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By: STEM 1 Hernandez, Cabatay, Ilagan, Garcia, Valenzuela

There are a lot of artifacts and relics that can be fine evidence to our country’s evolution.
We were gifted by tons of them but if our group were to choose one, then that would be
Kumintang. It is an intangible artifact that we consider a proof of the mentioned evolution in the
country but mainly in Batangas. Kumintang (Region Del Comintang) is the name of the province
of Batangas during the times of the arrival of the Spaniards in the Philippines. It was ruled by
Gat Pulintan. He was a great ruler that became the character of most Batangueños before up to
now. Kumintang was also the name of the beautiful princess that lived in the province of
Batangas. She was also the daughter of Gat Pulintan. Her beauty struck a Spanish missionary’s
eyes thus, naming her, “Kumintang”. That was also the reason why Kumintang became a
traditional vocal music of Batangas. It is an expression of love that is enveloped with sadness, a
serenade song.

This Batangas townsfolk myth has transformed into history when Batangueños
formalized the story of Princess Kumintang as the truth. Though it was not proven as true, it
clearly showed that the Filipinos had expressed love during that time. It was also showed that
the Filipinos has native consciousness even during the Spanish period. Even though these
stories are known as myths, they still contribute to the history of our country. We became known
as Batangueños because of the artifacts that were passed down to us by our ancestors. They
had helped us grow into better Filipinos even if we are unaware of it. These should give us
initiative to know more about their whole backgrounds and not merely their existence because
they are a part of us. These artifacts should be preserved for a longer time so that the next
generation will have something to look up in the future.

The Museo Puntong Batangan has greaty maintained the influence of our history for the
longest perod of time. It will be very beneficial for our counrty’s evolution that such artifacts are
protected so that students like us can look back from where we came from. But the country’s
continuous evolution will be difficult nowadays because children are more focused on
technology. If only they will spare some time to know more about our historical sites then most
probably, our country’s progress is guaranteed on one way or another.

With all of that said we should encourage the youth to take time and appreciate the
heritage that they have passed down to us. We should not neglect it and pay more attention to
these kinds of things for us to expand our knowledge even more and to keep these beautiful
artifacts and relics alive, so it can influence a whole lot more people about our past and continue
to evolve into a better country. Artifacts and relics are an important part of culture that’s why we
are preserving it and we shouldn’t take this things for granted because they are the product of
our early ancestor’s hard work and years of experience that is passed on to us by these relics
and artifacts. Remember to spread and encourage more people into appreciating our past in
order for us to have a better future.

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