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From: “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark”

Raiders March


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Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.

Copyright 1981 by Bantha Music and Ensign Music Corporation All Rights for the World Controlled
and Administered by Ensign Music Corporation International Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved

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C F G4 òó ô Ë . All Rights Reserved Used by Permission Ǻ . ô E íò G7 Ë è Ûè é í ò òó ô ¾ í ò PL C M Db Ë.com Available at: Musicnotes. ò í ò í G7 To Coda Þ ô ô ô ô SA ò í òí : ò í òí 1.C. 2. Raiders March from the Paramount Motion Picture RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK Composed by % John Williams 4 : ¾ Û N. 1984 BANTHA MUSIC All Rights Administered by WARNER-TAMERLANE PUBLISHING CORP. ô òó ô òô Copyright © 1981.