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Western Region High School Music Festival Auditions

November 11, 2017

Brien McMahon High School

September 1, 2017

Dear Students and Parents,

The Connecticut Music Educators Association (CMEA) offers students an opportunity to participate in the
Western Region and All-State Festival process. These festivals bring students of like mind and ability together to
work with nationally recognized guest conductors. The various ensembles rehearse together for two days and then
perform a magnificent concert. Each year, hundreds of high school musicians throughout state practice and
prepare for their audition in hopes of being accepted for this special experience. Students that excel at the All-
State level then have the opportunity to be selected for the National Association for Music Education (NAfME)
Eastern Division Honors Festival and National Honors Festival ensembles.

This activity is an extension of the Newtown music curricula and has many educational benefits over the years
hundreds of our students have been selected to participate. Each student is asked to demonstrate their musical
skill, musical literacy and interpretation through the performance of prepared repertoire, scales, and sight-reading.
Students receive an individual critique of their musical strengths and weaknesses as well as recommendations for
specific areas of growth. Students can audition for Choir, Concert Band, Orchestra and/or Jazz Band.

This years auditions are on November 11 at Brien McMahon High School in Norwalk. Attached you will find the
audition enrollment form and CMEA Student Contract. Please complete these forms in their entirety and return
them to your music teacher with a check for $20.00 per audition by Monday, September 18 (payable to NHS
Activity Fund). If a student is auditioning in two areas (ex. Band and Jazz), they need to bring a check for $40.00.
Students must be on time with this paperwork as we have a strict enrollment deadline to which we must adhere.

Plan ahead:
Western Region Festival Jan. 12-13, 2018 Staples High School

All-State Auditions Jan. 27, 2018 North Haven High School

(snow date Feb. 3)

All-State Music Festival ** Apr. 19-21, 2018 CT Convention Center, Hartford

(** Please note that this is during spring break)

Make sure you are practicing your sight-reading and scales as well as your solo. You can go to the CMEA website
for scale and repertoire audition requirements for your instrument or voice Mr.
Eckhardt, Miss Hiscavich, Mrs. Matson and Mrs. Marak are happy to listen to your audition and provide a
critique to help you fine tune your work. You can also sign up for private lessons with one of our professional
musicians in the Visiting Artist Program ( This is a great way to learn
the specifics of your instrument from a master musician.

Parents will need to provide transportation for their children to the audition. Running a bus has not been practical
with audition times spread throughout the day. CMEA Student Information and Policies and Code of Conduct are
attached for your information.

Please remember that we are here to help you be successful and are proud of all that you have accomplished. Best
of luck as you prepare for your upcoming audition.

Mr. Eckhardt Ms. Hiscavich Mrs. Matson Mrs. Marak

Western Region Audition
Enrollment Form

Please complete all information for each audition all info is required by CMEA

Name __________________________________________________ Grade ________

Audition Part (Instrument/Voice-Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass):

1. _______________________________________________

2. _______________________________________________

Height (singers only): _________________________________________

Ensemble Preference (if auditioning in two areas) _________________________________________

This is necessary for our internal communication (contact details of times, bus, etc.) This will not be shared
with CMEA.

Parent eMail Address: _______________________________________________________________

Student eMail Address: ______________________________________________________________

Home Phone Number: ______________________________________________________________

Cell Phone Number: ________________________________________________________________