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GRE Real 19

Test 5
Time— 30 minutes
38 Questions

Directions: Each sentence below has one or two 4. The success of science is due in great part to its
blanks, each blank indicating that something has emphasis on -------: the reliance on evidence
been omitted. Beneath the sentence are five lettered rather than ------- and the willingness to draw
words or sets of words. Choose the word or set of conclusions even when they conflict with
words for each blank that best fits the meaning of traditional beliefs.
the sentence as a whole.
(A) causality. .experimentation
(B) empiricism. .facts
1. Having sufficient income of her own constituted (C) objectivity. .preconceptions
for Alice ------- independence that made possible (D) creativity. .observation
a degree of ------- in her emotional life as well. (E) conservatism. .assumptions

(A) a material. .security 5. James had idolized the professor so much for so
(B) a profound. .conformity long that even after lunching with her several
(C) a financial. .economy times he remained quite ------- in her presence,
(D) a psychological. .extravagance and as a result, he could not really be himself
(E) an unexpected. .uncertainty
(A) pleased
2. Copyright and patent laws attempt to encourage (B) disregarded
innovation by ensuring that inventors are paid for (C) heartened
creative work, so it would be ------- if expanded (D) relaxed
protection under these laws discouraged (E) inhibited
entrepreneurial innovation by increasing fears of
lawsuits. 6. However ------- they might be, Roman poets
were bound to have some favorite earlier author
(A) desirable whom they would -------.
(B) coincidental
(C) ironic (A) subservient. .imitate
(D) natural (B) independent. .inspire
(E) sensible (C) original. .emulate
(D) creative. .admire
3. Unfortunately, since courses in nutrition are (E) talented. .neglect
often ------- medical school curriculums, a family
physician is ------- to be an enlightening source 7. Human nature and long distances have made
of general information about diet. exceeding the speed limit a ------- tradition in
the state, so the legislators surprised no one
(A) questioned by. .encouraged when, acceding to public practice, they -------
(B) encountered among. .unable increased penalties for speeding.
(C) unappreciated by. .expected
(D) neglected in. .unlikely (A) disquieting. .endorsed
(E) squeezed into. .intended (B) long-standing. .considered
(C) controversial. .suggested
(D) cherished. .rejected
(E) hallowed. .investigated



LIST : DISCOGRAPHY :: (A) antiseptic : germicide (A) payment : receipt (B) preservative : fungicide (B) blood : corpuscle (C) plant : herbicide (C) tool : hoe (D) blood : coagulant (D) music : note (E) skin : astringent (E) amphibian : mammal 9. MOSAIC : CERAMIC :: 16. GULLIBLE : CHICANERY :: a related pair of words or phrases is followed by (A) servile : domination five lettered pairs of words or phrases. 13. FASCINATION : INTEREST :: 15. FOOT : PERAMBULATE :: (A) nose : pry (B) archive : accumulate (C) text : cite (D) door : shut (E) eye : observe 12. (D) hypochondriacal : infection (E) placid : deliberation 8. ALLOY : PURITY :: (A) laughter : humor (A) standardize : conformity (B) adoration : fondness (B) compute : accuracy (C) loyalty : admiration (C) variegate : diversity (D) innocence : ignorance (D) thin : density (E) violence : disaffection (E) experiment : superiority 10. 최영범esoterica어학원 Directions: In each of the following questions. GRAMMAR : LANGUAGE :: (A) sculpture : gallery (A) pitch : music (B) song : note (B) protocol : conduct (C) painting : brush (C) stanza : poetry (D) patchwork : cloth (D) revision : speech (E) seam : stitch (E) oratory : ceremony 11. AGRARIAN : FARMING :: (A) urban : society (B) mercantile : trade (C) nautical : sailor (D) pastoral : pasture (E) global : region GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE 56 . Select the (B) provincial : cosmopolitanism lettered pair that best expresses a relationship (C) adventurous : timidity similar to that expressed in the original pair. INSECT : PESTICIDE :: 14.

According to the passage. (E) An idea must be expressed in a traditional way. "Many a (A) Ancient Greece new pitcher has been found to be full of old wine. 17. But it did not retain the (B) Creative ideas have universal applications. Europe and the Americas. ancient Greek form: it passed through several (C) Changing human needs influence universal reforming processes and exists today in many ideas. (20) countries. Creative ideas not only produce their own instruments of survival as time and circumstances 20. The author is primarily concerned with (A) illustrating the importance of a historical figure (B) discussing an important characteristic of human ideas (C) describing the history of the growth of democracy (D) contrasting ancient and modern views of the importance of creative ideas (E) evaluating the contribution of ancient Greece to modern government GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE. GRE Real 19 Directions: Each passage in this group is followed by questions based on its content. 19. admonished his disciples to look not at the (5) pitcher but at its contents because. has therefore responded to local needs. choose the best answer to each questions. 18. Answer all questions following a passage on the basis of what is stated or implied in that passage. assertions? (15) For example democracy. but permit the substitution of new forms for would disagree most with which of the following old under the pressure of changed circumstances. The "new pitcher" mentioned in line 6 is the stance that accounts for the persistence of certain equivalent of which of the following elements in universal ideas. a second-century the author's discussion of democracy (lines 15-22)? Line scholar." (B) The idea of democracy This was his way of emphasizing the importance of (C) A modern democratic government the distinction between form and idea and of stressing (D) A dynamic principles that the integrity of an idea is more important than the (E) The Greek form of democracy (10) form of its expression. as an idea originated in (A) Changing circumstances sometimes give rise ancient Greece and was carried from there to Western to original ideas. he stated. Democratic governments differ in form (D) Democratic institutions are appropriate in because democracy is in principle dynamic and the modern world. It is their sensitive response to human circum. democracy is an example of (A) a human circumstance that has molded creative ideas (B) an instrument of survival that has altered its original form (C) an attribute of a creative idea that has allowed that idea to persist (D) a creative idea that has persisted because of its adaptability (E) a reforming process that has culminated in the creation of modern governments 57 . Rabbi Meir. It can be inferred from the passage that the author demand. After reading a passage.

Because using 23. That view properties of the ocean's interior in part because Line based on 100 years of observations made around the (5) globe produced only a rough approximation of the true (A) low-frequency sound waves are well circulation. 58 . Their initial trials were highly successful. Researchers reasoned scale circulation in the ocean that low-frequency sound waves because they are so (E) The use of computer technology to halt the (50) well described mathematically and because even small progress of a particular disease within the perturbations in emitted sound waves can be detected. is collected at several different locations and recombined to forth three-dimensional images of the combined to create a three-dimensional body's interior. scientists are able to use of the ocean's water mass as consisting of large. the information from the x-rays. It is primarily this multiplicative increa. Which of the following is most similar to medical these techniques would be prohibitively expensive and tomography as it is described in the passage? time-consuming. such as the Gulf Stream. image of the Earth's interior (45) se in data obtained from the multipath transmission of (C) The use of a grid-point sensory system to signals that accounts for ocean-graphers' attraction to map global weather patterns tomography. Rather (D) tomography is better suited to measuring than being characterized by smooth large-scale currents mesoscale phenomena than to measuring that change seasonally (if at all). transmitted (B) The use of earthquake shock-wave data through the body along many different paths. the transmission through the body atmospheric-oceanic disturbance in the equatorial (D) the varying densities within the human body Pacific that affects global weather patterns. human body's internal organs could be transmitted through the ocean over many different paths and that the properties of the ocean's interior— its temperature salinity. But in the 1950's and the 1960's. The passage suggests that medical tomography (20) kilometers and persist for 100 days (weather systems operates on the principle that generally extend about 1. Mesoscale phenomena— the oceanic analogue of weather systems— open extend to distances of 100 22. research. ocean altered the signals. it allows the measurement of vast areas (D) The use of subsurface floats to map large- with relatively few instruments. it was proposed in 1979 that tomo- graphy be adapted to measuring the physical properties of (A) The use of ocean-current meters to the ocean. it is not feasible to use conventional (E) information from x-rays and sound waves techniques to measure mesoscale fields. described mathematically ers began to employ newly developed techniques and (B) mesoscale phenomena are so large as to be equipment including subsurface floats that move with easily detectable ocean currents and emit identification signals. In medical tomography x-rays map the determine the direction and velocity of the (40) human body's density variations (and hence internal ocean's mesoscale fields organs). These instruments disclosed an from x-ray unexpected level of variability in the deep ocean. and (C) information from sound waves can be (10) ocean-current meters that record data for months at fixed recombined more easily than information locations in the ocean. 최영범esoterica어학원 Before 1965 many scientists pictured the circulation 21. ocean acoustic tomography to deduce the moving currents.000 kilometers and last 3 to 5 (A) x-rays are superior to sound waves for days in any given area). According to the passage. play a (C) images of the body's interior can be significant role in oceanic mixing air-sea interactions produced by analyzing a single x-ray and but far-reaching climatic events such as El Niño. slow. allow x-rays to map the internal organs (30) Unfortunately. density. in fact. and speed of currents— could be deduced on the basis of how the GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE. and ocean acoustic tomography was born. the seas are dominated small-scale systems (15) by what oceangraphers call mesoscale fields: fluctuating (E) density variations in the ocean are energetic flows whose velocity can reach ten times the mathematically predictable mean velocity of the major currents. More than 90 percent of the producing three-dimensional images kinetic energy of the entire ocean may be accounted for (B) sound waves are altered as they pass through by mesoscale variability rather than by large-scale regions of varying density (25) current's Mesoscale phenomena may. To measure can be combined to produce a highly them properly monitoring equipment would have to be detailed image of the body's interior laid out on a grid at intervals of at most 50 kilometers with sensors at each grid point lowered deep in the (35) ocean and kept there for many months.

25. slow-moving currents? (A) The influence of mesoscale fields on global weather patterns would remain the same. (D) Atmospheric-oceanic disturbances such as El Niño would occur more often. would most points? logically continue the discussion presented in the passage? (A) The brief duration of weather patterns (B) The variability of mesoscale phenomena (A) Timekeeping in medical tomography must (C) The difficulty of measuring the ocean's be precise because the changes in travel time large-scale currents caused by density fluctuations are slight. (C) The majority of the ocean's kinetic energy GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE would be derived from mesoscale fields.500 meters per second. The passage suggests that which of the following would be true if the ocean's circulation consisted primarily of large. Which of the following best describes the (D) These variations amount to only about 2 to 3 organization of the third paragraph of the percent of the average speed of sound in passage? water which is about 1. The author mentions El Niño primarily 27. and an alternative is suggested (E) A hypothesis is presented. but they would need to stop every 50 kilometers to lower measuring instruments. (A) A theory is proposed considered and then (E) The device used in medical tomography amended emits a specially coded signal easily distin- (B) Opposing views are presented elaborated guishable from background noise. and then reconciled (C) A problem is described. and then reaffirmed 26. then refuted. then a solution is discussed and its effectiveness is affirmed (D) An argument is advanced. (D) The effectiveness of low-frequency sound (B) To understand how ocean acoustic waves in mapping the ocean tomography works. (B) Large-scale currents would exhibit more variability than is actually observed. weather conditions (C) Ships are another possibility. qualified. Which of the following. if presented as the first in order to emphasize which of the following sentence of a succeeding paragraph. GRE Real 19 24. (E) Conventional measuring techniques would be a feasible method of studying the physical properties of the ocean 59 . it is necessary to know (E) The possible impact of mesoscale fields on how sound travels in the ocean.

PROMULGATE : printed in capital letters. followed by five lettered (A) keep secret words or phrases. CONCATENATE : (E) correct (A) liquidate (B) vacillate (C) initiate (D) moderate (E) separate IF YOU FINISH BEFORE TIME IS CALLED. (B) lull (C) exonerate (D) welcome 28. DISDAIN : (E) compliment (A) draw out (B) refer to 35. YOU MAY CHECK YOUR WORK ON THIS SECTION ONLY. (D) make worse (E) single out Since some of the questions require you to distinguish fine shades of meaning. MOGUL : (E) genuine (A) iota (B) outlaw 38. 최영범esoterica어학원 Directions: Each question below consists of a word 33. DESULTORY : (C) nonentity (A) carefully planned (D) city dweller (B) cheerfully stated (E) conscientious worker (C) flattering (D) docile 32. 60 . SPURIOUS : (C) useful artifact (A) tentative (D) recent acquaintance (B) severe (E) festival occasion (C) conventional (D) understated 31. Choose the lettered word or (B) render difficult phrase that is most nearly opposite in meaning to (C) lose control the word in capital letters. PROLIXITY : (C) confer about (A) allusiveness (D) treat favorably (B) legibility (E) work diligently (C) inanity (D) conciseness 29. SYNCHRONOUS : (C) anticipated (A) involuntary (D) optional (B) noncontemporaneous (E) undisclosed (C) hereditary (D) disintegrating 30. GOAD : consider all the choices before deciding which (A) ameliorate one is best. CURMUDGEON : (E) aberrant (A) talented professional (B) agreeable person 37. DO NOT TURN TO ANY OTHER SECTION IN THE TEST. INDUBITABLE : (E) equivocation (A) skeptical (B) questionable 36. be sure to 34.