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May 3, 2019

-- Tropical Times Mrs. Schreiber
School: 654-0487
Home: 219-608-4511

A Peek at Our Week

Reading: Visiting The past Upcoming Events
Our last genre in this unit is expository text about
how our country’s rules were created and why they May 6/7 – EOY NWEA Testing
are important. Expository text is nonfiction that May 10 – Spring Fun Fair 5:30-7:30
provides facts and information and contains text Final book orders due!
features, such as charts. With this unit we will also May 13-17 – Book Fair! (Also open at Fun Fair)
be reviewing cause and effect. In spelling, our May 24 – Enrichment Clusters
phonics focus will be the patterns au/aw. All words
May 27 – Memorial Day- No School!
will follow these patterns.
May 28 – Last Day of School!
Language: Pronoun/Verb Agreement
Our last pronoun lessons will help us how to use verbs
correctly when speaking or writing with pronouns. Most
present tense verbs add –s when following a singular
pronoun. (he sleeps) The unit test on pronouns will be
Thursday, and a review will go home on Monday.
Thank you!
Math: Lesson 23: Draw and Use Bar
Graphs and Picture Graphs What an AMAZING week of
Our next lesson will help us understand how to create being showered with gifts,
and use bar graphs and pictographs. We will use these treats, and heartfelt notes!
skills to create weather graphs, as well.
I am truly appreciative of all
Social Studies: Jr. Achievement of the kids in our class, and to
To finish up the year, we have a special guest YOU! Thank you so much for
coming in weekly to present lessons from Jr.
everything- I definitely feel
Achievement. So far, we have learned about
careers in a community and how we can create and appreciated! J
sell a product.

Notes from the Teacher:

• Next week we will be taking our final round of NWEA tests. Our ELA test will be Monday and math will be on Tuesday.
• Thank you to everyone who sent in donations for our Fun Fair basket! Also, a special thank you to Patty Swanson for collecting
and assembling our basket. Your help is greatly appreciated!
• Don’t forget! Our final book orders are due on May 10th . You can send in an order with a check to Scholastic, or you can order
online using our classroom code, GVQ7K.

Weekly Words
Sight Words:
stop, take, sleep, best, or, went
Next week’s vocab words:
Exploration, important, machines, prepare, repair, result, scientific, teamwork