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Alfred Basi Piano Lipman Top, Christmas Book - Level 1B a Selected and Edited by E. L. Lancaster & Morton Manus This book may be used by students in Level 1B of Alrec's Basic Piano Library or inthe second book of any method. ‘The enduring charm ofthe Christmas season brings out the need for composers to express their featings in newly- created Christmas music each year. Over the past century, many ofthese songs have become as wellknown and loved as the tractional carols, For this Top Hits Christmas series (Levels 1A, 18, 2, 3, 4) we have selected only those new musical favorites that have become a permanent part of the Christmas season, and arranged them for young piano students. When ‘combines with the Wadiional carols avaiable in Alired's Merry Christmas! Series (Levels 1A, 18. 2, 3,4), piano students have at tai ingetips all te music they would want 1 perform during the hosday season HAND POSITIONS: The Chri in this book are limited to Middle C and Middle © Pesitions (with accidentals) 1! ether hand moves, the rew positon is indicated above or below the measure where the change takes place PROGRESSIVE ORDER: Although the songs are placed in approximate order of aificuly, they may be played in ‘any order Students wil usually play the thyme correcty from memory, o not, they can be quickly taught by rte. DUETS: Every Christmas song in this book has a duet part, These songs make excellent student-teacher or ‘student-parent duats. Both solo and duet paris contain measure numbers for easy reference, ‘The arrangers and editors wich the teacher, student and parents a vory merry Christmas and hope you wil enjoy the new and special arrangements of Christmas music found inthis book. Christmas Song, The (Ar-by George PeterTingey) __—_dIngle-Bell Rock (by George Peter Tg) {Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fre) Mle 0 Poston 2 foo ” Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Jolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer ‘Do You Hear What | Hear (Arr. by Tom Gerou), o (arr by Tom Geros) ce oe ji Tse now Man sO main) hat a Ra ene Me) Vay Jy cviatran Avy aetay uaa 2 ema ‘8 Silver Bells (Ar. by Sharon Aaronson) Pireries rial from tne Parroun! Pee THE LEMON DROP KD (ast by Martha Mion Middle and idee D Positions 1g Mie Postion 4 VL Be Home for Christmas (Arby Matha Mier) ‘Suzy Snowflake (i by George Petr Tingley) IMisde C and miaae 0 Positions 8H Midae 0 Position; LH Mdele C Postion 8 HAL*LEONARD* uitited Alfred Publishing Co,, Ine. ISON 07390-0400: ALRights Reserved. Prnteain USA 2 Frosty the Snow Man Middle C Position Words and Music by Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins Moderately fast ‘Arr. by Dennis Alexander zi 4 S res 1) 90 |smowven was | ot nap-oy | sou. wana | com ood pe anda e Dutton nose and two eyes made out ot | cost Fros = ty) the | Snow Man ie 8 3 DUET PART (Student plays one octave higher than written) Moderately fast 4 ony © 1950 by Chaser & Co, Or oseren :