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Major in 

ARTS 2016

Students completing a major in International Relations must c

 omplete eight units (48 points) which comprise

Year 01 / Two first-year ATS1873 ATS1701

Gateway Unit gateway units Introduction to + Terrorism and
(12 points) International Political Violence: An
Relations introduction

Year 02 / Two second-year ATS2706 ATS2624

Cornerstone Unit cornerstone units Foreign Policy + Global Governance
(12 points): Analysis

Year 02 / ATS2691 ATS2694 ATS2698 ATS2378

Electives Politics, Violence International Middle East Politics The anthropology
Reminder: at least and Memory Political Economy of international
ATS2387 development
three units (18 points) ATS2088 ATS2640 Beyond Gallipoli:
must be completed at Russia and the US: The ethics of Australia In the
third year level. Comparative Politics global conflict Great War

Year 03 / One third-year ATS3705 ATS3340

Capstone Unit capstone unit Knowledge OR International
(6 points) chosen and Power in Security Studies
from: World Politics

Year 03 / ATS3697 ATS3266 ATS3719

Electives Gender and Washington and the Political and
A minimum of three International World: Washington Social Theory
units (18 points) must Relations DC Study Tour
be completed at third- (12 points)
year level. Reflections on
Humanity: Truth,
Freedom and Power

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