it off and continue to walk back to the main wing.
Its the fucking best I can do at this point.

F orty-five.
That's how many days it's been since Lucien first took me and
made me his in the Alcove. We've gotten to the point where we
see each other pretty much every day now. To the point where I
expect some reason to find myself in the Alcove waiting when
the inmates are released for their few hours of free roam.
Because it's different days, I've started taking my lunch and
breaks at odd times. Guards and other people I work with will
look at me as I go for "lunch" at 10 am in the morning. They
don't understand that it's because I spent the entire morning
dreaming about how Lucien was going to take me. That my
panties were literally sopping wet by the time I made it to the
Alcove thinking about Lucien's hard cock.
Why is he affecting me so much? Why am I having trouble
concentrating on the simplest of tasks without my mind
wandering to think of the next time Im going to see him? Why
cant I get the thought of Lucien taking me, turning me around,
bending me over, ripping off my panties and pushing himself
into me out of my head?
Its like my mind is in a fog when Im not with him. Like Im
in a coma. And then we do actually meet. And I forget
everything. The world fades away. The dark surroundings that
were in become nothing more than a backdrop. We form our
own encapsulated universe.
And then we have sex. Its like nothing I have ever felt or will
ever feel ever again. His cock literally stretches me in every
direction when he is inside of me. To the point where Ive
blacked out from coming too hard.
And then afterwards, I sit in a sex coma. Somehow I manage
to put my clothes on and get to work. Somehow I get to work,
walking bowlegged and unsteady. I sit there, listening to a
supervisor talking about changes to medication of prisoners who
come in with life threatening wounds from altercations. Or
listening to our narcotics auditor going over proper handling of
controlled substances. But while Im there physically, all I can
feel is Lucien's cum dripping down out of my pussy, literally
soaking my panties. All I can wish for is for it to be the next day,
so I can head to the Alcove.

T EN .
Thats how many days ago Lucien told me that he loves me.
Literally, he looked me in the eyes, and held my hand and
whispered, I love you, Kerri. Tears came to my eyes and I
wrapped my arms around him. We were naked. He had just
fucked the living daylights out of me, coming inside me like a
fire hydrant blasting on a hot summer day.
I looked into his eyes, returning his gaze. I love you too,
Lucien Stone, I said. Ive loved you for some time now and it
took you long enough to say it.
Lucien chuckled. Ive been waiting for you to tell me first,
he said with an amused gaze in his eye. Thats what most
women do anyways.
But I wasnt 'most women.' At least not to him. I mean, Ive
been through my share of men. Im not a virginal princess. Ive
been dirty. But that was always scratching an itch. With Lucien it
feels more real. Like I was meant to do the nastiest, most
indulgent, pleasurable things with him. And there was nothing
wrong with it because right after having done unspeakable
things, I can cuddle up with him and imagine a life outside of the
concrete walls that surround us.

S IX .
Thats how many times my friends have tried to set me up
with different men from various dating websites in the last
forty-five days.
Youre not getting any younger and if you keep to yourself,
youre going to end up all alone, a few of them say from time
to time.
I want some grandchildren, my mother tells me over the
phone one day. Do you think thats going to happen
anytime soon?
Besides, if hes serving a life sentence, how is he ever going
to be able to be there for you? my friend asks over coffee one
weekend. I mean, sure you see him every day, but an hour a day
isnt a relationship, Kerri. Its more like sex buddies.
Deep in my heart, I know that what they say is absolutely
true. I am in love with a man who has been placed in jail by
society for breaking with its social contract. With a man who will
never be getting out from that jail. Who is caged up like a beast,
his freedoms denied.
What is it exactly that I see in this relationship? Am I going to
move in with him? I cant. Unless its in his cell. Are we going to
have a wedding? It would have to be in the jail. And then what
about my life? Am I really that selfless to be able to give up
waking up next to a man, to give up sharing how my day went
with a man, and to constantly wonder if hes safe? Am I content
being along for the rest of my life for the sake of love?

O NE .
Thats how many times I do go out with guys after my friends
beg and plead me to keep an open mind.
I hated that time.
The first and only time its with an accountant named Barry.
He meets me at a restaurant and proceeds to spend the whole
evening telling me about how much money he makes in his
recent business. It would be great to celebrate in his success
except the man spends so much time talking about himself that I
doubt he ever stopped to wonder anything about me. The most
he knew about me was my name. I politely declined a second
date as we exited the restaurant and I made sure we walked in
opposite directions.
That night, as Barry left, I realized the mistake I made and I
showed up to work at the jail. The people looked at me strange,
but I told them how I had some unfinished paperwork and
inmate evaluations to conclude and they just shrugged it off.
It was evening and the prisoners were given some free time
after dinner. I put on my scrubs after changing out of my dress to
avoid any unwanted attention and waited until I saw Lucien
walking back from the canteen. He immediately saw me, and his
eyes flashed. I gave him a smile and our code was exchanged.
Ten minutes later, he came to the Alcove where I was waiting
for him.
Surprised to see me? I asked, turning toward him, taking
off my scrubs in front of him so I could pose for him in my sexy
I dont fucking care why youre here, he said, his eyes
hungrily devouring me. I just want to fuck you so bad
right now.
His cock was as thick as a lead pipe and I knew he wasnt
lying. I dont know if I tore his clothes off or he took them off in
a heartbeat, but the next thing I knew he was biting my neck,
priming my body. And all of a sudden, he was inside of me. I
closed my eyes and felt his entire length going into me as my
pussy walls stretched out to accommodate his girth inside my
canal. I shuddered in pleasure as he bit my skin between my
neck and my shoulder blade as he thrust into and out of me. My
skin was on fire and I began to moan uncontrollably as I shucked
myself on him, grunting with every thrust onto him. I didnt care
what I sounded like. Or even what I looked like. I needed to
come. And I needed it to be on him.
And I did. I came like nothing else that evening. My vision
exploded in stars before going dark. My skin arced with electric
currents of pure ecstasy as I threw my head back and moaned
one of the lewdest sounds Ive ever made in my life. I lost control
of my limbs as they seized up and when I finally came out of my
sex coma and into a haze of euphoria, I saw Lucien holding me,
looking at me. And I realized that all my doubts were nothing
compared to this moment. With this man.
That night, I went home in a daze, my heart aflutter with
happiness. I didn't care if Lucien was in jail. I didn't care if I only
got to see him for an hour or so a day. Somehow, we would figure
it out. We were young. We would let our love fuel our actions.
Not our brains.
In a cocoon of happiness, I fell asleep.
And woke up the next morning feeling ill. I rushed to the
bathroom, where I barely had time to get to the toiled and bend
over before I began heaving and vomiting.
I felt terrible. And I began to cough and wretch as my body
tried to empty out the contents of my stomach.
Thinking it was food poisoning, I went to bed. Where I
promptly fell asleep until noon, and then I woke up and realized I
had been passed out for half the day. What had happened to me?
In a way it was good that it was my day off. Lucien wouldn't
worry if I missed our normal liaison.

Thats how many dollars I spent on the pregnancy kit a few
hours later when I finally felt good enough to get out of bed. I
bought it from the local drugstore when I realized that I was at
least two weeks late on my period.
Thats how many hours I slept that night as I finally went to
bed, my mind still consumed with thoughts about what I was
going to do after finding out earlier in the day that I was

I feel her body clench and I place both of my hands on

her hips. I'm gripping her as if she's the last thing on
earth, and I hear a growl escape my throat. Being near her brings
out everything animalistic in me. She's bent over the exam
table, grabbing the edges and trying to muffle her heavy
breathing and gasps by biting down on her bottom lip. When
that's not working, I watch as she bites her hand, muffling a
moan. Her hair is hanging down over her face and I gather it up
with one hand and yank it back in a fist. Her legs are trembling
and I know we're running out of timeit was a miracle that we
even snuck this fuck session in without anyone around, but I can
feel that window of opportunity fading fast.
I'm thrusting my cock into her, my jumpsuit and underwear
pooled around my ankles, and her elbow bumps into the canister
of tongue depressors and it crashes to the floor, along with her
clipboard. We stay still for a moment, making sure no one
noticedwe are trying to play it safe, but even that noise can't
stop us as I continue my rapid thrusts, penetrating her wet and
pulsing body with my cock. "We have to. Be quiet," she says
between breaths. But honestly, the more I fuck her the less I care
about anything around us. I even tell myself that the rest of the
world be damnedlet the guards see us.
Right now, this woman is everything. She's the real deal and
if I could fuck her every minute of the day I would. "Fuck, you're
a goddess," I say, and she seems to like that because she's
purring and her whole body is bucking wildly, threatening to
swallow me whole.
Then my body tenses and I feel my cock suddenly spasm,
spewing thick ropes of cum deep inside of her. Kerri's gyrating
her hips and milking my cock even when I think I have nothing
left. Then I pull away from her and she turns to me and gets
down on her knees, keeping her gaze locked on mine. Without
hesitation she takes my cock in her mouth, sucking the
remaining cum from my shaft until I'm dry. I exhale deeply
satisfied but spent.
"I've gotten my protein for the day," she purrs, looking up at
me with lusty eyes. But before I can even respond to that we hear
what sounds like footsteps just outside the door and we quickly
jump upthe trance brokentrying to pull ourselves together
and I'm pulling my jumpsuit back up and over my hips, and up
even further over my shoulders. I give her one last look and kiss
the tips of my fingers and then press them to her own lips in one
final gesture. She looks at me as if she wants to say something
but doesn't. Is she holding something back?
"Until next time," I whisper, and just like that, I'm leaving
the infirmary and rounding the corner, walking down the long,
narrow hallwayand not a moment too soon because sure
enough, here's Gerry rounding the corner with his huge belly
and keys jangling in his pockets. I merely tip him a nod hello and
keep moving. And besides having to leave the woman of my
dreams and being locked up in this place, I'm fucking happy
like really happy. It's as if nothing can bring me downnot even
this fucking place, because today I just banged a goddess and if
I'm honest with myself, I really like this woman.
I'm rounding the corner practically whistling to myself when
something doesn't feel right. It starts to feel like I'm walking
under a perfectly clear and cloudless sky yet there's a shadow. I
look up and my gut instincts are right. Standing in front of me
are Grinder and four other guys. They are pissed and looking at
me like they're shooting daggers from their eyes and I know they
aren't here to ask me to a friendly game of Scrabble or some shit
they're here to kick my ass and they're out for blood.
"Well, well look who just joined the party. I don't know if
you've realized this yet, but today, we're gonna make you our
bitch," Grinder growls. He's smiling now, and it's the most
sinister grin I've ever fucking seen in my life. "This'll be the last
time you ever think about fucking around and cashing checks
you can't keep."
"Look, Spider wasn't straight with you. I never promised I
could pull off that transfer to St. Smith's. Like I said, the bitch in
the infirmary wasn't budging."
"Who the fuck do you think I am?" Grinder asks. "You think
I'm falling for any of that bullshit." And as he says this, he
advances closer to me and points a finger at my shoulder, and
that's it. I've been around enough violence in my life to know
that it's a hostile cue. If I stand around any longer I'm gonna be
assed out, so I pull my arm back and deliver an uppercut to
Grinder's square jaw. Despite him being as thick as a truck, I
watch as his knees buckle and he crumples to the ground. This
takes everyone by surpriseeven me, but within a second,
another guy steps in.
He's all business, his eyes wide and flashing hate. He steps in
and swings his arm at me, but I'm ready and I block it. I throw
my elbow into his nose and I hear a sickening crackI know it's
broken and gushing and I slam my knee into his ribs, also
cracking them. He's doubled over now, clutching his side and
struggling to breath.
"Do the rest of you have a fucking death wish or what?" I spit,
breathing heavy but my entire body on firemy muscles tense
and ready to spring like a lion getting ready to bring down a herd
of weaker animalsI'm egging them on and daring them to step
forward. My fists are still clenched. My nostrils are flared in
anticipation. One guy gets close and I leap forward, boxing the
shit out of himthrowing every combo I know, moves I haven't
used since my days hustling on the streets and it's obvious he's
had enough because he's slumped against the wall and
struggling to get away. I watch as he spits blood and a tooth
tumbles to the floor. The man looks stunned, like he can't
believe what's happened, and I begin to think that maybe I've
got thisthat I can fucking take on the world.
And just as I think the whole fucking group has had enough,
the remaining two lunge at me, one from each side. I'm landing
a few solid punches, knocking one guy in the eye, but it's not
enough. These guys are nearly seven feet tall and look as if they
belong to some sort of fucked up circus show, and I feel a fist
crash into my temple and I'm dazed. I'm not seeing stars but
pretty damn close.
"Take that, bitch!" one of the tanks growls, and I see his lip
turn up in a curl that exposes a series of missing teeth. I feel
myself going downsinking with the weight of the blows, and
the heaviness of being overpowered. The only thing left for me
to do is to protect my face. My entire body crashes to the hard
floor, blood smears creating streaks like warning signs
everywhere I look. Instinctively, I raise my arms and curl them
around my face as a shield. I'm in a ball nowpractically in the
fucking fetal position, and I see and feel their feet like hammers,
whacking my body. Blow after blowthe violence of it all seems
to excite them. Thwack, I hear what sounds like a rib breaking. I
try to edge my body away, but it doesn't work. They continue to
kick me, and when one shoe lands in the middle of my gut with
so much force that I can't breath, my vision goes dark. I can't see
anything now, but I can still hear and one man says, "We know
you're fucking Kerri." He says it like he's spitting venom. I can't
speak; I can't breath. I try to tilt my head and say no, that
they've got it all wrong, that she's got nothing to do with any of
this, but nothing comes out.
I stay conscience long enough to hear the words that make my
blood run cold, "Next time, she's going to die."
And with that, my world fades to black.

T he pregnancy has caused me to get a second wind in

exploring Luciens incarceration.
Actually, I've spent the last few days obsessing over Luciens
case. Pouring over newspaper reports and court transcripts, and
Googling every possible search term I can think of to dig up even
obscure details. I honestly can't believe what I've been reading.
The findings are shocking. There are a number of discrepancies
that even to an untrained eye like mine stand out as glaringly
Lucien is sitting next to me. I can't wait to tell him everything
I've learned in the last 24 hours. Does he even realize what a
shitty job his lawyer did representing him?
I set everything up so that we could meet in the infirmary
today, and now here he is. But I'm nervous because I know
there's another reason why I wanted to meet with him today,
and I don't know how he's going to handle it. But I have to say it.
Holding it in is driving me crazy and clouding my thoughts.
When I told him I had something to share with him, I figured
he'd be in a better mood, but he's acting sullen and withdrawn,
as if he's preoccupied. But I know this could be the break he
needsall of these discrepanciesand honestly this is a break I
need too. Maybe he'll snap out of whatever mood he's in when I
tell him what I've found.
I touch his hand with mine. They are big and calloused
working-man handsand sit in stark contrast to my own. He
may feel that there's no hope, but I'm not buying that. I think
he's wrong. Not wanting to waste anymore time, I start to tell
him about what I've dug up.
"I've been researching your case and I've found some factors
that haven't"
He cuts me off. "You've what? Are you fucking serious?" The
look on his face is pure anger.
"What do you mean?" I ask, taken aback. That wasn't the
response I was expecting.
"Stop. Just stop, okay? You have no business digging through
my case. I've been convicted, remember? That means a judge
and jury have found me guilty. It's the beginning and the end of
my story."
"Don't say that. Your story is just beginning," I contest,
trying to keep him optimistic. He shakes his head. "Do you even
hear yourself? You shouldn't be sticking your nose where it
doesn't belong."
I can't believe what he's saying. "Sticking my nose where it
doesn't belong? Oh I see. Sure, you can stick your dick in me, but
the minute I want to help Lucien, look at me. What are you
even talking about?"
"What don't you understand exactly?" he asks. "You need me
to spell it all out for you? I thought you were smarter than that."
"I don't understand any of it. Why are you so mad? I thought
you'd be happy about the info I dug up. This info could get you
out here. I thought that's what you wanted."
"Looks like you don't know me at all," he says with such
finality that I have a sinking feeling in my stomach.
"I refuse to believe that. I'm trying to help youus. We have
something between us, and excuse me if I don't want to see you
rot in here. You don't deserve to be doing time for a crime you
didn't commit!"
He refuses to look at me, and instead is slumped forward, his
eyes focusing on the linoleum floor. "I want to end thisus," he
says at just above a whisper. "You should quit this job, and find
something new."
What? It feels as if I've been punched in the gut. I can hardly
breath. How could he be saying these things? How could he do
this to me? And more importantly, how could I be such a fool to
fall for any of it. My pain is turning to anger. I can hear my friend
Brie's words ringing in my head: This man is serving a life
sentence for murder and you're willing to overlook that just
because he's hot?
"Why are you doing this?" I ask. I feel the disbelief in my eyes
as I look at him.
"Look, fucking you was fun, but let's be honestthis isn't
real. None of it is." His voice takes a mocking tone and hearing
these words pour of out of his mouth makes me want to slap
him. It feels like the ultimate betrayal and I hear something in
the deep caverns of my body break. I'm fighting the urge to hurt
him. I don't want to stoop to that level and I'm holding back hot
tears that are threatening to spill down my face. They're
sloshing behind my eyelids like water in a too-full cup, and I am
trying to keep still because I know that any movement at this
point will cause them to overflow. And I'll be damned if I allow
myself to shed a tear in front of him.
"I'm happy heredespite you coming in here today and
talking to me like I'm a piece of shit stuck to the bottom of your
shoeI'm doing well. The inmates trust me and I'll be up for a
pay increase soon. I'm not going to throw this job away because
of youjust because you say so. I thought I knew you. But
looking at you right now, I guess I don't, and maybe I never did."
With that, Lucien raises his head, no longer slumped, and
looks me in the eyes. For the first time, I see that he has fresh
bruises on his face. His bottom lip is split open on one side, and
one of his eyes is swollen. There's a purple lump on his left
cheekbone that looks pretty bad and I wonder who did this
to him.
"Oh my godwhat happened to you?" I ask. I can't believe I
didn't notice until this moment. I reach out to touch his cheek
with my fingers and he grabs my arm sharply.
"Don't touch me."
"Lucien, I"
"It's nothing."
"Let me fix you. I can grab an ice pack and make a
compress and"
"Don't you see? You can't fucking fix me! This is what's real.
This prisonthese four concrete wallsthe fact that you and I
will never have a future. All of it."
"II need to tell you something," I begin to say. I feel like it's
now or never. I need to get something off my chest. "I'm"
But before I can finish my sentence, with one hard kick,
Lucien pushes his chair back and the four metal legs make a
shrill scratching sound. When he stands up, he pushes the chair
back against the table, and I feel the vibration of it in my arms.
It's clear to me that he's over this conversation and isn't willing
to hear any more. I'm still trying to talk as I watch him turn
" I'm pregnant," I whisper, the words dying on my lips. He
doesn't see or hear me because he is already out the door and
walking down the hallway.

C an you imagine anything more awkward than getting

examined by the woman you just told off? I didn't think
so. And of course here we areKerri's checking on my recent
injuriestouching the areas that need to be touched and making
notes on her clipboard. I can tell she's pissed off and hurt. She's
not making eye contact and barely saying a word. She's being
diligent in her exam but doing just enough to get her job done. I
don't blame her. But what she doesn't know is that it's eating
me up inside. This shit is like acid in my guts. I'm being eaten
alive. I didn't want to end things but I had no choice.
What else am I supposed to do? It's for her own goodall of
it. Either I do this and she lives, or I choose the alternative and
she's in danger. "Does this hurt?" she asks, and I shake my head
and tell her it's not bad, but actually, on a scale from one to 10,
it's a fucking eight. I just want to be done here. Going through
these fucking motions with her is worse than any of these
physical injuries. I guess even the cheesiest love songslike the
ones that pop Country music artists sing about dead dogs and
broken down pickupsare right. Love fucking hurts, and yeah, I
used the L word. I did love herI still do, and that's why I'm
ending this shit. I want her to walk away from all of this alive. I
won't let Grinder or any of those shitheads touch her. That much
I've promised myself.
"Anything else?" I ask, eager to get the fuck out of here.
"You tell me."
I can feel the tension in her tone. And it's not just the way she
says it but also the way her eyes are penetrating mine and
threatening to peel me back, layer by layer. She lays those words
on me and all of a sudden the air feels thick as peanut butter. It's
like I can slice the air in this fucking room with a knife.
"I can't do this," I say, not really meaning it. At least, not
100%, but I hope I sound convincing.
"Convenient. You're such a coward. I don't know why I
thought you could ever change."
I just look at her. I don't know what to say because all of the
things that want to tumble out of my mouth like a sack of loose
marblesall of those words that spell the fucking truthI can't
say. So instead, I'm looking at her like a fucking idiot and she
gives me this look with her eyes that says, well, what now
asshole? "I'm sorry, I guess I deserve this place," is all I can say.
I know it's lame but it's the best I've got.
"This is not the man I fell in love with."
And like a real ass I just shrug my shoulders. I figure the more
I can piss her off, the better it'll be on her. Maybe she'll hate me
enough to finally leave. The quicker she realizes this is over, the
better. She can move on with her life and I can go on with
worrying about covering my own ass in this shitty place.
"I don't know what you're up to, and I almost hate to admit
this, but I'm not some switch that can be turned off and on.
Maybe you are, but that's not me. I still think you have a chance
of getting out of this place. We can make a life together."
No sooner do these words leave her mouth that I see the pain
in her face. Tears are forming at the corners of her eyes and it
takes everything in me to not reach out to herto touch herto
hold her, and run my fingers through her hair. But instead of
doing that I double down and tell her she's wrong.
She takes a step back and trips on the strap of her purse
slightly, and kicks it out of her way. She turns her back to me; I
can tell she's crying and wiping her eyes with the sleeve of her
shirt. And as her back is turned, I look down at the floor and my
gaze lands on her purse. From where I'm sitting, I can look
straight into it and at first, I'm not sure if what I'm seeing is
what I think it is. I strain and lean in closer, moving quickly
before she turns back around and catches me. Then I see it again
sitting right there on top of everythingand this time I know
exactly what I'm looking at.
My suspicions are correct. The black and white square piece of
paper that I'm looking atthe one with a grainy image that
resembles the shape of an oversized gummy bearit's an
ultrasound photo. There's no doubt about it, and with this
realization my heart catches in my throat and my stomach just
about crashes to the floor. My head is like a car racing around a
track a hundred miles an hour, and just when I think I'm going
to get dizzy from it all and maybe pass out right here and crash
on the linoleumright in front of Kerriit hits me.
I now know what I need to do.

"Y ou probably know why I've summoned you both in here,"

the Warden says, tapping his pen against his desk and
looking at Lucien and I. He raises it for a moment, using it to
scratch at the stubble on his pudgy face. I feel like I'm suddenly
under a microscope.
"No, I don't," I respond, shaking my head. There's no way
I'm falling for that. That's the oldest trick in the bookgetting
coerced into admitting something that hasn't even been defined.
I look over at Lucien. He's sitting to my right and won't lift his
gaze from the floor. He's refusing to look at the Warden, or me,
and I find it suspicious. There are red flags all over this meeting
and I'm struggling with the internal dread that's starting to
blanket my insides.
"I don't have time for games, Warden. If you'll excuse me, I
have a lot of appointments today and I'd like to get back
to work."
"I'm afraid that's not possible," the Warden says, this time
pointing his square-tipped finger in my direction. It feels like a
hostile gesture. "We are terminating your employment."
"I don't understand," I say, even though the picture is
starting to form in my mind. "Lucien, what's he talking about?"
I turn to Lucienmy eyes pleading with himbegging him to
tell me that this is all a dreamthat he isn't a part of this
conspiracy. Except that's not what happens at all. Instead, he
lifts his head and says, "It's for the best." His eyes are vacant
and devoid of emotion.
"What's that suppose to mean?" I ask.
The Warden cuts us off. "Kerri, I have head management on
the phoneit's on speaker." As he says this, I look at the black
headset on his desk. He continues, "We have reason to believe
that you've been having sexual relations with this inmate,
Lucien Stone. That is in direct violation of this facility's code of
ethics and conduct, and we have no choice but to remove you
from the premises and terminate your employment."
"You have no proofyou can't do this"
"Actually, we can. Mr. Stone has told us everything."
Hearing this, I look at Lucien. When he refuses to make eye
contact with me, I know it's true. I haven't felt this level of
betrayal since the afternoon I found Jonathan fucking another
woman in our bed. Everything I've worked for over these last six
monthsmy independence, career, stabilitysuddenly feels
like it's slipping through my fingers. What am I supposed to do?
I'm now jobless and pregnant with this man's babya man who
has betrayed me and is serving a life sentence behind bars.
Would things be different if he knew I was pregnant? If I were
able to tell him, would we be sitting here? I'm not sure if it can
get much worse at this point, and honestly, I'm scared shitless.
Why do I continually put myself in bad situations?
Two security guards enter the Warden's office, and they
approach me, one on each side. "We're here to escort you out,
Ms. Curtis."
I'm numb and trying to hold in hot tears that are threatening
to spill down my face. Keep it together, I tell myself. You're
stronger than this. Remember that.
I stand up. I suddenly don't want to be in this place a minute
longer. I have the urge to get out of this officethis building.
Security escorts me out through Cell-Block D. Inmates are
whistling and heckling me as I leave. "Was his dick worth it?"
one inmate yells. "You could've had mine for free. I wouldn't
have ratted you out." I can hear him laughing but I don't
respond. I keep my gaze straight ahead and I can feel my cheeks
grow flush. I can't get out of here fast enough.
It isn't until I reach my car, lock the doors, and strap the
seatbelt across my chest that I lose itand I mean 'release-the-
flood-gates' lose it. I'm gripping the steering wheel and I'm
crying in heavy sobs. I no longer care if anyone can see me. My
eyes are growing red and swollen and my pain starts to morph
into anger, and I can't help but to hit the steering wheel with the
palm of my hand, and then I hit the seat next to me. How could
he? I wonder. And then it hits me. This isn't Lucien. He wouldn't
just turn me in to get me fired. He's far from perfectand he's
certainly no saint, but he isn't evil and vindictive. There must be
something I'm not seeinga hidden piece to this puzzle.
Just then I hear my phone buzz with an incoming text
message. I see it's from Brie. I open it and can see that it's a GIF
from the movie, "Thelma and Louise." It's taken from the
moment they are about to drive off a cliff and they are holding
hands in the front seat of their convertible. Underneath, her
message reads, "Ride or die, xoxo."
Seeing this snaps me to reality and I smile for the first time
all day. Thank God for friends.

F OR THE NEXT WEEK , my thoughts are bouncing from one corner of

my mind to the next like a Ping-Pong ball at high speed. One
minute, I'm crying and downing a pint of Ben & Jerry's, and the
next minute, I'm determined to pull my life together. I'm trying
to network for a new jobI won't make it otherwise. So I'm
talking to anyone who might have a lead, and while some leads
are warm, I can't help but think if anyone will want to employ a
pregnant woman. I know they can't outright discriminate
against my situation, but let's be honestwho wants to hire
someone who will need to take a short leave in the immediate
future? And beyond thatevery little thing is making me sick.
The smell of toothpaste, the smell of a cooked dinner, and even
the smell of dish soap have me running for the toilet. I'm
guessing morning sickness is starting to creep in, but honestly,
I'm not even sure why they call it that because I'm sick all day.
To help get my mind off of all this, I'm determined to not give
up on Lucien's case. I spend my free moments researching the
circumstances surrounding his conviction, even now. I'm
searching Google, entering in every possible combination of
search terms and then I see a link to a document that looks
interesting. I click it and read through the material. Half way
through, I have my hand over my mouth in shock. I can't believe
what I'm reading. A set of bloody boot prints were found at the
scene of the crimeprints that did not match anything Lucien
owned, and they were ultimately dismissed Why did this get
thrown out at trial? Immediately, I dial an attorney who I've
known for a while, J. Edgar. He picks up on the second ring and
we chat.
"I really think we have enough for a retrial," I tell him. "This
man is innocent."
"I'd need to take a closer look," he says, after a long pause.
"But you may be right. My afternoon appointment canceled and I
have some free time. Can you stop by?"
"Of course! Thank you, I appreciate it! I'll be right over."
I hang up and close my laptop, and then search for my shoes,
jacket, and purse. I'm feeling better than I have all week. If J.
Edgar is willing to review this case, then that gives me hope.
Now if I can just find my keys I look on my desk, where I
thought I left them, but I don't see anything. Maybe I left them
in the kitchen. With my purse on one shoulder, I quickly walk
into the kitchen and look at the counterthere they are. I grab
them and turn around to leave, and then I feel itan arm is
hooked around my neck.
The suddenness of it all leaves me frozen and terrified. I think
for a moment and then try to break free but the man squeezes
harder and I'm forced to stay still. Was I being watched? How did
he get into my house? Panic starts to flood my entire body and
my heart is thumping in my chest. I'm feeling dizzy with
"Don't move or I'll kill you!" he growls, and his voice sounds
muffled, as if something is covering his face.
"Wh-who are you? What do you want?"
And then I know hewhoever this man isisn't here to
answer questions because in that instance it feels as if someone
has taken a baseball bat to the back of my head and there's an
explosion inside of my brain.
My legs buckle and everything is black.

even worse.
he chicken tastes