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Hallsted’s Science Olympiad Syllabus

Room: SC2 ♦ Email: ♦ Phone: 310-533-4562 ex 8772

Course Description
The Science Olympiad Elective is a class that provides students with the opportunity to participate in
science investigations beyond what they experience in their core science class. Class curriculum is based
on National Science Olympiad competition events covering a broad range of science topics. Class time
will be spent advancing engineering skills through hands on building projects and developing in-depth
knowledge of various science subjects in preparation for local Science Olympiad Competitions. Students
enrolled in the class will have an opportunity to try out for the Madrona Science Olympiad Competition
Team. While participating in the competitions is not a requirement of the class, all class members are
expected to support and assist in competition preparation during class time. In addition to preparing for
Science Olympiad Competitions, students enrolled in the Science Olympiad elective will help create and
run sessions during our school’s annual Family STEM Night.
Students in the Science Olympiad Elective will have the opportunity to try out for Madrona’s Science
Olympiad Competition Team. This is an optional component to the Science Olympiad Elective and no
students will be penalized if they are not interested, unable, or not selected for the Competition Team.
Science Olympiad Competitions consist of teams participating in 23 different events. These events cut
across a variety of scientific disciplines and may test students on science concepts and knowledge (typically
written tests), science processes and thinking skills (typically lab based events), and science application and
technology (typically building events).
Science Olympiad Teams are limited to 15 students. The Madrona Science Olympiad Competition Team
will be selected from students enrolled in the Science Olympiad Elective Class. Selection for the
competition team will be based on factors such as try-out test performance, availability all day on
competition dates, and citizenship. Students who are selected for the competition team will be expected
to participate in more than one event and must be able to collaborate well with a partner as students will
be competing in teams of 2 or 3. Students who are selected to be on the team must be fully committed
and willing to spend additional time outside of class to prepare for their events. Alternates will be selected
and may participate in the competition in the event that a Competition Team Member is unable to attend.
Exemplary behavior and dedication is expected from students who are chosen to represent Madrona
Middle School at Science Olympiad Competitions and students who do not conduct themselves to these
standards risk being ineligible for the team or removed from the team.
We are aiming to have our Science Olympiad Competition Team participate in the following competitions.
Please be aware that information is subject to change.
Mesa Robles-Wilson Invitational Tournament
Saturday, January 19, 2019 all day at Wilson High School in Hacienda Heights.
Los Angeles County Regional Competition
Saturday, February 23, 2019 all day at Rio Hondo College in Whittier
If our team performs well at the Regional Competition, we may be invited to the Southern California
State Competition (date and location TBA).
More information about the Science Olympiad competition can be found at on the National website (, Southern
California State website (, and the Los Angeles Regional website (
Topics and Events
The 23 events scheduled for the 2018-2019 Science Olympiad Competition year are as follows:
Life, Personal, Physical Technology Inquiry and
Topics Earth and
and Social Science and and Nature of
 Space Science
Science Chemistry Engineering Science
Anatomy and Experimental
Dynamic Planet Circuit Lab Battery Buggy
Physiology Design
Fossils Crime Busters Boomilever Game On

Elastic Launched Mystery
Heredity Meteorology Density Lab
Glider Architecture
Potions and
Herpetology Road Scholar Roller Coaster Write It Do It
Water Quality Solar System Thermodynamics

There is no official textbook for this class. Students will be given copies of Science Olympiad event rules
and guidelines. Supplemental materials will be heavily utilized to help students build and increase their
knowledge of assorted science concepts. Students will be asked to do at home research in order to bring
study materials to class.
Students should bring the following materials to class:
 Study Materials/Event 3-Ring Binders
 Pens, Pencils, and Highlighters
 Sheet Protectors, Index Cards, Post-it Notes, Post-it Flags (optional)
Policies and Expectations
The following scale will be used for grading. Quarterly Grades will be based on in-class
Academic Effort Citizenship event preparation, tests/quizzes, projects,
A 90-100% 5 Outstanding E Excellent*
presentations, and classwork/homework.
Grades are not rounded.
B 80-89.9% 4 Satisfactory S Satisfactory
C 70-79.9% 3 Fair N Needs Improvement Grades are updated online periodically.
D 60-69.9% 2 More Effort Needed U Unsatisfactory Students are highly encouraged to monitor their
F 0-59.9% 1 No Effort Evident grades and contact me with any questions or
* To earn an “E” in citizenship, students must participate regularly in class concerns.
discussions and contribute positively to the classroom environment.

Science Olympiad Grade and Citizenship Requirements

Science Olympiad students need to keep their grades up and demonstrate model citizenship in all their
classes. Students with a GPA below 2.5 or with two or more “N’s” or “U’s” in citizenship at the end of
any grading period during the 2018-2019 school year may be removed from the Science Olympiad Class.
Homework will be assigned as necessary. Often homework will be in preparation for an in-class lesson or
project and without completion of the homework the student will not be fully prepared for class. These
homework assignments may include (but are not limited to) completing classwork, researching,
independent study of topics, preparing for projects or tests/quizzes, or online assignments.
Students should write down their homework in their planners. While homework is also posted online, students should not
rely solely on this information.
Many classroom experiences cannot be made-up so daily attendance is critical. If a student is absent, it is
their responsibility to check in with the teacher upon returning to school. Any assignments that were
assigned before the student’s absence and were due during the student’s absence need to be turned in
immediately upon the student’s return to school. For each day a student is absent, they will have two days to
make up any assignments they missed. Work turned in after this time will be considered late. The teacher
will provide any missed assignments when the student checks in. In addition, students will need to
reschedule any missed tests/quizzes and are expected to be prepared to take the test/quiz on the day of
their return if necessary. For known absences, requests for work ahead of time will be honored only if
possible. Students are encouraged to utilize online resources including daily agendas and posted homework
to stay on top of their work when absent.

Any student who is not in their seat and ready to work when the bell rings will be marked tardy. Students
who are tardy will be subject to the tardy policies outlined in the Student Handbook.

Late Work
The nature of the Science Olympiad class is extremely time sensitive with set deadlines including
competition dates. No late assignments will be accepted. It is essential that students manage their time
wisely and take their assignments seriously. Support will be given to help students make effective use of
their time. Students who remain on task will have ample time to complete assignments and projects.

Group Work
Science Olympiad values collaboration. Many projects and assignments will be done as groups and
students are expected to fully participate with their group mates. Students need to be just as respectful
when sharing and hearing ideas or questions in groups as they are expected to be any other time in class.
Depending on the particular project or activity, students will be assigned an individual grade for their
contributions in a group, a group grade, or a combination of both.

Students may be given the opportunity to use their own personal smartphones or tablets during class for
academic use. Students bringing technology to class are responsible for keeping their own devices safe.
When personal technology is not being used for an academic activity, all devices should be turned off.
Students using devices inappropriately will be subject to Madrona’s school-wide discipline policy.
Students also may have some homework assignments that require computer/internet access. There are
many options for students who do not have computer/internet access at home such as utilizing the
Torrance Library. If computer or internet access becomes an issue, students should contact me right
away so that we can find a solution.

Academic Honesty
Students are expected to do their own work at all times. Plagiarism, copying somebody else’s work, allowing
somebody to copy off of you, having a cheat sheet, talking during tests/quizzes, or any other act of
academic dishonesty is never acceptable and will result in an automatic zero on the assignment in
question, no exceptions! Academic dishonesty on homework or classwork may result in an “N” in
citizenship for the first offense for all parties involved. Subsequent offenses or academic dishonesty on a
test, quiz, or project will also result in an automatic “U” in citizenship. In addition, the incident will be
referred to the administration for further disciplinary action. Please get help from the teacher if you are
struggling with any assignment and are tempted to cheat.
Behavior Expectations and Disciplinary Actions
Appropriate behavior is expected from students at all times. Students are required to be engaged and be
an example.
Be Here physically, mentally, and emotionally by being on time, ready to learn new things, and engaged in learning.
Be an Example by being respectful, responsible, and safe.
In addition to these behavior expectations, students are asked to abide by the following classroom rules:
1. Come to class on time and prepared
2. Raise your hand to speak or leave your seat
3. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself
4. Listen to instructions and follow all directions
5. Take care of personal business before class
6. No eating or drinking in class

If rules are broken or ignored, the following disciplinary actions will be taken: warning, conference, detention, or
office referral. Additional measures will be taken if students demonstrate continual discipline problems. Severe
infractions will result in an immediate office referral. Citizenship grades will also be negatively impacted if
students choose to break or ignore the rules.

Lab and Construction Safety

Science Olympiad involves a lot of hands-on activities including lab work and testing student built
devices. Safety of our students is a priority. Prior to starting a project or activity students will receive all
necessary safety information. Students must follow directions and behave responsibly at all times. If a
student is unable to follow directions and is violating safety rules they may be removed from the activity
and will be given an alternate assignment to work on instead. Due to classroom limitations, the majority
of the building projects will be completed at home by students. Students should work under the
supervision of an adult and are encouraged to take necessary safety precautions at home as well.

Parent Communication
Useful information such as the class calendar (including the day’s agenda), homework, upcoming events,
and resources can be found on my class webpage ( Current grades can be
viewed online via PowerSchool. Login information is provided by the school and questions regarding
access should be directed to the front office. Periodic class updates may be sent electronically to parents
who have provided their email address to the school.

Contact Information
I am available to both parents and students to discuss any concerns or to check student progress. Email
is preferred and can be sent to You can also call me before or after
school at (310) 533-4562 ex 8772.

The teacher reserves the right to make changes, additions, and deletions to the syllabus during the course of the year.