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Spelling Words

4th Grade News monarch

October 22-26 architect
Upcoming events homograph
Oct. 22-26
Monday –wear crazy socks and hair. location
Tuesday –wear sunglasses to shade out the negative and dislocate
focus on positive choices for a bright future. pedal
Wednesday – wear orange clothing to show we are
together against bullying/drugs and UNITED for kindness,
acceptance an inclusion. restate
Thursday – Students may dress as their favorite remove
storybook character.
Friday – Students may wear red clothing and receive red
Oct. 26 – Spelling, Vocabulary, and Grammar Quiz

Vocabulary Words:
Homework: 1. atypical – difference from others of the same
*Study spelling words 2. decade – ten years
*Study vocabulary words 3. dermal – having to do with the skin
*Read at least 30 minutes
4. photogenic – having features that look
each night
attractive in a photograph
5. portable – able to be carried
6. destruction – the act of destroying
What We are learning this week: 7. main idea – the most important or central
thought of a paragraph
Reading Writing 8. key details – important thoughts that support
the main idea
o Text o Opinion Writing 9. summarize – a brief statement of the main
Structure: points of something
Cause and 10. recount – retell the important events in a
Effect story
11. explain – to describe in detail the important
facts or ideas from a text
12. support - to use key details from the text to
describe the main idea

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