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At the end of this study it can be concluded that social networking sites negatively

affect teenage behaviour through cyber bullying, peer pressure, influence and exposure to

underage smoking and drinking alcohol, aggressive behaviour, narcissism and anxiety.

Lastly, the control on how social networking sites affect teenage behaviour negatively

was examined. It can be surmised that the research was a success as all the objectives

were fulfilled.


However. some respondents may have not told the truth when answering the questionnaire because they did not want to be judged. Additionally. In some cases respondents omitted several questions in the questionnaire when they returned them. it was difficult to find a regional source due to lack of articles. They included collecting articles for this topic which was time-consuming and difficult due to the vast amount of articles on an international and local level. Some respondents did not clearly understand some questions in the questionnaire and this lead to inaccurate perspectives towards the question. 21 . participation of teenagers to fill out the questionnaires was an issue since many people were very reluctant.LIMITATIONS While completing this Internal Assessment there were many limitations involved. Furthermore.

the government should make the parents in San Juan. Chaguanas and Sangre Grande. 22 . Firstly. as well as the country. students should be more careful when using social networking sites so they will not be negatively affected by them and this can be done by managing their time spent on them per day. Furthermore. the government should implement real life consequences for harmful online activities such as fees to pay when they break certain online laws to reduce the effects of cyber bullying and online predators. It can be recommended that some areas that should be highlighted for future research include Port of Spain. Finally. more aware of the risks and dangers their children are exposed to by social networking sites by having workshops and programs to enhance their children’s lives as well as theirs.RECOMMENDATIONS On completion of this Internal Assessment many recommendations were discovered that could assist in solving the problems caused by social networking sites.