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Submitted by: Constante Emmanuel S. Foronda III

Submitted to: Mrs. Merce Reyes
February 08, 2012
The Animal Farm
By: George Orwell
Published on: August 17th, 1945
Published By: Secker and Warburg

George Orwell

George Orwell’s birth name was actually Eric Blair, a British writer and novelist during the
2nd World War. He was born on 1903, and received his education at Eton, an elite school in
England. He was in fact, a socialist. He first realized the British imperialism in India. This
then made him suspicious of the social class system in his society. During his younger
years, Orwell spoke openly against the government. Unlike other British socialists, George
Orwell was not fond of the Soviet Union. He believed that the cruelty and hypocrisy of the
Soviet Union was not a positive representation of socialism, criticizing both soviet
capitalism and communism.

King Foronda

King Foronda’s birth name was actually Constante Emmanuel S. Foronda III, but his parents
immediately realized that his name was too long. Shortly after his birth, his parents gave
him the nickname “King”, with unknown reasons why they chose that nickname. During his
younger years, King studied at Claret School of Quezon City, an elite school exclusive only
to boys. Then at his older years, he studied as a Bachelor of Science, Majoring in

-The story starts of with Old Major, a prize winning boar, who stated his dreams of having a
farm where all animals were equal and no humans were present to dictate and rule over
them. He would call this dream, Animalism.

-Three younger pigs (Napoleon, Snowball, and Squealer) would rise and strive to make Old
Major’s dreams come true, and eventually would take over the farm where they lived and
renaming the previously named “Manor Farm” into “Animal Farm”. After taking over the
farm, the animals started to work hard especially a horse named Boxer who quoted “I will
work harder.”

-At first, Animal Farm prospered with all the animals equally working hard to make the
farm better. Napoleon adopted nine puppies, which he taught about the basics of
Animalism. Snowball, on the other hand, strived to make Animal Farm better by building
structures. Until eventually, a rivalry between Napoleon and Snowball erupted. Napoleon,
who had different views on Animalism from Snowball, tries to take over the entire farm
using the nine puppies he earlier adopted, which were now grown hounds. Napoleon was
slowly starting to act like a human. He warned all the animals that the dogs would attack
any animal that tries to go against him.

-In the end, Napoleon, who now acted like a human, wearing clothes, drinking whisky, and
walking up right, had complete control of the farm. The seven commandments of
Animalism, which was inscribed on the side of the barn, was reduced to one principle
reading “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” Eventually,
Animal Farm was changed back to Manor Farm.


With regards to Orwell’s view on communism, a stable government being replaced by a

dictatorial rule is not a positive view towards socialism. Socialism is about equality among
the people, with no one getting an advantage over the other. The soviet rule on the other
hand, is nothing like what Karl Marx wanted. There is still inequality, there is still a
dictator, and there is still a boundary between the poor and the rich.

The Animal Farm reflected the times how Leo Trotsky and Joseph Stalin took over Russia
and establishing the communist U.S.S.R. The story starts off with Old Major’s dream of
Animalism, which reflected Karl Marx and his dream of socialism. Then Napoleon and
Snowball reflected on Joseph Stalin and Leo Trotsky. Squealer and Boxer on the other hand,
represented the media, who fed made Stalin look like a revolutionary leader and the
working class whom after the usurping of the government, worked twice as hard. Overall,
the story depicted the struggle of power in the U.S.S.R. very well, complete with the
characters and plot to fully reflect on the shift to communist rule. There may be some
questionable details at first, like who are the main characters really trying to portray, but
overall, The Animal Farm is a must read book; Not just for anti-governments, but for people
who are willing to open their minds to different views on both society and the government.