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Disc brake is the part of brake system that does the actual work of
stopping the vehicle. The wheel hub assembly holds the wheel and the
disc rotor, and the bearing inside it allows their smooth rotation. The disc
rotor is the part to which the brake pads squeeze against. This will create
friction that retards the rotation of wheel. The disc rotor produces a lot of
heat, due to this friction and the drilled holes provides ventilation to
remove this heat. The brake caliper assembly uses the hydraulic force
from the brake pedal to squeeze the brake pads to the rotor surfaces. Thus
creating friction and decelerates the wheel.
Brake squeal is really a high frequency vibration. In disc brakes, it
can be caused by vibrations between the pads and rotors, the pads and
calipers, or the calipers and their mounts. Which causes discomfort to
passengers and pedestrian reduce the overall acceptability of the vehicle.
. Noise may indicate trouble, but the only way to know for sure is to inspect the
brakes.The overall aim of this project is to study tribological behavior of
disc materials using pin on disc tribometer and selecting disc material
using pin on disc apparatus to reduce squeal.