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Newtown Public Schools

Music Department



August 22, 2017

Dear Parents:

The Newtown Music Department will again sponsor the Visiting Artist Program. This after-school private lesson program
has been in existence for more than 35 years and partners students with professional musicians. The purpose is to help
children achieve their musical best under the tutelage of experts in the field. The Visiting Artist teachers are active
professional musicians with university degrees in music and will serve as models of the highest levels of performance.
They can help your child improve the technical skills unique to their instrument or voice, develop better performance
technique and increase confidence.

Private instruction allows the teacher to meet the individual needs of your child. Students will learn the musical literature
specific to their instrument. Teachers can prepare your child for school ensemble auditions, youth ensemble auditions,
regional and state festival auditions as well as college auditions.

Lessons will be held after school at Reed Intermediate School, Newtown Middle School and Newtown High School,
Monday thru Friday. It is our hope that this convenience will encourage more students to participate. Lesson schedules
can be arranged to coincide with clubs, activities and sports in which your child participates.

Lessons are considered an appointment with a professional and should not be broken. Lack of practice is not a reason to
cancel a lesson. When a conflict occurs, the teacher should be notified directly at least 24 hours in advance (not through
the school). Unattended lessons that are not made up by the end of the semester must be paid for.

The price of lessons for the 2017-18 school-year will be $35.00 per half-hour or $70.00 per hour. Lessons must be paid
for by check on a semester basis. Other payment arrangements can be discussed with individual instructors. The teacher
will set schedules and billing procedures at the beginning of the semester. Checks should be given directly to the Visiting
Artist instructor.

To enroll in lessons, please complete the form below and return it to your band or orchestra director by
September 15 so a lesson schedule can be developed. Lessons will begin during the week of September 25. The Visiting
Artist teacher will contact you directly to set up a lesson time that works with your schedule.


Michelle Hiscavich
Director of Visual and Performing Arts

2017-18 Visiting Artist Lessons

Please return to your music teacher by September 15, 2017

Name ___________________________________ School ____________________________________

Instrument/Voice __________________________ Grade ____________

Address _______________________________________________________________________________

Telephone No. ______________________ Email address _______________________________________

Days and times available for lessons (please give more than one possibility):