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THE 10X RULE: Personal Summary  You have to re-educate yourself on

the notion of this thing called a

“challenge”—and know that every
CHAPTER 22 challenge provides an opportunity
Successful people talk, think, and approach to win.
situations, challenges, and problems differently  The more you win in life, the
than most people—and they definitely think about higher your potential will be—and
money differently. the more you will grow to love
The only way to be successful is to take the
same actions that successful people take.
5. Seek to Solve Problems
 One of the fastest and best ways to
Duplicate the actions and mind-sets of
separate yourself from the masses is to
successful people, and you will create success
establish yourself as someone who
for yourself.
makes situations better, not worse.
1. Have a CAN-DO Attitude.
 Always maintain that A SOLUTION 6. Persist until Successful
EXISTS.  This isn’t a trait that people do or do not
 Incorporate this kind of “can do” have; it’s something that can—and
outlook into your language, must—be developed.
thoughts, actions, and responses  It is as though this planet has some
kind of force or natural tendency—almost like
to everyone you know. Drill this
gravity—that challenges people’s ability to
into your system on a DAILY persist. It’s almost like the universe is just
BASIS. trying to find out what you are made of as it
 MAKE THIS YOUR NORM! continues to confront you.
 Persistence is a SUCCESS-MULTIPLIER.
2. Believe That “I Will Figure It Out”  RE-TRAIN yourself to DO WHATEVER IT

3. FOCUS on the OPPORTUNITY. 7. Take Risks!

 Remember: Success is  You must put something into the game in
overcoming a challenge. order to get a return.
 The bigger the problem is, the  In the truly big casinos of life and
bigger the opportunity as well. business, do you really take enough
 The only person who stands out is risk to create the success you want and
the opportunity-focused individual need?
who sees those problems as
openings for success.
 The successful are willing to take
gambles—to put it all out there and
4. Love Challenges know, regardless of the outcome, that
 Take enough action to generate they can go back and do it again.
enough winning!  “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”
 Success begets more success.
 Challenges are the experiences
that sharpen successful people’s
8. Be Unreasonable
abilities.  Go beyond practical realities!
 To achieve your goals, you have to  Make the IMPOSSIBLE become
get to a place where every POSSIBLE!
challenge becomes fuel for you.  Being a 10X-er requires thinking and
acting unreasonably. Otherwise, you
 Approach new challenges with
will end up the same way everyone
gusto and excitement.
else does—forced to survive on 13. Habitually Commit
successful people’s leftovers.
 The successful fully and consistently
 Man would do nothing
commit to activities—some of which
EXCEPTIONAL if it were not for the
require them to put it all on the line.
willingness to be unreasonable.
 To acquire success, it is vital that you quit
9. Be Dangerous testing the water’s temperature and
 If you look back over your life, you’ll SIMPLY JUMP IN!
probably see that you have done
yourself just as much—or even  Keep your eyes on the OUTCOME or
more—harm by being “careful” action the entire time.
than by being dangerous.
 To do something big, you have to
embrace danger.
 The way to ensure that danger CHAPTER 23
doesn’t kill you is to be sufficiently “Show up, be all in, and trust that creativity follows
trained so that you can get into the commitment.”
ring and come out the victor.
10. Create Wealth 1. “Commit first, figure the rest out later.
 Think in terms of creating 2. Do it now, not later.
money and wealth, not salaries 3. Go in all the way.
and conservation of funds. 4. Be courageous.
 Income is taxed; wealth is not. 5. Do what you fear.
6. Stay focused on the target.
11.Readily Take Action 7. Be willing to be uncomfortable.
 The highly successful take
unbelievable amounts of action.
 The successful have been consistently
taking high levels of action—before
anyone ever heard their names.
 Successful people assume that their future
achievements rely on investing in actions
that may not pay off today but that when taken
consistently and persistently over time will
sooner or later bear fruit.

11.Always Say “Yes”

 Engage in life and realize that the word “yes”
has more life and possibilities in it—and is
clearly so much more positive than “no.”
 The reality is most people don’t venture out
and don’t experience enough in life.
 Make “YES” part of your successful
 It will propel you to new adventures,
new solutions, and new levels of