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Progressio, where Talents meet Hardwork

First of foremost, let me introduce myself. My name is Yeremia Haryanto, 19016138

from Tutorial 2A and I am a progression which is in respectively a candidate of the new
president of Progressio. First of all, let me try to share about how I think and feel during my
first year(and also my internship year) in Progressio.

Progressio is where I could learn and improve my knowledge and my ethics also. I’ve
learnt many things about management consultant and especially on how to consult clients and
deal with their needs and wants. I have learnt to think systematically because it is necessarily
needed in consulting firm. Moreover, I also have learned that we are the servant of the clients
and so the clients are our boss. By doing that, I also have learned a lot from the clients. So, in
my opinion Progressio’s internal isn’t the only one that teaches me lessons, rather I have
learned a lot from clients also. This is from “Knowledge” point of view. Above, I have
mentioned that I don’t only learn about knowledge, but also ethics. My personal view about
Progressio is that Progressio has taught me on how to behave ethically and rationally as we are
dealing with clients that require professional services and best services given to clients. Also,
while dealing with clients, I also have learned on how to communicate ethically with clients in
purpose not to make the clients offended and making us feel superior to the clients.Because
once again, for me clients are the boss and we are their servant.

I have seen so many potentials from this professional consulting group, which makes
me come to a big vision of “Progressio as a professional consulting group that gives impact to
Small-Medium Enterprises development in Indonesia and also be the place where the members
could develop themselves ethically and professionally.”

From the vision, I also need to make some missions. Why? Simply because missions
are the ones that help us to achieve my vision. My missions are make a good collaboration
inside Progressio’s internal to create synergysation by create transparancy and democracy
between Progressians also do External branding in purpose to receive many clients

From the missions, I have some programs to help me actualize the missions I have
made, the programs contain of some internal matters and external matters. Hereby I attach my
breakthrough programs or ongoing programs that need to be continued because still
-Actualizing Indonesia Student Consulting Association(External Partnership)
-Partnership with professional companies to be our sponsor(External Partnership)
-Collaborate with organizations such as KM ITB, StudentxCEO, YOT,
StudentCatalyst, etc.(External Partnership)
-Doing monthly seminars and mentoring from professionals to public (Marketing)
-Coordinate with lecturers to see if they have clients to be consulted by us(HR)
-Weekly meeting to improve bonding amongst members(HR)
-Searching client more aggressively especially small medium entrepreneurship in
Bandung (Client Relationship)
-Be the first consultant platform for KM ITB (Client Relationship)
-Create valid database of previous client and communicate again with them about their
sustainability (Client Relationship)

Actually, from my missions and my programs, I prefer to choose PwC style where it is
led by its specialization as I need to define my programs into many divisions and every division
has its own specialization. In example, in my programs I have put the divisions in the brackets
such as Marketing, Human Resource, External Partnership, which all would be led by a
President and helped by General Secretary. I will define the job description one by one.
President is the one who controls every divisions and be the decision maker of something, but
also the decisions are discussed first through democracy from other members. General
Secretary would be responsible for administration and finance. Marketing would be responsible
for branding of Progressio, that focused in building awareness to people outside even SBM
ITB. External Partnership would be focused on actualizing the Indonesia Student Consulting
Association and also having partnership with professional companies or other professional
student associations by no limitations. Human Resource would be focused in improving the
bonds amongst Progressians in purpose to create synergysation in Progressio’s internal and
recruitment for next generation.Last but not least, Client Relationship responsible in searching
for client a whole semester and build relationship with previous clients.