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看見彰化,從土地翱翔至臉孔 Seeing Changhua, flitting over the land and the faces

彰化,又名半線,物景豐饒、人文薈萃,受海與山的眷顧,生活在這片土地上的人們,既有樸實、亦有風骨,這些性格的 Changhua was once a center of settlement for Babuza people, a tribe of Taiwanese aborigines. That's why it was colloquially named
養成,與彰化的山、河、海習習相關,我們可以從老者微笑的臉龐上看見山的堅毅,也能在握住海港人的雙手時感受到海 Poasoa. It's an aggregation of magnificent and fertile land, comprehensive humanism and culture. People of Changhua have benefited
湧的脈動,或與致力於守護土地的農民,並肩散步時理解到如河的溫柔,這一切,共同形成了彰化獨特的氣味。士農工商 greatly from the productive sea, mountains and rivers which made them simple and determined. In Changhua, we can see great fortitude
有著跨界的身分,一雙握著鋤具的手,同時也可能是握住筆桿、記錄時代的手,而經營著特色餐食的店商,思考著人們該 like a mountain on the faces of the aged people, feel the pulsation of the sea when holding the fishermen's hands, and understand the
以何種方式生活,以行動關懷住家的土地。 mildness and tenderness of the rivers when walking side by side with the farmers. It's such a unique feeling that there is no sensible
difference among the scholars, farmers, artisans and merchants. Some one may work with a hoe and a pen at the same time, and someone
一張張照片,能寫下的,正是這些人的真。《彰化味攝影集》出版,期待給大眾用另一個角度來感受日常彰化,無論是暫 astute and apt at business may be found also concerned to help people passing by.
照片中的山水、認真表情,品味獨特的彰化味。 The sincerity and frankness of the inhabitants of Changhua is recorded on these photographs. For the transient travelers, young people
living away from home and local senior people, we hope to show, with this book, another way to discover Changhua in depth, flitting over
the land and the faces.

Wei, Ming Ku Magistrate of Changhua

彰 化 縣 長

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看見半線,從河的源頭再次發現秘境 Rediscover Changhua from the source of the Zhuoshui River

沿著濁水溪,彰化的母親之河,從二水、溪州、竹塘一路到大城,沖積出一片黑沃之土,期間歷經過河水的改道,改換了 The Zhuoshui River flows through Ershui, Xizhou, Zhutang and Dacheng, forming fertile black fluvial sediments on the plain along the
沿溪風景,在台灣的特殊地理環境下,夏冬的水量增減明顯,也因此帶來顯明的季節感。望東而去,八卦山脈綿延佇立, watercourse. The river has changed course several times in the past and changed the landscape along the bank. Under the influence
守護彰化度過豪雨狂風,沿海盛產諸多鮮味,港口見證鹿港百年繁華,代代工藝相傳,職人們在歲月洗鍊下,成為重要的 of Taiwan's particular geographical environments, the Zhuoshui River has flowing water periods during the wet season (late spring and
無形文化資產。 summer) but is almost dry in winter. The seasonal variations are obvious. The Baguashan is situated in eastern Changhua, protecting the
city from the havoc of violent storms. The littoral area abounds with seafood, and the seaports witnessed the prosperity of Lukang, where
彰化的環境氣候穩定、風貌多樣,在這生活的人們以堅毅面對環境考驗,《彰化味攝影集》的出版,希望能讓人們看見安 the workmanship has been passed down from one generation to another. The craftsmen have been tempered in the time and become
身立命的土地面貌是如此豐富,以不同角度看待,體會彰化這片土地孕育著我們,從街區巷弄間的古老建築透出閒適、濁 the intangible cultural heritage.
水溪流奔出無盡的生命力、台西村訴說著土地與人的親密與重要性、以收割後的稻田作為推廣農業的友善市集空間 ......

Changhua has a relatively stable climate and diverse landscapes. With firmness and persistence people confront the trials in the
我們的歷史依循河所流經的地方,構成現今彰化人的生活領域,藉由攝影家的眼睛,我們重新審視,再次發現彰化味,看 environment. The goal of the publication of this book of photographs is to show from various angles of view the fertility and richness
見許多未知的故事,那一處處風景,讓彰化之所以為彰化,無可複製、無可取代! of this land where people have been dwelling on. In Changhua, leisure started from the old buildings in the small lanes, vitality has
been carried by the torrent of the Zhuo-shui River, the significance and intimacy between the habitants and the land could be best
demonstrated in the story of Tai-xi Village, and the eco-friendly fairs created by the young people to promote agricultural products …

The history occurred and constituted the habitation along the river. Through the photographer's eyes, we can gaze, discover, and
admire once again the art and culture of Changhua. The unknown stories and the landscapes make Changhua an inimitable and
irreplaceable county!

Director-general, Cultural Affairs

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前言 Foreword
彰化的養成,與山與海的關係是密切的,眾多住民自海岸登陸,從此沿海而居,自海中捕撈、養殖生活所需的漁獲,在冷的季節裡迎面對著海風,呼 The formation of Changhua should be ascribed to its relation with the mountain and the sea. People disembarked long ago from the shore
吸風裡的鹽粒;而山提供了河流的來處,山的沃土沿著河流滋養途經的土地,在風暴來時,也守護著彰化的居民。在這半山半海間,人們代代生 and henceforth lived by the sea, facing the chilly wind blowing during the wintery season and inhaling the sea salt in the air, fishing and
活著,而從彰化最重要的水源──濁水溪的下游與上游兩端開始,從過去到現在,這之間有何改變?從上下游的今昔對比,影像試圖傳達出最直 farming the seafood they needed. And the mountain gives its fertile earth, carried by the river to the plain it flows through, to enrich
接的變化感,河一向影響人們至深,藉由這樣的對比作為攝影集的開始,除了表現出河的變化本身,也傳達了生活在此的人們,他們的生活的變 the farmland, and it protects people from the havoc of violent storms. They live between the mountain and the sea one generation after

化會往哪裡去。 another and witness the changes between the Zhuoshui River. In this book, the photographer shows us the changes with the images. Using the
contrast between the past and the present, the hereness and thereness, he presents the changes of the river, as well as the changes of
the life of the local inhabitants.
Farming and fishing have brought prosperity to the whole Changhua County. Let's begin with the foods. Where do all these cooked foods
come from? Before they are delivered, bought and cooked, how much soil and how many footprints do they go through to arrive at our
tables? And, only when the living becomes stable, the craftsmen and artists can finally bring their skills and talent into full play. T h e
wisdom is passed down through various kinds of exchanges and activities; the religion is formed and systematized to help people to
remember some principles. As social animal; they create all sorts of spaces for swelling or telling stories. They feel safe and relieved in
土地的樣貌,像一條河那樣,流動帶來對岩石的侵蝕,而漸漸改變樣子的岩石,又影響了河的分流或匯聚,如此來往間,石頭與河流成為彼此的 these spaces and obtain the wisdom and energies to go on.
開始,不知誰先誰後,而變化的過程,就是記憶、就是歷史,人與地,地與人,這是記憶如何流動的起點, 有人的地方,記憶永不結束。

The land doesn't tell stories but it does because of the people who have different characters in accord with the places. People mold
在變化的紀錄間,這本攝影集試圖訴說的,是屬於彰化的一本影像簡史。 the land on which they live, like a river that changes the landscape by erosion, and sedimentation like the rocks, eroded by the current,
changes the course of the river. Which is the cause? Which is the effect? Which is the beginning? And which is the end? The only thing
we can assure ourselves is that these changes make the memory which is the history. On the land where there are humans, there is an
endless memory.

Chronicling these changes with the camera, the author tries to tell us the brief history of Changhua.

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半 山 半 海 間

影像是記憶的伏流 , 在不斷的記錄中 ,

記 憶 如 何 流 動
連結記憶的片段 , 發現記憶中的美好 。

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濁水溪是彰化人記憶中無法抹去的一條溪河 , 猶如母
沖積扇平原 , 孕育出台灣的糧倉 , 堆積了最大的外海沙
洲 ─ 外 傘 頂 洲。 她 的 土 壤 豐 饒 萬 物 , 沖 積 扇 平 原 的 稻
米、 沿 岸 泥 灘 地 甜 美 西 瓜、 外 傘 沙 洲 上 的 蚵 田 , 濁 水
溪用以她身上充沛養分育養這 3157 平方公里流域的

The wind blown the Zhuoshui River is sometimes

spiritual, sometimes unrestrained, and sometimes

The river
The Zhuoshui River is an inerasable memory for
all the inhabitants of Changhua. It protects the
land and fertilizes it with fluvial sediments, making
it the largest alluvial fan and making the biggest
offshore shoal, the Waisandingzou sandbar. The
soil of the plain is so fertile that people can grow

9 半山半海間 10
她雖孕育土地蒼生 , 但卻是一條極具神祕不能隨意親近的
河。 阿 母 總 是 再 三 的 叮 嚀 告 誡 , 絕 對 不 能 去 溪 口 玩 水、 放
風箏。阿爸一定會講 :「去溪口玩水 , 你試看麥 , 我一定
吊起來打」。這是一條充滿被大人恐嚇的溪流 , 然而每
年暑假結束 , 學校裡總會聽到 , 有同學又被這條河帶走
了 , 更是加深了這條河的神秘面紗。

the rice on the plain, plant the sweet watermelons

on the coastal mud bank, and farm the oysters
on the Waisandingzou sandbar; that's why it's
considered the granary of Taiwan. Like a mother
nursing her baby, the Zhuoshui River nourishes the
people living on the river basin, an area of 3157
square kilometers.

Kind as the Zhuoshui River is, kids are warned not

to approach her. My mother kept admonishing me
against playing by the river, and my father always
added, "If you dare to go there, I'll hang you up
and punish you!" This river is thus a current full of
grownups' threat. It became more mysterious when
we went back to school after long summer vacation

11 半 山 半 海 間 12
站上堤防一望無邊的河面波光粼粼 , 那是冬季時節 , 門 and heard that someone was carried away forever

庭若市般的鰻苗漁場 , 是上天給努力工作的農民 , 歲末 by the river.

年終的犒賞。對於濁水溪 , 被溪水餵養的人們充滿著感
謝與敬畏 , 不論一年風調雨順與否 , 枯水或豐水 , 近百 On the other side of the embankment, the boundless

年的溪王祭典年年虔誠祭拜 , 因為拜了溪王水災就不會 river seems glistening. It's the winter time. At the

來 , 拜了溪王 , 濁水溪那難以駕馭的個性 , 得以安撫。 end of a year's hard work, the laborious farmers
receive a large reward from Heaven, the eel

然而貪婪總是想從濁水溪身上搶食涓涓不絕的養分 , 工 larvae. People hold the Zhuoshui River in awe and

業擷取奪去了濁水溪的氣息 , 集集攔河堰如一把利劍直 gratitude. Whether the wind and rain and water

刺咽喉 , 奪去濁水溪大量的水源。失去靈魂奄奄一息的 come in their time for the crops or not, they just

濁水溪 , 仍用她最後的一絲氣力 , 餵養這土地與萬物。 don't complain but worship the River King (the God
of River) every year. They want to thank the River
King or apologize for not being pious enough.

But human are so greedy that they want to rob the

river of its nutrients. The industries took her breath
away by force. The Jiji Diversion Weir cut her
throat like a sword and stole the water. Losing her
spirit and energy, the Zhuoshui River is now on the
point of dying, like a moribund mother struggling
to nurse her child.

13 半 山 半 海 間 14
咽喉 The throat

1997 年 當 集 集 攔 河 堰 直 達 六 輕 的 工 業 用 水 專 用 管 路 In 1997, it's announced that a construction of a

通水後 , 不啻宣告這條農業優勢的母親河命運即將改 huge industrial water pipeline reserved for the use

變。2001 年集集共同引水工程竣工 , 這一共同引水工 of Formosa Plastics Corp's (FPC) sixth naphtha

程主要任務是不論枯水或是豐水期 , 都要將河水穩定 cracker complex would begin. The fate of the

的輸送至六輕工業區。濁水溪的溪水不再是農業優先 Zhuoshui River would be changed. The agricultural

的母親河 , 而是一條工業與農業互斥的河流。 irrigation was no longer the priority.In 2001, the

water diversion project was done. Henceforth the

攔河堰是一項巨大的人為工程 , 國家政府以龐大的力量 water from the Zhuoshui River would firstly and

控制這條母親河的環境 , 改變了河川的自然與生態。當 mainly be delivered steadily to the sixth naphtha

時聲稱水權的控制與分配 , 能平衡農業用水創造工業 cracker complex, no matter the river is wet or dry.

的 生 產 , 促 進 經 濟 發 展 增 進 全 民 福 祉。 然 而 過 去 這 一 After all, the agriculture and the industrialization

切的努力 , 時至 20 年後的今天來看 , 能否清楚理解這 are mutually exclusive.

樣的發展 , 對於濁水溪改變與其環境背後我們所付出
的代價。 The diversion weir is an enormous construction.
The state apparatus exerted enormous power and
force to transform the nature and ecology, and
control the environment of this river. People were
told that the water would be distributed equally
to the farmland and the sixth naphtha cracker
complex, and the administration would maintain
the equilibrium, "promote economic development

15 半 山 半 海 間 16
集集引水計畫原為解決工業用水問題 , 如今卻引發更多 and improve the well-being of the people".

更棘手的難題。工業農業的搶水之爭、南北兩岸農民水 However, today, about 20 years later after that,

源分配之爭、沙漠化的揚塵合併空氣汙染之害、地 層 下 can we estimate the cost and loss caused by the

陷的問題 , 都在 2001 年後日趨嚴重。這些難題的面 forced changes of the Zhuoshui River and the

對 , 首當其衝最屬下游流域兩岸居民 , 多年來這些無解 environment?

的問題在他們生活之中盤據不去 , 若說這是南北兩岸世
代居民的怨懟 , 不如說是濁水溪在近代工業發展下的悲 The purpose of the diversion project was to resolve

鳴。 the problems of the industrial water, but finally it

induced more knotty issues. All are worsening:
the competition for water resource between the
farmers and the capitalists, and that between the
farmers on both sides of the river, as well as the
air pollution of floating dust and sand due to the
desertification, and the land subsidence getting
more and more serious, etc. The habitants living
in the lower reaches are the first to be affected.
Their life has been haunted by the ghost of the
intractable problems for so many years. What we
hear is the resentful sighs of the people living
there, and, furthermore, it's the lament of the River
during the modern industrialization.

17 半 山 半 海 間 18
禁錮的川流 The imprisoned torrent underground water. Surface subsidence ground
depression is thus caused by the over pumping of

濁 水 溪 的 哀 鳴 總 在 雨 後 方 歇 , 天 空 也 得 以 一 絲 的 澄 凈。 這 片 禁 The lament of the River doesn't subside until the groundwater from coastal freshwater wells within

錮川流的異域 , 在大海與溪流交會的前緣 , 日積月累逐漸侵蝕 rain stops. The sky is clear again. This imprisoned the littoral area. The over use of groundwater

廣 闊 的 河 面。 自 然 環 境 本 該 有 它 自 己 解 決 問 題 的 方 式 , 然 而 集 river is getting different than before, its estuary for fish farming has been aggravating the land

集攔河堰截走濁水溪賴以維繫的水源 , 提供給六輕工業用途 , 在 becomes broader and broader due to the erosion subsidence and has increased saltwater intrusion

沒有自然河水的沖刷下 , 上游的沙石逐漸的在此累積形成河道 effect. The Nature is supposed to have its own in many coastal areas. Furthermore, the coastal

的淤積 , 造成了高聳的沙丘 , 一到東北季風季節 , 漫天揚塵日 way for resolving the problems, but since the Jiji farmland suffering from soil salinity has become

不見天。 Diversion Weir holds up the water for the industrial unfavorable for the agriculture. The habitants
use, there is no enough water for carrying the don't know how to complain to the gods about the

而 廣 大 的 沙 洲、 沙 丘 盤 據 河 面 , 造 成 川 流 水 位 的 上 升 , 出 海 口 sand down to the sea. The sedimentation is so misfortune that might actually be attributed to the

的河道涓細如絲 , 一旦河水以萬馬奔騰之姿臨上游而下 , 餵養 grave that the sand has to stay on the land and folly of humans themselves.

大 地 的 母 親 河 , 瞬 時 之 間 變 成 吞 噬 家 園 的 巨 獸。 工 業 用 水 擁 有 becomes towering sand dunes. In the winter when

優 先 水 權 的 情 況 下 , 農 業 只 能 是 資 本 主 義 階 級 下 的 次 等 產 業。 the monsoon blows from north-east, the sunlight is What has imprisoned the homesteads? What

在沒有灌養土地的溪水 , 農民只能求取地下流水 , 加上沿海養 thus blacked out by the floating dust and sand. has penned up the habitants' resentment over

殖 業 經年累月的抽取 , 沿海耕地地層逐一下陷 , 耕地土壤逐漸鹽 unfairness? And, what has imprisoned the torrent

化 , 更不利耕種。每遇風災海水倒灌 , 沿海偏鄉的世代居民苦不 Giant sand bars and dunes occupying the river, of the motherly river?

堪言 , 如 何 向 天 投 訴 這 世 間 一 切 的 不 平 , 因 為 我 們 已 向 天 需 索 the water level has risen and the watercourses

無度。 have become so narrow that the motherly

Zhuoshui River becomes a monster devouring

是什麼樣的原因禁錮了這家園 , 囚禁了濁水溪餵養居民的不 the homesteads during the flood season. The

平 , 關押了川流不息的母親河。 agriculture is now secondary and inferior to the

industries possessing the prior appropriation
water rights. The farmers are obliged to seek the

19 半 山 半 海 間 20
影像伏流 The underground stream of images beauty in them. Images are also the underground
stream of reality. We use the images to expose and

濁水溪在當代工業發展的悲鳴令人不捨 , 但更難以承受的 The lament of the Zhuoshui River sacrificed for criticize the omnipresent the irrational unfairness

是 面 對 那 一 份 溪 水 的 記 憶。 這 片 溪 口 已 沒 有 波 光 粼 粼 門 the industrialization is pitiful. It's a shame people in the world, like a magnifying glass showing
庭 若 市 的 漁 場 , 原 本外 傘頂 洲 的 沙 , 如 今 落 腳 出 海口 , 高 lost the memory of the motherly river. Today, there and conveying the message of danger. It we stay
聳 的 沙 漠 地 帶 , 改 變 了 濁 水 溪 僅 剩 的 涓 流 河 道。觸 目 所 are not any beautiful booming fisheries swarmed indifferent, we are paralyzed in the consumer
及 盡 是 乾 涸 的 地 表 與 沙 塵 的 世界。 with boats and fishermen. The sand dunes at capitalism.
Waisandingzhou have changed the watercourse
濁 水 溪 環 境 在 人 為 工 程 破 壞 中 改 變 之 巨 大 , 已 斷了當 年 and made the streams much feebler than before. The Zhuoshui River is stroked by the chilly north
的樣貌與想像 , 再多的話語已失意義 , 因為環境總會用 The droughty soil and floating dust and sand wind in winter and caressed by the southern
它 的 方 式 來 告 訴人 們 , 它 的 變 異、它 的 哀 鳴。你 唯 一 能 做 prevailed. breeze in summer. The wind keeps blowing but
的 就 是 親 臨 現 場 , 傾 聽、記 錄 , 促 使 停止 殘 害、改 善 它。
can't blow people's rapacity away. Through the
The Zhuoshui River is ruined by the artificial viewing window I see a scene of devastation
影像 是記憶的伏 流 , 在不斷的記 錄中 , 連 結記憶的片段 , 發
processes of industrialization and lost its original everywhere on my homeland. Nevertheless, it's
現 記 憶 中 的 美 好。影 像 也 是 現 實 的 伏 流 , 揭 露、控 訴 現
appearance and capacity. It's of no use to say harder to forget than confronting it. Instead of
實 當中 無 所 不 在 的 不 合 理 行為 , 猶 如 一 面 放 大 鏡 傳 遞 你
more, for the environment can tell us for itself showing nothing but the beautiful world in my
我 身 處 危 機 的 訊 息。如 果 我 們 仍 然 無 動 於 衷 , 不 就 是 癱
about his changes and its sorrow. The only thing memory, I decide to reveal the reality.
軟 在 消 費 的 資本 主 義 中。
we can do is to step on the ground, to listen, to

濁 水 溪 的 風 是 冷冽 的 北 風 , 是 輕 柔 的 南 風 , 這 風 的 擾 動 , record, to stop the massacre, and to mend it.

一 如 聲 嘶 力 竭 , 已 無 法 喚 醒 這 一 切 貪 婪 的 呼 喊。從 相 機
觀 景 窗 中 盡 是 滿 目瘡 痍 的 故 鄉 與 殘 山 剩 水 的 母 親 河。如 Images are the underground stream of memory.
果 痛 是 沒 有 記 憶 , 那 麼 我 們 更 不 應 該 只 選 擇 視 而 不見 的 We have been recording constantly to link the
那 一 份 美 好 想 像。 fragments of the memories and discover the

21 半 山 半 海 間 22
23 半 山 半 海 間 24
25 半 山 半 海 間 26
濁 水 溪 水 道 分 流 的 閘 門 上, 站 在 三 條 水 道 中 間 聽 著, 左


Standing on the tributary and diversion sluice amid

the three streams of the Zhuoshui River, he hears
torrent surging in his left ear, but absolute silence
in his right ear. Silver grasses spread all along
the alluvial mudflat and the unhurried current is
flowing far as if the sea was nearby and the salty
sea breeze was swaying. However, when the lines
of mountain appear in sight, he suddenly realized
that the sea is still a couple of hours' drive away
from here.

27 半 山 半 海 間 28
26 歲的彰化人,在外多年後返鄉。攔河堰、農業大縣等 He's a 26-year-old young man who left Changhua
等對他來說都是名詞,過去,聽故事書般從課本上、 從 many years ago and came back recently. For
老師口中、從新聞傳媒中建構起他對家鄉的認知與想 him, the "diversion dam" and "Changhua the
像,但自從他開始親身踏上彰化之東與彰化之西,眼 agricultural county" were nothing but simply some
前一切對他全然陌生,一幕幕影像告訴著他,它們從 noun phrases that he had learnt from textbooks,
何開始,往哪裡去。濁水溪上游,遼闊的泥地上閃爍 teachers, and news on the mass media, which
一條條水蛇般的小溪,它仍然是美景,但跟他預期中 composed his knowledge and imagination about
會望見的美截然兩分,時值盛夏,雨水豐盛,理應望 his home town. But now, stepping on this land, he
不見盡頭的混濁泥流已成為他曾聽說過的古調,取而 finds himself a total stranger to all what he sees.
代 之的美是提早來到的冬日風景,所有人課本上都背過 He could even see the images telling him, when
的「荒溪形河川」原理:台灣山陡地狹,夏天時水量充 he was a kid, where the Zhuoshui River should
沛,冬天則乾涸僅剩河床。此項原理已不再適用, 他 在 rise and end, but now, all are different. The upper
強烈的太陽下盯著河床,不確定是歷史欺騙了他,或 reaches of the river are some serpentine creeks
是此刻他正身在謊言中。它仍美,只是美的背後,他 glittering on a vast muddy quagmire. It's relatively
此生難以相見的眾多人們為此變化而眉頭緊皺,現代 beautiful, but that beauty differs from what he
農民多已不再望天興嘆,只能遙望某個山頭,資訊的 expected. It's summer time, the rainy season of
流通使農民們清楚理解此塊土地何以變化,也知道自 Taiwan, however, he doesn't see the turbid muddy
己正在遭遇什麼,只是無力抵抗過於劇烈的改變。 torrent as there should be, but discovers beautiful
winter scenery that is supposed to occur later.
It's no more a "intermittent stream" – a term that
every Taiwanese learns from the textbook, that the
Zhuoshui River has flowing water periods during
the wet season (late spring and summer) but is

29 半 山 半 海 間 30
返鄉青年驚覺了彰化的改變,吃著濁水溪孕育的米飯長 almost dry in winter. And this principle is now smells by the sea something mineral and ferrous
大的他,即使對彰化認識不深,卻仍是此地的兒女,即 inadequate. He fixes his eyes on the arid riverbed, that should only by found on the mountain, while
使故鄉與他所相信的如此不同。從山到海間,溪水的活 wondering whether the history deceived him or he he inhales dust and sand at the upper reaches
躍哺育彰化,如今,它的衰弱也正摧殘一些人事物。自 is actually being in a lie. The Zhuoshui River is of the river and wonders if he is in a desert. The
然的變化血脈相連,他在彰化海邊聞過應屬於礦物的、沉 still beautiful, but numerous people –he won't be Nature is always there, but it has changed. Can
重的鐵的味道,他以為會在山邊聞到;他在上游的溪 able to meet them all– are becoming increasingly people who live there get with it?
邊吸進滿腔沙塵,以為自己誤闖荒漠。自然改動後仍 worried about the change. The farmers look at

是自然,但是生在此間的人,又有幾人能夠適應此番 the sky but they just know it's of no use to sigh.

變化? Thanks to the modern informative devices, they do

know what happened on this land, nevertheless,
they are not able at all to resist the fierce

He is shocked by this change. He has been

nourished with the rice irrigated with water from
the Zhuoshui River. It's true that he doesn't know
Changhua well enough but it is undoubtedly
his home town, even when it's so different from
what he believed to be like. The River flows and
nourish Changhua, from the mountain to the sea.
It's getting so feeble that some people and things
have been ruined. The natural changes should be
related as closely as each breath is to the next,
like the relation between cause and effect. But he

31 半 山 半 海 間 32
在土地的形塑下,忙著生、忙著活,擁有記憶, 傳 承 或 者


His doubts are so diificult to quell. All he can do

is to observe and record everything he sees. A
torrent of water sweeps down and rush on the plain.
Many stories happened and will happen between
the mountain and the sea. People are forged and
shaped by the land on which they live, creating their
memories to hand down or just aging.

All he can do is to remind himself that he must not

continue living at his home town as a stranger.
That's why he decided to materialize and publish
this book of photos. Please come and appreciate
the landscapes and the stories, then, it'll be you to

33 半 山 半 海 間 34
35 半 山 半 海 間 36
37 半 山 半 海 間 38
39 半 山 半 海 間 40
The Mud And
The Footprints

41 42
海 邊 蚵 田、 平 地 的 田 裡 與 深 夜 交 易 果 菜 市 場, 廣 遍 於
整 個 彰 化 各 處, 在 這 裡 活 動 的 人 們, 擁 有 非 常 相 似 的
表 情: 因 為 長 年 堅 韌 地 勞 動, 在 日 日 的 含 住 表 情, 堅
持 住 一 切, 法 令 紋 漸 漸 刻 的 越 來 越 深, 到 後 來 即 使 沒

The oyster farms by the shore, the rice paddies on

the plain, and the fruits & vegetables wholesale
markets in the night are located throughout
Changhua County. People here have the faces of
the same expression: laboring hard all years with
persistence and concealing their emotions all the
time, they have increasingly manifest nasolabial
folds, which are always there on the faces even
when they don't show any emotion.

43 泥 與 足 印 44
貪 圖, 溫 溫 地 過 好 日 子, 做 好 該 做 的 一 切, 即 使 天 災
罵, 但 到 頭 來 還 是 拿 起 工 具, 繼 續 從 頭 開 始, 從 年 輕
到 壯 年, 從 壯 年 到 慢 慢 的 老, 當 身 體 不 再 能 隨 心 所 欲
的 行 動, 他 們 就 坐 在 自 家 土 地 邊, 望 著 土 地, 對 著 經

They are risible, and therefore laughs make their

nasolabial folds more obvious. They usually have
the same beliefs: "Don't have any evil intention",
"All deeds of human can never escape from
God’s eyes", "Don't seek more than one should
possess", "A good life consists of humdrum days",
"Do well all what you should do", etc. They might
curse when a natural disaster ruins the results of
months of toil, but they will finally pick up the tools
again and set to. They always do, from youthhood
to middle age, from middle age to old age. When
they get too old to work, they will just sit by their
fields, contemplating the land and smiling tenderly
at people passing by.

45 泥 與 足 印 46
他們通常,也非常非常喜歡招待客人,即使他們一邊埋 They are generally noted for their remarkable

怨說手邊有著的都是粗茶淡飯,對人總是招待不周,但 hospitality. Apologizing to the guests for not

他們還是不斷拿出招待的食物,明明來造訪的是素昧 preparing but some weak tea and scanty meals,

平生的人,他們的表現卻像是在為長年出外的歸鄉遊 they can eventually keep providing diverse dishes

子接風,多吃一些、多吃些,他們說。 just cooked from their kitchen. When dining with

a new visitor that they have never met before,

幾乎一輩子都與土地密切生活在一起的他們,漸漸的 they can give a warm reception as if the visitor is

也 像 是 土 地 本 身, 他 們 的 待 人, 就 跟 土 地 一 樣, 有 的 a neighbor who left the community long time ago

是溫暖,給予了家的可能,有著無盡的包容與生命。 and come back home from afar. "Have a try at this!
Taste that! Eat more!" they would say.

They live on this land and have such a close

relation with it throughout their life, that they finally
resemble the land. They treat people as the land
does with warmth, giving all feasibility to establish
a home, consisting of toleration and life.

47 泥 與 足 印 48
49 泥 與 足 印 50
51 泥 與 足 印 52
53 泥 與 足 印 54
彰 化 田 尾 鄉 最 著 名 的 自 然 是 花 了。 他 人 前 往 此 地, 也
許 購 買 的 是 浪 漫、 也 許 購 買 的 是 節 慶, 無 論 何 者, 對

Tianwei Township is famous as the largest

botanical recreational garden area in Taiwan.
People go there not only to shop for flowers,
but also for romantic feeling and festiveness,
which are effectively the quotidian scenery
for local flower planters.

55 泥 與 足 印 56
57 泥 與 足 印 58
凌 晨 兩 點 的 溪 湖 鎮 上, 有 一 處 最 明 亮 的 地 方, 沒 有 歌
廳 、 沒 有 宴 會, 但 汗 水 在 人 們 背 上 流 淌 , 這 裡 是 鎮 上 的
不夜城。 批發市場上大宗的蔬果大多是日常可見、會 出
味 用 菜, 擔 任 菜 餚 香 氣 的 關 鍵, 誰 也 沒 想 到, 它 們 曾

Xihu Township, 2 A.M., we are not at a

nightclub nor a banquet. At this well-lit
sleepless fruits and vegetables wholesale
market, people are sweeting from their
foreheads and backs. Most of these
commodities that trucks decorated with
glittery neon lights bring here will appear
later on our dinner tables and lunch boxes.
Some of these fruits and vegetables are
generally used as ingredients to give more
taste and odor in our everyday cooking. We
could hardly know that they were racing on
the resplendent trucks in the night.

59 泥 與 足 印 60
61 泥 與 足 印 62
63 泥 與 足 印 64
為 了 更 多 未 來 的 日 子, 無 論 是 為 了 自 己、 伴 侶 或 者 孩
子, 他 們 都 是 擅 長 等 待 的 人。 在 土 地 上, 他 們 等 待 適
合 的 節 氣 播 種、 等 待 新 芽 成 長、 在 風 起 的 時 候 開 始 等
待 颱 風 平 安 無 事 的 過 境; 在 海 邊, 他 們 等 待 遠 洋 的 魚
群 洄 流、 等 待 牡 蠣 殼 中 長 出 蚵、 等 待 潮 起 潮 退, 而 一
切 收 成 以 後, 他 們 繼 續 等 待, 等 待 夜 的 來 臨, 將 收 穫
開 始 出 現 ,等 待 一 雙 雙 評 估 的 眼 神 停 留 在 自 家 的 菜 上 。

They know well about waiting, waiting for myriads of

days to come, for themselves, their mates, and their
offspring. They wait for the adequate solar terms to
sow, wait for the seeds to germinate, wait for the
typhoons to leave without damaging the crops; and
they wait on the shore for the migratory fish stocks
to come over, wait for the oysters to spawn and
growout, wait for the ebb and flow, then comes the
harvest, they keep waiting, waiting for the night to
fall, loading the trucks with the harvests and drive
them to certain places and, again, waiting for the
wholesalers to come, then, with hours passing by
and one cigarette after another burnt, here come the

65 泥 與 足 印 66
然後,一切又重新開始,日日,年年,他們等待,等待 morning and customers, and they wait for the eyes
孩子長大成家,偶爾孩子會回家探望。他們是世界上最 to stay on their goods.
追 求 自 己 的 夢 想, 有 人 成 為 工 匠, 有 人 繼 承 了 父 母 的 And then, everything begins over and over again.
職 業, 在 這 些 人 身 上, 所 有 人 的 血 液 中 都 傳 遞 著 他 們 Day after day, and year after year, they are waiting,
所 種 的 菜 、米 、捕 獲 的 食 物 中 蘊 含 的 能 量 ,生 生 不 息 。 waiting for their kids to grow up, to get married, to
leave and come back visit them from time to time.
They are the most patient people in the world. With
their firmness Changhua people are thus forged.
Some of the young generation set off in search of
their dreams, some become artisans, and some
choose to follow in their parents' steps. In their
veins flow the nutrients and vitality absorbed from
the vegetables, rice and all kinds of food that they
plant and farm, perpetually.

67 泥 與 足 印 68
69 泥 與 足 印 70
71 72
The Accompany

73 74

它 們 循 序 出 現 在 人 類 的 歷 史 上, 同 時, 也 讓 歷 史 愈 寫 愈

Fire, iron, and the kiln.

They occurred, sequentially, in the human history,

and they prolonged, complicated and expanded
the history. Fire enabled humans to utilize more
time for more and longer activities. It's a sun that
humans created and took in hand, and a metaphor
of human being to some extent: humans could
control the Nature and prolong life.

75 造 合 76
於 是, 火 造 就 了 鐵 器 的 誕 生, 沒 有 獸 爪 的 人 藉 著 鐵 的 Thus, fire brought about the iron, with which the

鍛 造, 可 以 更 輕 易 的 獵 食、 捍 衛 自 己 的 生 命, 人 們 的 human being who has no bestial claws could hunt

壽 命 開 始 延 長, 繁 衍 比 過 去 較 容 易 許 多。 同 時, 火 也 and defend with ease. They had longer life and

造 就 了 更 多, 包 含 燒 窯 製 磚, 強 健 的 家 屋 讓 新 生 的 孩 could reproduce their own kind more easily than

子擁有更好的保障,能夠存放糧食與一切生活必需品 before. Concurrently, the fire brought about more

的空間也更完整了。 to humans, including the kiln to make solid clay

bricks with which they could build firmer houses to

鹿 港 的 鐵 匠, 當 年 也 是 在 類 似 的 狀 況 下 興 盛 起 來 的, 煮 protect their offspring and store up food provisions

飯 用 的、 農 用 的 各 種 工 具 是 鐵 器 製 作 的 大 宗, 彰 化 的 and all necessities for living.

人 口 增 生, 連 帶 農 地 的 開 墾 也 日 日 增 多, 一 切 穩 定 , 人
民過著勤奮勞動便能安居樂業的日子。房屋的需求也 The ironware manufacturing in Lukang rose and

增 加 了, 人 們 纂 夠 了 錢, 一 批 批 訂 製 紅 磚 紅 瓦, 從 供 developed for the similar cause. The blacksmiths

made mostly the cooking utensils and farming
tools. The population of Changhua increased,
so did the farmland. Life beccame stable and
people could earn their living as long as they
worked assiduously. They needed more dwellings.
Once they had enough money, they would buy
reddish bricks and roof tiles to build, firstly, a
shrine for worshipping gods and their ancestries
and, gradually, one room after another for all the
members of the family. That's why the shrine is
always about ten years older than the surrounding

77 造 合 78
奉 神 明 與 祖 先 的 廳 堂 開 始 建 起, 一 步 步, 慢 慢 的 拓 展 rooms. People lived on their land and lived off
房 間 的 數 量, 所 以 在 當 時, 廳 堂 的 屋 齡 高 過 最 外 圍 的 the land. They felt close to their land and had
邊 屋 十 幾 年 也 是 常 有 的 事。 人 民 靠 著 土 地 吃 飯, 與 土 intense affections. Consequently, they had strong
地十分親近且情感濃厚,對於象徵自然的神明也有著 adoration for the gods who represent the Nature.
強 烈 的 崇 敬, 以 鹿 港 為 核 心 大 宗, 神 桌、 神 像、 各 種 Lukang is the center of manufacturing of religious
祭 祀 相 關 的 法 器 製 作, 祭 典 中 需 齊 備 的 各 式 吃 食、 糕 equipments and instruments for offering sacrifices
點 也 因 應 而 生。 祭 典 的 多 元 面 向, 也 吸 引、 容 納 了 各 to gods or ancestors, such as gods' tables (altars)
方 各 行 業 的 人 民, 祭 典 最 重 要 的 一 向 不 是 祭 典 本 身, 而 and wooden statues of gods. Pastries and various
是 匯 聚 民 眾, 在 期 間 互 通 有 無、 聯 繫 情 感, 以 及 傳 承 foods for sacrifices are also important for people
經 驗, 無 論 是 傳 承 歷 史 或 技 術, 為 的 都 是 讓 人 民 可 以 of Lukang. The diversity of festivals attracts
生活的更好、更安心。 and integrates people from different places and
occupations. Thus, the most significant thing is
not the festival itself but the assemblage and
integration. It's an occasion for communicating,
contacting, keeping the legacy alive and passing
down experiences. All these make people live
better and more peacefully.

79 造 合 80
除 了 祭 祀 之 外, 音 樂、 藝 文 活 動、 學 校 裡 的、 人 們 自
發 興 起 的 各 種 活 動, 皆 是 因 傳 承 與 互 通 而 起, 在 因 交
意, 在 新 創 生 的 市 集 裡 頭, 被 一 群 致 力 於 環 境 友 善 的
年 輕 人 感 動, 更 加 了 解 這 片 土 地 給 予 什 麼。 人 類 從 鍛
造 工 具、 鍛 造 家 屋 開 始, 逐 漸 改 變 了 生 命 狀 態 與 周 遭
環 境, 而 最 終 他 們 發 現, 被 鍛 造 的, 正 是 人 們 自 己, 以

Therefore, besides the festivals, there are also

music and all kinds of art activities. At school, the
pupils learn cultivation for the love of the land,
and study Nanguan to show respect for ancestors.
At the new fair, some young people devoted to the
environment-friendly ideals are demonstrating their
love and understanding of this land. Humans have
forged the world, changing it and their life, and
finally it's the humans themselves and their homes
which have been forged.

81 造 合 82
83 造 合 84
In the sun, those copper scraps are like gold.
85 造 合 86
因 為 語 言 不 通 的 關 係, 並 沒 有 詢 問 到 他 的 來 處、 生 活
和 經 歷, 只 知 道, 在 頂 番 婆 彰 一 興 的 工 廠 內, 有 一 位
監 控 著 機 器, 製 造 水 龍 頭 零 件 的 廠 房 內, 就 只 有 他 和

We don't speak each other's language, so

I didn't get to know about his personal life
and past experiences. All I know is this
young foreign worker, smiling shyly, works
at T.A.P.(Taiwan Aqua Professionals). He
monitors the machines with only a coworker in
the faucet manufacture factory. The numerous
machines and sparse manpower witness
the history of automation of the traditional

87 造 合 88
89 造 合 90
子, 他 反 覆 說 著 打 鐵 的 人 歹 命, 卻 還 是 繼 續 著 手 中 的
工 作, 雖 然 因 為 年 紀 的 關 係 , 動 作 不 再 如 以 往 迅 速 , 但

Bladesmith Li's workshop is quite remote from

the main streets of Lukang. His thick hands
h a v e labored hard all his life here. T e l l i n g u s h o w
hard a smith's life could be, he didn't stop at all
his work at hand. He might be too old to be
expeditious like he was, but he has always
keeps smelter's attentiveness on himself.

91 造 合 92
93 造 合 94

At Fuxing Township, craftsmen are busy making

gods' tables (altars) every day. What they
produce are not articles for people's daily
uses, nevertheless, they polish carefully every
surfaces and rims, and carve meticulously
every decorative patterns. They are never
perfunctory because they believe in gods.
They hold these gods in awe and realize the
smallness of men. That's why they know better
the meaning of cherishing every momnet of

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97 造 合 98
99 造 合 100

The past, the future, the present and all living

creatures. People offer sacrifices to gods or
ancestors for the known past and the unknown
future. During the Chungyuan Festival, the 15th day
of the seventh lunar month which is traditionally
regarded as Ghost Month, people of Lukang set
water lanterns on the water, lighting the way for
the lost souls of the drowned so the latter could
reach the next place. History made the festival, for
conveying the remembrance and some messages
to their future generations. They don't celebrate
the festival for private reasons but for a greater
hope. They hope that their kids will keep some
stories in memory, and learn some principles to
follow when they confront their future.

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出、 傳 藝 外, 也 致 力 於 小 小 人 才 的 培 養, 他 們 走 進 故

Beiguan and Nanguan music are both

the most important traditional cultures in
Changhua. They were essential at religious
events. Many people grew up accompanied
by the sound of Beiguan and Nanguan music.
Although there are only few amateurs and
learners now and almost fail to be handed
down from past generations, some Beiguan
and Nanguan musicians are still willing to
contribute to the resurgence of thd trafitional
art. They keep performing and some start to
teach pupils from schools at Lukanag. They
hope to convey the beauty of the traditional

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111 造 合 112
113 造 合 114
115 造 合 116
For children , time always stay longer than adults.

117 造 合 118
119 造 合 120
121 造 合 122
123 造 合 124
「 他 不 喜 歡 讀 書 。」她 指 著 在 田 中 忙 碌 的 小 小 身 影 說 。

的 看 著 自 己 的 孩 子 在 田 間 穿 梭, 手 腳 麻 利 的 協 助 祖 父

"He doesn't like to go to school." She says, looking

at the little figure laboring on the farmland.

Unexpectedly, she doesn't worry about the matter

in the slightest. Her cheeks get reddish due to
the hard work, yet she's smiling, in all sincerity.
Silence comes after that as if she forgets that we
are here; she's just watching delightedly her boy
running here and there in the field. He's assisting
dexterously his grandparents in carrying crops,
and he can even operate those farming machines.

125 造 合 126
事情,過去在都市裡過著上班族打卡生活的她,後來下 The expression in her eyes is the most immediate become a common misunderstanding. The parents

定決心回到鄉下,與丈夫一家人一同整理農地,夏天種 praise. "Kids just hate to work on the farm now, and their offspring don't live and struggle together,

植絲瓜、冬天翻地播種南瓜,雖然農事並不輕鬆,但 and they don't like hard labor. I'm so happy that which is a loss of occasions to unify the family

她仍然非常喜歡這樣的生活,除了能與家人常聚以外,她 he can come help me." The mother and the son, members who have become distant and aloof. The

笑說,自從回鄉下種田以後,時間大都能夠自己調配,愛 they always look at each other and smile. She young generation who had experienced this kind of

休假就休假,再也不用過著緊繃的日子。 doesn't think "being a scholar is being the top of somewhat sad and unfortunate childhood started
society", and she considers that pride of place to return to their hometowns and organized new

但是,像這樣的一家人,在現代社會已經愈來愈少了。大 should also be given to the farmers. She was a fairs. They don't seek profit but for the simplicity in

多數的孩子距離土地十分遙遠,即使是農村的孩子,父 nine-to-fiver in the city before, but she made up their memories.

母也不願孩子接觸農事。西瓜不是長在樹上嗎?像這樣 her mind to return to this village. Planting sponge

的疑問,在過去頂多是一則茶餘飯後的笑話,如今卻已 cucumbers in summer and pumpkins in winter, she

成普遍現象,許多家庭不再有共同努力的事物,也失去 loves her life here in spite of so much toil. "We can

許多相處的機會,孩子與父母感情大多疏離。經歷過這 live together!" She says. Besides, after moving

種童年的,大多是現在正值青壯的人們,他們開始意 back to her home town, she can arrange her own

識到離開土地後的影響,重新回到家鄉,舉辦各種新 schedule and take a rest any time she wants. Life

生市集,為的並非牟利,而是再尋回那一份純樸的記 is not so tense any more.

But the families like hers are relatively rare in
our day. Kids are distant from farmland, even for
the kids living in the countryside because their
parents don't allow them to do the cultivation. Some
kids may ask questions like this: "Do watermelons
grow on trees?" It was a funny joke but now it has

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131 132
The Flow Of
The Memories

133 134
過去的人,在鐘錶的滴答聲間數著日子, 所有的人都
需要一支錶, 所有的人時間的腳步都是一致的,鐘錶

In the past, the pace of life was regularized with

the rhythmic ticktock of the clocks or watches,
people all needed a watch to lead a synchronized
life. There was always a craftsman sitting in the
clock and watch shop and repairing everybody's
time. Nowadays, people read the time with their
smart phones instead of the traditional instruments.
Nevertheless, the old craftsman is sitting in the
shop as usual to repair the timepieces for those
who need to hear the tempo of time. The clocks
and watches have become an old fashion, and
some sort of romantic style.

135 記 憶 如 何 流 動 136
在 一 直 追 求 效 率、 事 物 不 斷 更 新 的 時 代, 慢 慢 的 挑 一 Today, people seek for efficiency and the whole

隻 錶, 或 是 坐 下 來 好 好 拍 照 的 經 驗 已 經 結 束, 看 著 手 world has changed. We have no more time for

錶, 約 定 幾 點 幾 分 見 面 也 已 老 派, 電 話、 視 訊, 手 機 picking a watch leisurely, nor time to sit properly

內 建 照 相 功 能, 沒 人 再 去 相 館, 好 好 梳 裝, 同 時 等 待 down for taking a picture. It's become an old

攝 影 師 調 整 好 那 台 相 機, 等 待 攝 影 師 說 聲: 好, 笑 一 school to look at the watch for appointing a

個。 人 們 擁 有 無 聊 的 時 間 愈 來 愈 少, 所 有 的 時 間 都 需 rendezvous. The smart phone does all: calling,

要經過精準的計算。 webcam meeting, and photographing. Nobody has

time to go to a photo studio, to dress and make
up while waiting for the photographer to adjust
that camera and say, "OK! Smile! "People have
less and less time to get bored; all time should be
precisely calculated.

137 記 憶 如 何 流 動 138
139 記 憶 如 何 流 動 140
141 記 憶 如 何 流 動 142
景 照, 許 多 舊 時 場 景 被 框 在 泛 黃 的 相 紙 中, 完 整 地 展

He works in photography following in his

father's steps. Skimming through the scenic
photos that his father took long time ago, he
shows us many images on the faded yellowing
photos, which unroll the stories of Time.
There is an antique camera well kept at this
photo studio. His father and he used it to take
portrait photographs of many inhabitants at
Tianzhong Township.

143 記 憶 如 何 流 動 144
145 記 憶 如 何 流 動 146
147 記 憶 如 何 流 動 148

A colorful bird comes from afar. Its master is

already there, preparing some snacks for it. At
this new garden at Huatan, this bird is seen to be
released to fly round and round in the sky then
come back, land on its master's shoulder and,
sometimes, kiss his cheek with its beak gently.

149 記 憶 如 何 流 動 150
151 記 憶 如 何 流 動 152
的 眼 底 不 遠 處, 有 著 各 種 造 景, 同 時 取 著 各 種 俱 古 典
同, 也 有 不 同 的 故 事, 它 們 曾 像 藝 術 品 一 樣 被 眾 人 瀏

Twenty years ago, more and more Taiwanese

started to have domestic travel for their
tourism activities, and many tourist spots
and amusement facilities were made. Traffic
congestion became inevitable during the
weekends. All these phenomena were often
seen at Baguashan, an indicative tourist spot
in Changhua. The Great Buddha is the highest
landmark of Baguashan. We can see many
plant landscapes, a temple, some buildings,
as well as many stone statues settled along a
stone-paved thoroughfare. Those statues used
to be appreciated as works of art.

153 記 憶 如 何 流 動 154
在 另 一 處, 假 日 的 八 卦 山 上, 新 住 民 們 結 束 了 一 周 的
勞 動 , 三 五 成 群 地 散步、聊天,彈珠台、挽面,他們都

Somewhere on the Baguashan, the new habitants

are enjoying their holiday, promenading, chatting,
playing pinball, doing facial threading, and so on.

155 記 憶 如 何 流 動 156
157 記 憶 如 何 流 動 158
159 記 憶 如 何 流 動 160
時間將一些人帶往其他城市,也將另一群人帶回彰化,相 Time takes some people away, and brings some

對 他 處, 彰 化 的 步 調 總 是 較 為 悠 閒, 過 去 曾 經 一 度 荒 people back to Changhua. The pace of life is

置 的 地 方, 又 開 始 熟 絡, 展 現 出 不 一 樣 的 景 象, 那 是 leisurely and carefree here. The deserted place is

只 屬 於 那 時 那 刻 的 風 景, 在 急 速 的 活 過 一 段 後, 人 們 getting bustling and has a different appearance.

也 開 始 回 歸 緩 慢, 懂 得 在 緩 慢 之 中, 有 時 能 獲 得 比 講 After rushing for living, people start to decelerate

究效率更多的東西。 now. They realize that they may get more when
slowing down.

161 記 憶 如 何 流 動 162
163 記 憶 如 何 流 動 164
165 記 憶 如 何 流 動 166
電動摩托車是新住民常用的交通工具,除了取得方便 New inhabitants in Taiwan like electric
之 外, 對 於 初 至 異 地 的 他 們 也 是 相 對 友 善 的 選 擇: 不 motorcycles so much: it's easy to purchase,
需 過 多 申 請 的 繁 文 縟 節、 不 用 至 加 油 站 加 油, 可 以 讓 it's simple to get the license, and they don't
他們暫時不因語言問題而被限制住行動。在休假日時,常 have to go to the gas stations for refilling
看 見 他 們 倆 倆 互 載, 到 較 遠 的 地 方 遊 玩, 他 們 常 常 笑 up their motorcycles. However, they don't
得開心,即使電動摩托車已因稍微不堪負載而速度緩 have to speak unfamiliar local languages for
慢,也絲毫不減他們的遊興。 traveling that they feel temporarily free. On
vacation days, they are often seen two friends
riding on one motorcycle, traveling to some
farther places. They are so happy that they
never lose interest in going on an excursion
even when the motorcycle become sluggish
for carrying two passengers.

167 記 憶 如 何 流 動 168
169 記 憶 如 何 流 動 170
171 記 憶 如 何 流 動 172
入 夜 後, 彰 化 市 漸 漸 安 靜 下 來, 繁 華 如 鹿 港 亦 然, 往

At night, quiet comes over Changhua City and

Lukang the bustling small town is hushed again.
There are always some unknown seaports found
just several blocks away from the main streets of
Lukang. Only the local habitants would come to
these small seaports, of which the names vary
from person to person. The fishermen living at the
seaport villages are the best observers of all kinds
of changes. They know about the tide, the location
of a shoal of fish, the wind and the clouds, in
order to determine whether to leave for fishing in

173 記 憶 如 何 流 動 174
許 多 人 都 以 為 鹿 港 不 再 有 港, 過 去 海 運 如 何 繁 華, 似 4 or 5 hours; and they know the best temperature

乎 已 是 老 一 輩 嘴 裏 的 故 事, 然 而, 在 離 開 一 些 主 要 觀 of the sea for catching the plumpest crabs. They

光 的 核 心 地 點 後, 往 外 尋 訪, 魚 網、 浮 球、 散 落 的 牡 are also the best observers of the coastlines which

蠣殼 ...... 漁的痕跡無所不在,雖然海岸線已經如漁民 may be changed due to the silt sediment or so

的 童 年 一 樣, 離 開 他 們 到 遠 處, 但 他 們 身 上 的 硬 頸 精 many marine plants. People can't farm the oysters

神 和 豪 邁, 如 對 海 的 記 憶 一 般, 永 遠 在 他 們 的 身 上 保 any more so they are forced to move to another

留下來。 seaport.

People may think that Lukang doesn't have any

seaports. The history of Lukang being a prosperous
marine transit is considered nothing but an ancient
legend. But some kilometers away from the major
tourist spots, there are fishing nets, fishing floats
and oyster shells scattered around. People are
still fishing here! Although the coastlines are not
there, like their faraway childhood, they are always
obstinate, bold and generous like the sea.

175 記 憶 如 何 流 動 176
在出海的閒暇之餘,每個人都還有自己的擅長,有人是 During the spare time, the fishermen may do

餐 廳 的 廚 師、 有 人 是 彫 刻 師 傅、 有 人 是 地 方 廟 宇 的 廟 another job, such as cooking, sculpting, etc. Some

公,在多重角色的變換中,他們同時也明白,家鄉在工 of them can even be a temple host. They are totally

業發展下有過多少的變化,也理解其中的利與害,在粗 used to this role-switching for they are aware of

獷的外表下,他們的笑容溫文有禮,對自己的決定可能 the big change, the benefit and the forfeit caused

會影響到家鄉的什麼地方,也都謹慎的評估思考。他們 by the industrialization. Despite their rugged

言 之 有 物, 在 傳 達 自 身 的 故 事 時, 條 理 清 晰 且 十 分 熱 appearances, they smile gently and politely. They

情 的 述 說, 為 的 不 僅 是 自 己, 更 是 為 了 傳 承, 為 了 在 know well that their decisions can bring influence

無 可 避 免 的 變 化 之 中, 為 家 鄉 說 說 話, 讓 家 得 以 走 上 upon the future of their hometown, so they speak

一條有過去亦有未來的道路。 discreetly but also explicitly and enthusiastically.

They are talking not only for themselves, but also
for the past and the future of their hometown.

177 記 憶 如 何 流 動 178
179 記 憶 如 何 流 動 180
181 記 憶 如 何 流 動 182
183 記 憶 如 何 流 動 184
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