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La Consolacion University Philippines

City of Malolos, Bulacan

Basic Education Department
School Year 2018 – 2019

Teacher Learning Area Fundamentals of Accounting 1

Grade 12
Teaching Dates December 5 – 9, 2018 Quarter/ Semester 1st
References Book Title and Author (page)
Learning Resources Additional Materials LCD, laptop, marker, manila paper
Content Standards Performance Standards Formation Standards
The learner demonstrates understanding of how world the learners will be able to equate assets with The learner demonstrates understanding of importance of
literature and other text types serve as ways of liabilities and equity solve problems using the balancing things in life
expressing and resolving personal conflicts, also how to accounting equation
use strategies in linking textual information, repairing, (refer to the curriculum map)
enhancing communication public speaking, emphasis (refer to the curriculum map)
markers in persuasive texts, different forms of modals,
reflexive and intensive pronouns.

(refer to the curriculum map)

A. Learning Objectives Learners are expected to :
1. Understand the concept of assets, liabilities, and owner’s equity
2. appreciate the value of their money
B. Topic The Accounting Equation The Accounting Equation
C. Daily Routine  Prayer  Prayer
 Checking of Attendance  Checking of Attendance
 Checking of the classroom physical condition  Checking of the classroom physical condition
 Review of the previous lesson Review of the previous lesson
D. Motivation Learners will do the activity entitled “Your True Money”
E. Presentation of Learning Objectives Please refer to Lesson Flow Day 1 Letter A (copy Paste)
F. Lesson Presentation  Discuss phase changes and how they occur.
 Conduct a group activity of the different types of phase changes.
 Presentation and checking of students’ outputs.
 Explain phase changes using phase change diagram.
Guide Questions  Can you defend your position about....?
(HOTS)  How would you have handled...?
G. Application Blueprint Reading Problem: Analyze the given ruler (drawing) and measure
accurately using the correct unit of measurement.
H. Synthesis/ Generalization Answer the question “What new or additional ideas did you learn after taking
up this lesson?”
Share of their understanding of the lesson
Summary of the discussion
I. Assignment Study how to interpret phase diagrams.
Ref. General Chemistry 2 by: Ilao et. al. ,pp. 38 – 44

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Ms. ________________ Engr. Felix F. Pascua Jr.

Subject Teacher Subject Area Coordinator – Math & Computer

VPAA- BED – FO-055( 002)