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Exploration Unit Exploration Unit Exploration Unit Colonization Colonization
Review Review Assessment Vocabulary Vocabulary

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Snow Day Early English Early English People of the People of the
Settlements Settlements Colonies Colonies

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Settlements and Settlements and Colonization Unit The Lost Colony Winter Break
People Review People Review Assessment
Colonization (Part 1)
Vocabulary Check

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Unit Objectives and Goals
European Exploration Unit English Colonization Unit
SOL Standards: USI.4a-c Language Objectives: SOL Standards: USI.5a-d Language Objectives:
Content Vocabulary: Orally or in writing, explain the motivations, Content Vocabulary: Read and analyze documents to understand and
obstacles, and accomplishments of European sequence colonial development.
• claim • apprentice
exploration in North America and West Africa. Interpret ideas and events from the different
• conflict • artisan
Read and analyze documents and maps to perspectives of colonial social groups.
• cooperation • county seat
understand the Age of Exploration from Explain the factors that shaped colonial America
• empire multiple perspectives. • debtor
orally or in writing.
• enslave • diverse
Use historical thinking skills to determine Compare and contrast colonial regions.
• expedition reliability and bias of sources. • export
Apply historical thinking skills to determine
• motivate Actively listen and speak in discussions using • import
reliability and perspective of sources.
• navigation content and academic vocabulary. • indentured servant
• obstacle • interdependence
• profit • interference
• raw material • market town
• technology • merchant
Learning Targets: • proprietor Learning Targets:
Describe the motivations, obstacles, and • reformer Describe religious and economic conditions that
accomplishments of the Spanish, French, • separatist led to colonization of America.
Portuguese, and English explorations. • specialization Describe life in the New England, Mid-Atlantic,
Describe cultural and economic interactions • stock and Southern colonies, with emphasis on how
between Europeans and Natives that led to • tax people interacted with their environment to
cooperation and conflict. produce goods and services, including examples
Identify the location and describe the of specialization and interdependence.
characteristics of West African societies and Describe colonial life in America from the
their interactions with traders. perspectives of various colonial social groups.