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Topic:Family Lesson: 4a

Main lesson aims: By the end of this lesson you will be able to: recognise some
family words in French; introduce your own family and sing a song about

Starter:Revise “Comment t’appelles-tu?” from L.2.Ask the children if they

can think of another word containing the u
Sound (salut).

Activity: Learning objectives and

1 Introduce family members using flashcards of outcomes:
a famous family (,Simpsons family)
Using pictures point to one family member and O3.1 Listen and respond to
say Bonjour, je m’appelle…(Hello , I am simple songs
called…)Encourage the class to add the
O3.4 Listen attentively
character’s name by hesitating or by the tone
Repeat words and
of your voice.Repeat with the remaining
phrases modelled by the
Take on the role of one of the characters and
list your family members,eg Je m’appelle Lisa
KAL Imitate pronunciation of
Simpson.Voici mon père, voici ma mère,voici
mon frère, voici ma soeur.Here is my
father,here is my mother,here is my brother,
LLS Use actions and rhymes
here is my sister..(explain meaning of voici)
to aid memorisation.
You could introduce mimes for each of the
Look at the face of the
characters.Strong man arms (Père),hands on
person speaking
hips (Mère),skiping with rope (soeur),skate
Use gestures to show they
boarding (frère).
2.Reinforce using”Qu’est-ce qui manque?” Put
flash cards on the board .Tell children to
Fermez les yeux (close your eyes).Remove a

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card from the board and the children have to
guess correctly which card is missing.This can
be done as a team game.
2..Play song Ma famille (Singing French,
track17).Ask a pupil to the front and get them
to touch the correct flash card when they hear
it mentioned in the song.This can be repeated.
Teach the class actions for each of the family
members (they can make these up or use
previous actions, adding arms outstretched for
Ma famille). Ask the children if they can work
out the meaning of je te présente…(I
introduce you to….).Go through the words of
the song with the children,putting actions to
the words.
Play Jacques a dit (Simon says) Teacher says a
phrase and children do action if teacher says
Jacques a dit.
Play song again, and children do mimes for
words when they hear those words in the song.
Repeat several times until they can start to put
some of the words in themselves.

Plenary:Teacher says a phrase and using mini-whiteboards pupils write down

the number of that phrase or draw the correct picture.

Resources required:
Resources 4.1 Flashcards of family Language:
members. Voici mon père-here is my dad
Song track17. Singing French Voici ma mère- here is my mum
Voici mon frère-here is my brother
Voici ma soeur-here is my sister
Ma famille-my family

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Je te présente-I introduce you to

Follow on activities:
Play track 18(music only) and put Simpson family names to the music

©MFL Sunderland 2009 RM