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Air India, the country’s national carrier, has been publishing

its in-flight magazine – NAMASKAAR since 1980. The monthly magazine,
produced bi-lingually in English and Hindi, is available to passengers on
all international flights of Air India for onboard reading.

With its present fleet of 111 aircraft, Air India, post-merger,

flies about seven million passengers annually to over 40 destinations
worldwide. Substantial growth in global network and passenger carriage
is expected in the next three years as Air India continues to induct more
new state-of-the-art aircraft during this period.

The magazine, in addition to pages devoted to passenger
related information of Air India, contains features on tourism-related
subjects - including destinations in India and abroad, articles on Indian
cuisine, fashion & lifestyle, industry, economic development, etc. which
can help boost tourism and project India globally. It may be noted that
NAMASKAAR magazine will be the inflight publication for international
flights operated by Air India whereas SWAGAT will be the inflight
magazine for domestic flights. The editorial policy will be as laid down by
the Air India Management.

The magazine in its current format also includes details of in-

flight entertainment programmes available on board. The airline is,
however, contemplating publishing a separate magazine to feature details
of the in-flight entertainment programmes offered on board its flights.
The change is expected to be effected in early 2009 once adequate
number of new aircraft, with state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment
system, have been inducted.

Reputed and experienced publishers desirous of undertaking

contract for production of the magazine on turn-key and revenue sharing
basis are required to submit their offers for three different scenarios, viz:

1. NAMASKAAR, with minimum 144 pages, excluding cover, but

including 16 pages of In-flight Entertainment programme listing
in the magazine;
2. NAMASKAAR, with minimum 128 pages, excluding cover, and
without In-flight Entertainment pages; and
3. A separate magazine of 32 pages, excluding cover, devoted
exclusively to listing of In-flight Entertainment programmes.

The publisher, selected for Air India’s in-flight magazine, will

make available to Air India 50,000 copies of the magazine every month,
free of cost, during the first year of the contract, with a proviso for an
annual increase of ten per cent in each successive year of the contract.
The publisher will recover all costs associated with the production of the
magazine – editorial, designing, paper, printing, etc., through advertising
revenue. Air India’s share of advertising revenue to be shared will be
payable every financial quarter based on the provisional costing and
expenses and would be adjusted at the end of each year. Accounts
pertaining to costs and earnings with regard to production of
NAMASKAAR will be subject to audit by Air India.

The broad features of the magazine, based on which tenders

are invited, are listed below :

1. Frequency : Monthly
2. Size : 8 ¼ x 11 ¼ inches or 9 x 10 ¾
3. Number of pages : a) A minimum of 144 pages
(excluding cover) inclusive of
In-flight Entertainment.
b) A minimum of 128 pages
(excluding cover) without In-
flight Entertainment pages.
c) A separate Inflight
Entertainment booklet of 32
pages (excluding cover).
4. Paper : Art paper throughout (90 GSM or
5. Colour : All pages
6. Language : Bilingual (English and Hindi)
7. No. of copies required : 50,000 copies per issue for first
year; upto 10% increase in the
quantity for each successive year of
the contract.
8. Editorial: Advertising : 65 : 35

9. Place of printing : Mumbai/Navi Mumbai / NCR

10. Place of delivery : Air India’s Inflight Service
Department, Sahar.
11. Standard of Production : International Class
12. Tenure of contract : Effective 01 April 2008 for three

Publishing companies of global standing, both Indian and

International, with an editorial/publishing set-up at Mumbai/ Navi
Mumbai / NCR and having extensive experience in the field of publishing
may submit their tenders in two separate envelopes specifying the

First Envelope: Technical Bid

• Particulars of the Company, including details of editorial

capability, advertising offices worldwide, financial viability, etc;
• Names of publications being currently published with specific
reference to experience in publications of inflight publications,
tourism magazines, etc. with sample copies of publications.

Second Envelope: Commercial Bid

• Details of revenue sharing either as a fixed sum per issue or as

a percentage of advertising revenue with minimum guaranteed
money, or both, that the publisher wishes to offer to Air India.
The fixed amount can be quoted year-wise, for the three-year
term of the contract, if considered necessary.

Air India reserves the right to terminate the contract giving

90 days notice without giving any reasons thereof.

Tender, giving the above information in two sealed envelopes,

duly superscribed, and accompanied by a dummy of the magazine to
enable us assess the publisher’s creative ability, should be addressed to
Mr Jitender Bhargava, Executive Director-Corporate
Communications, 14th floor, Air India Building, Nariman Point,
Mumbai – 400 021; in a sealed cover not later than Friday, January 11,
2008. Any query with respect to the tender may be addressed to the
undersigned at or by Fax : +91-22-2204 8521.

Parties not adhering to the above stipulations and

submitting incomplete information will not be entertained.


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