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Herbal Therapy: Andrographis in Accelerated Wound Healing

with Lesser Scar

Kyle J. Norton, Master of Nutrients

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The use of plants for healing purposes has been predated long before the
existence of modern medicine. Herbal plants have formed a fundamental
source for conventional medicine in discovery of single ingredient medication,
including aspirin (from willow bark), quinine (from cinchona bark), and
morphine (from the opium poppy)......

Andrographis paniculata is also known as Andrographis, is a herbaceous plant,

genus Andrographis, belonging to the family Acanthaceae, native to India and
Sri Lanka, used in traditional Siddha and Ayurvedic in treating the common
cold, flu, upper respiratory infections, infectious diseases, diarrhea, dysentery,
cholera, pneumonia,.. .....

Wound healing is a natural response to restore injured tissues.

Andrographis paniculata leaf showed to process a significant wound healing

effect in restoring injured tissues, a mentioned institute suggested.

According to the Universiti Teknologi MARA, topical application of

Andrographis paniculata exerted a strong effect on the rate of wound enclosure
with markedly less scar width and contained large amounts of fibroblast
In a study of wound created in four groups of rat in posterior neck region.
Blank placebo applied topically to the wounds of Group 1 and Groups 2 and 3
dressed with placebo containing 5% and 10% extracts of A. paniculata, groups
treated with topical showed a rate of wound healing significantly accelerated in
the wound dressed compared to placebo group.

The wound healing is also increased collagen and less formation of new blood
vessels with absence of inflammatory cells.

Other study, in the evaluation of the effects of andrographis wound healing

activity of Swiss Wistar strain rats with either sex with topical application,
2%w/w ointment of ethanol extract and petroleum ether extract prepared in 2%
w/w PEG-4000 in comparison to the left untreated control group, treatment
groups showed a faster rate of complete healing in day 12 after topical
application with wound contractions in petroleum ether extract, ethanolic
extract were at 10.17 and 16.33, respectively.

Dr. Arnabaditya Mohanty, the lead authors in the joint study said,
"Andrographis peniculata ethanolic extract possesses better wound healing
property in comparison to control and also with petroleum ether extract".

Taking together, topical application of Andrographis paniculata leaf and extract

may be used as a wound healing agent in accelerately restored injured tissues
with lesser scar without induced adverse effects.

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