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Palo Verde Valley Times
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Palo Verde
92nd YEAR
13th EDITION Todays high: 74 Details on A3

Valley Times
50 CENTS serving blythe,california Wednesday, February 22, 2017

City Council discusses new grant writing firm

By Cathyleen Rice Beginning with the putting it on the March is brought back to coun- asked council, specifical- welfare, should Blythe
Times Reporter consent calendar, City agenda. Theres no use cil after the professional ly City Attorney Baron implement marijuana
Manager Peter Cosentini going with the city, if consultant is brought in Bettenhausen where did usage.
The city council meet-
sought from council, the were going to be exposed on Feb. 23. Therefore, it the factual finding come Deyo asked, what
ing held on Tuesday, specific negative effects
approval of the agenda to if the state permits it was her recommendation from, wherein the coun-
Feb. 14 was adjourned by items listed two through or not is the question; if that council extended the cil approved the passing did you conclude will
7:30 p.m., but questions 11. theyll make it a statuto- temporary moratorium of Urgency Ordinance likely occur, secondly,
of the competent skills However, listed as No. ry requirement Jan. 2018. for an additional 45 days. No. 880-2017-U. what was the basis of this
of the grant writing firm 10 was the extension of Were safe and itll be on Motion was carried to As indicated by the finding and third, how
recently hired, the ordi- the interim moratorium the next agenda. approve the consent cal- ordinance read by Bet- did such negative effects
nance passed on behalf on recreational marijua- In the staff report pre- endar, all except item 10. tenhausen and later cited compare to the sale of al-
of the temporary mora- na. pared by City Planner Nonetheless, when in Deyos statement of cohol? Do you have such
torium and the delay Before the city voted Barbara Burrows, it stat- asked for public com- question, the ordinance study? Did you have such
in road reconstruction on the issue, Cosentini ed that the current mora- ment towards the end indicated that there are information before you
were items still up in the said, Were pulling torium in place will be of the meeting, former negative effects on pub- passed the ordinance?
air with some people. that Mr. Mayor. Were expired before the issue lawyer, Richard N. Deyo lic health, safety and See meeting/A6

Blythe in Focus

PVC president discusses

staff contract negotiations
By Uriel Avendano
Times Editor
The ongoing 2016-2017 salary con-
tract negotiations between the teach-
ing faculty at the resident Palo Verde
College (PVC) and the college district
are currently at a stalemate.
Nearing the year mark of formal
dialogue between both parties, the
Times sat down with PVC President/
Superintendent Dr. Donald G. Wal-
Photo by Uriel Avendano/Palo Verde Valley Times lace for an update to discuss where the
The Palo Verde Valley Transit Agency (PVVTA) will be holding a public hearing in points of contention currently stand,
conjunction with their board meeting on Wednesday, March 1, at 11 a.m., at their 415 North Main the districts tabled offer, and what
Street Operations Center, regarding the submission of a 5310 grant program application for the potential next step could be. Dr. Donald G. Wallace
capital and operating assistance for FY 2017, 2018, and 2019. tions back or is it a wide myriad of
Q: Where do the contract nego-

PVVTA will hold public tiations currently stand with the terms keeping both parties from
PVC faculty and the district? reaching an agreement?
Dr. Wallace: The District has been Dr. Wallace: The point of conten-
at the table continuously with the tion is compensation. The District

hearing on possible grants Faculty Association since April 11,

2016 negotiating a successor to the
collective bargaining agreement that
previously offered a 6% increase to its
salary schedule, retroactive to July 1,
2016, along with additional economic
benefits to the Association and its
expired on June 30, 2016. The parties
Vital medical transportation project presses forward have held 13 negotiation sessions
consisting of approximately 50 hours
employees in the form of increases
to released time, stipends, overload
By Uriel Avendano program application for ment of a vehicle, spe- rates, and retirees. Most recently, as
at the bargaining table. During these
Times Editor capital and operating as- cifically for the BWE in an alternative, the District offered
negotiation sessions, the parties have
The Palo Verde Val- sistance for Fiscal Years our years 2 and 3 which reached agreement on a number of a 10% increase to the faculty salary
ley Transit Agency (PV- 2017, 2018, and 2019 of is anticipated due to the schedule, which would take effect ret-
subjects. Nevertheless, on issues re-
VTA) will be hosting a which the resident tran- need for this very vi- lated to compensation and benefits, roactively to July 1, 2016 and provide
public hearing at 11 a.m. sit authoritys highly tal link to health care, faculty service areas, and calendar immediate additional compensation
next Wednesday, March anticipated Blythe Well- said George Colangeli, and work hours, the District and to all faculty. Both of these generous
1, at their 415 North ness Express medical the PVVTA Transit the Association may be near a point offers remain on the table.
Main Street PVVTA Op- transportation project General Manager. Cal- Following the Districts proposal
where a state mediator is needed to as-
erations Center, in order could potentially be a di- trans is doing a 3-year sist the parties. for a 10% salary increase, the Asso-
to obtain public com- rect beneficiary of. call for projects right ciation indicated that it would not
ment on the Caltrans- The funding we are now which, if things go Q: Given that the timeline is, at make a counter-offer, insisting upon
administered (Federal asking for through this well with BWE, we will the very least, nearing a year a 9% increase to the salary schedule,
Transportation Author- grant opportunity is for be in the drivers seat to Is there any particular point of plus all of the other economic benefits
ity-funded) 5310 grant operations and procure- See transit/A6 contention thats holding negotia- See contracts/A6

Miss Blythe Outstanding Teen 2017 right around the corner

By Cathyleen Rice nity, Pageant Director Mickey Copple said.
Times Reporter Copple said to dress in your favorite Grease
Just 10 days away, Tayler Elms, outgoing Miss themed attire to enjoy this years competition.
Blythe Outstanding Teen will crown her succes- Tickets are selling out fast and are expected to
sor. sell-out by weeks end, so please call the Blythe
With six contestants sashaying for the crown, Chamber of Commerce at (760) 922-8166 or stop by
Elms will only crown one young woman for this 207 E. Hobsonway for inquiries.
years title. If youd like to be in the audience for the annual
Having this years theme based on the classic, Miss Blythe Pageant, please join the Copples, Pay-
1978 film, Grease, the girls are putting the fin- ton Cox, Tayler Elms, Jasmine Gima and judges,
ishing touches to their opening number, perfect- as they crown the new Miss Blythe Outstanding
ing their talent and shopping for last minute items Teen, beginning at 5 p.m., on March 4 at the Palo
to stun the judges. Verde College Theater, 1 College Drive.
Competing this year are contestants: Allee Al- Princesses will also be crowned at the event.
len, Riley Mefford, Anysse Mora, Marie Smith, Sa-
mantha Teater and Shaula Watson.
In conjunction with the Miss California Com- With six contestants sashaying for the crown, Elms will
petition, The Miss Californias Outstanding Teen only crown one young woman for this years Miss Blythe
Competition is a program that encourages active Outstanding Teen title. Competing this year are contestants:
involvement through community service and mo- Allee Allen, Riley Mefford, Anysse Mora, Marie Smith,
tivating young women to fulfill their goals. Samantha Teater and Shaula Watson.
All of our contestants this year are wonderful.
They are very excited to perform for their commu- Photo Courtesy of Diana Mallett